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Classic albums I haven't heard PART TWO Vinyl Collection 9/14/17
Reasons you're not gonna go to that show after all Favourite Albums Ever (So Far)
Birthday gifts The Human Voice, Divine
Songs Where the Narrator is an Asshole Gym Songs
Bizarre/Horrible Albums by Great Artists My goats pt. 4
Recommend me avant garde music that is hilarious Queen albums from worst to best
Favourite 2 Minute Songs Songs that makes me hate queen
Dixys Mid-School Favorites In Search of 1974
My Top 101 Albums of All Time Underrated HardRock songs that i like
Worst fanbase? Another Top 100
The Best Albums Ever Made 50 Shades of Piss
My Favourite Bass Lines lgbtq
Vinyl Collection Shuffle
They're all staring at you!! If Pro Wrestlers were Bands/ Artists
Rec me good music Best of 1973
Bad albums by good bands part 2 CD Collection
If the Roman Emperors had a Favorite Album #2 If the Roman Emperors had a Favorite Album
Worst Album Covers Vol 2 My Vinyl Collection 4.1
JoJo's Bizarre Playlist Vol. 2 CD Collection (1-100)
4th Sputniversary top 100 (9/2/17)
Vinyl Collection Gimme Dadrock: 200 Greatest Albums of the 1970's
My Vinyl Collection 4.0 My vinyl collection 2016
Everybody Do The Exam Jam Vinyl Collection Part 2
Dylan's To-Check List: Part II My goats pt. 3
My Vinyl Collection 3.0 Completely timeless sonic masterpieces
My goats pt. 2 All Time Favourite Albums
My Top 10 Live Albums Music my girlfriend likes
Attack of the Killer Riffs 5 More Albums That Changed My Life
Classic albums Favourite LP's Part 1
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters ranked New guy Introduction! Also rec plz, klthnx
Make a fest I like that over the top BS
My Vinyl Collection 2.0 My Top 10 Favorite Albums (re-ranking)
Simply for insurance purposes. Vinyl list 1 Boss Can't Afford to Pay Me
Albums I picked up for €1 Vinyl collection so far
All-Time Favorite Albums 25 Songs I Love (And So Can You)
top 50 discos favoritos Why rate what you don't understand?
Top 10 Favourite Songs Resorting the Top 200
CD Collection Part 3 Albums that cost a shit ton to make
Vinyl wishlist Going through a huge "Dad Rock" phase
My Top 10 70s Rock Records Vinyl Collection
Most Overrated LP Known to Man Round 2 [VOTING CLOSED] My Queen Albums List WORST to BEST
Most Overrated LP Conceived Round 1 [VOTING NOW CLOSED] Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END
Game Of Thrones Season 6 If vocal range was equal to quality
Awesome Vocalists (Part 2) Which songs have made you cry?
My Top 25 Favorite Musical Artists 101 Essential Live Rock
Sputnik Jobs Unpopular albums I like
Top 10 Greatest David Bowie Songs SPUTNIK TELEPHONE TO YOUR HOUSE!
My Top 10 Songs (re-do) My Top 10 Favorite Albums (re-do)
Vinyl I got given Top 50 albums of the 80s
Trying to explain cjsixpointfive Top 100 Albums
-1.6 Pretentious Rock Bands part 2
All Queen Albums Ranked Top 15 albums of 1974
My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2015 Finally Got a Job (Angel's 100 Favorite Songs)
Top 15 Albums of 1980 Live Albums and DVDs I Own
Top 15 albums of 1978 Top 15 Albums of 1975
Top 15 Albums of 1973 Favorite Songs
Favorite Artists Many genres in one album
catchiest old rock songs? The Greatest hits of greatest hits
Favorite Bands (In No Order) my top 10 favourite vocalists
My 10 Favorite Long Songs Queen albums ranked
Top 25 Songs Top 5 biggest assholes in rock
My 100 Favorite Albums My Top 10 Rock Singers
One album per artist Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 15)
100 Favorite Albums My top 50 albums of all time
Vinyl Collection Artists I know I should like but can't get into
My Top Ten British Rock Bands "i'm in high school but i'm super into music"
April 2015 - Week 3 and 4 My Favorite Albums
My Favorite Albums That Start With A Recent Vinyl Grabs
Introducing albums Favorite albums of all time
Best albums rock 70's Top 100 Albums
Bass Player Albums Cam's Top Albums 200-100
Cam's Top Albums 100-1 British Comedians
Epics Recent Vinyl Acquisitions
Two Years In This Hell Hole Prog Archives Pt.I
My Top 10 Albums Who are you listening to?
