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Mort.'s favs of 2017 (so far) leaving Sputnikmusic
Top 50 Favorite Albums (of all time...-ish :O) How is it August and charts still aren't updated?
2017 NFL Regular Season Predictions Death Grips ranked by number of f-bombs
Alex's 67-17 AOTYs Grey's 17 Favorite Songs From 2017 So Far
Worst of the Best: The Competition ROUND 3 Ryus' AOTY 1967-2017
Twin Peaks: The Return Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 17)
Top 200 Favourite Songs (200-101) (Age 17) 25,000 Scrobbles
Need Gym Recs Soundtrack to My Life
Top 10 Favourite YouTube Channels (Age 17) IT'S DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH
My Personal Favorite Albums Jiggly's Mid-Year Top 11
Writers Block Doof's 2017 Midge Ure Report
A Very Late JWT 2016 Rec me 2017
Best of 1st half of the year need 2 check out
My Suicide Attempt top 101 as of today
Summer hype Dope Ass Vinyl Pickups
2017 So Far My Favorite Albums
Finished University Death Grips Ranked
I caved Recent Listening
keep your eyes peeled best death grips songs
Hip Hop..Recommended Top 100 Favorites
Shuffle Jiggly's Favorite Album Covers
Veldin's Top 50 of 2016 Hip-hop albums as rec'd by Sputnik
The Sputnik Lovin' Playlist Music to stop taking your meds to
Artists ZSquared Loves That Actually Suck Jiggly's 2017 Compendium
Rec me sum Hippity Hop, suckas albums i've seen on tour
Death Grips Ranked Top ten left-field rap albums
sputnik's favourite songs Death Grips ranked
"Sorry dude, I just can't stand your voice." Annual Sputnik Madness Round I Pt. 2
Back from the dead My Vinyl Collection 4.1
JJ's 2010-2016 AOTY favourite vidya of all time
2016: To Be Sputnik Is to Be Nowhere 2016 was a good year
Happy Smae I can't fall asleep
I collect records 2 forget my crippling depression Good ass albums that black folk made.
Fearthyevil's: Best of 2016 Best Album Art 2016
JWTs Tracks: 2016 Edition Top 50 Albums of 2016
2Alex16 Sputnik Users Yearbook 2017 Edition
My Dog Just Died Rec me 2016-2017 Shit
Colossal 2016 Mixtape Artists I got into in 2016
Ferro's Faves: Albums 2k16 Jas' 2016 and holy shit thank god that's over
Favorite Albums of 2016 Flug's fav sangs of 2k16
Obligatory Best of 2016 List Top 60 Albums Of 2016
Top 25 EPs of 2016 End Of Year 2016...2017 We Dine in Hell.
Cosby's Choice Awards 2016 Speak, Sounds Top 50 Albums of 2016
Favorites From 2016 Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 3
Dr Superbs 2016 deluxe version Piglet's 2016
Doom's 2016 23rd Birthday
Pistol's 2016 JS19: 3PLUS in 2016
Pencil's Week 16 NFL Pick 'Ems Retrospective: Best of 2015
Dr Superbs 2016 Easter in the Batcave's 2016
Another 2016 list... Doof Predictions 2017
Top 100 LPs of 2015 Thor's Favorite Albums of 2016
Djunior's 2016: Top 100 Albums 2016 Top 50
2016 Top 50 My Fav Songs of 2016
2016 Worst album covers My 2016 in Records Part 1 (1-100)
First to Worst 2016: Retarded Chuck Edition Fripp's Top 20 Songs Of 2016
Mercury's Best 25 of 2016 Jiggly's Year End List (Top 15)
Best of 2016 Best of 2016
Obligatory 2016 List Anthracks Tops 2016
Sputnik: A Genre History Favourite Albums of 2016
5 favourite albums of 2016 Greg's Top 50 Albums of 2016
Doof's Top Songs 2016 2016 favorites
Hey what's up guys it's scarce here 2016 Disappointments and bad albums
Album Rankings If Only Trve Fans Counted Toad's Top Albums for 2016
Top 100 Albums of 2016 Ranked (Re-post) Top 100 Albums of 2016 Ranked
Tribal/Polyrhythmic Drumming RECS Bangers, Posse Cuts, & Hype Tracks
My goats pt. 3 2016 Hip-Hop... what's the story?
