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:[ Shrapnel9411/02/08
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Kattuns Favrotite Albums kattunlover6910/15/08
Last.fm Top 20 Prince of Darkness10/15/08
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Recent Buys DeathThrashProg09/07/08
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A List Of Bands I Must See Before I Die MetalHead199008/30/08
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Cover Artwork That I Love ClearTheLane08/27/08
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100 Songs That Give Me Goosebumps Everytime Altmer08/25/08
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Great Albums/bands I Discovered Due To This Site zulop08/11/08
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Songs I'm Digging Right Now Altmer07/26/08
Earth Abdar11207/24/08
Just Ordered NOTINTHEFACE07/19/08
Bought Jim07/19/08
Songs That Accompany My Emotions Currently Altmer07/17/08
Band's I've Seen Live (my List) Foodforthegods07/17/08
My Itunes On Shuffle #2 ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
Itunes Shuffle Shrapnel9407/15/08
Upcoming Gigs In The 2nd Part Of The Year Altmer07/15/08
My Itunes On Shuffle ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
Behold The Power Of List Making McP300007/11/08
Sleepy Time! Shrapnel9407/10/08
My Top 10 Albums (Right Now) aircycle07/09/08
Spinning, Spinning Out Of Control Altmer07/08/08
LOL's TheDistantFuture07/07/08
Albums I'm Currently Listening To username34507/07/08
Best Of My Collection Shrapnel9407/06/08
A Promise Is A Promise skatemullen1407/04/08
Tommy Rogers' Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Albums I Have Been Digging Lately gmoneyguy06/30/08
Recent Drumming Inspiration botb06/28/08
Soundtrack To A Rainy Day TheDistantFuture06/20/08
I Didnt Know I Liked Till I Listened citizeninsane06/20/08
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Most Badass Riffs TheDistantFuture06/08/08
Trippy Spacey Stuff Murmur06/01/08
Top 10 Albums Dayvan Cowboy05/28/08
The Prog List Murmur05/24/08
Reccomend Me Some Bands billy3305/24/08
Recently Acquired Shadowskos05/17/08
Bands Whose Music Speaks To Me Altmer05/16/08
My Latest Delvings Essence05/11/08
Digging This Shat Altmer05/10/08
Shuffling Around Aimlessly botb05/09/08
Albums In My Backpack Right Now bobbingforapples05/09/08
Simply Beautiful TheDistantFuture05/07/08
I'm Not Impressed With Nyc McP300005/05/08
My Favorite Albums billy3304/30/08
Albums I Want bobbingforapples04/28/08
Epic! TheDistantFuture04/28/08
Ballads I Have Dug Lately Altmer04/24/08
Diggin' Like A Gravedigger TrojanWhore04/22/08
Kmagnum's 20 Essential Albums kmagnum1x04/22/08
Wolfy's Essentials Wolfy04/21/08
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... Altmer04/19/08
Favourite Instrumentals TheDistantFuture04/18/08
Top 10 Albums Discovered On Sputnik Lucid04/18/08
They Aren't Not Overrated Big Baby Jesus04/16/08
My Hall Of Fame Foodforthegods04/16/08
Some Of My Favorite Bands ArtemisEntreri04/15/08
Top 50 Bands (i Think) TheStarclassicTreatment04/15/08
Diggs, Literally TheDistantFuture04/13/08
Most Updated Awesome Band List TimJim04/12/08
My Favourite Bands! Some Not Nearly As Well Known As They Should Be! Riverpeth04/10/08
Killin Time botb04/09/08