UK Politics Mmxv - The Second Angel
My Top 100 Songs - 2014 Edition Albums I Got For Christmas
Albums I Got For Christmas Albums I Own
Black Albums Bands That Changed My Life
My Pick For Top50 Nineties Rock Albums My Top 40 Prog Rock Songs
Some of my fav albums in no order Funny, Weird, Insane?!
Albums My Parents Own 50 Best Albums Of The '70s
Best Albums Of Each Year (1963 - 2012) Heather
Best Albums (1964-2013 ***redux***) *request* Ranking Queen
Rec Me Somthing Bombastic Backing Vocals
Essential Bass Albums Graduating Tomorrow
Top 30 Favorite Albums NFL Opening Night
Deneri 100 I Live In 1970s
Rowan's Favourite Male Singers Top 50 Face-melting Riffs
10 Records Your Dad Probably Owned Favorite Classic Rock Albums
50 Random Albums I Own Vocals
Sputnik Fantasy Football Favorite Album Covers
Fav 70's Songs 1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums
4th Of July My Top 20 Albums
My Top 20 Rock Bands Top 100 All Time Favorites
Essential Songs For Proctologists My 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time, With Explanations
Thank You Fantastic Career Ending Songs
Just Finished Daria Got A Job!
Closers From Final Album or Only Album Creepiest Songs Ever
Just That One Song Top Albums
Hench's Top 20s: 1975 Hench's Top 20s: 1974
My Favorite Album Artwork Which Country Makes The Best Music?
Would Glam Rock Work In Today's Generation? Getting Into Blues (rock) And Other Digs
Favorite Vocalists Evr 25 Favorites
Even More Self-titled Albums Making Music Is Slower Now?
Queen Ranked Old Band's Middle Years Generally Are Mediocre?
Queen's 5 Best Rock Anthems
R.i.p. Lloyd Favorite Singers
Portlandia Favorites S1 My Album Collection Part 2
Rock/pop Film Scores Users' Favorite Albums Pt. 2
Piano Instructor My Top Albums
Best Bands Of All Time 50 Great Opening Songs
6 Musicians Who Are Smarter Than You Rate My Bass Jamming Setlist
Reflective Tonight Magmar Fire Punch
Music Plans Favorite Vocalists
Staff/contrib. Apps Some Of The Best Album Covers In Negative
My Mom May Have Cancer 100 The Best Songs Ever
100 The Best Songs Ever 100 The Best Artist Ever
100 Albums: 70s Whitenoise Needs Your Help
Fiveleavesleft Bye Sputnik :)
Cipieron's Top 25 Favorite Singers Metal Roots - Influential Pre-80's
Come Jam Favourite 60's/70's Bass Players
Cuz Any Time Is Cumin' Time I Miss Silentpotato
Need To Listen Classic Rock Albums I Dig
My Vinyl Collection Devil May Cry
Fave Albums 100 Records
Top 100 Selling Prog Lists By The Pound
List Is Music My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2013
Best Band Ever My 60's/70's Collection
Queen Ranked Has A Song Ever Made You Cry?
My Favorite Albums Awesome Songs In Not So Awesome Albums
The Ashes 3rd Test My Album Collection (part 4)
Best Bass Albums (14 Year Old Opinion) Best 60's/70's Rock/metal Album Covers
My 10 Favorite Albums (aka Whining Free Zone) Favorite Vocalists
Queen Albums:best To Worst Essential Rock/pop Albums
My Post-Punk Masterpiece Vinyl Fayre
New Super Smash Bros. Characters Title Tracks
Objectively Greatest British Bands Ever Pbass0 Goes To The Library (and Ends Up With A Better Selection Than Tmagistrelli)
Top 5 Best Album Covers Albums To Hear When Youre Depressed
Modern Rpgs Gears Of War Maps
An Hour Or So Of Youtube Suggestions Overrated Albums
Shuffling Good Songs From Bad Albums
Nononsense's Classic Albums Soundtrack Of A Gryffindor
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) My Favourite 20 Albums
The Greatest Harmonising Bands (non-60's, Non-folk) Top 10 Ballads
My Favorite Vocalists (rock/metal) I'm Gay, Bitches.
Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave Redditcore
Favorite Album Of The 70's Assassins Creed: Black Flag
Honors Institute Digs
My Favorite Bands Of All Time My 10 Favorite Musical Artists
On The Whiskey Now That's What I Call Wag Vol.2
Awesome Song Names Queen Ranked
Stole This List From A Llama Albums I Was Once Obsessed With (in Chronological Order)
Hard Audioporn How About I Mix/Master Your Music?
Who Digs Edgar Allen Poe? Ten Musicians Who Died Too Soon
Recent Purchases 400 Greatest Songs of All Time (100-1)
Overly Generic Best Of All Time List Cds In The Car. Still Have Yet To Recharge My Ipod
Welcome To Afterlife My Top 100 Albums Of All Time!
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse The ABC's Of Good Music (part 2)
400 Greatest Songs Of All Time (300-201) Misc Recs Please
Hipsters. Hipsters Everywhere My Ipod's On Shuffle
Killer Must Own Records James Bond Reboot
Pandora Stations If You Become Famous
Dramatic Vocal Recs Please Compulsive First Listens
The Doors Are Open And We Will, We Will Rock You
Part 2 Of 150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Baseline Basslines
1-year Sputnik Anniversary Greatest Singers 1960-1979
Shit I Don't Like That You Probably Do Top Albums Of 1986
Albums That Happen To Be Incredible My Top20 Classicrock Albums
Goosebumps Time (melodic Songs) Olympic Closing Ceremony
Chick Filol The 70's - Albums And Films
Movies I Own Muse- 2nd Law Tracklisting
Thrashabet 7 Overshadowed/Under Appreciated Rock Albums
Mac & Maggie's Essential Albums My Top 100 Songs - 2012 Edition
Have A Snack, I'll Feed You Baby Birds. The Decade Battle (1970/9 Vs 2000/9
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years Recspecs First Birthday
Top 10 Bands My Top 10 Songs
My Favorite Voices In Rock Music Top 30 Favorite Songs Of 70's
Sput Birthday 1 The Best Classic Rock Songs
Top 10 Rock Albums Of All Time My favorite Albums
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Favourites Bands
The Art Of Production Gay And Loving It
My Five Favorite Albums Sputnikmovies (recs Appreciated)
Best Albums Ever Top 20 Bands Of All Time
Underground Bands 15 Bands My Dad Got Me Into
Fav Vocal Performances (male) Addictive Xbox360 Games
So, Last.fm Is Neat Best Pizza Eating Music?
Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year) Good Band / Bad Album
Return To Sputnik/ Current Digs Bought These Today
My Vinyl Collection My Pick Of 20 Well-known Artists
My Top5 Rock Bands Mac & Jessie's Essential Albums
Disregard This List Bands I Love (pt 2)
25 Favorite Albums Of The 70s 4 Years Ago
Bad Movies I Want To See All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod
My Top 20 Guitar Solos What I Be Carryin
Top 15 Guitar Solos The Greatest Rock Bands Of The 20th Century
New To Sputnik; Need Recs I Like France, Do You Like France?
Musical Dna I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years.
A Few Random Songs. Freddie Mercury
Happy 65th Birthday Freddie Mercury ....... Queen Ranked Freddie Mercury
Carlsberg Don't Do Sputnik Lists....... Favorite Driving Songs
Music A-z Music A-z
It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did Top 100
My Favorite Albums Of All Time 1984
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? Top 100 Albums
Top 5 Songs I Hear On The Radio A Lot A Pure Explosion Of Ownage
Sputnik Rock Revival A Grip Of Albums
Fighting Montage Best/worst Songs That Make Feel Less Shitty On A Shitty Day
Super 8 Is Super Great! My 100 Favourite Albums
S*** I'm Digging Atm Aids - 1000 Ratings, 50 Classics
Natalie Portman Or Anne Hathaway ? 10 Even Worse Movies/dig List
Without Judgement What Would We Do? Guitar Or Bass ?