Need music for winter Best Albums of 2016: SHREKT
Trump For President 4 Years on the Sputnikmusic; Top 100
Sound On Sound Fest Birthday Slam Jams
What I Dug In 2016 Hip-Hop Recollections
death grips ranked Lifting Albums
2015: We Sputnik? 2012: Through the Deep, Dark Sputnik
1000 ratings/loose fav albums list A life Full of Music
Q3 is Pretty Nifty My Personal Favorite Albums of 2015
Threats to Autonomy in Our Society What Did I Miss?
Top 50 Albums Of 2015 10,000 Scrobbles/4,000 Comments
Death Grips Ranked (Again) vinyl collection part 1
40 Records To Spin: 2016 It’s Been a Summer
top 15 favorite hip hop releases Back to School digs
Rec me music like this Lifting Again and Discussion
What Should I Jam? Favorite Bands
Asleep's 1 Year at Sput Experimental, Emotional, Instrument-Driven Hip-Hop
Rec me hip-hop/rap Weird Hip Hop recs plz
emester's Super Gosh Darn Belated Q2 of 2016 I'm New and Here's My Top 100 Albums
Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 16) Consistently Good Bands
2016 Recs and such... (Updated) Flug's Amazing Halftime Extravaganza
Mid-2016 list AOTY 1990-2016
Greg's Q2 of 2016 Jas' EXCEPTIONALLY modest 2nd quarter of 2016
Top 30 Albums of 2016 (Midyear) My First Half of 2016
Ferro's Faves: Top 25 of 2016 1/2 Top 10 EPs of 2016 (Midyear)
2016 Albums of the Year So Far Death Grips Top 10 Songs
Death Grips Ranked (you)core
2016.5: my taste is garbage Top 25 of Jan-June 2016
Favorite Albums of All Time All-Time Favorite Albums
What Band/Artist is America's Radiohead? 1000 Comments (Top 30 Albums)
MyNameIsBirthday Let's Play A Game
Flug's May 2016 in Music Current albums/songs worth mentioning.
Tis been a year already Clover's Dop-who even cares
SuspendingGlow's May 2016 May 2016
Slashs May 2016 May 2016 résumé
Poll: Most Over-hyped Album of the last decade Top 10 Albums of May 2016
the truth about meghan trainor Bottomless Pit!
Best of 2016 so far Recent favorites
My 10 favorite albums of 2015 2012
2011 ultimate death of these artists will kill me as well
New Judio Solo LP! First of 2016! Rec me "experimental/weird" Music
May Jams: Week II Clover's Actual 2016 Q1 101
highschool 2016 Runner's Up (Draft)
My Vinyl Collection (and favourite addiction) Top 7 Albums of 2016 So Far
Rec Me Your Favorite 2k16 Jams Pollen
New Here Albums that you need to listen to 2016
101 Bizarre and Offbeat Records Birthday jams
The Big Sputnik Lunch Users I WOULD eat lunch with
Rec Me Hip-Hop My LPs
March/April 2016 Top 25 Favorite Albums
My Top 101 Favourite Albums of All-Time Jiggly's 2016 Until Now
how many times do you Consider eating them ? Moving out
Twentythree Artists I'm Glad I Discovered In 2016
unpopular opinions Vinyl Collection
LP Collection Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END
The Life of Pablo: Season Pass/DLC Top 10 Albums of March 2016
Sputnik Majors Census Top 50 albums of the decade (2010s)
Albums I've Loved In 2016 Blackstar Fuckin Rips
Bands I've Seen Live Vol. 1 Predicting Future Album Ratings
Which of Your Reviews has the Most Views? two.
