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A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik SomeSayShesNaive01/24/15
Yourgodisinferiors Late 2014 List yourgodisinferior01/20/15
100 Albums From 2014 aaronrkc01/14/15
Potsy 2014: How Not To 2014 LordePots01/02/15
Hip-hop In 2014: Lps aaronrkc01/02/15
My Top 35 Favorite Hip-hop/Rap LPs In 2014 imjustjoshinya12/31/14
My Top 100 Songs - 2014 Edition sublimefan199112/28/14
Hip Hop's Golden Era/decade? LambsBread12/14/14
Sleap 2k14 Sleaper12/12/14
Top Albums Of 2014 Ghostface12/09/14
Top 20 Rappers Atm BSS12/05/14
Hip Hop----electronic----jazz Ryus10/12/14
Bringin Da Ruckus lyzakthellama09/24/14
The Most Lyrically Diverse Rappers Calc06/17/14
2010s So Far Blackbelt5406/11/14
Awesome Hip Hop Albums # 2 Smok3mon05/25/14
2013-2014 yourgodisinferior05/21/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2000 HenchmanOfSanta05/14/14
Potsy: Hip-hop By The Buttload LordePots05/09/14
Quality Hip Hop joesmoe400003/27/14
Wu-tang Only Releasing One Copy Of New Album PorcelainRain03/26/14
Rad Hip-hop ILiveInNetherlands03/16/14
Back From The Slums It Be The Wu Athom03/15/14
Metal Hiatus Jacquibim03/11/14
Moar Opeth Nikkolae03/05/14
Treb's Short Film Trebor.03/04/14
2013 Madness Green Baron03/03/14
The True Lonesome Hammered Treb Trebor.02/27/14
2010: Favorite Albums brierstucky02/24/14
Blaze Up Homies RoyalImperialGuard02/12/14
Musical Preference RadioSuicide02/04/14
Gyro's 2013 Gyromania02/01/14
The Official 2013 Hip Hop List Recspecs01/28/14
My Favorite Hip-hop Albums... Yours? musicalmedicine01/26/14
Top 40 Of 2013 eloimayano01/20/14
Contributors' Top 50 Of 2013 GnarlyShillelagh01/20/14
Another 808 2013 808muzik01/11/14
Key To 2013 Keyblade01/11/14
These Are Dumb Kerbstomp01/09/14
Sales Pitch: 2013 deathofasalesman01/09/14
Klap 4 2013 klap01/04/14
Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2013 FearThyEvil01/03/14
Tmobotron's 2013 TMobotron01/01/14
Breakingthefragile's 2013 Of Pretty Cool Albums And Some Overlooked Stuff As Well breakingthefragile12/29/13
Top 100 Singles Of 2013 TheIbar12/27/13
Is 27 Too Old For Life? TomArnoldsArmpit12/27/13
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Trebor.12/26/13
Larry's 2013 larrytheslug12/26/13
Nickelbackftl's 2013 In Hip Hop NickelbackFTL12/24/13
Satellite vs. 2013 Satellite12/24/13
Omaha's 2013 Omaha12/23/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
2013: Favorite Albums brierstucky12/21/13
Top 25 2013 h0rsehunter12/21/13
Sneaky's Fifty: 2013 BigSneakySnatch12/20/13
My 15 Favourite Rap/hip Hop Albums And Mixtapes Of 2013 bernardofibrosi12/20/13
50 Albums From 2013 aaronrkc12/17/13
Klap's Favorite Songs Of '13 klap12/16/13
Isitluck?'s Top 10 Of 2013 IsItLuck?12/16/13
50 Favorites Of 2013 devintheduude12/16/13
Top 25 Favorite Albums Of 2013 (Everything Else) Thor12/16/13
2013 Hip Hop: Top 25 PaddyPooHead12/13/13
