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Top 200 Favourite Songs (100-1) (Age 17) Top 200 Favourite Songs (200-101) (Age 17)
10 Years Of Sputnik - A Decade Under the Influence What is your full-time job?
25,000 Scrobbles My favorite albums (so far) of 2017.
MusicGator's Mid Year Top Hip-Hop Albums list Summer '17 Playlist
Vinyl Collection 7/14 (Part 1) Top 101 Hip Hop Albums (Alphabetical Order).
Soundtrack to My Life Half of 2017
heckin insomnia 2017 Midyear
My Personal Favorite Albums Top 10 Favorite Rappers
Top 10 Favorite Hip Hop Albums of All-Time 2017
plane recs 2017 Doof's 2017 Midge Ure Report
2017 : From favorite to least favorite Favorite albums, midyear 2017
Mid Year Love List 2017 2017 Half-time with Daddy
Favorite ½2017 Songs 2017.5: you know the drill
Back in Blackbelt Calc's Halftime
Ashcrash's Half-Bash (2017) twenty seventeeeeeeeeennnn
Rec me 2017 CHART: Best Albums of 2017
Best of 1st half of the year Another Top 100
Top 10 Albums of Mid Year 2017 2007 vs. 2017
Top 10 Albums that Changed Music (For Me) Another 'Halfway-Through '17 Best of' List
2017 so far top 101 as of today
Rec Me More 2017 Stuff This Is What I'm Digging Every Album I Have a Physical Copy Of (Part One)
Specific hip-hop Recs please! Nate's 2017 Half-year list
Summer hype Tentative BEST OF 2017
Sputnik Pet Appreciation Being Wrong
2017 Ranked My Favorite Albums
My Favorite Albums Firefly
Bored-at-Work Digs List Album Of The Year So Far For You?
Recent Listening Songs of 2017
Hip Hop..Recommended Can Anyone Help My Band Fill In These Tour Dates
2000-2016 Share Some Singles: Submission Thread
Kendrick Lamar: Sputnik's favorite songs Top 100 Favorites
summer playlist 2k17 Sputnik's favorite Kendrick Lamar song
2017 is [going to be] interesting (700 ratings) Some 2017 so far
DAMN. Best to Worst "shit its 2015-2017 better make my album art b&w"
Top 20 Best Kendrick Lamar Cuts Vinyl Collection
Officially released my first EP. Give it a listen! What's the very last song you've played on your phone?
Listen Later XVII 2017 Part 1
Jiggly's Favorite Album Covers Doof Stag / 2017 So Far
April 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes American Gods
Digs and Classics GREAT ALBUMS: April 2017
April 2017 resumé Slashs April 2017
40,000 club/digz Fav For Every Year I've Been Alive
Bangerz MusicGator's Top Kendrick Lamar Projects
Kendrick Lamar Ranked its funny how...
700 Ratings Near-5's
On Today's Rotation So many rhythms and melodies...
8 Years a Maniac 1,5 years at Sputnik - 1000 listened albums
Hip-hop albums as rec'd by Sputnik 7 desert island albums
Rec me diriving tunes Finally retiring at 71 years old
2017 Hip Hop Recommendations Kendrick Lamar: This Generation's OutKast?
Generic Digs: Good Beer DAMN Ranked!