Hip Hop Recs Death Grips Ranked
Rec similar music to Yeezus Sputnik's Best Graduating Classes
Buying Too Much Music? Band Advice
rec me scary beautiful cathartic noise January Jams: Final Week
Skooma's Half Decade Favorites (2011 - 2015) favorite albums of 2014
My Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Projects of 2015 Academy of 2015
Describe Yourself in One Word Not Another Twenty(fif)teen List
My Top 100 Albums (1/16) Fearthyevil's: Best of 2015
Flug's 2015 Experience Top 10 Albums of 2015
15 Favorite Hip-Hop Albums for 2015 January Jams: Week I
2015 Plays Larry's 2015
Top 50 Songs Of 2015 Not Another 2015 list....
New Year, new recs? Round's Favorite 101 Albums of 2015
Top 100 Albums of 2015 Final Revision AOTY of the year list
Best 2015 Albums Breakingthefragile's Favorite Releases of 2015
CD's Top 30 Albums of 2015 Moar Potsy 2k15 T.E.A. 2k15s Honorable Mentions
Best Hip-Hop LPs Of 2015 Ferro's Faves: Top 40 Albums of 2015
My Top 100 Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Songs of 2015 WellFed Ingests 2015: My Favourite Releases
Opie's incredible top 25 LPs of 2015 (Hopefully) The Final 2015 List of 2015
My Top 21 Albums of 2015 Me Top 20 Album Of 2015
Top 10 Albums of 2015 (TheAnimator) 2015, Hastily
Top 15 AOTY Potsy 2k15 To End All 2k15s: Honorable Mentions I
Top 10 Albums of 2015 BEST OF 2015: HONORABLE MENTIONS
Jasdevi's OVERWHELMINGLY modest favourites of 2015 Veldin's Top 50 Albums of 2015
Top 30 Songs of 2015 Top 75 Albums of 2015
Top 50 Albums Of 2015 big albums in the year of our lord 2015 #smokeweed
My Top 25 Albums of 2015 Jasdevi's GROSSLY MODEST worst of 2015 list
15 for '15 linguist2011's top 25 albums of 2015
Last Vinyl Haul(s) of 2015 2015 Top 50
Top 25 Oldiez in 2015 Winter Jams
Thor's Top 50 of 2015 That's all folks (Year end list)
SgtShock's 2015 List JS19: 2015 in 100 albums
Greg's Top Albums Of 2015 2015°
B4 What Is Pandora 50 Songs From 2015
Top 50 Projects 2015 Favourite's from 2015
Top 15 of 2015 34 Great New(ish) Alt/Rock/Metal etc. Songs
Favorite Album From Each Year phone shuffle challenge thing
Today is a great day! Putting out an album Dec. 2nd. (inspirations)
One of each :) everything went to shit
2015 Year's End list hopefuls 10 Artists That Need To Quit Making Music!
The best debut albums 100 Favorite Bands
Vinyl #3 years
Favorite Albums Top 25 Albums of 2015 (midyear list)
New to Sputnik 2k15
Albums of Each Year of My Life Updated Top 10 Hip Hop List
Some Great Music From the Teens (so far)!!!!!!!!!! Sput's favorite album | closed
Albums to Listen to During the Apocalypse Music I like outside my usual genres
Hip hop that rules I'm New (Or Something Like That)
Top 10 Favorite Hip Hop Albums Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 1 150-101
My friend's music taste. Gotta go from 5k shape to half marathon shape
More Sput Quotes Multi-disc albums
The Big Fiddy Classics of the 2010s
Recent listenings 100 Favourite Bands~17 Year Old Outsider's Ipod
adr's first half of 2015 Artists I've Written About For My Weblog
Entry level rap? (?) Top 25 Death Grips Tracks
2015/2 .0.2015
The Inevitable 1-Year Sputversary List Best of 2015
Vinyl Collection 2015 x 0.50
Cool Album Titles Albums of 2015 So Far...
