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The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music helpoemer42001/21/15
Stoned Digs TheNexus10001/10/15
2010-2014: Favourites Of The Half-decade stevendah01/05/15
Electronic R&b/pop Recs? Dodenakker12/31/14
Wow These Openers Ryus12/23/14
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
R&b Post 2009 (favourites) 00mee11/19/14
Neo-soul Recs beachdude11/02/14
Life Is Beautiful Festival 808muzik10/28/14
Rec Me R&b SnazSpaz10/21/14
Music Through My Life randon67810/09/14
Ball's Ratchet Playlist BallsToTheWall10/02/14
U R The 1 Sputnik BallsToTheWall09/23/14
R.i.p. Ipod Classic fish.09/09/14
Someone See 'nightcrawler' With Me DotEight09/06/14
Birthday Albums thecheatisnotdead09/04/14
Gaasmasks Gestapo09/02/14
Broke Jams Xar08/25/14
Best 100 Tracks Of 2010-2014 SeaAnemone08/18/14
Good Job, Sputnik ZilbelPing08/07/14
Rank The Weeknd IronGiant08/06/14
My Top 50 Albums Of The Decade So Far Funeralopolis08/05/14
Raking In Reddit Karma silentstar07/09/14
PBR&B VicariousIntent06/27/14
Chicago Sucks Epilogue06/26/14
R&b Recs dathvada32106/25/14
What Happens To Scene Kids? silentstar06/20/14
She Was Handicapped silentstar06/18/14
2010s So Far Blackbelt5406/11/14
Dark R&b? Nikkolae06/05/14
Fish's Arbitrary World Cup Predictions fish.06/01/14
Had A Bad Trip loveisamixtape05/27/14
Potsy's 2013 Part I: The Great LordePots05/24/14
Terrible Taste Battle Royale Hunger Games Arena Episode Ii: The Empire! Empire! I Was A Lonely Estate Strikes Back LordePots05/18/14
Potsy: Super Depressing Nostalgic Eternal Playlist Of Doom Aka Strep Throat And Reminiscing On Days Long Past LordePots05/10/14
Users I Could Beat At Kickball bach05/04/14
Favorite Ongoing Comic Books thecheatisnotdead05/02/14
Boobs On The Cover Thibs04/25/14
Current Jams Needsmoarbreakdowns04/22/14
Post Pictures Of Yourself Recspecs04/15/14
Potsys List Of 100 Albums LordePots04/13/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101 Captain North04/10/14
Some Covers That Would Potentially Be Interesting Funeralopolis03/21/14
Annual Sputnik Madness 2014 Rd. I Pt. Ii SeaAnemone03/18/14
Finally Got Spotify Premium isabelisabell03/15/14
Oltnabrick's Favorite Songs From_2013_ oltnabrick03/07/14
Ted Talks Nikkolae02/25/14
Ricky Bobby's 20 Favorite Albums SHAKEandBAKE02/16/14
2011: Favorite Albums brierstucky01/14/14
Cd Collection - Installment Four Multifarious01/10/14
Music I Own But Haven't Heard Yet SadAndHolyGlow01/04/14
Favorite Albums Kirbyoung01/04/14
Tmobotron's 2013 Tracks TMobotron01/03/14
Maybe My Last Top Of 2013 List Funeralopolis01/02/14
Fish's 28 Songs Of 2013 fish.12/31/13
Alex's 2013 In Music Kronzo12/30/13
Disappointments Of 2013 opie12/28/13
Inconsequential 2013: SeaAnemone12/26/13
My 60 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Typhoonsurfer11712/24/13
Discovolante's Worst Of 2013 discovolante12/20/13
Some Really Bad Albums From 2013 helpoemer42012/19/13
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Multifarious12/17/13
Top 25 Of 2013 Beauville8812/11/13
2013 Not Ranked Shimana12/09/13
Gs3k's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 GrandpaSeth300012/02/13
Biggest Let Downs Of 2013 stevendah11/28/13
Finishing Up 2013 robertsona11/27/13
Twothousandthirteen mvood11/11/13
Oh God Pbr&b What Butkuiss11/10/13