Songs That Rule My Heart Altmer04/08/08
Album Experiences TheDistantFuture04/08/08
Live Or Death Acre04/04/08
New Badass Stuff Geedrummer04/04/08
The Saddest Song skatemullen1404/04/08
Feel Good Music TheDistantFuture03/29/08
Length=goodness willfellmarsy03/29/08
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Top 10 Porcupine Tree Songs WhatHappensNow03/27/08
Most Played Album Lately Foodforthegods03/26/08
Shuffle To The Max cometuesday03/25/08
Shufflez Amputee03/22/08
4 Phil03/16/08
Truly Classic Albums Altmer03/12/08
Recent Finds Amputee03/08/08
To Get List: Ver 4.0 McP300003/06/08
Rip Gary Gygax NOTINTHEFACE03/05/08
My Current Top 10 Songs Of All Time Altmer03/05/08
Recent Addictions altairschaos5603/04/08
Mix I Listen To Sleeping botb03/03/08
Mental Health Application Confessed200503/03/08
Epic Rock Band ohcleverhansyou03/01/08
Current Digs scarsremain02/29/08
Compact Discs Of Which I Need to Obtain altairschaos5602/28/08
I Just Downloaded The Perfect Mix Off Jamglue scarsremain02/28/08
Best Chill Out Stuff MoonlightBleeding02/25/08
Plz Help - Reccomendations Geedrummer02/23/08
While Im Putting A Blade In Someones Neck... altairschaos5602/21/08
Best Songs Of The 90s Altmer02/21/08
Earliest Best Of Decade List Ever ohcleverhansyou02/18/08
Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By thesystemisdown02/15/08
Soundtrack To The Aftermath Of A School Shooting Altmer02/15/08
Ten Favorites Ever DWittisarockstar02/13/08
20 Albums That Changed My Life Foodforthegods02/12/08
Current To Get List McP300002/11/08
Top 25 Most Played XMII02/09/08
Albums I Could See Going Up In My Ratings McP300002/08/08
What, No Metal? (what I Am Digging Lately But Also Metal) Altmer02/07/08
In The End... cometuesday02/07/08
1 Year At Sputnik Yazz_Flute02/03/08
My Favourite Vocal Performances Altmer02/02/08
My Ipod metallicaman802/01/08
Music Ftw cometuesday01/30/08
Stuff I'm Digging Right Now. Altmer01/29/08
I've Ruined My Parent Credit Card McP300001/26/08
Most Listened To Bands (update) jimay33301/22/08
My Favorite Polyrythms donovr01/21/08
Albums I Wouldn't Mind Having thecheatisnotdead01/19/08
Emotionally Powerful Songs botb01/16/08
Songs I Have Been Digging The Past Weeks Altmer01/16/08
50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me Altmer01/13/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
Top 5 By Top 5 Geedrummer01/08/08
Favourite Albums Ever cSsteFa01/08/08
My Post-christmas Wish List thesystemisdown01/07/08
My Current To Get List McP300001/07/08
Word Of The Day: Earth cometuesday01/07/08
20 Albums I Listened To This Week Altmer01/04/08
Word Of The Day: Black cometuesday01/02/08
2007: The Top 50 Iai01/02/08
30 Best Albums Of 2007 Gmaj01/02/08
It's Come To This ohcleverhansyou01/01/08
Best Gigs Of 07 TheStarclassicTreatment01/01/08
Recent Purchases riobravo102312/30/07
The Best Albums Of 2007 MoonlightBleeding12/28/07
My Top 25 Albums Of 2007 CoreySzn12/28/07
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
What I Liked This Year Jerrydavidson12/26/07
Metals Best Of 2007! Wizard12/26/07
My Definitive Top 15 For 2007 Altmer12/22/07
Botb's Top 15 Of 2007. botb12/22/07
Iai's Best Of 2007 (top 15) Iai12/22/07
Should I? blackened0712/21/07
A List Of Brooding Albums Altmer12/21/07