3 years, 1000 Comments First Half of 2015
Best hip hop of 2015 so far Mid-Year Favorites
Top 25 Albums Of 2015 (midyear list) First Half of 2015
Best of 2015 So Far 2015 - 1/2 (Songs)
Favorite albums of 2015 2015 - 1/2 (Albums)
Saw Death Grips Last Night. 10,000 Comments
2015 1/2 2015 So Far Ranked
2015.5: Cool Shit Edition Potsy: Half A Years Worth of Better Taste Than You
2015.5 so far Best YouTube Music Reviewers
Messy Breakup Best albums of the decade so far
Metal Gear Solid games ranked 25 of 2015 (so far)
Sputnik Contest!!! My band is on iTunes and Spotify
Super Cool 16th Birthday!!!!! I Don't "Get" Death Grips
2015 and why this list means absolutely nothing... Jack's Top 100 Albums
Favorite Hip Hop Groups/Duos Veldin's Half Decade 2015 Top 20 Rodeo
Why Did You Choose That Username? Alex's favourite 50 albums-2015
"i'm in high school but i'm super into music" New Avengers Movie
Top Albums of 2015 --- May Aoty List 2012
Top 10 Albums of 2011 Top 10 albums of 2012
One 20th of April After Top 10 Death Grips songs
NEW STAR WARS TRAILER Vinyl Acquisitions Prior To RSD
Hello, dweebs first quarter 2015 jams
Hip-Hop My 5s & 4.5s Ranked
Albums With Haunting Atmosphere Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums
Mark's Q1 2015 List 1/4 of 2015 = 503.75
Greg's Q1 of 2015 Jasdevi's modest 1st quarter of 2015
2015: January - March March 2015
Favorites Albums By Year, Starting the Year I Was Born March 2015
Hip Hop (Classic to Excellent) favorite albums different generes
GY!BE/Death Grips/TFB Ranked Q1 2015
March 2015 Most Overrated Albums Ever, Pt. 2
A Sputnik Revolution Decided to start collecting Vinyl
A Pencil's CD Collection. Bought too many vinyl records today
DEATH GRIPS SUMMER TOUR Give me all your recs!!!
March is Madness Bloodborne
im engaged! Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 8
Aaron's 2k14 Hip-hop/pop Playlist MOUNTAIN GOATS LEAKED
Potsy 2015: March Week III 100 Favorite Albums (3/15 Update)
Spring Break Music Marathon Worst album covers
JENNY DEATH NOW Rap I kinda sorta like I guess?
Strong Openers Cam's Top Albums 200-100
thanks mx The Essential Tits-Core
Users I'd Go On A Date With Best Of Bandcamp Free Vol 3.
Hip-Hop Essentials Songs That Rule
Poll Help (controversy In Hip-hop) January
2015 Albums I'm Looking Forward To Sputnikkers, What's Your Favourite Dank Meme?
January 2015 A Slashing 2014
Potsy 2014: 2014 List To End All Lists In The Known Universe Recent Purchases
The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music Itchy 2014
top 50 2014 projects 100 Albums From 2014
11000 Comments Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014
My Favorite Album From Each Year, 1990-2014 BEST 2014 LIST
2014 Best 2.0 2014 Sputnik Award Winners
30 Songs Of 2014 Yak 2014
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review Hip-hop In 2014: Lps
2014-n-stuff Postrockpaperscissors'14 (Top 100)