Kung Fu Kenny Ranked Artists Who I'd Love 2 Get New Stuff From [2017]
NATION. ranked Kendrick Lamar Ranked
Rec me good music My favorite 3rd Tracks of All Time
important announcement notice me senpai kendrick
DAMN. Spring Break hyyyyyyyyyyppeee
Someone please explain HUMBLE to me. Deep Hip-hop
Jiggly's 2017 Compendium Recommend me NEW innovative bands/artists
In Need For Album Recs Ass
Can 0.999.. Mathematically Be Proven To Be 1 Alex's Top 10 Kendrick tracks
Kendrick Lamar: GOAT? The Greatest Of The Sponge
Trumps ties with Putin revealed! Part 1 Top 10 Projects Released Under TDE
Mods can flob my knob Hello sput
Favorite Albums of 2016 Top 5 Favorite Albums of All Time (In No Order)
Breath of the Wild Sputnik Users Yearbook 2017 Edition Vol. 2
What book should I read? Critically acclaimed artists I don't enjoy
Top 100 Hip Hop MC's my top 25 albums of all time (as of 3/14/17)
Nostalgic Tunes Getaway Pt. 1: Seattle
Marsbro's Recent Digs and Such Rec Me Hip-Hop
If the Roman Emperors had a Favorite Album #2 My record collection
Top 15 Kendrick Lamar Songs Favorite Rap Albums
Rowan's Playlists Deux: The Doof Years My 10 Personal Favorite Rappers (currently)
My Vinyl Collection 4.1 Dr Superbs 2015
Diggin' a Hole Albums I've Loved In 2017
My late, outta date favorite songs of 2016 favourite vidya of all time
top 100 (9/2/17) Sput server crash puns
Good ass albums that black folk made. Top 70 Albums Of 2016
Top 30 Albums of 2016 Top 25 of 2016
adr's late 2016 list vinyl (& CD) pickups ive made in the past monthish
top 7 fav hip hop albums My favourite album each year for the last 30 years
RIP San Diego Chargers My Ten Favorite Albums of 2016
15 fav albums ever as of right now Rec Me All the Hippity-Hops
Top 50 Albums of 2016 2Alex16
Colossal 2016 Mixtape Artists I got into in 2016
Ashcrash's 2016 List 77vs16 BONUS EDITION
Hip-Hop is Dead 2Con16
Top 10 Albums of 2016 Obligatory Best of 2016 List
MMXVI Sage Tellah's 2016
Vinyl Collection so far.. 2016
My Top 25 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes of 2016 Elbaliem's 2016
Tworty Sixteen Top 60 Albums Of 2016
Mindle's 2016 Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Albums 2016
what I liked this year 2016 I'm Gay List
Shad-death of 2016 2016
Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 3 2016 SUCKED THESE ALBUMS DIDNT
Top 25 Non-2016 Albums in 2016 Top 50 Albums - 2016
Jasdevi's Leftover 2016 Pizza Pistol's 2016
Everything 2016 Honorable Mentions of 2016
Retrospective: Best of 2015 Top 16 albums of 2016
Another 2016 list... Doof Predictions 2017
Top 100 LPs of 2015 Thor's Favorite Albums of 2016
2016 Top 50 Potsy 2016 AOTY Emotional Happy Fun Times List
Enjoyed Albums of 2016 My Fav Songs of 2016
My 2016 in Records Part 1 (1-100) 2016
2016 - My Top 40 Albums Favorite Albums of 2016
Doof's Albums of the Year 2016 First to Worst 2016: Retarded Chuck Edition
Jiggly's Year End List (Top 15) Best of 2016
Obligatory 2016 List 50 Favorites
Sputnik: A Genre History Favourite Albums of 2016
PJ's Top 25 of 2016 Bands I've Discoged (As of 12/8/16)
McCluskey's Best Albums of 2016 In celebration a name change
My Top 10 Albums (as of 12/07/16) Current Digs
2 0 1 6 Rowan's Top 20(16)
Storm's Favorite 25 Rappers/Groups Do you think there will be a Hitch 2?
2016 favorites Favorite albums of 2015
Pie Charts 2016 Toad's Top Albums for 2016
100 Days of Hip Hop Project Gimme AOTY recs
My goats pt. 3 Hip-hop I need to listen
Best rappers of all time Peace and Love, America
Top 5 2015 Favourite EP's
Hip-Hop Recollections It's been a while
dope albums 1000ratings
2015: We Sputnik? 2012: Through the Deep, Dark Sputnik
2011: Sput Resist The Future Of Black Music
My Personal Favorite Albums of 2015 I messed up
My 10 Favorite Albums of 2015 Top 50 Albums Of 2015
Rec Me Your Favorite 2k16 Jams pt.2 (/pt.1 recap) Girlfriend hates my music
My 10 Favorite Albums Of The Decade 2010-2016 2016
Rate My 5's Too pls Rate my 5s?
