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Summery Jams For A Wintry Weekend Ryus01/25/15
1 Year Of Sput: Ranking My 5s AmericanFlagAsh01/20/15
Not A List Just Saying Though! zoso3301/16/15
Sadcore Recz? boredcore12/23/14
Rec Help dungeonsynth12/22/14
71 Best Albums Of The 90s SeaAnemone12/08/14
Some Christmas Wishes NorthernSkylark12/04/14
Happy November, Morpha Too NorthernSkylark11/24/14
Heavy/chill/heavy/chill zoso3311/19/14
Good Vibes Artuma11/14/14
Ryus's Anniversary Ryus11/02/14
1994 Was The Shit AndreasFlea11/01/14
2500 Ratings cb12310/26/14
90's Indie Rock/lo-fi/punk/whatever lyzakthellama10/22/14
Soothing Artuma10/20/14
Need Low-key Recs BertMacklinFBI10/18/14
My Favorite Pavement B-sides SurfWaxAmerica10/17/14
Best Albums Of Each Year (1963 - 2012) benjaminkicks10/16/14
Songs For My Life Part 2 AmericanFlagAsh10/16/14
18 Albums From My Favorite Bands NorthernSkylark10/08/14
More Badass Albums Under 4.0 chinesewhispers10/02/14
10 Good Albums From 1994 isabelisabell09/06/14
"indie For Beginners" RoysWorld09/03/14
Summers Over Kman41809/01/14
Most Listened: August SwallowShotguns09/01/14
Classic Albums I Just Cant Get Into MisanthropicTurtle08/30/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 2 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
raising site presence pt ii ohfoxxxycole08/17/14
Parks & Recreation (rashida Jones Is Hot) BilboTeaBaggins08/14/14
Clap Your Hands pannkakesangen08/05/14
Artuma's Top 200: 100-51 Artuma08/04/14
I Am Digging All Of These 808muzik08/04/14
"There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums Snoopcow07/30/14
Eps TheManMachine07/19/14
My 100 Favorite Albums theTourist07/13/14
Thrift Store Haul YetAnotherBrick07/12/14
Best Albums Of The 90s JesusMilosovic07/08/14
1994 = G.o.a.t. Masochist07/02/14
More Vinyl lyzakthellama06/27/14
Songs Of 2013 Ruga06/21/14
Mmmm Music cb12306/19/14
Top 20 Albums Of All Time Billybobvagrant3106/07/14
And Just Like That The Year Is Gone StallionMang06/06/14
Graduating In A Few Days DeSadeDisciple05/27/14
"Favorite" vs. "Best" MyCarandMyGuitar05/27/14
s&e vs cr,cr mryrtmrnfoxxxy05/23/14
My 10 Favorite Albums!! mryrtmrnfoxxxy05/13/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Fleshpound05/08/14
Weird Pop Recs Plz? boredcore05/06/14
Record Labels: A Brief History lou100005/04/14
Everything New I Listened To In Freshman Year lyzakthellama05/04/14
1000 Ratings Woo Artuma05/03/14
Great 3rd Installments Of Movies? MyCarandMyGuitar05/01/14
Most Influential Bands Of Last 30 Years zarling5304/23/14
...fuk 2 ethos04/22/14
Cd Collection: Artists O-z Rsetness904/21/14
Stuff I've Been Getting Into lyzakthellama04/17/14
Rebirth RyusReborn04/13/14
15 Songs I Love And Enjoy AmericanFlagAsh04/11/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
Have Some Free Music boredcore03/28/14
Ebay Rsetness903/27/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
Winter Albums DanFulton03/26/14
100 Songs Eko03/22/14
The Insomnia List Blues zakalwe03/19/14
Pavement Top 5 lou100003/16/14
Underplayed And Underappreciated lyzakthellama03/11/14
Best Tv Shows Still On The Air lyzakthellama02/22/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
Anybody Got Some Good Off-kilter Snes Game Recommendations? zoso3301/29/14
Nineties skippingboy12301/16/14
1997 RadioSuicide01/15/14
20 For 20 SitarHero01/09/14
Insomnia Digs mikedrumz01/09/14
P Trebor.01/03/14
Vinyl #2 PrewDelisek01/01/14
how to be my friend mryrtmrnfoxxxy12/31/13
Amazon Run! mikedrumz12/26/13
Top 50 Albums zarling5312/23/13
My Immediate To Get List mikedrumz12/20/13
Amazon Run #3 Mookid12/11/13
My Little Vinyl Collection MrCoffee12/03/13
Last Year On Lastfm.. Adabelle11/27/13
1990s Top 20 lou100011/22/13
That 90s List Blackbelt5411/22/13
My Evolution Through High School lyzakthellama11/03/13
Come Jam grish10/27/13