Honorable Mentions For Top Of 2014 Lambda's 2014
My Top 35 Favorite Hip-hop/Rap LPs In 2014 Favorite Albums Of 2014
My Top 50 Favorite Hip-hop/Rap Songs In 2014 Headphones? + Digs
Rec Me Some Hip Hop White Albums
2014 Masterlist Best Albums 2012
Not Another (Twenty Four)Teen List Zantera's Top100 Albums Of 2014
Top 10 Death Grips Songs What My Ears Like The Most This Year
These 2014 Albums All Suck Crazy Mind-Fuck Films
Top 20 Albums Of 2014 (Updated) End Of Year Top 20 - 2014
2014 Top 50 Anyone Pump Iron?
Top 15 Of 2014 Top 100 Albums I Heard For The First Time In 2014
2014 Sputnik Awards Top 10 of 2014
Lambda's Favourite Songs Of 2014 Sleap 2k14
Top 25 Songs Of The Half-decade Top 50 Songs Of 2014
Recommend Me Rap Top 40 Of 2014
Best Of '014 Holy Canoli Death Grips Finally Hit Me
My Top 25 of 2014 2014 Is Done
Songs 2014 Ya Know, 2014 And Stuff
album filler Recommend Me Some Electronic Music
Industrial Hip-hop Favorite Albums Of All Time
2013 Favs 20 Most 5'd Albums Of The Decade
2014 Has Been Really Great So Far Mmxiv
My Top 25 Albums Of 2012 2014 In A Nutshell So Far
What I've Been Digging This Week Spiderthy Mantano
10,000 Plays On Last.fm 2014's Top Ten: Deathschool Edition
216 Months Later... Endtroducing.....
Some More Hip Hop Digs New Guy At Work Is Batshit Insane
49 Concerts Ranked Auto Vs Stick
Manthony Spantano My 2013 (top 50)
R.i.p The U.s. Best Avatars
Beautiful 2014° Q3 2014
Sputnik App?? Band Shirts I Own
Girlfriend Broke Up With Me 32 Albums I Listen to Often
2/3 Of The Year Ranked I Own These - 07/09/2014
Out Of Rehab Im Currently In School Help
1000 Comments?!? Never Drink Onion Juice
Coffee And Death Grips Life Is Beautiful
Hip Hop Recs Please. Top 30 Favorite Albums
Great Visuals, Meh Movies Best 100 Tracks Of 2010-2014
Vinyls [2] Hip Hop Digs
Results Day Tomorrow 10k
I Got Sad Top 50 Albums Snapshot
Gunga Recommendations Wanted
Summer Playlist Of 2014 My Top 50 Albums Of The Decade So Far
A Hip-hop/Rap List Malleus Pie
Summer Jams "There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums
Hardest Rocking Albums Audiosurf
What I'm Looking Forward To For The Rest Of The Year Recent Acquires/digs/listens
Opinions On Pitchfork? 2014 Quarterly Report #2
Death Grips Ranked Mid-year List
The Death Grips Spectrum Best Albums Ever.
Some Favorites Of 2014 2014 And A Half
Death Grips Break Up 2014: First Half (songs)
2014: First Half (albums) Ranking 2014 (so Far)
2014 So Far... Nice Lil' Mid-2014 List
Best Albums Of 2014...so Far 20 Most Scrobbled Albums
2014.5: Dave's Top 50 So Far Favorites Of 2014 So Far
How To Fix The Last 3 Death Grips Albums Everything's Coming Up Milhouse
Atmospheres In Music foxxxy 2014+change
Just Finished University...well Hopefully My Recent Digs
Eleven Albums My Favorite Albums from 2013
My Favorite Albums from 2012 160gb Ipod Means Millions Of New Music
Year 2014.5 in Omaha My Top 10 Death Grips Songs
New Sputnik Rating System Lately I've Been Digging (06-14-14)
Destiny Nickels On The Moon: Ranked
2014 Is Pretty Awesome Don't It Feel Good To Drive A Bus?
niggas on the moon Death Grips
New Death Grips My Top 25 Last.fm Artists
Pick One...Have Fun Vinyl
Music, Films, Video Games Worth Checking Out Electronic Music
Albums I Don't Need Your Approval To Like Vinyls So Far
My Top 10 Seen Live Anyone Want To Buy A 3ds?
Ranking The 5's: Gmemberkills Best/worst Active Usernames
Theneedledrops / Anthony Fantano Boobs On The Cover
I Can Drive And Have Sex With Old People Now My Personal 100 Favorite Albums
Best Of 2012 Current Hip Hip Top 5
My Vinyl Collection Thus Far Bands/artists I Will Be Giving A Shot Soon
Whaaaat More Cool Stuff?! New Username Results
Hogan's Vinyl Collection Top 50 Albums Of 2013
Albums - Work In Progress Dream Instrument
Got Tickets To The Nin/Soundgarden/Death Grips Tour Jamming Heavy
My Favorite Movies Rad Hip-hop
Working On A Mixtape Lemme Get Them Recs
Should Artists "surprise Release" Albums More Often? Bands I've Seen Live
Albums That Grew On You Darkocean's Best And Worst Of 2013
To Listen Recent Film And Music Digs
rip fourthreich dykeyVERYsmallpeen 4 8 15 16 23 42
MisterTornado in 2013 Epic Beard Men (POST BEARDS)
What Contemporary Albums Will Be Universally Considered 5s When We Look Back On Them In The Future? Official Best Grips List
Looking For Vibrant Music My Favorite Hip-hop Albums... Yours?