Twenty-13 ShadowRemains12/13/13
2013 Albums Blackbelt5412/13/13
Personal Favorites Of 2013 d00derz12/13/13
W(rap)p(in)g Up (2013) aaronrkc12/11/13
Academy Of 2013: I Told My Lawyer Get My Back For All The Crazy Shit I Done theacademy12/10/13
Best Songs of 2013 thejon93rd12/07/13
Backwardbee's Top 50 Of 2013 BackwardBee12/06/13
Kingsoby2013 B===d --- 2012 kingsoby112/06/13
Worst Albummms Of The Year dancefloorrulez9912/06/13
100 Songs From 2013 aaronrkc12/05/13
How Treb Voted For The Contrib Top 2013 List Trebor.12/02/13
The Top Thirty-Five Derezzination12/02/13
Jac's Top 25 Of 2013 Jacquibim11/27/13
A Plebby 2013 BigPleb11/26/13
2013 Hip Hop intotheshit11/23/13
Favorite Albums Of 2013 xxxMARKRICKYxxx11/23/13
Twothousandthirteen mvood11/11/13
Only The Best 2013: Hip-hop Guzzo1011/09/13
Hiphop Concept Albums? DJYogurt11/03/13
Dst: Fall Back! Masochist11/02/13
Fifty 90's Hip-hop Tracks dsroka00510/29/13
A Slice Of Hip-hop Keyblade10/27/13
Favourite Hip Hop Albums iwasnvrurbf10/27/13
Top 25 Hip-hop Albums Of All Time eazy3610/26/13
Three Years On Sputnik (2013) Owantjaaaa10/25/13
Eagles Becomes Cultured: 2013 EaglesBecomeVultures10/24/13
Overrated/Underrated Movies (1994-2013) thejon93rd10/23/13
Hip Hop Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2610/16/13
Favorite Wu-tang Album? TheNexus10010/13/13
Recommend Sniper A 2013 Album sniper10/03/13
Top 20 Of 2013 JeremyVee10/02/13
Best Of 2013 (so Far) h0rsehunter09/28/13
Hip-hop Albums MeatSalad09/24/13
Hip Hop Recs TheNexus10009/22/13
Some Great Hiphop From The Last Few Years DJYogurt09/21/13
Definitive 3rd Quarter List intotheshit09/19/13
2013: Best Year In A While tlhk09/19/13
Rec Me Some Hip-hop DJYogurt09/17/13
Albums I Love From This Year stillill12409/11/13
11th Grade Jams sideburndude09/08/13
Top 10 Wu-Tang Clan Albums (group And Solo Albums.) FuncrusherPlus109/07/13
30 Greatest Rappers lou100009/06/13
Top 25.......thus Far.......... BallsToTheWall09/03/13
Fire Emblem Awakening Lakes.08/19/13
Songs That Make You Wanna Cry Greyvy08/19/13
Gyro's Birthday Once Again! Gyromania08/13/13
Recommend: 2013 UrsaMajor08/12/13
Bald Swag BallsToTheWall07/30/13
Hip-hoppin' Recs Please Spliffhanger6707/27/13
Favourite Post-2000 Video Games ZombicidalMan07/27/13
Recording Up A Storm Omaha07/25/13
This Life In Halftime cvlts07/24/13
Rap And Stuff WithHorsesInHerEyes07/23/13
Favorite Albums JeremyVee07/21/13
30 N.y. Mc's/groups Ranked? dsroka00507/11/13
black and yellow turds dsroka00507/10/13
A Very Guzzo Hip-Hop 2013 Guzzo1007/10/13
Favorite Songs Of 2013 Crawl07/05/13
Top 50 Albums Of '13 So Far BackwardBee07/03/13
Not Another Half A Year List iwasnvrurbf07/03/13
Hip Hop 2013.5 NickelbackFTL07/02/13
40/13 robertsona07/02/13
Master Albums For Bukkake Kingsoby13 kingsoby107/01/13
Treb's 1/2 2013 Trebor.07/01/13
Midyear 2013 stevendah07/01/13
Rap In 2013 So Far: Hep's Faves Ranked Hep Kat06/28/13