5 More Albums That Changed My Life rec me hip hop
Southern Style Hip-Hop/Rap vinyl collection part 1
Rec Me Hip Hop with Gorgeous Hooks 40 Records To Spin: 2016
My goats pt. 1 Favorite Hip Hop Albums
My alternative hip-hop collection Chortling Through FYF Fest '16
I guess I'll give this sputnik thing a shot Best Choruses/Hooks?
Sputnikmusic.com, not WoeIsMe.com Song Of The Year 1990-present
What's Your Favorite Album Artwork? Favorite Bands
Favorite Albums of 2012 08vs09vs10vs11vs12 (+recs)
5 Years On Sputnik Help me with movie choice.
Favorite Albums of 2012 Sputnik Quotes - Part III
Potsy 1/2 and a bit 2016 July Jams: Final Week
good kid, m.A.A.d city Ranked To Pimp A Butterfly Ranked
I like that over the top BS Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 16)
Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 16) 2015's "They Really Are That Good"
10 Favorite Albums My First Half of '16
My Tiny Vinyl Collection What I Listened to Before Sputnik vs. Now
An Album for Each Season SOS: Need NYP/Free recs!
Favorite albums/pieces of all time Jac's First Half 2016
Want to Know the Key to Success? 2015 in retrospective
My 2016 Hip Hop Recommendations Mid-2016 list
My Top 50 Favorite Songs Albums with great title tracks
Favourite GTA Game (Main series, GTA III onward) 2016 NFL Regular Season Predictions
An Admittedly Late Best of 2015 List Top 30 Albums of 2016 (Midyear)
My First Half of 2016 2016 So Far
Favorite Hip Hop Albums of the 2010s Sputnik Users "Yearbook"
albums i have (you)core
Top 25 of Jan-June 2016 Over 100 Vinyl Records!
Ash's Halfway 2016 List 101 Awesome Artworks
Favorite Albums of All Time What Band/Artist is America's Radiohead?
March 2016 résumé PART 2 Doof2000Ratings
Favorite Albums From Artists Top 5 Hip-Hop Tracks of 2015.
My 10 Favorite Albums My Journey In Music
What Should I Bump to a 5?? summer shows 2016
Vinyl Collection (Rec me stuff) Rec me drone / doom / sludge.
Albums I wuld rate 1 if I culd cuz I h8 them Poll: Most Over-hyped Album of the last decade
2010-2012 Favorite Kendrick Lamar Album?
One of those vinyl lists aye May Jams: Week III
Vinyl Collection 2015
My 10 favorite albums of 2015 2012
4 in a row. 2011
My Top 25 Albums 2016 Digs.
highschool 2016 Runner's Up (Draft)
2015 My Vinyl Collection (and favourite addiction)
Top 7 Albums of 2016 So Far March 2016
Rec Me Hip-Hop My LPs
March/April 2016 24.4
Favourite Albums: 2010-2015 Top 25 Favorite Albums
Jiggly's 2016 Until Now Inflated Albums
My favorite albums of all-time Fuqqin Ready for Summer Brah
Top 50 of 2015 Happy Holiblazzze
Favourite Albums of 2016 so far Top 100 Favourite Albums of All Time
Currently my musical rotation... Flug's March 2016 in Music
Twentythree Favorite Albums of 2015
3rd! Sput-bday! Artists I'm Glad I Discovered In 2015
Greg's Q1 of 2016 Drumming aftercare
Albums that blew me away! (Recent Finds) Sputnik Peaked in 2012
Potsy 8th Sputversary Slash March 2016 Listens LP Collection
Most Overrated LP Conceived Round 1 [VOTING NOW CLOSED] JT's 2016 Q1
TRAP RAP 2010s Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END
Top 10 Albums of March 2016 March's Final Week/Spring break Jams
solid Q1 GoM's Q1 2016
Q1 Twenty-6-Teen Jac's 1st Quarter 2016
Favorite Hip Hop Album? Music Desert Island
50 Favorite Albums of 2015 top 20 2015 releases
BEST RAP ALBUMS/MIXTAPES SINCE 1994 2016 is already > 2015
When does 2016 show up under 'Charts'? recommend me some albums please
Top 50 albums of the decade (2010s) Tworty Fifteen (re-post)
Most overrated songs Watch my review for untitled unmastered.
