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:D Frippertronics10/20/13
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Happy 65th Birthday Freddie Mercury ....... Queen Ranked GnFnRs8709/05/11
Freddie Mercury TheNotrap09/05/11
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1984 omnipanzer08/10/11
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Spritle And Chim-chim From Speed Racer: Making Riding In A Car Trunk Seem Perfectly Ok Since 1967 random02/21/11
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Symphony Of Falling Snow AggravatedYeti01/28/11
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Best Albums Ever: My Top 10 tonimau01/06/11
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100 Records AngelofDeath12/18/10
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Sputnik Profiles: Qwe3 TheAnalyzer12/14/10
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- - - - - -I'm So Scene EuphoricDysphoria8109/29/10
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Top 10 Most Intresting Figures In History taroo09/17/10
If You Love Sex With Men TheAngstyVirgin09/10/10
Live Concerts I Will Never See, But Want To OvrotLivesAgain09/09/10
A Tribute To Those We Lost taroo09/06/10
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Good Songs sonictheplumber08/05/10
Stuff On My Zune I Haven't Listen To Yet taroo08/04/10
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Top 10 Of My Non Metal Albums 76TVs07/29/10
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...but Theyre Dead cirq11/06/09
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Two Year Anniversary thebhoy09/09/09
Best Songs To Drink.... SLA9209/06/09
10 Favorite Bands Of All Time rubybliels09/05/09
Jim Beam Me Up, Scotty killrobotmusic08/28/09
Shit Yo. WarAllTheTime98808/21/09
Top 50 Played Songs Titan5008/21/09
'sup, Rec Metal Titan5008/17/09
Current Digs Hecksplosion08/09/09
Favourite Vocal Songs Titan5007/29/09
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Give Me Their Babies Titan5006/07/09
Don't Wanna Let You Down/ 'i'm Easy Like Sunday Morning' Phil05/06/09
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Titan5004/19/09
Someone Should Make "sputnikmovies" Titan5004/13/09
As Of 2 Years Ago... darthbarf03/24/09
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Titan5003/18/09
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Top 50 Bands Titan5002/28/09
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25 Shuffle SVIIB02/19/09
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