What's Your Favorite? Basman10/24/13
New Purchases (pre 2000) dberti1310/22/13
pokemon x/y friend safari mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/19/13
Some Great Closers Artuma10/19/13
Hi sacamano10/02/13
Where Should I Start With The Fall? turtleflu09/29/13
fantasy week 4 mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/25/13
My Vinyl Collection turtleflu09/22/13
Favorite Songs Rsetness909/22/13
~itunes radio~ mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/19/13
Turned 21 Today avonbarksdale22108/30/13
Call Me Fishmael Friend zoso3308/30/13
I Must Have Been Living In Hole For My Whole Life... theripsaw08/26/13
Indie Playlist Artuma08/25/13
College Is Weird lyzakthellama08/21/13
UK University 2013 lou100008/16/13
Best Movies On Netflix Instant? Blackbelt5408/13/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
Some Songs I Like avonbarksdale22108/13/13
Breaking Bad SO CLOSEEE keyokeyo08/11/13
Favorite Indie Albums JeremyVee07/31/13
Harry Potter Characters Ranked widowslaugh12307/26/13
Favorite Albums JeremyVee07/21/13
I Choose Business Ethics zoso3307/17/13
Summer 2009 TheManMachine07/16/13
Album Titles Take You Places. omnipanzer07/16/13
What Are Your Favorite Movies? Blackbelt5407/04/13
Summer Playlist Dylan62007/01/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Early 2009 TheManMachine06/18/13
Greatest EPs lou100005/25/13
The List Is Life. zakalwe05/11/13
Miss You Guys aok05/03/13
Favourite Album Openers rapideyemovement04/28/13
90s Alternative Green Baron04/23/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
Summertime With Grover Romulus04/10/13
Ten Favorite Albums Of The 90's 13km04/10/13
Motherfucking Songs For Spring HotDogSt04/01/13
Any Reasons To Keep A Ps3 Gwyn.03/31/13
Rec Me Shit notthesun61303/24/13
Things I Need To Listen To Basman03/16/13
World War III julien03/11/13
I Can Only Buy Two Of These... Surtur03/10/13
50 Best Albums Of 1990s aidanwm03/03/13
25 wabbit03/01/13
Why 1994 Was The Greatest Year In Music sinisterplague02/17/13
Iluvatar Bought A Lot Of Shit Iluvatar02/15/13
If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis zoso3302/15/13
100 Favorite Albums dwejkk02/13/13
Recommend Any Albums? DarthJames02/13/13
100 Indie Albums Basman02/11/13
breakingthefragile's 91 Favorite Albums from the '90s breakingthefragile02/07/13
Albums I Was Once Obsessed With (in Chronological Order) DarthJames02/04/13
reverse recs kb3601/31/13
Top 100 Albums theTourist01/30/13
100 artificialbox01/27/13
My Record Collection Pt.2 DrGonzo193701/22/13
Albums To Listen To When You're Stoned To The Bones HotDogSt01/19/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Enjoying These cb12301/10/13
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (100-1) ludwigvan01/09/13
Least Played Albums skippingboy12301/03/13
Indie Recs!! MyCarandMyGuitar01/03/13
Last Fm Library NationalMidnightStar12/26/12
Lots More 90's omnipanzer12/11/12
90 Reasons Why The 90's Ruled demigod!12/10/12
Yeah... I'm Pretty Cool! PretentiousListener11/26/12
Is Borderlands 2 Worth A Shit sonictheplumber11/25/12
Practice Safe Sex intotheshit11/24/12
Pube Farm milkwizard11/15/12
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's (in Order) ZombieDenial11/15/12
Morrowind 3.0 ThunderNeutral2111/07/12
My Favorite Lyricists lyzakthellama11/02/12
Top 100 Standout Songs DarthJames11/02/12
Fuck The Sf Giants mikeg199210/28/12
Albums That Rule, Albums That Don't ThunderNeutral2110/27/12
greatest games of all time mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/23/12
Pixies Vs Pavement (greatest Bands) huguitoescorza10/22/12
Ballads With Solos FuzDel10/15/12
100 Albums/artists measel4410/09/12
Vinyl: Essentials? cuki9210/06/12
Recapping The Greatest Night In Kakariko's History cuki9210/03/12
40 Greatest Alternative Artists For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza09/28/12