Top 70 Albums Of 2015 Favorite Lyricists (Updated & Improved)
If You Weighed it Differently Nate's 2k15 retrospect
My 15 of '15 Bands I've Seen Live Vol. 1
How to: Get into Hip-Hop? Taylor is a thief.
Upcoming Concerts Cosby's Choice Awards 2015
The 5 best albums of 2015 Music I discovered in 2015
Collection Updates My Ten Favorite Albums of 2015
Skooma's Half Decade Favorites (2011 - 2015) Chortle15
My Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Projects of 2015 2015 - I listened to 150+ records that year.
2010's : My 10 Favourite Hip-Hop Albums FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2015
Academy of 2015 Rec me some shit
Album Recommendations Top 10 of 2015
My Personal Favourites/Best Albums of 2015 Not Another Twenty(fif)teen List
my 2015, part 2 Top 100 Songs - 2015 Edition
Ashcrash's Belated 2015 List Top 50 Favourite Albums
My CD Collection Fearthyevil's: Best of 2015
Pistol's 2015 Flug's 2015 Experience
Moons ov Satan ov Sputnik Top 10 Albums of 2015
2k15: Styles' year of listening to popular music 15 Favorite Hip-Hop Albums for 2015
2015 Plays Djunior's 2015: Top 100 Albums
Larry's 2015 Um not a 2015 list.
Top 50 Songs Of 2015 Favorite Lyricists
Round's Favorite 101 Albums of 2015 2015 Zeitgeist
Top 100 Albums of 2015 Final Revision An Atomic 15 For '15
Best 2015 Albums CD's Top 30 Albums of 2015
Best Hip-Hop LPs Of 2015 Top 25 Albums of 2015
ADR's top of 2015 Top 25 Albums of 2015
Ferro's Faves: Top 40 Albums of 2015 Jac's Top 20 of 2015
Top 10 2015 My Top 100 Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Songs of 2015
Conman's 2015 AOTY someguest in 2015
Favorite Albums of 2015 WellFed Ingests 2015: My Favourite Releases
Top Releases of 2015 Dead Crown's 2015 Favorites
AlexTM510 Top Albums 2015 My 2015 List
Calc's Cool Cuts 2015 15 for 15' — My Favorites from this Year
Favorite 2015 albums Top 20 of 2015
Opie's incredible top 25 LPs of 2015 (Hopefully) The Final 2015 List of 2015
Scuro's 2015 Ranked Best of 2015
My Top 21 Albums of 2015 Bulbo's Best Of 2015
Me Top 20 Album Of 2015 Top 10 Albums of 2015 (TheAnimator)
100/2015 Best Albums of 2015
2015, Hastily Top 10 Albums of 2015
Top 10 Albums of 2015 2015
A Very Merry JWT 2015 bananular 2015
Jasdevi's OVERWHELMINGLY modest favourites of 2015 Veldin's Top 50 Albums of 2015
FlagAsh's Top 2015 Klap 4 2015
Top 30 Songs of 2015 Top 75 Albums of 2015
Top 50 Albums Of 2015 Polo's Top 25 Releases
20-Fifteen Favs of 2015
big albums in the year of our lord 2015 #smokeweed 2015's Top 25
Sowing's Top 50 of the Decade (so far) Top 10 Projects of 2k15
Top 10 Albums of 2015 Arcade's 2015: Albums
Catchiest Songs of 2015 klap 4 shows 2015
Clover's Dopest 2K15 101 List 25 Best Albums 2015
Toondude10's 100% Pt 2: Disappointment & Dishonor Top 10 of '15
My 2015 Ranked Tom79's Top 30 of 2015
Potsy 2k15 To End All 2k15s: The Good Pt. I Pencil's Recent CD picks
15 for '15 Taytos' Top Ten 2015
2015 Top 50 Hip Hop/Rap Newbie Looking For Recs
Doof's Albums of the Year 2015 Best of 2015
Jacob Hollows' Top 50 of '15 Top 15 Albums of 2015
Thor's Top 50 of 2015 2015 Bag of Goodies
That's all folks (Year end list) Top 50 Albums - 2015
2015: A Year in Review hentaislut's 2015 list
Everything 2015 Italy & The World: 2015 Top Ten Best Albums
Top 50 Albums of 2015 2015 Disappointments
Humblerodent's top 15 of 2015 Top 25 of 2015
December Jams: Week II SgtShock's 2015 List
JS19: 2015 in 100 albums Greg's Top Albums Of 2015
Top 10 songs of 2015 Rec Me Hip-Hop
HEY YOU....2015 ALBUMS 2015°
Just some stuff I kinda liked this year. 100 Awesome Songs From 2015
My Top 25 of 2015 50 Songs From 2015
2chainals Top Hip-Hop Hits this Year Your Spotify year in review for 2015
My Favorites of 2015 Rufin's Really Radical Ranking Runs Rabid!