Modern Post Neo-soul Butkuiss11/05/13
Eagles Becomes Cultured: 2013 EaglesBecomeVultures10/24/13
Sputnik's 10 Hottest Dudes: 2013 BallsToTheWall10/16/13
1,000 Review Comments! SadAndHolyGlow10/07/13
First Snow SadAndHolyGlow10/04/13
Recommend Sniper A 2013 Album sniper10/03/13
2013 - What Have I Missed? AgainAnd09/28/13
Get Hyped For Autumn Boozby09/23/13
10 Years Of Sputnik/mx Itwasthatwas09/19/13
Best Weeknd Songs thesystemisdown09/16/13
2013anemone SeaAnemone09/12/13
Sexy Songs For Sexy Occasions BallsToTheWall09/12/13
Favorite The Weeknd Songs Guzzo1009/06/13
Favorite Features In Hip-hop Guzzo1008/18/13
Canadian Shit abumafoo08/14/13
Jash's Record Label Jash07/20/13
Going To South Africa fish.07/18/13
Four.fives+fives SeaAnemone06/25/13
100/100 killrobotmusic05/23/13
Top Anticipated Hip-hop Albums Of The 2nd Half Of 2013 TheParadigm05/18/13
Nba Finals Predictions dathvada32105/17/13
Need New Music dathvada32105/14/13
Princess Lakie's 2010s Lakes.05/01/13
2010sies SeaAnemone05/01/13
Dirtiest Songs wanderlust04/14/13
Summertime With Grover Romulus04/10/13
Vocal Range Shimana04/05/13
Where Does Pit's Rage Come From? intotheshit03/26/13
Sexy Statistics Trebor.03/20/13
Sputnik Madness Rd I (pt. 1) SeaAnemone03/18/13
Top 5 Albums Of 2012 KeepITgee03/15/13
100 Favorite Songs gansosgrandes03/08/13
Auditions Vespiion02/23/13
Sputnik Anniversary Shimana02/20/13
Happy Birthday To Me DotEight02/16/13
Songs Digs ILJ02/05/13
Friday Digs DotEight02/01/13
Sputnik Music Festival RivalSkoomaDealer01/27/13
Soul/R'n'B reccomendations. homelessjazz01/22/13
2012 In Review fish.01/19/13
Favorite Albums Of 2012 SCREAMiNGRAiNBOWS01/06/13
Need To Be More Responsible With Monies Shimana01/04/13
Snow SeaAnemone12/29/12
Superbowl Picks? dathvada32112/24/12
Turned 20 Yesterday ILJ12/24/12
Dark R&b slipnslide12/23/12
I Changed the name of this list slipnslide12/20/12
Hawksisbacks tkxxx712/16/12
Favorite Hip-hop/r&b Right Now theM3rcenary12/12/12
It's 12-12-12. NationalRadio12/12/12
Need Advice Getting Myself Together Lotide11/29/12
disappointments 2012 mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/26/12
Hold The Phone SeaAnemone11/13/12
Wanting To Disappear Or Live In Another Time Means You Are Having Trouble Adapting To Modern Day Life... cuki9211/12/12
My Personal Top Ten Trip / Hip Hop / Variant Albums Jennifer2211/05/12
Hurricane Sandy SeaAnemone10/28/12
The First Year I Got Into Music (2011) Bramladesh10/28/12
Cool Stuff The Girl At Work Says MadKungFu10/26/12
Birthday Tomorrow cuki9210/24/12
Sputnik Will And Testament MMX10/23/12
greatest games of all time mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/23/12
4 Rev-tastic Years On Sputnik Rev10/22/12
25 Hip-hop Songs Of The Decade(so far) Guzzo1010/20/12
Band Sandwich AngusACrowe10/11/12
Shows I Have Been To. BenX0210/10/12
Balrog The Master cuki9210/07/12
The Lakes Rpg Lakes.10/06/12
A Mix Of Lists? RobertPaulson09/28/12
The Promise Recspecs09/27/12
Thanks For The Music Sputnik (happy To Be Back) DWittisarockstar09/27/12
First Day Of Grad School raggedragamuffin09/24/12
50th Review, 2 Years And 600 Ratings WashboardSuds09/21/12
Good Party Music? Piglet09/10/12
Good Album Art ITsHxCTOASTER09/09/12
Samshine's Top 15 Digs Of Summer 2012 Samshine08/24/12
Wtf. cirq08/07/12
Night Owl Needs Night Music WashboardSuds07/19/12