Blow & Bad Clothes: Hans Does The 70s Top 100 Favourite Songs
Top 100 My Top 15 Bands
Top 10 Queen Songs (as of 29/05/11) Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
The Nineteen Seventies That '70s List
Songs I Like To Blast From My Speakers Breaking Down The Royal Wedding
Top Tens Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm)
My 100 Favorite Music Artists Of All Time If Genres Were Germs
Best Hard Rock Albums Of All Time A Whole Lotta Rock
Albums I Love Pt. 1 Where's My Defeater?
Some Additional Vocalists I'm Always Metal...
Favorite Artists Spritle And Chim-chim From Speed Racer: Making Riding In A Car Trunk Seem Perfectly Ok Since 1967
My Phallus Grew 4 Inches!!! Symphony Of Falling Snow
Favorite Albums Generic Last.fm List
20 Greatest Songs of All Time Best Albums Ever: My Top 10
Qwenty10 100 Records
Ovrot's Top 10 Songs Top 100
Sputnik Profiles: Qwe3 Good songs to play while taking a dump
10 Epic 70's Songs 100 Songs Of The 20th Century
My Ipod Is On The Shuffle Classic Years In Rock: 1980
Dramatic Squirrel Greatest Bands Of All Time
Just Bought WITTR Tickets Urgh Work
- - - - - -I'm So Scene Favourite Artists, A Through Z
Redid My Ipod For The First Time In A Year And A Half 10 Favourite Live Albums
If You Love Sex With Men Just Finished My Last Day Getting Toasted At Quizno's
Alphabet Games Shuffling My Itouch
Guitar Hero 5 Good Songs
My Random 50 Songs On My Ipod My Favourite 10 Albums
Top 10 Of My Non Metal Albums My "most Listened-to Albums" While Writing Our Most Recent Record...
What Music Did Your Parents Listen Too When You Were Growing Up? Favorite Queen By Album
Pat Riley For President Some Stuff I Own
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle Pt. 2 Putting My Ipod On Shuffle
The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years Top 100 Songs On My Mp3
Graduating High School Greatest Band Ever Ranked
It's Been A Very Long Time Sputnik My 10 Favourite Hits Collections
Best Bands/artists My Favourite Albums From The Uk And Ireland
One Playlist To Rule Them All Songs To Remember When We're Gone
100 Bands Bass I Like
My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits Michigan
My Old Jams My Top 100 Songs
Writing About Boredom Top 40 Songs Of The Moment
I'm New. So What? Current Top 20 On Constant Play...
Just a few bands/artists that i like... These Never Get Old
The Song That Got Me In To Bands Shiznit I've Been Listening To
A-z Something To Look Back On My Musical Timeline
Nostalgia My Favorite Records
Queen Ranked My Favorite Bands A - Z
Qwe's Nostalgia Birthday Pre-drink
10VOX Best Openers
Writing A Book British Get-together
Hello, For The Sake Of List Making,
Personal Top 100 Bands
The Most Influential Musical Geniuses Of Recent Times Happy New Year!!!
Hellllllllllllllls Yaa Band's Most Famous Songs And The Songs I Prefer (part 2)
Some Of The Angriest Songs I Know What I'm Listening To Now...
Favorite Guitar Solos Vinyls Fucking Rule
Flawless Albums Gay, Gay, Gay Music
I Need A Hug Favorite Albums From Different Genres
R.i.p. Barley ...but Theyre Dead
Sputnik Is Dead Tonight Absolutely Must-have Classic Album Rec
Best Classic Rock Bands Two Year Anniversary
Best Songs To Drink.... 10 Favorite Bands Of All Time
Jim Beam Me Up, Scotty Shit Yo.
Top 50 Played Songs 'sup, Rec Metal
Current Digs Favourite Vocal Songs
A Little On The New Side To Sputnik- Help Me Branch Out Top 10 Bands I Rated A 4.5
Mom's Favorite Albums 80s Angst
Top 80s Albums Recent Vinyl Acquisitions
Top 70s Albums Hey Mike, Michael! Tonight, I Just Wanna Dance!!
