257 Music Lists Found Mentioning Ramones

Vinyl Acquisitions 2015 (thus Far) WellFedWhiteMale01/26/15
My Favorite Albums Of All Time BatmanSixx01/23/15
Top 10 Albums Of The 70s BatmanSixx01/21/15
Albums To Listen To In 2015 oisincoleman6412/31/14
My Top 20 Ramones Songs BatmanSixx12/22/14
This Band Or That Band TheShining198012/22/14
Top Punk(ish) Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews11/05/14
Punk At Its Finest Muisc4Life2610/22/14
50 Best Albums Of The '70s vmcoia9110/20/14
Old Music Rules ZiggyLadyStardust10/19/14
Classic Rock Essentials Muisc4Life2609/25/14
Essential Bass Albums ZiggyLadyStardust09/21/14
Life NecroticaLives09/08/14
Punk Vs. Metal MisanthropicTurtle09/04/14
I Live In 1970s FeedingNetherlands09/03/14
House Of Blues Concert Sept. 14 NecroticaLives08/29/14
Top 100 NeroCorleone8008/10/14
Best Albums Of 1977 ZiggyLadyStardust08/10/14
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 pannkakesangen08/06/14
Rec Me Some More Jams? ElvisAlt1207/18/14
Music Worth Checking Out 2 Skull91706/16/14
Some Punk Rock/HC Favorites AcidCaravan06/04/14
Nostalgia Day Ryus06/01/14
Top Ten Punk Albums greenlinkinmusings05/31/14
Hench's Top 20s: 1977 HenchmanOfSanta04/21/14
Hench's Top 20s: 1976 HenchmanOfSanta04/20/14
My Band Is On Itunes! WhiteNoise04/12/14
My Vinyl Collection Thus Far fuckyourneonshirt04/06/14
Vinyl Collection Comatorium.03/26/14
20th Century Favourites TheGardener03/25/14
All Time Favorites tightwadhill1303/25/14
My Top 10 Punk Rock Bands Muisc4Life2603/24/14
Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2603/15/14
The Ocean Of Self-titleds SharkTooth03/12/14
The 70s Was An Unfair Decade SCREAM!03/07/14
Simple Music Sucks Dunwich03/04/14
Post Punk/New Wave/Protopunk Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2602/22/14
25 Influential Punk Albums (in No Particular Order) Cal66501/19/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 BMDrummer01/02/14
Terminator: Salvation Necrotica12/29/13
First Song, First Album livingisland12/15/13
Black Friday Purchases Pestiferous12/02/13
My 2013 - Best New Old Music AgainAnd11/30/13
My Favorite Punk Bands rockaway9611/26/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Response To Paris Hilton Music Video... Simsalabim46210/16/13
Top Punk Albums Of 1992 jackboblamont09/28/13
Top Punk Albums Of 1978 jackboblamont09/14/13
Top Punk Albums Of 1977 jackboblamont09/13/13
Top Punk Albums Of 1976 jackboblamont09/12/13
Punk/Shoegaze Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/04/13
Punk Vs. Post-punk MrSirLordGentleman08/14/13
Favorite Punk Albums JeremyVee07/31/13
My Album Collection (part 5) MrSirLordGentleman07/30/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness: Round Of 32 Green Baron06/25/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
Off To Barcelona peaks4006/20/13
Cds I Own Derek52105/19/13
Best Decade For Popular Music minorswing05/06/13
1970s--greatest Decade For Music? Friday13th05/05/13
Overrated Albums dsroka00505/03/13
Battle Of The 'Bests'! ReturnToRock04/26/13
How Do You Rate "timeless" Or "revolutionary" Albums? slimdaddy04/24/13
Today Is My Birthday! Muisc4Life2604/18/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
It's My Birthday Yay Storm In A Teacup04/12/13
Greatest Debut Albums imo TheAnimator03/28/13
Favorite Punk Albums peterdavis18203/20/13
Honors Institute Necrotica03/05/13
Best Album Of All-time!! LikeTheAngel01/26/13
Middle School Jams 02-05 elephantREVOLUTION01/25/13
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (100-1) ludwigvan01/09/13
Great Debuts Part 2/2 manosg12/28/12
I Dream Of Jeannie/ All In The Family Marathon BallsToTheWall12/26/12
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse thecountlugosi12/20/12
400 Greatest Songs Of All Time (200-101) ludwigvan12/18/12
Top 5 Favorite/Most Influential Albums thechodewarrior11/16/12
My Top 10 Bands! Muisc4Life2611/15/12
Greatest Ramones Albums For All Time (my Favorites) huguitoescorza11/12/12
USA Albums Rock For All Time huguitoescorza11/07/12
Hardcore And Punk! MichaelSnoxall11/02/12
America Vs Europe menawati10/22/12