...fuk Ethics09/16/12
My Top 10 Indie Rock/Post Punk Revival Bands Muisc4Life2609/09/12
Definitive Movie List PretentiousListener08/07/12
Favorite Vocalists HitlerIsTheBest07/23/12
90's Alternative Songs RANGELIFE07/22/12
Top Albums Of Rock of the 90's huguitoescorza07/20/12
My Band's Debut Demo!!! MyCarandMyGuitar07/09/12
25 Greatest Albums Of The 90's RANGELIFE07/06/12
Need Some More Indie fulgrim07/03/12
Top 25 Favorite Albums ComeOnFillYourLungs07/02/12
1994 mttgry06/29/12
1992 mttgry06/28/12
Downloading Spree! Rhinosaur06/10/12
Top 100 Albums skippingboy12306/02/12
50 Coolest Albums ludwigvan05/30/12
Finished Eleventh GradeToday... outline05/27/12
Sun's Out! mvood05/24/12
Rec Me Indie OysterizerInsomniac05/02/12
Outline's Official Summer Mixtape 2012 outline04/21/12
Happy 4/20 Dylan62004/20/12
Songs I Would Cover In A Band By Album MADEinNATIVEamerica04/20/12
Best Friend Losing A Parent outline04/19/12
Lo-fi sehguh04/18/12
Last.fm foxxxyroxxx04/12/12
My Anti-favorite Albums List LittleSampson04/11/12
My Required Favorite Albums List LittleSampson04/10/12
Tom79's Top 100 tom7904/10/12
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle CrimsonFloyd04/02/12
Albums That Are Good. A+ RobertChristgau03/27/12
The Last 4 Months ciggy510203/24/12
Amoeba Music Store Eko03/19/12
Treb's 90's Trebor.03/03/12
Indie/ Noise Rock Recs Please!!! : ) (thanks You = My Favourite) wabbit02/28/12
Mrkite Is Making Another List jinglingjongler02/24/12
Turning 19 Tomorrow! Favourite Albums GunzAndAlcohol02/15/12
No Offense theacademy02/14/12
Recs? thunderpcats02/13/12
new laptop ohfoxxxycole02/11/12
Mixtape For A Friend Titan5002/06/12
Weed Demon londoncalling45701/23/12
My Cd Collection Eeyah01/21/12
Various Athletic Competitions Ranked americanohno01/19/12
Ghost Ship Ep Is Finally Out Electric City01/17/12
Ten Bands I Found Out About Because Of The Av Club Isaxas01/15/12
Great Bands That Aren't That Well Known chargers2601/12/12
Bands That Don't Suck! chargers2601/03/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
My Christmas Vinyl Haul BroFro12/27/11
Time To Settle This Thrice And For All.... Masochist12/22/11
Here's A Somethin' For Changing My Musical Taste... For Better Or Worse rawpower9212/21/11
100 Golden Full Length Debuts TheVoiceAndTheSnake12/06/11
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
Epiphany StrangerofSorts11/30/11
100 Favorite Songs joshuatree11/28/11
Do Opinions Matter? TheVoiceAndTheSnake11/21/11
2011 Most Listened outline11/20/11
MmBtsGbvP Ranked ohfoxxxycole11/04/11
Brunettes Or Blondes TheVoiceAndTheSnake10/12/11
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
My Top 10 Albums From 1992 alextheantichrist10/07/11
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Elmo McCheese09/28/11
50 Random Songs On My Ipod TheVoiceAndTheSnake09/22/11
Outline's "memories Of Summer 2011" outline09/05/11
Tracking The 90s Yotimi09/03/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Marshmallows nicholasarthur08/28/11
5/5 ohfoxxxycole08/27/11
New Music Sucks... rjmunthe08/19/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Favourite Songs Evvverrr... nnnope08/18/11
Design The Skyline Song I Like? Trebor.08/14/11
Foxxxyz Phone ohfoxxxycole08/11/11
Top Favorite Bands skippingboy12308/05/11
Planewreck's Vinyl Collection plane07/15/11
I Like Better Music Than You sehguh07/15/11
A Summer Playlist Of Tuneful Alterna-pop and other genres jefflebowski07/11/11
Late Night Scrawnzz Rock Hits Scrawnzz07/10/11
Albums That Have Bestowed a Positive Opinion of Themselves on Me jefflebowski07/09/11
4 Months On Sputnik sehguh07/06/11
10 All-time Personal Favorite Albums Boudinet07/04/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
My Favourite Summer Albums outline06/19/11
Outline's Official Summer Mixtape outline06/08/11