74 2013 Albums I Listened To In Q2: Semi - Ranked omnipanzer06/14/13
This Year Has Been Great Except... Guzzo1006/13/13
2000 Ratings NickelbackFTL06/09/13
I Love This Year. jimmykidd06/09/13
2013 Backlog iwasnvrurbf06/08/13
Top 20 Albums Of 2013 (So Far) brierstucky06/07/13
Most Played Artists From The Last 12 Months PeterKlaven06/02/13
Cat R. Wauls Candy Corn Avalanche UrbanAchiev3r05/29/13
Solid 2013 Albums dsroka00505/27/13
Hip Hop/electronica Recs loveisamixtape05/27/13
Hip Hop Recs Gigaaax05/24/13
Digs... Not That Anyone Cares. iWasPhone05/22/13
Nba Finals Predictions dathvada32105/17/13
Muthafucka Be Catchin' Up Spliffhanger6705/17/13
My Favorites From 2013 Omaha05/10/13
Understanding Decay DallyLama05/09/13
Lol Franki Palmeri BallsToTheWall05/07/13
Mediafire Being Silly Masochist05/06/13
2010s: 1/3 Blackbelt5405/05/13
33.3% Of The Decade Best Of Trebor.05/01/13
Ins' 2013 So Far Insurrection04/29/13
Hip-hop Blackbelt5404/27/13
Warm Weather Jams ViralOblivion04/24/13
Rec Me Gd Skeh Gwyn.04/23/13
Should I Check These Out? talesfromthevagina04/22/13
2013 Recs Please! Tribalist04/20/13
Great Albums And Movies CocaineBiceps04/18/13
15 Best Scorsese Films intotheshit04/17/13
Soundtrack Of A Gryffindor BallsToTheWall04/16/13
The Hands That Thieve Trebor.04/16/13
2013 Has Been Good taxidermist04/13/13
Joshieboy1 Change Your Name Please Trebor.04/10/13
Youknowwhatitis Vol 1 HillaryClitTounge03/29/13
Hip Hop In The 2000s/2010s illmitch03/28/13
Freshman Year Digs (High School Edition) Azn.03/13/13
Trebs 2012 In Film Trebor.03/08/13
Didn't Take A Shower Pt, 2 Trebor.03/07/13
Vivacious Vagina Vinyl Virus MCGF02/11/13
Best Wu-tang Members dsroka00502/11/13
Wu-tang Members Ranked HillaryClitTounge02/05/13
Madkungfu's Essential Kung Fu Flicks MadKungFu01/31/13
Ready To Die jamzyc90512/31/12
2012 In Film ibringyoufire11/29/12
Need Advice Getting Myself Together Lotide11/29/12
Best Emcees Of All Time thecreative0ne11/22/12
My Cd Collection MCGF11/10/12
My Personal Top Ten Trip / Hip Hop / Variant Albums Jennifer2211/05/12
I Have No Interest In Making Lists Anymore Trebor.09/27/12
Sehguh's List On How To Be Gully sehguh09/23/12
Tops Albums Of 2006 Cghost09/12/12
Top Albums Of 2000 Cghost09/10/12
The Day Is Here..... BallsToTheWall09/09/12
Last.fm What The Fuck Trebor.08/02/12
Lastfm 7 Days cryMore07/20/12
"I Walk Around The Streets Passing Out Poison Apples" nicholasarthur05/25/12
Favorite Hip Hop Albums ncbest3205/12/12
Some Albums I Like BootySweat05/10/12
Hip Hop Recs? AnalAnnihilator05/05/12
Don't Nigga Me, Nigga. Nigga Please BallsToTheWall04/30/12
Looking For Jazz And Hip Hop Recs Woodhouse04/18/12
21st Century (so Far) emc269104/11/12
Tom79's Top 100 tom7904/10/12
Best Of Animated Film mvood03/11/12
Treb's 90's Trebor.03/03/12
Fall Semester, 2011 TheManMachine02/22/12
Share Your Musical Knowledge With Me. Cells01/25/12
More 2012 Rap To Look Forward To Urinetrouble01/14/12