Top 50 Projects 2015 Favourite's from 2015
Aoty List 2015 Top 50 Albums of the Year
Doof's Top Songs 2015 My Music Taste Evolves
Best TDE Albums in order Top 15 of 2015
Classics LepreCon's Top 10 Games/ Albums of 2015
Killer Lines JWT's Best Songs of 2015
phone shuffle challenge thing Putting out an album Dec. 2nd. (inspirations)
My Concert Experiences Ranked Favorite Rap Projects of this Day in Age
Year Of The Bird 2015 I Probably Need Help (Vinyl Pick-Ups)
SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT Top 10 Albums of 2012
My Pending Albums 11/2015
halloween! [2] My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2015
Albums and the places I link them to. Vinyl #3
Best Albums of 2015 (as of 10/30) My Top 10 Sodas
Kendrick? Top 25 Albums of 2015 (midyear list)
My musical journey thru 2015 25 Best Albums of the 21st Century
Monochromatic 2015 CD Collection
2k15 (3) Captivating: A Hip Hop list by dathvada321
Updated Top 10 Hip Hop List Some Great Music From the Teens (so far)!!!!!!!!!!
My OFFICIAL Top 5 albums list----- Premo Songwriting
dathvada321's favorite albums Hip hop that rules
Top Ten of First Three Q's of 2015 Hip-Hop AOTY: A Curious Tale of Trials and Persons
Albums I'm Glad to Have Found on this Site 2015
I left my course notes at an outcrop in Utah, AMA 55 Worthwhile Albums
aoty? How It Should Sound
The 45 best albums I've ever heard 10 Favourite Songs
Rec me your essentials Albums I thought I was gonna like but ended up not
Nassstyyy... 2015 Redux Redacted and Replaced
10 Long, EPIC SONGS West Coast Hip Hop: Top 20
Pappy’s August Jams Top 50 Favorite Albums
Top 25 Albums My Vinyl Collection
TOP 5 ALBUM COVERS! Classics of the 2010s
Feel Good Songs My Small Vinyl Collection
My 1/2 2015 List Sick openers
Sputnik Hip Hop Authorities My Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums ranked.
My Top 15 Of All Time. adr's first half of 2015
Entry level rap? (?) Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 15)
2015 is an AMAZING year for music 50% 2015 Cyg Edition
what have you been up to Albums that people loves, but not me.