The Needle Drop New Studio Monitors=life Is 100x Better
Black Santa Rides The Firetrain New Cover Songs Ep
2013 Top 5 Final Edition Artists That I Hated At First But Grew To Love.
Cd Collection - Installment One Cool Stuff From 2013
Favorite Albums Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2013
New Films I Caught In 2013 Anthracks Top 25 Of 2013
Vinyl #2 Album Of The Year
2013 Albums That Just, No Ilj's 2013: The Definitive List
2013 Toones Top 100 Singles Of 2013
15 Favorite Death Grips Songs Top 50 Albums 2013
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Stuff I Got For Todayily Reasons
Zantera's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 Lambda's 2013
Omaha's 2013 2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year.
Asianguy's 2013 Top 20 Of 2013
Iwasnvr Not Going To Make An Aoty List Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2013
Dave's Top 50 Albums Of 2013 2013 Albums
Favorite Stand-up Comedians Music, Life And Everything In Between
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 50 Favorites Of 2013
Top 25 Favorite Albums Of 2013 (Everything Else) First Song, First Album
2013 2013: Top 20 Albums
2013 Hip Hop: Top 25 My Favourite Cover Artworks
Cooke does mmiii, bitch. My Gramma Made Me Pot Brownies
100 Songs From 2013 My Top 10 Releases 2013
Albums I Liked In 2013 Top 50 Albums I Heard This Year For The First Time
Gs3k's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 a foxxxy 2013
2kman13 Meat's Terrible 2013 List
November's Most Listened Recent Vinyl Grabs
Just Got Back From The Yeezus Tour Yesterday Goodbye Horses On Repeat
Last Year On Lastfm.. A Plebby 2013
Pirating Is Actually Easier Than Spotify Fantasy Football Help
Dave's Top 50 Tracks Of 2013 ps4
Death Grips Ranked Fooked
High On Percs /mu/'s Having A Near Hype Attack From New Death Grips
Red-Light District Hip-Hop Greyscale
Who Can Speak / Read Spanish? new car jams pt 2
Favourite Hip Hop Albums Top Ten Albums
Response To Paris Hilton Music Video... Early Album Of The Year Predictions?
The Wolf Among Us Top 10 Favorite Death Grips Songs
Weeks Jams The Best Tv
The Chariot Tour Hip-hop Albums
Get Hyped For Autumn Yeah, 1000 Comments
11th Grade Jams Ozil To Arsenal!!!
Summer Shit The Gym List
Going Into Junior Year Albums I've Been Digging Lately
Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Favorite Rap Albums
Hip-hoppin' Recs Please Revisiting 2012
Guide To Hip-hop For Newbs/white People Favorite Albums
2012 Was Heavy, And I Was Fucking Late Don't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover
Rec Me Music Where They Lose Their Shit Albums I Listened To On Holiday
Best Of The Millenium Most Played Artists From The Last 12 Months
2013 Shows Best Of 2012
I Buy Way Too Many Cds Three Years Of College Down
Is It Too Late For A 2012 List? A Peculiar Thing
Rec Me Hip-hop 20²-11
20²-12 Finals, Again
Albums I Dig Recently Listened Too
The Malleus Directory (part 1) Sputnik's Hey Arnold!