Guitarz Give Me Their Babies
Don't Wanna Let You Down/ 'i'm Easy Like Sunday Morning' I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff
Someone Should Make "sputnikmovies" As Of 2 Years Ago...
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs My Classic Vinyls
Top 50 Played Bands According To Last Fm Top 50 Bands
Top 15 Classic Rock Albums 25 Shuffle
Fuck Homework More Shuffling
My Top 30 Compilations I Want To Get Into Different, Non Mainstream Music.
Today Was Created By The Catholic Church, and is Encouraged By Greeting Card Companies To Make People Feel Like Crap Songs About Freedom
My New Favorite Bands Last.fm Top 20 Overall Tracks
Rockin' Songs Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies
15 Songs Of Musical Perfection... I Need To Branch Out..help!!
True Thug Love Yahtzee!!!!
10 Killer Collaborative Songs 70's Classics
Last.fm Top 20 What I've Been Loving Recently
Personal Favorites Full Cd Collection
My Top 20 Songs Of All-time You Think You Like All Music? Check This List Of My Favorite Bands:
Guitar Hero Iv Dream Setlist Epic Proportion
Found In The Dump! The Cheese
I Need Music New
You Don't Know Me: Top 25 Updated Top 100 Songs Of All Time
They Aren't Not Overrated Top 50 Bands (i Think)
Classic Rock Make A List
What, No Metal? (what I Am Digging Lately But Also Metal) Recent Acquisitions
My Favourite Vocal Performances Favourite Basslines
The List Epic!
Mixtape Number 2 Top Classic Rock Songs
A Playlist For A Car Ride Best Driving Songs
50 Favourite Songs As Of December 6th, 2007 Stuff I've Downloaded/borrowed.
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most My Top 10 Favourite Songs
Albums In Epic Rotation Lately I'll Take A Stab At A-Z
Abc Bandwagon Jumping Classic Rock Rules!
Movie Music Songs To Play While Your Mate Scores The Hot Chick In A Pub
Songs To Play While Your Mate Scores The Fat Chick In A Pub Great Back To Back Albums
My 10 All Time Favorite Music Makers. Best Of The 70's
No Money = No Music Fave Songs By Fave Bands
50 songs that I find awesome. Masochist's Favorite Moments In Music
Jdogsnoop's Cd Collection The Best Classic Rock/metal Albums Of All Time
Favourite Bands Spread The Love
Favorite Classic Rock Bands That's It?.....
Recomended Album For Each Artist (part 2) My Top 50 Bands/Artists
Favourite Songs To Drum To Desert Island Top 20
Best Song Endings Favourite Albums Ever.
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Albums And Ive Really Been Getting Into Recently
Cd's I Bought In London (new) The Abc's Of Music
Christmas Presents 2006 MM8: 100 albums omg
Great Moments In Music My Top 5 Favorite Albums
23 Great Flavors My 70s Top Ten
MY Favourite Bands! Top 50
So I do the 20 songs on random list thing Fav. Guitar Songs
Top-Ten Classic Hard Rock/Rock & Roll Bands Songs that give me the chills
20 Rocking Songs Awkward
Albums Everyone should own My 10 favourite albums
A - Z Favorite 25 Bands
10 Most Overrated Artists Mom's Music
Bands I got into this year Band ABC's.
My Top 25 Albums Shameless Ripoff Of msufans great list
if my life was a movie Top of my list : September
Rock N' Roll Lullabys Top 40 Favorite Songs of All Time
Most Beautiful Songs I\'ve Ever Heard Jacarandas 70 70s Albums
Top 100 Albums 1974-1984 Artists that will kick you in the fucking teeth
AZ band list 40 songs I just can\'t get enough of
Just Bands from A-Z Who IS Jesus: The '70s
Hey you, click here! Favourite Bass Intros
Top 100 Of All Time The Girlfriend Likes The Music!
Top Ten Guitar Solos of All Time The Top Worst Album Covers Of All Time
MyRamona's top 10 happy songs. Zepdudes favorite songs
Top 10 Favourite Current Songs Top 5 Current Favourite Songs
Top 100 Favourite bands


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