Just Came Back From Iceland fish.07/19/12
Jailbreak Ipad cirq07/17/12
Camping Samshine07/16/12
2011 mttgry07/16/12
Roof Music Rev07/15/12
Why Do You Love That Sport Recspecs07/11/12
#sneslife2012 tkxxx707/06/12
"1016/" Was Not Found In Our Database. cliiint07/04/12
The Weeknd Minneapolis Set kingsoby106/20/12
A Year Of Lurking ILJ06/19/12
Blackbelt's Quarter Decade Blackbelt5406/19/12
Top 10 Greatest Drops In Quality Beauville8806/16/12
2011 Revisited PrewDelisek06/12/12
Good Songs Emim06/12/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
Favorite Albums Of 2011 toxicgarbageisland105/21/12
Kingsoby2011 Notables finally kingsoby105/15/12
Hate Crimes. JumpTheShark05/09/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
Digs PeriL05/04/12
Don't Nigga Me, Nigga. Nigga Please BallsToTheWall04/30/12
Opening Tracks Of 2012 lucazade2204/29/12
Coachella 2012 aok04/25/12
What Is This Site tkxxx704/19/12
Looking For Jazz And Hip Hop Recs Woodhouse04/18/12
Classical: Objectivly Best Genre? Funeralopolis04/15/12
Last.fm foxxxyroxxx04/12/12
Lollapalooza 2012 AnotherBrick04/11/12
Hi WashboardSuds04/03/12
Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
Fuck You Public Transit Scoot03/30/12
Need Some Rec's Based On These Digs Gundlach03/25/12
Omni's 15k: Stealing Ty's Thunder omnipanzer03/23/12
Your First Comment sniper03/21/12
I Got My Monkey Suit. omnipanzer03/15/12
Best Of Animated Film mvood03/11/12
Inveigh's Best Of 2011 Inveigh03/11/12
Top 100 Albums Of 2011 FeralMemories03/09/12
Again, Hate Being That Guy... onereallysillygoose03/08/12
Free Music From Artists, Share TheAshes03/06/12
Top Albums 2011 jredmond03/06/12
The Artist Is My New Favorite Movie raggedragamuffin03/06/12
100 Hard Jamz BallsToTheWall02/29/12
Feit Got A Job?! Counterfeit02/29/12
Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse SeaAnemone02/23/12
Favorite 90's Sitcoms TechieCore02/21/12
Hello Sputnik WashboardSuds02/16/12
Killin Youtube + Malleus Digzz MalleusMaleficarum02/14/12
Pick A Letter tkxxx702/12/12
Which Pmp Do You Use? ILJ02/11/12
Aids' 2011: Songs Aids02/09/12
The Longest Thread About "Straight Edge" East Hastings02/06/12
Most Overrated Albums Of 2011 lucazade2202/06/12
David Fincher Ranked FrankRedHot02/06/12
The Weeknd's Best Songs thesystemisdown02/03/12
My Special Tea devious02/02/12
Striding Away From 2011 Strider01/31/12
0111 1101 1011 taylormemer01/31/12
Aids' 2011: Albums Aids01/31/12
Djunior's 2011: Top 80 djunior01/30/12
Spotify ILJ01/29/12
I Hate Being That Guy But... onereallysillygoose01/28/12
Jash's 100 Of 2011 Jash01/25/12
The 50 Best Albums Of 2011 aKidNamedConnor4101/22/12
Top 20 Of 2011 Redman5401/22/12
Atavanest 100 Of 2011 AtavanHalen01/21/12
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Songs Of 2011 DaveyBoy01/19/12
Best Albums Of 2011 Isaxas01/15/12
Hey, Brother InFiction01/13/12
Hey Guys WesMantooth01/13/12
Morbid Thoughts Itt dnor01/11/12
Coachella Lineup Is Up onereallysillygoose01/09/12
My Top 20 Of '11 Beauville8801/08/12
Favourite Albums and EPs From 2011 CosmicOverlord01/08/12
Andre 5000 FromDaHood01/08/12
2011: The View Without Hipster Shades AsoTamaki01/07/12
Hazy Recs Please benvipond01/06/12
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Albums Of 2011 DaveyBoy01/06/12
My Best Of 2011 BurningApollo01/05/12
