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Top 30 Alternate albums of 1994 WilliamBlack01/28/15
Albums To Listen To In 2015 oisincoleman6412/31/14
A Pencil's Least Favourite Artists MyNameIsPencil12/14/14
Got Used CDs Today Dylan62012/14/14
My Top Ten Albums Ever jackfrancio12/04/14
100 Albums Dwap12/02/14
My Pick For Top50 Nineties Rock Albums hedunadan11/25/14
My Vinyl Collection videotape11/09/14
Top 10 MTV Unplugged (my Favorites) huguitoescorza11/06/14
Manchester M/ chuutya2311/06/14
1995 glassg711/03/14
1994 Was The Shit AndreasFlea11/01/14
Trick Or Treat (the Halloween Record Store Edition Yah) Pestiferous11/01/14
Favourite Albums Ever acdlewis10/23/14
Got Any 90s Recs? TheSpaceMan10/22/14
Cds Gotten This Year: 2014 oisincoleman6410/09/14
50 - 90s Britpop & Madchester Pheromone10/04/14
Backing Vocals Rowan521509/22/14
10 Best Britpop Albums NickLizard4909/13/14
Top 5 Albums Diegao09/06/14
Some Favorite Songs apokolypz09/02/14
90s Pop Digs Muisc4Life2608/26/14
2 Lists For The Click Of 1 scottpilgrim1008/21/14
10 Good Artists/bands That Got Horribly Shite: Exhibit C LepreCon08/19/14
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 pannkakesangen08/06/14
B-side Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean08/05/14
One Year Sputversary Futures07/10/14
Finally Got A Last.fm Futures07/08/14
1994 = G.o.a.t. Masochist07/02/14
Ranking My 5s (21/06/2014) kizza9606/21/14
Guess The Album TheSpaceMan06/20/14
Definitely Maybe Vs (what's The Story) Morning Glory? Muisc4Life2606/05/14
Most Overrated Musicians Skull91705/26/14
Albums I Still Haven't Heard Yet BeneaththeDarkOcean05/15/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Fleshpound05/08/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Fleshpound05/08/14
My Top 20 Oasis Songs Muisc4Life2604/23/14
Which Country Makes The Best Music? unaMUSEd04/15/14
New Civilization Game Futures04/12/14
Artists That Shaped My Band V.2 HipFish02/25/14
Douchebag Frontmen Countdown BlacKapes02/21/14
Best Alt./rock Songs - 2000 - 2014 Pauloadm02/09/14
My Top 25 Favorite Bands laralan197701/31/14
Cool Britannia Dunwich01/22/14
1997 RadioSuicide01/15/14
100 Favourite Albums Of All Time TheRunningPanda01/08/14
Albums I Love Despite Usually Disliking Their Genre eddie9501/04/14
Loudness War BMDrummer12/15/13
First Song, First Album livingisland12/15/13
50 Fantastic Cover Songs Pheromone12/14/13
1990s Top 20 lou100011/22/13
Best Albums Of All Time JamesDay11/17/13
100 The Best Songs Ever U2lovesBono11/10/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
University GnFnRs8710/10/13
The 30 Albums That Changed My Life! laralan197710/09/13
Too Much Good Music NightProwler08/23/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
My Album Collection (part 4) MrSirLordGentleman07/28/13
Music Albums I've Bought In My First Year Of Collection. shauryapatel07/27/13
Rec Me Acoustic Songs danielcardoso07/19/13
So, I Have A Guitar. DirEnRefused07/18/13
85 Bad Albums Kronzo07/16/13
Summer Playlist Dylan62007/01/13
20 Favourite Albums Lebren06/26/13
90's Brit Pop/Rock Albums You Must Own/Hear/whatever the fuck - Redux SanguineCream06/08/13
20 Songs That Could Be On The Radio All The Time In An Ideal World AlbertoCunha06/06/13
Objectively Greatest British Bands Ever AlbertoCunha06/04/13
Ranked: Bands Of Brothers (and Sisters) SitarHero06/02/13
I Buy Way Too Many Cds brokendogleg05/10/13
My CD-Collection (Part 3) Hurricanslash05/08/13
Biggest Drops In Quality Green Baron05/03/13
Good Songs From Bad Albums Basman04/28/13