Final Top 15 Of 2007 Foodforthegods12/20/07
Best Of 2007 List DWittisarockstar12/20/07
Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007 20440912/19/07
My Top 10 Albums Of 2007 Yazz_Flute12/18/07
Top Albums Of 2007 Confessed200512/18/07
Best Of 2007 A_Guy12/17/07
Top 15 Albums Of 2007 jameskukucka12/16/07
2007 And Me ohcleverhansyou12/16/07
Songs That Convey My Feelings On Things Altmer12/13/07
My All Time Favorite Bands Foodforthegods12/11/07
Porcupine Tree Top 30 Foodforthegods12/10/07
My Top 20 Favorite Songs Yazz_Flute12/10/07
My Favorite Songs riobravo102312/09/07
Albums I Want That I Can't Find Anywhere McP300012/07/07
Very Best Of Rock/metal Of 07 Pebster4912/07/07
Cd I've Owned In 2007 Foodforthegods12/06/07
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Altmer12/04/07
If Everybody Else Is Doing It, Then Why Can't We? Altmer12/02/07
2007 Mikesn12/01/07
Itunes Shuffle! XMII11/30/07
Recent Overplayings. NOTINTHEFACE11/29/07
Albums That I Need To Play More But Don't Get Around To Altmer11/29/07
Recommendations For Me Please? botb11/29/07
Recent Purchases thecheatisnotdead11/25/07
Gotten Into Recently Geedrummer11/25/07
I Can Shufful 2! bananaoracle11/23/07
Recent Purchases McP300011/17/07
Bought Jim11/16/07
Songs I've Been Obsessed With Lately. thecheatisnotdead11/16/07
Revised Funeral List Altmer11/13/07
Best Of 07... Yeah. NOTINTHEFACE11/11/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
My 5 Top Relationship Songs Altmer11/06/07
Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands Yazz_Flute11/06/07
Albums In Epic Rotation Lately Altmer11/06/07
Songs That Are Just Plain Awesome clairvoyant11/04/07
To Get List/recommendations McP300011/03/07
Mellowed Out Stuff I Like Altmer11/01/07
Top Songs Of 2007 Foodforthegods10/31/07
07 mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/30/07
Best Of 2005 Altmer10/30/07
Purchases This Year:round 1 WidespreadMuleBand10/29/07
Songs That Have A Place In My Heart Altmer10/29/07
Top 20 Songs 10+ Minutes Long Yazz_Flute10/25/07
My Favorite Albums MoonlightBleeding10/25/07
Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs metallicaman810/25/07
My Top 10 Bands/artists Geedrummer10/25/07
Ultimate... Um, Just Ultimate. cometuesday10/24/07
My Favorite Prog Albums botb10/22/07
My Cd Player Dragon_Prince10/22/07
Favorite Albums Of 2007 botb10/18/07
Birthday Albums grief10/18/07
Cover Songs I'd Like To Hear unretrovertigofied10/15/07
My 20 Favourite Ballads Altmer10/14/07
Bands I Need To Check Out Time10/14/07
Top 10 Worst Band Names tribestros10/12/07
I Dig Holes... Altmer10/12/07
Favorite Openers guitarboy41010/11/07
Best Albums 2005 FundamentallyLoathsome10/11/07
10 Bands That Are Not Overrated NOTINTHEFACE10/10/07
10 Albums I Bought Recently Foodforthegods10/07/07
Best Piano/keyboard Driven Songs Altmer10/06/07
Best Of The British Rock tribestros10/05/07
Some Albums I've Acquired Recently Altmer10/04/07
My Fav Of '07 (in Order) Foodforthegods10/01/07
Time For A Drive guitarboy41009/30/07
Top 5 Bands Of September Altmer09/30/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
Current Digg List cSsteFa09/28/07
Extreme Digging jameskukucka09/27/07
Last 20 Albums I've Listened To Jimmy09/27/07
My Favorite Progressive Metal/rock Albums Pebster4909/27/07
Albums I Am Going To Hunt Down Altmer09/24/07