Downloading Music? skippingboy12306/08/11
Hans The Hipster BigHans06/08/11
Love Without Anger Dads06/06/11
Great Summer Bands (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=872tdgimhnc) skippingboy12305/28/11
Indie Recs? iSkane05/16/11
A Mallen Summer Pt 1 mallen-05/12/11
Max Power mallen-05/10/11
Albums I Love Pt. 4 omnipanzer05/10/11
Yotimi's 90s Yotimi05/03/11
Summer, Duh. skippingboy12304/29/11
Summer Music demigod!04/24/11
Disapointing Albums Basman04/17/11
Happy Record Store Day iarescientists04/16/11
Albums That Haven't Aged rjmunthe04/15/11
50 Albums I Love For Whatever Reason carrythezero2104/08/11
Wonhundredrabbits wabbit04/06/11
Sex! SloppyMilkshake04/04/11
Top 50 Albums Of The 1990s darnielle04/04/11
New Guy Needs Helps. wabbit03/27/11
Music While You Drivin' JarethCutestory03/21/11
Just Had A Crunchwrap Supreme TheItalianStallion03/19/11
The Bar Scene In Inglourious Basterds rawrmonster03/10/11
Tell Me What To Buy rawrmonster03/09/11
Poptones huskerdoo03/09/11
Aids' Best Live Acts Of 2010 Aids03/07/11
Bunch'a Friggin' Pansies TheItalianStallion03/06/11
Sunshine Music FourSquare2003/04/11
2012 WithHorsesInHerEyes02/21/11
Pizzamachine omnipanzer02/17/11
Car Got Totalled... Again widowslaugh12302/17/11
Discuss huskerdoo02/13/11
The Long List Of Short Music Coloso02/11/11
What Makes a 5 Star Album? skippingboy12302/05/11
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the flag plz hall of fame Satellite01/27/11
Christopher Nolan Ranked vmcoia9101/26/11
The Bible For Your Id couldwinarabbit01/23/11
Pie Or Cake WithHorsesInHerEyes01/18/11
Some Recs For You omnipanzer01/17/11
My Top 25 Albums Abdar11201/13/11
Generic Last.fm List NickelbackFTL01/08/11
Cliche, For A Reason couldwinarabbit01/06/11
Rabbit's Favourite Concerts couldwinarabbit01/02/11
Albums I Might Get This Year skippingboy12301/01/11
Ps2. What Have I Missed? TRMshadow12/28/10
Indie Pop Vs Indie Rock skippingboy12312/28/10
Christmas Movies skippingboy12312/23/10
Hit My 1000 omnipanzer12/21/10
50 Things About Me TheStefan12/12/10
Filler (classic Albums) hectorkemp12/12/10
Lukes List (vs Maces) RadioYorke12/12/10
Driving, Listening, Spacing zoso3312/11/10
Off The Injured Reserve SlowBoristheBlade12/10/10
Fancier couldwinarabbit12/10/10
Songs Darth Vader Would Sing Along To bungy12/07/10
Excuse To Make A List PurpleDrank12/07/10
Top 10 Album/song/band couldwinarabbit12/06/10
Winter Fuck Music RustyJoint12/03/10
Baking Brownies PurpleDrank12/03/10
Wundercunt! RustyJoint12/01/10
My Journey Through Indie Music skippingboy12311/27/10
Top 5 Indie Albums skippingboy12311/26/10
That Inevitable Switch couldwinarabbit11/23/10
Am I Scene? awhiteguy11/17/10
Gun To My Precious Head.. RustyJoint11/14/10
The 90's Ruled... Deathcar11/11/10
Interesting List! TheStefan11/09/10
It's A Love Story... couldwinarabbit11/07/10
Mark E. Smith Kiran11/03/10
It's Getting Foxxxy In Here focksy10/26/10
The Alt/indie/rock Albums From The 90s RadioYorke10/25/10
I Need A Halloween Costume Idea Abdar11210/24/10
Most Fun Songs To Sing Along To PlayCrackSky10/17/10
Top 51 Albums Of The 1990's tokillme10/17/10
I Don't Give A Fuck About An Oxford Comma. outline10/13/10
Making New Users Better Part 1 couldwinarabbit10/13/10
Favourite lyrics that occur in a verse.* outline10/12/10
Favourite Lines In Music couldwinarabbit10/11/10
Every Album On My Ipod Urinetrouble10/09/10
Stuff I Didn't Like At First Phideaux10/08/10
Veddigs EVedder2710/06/10
Ten That I Actually Like streganona10/03/10
25 Albums Currently On My Ipod Urinetrouble10/03/10
Cool music EVedder2709/28/10
Top 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time bab80809/26/10
Bands I Saw Yesterday thecheatisnotdead09/26/10
Don't Have A More Creative Way To Say Digs Spare09/26/10
Top 10 Favorite Bands/Artists bab80809/25/10
Pavement 2nite robertsona09/19/10
