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All the 2017 albums I've listened to so far Neek's Discogs Ranked
2017 Movies About Poo - A Metaphorical Journey
Paramore Ranked Favorite To Least Favorite REC ROULETTE ROUND 6 --- Butcher Blackmail
Personal music taste evolution Sites for ratings
nostalgia overload help needed Neek's Relationship Blues
How is it August and charts still aren't updated? Billboard Alternative Chart ranked
Favorite Songs of 2017 Sowing goes XXX
Top 30 Favourite Music Videos (Age 17) 9 Years of Sowing
Half of 2017 Top 10 Worst Albums I Own
2017 Midyear mid 2017
2017 : From favorite to least favorite Mid Year Love List 2017
Favorite ½2017 Songs Lucid's mid-year
twenty seventeeeeeeeeennnn NHL Expansion Draft
Sowing's 2017 Midterm Report Looking for Pop Recommendations
What are y'all jammin? 2017 so far
Nate's 2017 Half-year list 1 Years a Sput
Best Songs of 2017 (So far) May 2017 resumé
So Bad It's Good Favorite Paramore songs
Trying out bands we don't like, part 3 Return of the Salesman Pitch
Albums I love that everyone kinda hates Under rated albums in my opinion
Paramore albums ranked 2017 Part 2
Favorites (But Remember, I'm Old) Just saw Alien: Covenant
Paramore Albums Ranked (Updated) First Listen: Paramore's "After Laughter"
Top 10 Paramore Songs Headphone Recommendations?
My top 2 songs from my top 10 bands/artists Paramore > Mozart
My personal top 10 albums of all time If Pro Wrestlers were Bands/ Artists
1 year on this site I went to San Francisco
Favorite Opening Tracks CDs I own
Some of my "guilty pleasures" My Album Collection
top 100 (9/2/17) Good workout music (any recs are awesome)
Negged reviews Who's Been To Their 10 Year Reunion?
My Favorite 10 Paramore Songs Most Anticipated Albums of 2017
Hello :) hey guys XD new user :P
A Sample of DinosaurJones v2.0 Black Mirror S3: Eps Ranked
Bands I've Discoged (As of 12/8/16) The Evolution of My Music Taste
2007 Top 25 albums Rec me 5/5 POP albums
My goats pt. 3 Pop Rock(s)
Top 2 Albums of the Decade Favourite female vocalists?
Albums I own ranked [3]: Places 201-300 Albums I own ranked [2]: 101-200
Favourite Live Shows What I Listened to Before Sputnik vs. Now
Top 100 Tracks Pop-Punk Season
The Best of the Best No Man's Sky Delayed
Favourite albums of the 2010s 2013
Staff’s Favorite and Least Favorite Albums * Best Album Covers/Art
Concerts I've Attended i hate the flu
Albums that I dig "Beautiful" Songs
Finally Got a Job (Angel's 100 Favorite Songs) Snide's Top 100 Tracks
When I was 10 My cousin's music taste
Users Favorite NFL Teams 10 Long, EPIC SONGS
Words That Mean Things #3 My Favourite Albums 2005
21 years on the Earth: Top 50 albums Flutt 3/4 Years
Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 15) The 5 Worst Paramore Songs
Top 50 Favourite Albums (Age 15) Top 10 Paramore Songs
Favorite Records w/ Open-Handed Drumming 20 Great Pop Songs
Squidward Morning Jams
Favourite Albums The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music
White Albums My Vinyl Collection
Albums That Are Important To Me My Top 10 Spongebob Squarepants Episodes
Live Music 200 Ratings, 20 Albums
Rec Me Bands With Female Vocals Best Songs Of The New Millennium
10 Most Overrated Bands Ever 2 Lists For The Click Of 1
My Ten Favorite Songs of 2013 Warped 11
Brostep Goes To Warped Tour 2014 99 Cent Albums 2
Beautiful Voices Past Month's Digs
Guilty Pleasures From When I Was 13 Pop Punk Band Played Free Concert At My School
My Top 10 Pop-Punk Bands 400 Ratings.
My Top 20 Alt/Emo Songs Rec Some Cuties In Music
Elevating The Reviewing Game Ov Sputnik Darkocean's Best And Worst Of 2013
Favorite Albums. Best Alt./rock Songs - 2000 - 2014
Gonna Watch 100 Music Videos Today i mean this weekend A Mainstream 2013
Great Albums Came Out In 2013 My Cd Collection (part 2)
100 Favourite Albums Of All Time Seeing Red
Best Music Finds 2013 My 60 Favorite Albums Of 2013
Omni's Top 100 Of 2013 My 13 Least Favourite Albums Of '13
Some Really Bad Albums From 2013 My Favourite Albums 2013
Worst Albums Of 2013 Recommend Something!
Academy Of 2013: Bottom 30 My Top Rated Albums Of 2013
Mac & Alex's Essential Albums Wow
Favorite Album Openers Why Do I Love Red Heads So Much?