.0.2015 Top 10 Albums Of 2015 (So Far)
Best of 2015 Jac's First Half 2015
Vinyl Collection 2015 x 0.50
Elbaliem's 2015 so far 2015 So Far
2015 Mid-Year Ranking 3 years, 1000 Comments
The Fifteen Best from the First Half of 2015 First Half of 2015
Favourite songs of the year so far Gameofmetal's 2015 so far (to be continued)
Bacon And Beer Best hip hop of 2015 so far
Mid-Year Favorites Top 25 Albums Of 2015 (midyear list)
Best of 2015 So Far 2015 - 1/2 (Songs)
Favorite albums of 2015 2015 - 1/2 (Albums)
My Top 10 Albums of 2015 (So Far) Hip hop/rap recs plz
10,000 Comments 2015 1/2
2015 So Far Ranked 2015.5: Cool Shit Edition
JT's First Half of 2015 Kendrick's best tracks
Top 70 Albums Of 2012 2015 so far
Mid 2015 Inspection Best YouTube Music Reviewers
My Favorite Albums for each genre Top 20 favorites from 2000-2015
Top 70 Albums Of 2011 Top 50 Favourite Albums (Age 15)
Fort Minor is back! Best albums of the decade so far
My Top 10 of all time?? 25 of 2015 (so far)
2015! What have I missed? 8 or 9 years worth of my shit taste
Five of the most overrated modern bands Seriously lacking in recent Hip-hop
Record Update Cult's Top 15 of '15
Rate my 5s 2015 and why this list means absolutely nothing...
Jack's Top 100 Albums Veldin's Half Decade 2015 Top 20 Rodeo
Top 10 Albums of 2015 Thus Far Top 10 of 2015 so far
Graduated High School Favourite Hip Hop Albums
Rec Me 2015 Stuff Please Rate my TOP 5 HIPHOP albums
Point Break Remake My Favourite Albums
Pizza time Mad Max Fury Road
1 Year On Sputnik!!! + Shoutouts TREEMAN: BORN AGAIN
Lambda Started a Blog!1! Rec Bad Music in Good Genres
Albums you should listen to (in my humble opinion) Applying for McDonalds
Probably Should've Waited Ed's top 100 albums part 2
2015 Redux "i'm in high school but i'm super into music"
hey So it's been 2 years now...
5/12 2015 Albums With Great Runs Home
Movies Of The 70's, 80's, & 90's You Gotta See 20 Great Pop Songs
New Avengers Movie Top Albums of 2015 --- May
Bands Sputnikmusic got me into Last Fm Top 10 Nov-Apr
Hip Hop And Its Many Subgenres Dota 2
A year of life: London to India Rec me 2015 stuff
Top 5 Hip Hop Albums Diggins
Top 10 Hip Hop Sad Songs Need Hip-Hop recommendations!
My top 10 Hip Hop Anger Songs Rec me Surf Rock
Concept Album? Underrated/underestimated? Fav Album From Each Year (1960-Present)
first quarter 2015 jams Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums
An exquisite first quarter of 2015 Cd and Vinyl collection (updated/improved version)
6 years on Sput(5 on this account) MY FAVORITE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME. (1 per artist)
What I've been listening to this year. March Digs
2015's been aight so far Greg's Q1 of 2015
Jasdevi's modest 1st quarter of 2015 2015: January - March
March 2015 Jac's 1st Quarter 2015
Favorites Albums By Year, Starting the Year I Was Born March 2015
Toondude10's 25%: The Year So Far Q1 2015
March 2015 Quarterly Reflection (Winter)
Here Are My Favorite Releases of This Year, 2015 Deadbeets
2 0 1 5 Bought too many vinyl records today
Potsy: 7 Year Sputnik Annibirthsary & 2015 Stuff I hate everyone on sputnik
Redo Need new music to help me through my dissertation
March is Madness Milestone: 1000 Ratings/50 Albums
Stuff I've liked in 2015 so far Finished Persona 4
Modern Classics? Rec me bands with no bad albums
Aaron's 2k14 Hip-hop/pop Playlist MOUNTAIN GOATS LEAKED
Potsy 2015: March Week III My Top 30 Favourite Albums
Spring Break Music Marathon 5 All Time Favorite Albums
Stuff I've Been Jammin' Lately Excellent Modern Hip Hop
Top 100 Albums JT's Half Decade
2013: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart New Years Challenge
Anticipated 2015 Releases Hip-Hop Essentials
2015 Is Bein Cool Tryna Get Hip-hop On The Pie Chart
Best Top 40 Songs Of The 21st Century The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music
5 Artists Of 2014 Do Any Of Guys Skate?
2010-2014: Favourites Of The Half-decade Best Rap Stuff
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review Great Rap Tracks, Vol. III
I Released My Mod My Top 50 Favorite Hip-hop/Rap Songs In 2014
My Top 100 Songs - 2014 Edition Top 100 Albums Of The Half-decade (2010-2014)
Rec Me Some Hip Hop Best Albums 2012
The Best Of Chill Hip Hop Songs With The Best Bass?