Speaking Of Funerals "why Don't You Go Ahead And Go Die" Abdar11209/16/10
Top 20 Albums Of All Time (in my opinion) Dopeminehead09/14/10
Albums That Changed My Life zoso3309/02/10
Workday Digs JamieCTA08/26/10
Favorite Albums Of 1997 Caveman08/14/10
My Serious Problem Part 2. BeyondSanity08/14/10
Favorite Albums Of 1995 Caveman08/13/10
Favorite Albums of 1992 Caveman08/12/10
Vic's Awesome 90's vmcoia9108/11/10
I Love Playing Shows londoncalling45708/06/10
My Favourite Bands At My Grand Old Age Of 20 RForster08/03/10
Osheaga Day 1 Dave2808/01/10
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's chambered8907/24/10
Stereotyping People By Their Favourite Indie Band Transient07/16/10
Going To Alaska focksy06/22/10
Top 20 Of The 90's nikki201006/19/10
Hey Man, Indie chambered8906/10/10
100 Essentials From The 90's buckfutter06/04/10
Aids At Sasquatch 2010 Aids06/03/10
Good Ass List okcomputer101605/29/10
Gay musicConsumer05/28/10
Sasquatch: The Legend Begins Aids05/27/10
Just A List focksy05/26/10
Indie/punk/post-hardcore/post-rock List Abdar11205/10/10
Mah First Indie Albums Ever unusedprogram4605/03/10
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's TomServo05/03/10
I'm A Loser nastynick05/01/10
Sputnik Ratings Brylawski04/21/10
Comment This List focksy04/19/10
These Bands Any Good? Urinetrouble04/17/10
Too Much Music, Help Me Sort It Out. mmfarva04/08/10
Current Digs + Current Fav Songs, Pt. 3 robertsona04/06/10
Rambling silverleaves03/28/10
Just Stopped Jumping On My Bed. bungy03/28/10
Moar 4 March Phil03/27/10
Bitter.... FattyKnee03/26/10
Favourite Albums And Movies Of All Time Mr_Coffee03/23/10
Current Digs + Current Fav Songs robertsona03/21/10
2010 So Far DoubtGin03/20/10
Stuff I've Been Listening To Recently DanseManatee03/17/10
Some Favourites. DanseManatee03/17/10
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Pavement Reissues In Order Of Preference uberspuck03/15/10
What Sputnik Is Missing. IRAI03/08/10
Best Fails Of 2009 Abdar11203/02/10
Got Stabbed In The Spine EliteChiefModerator02/25/10
Learning Bass ColonelKurtz02/21/10
20,000 Last.fm Plays robertsona02/15/10
I'm a Master of the Custodial Arts, or A Janitor If You Wanna Be A Dick About It combustion0702/15/10
Second Best Albums I Like Better joltiace02/08/10
fsdrgtfyghjnm mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/03/10
Underrated Albums LeotardMessiah01/28/10
Snowblows NigelH01/26/10
Who Are Considered The Best Reviewers On This Website? LeotardMessiah01/24/10
Clearing The List zeppelinUSA01/01/10
Music For Douchebags WilliamFearnsley12/30/09
Can I Haz Indiezz wonderboy456712/23/09
Je Ne Comprende Francias Jash12/22/09
Forgot How Awesome Non-metal Could Be combustion0712/20/09
Mixtape Altenative Ewednesday12/18/09
Mix Cd rubybliels12/17/09
So Close silverleaves12/14/09
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Top 90s Albums Titan5007/23/09
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Former Nu-Metal fanboi likes: Klekticist06/10/09
I'm A Young Boy pettri06/03/09
Albums That Are Dear To My Heart As Of Current washburnb05/29/09
My Musical Journey With Sputnik Shrapnel9405/27/09
What Should I Buy? shade05/07/09
10,000 On Last.fm Time04/21/09
Scat Swapping School Swallow... stoopkid04/19/09
Xboxf*ckingthreesixty Mr. Lizard04/12/09
Top 20 Albums Jaspersskinnyarms03/29/09
The Drones Were So Amazing Last Night Time03/29/09
Recent Faves Merkaba3303/17/09
Make Me Happy handoman03/16/09
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all time songs. Apocalyptic Raids10/21/08
Recently Deleted IdiotTech10/08/08
Same Old Drag MrKite09/30/08
Most Awesomest Kick Ass Albums Ever NotMrBlonde09/28/08
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My 50 Favorite Songs NotMrBlonde09/07/08
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