Album Recs Please Girls of Summer
Female Vocalists I adore Bands I've Seen
Theacademy's Favorite Songs Paramore (self Titled) Ranked
Digs From My Banned Time Best Songs From The Ea Nhl Series
74 2013 Albums I Listened To In Q2: Semi - Ranked The Influences Of A Shit Band
My CD-collection My Cd Collection Pt. 2
The New Star Trek Poetry
The Pack 2013 Recs Please!
Happy Birthday To You Your Shit Got Stolen 20,000 Lies?
Sputnik Music First Quarter Report
Official Staff Opinion Of New Paramore Paramore Self-titled Album Opinions?
Bands I've Seen Live My Favorite Vocalists (rock/metal)
100 Bands I've Seen Live Need Recs
High School Jams 05-09 2012 In Review
50 Most Listened To Artists Since I Made Last Fm Account Vinyls I Own
Top Ten Pop Punk Bands My Life In Music (starting 2006)
Albums That Make My Brain Energized! Bands/Musicians I Need To See Live
Paramore Songs! My Faves Puppy Recs
Black Ops Zombies Pump Up Songs
Warm Weather Jams New Here, Need Recs Plz
Rec Me Some Good Christian Bands? I Want A Lover I Don't Have To Love
More Ipod Shenanigans Albums Nobody Seems To Appreciate
These = Harry Potter Movies Better Than Hunger Games Current Digs
Reading + Leeds Lineup Thoughts Favourite Songs Of March
100 Hard Jamz Pop-punk
Hey Guyss :) Atavanest 100 Of 2011
Guilty Pleasures Favourite Bands
Bands I Have Seen Live Mimsy's
Titan50's Songs Of 2011 Disregard This List
Crappy Bands Guilty Pleasures Of Mine
Guilty Pleasures Songs about modding ur PSP
I Am 17 Today 40,000 Plays In 1000 Days
Occupy Wallstreet Is Getting Vicious Uh Uh Laquanda Back The Fuck Up Girl!!!!! You Crazy Na Na Na Fuck Dat Shit
Female Vocalists I Would Bang Don't Hate Because I'm Beautiful
Trains Are Ok Warped Tour 2011
(Updated) Interesting First Week Sales Top 100 Album Artworks
Mitch Sucker Soundtrack Mix
Na Na Na Na! Satan!ic Penguins 25 Favorite Radio Songs
Chicks 1000 Comments
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Last.fm Top 25
Best Of Warped 2011 Follow Me On My Musical Journey
My All Time Favorites - Top 10 The Nintendo Wiiu
2009: Celebration Of Change, Or The Mighty Pop Hurricane Heelys
Top Ten Postpunk/hardcore Songs Roomies
The Shittiest Indie Wannabe Bands Ever Im Glad I Got To Read His List
Latest Digz My Top 5 Bands?
Need Some Wise Advising About Music... Roadtrip To Asheville Nc
Pt:1 Writing Lyrics: Stage Ov Satan Most Played+batman
My Ipod On Shuffle Dr. Cox Or Dr. House?
Simple And Plain: My Favourite Albums What Rules The World
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim! Mass Effect 3
Music Without Balls Off The Chain
Having Fun Drowning These Bands Are Great
Fav Users Original Sputnik List
Favorite Albums A-z Lyrical Fantasticness
Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself Would You Guys Miss Me If I Left Sputnik Forever?
Prep-core Well F***.
Not Even More Shockingly Bad Bands?!!! Radio Songs
My Ipod On Shuffle! Some Bands I Like And Why
My Top 10 Bands 5 Things To Screw With People At The Mall And Recent Digs
3 Lists For The Price Of One. Recent Gets
My Favorite Albums Ever What's The Oldest Girl You Hooked Up With?
My Top Ten Favourite Albums Ever Ali's Leeds Festival 2010
Girls Are Confusing My Top 10 Albums
Fave Albums On My Ipod Tis Be The Shizz
I'm Afraid I Caught A Deadly Disease My Top 100 Of The Decade
My Facebook Musical Landscape! Rec Me Some 'good' Deathcore.
My Top 8 Favorite Songs Ever Live In '10
Michael's Decade Vocal Performances
Super Mario 64 So.. Uh.. Hayley Williams..
Mainstream Albums/Bands I Enjoy Birthday Yesterday!
Guilty Pleasures The Greatest Catchy Moments
My Top 3 Played Albums On iTunes??? Today's Albums/eps
In An Odd Listening Mood Everything I Know Is A Lie!
Msn Sucks... Some Awesome Songs
Soundwave 2010 Ranked Rec Me Some Good Pop Punk
Best Shpongle Album? 300 Albums Down!
DaveyBoy's Soundwave Festival 2010 Soundwave 2010 (perth) Results
Top Ten Bands Russia Sucks
My Soundwave Whoa, All My Ratings Suck
Picking A Girl Up From School Valentines Day
Soundwave 2010, 2.0 My Favorite Songs Of 2009
Sing With Me Sputnik! My Ever Growing Vinyl Collection
10 Bands I Just Can't Get Into Top 25 Albums Of 2009
First User To 20,000 Posts? Amazing Choruses
Branching Out DaveyBoy's Top 40 Songs Of 2009
Top 10 Albums Of 2009 I Got Brand New,Thrice And Glassjaw Tickets!
