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Blue trve11/13/14
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Thrashing beefshoes08/24/14
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100 Metal Songs yourgodisinferior08/05/14
June Jams 2: Jam Harder tempest--06/30/14
Underrated Monday Jamz BlackLlama06/09/14
Underrated Albums BigPleb05/30/14
IPOD ON SHUFFLE TylerLamberg05/28/14
Albums Where The Title Track Is The Best Track VisionsFromTheDarkSide05/23/14
In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump ExplosiveOranges05/18/14
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades StinkyPinky05/07/14
Am I A True Metalhead Yet? BIaziken05/03/14
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All My Thrash Metal Albums Ranked. JustAnon04/14/14
10 Songs You Should Like neurisis1704/09/14
Albums That I Have Yet To Listen To Karpizzle03/21/14
My Favorite Thrash Albums OnViolentNoise03/20/14
Top 10 Thrash Metal Albums Karpizzle03/19/14
Meatal MeatSalad03/17/14
Went To The Library TheGreatQ03/08/14
My Metal Club Of 100 Fra02/28/14
Riffs Of F*cking Fist BigHans02/25/14
Thrash Paradise killth3p00r02/24/14
What's Your Fav. Thrash Tune yourgodisinferior02/23/14
Just Something To Mosh To I Guess killth3p00r02/10/14
Prog Rock/Metal, Metal ludo2202/04/14
To Listen To Checklist neurisis1702/03/14
Went To The Namm Show Necrotica01/26/14
Top 100 Thrash Metal Albums ruuthsinn01/23/14
Birthyear List MalleusMaleficarum01/21/14
Album Purchases 199201/19/14
Recent Cd Purchases adace101/05/14
Top 15 80's Metal Albums RATM4601/04/14
December 2013 TPM73101/02/14
Rec Me Some Thrash rapedbyelephants01/01/14
Top 20 Metal Guitar Tones Madbutcher312/31/13
New Years Sucks Vakarian1212/31/13
Christmas Haul Vakarian1212/25/13
iTokoloshe's 15 Thrash Metal albums of the 80's Tokoloshe12/23/13
Best Thrash Metal Albums Of 2012 Hastein4512/22/13
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Latest Metal Buys! shredaman12/14/13
2012: Top 25 Albums in Aggressive Music NonApplicable12/12/13
In Concert: 2013 TheSupernatural12/11/13
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Underrated Albums Madbutcher311/06/13
Revised Hit List neurisis1711/03/13
Difficult BigPleb11/02/13
My Name Is Moose And I Like Metal M/ MoosechriS10/20/13
Sup Guys ChuckyTruant10/14/13
Blue. Vakarian1210/11/13
Scary, Frightening And Creepy Album Covers TheIbar10/10/13
My Top Ten Bands killth3p00r10/03/13
Top 15 Metal/rock Albums Of 2012 charbyno09/23/13
Dexter TAB09/22/13
Happy B'day History Teacher! m/ BigPleb09/19/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2008 charbyno09/19/13
Favorite Bands Zorc222209/18/13
Last Albums I Bought Zorc222209/18/13
My Parents Suck Smial09/13/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1990 charbyno09/01/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1989 charbyno08/31/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1988 charbyno08/30/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1987 charbyno08/29/13
Best Thrash Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/26/13
My Favorite Thrash Metal Bands BlastRiffsBeatTechno08/11/13
Losing Weight Vespiion08/03/13
My Small But Growing Vinyl Collection kylechargerrt07/20/13
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Playing Dwarf Fortress Hoppoman06/07/13
Metal Recs Pestiferous06/07/13
Top 15 Thrash Metal Albums charbyno06/04/13
Ugh BigPleb06/02/13
Worst Metal Fails McDerpes05/29/13
Good Modern Thrash Metal? dante199105/28/13
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666 Comments For Satan dsroka00505/22/13
I Creamed BigPleb05/09/13
Recent Digz 4: Overwhelmed. Atari04/25/13
A Corner For Metal Ballads Geadom04/23/13
Thrash 'till Fucking Death: 100 Greatest Thrash Albums 'till 90 NoiseForZeus04/20/13
Record Store Day ReturnOfTheDnor04/16/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
Recent Metal Buys! shredaman04/16/13
Classic Death/thrash Masterpieces WhereSleepIsRest04/12/13
40 Best Metal & Rock Albums Of The 2012 - Final NoiseForZeus04/04/13
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Music Greatest Genre DoctorMike03/30/13
Thrashing Before My Jew Seder Thing DarkSideOfLucca03/26/13
A New and more appropriate list title lyon153503/25/13
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Do You Even Riff? SlMBOLlC03/23/13
Insomnia ILJ03/21/13
The Lords Of Metal lyon153503/19/13
Playing Guitar For A Gig Necrotica03/11/13