Best Nude Scene minorswing04/28/13
Summertime johnnydeking2904/20/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
Oasis Albums Ranked Pwoper04/05/13
My 10 All-time Favorite Albums Pwoper03/23/13
Your Significant Other's Music Underflow03/19/13
~ Strawberry Bubblegum ~ SeaAnemone03/14/13
Top 10 Love Songs Basman02/14/13
breakingthefragile's 91 Favorite Albums from the '90s breakingthefragile02/07/13
Top 10 Rock Debut Albums Basman02/04/13
My Cd Collection, Part 2 ryan1901/15/13
Cassettes JoshTh12/28/12
Great Records Vol.1 minus912/27/12
Delivering Pizzas Is A Fun Job Minus.12/15/12
Friend Died In A Car Crash jwyles412/11/12
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (400-301) ludwigvan12/01/12
Nostalgia cb12311/27/12
Best Of Britain ButteryBiscuitBass11/21/12
1990s Top 50 lou100011/17/12
Pandora Stations Hankpym11/16/12
21 Greatest Britpop Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza11/12/12
Oasis Vs Blur huguitoescorza10/22/12
My Top 100 thursten10/13/12
40 Greatest Alternative Artists For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza09/28/12
Overrated Bands Imo RicheyEdwards09/19/12
My Favourite Pop(py) Songs DouglasAdams09/10/12
Oasis pink1995floyd08/19/12
10k O'clock RiffOClock08/14/12
Greatest Rock Albums Of The 00s (2000-2009) huguitoescorza08/02/12
My Favourite Albums (Cd-collection) Hurricanslash08/01/12
Top Albums Of Rock of the 90's huguitoescorza07/20/12
Favorite Albums kg199207/07/12
Top 10 Bands Of Rock Alternative 90's huguitoescorza07/05/12
My Favourite Albums pink1995floyd07/05/12
My Top 100 Songs - 2012 Edition sublimefan199107/03/12
Albums I've Fallen In Love With Over The Years UORawker06/24/12
Parties Man!! Hankpym06/23/12
The Decade Battle (1980/9 Vs 1990/9) abbakid06/23/12
Album Recommendations? Musicface4206/21/12
My Music Library, Pt. 1 Musicface4206/20/12
Feel-good Music DRWND06/20/12
Downloading Spree! Rhinosaur06/10/12
My 100 Essential Albums Polyethylene06/08/12
Classics JustinVernonBeard06/01/12
Song For My Mother's Birthday AlexanDerp05/16/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
DaveyBoy's Potential 5s (1000 In 50) DaveyBoy05/06/12
Brad Mehldau (Jazz Pianist/Rock Covers) luschlotz04/29/12
Dark Ambiance littlepinkpill04/28/12
The 10 Most Overrated Albums Of All Time abbakid04/22/12
Genre Defining Albums rockandmetaljunkie04/22/12
My Top 20 Awesome Albums Qinlan04/14/12
Got Kicked Out Of School. Hankpym04/14/12
Great Album Closers mikeg199203/29/12
Amoeba Music Store Eko03/19/12
Guilty Pleasures Hankpym02/28/12
My Top 10 Favorite Albums Hankpym02/25/12
Schindler's List AlexanDerp02/15/12
My Pick Of 20 Well-known Artists hadashi02/06/12
Albums That I Enjoy chargers2602/03/12
25 Favorite Bands Of All Time JustinJordan8742001/29/12
Some Of My Favorite Songs JustinJordan8742001/28/12
My Cd Collection Eeyah01/21/12
4+ Bands That Were Created From The Ashes Of Another Band Isaxas01/15/12
This Is Going To Be Legend Wait For It betterdrinkmyownpiss01/04/12
25 Favorite Albums Of The 90s revolution112/07/11
100 Golden Full Length Debuts TheVoiceAndTheSnake12/06/11
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever MarvellousG12/05/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade - 1990 - 1999 tysly12/01/11
My Favorite 100 Albums kevinmede11/28/11
Top 10 Overrated Artists/bands guitarechoes11/18/11
What I Be Carryin telebyrd11/16/11
Top 10 Worst Bands Of All Time Vito11/10/11
Lz41 Favourite Songs Of All Time lz4111/06/11
Recs Please ryan1910/29/11
The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse10/20/11