Wu-tang Top 10 WailinTim3101/13/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
It's A Festivus Miracle! Trebor.12/23/11
Time To Settle This Thrice And For All.... Masochist12/22/11
Top 15 Wu-Tang Solo Albums stevendah12/18/11
Qwe Rappers qwe312/04/11
Observer PurpleBottle12/02/11
My Favorite 100 Albums kevinmede11/28/11
10 Essential Hip Hop Albums. Haters Hate. Sleaper11/28/11
Top 10 Wu Albums Jekub11/24/11
Hip Hop Heads Unite Pt. 2 WailinTim3110/04/11
Avril Lavigne killed by cognac sehguh10/01/11
First Rap List BallsToTheWall09/26/11
My Skating Playlist fantastica56609/01/11
Better Than The Best PorkchopExpress08/10/11
New Rules For Sputnik FrankRedHot08/08/11
Top 50 Hip Hop Albums liledman08/01/11
The Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived... Inveigh07/29/11
Adam Mansbach=kodiak Brinks random07/15/11
Tickle Me Pink FrankRedHot07/08/11
Most Awaited Hip Hop Lp's (rest Of Year) daIceman07/08/11
My Birthday's Coming Up Soon random07/04/11
The Wu Series Sleaper07/01/11
And Now for Something Different ShadowRemains06/30/11
I Hate Everthing. TrentTality06/30/11
Favorite HIP HOP (in no order) AlonsoHarris06/29/11
Smoke A Pizza And Eat Some Blunt Ire06/25/11
How To Write A Good Review? ckunke00205/30/11
Fuck Psn jcfiasco05/23/11
Wu-tang Recs Please benvipond05/17/11
New Found Hip-hop Love alexmetres05/16/11
Reggie Miller Should Be Fired TheItalianStallion05/10/11
The Beantown Beatdown Pt. III TheItalianStallion05/04/11
Qwe Hop qwe304/28/11
Hllywd Undead Banner Needs To Go telebyrd04/14/11
Hiphop 101: 50 Albums to Snack on carrythezero2104/07/11
Non Hip-hop Recs Needed ChadJones04/04/11
Top 10 Hip Hop Albums beefshoes03/20/11
Wu-tang Lyrical Assassins InjunJoe03/14/11
Users' Best Of 2010: 100 - 51 Deviant.03/11/11
Top 10 Darch03/07/11
Try To Guess What Spritle And Chim-chim Are Looking At In My Profile Picture random03/07/11
The Definitive Wu-tang List Inveigh03/04/11
B10c bloc03/03/11
Lucky 13: Gangster Flicks BigPoppaDiesel03/01/11
A 20 Piece of Hip Hop with Fries BigPoppaDiesel02/24/11
Rip whywontyoudie02/21/11
Spritle And Chim-chim From Speed Racer: Making Riding In A Car Trunk Seem Perfectly Ok Since 1967 random02/21/11
2006: Loud, Proud, And Weird ryanson20902/20/11
The Mystery Revealed: I Am Canadian! random02/17/11
My Copy Of Wu-tang Shaolin Style Won't Work On My Ps3 random02/10/11
All My Homies Are From The Hidden Leaf Village random02/08/11
Super Bowl Sunday, Hell Yeah! random02/06/11
Lichty Best Of '10 Revised! twlichty01/26/11
Rap In 2011(the Real List) Urinetrouble01/24/11
Def Jam Fight For Ny The Takeover Strategies random01/18/11
Saturday Nite cirq01/15/11
Shut Em Down By Public Enemy Makes Me Want To Play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 random01/05/11
Delayed 2010 List Kronzo01/03/11
Vinyl! MCGF01/03/11
2010: The Year In Veigh Inveigh12/30/10
Is It Sad Counterfeit12/28/10