My Precious Energetic Hiphop
The Best Of The Best Favorite Tv Shows
Favourtie Rap Acts From The Last Couple Of Years d34Th gr1p2 r4nk3d
Vinyl Records Weird Hip-hop
Casino '12 Just Forty Of Many
Rec Me Albums That Go Hard I Typically Make A Post Promotions Reaction List
Bonnaroo 2013 Ass Earphones
Bonnaroo Lineup Is Underwhelming Digs And Recs
Why The Fuck Did We Take The Tracklists Off The Reviews? Best Albums 2012
Songs Digs Does Anyone Else....
Favorite Albums 2012 Best Of 2012
Oh Look. Another Top 50 List There's A Fire
Interview Tomorrow New Account And Favourites Of 2012
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) Liberal Arts Guide To Hip Hop
2012 In Review 2012
Mega Downloading Spree Newjunk's 2012
MY TOP 15 ALBUMS OF 2012 + 2 MORE DDconjoined 2012
Aoty'12 List Breakingthefragile's Top 50 Albums Of 2012
My Top 15 Albums Of 2012. Favourites
Worst Sputnik Users List Very Late Top 50 Of 2012
Best Albums Of 2012 Balcaen In 2012: 25 Best Releases
Treb's 2012 Top 25 Of 2012
2012 In Albums 2012fatha: Top 70
Theacademy's Best Of 2012 Ataventytwelve - 50 Best LPs
Lambda's 2012 2012 In Shows
100 of 2012 On The Vino 2k12 (replete W/ Linxxx For Your Personal Betterment)
Top 20 Albums Of 2012 Top 82 Songs Of 2012
Top 25 Of '12 My Band's Album Out For Free Today!
Penis My Top 20 Songs Of 2012
2012. Oh, And 2012. Elephant's 2012 List
Top 20 Of 2012 Anchors Does 2012
2012: Albums You Spoony Bard
Stillill's Top 25 Of 2012 2012
My Top 50 Albums Of 2012 (for Real This Time) Academy Of 2012 (101-125)
Hip-Hop's Grown On Me Best Of Hip-hop 2012
Album Trolls Iljajlm's Top 50 + 12 Of 2012
Favorites Of 2012 Top 25 Of 2012
Best Releases Of 2012 Top 20 Albums Of 2012
Top 75 Of 2012 Celeb Nudes
Top 20 Songs Of 2012 Favorite Tracks Of 2012
Listcore 2012 The Year In Zingers: DimSim's Favourite Lyrics Of 2012
Favorite 50 Albums Of 2012 It's 12-12-12.
2k12: Weak The 40 Best Songs Of The Year
Best Albums Of 2012 Anthracks' Top 20 Of 2012
Top 50 Of 2012 Mercyfalls 2012
Under The Sea In 2012 Malleus' Fav Users!!
Favourites Of 2012 2012 Top 10
Dear Reviewers: How Many Times Do You Listen To An Album Before Reviewing? Ataventytwelve - 100 Best Songs Of 2012
Saw Death Grips Last Night Yo What Did I Miss In 2012 (and A Mission)
808 2012 2012 Best Year Of My Life
Funeral Top 25 Of 2012 Top Albums Of 2012
What Have I Missed From This Year? Conrad's Top 50 Albums Of 2012
Gttn Rdy Israel Launches Offensive In Gaza
Rec Me Stuff I Need Some Recomendations Lol
Mcdonald's The Best Of '12
Malleus Does A Shufflelist Getting Paid To Do Nothing
Life Is A Funny Thing On Exams
25 Hip-hop Songs Of The Decade(so far) Hip-hop List (extremely Rare)
Have I Missed Anything From This Year?? Npr Death Grips Flying Lotus Live Now
My Metal Band Artificial Death...
No Love Deep Web Ranked Maybe The End Of The World Is Gonna Happen After All
Mc Ride Has Vitiligo In The Majora's Mask
Sep/oct Best 2 Months Of Music Ever? N0 L0v3 D33p W3b R4nk3d
Heading Up North To See My Parents Music!