Noel Gallagher CelestialDust10/16/11
Pit Goes Soft? FrankRedHot09/28/11
Music A-z HelplessnessBlues08/28/11
My Top 10 Albums From 1994 alextheantichrist08/10/11
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? rockandmetaljunkie08/08/11
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked paxman08/03/11
Back From Scout Camp Gene07/29/11
The Department Store Radio EyeForAnEye07/22/11
Qual E's Wants Qualie07/19/11
Hemearrhoids sin6907/12/11
Britpop Ranked Basman07/01/11
Top 20 Of 2008 McMegaMountain06/27/11
Modern Uk Rock? Crowe06/24/11
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 - 2011 Edition sublimefan199106/23/11
Top 100 Songs Of The 90's Wowzers2406/22/11
My Top 100 Albums Wowzers2406/20/11
Recs newjunkaesthetic9306/16/11
5's So Far cb12306/09/11
Actually, 1994 Was The Best sithofheaven05/29/11
The Nineteen Nineties EverythingEvil211305/25/11
10 Albums That Can Change Your Life UORawker05/20/11
Songs I Like To Blast From My Speakers UORawker05/16/11
Jazz Recs WashboardSuds05/12/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
Albums I Love Pt. 4 omnipanzer05/10/11
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other... Alrightmax05/07/11
Favorites KjD04/23/11
Top 10 Albums Kartikeya04/20/11
Thanx Sputnik Basman04/16/11
25 Favorite Songs Of All Time mclovin9904/16/11
What Should I Get? Basman04/11/11
Hate Hated Hatred bunnyxd04/07/11
Sputfork Music Butkuiss04/06/11
The Hans 100 (records) BigHans04/04/11
Top 5 B-sides Collections Basman04/04/11
Top 100 Sputnik Bands xenocide.03/30/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
Top Ten Most Pretentious Bands Basman02/14/11
The-oh-my-god-particle AnotherBrick02/13/11
My First List Bsharp9502/05/11
My Favourite Albums SatanicOffering01/25/11
Favorite Songs Of All Time YoungHeretic12/29/10
Favorite Albums Of All Time YoungHeretic12/23/10
My All Time Favourite Koda12/19/10
Mace Vs Luke Lists- Best Of The 90s (maces) mace48512/12/10
My Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse12/04/10
100 Songs Of The 20th Century Nagrarok11/27/10
Donpinguin's Favourite Albums Of All Time DonPinguin11/21/10
Just Turned 22 seifer11/12/10
Best Acoustic Songs awhiteguy11/10/10
Greg's Favorite Albums Of 1990s greg8411/09/10
100 Favorite Songs Grimward11/01/10
30 Top Bands Grimward10/31/10
50 Of The Best Albums Of All Time (imo) mace48510/25/10
Sad Songs sublimefan199110/23/10
Top 51 Albums Of The 1990's tokillme10/17/10
Fr33 is Happy + Digs fr33convict10/13/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Abcdeath sin6910/03/10
Fifa 11 Soundtrack CreamCrazy09/15/10
Nostalgic For The 90's Intothepit08/27/10
Bands I Can't Stand ieatpuppies4dinner08/26/10
United Kingdumb Playlist Sheeple900008/21/10
Favorite Albums Of 2002 Caveman08/17/10
Surfing Mix For Next Week.. RustyJoint08/16/10
Favorite Albums Of 1995 Caveman08/13/10
Favorite Albums Of 1994 Caveman08/13/10
Subliminal Message! JayVex08/12/10
Vic's Awesome 90's vmcoia9108/11/10
My Favourite 10 Albums TheCompilationMan76807/31/10
Lights! Camera! Sputnik! Dylan62007/24/10
Oasis Ranked M8 IM12ANDWHATISTHIS07/11/10
My Least Favorite Bands ilikerock07/10/10
R U All Yanks Then IM12ANDWHATISTHIS07/10/10
Fav. Songs By Fav. Bands sublimefan199107/09/10
Why I Love The 90's Dylan62007/05/10
20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik. DrGunther07/05/10
Revolution1's 100 Favs revolution106/13/10
My 21 Year Old Bro's Top 10 Albums Of All Time Lakes.06/12/10
Put Zune On Shuffle (first 20) bmsmcr06/06/10
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 sublimefan199106/06/10