Merry Christmas All ShadowRemains12/25/10
Christmas Sucks. CouldntThinkofaName12/24/10
Roadtrip Listens Dinosaur12/24/10
Liledman's 2010 liledman12/24/10
2010 Hip Hop MCGF12/22/10
December Dev Digs Deviant.12/21/10
Top 25 Albums Of 2010 UnderDaIce12/20/10
Qwe: Rap This Year qwe312/20/10
Users Who Should Be On Staff Urinetrouble12/19/10
2010: The Year In Hip Hop Inveigh12/19/10
Damn You Being Under Aged. Counterfeit12/18/10
The Fight Lights Out Looks Awesome random12/18/10
Favorite Web Comics Urinetrouble12/17/10
Shall I Call You Logan, Weapon X? Urinetrouble12/02/10
What Ya Boy Has Been Listening To Urinetrouble11/19/10
It's Snowing Counterfeit11/13/10
What Mothafuckas!!! Urinetrouble11/10/10
100 Great Rap Albums Urinetrouble11/06/10
Inveigh Does The 90's Inveigh11/05/10
Get Money ckuf sehctib Urinetrouble11/04/10
Im Going To Start Trying To Get Into Rap AndManyMore10/29/10
Deviant Looks Back At 2009 Deviant.10/18/10
Hip-hop's 100 Greatest Lyricists awhiteguy10/17/10
Rap Binge Gyromania10/09/10
School = Fun Failure jcfiasco09/22/10
Redid My Ipod For The First Time In A Year And A Half notorioussam2309/20/10
North Carolina!!!!!! BallsToTheWall09/11/10
If You Love Sex With Men TheAngstyVirgin09/10/10
Hip Hop Essentials - Deep Cuts Bulldog09/09/10
The Abc's Of Hip Hop #3 - Artists Bulldog09/06/10
The Abc's Of Hip Hop #1 - Albums Bulldog09/04/10
Hip Hop Recs UnderDaIce09/02/10
Feit Rec's You Hippity Hops. Counterfeit08/31/10
My Top 20 Hiphop Albums Th3answer08/30/10
Neighbors: How Do They Work? somberlain08/30/10
Favorite Albums Of 2000 Caveman08/16/10
Pt. II of Somberlain's Top Hip-hop Albums somberlain08/11/10
Shaolin Vs. Wu-tang & Liquid Swords 2 Inveigh08/05/10
Planewreck's Summer Mix plane07/25/10
Top 20 Rappers reeshespeeshes07/13/10
Watch These Rap Niggas Get All Up In Your Guts French Vanilla, Butter-pecan, Chocolate Deluxe Even Caramel Sundaes Is Gettin Urinetrouble07/06/10
Holy Fuckin Shiet This Song Rules + Digs robertsona06/29/10
A Somber(lame?) Decade somberlain06/20/10
Robertsona's Decade In Songs robertsona06/18/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
Hey Derek! Sprechen Sie Dick! Counterfeit06/13/10
Deviant Does The Decade Deviant.06/12/10
Decade, Mother F*ckers Inveigh06/12/10
Wu Tang Members Ranked Urinetrouble06/12/10
Inveigh Recs Hip Hop Inveigh06/07/10
Hip Hop Gold mobe906/07/10
Rap Shit Yo qwe306/02/10
Deviant's Hip Hop Essentials Deviant.06/02/10
Top 15 Hip Hop Of 2000's notorioussam2306/01/10
Battle Of The Bands: Nwa Vs Wu-tang Clan Bulldog05/26/10
Summer Shows OhCaptain05/24/10
Top 10 Wu-tang Clan Albums TomAndJerry05/12/10
Music/movies This Weekend I Saw/listened to Urinetrouble04/26/10
Hop-hip shinfojoe04/18/10
My Blog DhA04/07/10
Bring Da Ruckus Counterfeit04/07/10
Just Blaze's Greatest Hits HolidayKirk04/01/10
Digloodude 3/23/2010 igloodude03/23/10
My Favorite Wu-tang Members reeshespeeshes03/20/10
Mynameisdecade mynameischan03/16/10