Coolest Albums Ever newjunkaesthetic9310/19/12
Metal Vs Punk huguitoescorza10/18/12
Sick As Hell Vespiion10/13/12
My Top 25 Albums From 1950-1999 Muisc4Life2610/08/12
Punk 100 Blackbelt5410/07/12
Sputnikd My Lists ;_; FranzSchubert10/03/12
Criminally Underrated Songs ReturnToRock10/01/12
Just Tricked My Mom Into Pearfect09/27/12
Diggin' Right Now LakeshoreStrangler09/25/12
Liberal Mainstream Media Busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LifeAsAChipmunk09/16/12
Songs Of The Summer newjunkaesthetic9308/19/12
Band Film Cameos omnipanzer07/27/12
25 Greatest Albums of History of PUNK huguitoescorza07/23/12
The 70's - Albums And Films IronSquid07/23/12
My All Time Favourite Albums Tangled07/03/12
Off To Conquer The States! clercqie06/30/12
Album Recommendations? Musicface4206/21/12
My Music Library, Pt. 1 Musicface4206/20/12
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years AngelofDeath06/20/12
13 Year Old Me Pentagon05/31/12
50 Coolest Albums ludwigvan05/30/12
Music Documentary I Made deathofasalesman05/27/12
Favorite Summer Albums Twelve5105/26/12
Metroid Games Ranked AltPunkMetal10105/12/12
Just Shook The Hand Of The First Lady... macman7605/01/12
The Greatest Albums Of All Time Musicface4204/25/12
Campfire Jams montaukpoint04/16/12
My 20 Favorite Albums Spawnix03/22/12
Krazytom's 10 Best Punk Albums Of All Time krazytom02/23/12
Top Archie Comic Characters BallsToTheWall02/22/12
Uplifting Songs ReturnToRock02/15/12
50 Punk Albums I Love skippingboy12301/29/12
My Top 20 Favorite Albums Of All-time AltPunkMetal10101/29/12
Albums I'm loving Pt 2 chargers2601/25/12
Dare 2 Compare AngelofDeath01/15/12
So High And Mighty Horsehammer01/12/12
Pop-punk Is A-ok clercqie12/19/11
Sputnik Hiatus tarkus12/18/11
Going Home Playlist americanohno12/08/11
100 Golden Full Length Debuts TheVoiceAndTheSnake12/06/11
Forced To Sell Testicles For Food. GnFnRs8712/03/11
Classic Punk Needs To Not Exist Trebor.11/05/11
Josh Look At This bannedwarrior10/22/11
The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse10/20/11
The 1970s bannedwarrior10/07/11
I Am Being Tortured tarkus09/06/11
It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did GnFnRs8708/24/11
250th List sonictheplumber08/17/11
On The Road clercqie08/16/11
Bowling Music DonnyK08/11/11
The Department Store Radio Part Iii EyeForAnEye08/10/11
Introduce Me To Some Good Punk Rock Music rockandmetaljunkie08/08/11
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? rockandmetaljunkie08/08/11
25 Best Rock Albums JunglefaceJake08/05/11
Sometimes Change Is Good.... Gene08/02/11
Reconstruction Site TheStefan07/27/11
Best Record Collection Ever AngelofDeath07/22/11
Colorado Vacation/hopeful 5's Eko07/20/11
S*** I'm Digging Atm GnFnRs8707/07/11
Mallen's Regions Of Music Pt 1: Nys mallen-07/06/11
Real(real) Punk Rock TheItalianStallion06/26/11
Real Punk Rock effthesystem06/26/11
True Music sonictheplumber206/25/11
My Top 100 Albums Wowzers2406/20/11
Blow & Bad Clothes: Hans Does The 70s BigHans06/14/11
Pop Punk Gems KinkyFresh06/05/11
Wii Disk Loader Has Overheated :( NarkalepticNinja06/04/11
School Just Let Out For Summer sonictheplumber05/27/11
I Kill Children KILL05/21/11
That '70s List AngelofDeath05/20/11
Love And Hate Was In The Air Like Pollen From A Flower!!!! sonictheplumber05/04/11
The Real Best Cover Art Ever Part 1 sonictheplumber04/23/11
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) SloppyMilkshake04/06/11
I Wanna Be Sedated EpsilonJSTC04/03/11
Last Week's Listening 02 EpsilonJSTC04/03/11
Top 10 Punk Albums revolution103/07/11
Favorite Artists zosofellini03/01/11
38 Poopy Songs By Poopy Bands... SloppyMilkshake02/17/11
Goof Day omnipanzer02/04/11
Something Descriptive bakingsoda01/15/11
Vedder's Old School Essentials EVedder2712/22/10
Honestly Flawless Songs sonictheplumber12/20/10
100 Greatest Song Lyrics Spec12/04/10
25 Best Of The 70's FazyLucker11/22/10
Am I Scene? awhiteguy11/17/10
2010 Albums That Are Short And Easy Listens sonictheplumber11/13/10
Songs That Rule sonictheplumber11/12/10
I Make A 70's List vmcoia9111/07/10