Planned Purchases Geedrummer09/24/07
10 Albums That Are Depressing Altmer09/21/07
Bands I've Seen This Year Windows09/20/07
My Dream Concert Festival tribestros09/20/07
Its Been A Good Year... TheStarclassicTreatment09/20/07
My Best Of 07 So Far Geedrummer09/20/07
Some Songs I'm Loving Altmer09/19/07
Most Played On Itunes XMII09/17/07
I Need More Music, Geedrummer09/15/07
The Best Of 2007 (...so Far) tribestros09/14/07
Another Bunch Of Digs Of The Last Couple Weeks... Altmer09/12/07
My Top 50 Yazz_Flute09/10/07
My Top 10 Prog Albums At The Moment Altmer09/08/07
My Favourites Of 2007 After 2/3 Of The Year... Altmer09/07/07
Totally Random cometuesday08/31/07
Fye sucks Hewitt08/30/07
Recent Purchases tribestros08/28/07
Albums Sputnik Got Me Into (so Far) irishmanshibby08/26/07
Albums I Ordered Over The Internet Toltec7Arrival08/26/07
Some Stuff I've Been Digging Lately. Altmer08/25/07
My Non-metal Favourites Altmer08/20/07
Fuck Metal! Ominous Inane08/20/07
Abc Band List MetalHead199008/20/07
Favorite Progressive Rock Albums tribestros08/19/07
Where I Am Now. guitarboy41008/17/07
Stealing From Yet More Guitarists Spectrum08/14/07
A List Of Recently Played Albums Altmer08/14/07
Some Songs I Have Dug Lately Altmer08/12/07
Some Truly Emotional Songs Altmer08/10/07
Coolest Song Titles riobravo102308/08/07
Recent Acquisitions: cometuesday08/05/07
Just Some Stuff antihippy08/04/07
2007 Top 10 (updated) Foodforthegods07/30/07
Top 5 Bands Of July Altmer07/30/07
My Favourite Albumszzz Dragon_Prince07/29/07
Top 25 Porcupine Tree Songs Altmer07/28/07
Stuff Sputnikmusic Got Me Into! tribestros07/26/07
Songs I've Been Diggin Lately IvortheEngineDriver07/24/07
Recent Purchases Altmer07/24/07
Songs On My Ipod Over 10 Minutes In Length Yazz_Flute07/18/07
Recent Album Listens americanidiot07/17/07
My Cd Player Rotation tribestros07/17/07
New Ipod Songs Windows07/17/07
Albums I Want And Will Eventually Get. Riziger07/16/07
Songs I've Been Hooked On Lately Hewitt07/15/07
Thoughts? Monticello07/15/07
Albums I Listenend Today Dragon_Prince07/15/07
Personal Favorite Bands botb07/14/07
Favorite Love Songs IvortheEngineDriver07/14/07
Some Nice Albums Of Late... Altmer07/13/07
Bands I Plan On Getting Into... Feedback? NOTINTHEFACE07/11/07
Some Albums That I Want To Buy Toltec7Arrival07/09/07
Top 50 2000's Albums BringHomeTheBacon06/29/07
Most Played Songs According To Itunes XMII06/27/07
A Song Dig List Altmer06/27/07
Top 25.... Again Altmer06/25/07
10 Best Album Release During The First Half Of 2007 Foodforthegods06/20/07
Best Music Dvds Foodforthegods06/20/07
20 Songs From Albums I've Gotten In Recent Weeks teamsleep69806/17/07
Some Generic Digs Of The Last Couple Of Weeks Altmer06/17/07
A Few Albums I've Gotten Lately teamsleep69806/14/07
My Favourite Non-metal Albums Altmer06/11/07
My Top 5 2007 Releases Altmer06/07/07
My Favorite Songs This Month Foodforthegods06/06/07
Albums I Want To Get Dragon_Prince06/06/07
10 Albums I've Bought Recently Foodforthegods06/01/07
All Of A Sudden I Missed Making Lists Phil06/01/07
Albums I've Been Digging Lately thecheatisnotdead05/31/07
Fun!!! scpttrerulz05/30/07
My Top Albums Of May Altmer05/26/07
My Favorite Guitar Solos riobravo102305/24/07
My Favorite Albums ktstein05/21/07
