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Hello! I'm New...kinda... slodnulius12/16/09
Rec Me Some Mathcore Based On These Albums Progmaster8512/15/09
Ball's Decade BallsToTheWall12/08/09
The Annuals thecheatisnotdead12/05/09
The Lusty List MrButterfingers12/04/09
Help Please. Yordy12/02/09
Playlist For My Essay mayzdrummer12/02/09
Need Some New Music Pleeeease!!!! OpethFreak12/01/09
Getting Ready For The Saints/pats Game! Yordy11/30/09
Listens Before I Hibernate For My Exams ameypv11/30/09
2010 Is Looking Good elephantREVOLUTION11/29/09
So I'm New Here... Dreamsoffew11/29/09
$5 Amazon Mp3 Albums. BenX0211/26/09
Rec Me Some More Good Death Metal/ 90s Indie Rock hectorkemp11/26/09
40k Last.fm Plays Thor11/24/09
Best Of 2008 List GBJ11/23/09
Pretty Pumped For Deftones' New Album Decapod11/20/09
God Morgon Sputnik Music! iwrestledabigmaconce11/20/09
'C'-Section Masochist11/19/09
The Best Metal Of This Decade Thor11/15/09
Death Metal Reccos Needed icarus898911/15/09
Favorite Album Covers FeralMemories11/11/09
Top 10 Technical Death Metal Bands FeralMemories11/10/09
2000-2009: 100 StreetlightRock11/08/09
Penis Shaped Branches Decapod11/06/09
Randomly Great Metal Albums imnotthere42011/03/09
I Hate Hip Hop, And I Love Death Metal iwrestledabigmaconce11/02/09
Upcoming Albums NebSnurb11/01/09
Holy Fuck KILL11/01/09
Albums That I Need Really Badly. BenX0210/29/09
Among The Pure of Light Decapod10/29/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2008 FeralMemories10/28/09
Me As Of Late Two-Headed Boy10/23/09
The Top 10 Prog Albums I'm Currently Addicted To Progmaster8510/21/09
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 80-71 killrobotmusic10/17/09
Going On A Trip... blindsided2110/16/09
Itunes Most Played Songs Demonicgman10/15/09
Rethinking My Major mayzdrummer10/13/09
It's Cold In New Jersey. Decapod10/12/09
(metal) Listens For September 2009 jsanchez10/12/09
Focus Ranked Lunarfall10/11/09
I Need Metalll DayMan10/11/09
Florida Death Metal hulksmashedface10/07/09
Favorite Albums/songs DonTheReader10/06/09
Death KILL10/06/09
Need Some Recs! Mooseknuckles10/06/09
Zune's Smart Dj intoliquidsky10/02/09
No 5 Syllable Bands Here GenNarain10/02/09
On Constant Rotation! alexmetres10/02/09
Chemistry Homework hulksmashedface09/29/09
9079 Plays On Last.fm BornDeadBuriedAlive09/27/09
Need More Progressive! Waior09/25/09
My First List =d Meditation09/24/09
Personal Favourite Albums ShadowintheSun09/18/09
Recent Purchases/gets (part 2) Kronzo09/08/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Twilight...is So Amazing. I'm A Massive Fangirl. BallsToTheWall09/06/09
My Favorite Albums, For Now. Demonicgman08/28/09
Heavy Recommendations, Please? vakuola08/18/09
Paul Masvidal Ranked JacobsLadder08/09/09
Current Digs Hecksplosion08/09/09
Recs Please! alexmetres08/09/09
Second List Of The Day Masochist08/09/09
Sooper Belated Best Of 08 LiquidVelvet08/06/09
Altmer's Top Metal Bands Altmer08/06/09
Favorite Metal Bands JacobsLadder08/05/09
Tonight's List Nach007/30/09
8 Hour Shift Tomorrow londoncalling45707/29/09
Revised Top Albums Of 2008 killrobotmusic07/29/09
Ultimate 90s List Mendigo07/27/09
Top 25 Albums OurDearHunter07/27/09
Summer Albums NOTINTHEFACE07/25/09
My Last List BeardedIdiot07/23/09
Please Expand nodnerB07/19/09
Proggresive Metal / Metalcore BreeBreeChuggaLug07/13/09
Rec Me Death Metal Klekticist07/10/09
Stuff That I Really Like BeardedIdiot07/08/09
Some Albums For The Summer Ire07/06/09
It Was My Birthday Yesterday ConorMichaelJoseph07/02/09
Masochist's Favorite Moments In Music, Vol. III Masochist07/01/09
Just Can't Force Myself... ThyCrossAwaits06/30/09
Stoned Swimming beastman16806/27/09
A Spontaneous Fav' 10 GibTG06/26/09
Did You Hear About That? pyogeniccortex06/21/09
Tech Death That Sleeps With Your Mother Its That Good. hectorkemp06/20/09
Eureka! ThyCrossAwaits06/19/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
Top 10 Favorite Bands Of All Time Shredzilla06/11/09
Former Nu-Metal fanboi likes: Klekticist06/10/09
My Top 50 Albums detulven06/08/09
Sputnik told me to do it... SmurkinGherkin06/06/09
Best Albums Of 2008 SylentEcho06/06/09
Insert Hilarious List Title Here HugCrewLoveRoll06/03/09
Death Help! Mordecai.05/31/09
Current Favorites luket05/28/09
20 Must-have Albums OwnTheNight05/28/09
Going Crazy Online McP300005/27/09
Still Life Remastered: Holy Fuck Ire05/21/09
Seriously Overrated Bands Zippermouth05/20/09
Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry Altmer05/17/09
Sputnik Classics I Have Yet To Hear Aids05/15/09
Arsis Has Some... Klekticist05/14/09
Last Three Months GBJ05/14/09
Well... ThyCrossAwaits05/13/09
I'm Bored And To Stop Listening To Deathcore 0m3ga0n305/12/09
Songs I Am Currently Addicted To applesoup05/10/09
1 Year Of Sputnik Fugue05/10/09
My Playlist (april 17th - May 8th) libertine23705/09/09