My Favourite Albums From The Uk And Ireland jamest3305/29/10
20 Beast Songs Fina1e05/24/10
100 90's Alt/post Grunge Gems BigHans05/21/10
Klap4summer klap05/03/10
100 Bands Titan5004/28/10
Top Ten Oasis Songs royscoop1904/25/10
Ultimate Summer Playlist JWT15504/19/10
Nighttime Driving Music synergy04/05/10
Refused - 'coming Soon..' Say What?! Yeahtoast03/27/10
Songs That Wreck Me BigHans03/26/10
Favourite Albums Since Birth CreamCrazy03/26/10
Just a few bands/artists that i like... thischarmingman03/22/10
Currently Listening DominicV03/17/10
Remembering The Good Ol' Days AnotherBrick103/04/10
Nirvana v Oasis sleepyhead02/26/10
Those Special Songs AnotherBrick02/18/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
My Top 25 Songs Of The 2000's CreamCrazy02/10/10
My Top 10 Oasis Songs sublimefan199102/08/10
1965-2009 Titan5002/04/10
Big 4 Of Brit Pop Ranked Ewednesday01/31/10
Albums That ((helped)) Shape My Life. Lungingweasel12/22/09
Party Titan5012/06/09
My Last Fm Top 30 November 09 ratcfc11/26/09
I Need A Hug Titan5011/19/09
Why People Are Stupid CommanderCool10/17/09
Senior Year Is Overrated CrisStyles10/13/09
2008 Top 25 GnrJuul10/07/09
10 Albums That Influence You In Some Way CrisStyles09/30/09
Best Songs To Drink.... SLA9209/06/09
My Top 30 On Lastfm Today ratcfc08/28/09
Top 50 Played Songs Titan5008/21/09
This Is Me Trying To Impress People I Don't Know. thediamondcanopy08/15/09
15 Of The Best clairvoyant07/13/09
My Alchemy Index Abdar11207/13/09
Rock Werchter 2009: A Look Back Aids07/12/09
Alligator's Band! Douchebag07/10/09
Albums I Get Asked About At Work Valdiuss07/09/09
My "Classics" MrBobDobbelina07/03/09
4 Years Of Music HailToTheThief06/23/09
Amazing Albums That I Found At A Used Bookstore Matte06/21/09
My 8 Of 2008 CreamCrazy06/16/09
Best Albums Of 2008 SylentEcho06/06/09
Music I Like That I Get Made Fun Of For Liking burnafterbreeding05/27/09
Favorite Albums zoozilla05/23/09
Shockingly Bad Bands Maximo12305/20/09
So I've Got My Gcse Exams Next Week Titan5005/11/09
Bands I Will Be Seeing At Rock Werchter 2009 (belgium) Aids05/08/09
I Love Money 2's Season Finale Is Coming On Tonight! Walrus48705/04/09
Need More Nineties Alternative Stuff..recs? Skishua7104/29/09
Between Supposed Lovers Abdar11204/29/09
Some Artists I Like Now Walrus48704/25/09
Albums I Can Play On Guitar In Their Entirety ConorMichaelJoseph04/24/09
She's A Supergirl Altmer04/21/09
Epic 90's Dude! Abdar11204/13/09
Top 15 Albums pilkymakinmusik03/25/09
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Titan5003/18/09
Ultimate List Of Best Artists Ever. jorge22s02/27/09
Lm: Reloaded UncleSombrero02/19/09
Albums I Need To Listen To Before I Die (part I) zer0limit02/19/09
Fuck Homework Titan5002/18/09
More Shuffling Titan5002/17/09
I Want To Get Into Different, Non Mainstream Music. Walrus48702/16/09
Some Of My Favorite Albums Walrus48702/14/09
My New Favorite Bands Walrus48702/05/09
Hello Sputnik TheLuckyFew01/27/09
Recently Acquired Spamue1G01/24/09
A Yeti's 08 AggravatedYeti01/19/09
Shopping List Burning_October01/17/09
December Album List OfTheFall12/30/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
My Top 30 Last Fm Artists ratcfc12/15/08
My 10 All Time Favourite Albums newflesh8212/13/08
CreamCrazy's Albums Of 2008 CreamCrazy12/06/08
Favorite Recent Downloads gaber0112/02/08
We'll see things they'll never see MrKite11/21/08
Teeny Bopper Blues AggravatedYeti11/14/08
My Top 100 Albums animalnitrate11/03/08
Top100 (no Subjectivity Allowed) StreetlightRock10/27/08