Digloodude igloodude02/25/10
The Last 10 Years Of Fine Fine Yeti'ing. AggravatedYeti01/22/10
First User To 20,000 Posts? BallsToTheWall01/16/10
Rap =crap Without A C MetalFaceDoom01/13/10
Hip-hop Digs iisblackstar01/10/10
Top Hip Hop Albums Of The Decade somberlain12/29/09
Klap's 100 Albums Of The '00s klap12/26/09
Wu-members Ranked igloodude12/25/09
My Albums Of The Decade MetalFaceDoom12/14/09
In Times Like These..... MetalFaceDoom12/09/09
My Favourite Beats MetalFaceDoom12/09/09
Best Rap Albums HanSOLO12/06/09
Hannukah List 09 ECRbubs12/01/09
Best Hip Hop Albums Of The 90s somberlain11/27/09
2000-2009: 100 StreetlightRock11/08/09
Good Hip-hop imnotthere42011/05/09
10 MetalFaceDoom10/29/09
Marshmallow People Say Oh Yeah robertsona10/18/09
Hip-hop Night combustion0710/12/09
Checking These Out Because Of Rage Spare10/04/09
Best Of The Wu-tang Clan scyther09/30/09
Noooooh Woooo MetalFaceDoom09/25/09
Sick Of Being Sick Time09/22/09
Top Hip Hop Songs kfilly2009/22/09
Favorite Songs kfilly2009/21/09
Wu-tang Solo Albums shinfojoe09/20/09
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell shinfojoe09/16/09
10 Cd's I Must Own Asap jcfiasco09/13/09
Opeth Are Shit KILL09/07/09
My Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums...ever (as of right now) Inveigh08/28/09
My Go To Workout Albums Logman45608/13/09
Top 20 Mcs Logman45607/14/09
20 Real Hip Hop Albums......recs? Logman45607/10/09
My Cruising/running Music Logman45607/08/09
4 Years Of Music HailToTheThief06/23/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
My Ten Favourite Wu-tang Solo Albums Logman45606/09/09
When A Band Goes Into Beast Mode mfbroom05/17/09
Best Wu-Tang Albums KTV05/10/09
Go Jays FistfulOfSteel04/20/09
Tech Metalz poweroftheweez04/13/09
Blues Nauseum03/22/09
Hip Hop/Rap Shizz FistfulOfSteel03/11/09
Beats Are Silly. Nauseum02/27/09
Hip-hop south_of_heaven 1101/06/09
Wu-tang Ranked bastard12/19/08
Laundry List drowybuckets12/12/08
Updated For A Change MadnessUnhallowed07/19/08
Listening To south_of_heaven 1107/15/08
The King of New York/East Coast Hip Hop: Past and Present jazzvortex4607/03/08
Albums I Have Been Digging Lately gmoneyguy06/30/08
6/16/06 iarescientists06/16/08
Obtained south_of_heaven 1104/30/08
When Bad Albums Happen 2 Good Artists.... Big Baby Jesus04/08/08
Holy Crap! It's An Itunes Shuffle!! prakata04/01/08
Aimless Wandering StreetlightRock03/19/08
Digz Feedbacker01/30/08
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 Iluvatar01/08/08
Recent Finds DuckinFutch810/27/07
Bands I Need To Check Out Time10/14/07
Best Party Rap Dave de Sylvia09/28/07
Not A Metal List cjstunna05/24/07
Albums I Recently Bought nicklee190301/24/07
Favorites of 2006 Robert Crumb12/29/06
Top 10 Albums Of '06 Zebra12/26/06
Top 100 Albums Of 2006 Dave de Sylvia12/24/06
Songs For The Gym LiveWire42010/06/06


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