Favorite Albums Of All Time 20 Most 5'd Albums Of The Decade
Albums To Be Sad In The Snow To My Top 25 Albums Of 2012
25 Favorite Albums: 2010-14 Hello Sputnik
'heavy Rotation' - Fall Favorite Albums (semi-annual)
The Guy From Joyce Manor Is A Bitch Favorite Rappers Right Now
Music Snobs Life Is Beautiful
Hip Hop Recs Please. Best 100 Tracks Of 2010-2014
Hip Hop Digs My Top 50 Albums Of The Decade So Far
My Five Favorite Albums of 2012 My Five Favorite Songs of 2012
A Hip-hop/Rap List Excellent Albums Are Classic
Favorite Concept Albums Top 20 Albums
Best Albums Of Each Year (done Legit!) Hard 4.5s
Most Overrated Hip Hop Albums Second Half Albums I'm Hyped For
i love memes Best Rappers
My Favorite Albums from 2012 What I've Been Jammin This Summer
2010s So Far My Top 50 Songs (with Explanations)
Top 20 Greatest Albums Vinyl Collection
Top Ten Hip-hop Albums Live Gigs
Stuff I Need To Trip To Awesome Hip Hop Albums #1
Just That One Song Potsy: Hip-hop By The Buttload
20 Favourite Rappers Summer 2014 Live, An Anticipatory List
Girlfriend Is Coming Up To Visit Me Campus T-shirts Ranked
Jams For 4/20 Tomorrow Best Of 2012
Best Of 2011 Sputnik Modern Music Madness
Gatorade Flavors Ranked Hip Hop Need
Potsys List Of 100 Albums 7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101
Adolescent Jams Quality Hip Hop
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 Genre Contemplation: Hip- Hop
Cool Stuff My Favorite Artists/bands
Popular Albums I'm Just Getting Into XXL Magazine
Rad Hip-hop All-time Favorite Rap
Fall 2013 Delicious Album Openers
Rec Me Some Rap Hear About What's Going On In Ukraine?
Most Listened To Albums My Top 25 Albums
What Contemporary Albums Will Be Universally Considered 5s When We Look Back On Them In The Future? Retrograde: 2012 A Year Late
Favorite Bands: Past & Present My 12 Of '12
My Favorite Hip-hop Albums... Yours? New Year, New Additions
Ranking Other People's 5s : Slimdaddy 50 Good Albums
2011: Favorite Albums People Say I Take Music Too Seriously...
Cd Collection - Installment Two 2012: Favorite Albums
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles Playstation 4
Best From 2013 My Top 100 Songs - 2013 Edition
Alex's 2013 In Music Top 20 Albums (updated For 2014)
Songs Everyone Should Hear Real PsychoP
Buffalo Addiction
Comics Money Killed Hiphop
Straight From The Psychologist I'm Fucked Up!!!
Stout Classics That Never Get Old
Another Hip Hop Run Albums I Should Listen To Someday
Just Got Back From The Yeezus Tour Yesterday 'my' Best Albums List
Pirating Is Actually Easier Than Spotify Best Album Art
Rec Me New Hip Hop That Doesn't Suck Stuff Im Gunna Listen To
Rec Hollier Hip Hop Hiphop Concept Albums?
Favourite Hip Hop Albums Top 25 Hip-hop Albums Of All Time
I Covered These Songs Horror Movie Recs?
Flu Jams Vinyl Collection
My Top Ten Albums Of 2012 Soothing Songs For The Restless Spirit
My Favourite MC's The Top Dawg Of Black Hippy
Hip-hop Albums Some Great Hiphop From The Last Few Years
Rec Me Some Hip-hop 30 Greatest Rappers
Best Rap Verses? Favorite Features In Hip-hop
Most Technical Rappers I need some Hip-Hop recs
Revisiting 2012 Currently Digging
My Lame Cd Collection Hip Hop Records I Am Listening To - Ranked
Albums I Listened To On Holiday Hey. This Is My Top 50.