Ode To Thrash ReturnOfTheDnor02/20/13
And 80's Thrash Ruled Hard RobSchuldiner02/18/13
Halestorm Win Best Hard Rock/metal Performance ButtsweatAndTears02/11/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
My Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands! Muisc4Life2602/03/13
Ten Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time WhereSleepIsRest01/29/13
Plug thumbcrusher01/29/13
Still Thrashing Hard Hawks01/25/13
Bands I've Seen Live VermicideReloadead01/23/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
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Metal Of The Current Decade Sevhead01/08/13
Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List FearThyEvil01/06/13
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Lambda's 2012 Lambda12/31/12
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Academy Of 2012 theacademy12/23/12
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Top 30 Of 2012 FictionalFlames12/14/12
The Epitome Of Slayer Covers CK12/14/12
Highlights Of This Year (Good or Bad) mifzal12/08/12
70 For 2012 engleprunt12/04/12
The Best Thrash I've Heard (so Far) Atari12/03/12
Curse's Top 20 Of 2012 Curse.12/02/12
The Best Albums And Eps Of 2012 gallus9011/23/12
Albums Of 2012 DatsNotDaMetulz11/23/12
My Favorite Albums VermicideReloadead11/22/12
A Few of Sim's Favorite riffs SlMBOLlC11/21/12
Decibel Top 40 - 2012 foreverburning11/20/12
Sputnik Saturday Jams With Jack GnFnRs8711/17/12
Anime? Vespiion11/15/12
My Top Albums of 2012 RATM4611/04/12
The Year Simbolic Grew Musical Balls SlMBOLlC11/02/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Essential Thrash Bands Part 1 onlyhuman10/31/12
Albums Recently Purchased mike456410/29/12
Skyfall Was Incredible GnFnRs8710/27/12
2012 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/15/12
I Turned 18 Today Pr0nogo10/13/12
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1000 Comments, 10 Reviews ViperAces09/17/12
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Greatest Testament's Albums Of All Time huguitoescorza08/29/12
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Just Broke Up With My Gf; Rec Me Something KjSwantko08/02/12
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Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
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Ipod Sucks Hard VisionsFromTheDarkSide04/22/12
Best Thrash Metal Albums Part. 1 walfernu04/19/12
Favourites Bands walfernu04/17/12
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21st Century (so Far) emc269104/11/12
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Metalsucks' Best Modern Metal Drummers List Is Near Completion... macadoolahicky03/30/12
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Military Inspection Tomorrow NWOAHM66602/05/12
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Suffocation Is Mallcore Now!!! NWOAHM66601/13/12
Bands I Would Like To Get In To mynameash01/09/12
Rec Me Old-school Thrash Metal NWOAHM66601/04/12
Bored Shuyin12/20/11
Bands I Have Seen Live blaisetheslayer12/15/11
The Year Everyone Quit Their Band BaseballJames12/04/11
Kill Kill Multiply Till The Skies Turn Black And The Rivers Dry theacademy11/30/11
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Winter Is Coming Nagrarok11/09/11
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Gta V PastorOfMupp3ts11/02/11
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Real Metal: An Ode To The Truest Of The True BallsToTheWall10/10/11
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Personal Favourite Albums 2 (post 2000) ShadowintheSun09/20/11
100 Thrash Metal Albums! lyon153509/04/11
James Murphy Day KILL09/03/11
Nhl 12 Demo Alone08/30/11
Music A-z Ovrot08/28/11
Best Testament Songs Megadeth08/24/11
Best 5 Thrash Metal Band onyedili07/31/11
The Big 4 Are Not Welcome Here... Surtur07/29/11
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Soda Ranked GhettoIndieshit01/25/11
Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes SirkSakaig01/19/11
Derkka Derkka TheItalianStallion01/09/11
Songsterr GhettoIndieshit12/27/10
Break It Down Butkuiss12/22/10
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90's METAL JamieTwort09/23/10
I Am Hungry Jesuslaves09/22/10
Pieces Of History Intothepit09/21/10
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Life Changing Albums ImpendingSpoon32109/03/10
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