This Week This Is A Malleus List
Ranking Whatever Comes Into My Mind Because I Cannot Think Of A Zelda Thing Although Zelda May Be Referenced A Little/lot... Sputnikd My Lists ;_;
Trebs Recent Jams October 2
Me And The Gorons Starting Raves Up In Market Town 104
Top 3 Overrated Albums 2012 The Greatest Video Of All Time
I'm New Here University Choices
Top 50 Artists Some Of The Best '12
Samshine's Top 15 Digs Of Summer 2012 My Top 15 Of 2012
Recent Digs Rap Is Hip-hop Is Rap
Songs Of The Summer FranzSchuberts Last 6 Months...
Great Albums Of 2012 So Far..... Top 50 Of 2012 Thus Far
Work 2012 Listens
Summer 2012: A Brief Look Back Agalloch Was Boring...
Recs 2012 2012 Hip-hop
Lastfm 7 Days Hip-hop Recs
Aoty (so Far) 2011.. (a Bit Late)
Obligatory Half Of The Year List. 2012 So Far
Twentytwelvatavan Looking For Experimental Hip-hop Recs
Best Of 2012 Hip Hop What's Your Mmo
Best Of 2012 So Far The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan
Chambered's Top 15 Albums Of 2012 So Far Favorites Of 2012 So Far
Hello Sputnik Aotysf
Top 10 Albums Of 2011 Trebs Quarter Decade
A Year Of Lurking Music Sucks.
Dantes's Halftime 2012.5
Top 2012 Albums So Far Top 100 of 2012 (so far)
Panic All Of You Suck
Me Baby Est Crawling! Not Entirely Here.
Malleus' Most Listened Leaving For Basic Training Next Month
A Day With Aids Fuckthat2012
Top 100.. Joshuatree's 2012 So Far
2012: Year Of The 4's Premier League, Final Day
Some Albums I Like Bucketlist
Chambered's Top 20 Songs Of 2012 100000 Lists..
Papiss Demba Cisse Recent Digs
Saw The Avengers/marvel Movies Ranked A Slower Sunday.
Opening Tracks Of 2012 Warhammer 40k
Top 10 Songs Of 2012 So Far (as Of 4/27) Drunk On Yo Mamma's Milk
Fuck Yeah Capitals Itt
Pho Digs Swag Is For Boys
Summer 2012 List
Gow Fantano Gives A 10!
Favourite Users.. Boo Hoo 2012 Sux
Teachin' Bitches How To Swim So I'm A Tutor Now
Stood About 6 Feet From Nergal Lets Fucking Go, Kansas!!
Most Anticipated Rap Releases In 2012 Albums That Have Been Helping Me Get Through Things
Albums I Now Love....thanks To Sputnik. The 50 Best Albums Of 2011
Coachella Lineup Is Up My Best Of 2011
Elephantrevolution's Top 100 of 2011 Titan50's Albums Of 2011
2011 Is Fuckin' Dead, Unabridged 2011 Is Fuckin' Dead
Five Favs Of 2011 Ze Top 5 De Hip Hop 2011
2011 Favorites Omg The Best 2011
Iai's Top 75 Of 2011 Candidates For Album Of 2011 For Me Pt.2
Alextm510 Top 25 2011 Malleus Does 2011
Haz's 2011 2011 Hip Hop
Anchors Top 54 Of 2011 Lumpsum's Top 25 Of 2011
Songs Of 2011 Great Albums Of 2011
Djunior's 2011: Honorables Top 25 Of 2011
"ICEMAN AWARD" in Hip-Hop music for year 2011 Combustion: Best Of 2011
The Hip-hop List Of 2011 2011 Hip Hop Ranked
Albums I'm Diggin (2011 So Far) Phone
Steve Jobs Is A Good Man 2011: A List Amended
The Latest Albums Ive Purchased Rev's Top 30 Of 2011 So Far
Top 20 Albums Of The First Half Of 2011 License To Groove
Psychedelic Hip-hop Meatplow's 2011 Quarterly Roundup Pt. 2
2011 So Far. You Know The Drill. Shuffin It Up
Welcome To The Musical Buffet Of Malleus What's The Difference Between Tiger Woods And Princess Diana?
Charlotte Everyone Fight!


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