Roskilde Festival 2013: Why Aren't You... 15 Favourite Rap Albums
My Top 25 Albums (as It Stands) Workout Playlist
This Month's Most Listened To 2013 Shows
Nba Finals Predictions Best Of 2012
Need New Music Is It Too Late For A 2012 List?
Rec Me Hip-hop 33.3% Of The Decade Best Of
20²-11 20²-12
Albums I Dig Cool New List
Summertime With Grover Motherfucking Songs For Spring
Vinyl #1 Fuck, Wiz Khalifa Sucks
Samshine's Guide To Spring Jash's Vinyl (some Of It)
All The Albums On My Ipod Favourtie Rap Acts From The Last Couple Of Years
Top 5 Albums Of 2012 Wearing A Band's Shirt To Said Band's Concert
My Favorite Albums of 2012 100 Favorite Songs
My 2012 Studio Albums So Faar Casino '12
Top 5 Albums This Week (for me) 2/24-3/2 Worst Albums Of 2012
My Best Hip Hop Who The Fuck Are You?
Favorite Albums Recently Bonnaroo 2013
Got an Itunes Coupon, Any Recs? Gyro's 2012
10 Favourite Records Songs Digs
Concerts In 2012 (part 2) Jash's 2012: That's All Folks
100 Albums I Love/hate Fantasy Sports
favs of 2012 New Account And Favourites Of 2012
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) 2012 In Review
I Need Hip Hop Turned 17 The Other Day
Best Movies 2012 Thann's 50 Of '12
Mega Downloading Spree Last 7 Days
The 5 Girlfriends Society Wants You To Be Newjunk's 2012
Hmv MY TOP 15 ALBUMS OF 2012 + 2 MORE
Records That Grew On Me From 2012 Good Kid M.a.a.d. City Ranked
Top 30 Favorite Albums Of 2012 (A Tribe Called X) Breakingthefragile's Top 50 Albums Of 2012
2012 Now And Forever Twlichty's Best Of The Best, 2012
Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List My Dad Just Told Me He's Gay
Need To Be More Responsible With Monies Nameless 2012 List
2012 Was Kinda Nice Kingsoby666 (2012?)
My Best Of 2012 new user
Best Albums Of 2012 Music Released In 2012 That I Have Listened To And Enjoyed
Treb's 2012 Top 10 Rap Albums Of 2012
2012 Top 30 Top 25 Of 2012
Ataventytwelve - 50 Best LPs My Favorite Albums Of 2012
Top 25 Albums Of 2012 2012, Top Albums And Awards
My Top 15 Of 2012 On The Vino 2k12 (replete W/ Linxxx For Your Personal Betterment)
Top 20 Albums Of 2012 Chuck's Top 30 From 2012
Kendrick Lamar's Best Performances Some Favorite Moments/songs Of 2012
2012 Albums 2012: My Year In Albums
My Top 20 Songs Of 2012 2012. Oh, And 2012.
Superbowl Picks? Top 20 Of 2012
Elephant's 2012 List BreakfastCat's 2012
Fortheloveof2012 - Top 25 Academy Of 2012
2012 My Top 50 Albums Of 2012 (for Real This Time)
Top 10 Of 2012 Hip-Hop's Grown On Me
The Best 2012 List On Sputnik My Top 36 Albums Of 2012
Great Albums, Awesome List! Happy Holidays/End of the Year (And World) List
Iljajlm's Top 50 + 12 Of 2012 A TotalDowner of 2012
Top 25 Of 2012 Best Releases Of 2012
Bass Top 20 Albums Of 2012
Minus Top 10 Of 2012 Favorite Tracks Of 2012
Listcore 2012 50 Best, 2012 Edition
Favorite Hip-hop/r&b Right Now It's 12-12-12.
Top 10 Songs Of 2012 Best Albums Of 2012
Favorite Releases Of 2012 Two thousand and twinkles: Top 30 of 2012
The 40 Best Songs Of The Year Best Albums Of 2012
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