Shuffle On Itunes judges2810/23/08
Bands That Moulded My Childhood SLSJonathan10/23/08
Tonight, I'm A Rock And Roll Staaaaaaaaaaaaar!!! Spamue1G10/12/08
Recent Digs arsonist8810/02/08
My 50 favourite albums ClearTheLane09/22/08
My Most Listened To Artists This Year lukadore09/13/08
Nostalgia Pt. 2... marksellsuswallets08/29/08
Perfect Songs- (1990's-on) bobafe660407/17/08
Best Albums Ever SylentEcho06/07/08
When Things Weren't Such A Buzzkill Abdar11205/16/08
Some Diggings OGlaf001804/16/08
2008's most anticipated albums (100% Chinese Democracy Free) Big Baby Jesus04/12/08
Top 100 (updated April 2008) bAdMaRk04/10/08
The Best Part Of Waking Up... Abdar11204/03/08
Great Sophmore Albums synergy03/29/08
Top 100 (updated March 2008) bAdMaRk03/18/08
Toppeliste, Per Ora riccardino02/28/08
Toppeliste, Per Ora riccardino02/28/08
New Releases This Year I Cant Wait To Hear synergy02/22/08
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 2 Iai02/19/08
Top 100 (updated February 2008) bAdMaRk02/14/08
Alt/indie Bands I'm Considering To Get Into McP300001/13/08
Top 100 (updated January 2008) bAdMaRk01/09/08
Top 100 (updated December 2007) bAdMaRk12/05/07
Most Listened To clairvoyant11/11/07
Songs That Are Just Plain Awesome clairvoyant11/04/07
1994 > You StreetlightRock10/30/07
10 Albums That I Love At The Moment - October 07 bAdMaRk10/14/07
Top 75 bAdMaRk10/07/07
Advice clairvoyant08/26/07
Overrated Geedrummer08/10/07
Recent Purchases JoeForPresident07/26/07
My Favorite Albums Of The 90s greg8407/02/07
10 Albums I Love someguyincal06/07/07
Top 10 Favorite Songs (june, 07) exodus06/06/07
My Desert Island Albums Isola03/29/07
Top 50 Albums Ever clairvoyant03/29/07
Favourite Albums At The Moment Dragon_Prince03/18/07
From Hate To Love clairvoyant03/16/07
100 Favorite Albums Muisee03/06/07
My Reccomendations MrKite03/02/07
Just Can't Stop... clairvoyant02/19/07
As The Snow Fell... Syncratic02/13/07
My Guilty Pleasures Altmer02/11/07
Top 100 Albums 1995-2004 morrissey01/21/07
Top 75 Albums 1985-1994 morrissey01/21/07
The 25 Greatest Albums Of The 1990's Horrorshow3412/29/06
Music I've Been Meaning to Listen to UrbanM1112/09/06
Top Ten Favorite Bands viennasausage11/29/06
Top 20 Bands EcentricAgnostic11/25/06
My Top 25 Bands Ruthlessgrunge11/16/06
Albums Everyone should own Dragon_Prince11/13/06
Oasis Dream Gig Isola11/09/06
My "Dig" list for September icaught fire44409/30/06
Successful but sucks aristotelis09/27/06
Guitar that Just gets to me everytime hummer09/25/06
All The Albums of Bands I Want daghka09/17/06
Muisee's Guilty Pleasures Muisee09/15/06
Perfect Solo\'s stompybeardo09/13/06
My All Time Favorite Albums Morrisonway09/12/06
Bands of the 90\'s Concubine09/12/06
Oasis Top Five B-Sides Isola09/12/06
Me Best Quarter Century Dave de Sylvia09/07/06
Desert Island Discs incubotic09/05/06
Meaningful Songs For Me Isola08/22/06
My fav bands Nandrucu08/17/06
THE NINETIES!!!!1 "Freshly Baked"08/12/06
Top 100 Of All Time Frapacino08/05/06
Trilbys And Tracksuits: The Top 20 Finest Britpop Moments Horrorshow3407/30/06
Ten overated bands burton.and.gas07/23/06
My Top 50 Favourite Albums Ever Senor_Whippy07/16/06
Senor Whippy's Top 20 Greatest Cover Versions Of All Time Senor_Whippy07/06/06
Muisee's Top ten song's Muisee06/30/06
My Top 100 Bands Dave de Sylvia06/29/06
Oasis Top Ten Songs Isola06/26/06
Top 14 Oasis songs Nandrucu06/22/06
Top 5 Britpop Songs morrissey06/21/06
2005: The Top 50 Iai06/19/06
Top 100 Favourite bands morrissey06/16/06


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