Music Of The Break Revised 2009 List
Best of 2009 Dylan's Year Of Review
Academy of 2009 Alligator 2009 Top 6
Favourite Albums Of 2009 Sir Wylie's Galliant Top 30 Of 2009
Faint's Top 25 Of 2009. Recommend Crappy Music
Songs of the year Songs Ive Been Listening To Recently
Songs Of 2009 HUGE Best of 2009 List
Ruggy' Top 10 Of 2009 A Fist Full Of Yeti(s)
Best Of 2009 11-20 Deathcar's Best Of '09
Vooligan: 2009 Things That Are Inherently Awesome
Strikey's 2009 Dougies 2009: Albums Of The Year
Cliche 2009 List Top 10 Radio Singles Of 2009
Fedor Will Lose! 2009 So Far
Best Releases Of 2009 Best Of '09
Congratulations, You Won! Can Someone Recomend Similar Records Please :)
Damn, Lights Is Fuckin Attractive Sputnik Goes Wii
Finally Joined Sputnik My Top Rated
Favorite Albums Of The Week Strikeyy
Albums Of The Day Soundwave 2010
I'm Sick Ahh I Feel Like A New Sputniker
I'm In Such A Good Mood. New Again Vs. Daisy
Gotta See The Psychologist Jai Ho!
Recent Eartunes An Eventful Couple Of Months
Which Albums Should I Check Out? +63 Emergency
Attn Women: You're Objects. Itunes 9 Is Ruining My Mp3s
Guilty Pleasures Hayley Williams
Musical Evolution... Well, Sort Of. Mexican Cheese
Bands I'm Seeing Live This Year, And Next. Songs I Love Right Now
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cheese. Cds I Want Or Waiting For
Albums I Want Or Waiting For Favorite Songs at The Moment
Vinyl Getz Recent Gets
Albums Acquired Today Rumored Soundwave 2010 Lineup
My Top 10 Bands Bands I Don't Get
Holy Fucking Hell!! I Can't Wait...
Congratulations To Me The 10 Hottest Bands
How Does One Operate This Mechanism? Willie Turns 2
Poppin' Fresh Girls
Top !0 Shuffle Crappy Bands I Like
You Can Guess What's Going On Albums That Save My Life
Whatever You Think Some Artists I Like Now
She's A Supergirl Take It Away 'cause There's Nothing To Miss
Recently Acquired Crap 5 Songs People Need To Listen To.
I Dont Know What To Do I Want To Get Into Different, Non Mainstream Music.
Some Of My Favorite Albums Today Was Created By The Catholic Church, and is Encouraged By Greeting Card Companies To Make People Feel Like Crap
Latest Pick Ups Ignorant Me
Songs That Cheer Me Up Traveling The Path Of Dankness.
Band Suggestions? Overplayed Songs Of 2007 & 2008
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies School Has Started Again
Fun Songs Before And After Sputnik
Albums And Feats Of 09 2009 Releases
Recommend Bands? Albums My Sister And I Actually Agree On.
Best Bands In The World!!!! Amazingly Overrated Albums
Yahtzee!!!! Favorite Closers
It Seems Digs
Bands/artists I Have Discovered Using Sputnik Bands I've Seen So Far...
Bands I Want To See Live Morning After Playlist
The Cheese A Farewell To C.c. Sabathia...
Teh Shuffle Alex Deleon's Top Albums Of 2007
Concert Openers Because I Am Still Sick, This Is What I Listen To...
Interesting Emo Bands Top 50 Of 07 Final Edition
Some Non-metal Listenings The Best Of Jesusxcore
Boredom Shuffle Ftw Recent Purchases/blown Paycheck
Latest Listening Great Songs By Not So Great Bands
Albums I Want. Give It A Name 2008
Things That Don't Bore Me Right Now Guilty Pleasures
5 Very Overrated Bands. Top 50 Bands (i Think)
Most Updated Awesome Band List Inspirational Songs
Shit Bands Need Some Help Here
Metal Top Sellers........aparently Every Band I've Ever Seen Live
Compact Discs Of Which I Need to Obtain Paramore - 14th February 2008
Make A List Favourite Pop-punk
My 100 Favorite Songs Bands I Saw At Reading
20 Albums I Listened To This Week It's Come To This
Radianteclipse Top 10 Of 2007 Best Of 2007 List
Oh Musical Day! Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007
10 Digs These Past Weeks Bands I Totally Love Right Now
What I Got In 07 *Top 10* Songs I Like [new New]
Tbsj Top 10 List Of Overrated Bands Atlanta Listening
Paramore: Best To Worst My Fave Bands (top 30)
Top 100 Of 2007 Dislodging Dirt
My Favorite Pop Punk Bands Pop Punk Favs Of 07
Its Been A Good Year... California Listening
Top Ten Bands I Discovered In Kerrang! Top 10 Favorite Albums


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