Gettin Raped By Finals Week MrGlass05/06/09
Shit I Keep On My Ipod Shrapnel9405/05/09
One Year On Lastfm foreverendeared05/05/09
This Is My Escape Art poweroftheweez05/04/09
Funniest Sputnik Reviews? Morningstar9804/29/09
Cynic Setlist 4/28/09 Thor04/29/09
So Gooood..... Klekticist04/27/09
Great Album Openers Pt.2 Cerbyrus04/25/09
Sputnik Is Awesome OllieS04/25/09
Fucking Hardcore Music Altmer04/24/09
Total Suck shade04/21/09
Last.fm - My Top 50 SlightlyEpic04/20/09
Berfday Diggers ThyCrossAwaits04/19/09
New Fav Bands 0m3ga0n304/12/09
It Was A Good Weekend... ThyCrossAwaits04/12/09
I Hate Cynic NOTINTHEFACE04/11/09
I Give Too Many God Damn 5's... Shrapnel9404/10/09
Like A Tick-tock Clock In That Heart Of Hearts Golgoroth04/06/09
Cynic Albums Ranked Cerbyrus04/05/09
My Musical Journey - 2 Years In The Making Klekticist04/04/09
Buy Buy Buy!!! ThyCrossAwaits04/01/09
Great Expectations Chewie03/31/09
My Playlist (march 25th - March 31st) libertine23703/31/09
Nearly 5/5 lauriej03/29/09
My Draft Registration Came... PuddleSwimmer03/25/09
Epic Shuffle. Shrapnel9403/25/09
My Current Top 10 Rotation AtomicWaste03/24/09
The Altmer List BallsToTheWall03/22/09
My Top 10 Favourites xecutioner03/22/09
Recommend Me Bfhurricane03/20/09
Need To Stop Buying Music! Thriceremoved2503/19/09
Recent Acquisitions NOTINTHEFACE03/16/09
Live Bands xecutioner03/16/09
Superworst Artists Ever! Mendigo03/15/09
If It Weren't For Sputnik aerial03/09/09
Who Said I'm Whack?? JizzInMyPants03/05/09
Recently Played Albums On Itunes benhxc03/04/09
Death Metal Cesar03/03/09
Best Old School Death Metal Albums Si1v3RfaNg03/03/09
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Albums On Repeat dahmerszombies02/24/09
Cold Help Mr. Lizard02/22/09
Stuff That Rules AngelPhoenix02/20/09
Rec These Bands! Chewie02/18/09
Recommend Me Classic Prog Rock Boognish02/17/09
10 Digs username34502/14/09
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Am I The Only One Who's Noticed... Golgoroth02/11/09
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Who's The Most Talented Member In Each Of These Bands? bloc01/27/09
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First 100 On Ipod SVIIB01/20/09
Big Digs armfarm01/19/09
Late Best Of 2008 tuk01/17/09
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Keep Digging Your Grave... Shrapnel9401/16/09
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Illuminati MiK01/04/09
The Best Of Mcp McP300001/02/09
Top 10 Songs Of The Year Gmaj01/01/09
Top 30 Albums Of The Year Gmaj01/01/09
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A Two Year Toast Essence12/31/08
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Most Interesting And Innovative Releases For 2008 Babyss12/27/08
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Recent Buys Part 3 DeathThrashProg12/24/08
This Title Used to be a Faux Pas NotMrBlonde12/23/08
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My 2008 Zoo12/21/08
Top 5 Cynic Outros Lunarfall12/20/08
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Top 10 Of '08. Nauseum12/20/08
Top 50 Of 2008 ILLIMINATOR12/20/08
Thirtyalbumsfrom2008thatienjoyed... willfellmarsy12/19/08
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Just My Luck... Spamue1G12/19/08
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Destroyed In Seconds: Top 33 Albums Of The Year SomeKindOfChampion12/15/08
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This poweroftheweez12/15/08
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Krusty Krab Pizza Is The Pizza For You And Me AndManyMore12/08/08
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We All Go Out Like We Come In Altmer12/06/08
I'm Branching Out 0m3ga0n312/06/08
Top 100 Albums queef69bonerHARD12/05/08
2008, In Music jimay33312/04/08
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My Bad benhxc12/01/08
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100 SynGates11/29/08
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Top 5: 2008.... Crysis11/16/08
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Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman foreverendeared10/27/08
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10 :: Metal :: 2008 Elixirs10/17/08
Seen Live/upcoming Gigs username34510/16/08
Songs To Lsiten To When Its Raining kattunlover6910/14/08
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Bands I Have Tickets For To See Live Altmer09/23/08
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Down In A Hole Altmer09/18/08
To Acquire DeathThrashProg09/07/08
Artwork... willfellmarsy08/25/08
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Let's Put A Smile On That Face... willfellmarsy07/28/08
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Summer combustion0706/05/08
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