Some Albums That Have Featured On My Playlist Lately Altmer05/12/07
Songs I Have Been Digging Lately Mikesn05/03/07
Best Of The New Millenium Foodforthegods05/02/07
A Current List Of Digs Altmer05/02/07
Why I've Been Broke Lately steadyeddie04/30/07
Top 5 Bands Of April Altmer04/28/07
Most Anticipated Albums Of 2007 Altmer04/28/07
Bands I Should Like But Actually Dislike ValiumMan04/25/07
Bands For B-day Money ironman444404/22/07
Albums That I Am Digging Right Now Evoke04/20/07
Albums I've Bought This Year So Far Foodforthegods04/20/07
Albums I Bought In The Last Six Months That Blew Me Away Altmer04/20/07
Favourite Bands TheStarclassicTreatment04/19/07
Mikael Akerfeldt Full Discography Foodforthegods04/19/07
Albums I Need jameskukucka04/18/07
April 24th Foodforthegods04/17/07
10 Favourite Songs Atm. Riziger04/16/07
Top 25 Songs With Best Lyrics Altmer04/16/07
Tour I'll See This Year Foodforthegods04/13/07
Bands Sputnik Made Me Listen To And Like. Riziger04/11/07
Damn... Phil04/09/07
A Current List Of Favourite Songs. Altmer04/09/07
20 Albums I'm Digging Right Now Altmer04/06/07
My Favorite Prog Records Foodforthegods04/01/07
Records I'm Going To Buy Foodforthegods03/30/07
A List Of Records I'm Going To Buy All At Once If I Can Find Them Altmer03/30/07
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Foodforthegods03/29/07
10 Album That I Would Need On A Desert Island Foodforthegods03/25/07
The Albums That I Want Foodforthegods03/21/07
Favourite Albums At The Moment Dragon_Prince03/18/07
My Last Trip To The Store GenuineImitation03/16/07
Favourite Bands Serapheus03/11/07
Bands I Have Really Gotten Into Recently Confessed200503/07/07
Album I Bought In February Dragon_Prince03/06/07
Ocean City Soundtrack Syncratic03/04/07
Thanks Guys Doonothing03/02/07
Music You Can Dance To! DaTwig02/28/07
Fav. Concept Albums YourTeammate02/21/07
Why I Play... Syncratic02/15/07
To People Who Say Music These Days Suck thunderzstruck02/11/07
Top 100 Albums 1995-2004 morrissey01/21/07
Top 5 Drummers Dragon_Prince12/24/06
Current Listenings... BurningSky12/13/06
Cd's I own The Flabbit Rides High12/12/06
You Dig? FlawedPerfection12/09/06
Top 50 The Flabbit Rides High11/25/06
Albums I have been listening to lately GenuineImitation11/15/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
My Top 50 Albums IvortheEngineDriver11/08/06
My porcupine tree favorites Angmar11/07/06
Albums I Accidentally Discovered FlawedPerfection10/25/06
9? Phil10/09/06
Prog songs under two and a half minutes Zebra09/24/06
A list of riffs I like a lot. Probably wont all be metal and classic rock, kids. Shadius08/20/06
I'll do my part...Thank you Sputnik ktstein08/18/06
Songs i'm liking at the moment pizzapie8808/15/06
Ideal Songs Vol. 3 Syncratic08/12/06
Albums Everyone Should Own (But Doesn't)...Revised and Enhanced IvortheEngineDriver08/08/06
Best Prog. Bands Angmar08/07/06
Kag'es Monthly Obsessions Kage07/31/06
Bands Ive Reccently got into Angmar07/25/06
My most listened to songs this week. Angmar07/25/06
Iluv's fav. prog bands! Iluvatar07/02/06
Last 15 songs played on my iPod. ktstein06/30/06
Top 10 Favourite Bands JamJar06/30/06
My Obsessions this Month Kage06/28/06
Iluvatars Sputnik Bands Iluvatar06/25/06
2005: The Top 50 Iai06/19/06


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