Reasons Why Sputnikmusic Is The Worst Site Ever Even Though I Post Here Every Hour sonictheplumber11/06/10
The Manliest Albums Ever 2: Judgment Day sonictheplumber10/10/10
- - - - - -I'm So Scene EuphoricDysphoria8109/29/10
Fighting The Loudness War, Exhibit A: The Good LepreCon09/20/10
Hi, Sputnik/$50 On Itunes warpvolta09/17/10
Lakes Top 15 Artists Lakes.09/11/10
Favorite Punk Bands skippingboy12309/04/10
This Is My Library. omgbecky08/28/10
25 Musts...... dopefiend6708/23/10
Record Collection NeroCorleone8008/07/10
Punk Recs rhcpkp1508/02/10
Lake's Musical Timeline Lakes.08/01/10
Records I Plan On Buying guitargod878707/24/10
Fav. Songs By Fav. Bands sublimefan199107/09/10
My Top 20 Punk Albums Blackbelt5406/09/10
My 100 Favourite Non-uk Or Ireland Albums jamest3306/04/10
My Favorite Albums, Ever. WithHorsesInHerEyes03/27/10
[clever title] rubybliels03/27/10
Title: Something Deive druglesshippie03/19/10
What I've Been Spinning This Past Week imnotthere42003/16/10
Greatlakes' Top 10 Lakes.03/05/10
Screeching Weasel/punk Recs rhcpkp1502/28/10
1965-2009 Titan5002/04/10
My Top Ten Bands trailofdead9101/29/10
Best Songs Of The Past 27 Years trailofdead9101/26/10
Kick-ass Cover Songs ReturnToRock01/18/10
Favorite Bands Revised rhcpkp1501/17/10
Rec Me Punk Titan5001/07/10
Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. cjstunna01/02/10
Shameless Plug For My Band! ReturnToRock12/20/09
Punk Hymns And Safety Pins spankthru6712/11/09
I Needz Punkz wonderboy456711/25/09
Rec Punk Now! Douchebag11/24/09
Top 2000 Albums: 1700-1800 Titan5011/08/09
The 10 Greatest Songs Ever MrAwesome10/20/09
My 10 Favorite Albums MrAwesome10/15/09
My Favorite Punk Albums comatose8410/09/09
I Dig A Pony endlessartix09/15/09
10 Favorite Bands Of All Time rubybliels09/05/09
Covers Of Cartoon Theme Songs Yoshizoid09/03/09
My Embarrassing Last Fm List Mr. Lizard08/29/09
Building A Music Fan ReturnToRock08/15/09
Which Should I Do? ReturnToRock07/21/09
My Favorite Punk Albums GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Top 70s Albums Titan5007/03/09
Albums I Can Play On Guitar In Their Entirety ConorMichaelJoseph04/24/09
Acquilistens: First Blood Part 2 badtaste12/11/08
Top 100 Albums queef69bonerHARD12/05/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
Songs I enjoy putting on repeat on the jukebox ruskirodrigorocks10/15/08
The High School Mix Tape jefferybeene07/10/08
Punk Mix And Match pogostick107/04/08
Great Cover Songs ReturnToRock06/16/08
They Should Burn At The Stake For This ReturnToRock06/13/08
Best Stuff Of The Late 70s ArtHerring06/11/08
Top 25 Albums ArtHerring06/09/08
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) MyRamona05/05/08
Top 100 (updated April 2008) bAdMaRk04/10/08
Top 100 (updated March 2008) bAdMaRk03/18/08
Albums That I Listen To In These Days bAdMaRk02/28/08
Top 100 (updated February 2008) bAdMaRk02/14/08
PLAY FROM YOUR FUCKING HEART!!@!@!!!!!!11111111@@22222222!!!!!!!!!!!221$23%7%@567894978(89 MrKite02/08/08
Top 100 (updated January 2008) bAdMaRk01/09/08
Ten Favorite Bands (in Random Order) taylork01/03/08
Feeling The Need To Conform londoncalling45712/27/07
Top 100 (updated December 2007) bAdMaRk12/05/07
Updated Fav. Albums By My Fav. Bands ASberg11/07/07
Top 75 bAdMaRk10/07/07
My Top50 (Second Version) bAdMaRk08/05/07
Best Of The 70's grungekicksmetalsass07/03/07
50 Punk Necessities descendents107/01/07
Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time MyRamona06/15/07
No Money = No Music Yield06/14/07
Top Twenty Bands Yield05/29/07
Punk Rock Compilation MikeShOck05/28/07
My Punk Phase ToWhatEnd04/17/07
My Desert Island Albums Isola03/29/07
My Top 50 Bands/Artists CognitiveVertigo03/27/07
Top 50 Albums Yield03/11/07
Mixtape Vol. ? Isola03/07/07
My Top50 bAdMaRk02/25/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time HumanCannonball02/03/07
My Top 100 NeverFading1402/03/07
Parental Guidance Ephex01/20/07
Most Influent Punk Albums Akumac01/15/07
Christmas! londoncalling45712/25/06
The Best Punk of the world Poponski12/03/06


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