Top 50 Albums Since 2000 AutoRock01/05/12
I'm Feeling Cathartic dammets01/04/12
2011 jimay33301/04/12
Elephantrevolution's Top 100 of 2011 elephantREVOLUTION01/04/12
Treb's 2011 100 Album Extravaganza Trebor.01/03/12
Fortheloveof2011music: 2.0 Fortheloveofmusic01/02/12
Titan50's Songs Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
Planewreck's 2011 plane01/02/12
Titan50's Albums Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
2011 Is Fuckin' Dead, Unabridged ThyCrossAwaits01/02/12
Psykonaut's 2011 psykonaut01/01/12
2011 PrewDelisek01/01/12
Dank Releases Of 2011 DeadbeatDankity01/01/12
Going To Sleep Trebor.01/01/12
Another 2011 Albums List BlueW12/31/11
Lucidity's 2011: Songs Lucid12/31/11
Top 10 Of 2011 TheMcBurks12/31/11
Patrick Fannon's 2011 Best Music patrickfannon12/31/11
Happy New Year, Sputnik! Gyromania12/31/11
Top 10, 2011 Jdok12/31/11
My Real 2011 Top 20 iSkane12/31/11
2011: Kicking Names And Taking Ass IAmHollywood12/31/11
Blackbelt's 2011 Blackbelt5412/31/11
2011 And Stuff fuckthatnoise12/31/11
Tupik's Top 50 For 2011 Tupik12/30/11
My Top 10 of 2011 Shadein12/30/11
Some Sehguh 2011 Stuff sehguh12/30/11
Rec Jash House/electro Jash12/29/11
Timbo's Top 20 Albums Of 2011 timbo812/29/11
Feitbizkit2011 Counterfeit12/29/11
Greg's Top Pop Songs Of 2011 greg8412/29/11
balcaen in 2011: 25 Best Releases balcaen12/28/11
Hans' 2011 Songs BigHans12/28/11
Worst Movies Of 2011 Recspecs12/27/11
Dnor's Top 50 Of 2011 dnor12/27/11
MisterTornado in 2011 MisterTornado12/26/11
It's Bitches Hurt! Hawks12/25/11
Merry Dnormas dnor12/25/11
Lions In The Playoffs NickelbackFTL12/24/11
Favorite Songs Of 2011 Time12/24/11
Best Of 2011 (first Contribution) amarlikehummer12/23/11
Krm's Top Songs Of 2011 killrobotmusic12/23/11
I Don't Dig It BurningApollo12/23/11
Twlichty's 2011 twlichty12/22/11
TheSpirit's Oh Eleven Heaven TheSpirit12/22/11
got some sennheisers ohfoxxxycole12/22/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2011 VenusInFlares9312/22/11
new weeknd ohfoxxxycole12/22/11
Top 20 Of 2011 stere53812/21/11
Flavorwire: Stereotyping You By Your Favorite Album Of 2011 hesperus12/21/11
2011 - My Top 50 jimmykidd12/20/11
2011fatha jayfatha12/20/11
Iai's Top 75 Of 2011 Iai12/20/11
Top Twenty Of 2011 EaglesBecomeVultures12/20/11
Captain's Prized 2011 Booty captaincrunch1112/20/11
Top Twenty Albums Of 2011 AutoRock12/20/11
Best Of 2011 Jeffort2312/19/11
When In Rome... SeaAnemone12/18/11
Doug's 2011 Douglas12/17/11
Alextm510 Top 25 2011 AlexTM51012/16/11
Twentyelevatavan AtavanHalen12/16/11
Haz's 2011 Haz12/15/11
It's Not Like You Care nnnope12/15/11
Friends With Benefits Hawks12/14/11
Songs 2011 DanielRF12/14/11
2011 Hip Hop onereallysillygoose12/14/11
Bohemianale's Albums Of 2011 BohemianAle12/13/11
Plz Music With Me TheSpirit12/13/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of 2011 Lakes.12/11/11
Satellite vs. 2011 Satellite12/10/11
android vs ios vs wp7 ohfoxxxycole12/10/11
2011's Top 10 R&b Video Countdown AsoTamaki12/08/11
Downer's Top 25 Of 2011 Electric City12/08/11
Top 20 Of 2011 letsgofishing12/07/11
conrad presents 25 from 2011 conradtao12/07/11
Drasticaction74's Top 20 Of 2011 drasticaction7412/07/11
Recspecs Recs Of 2011 (Best Of) Recspecs12/05/11
Awesome Songs Of 2011 AlmostSeriousOpinion12/03/11
2011 Poptarts Monsterpoptart12/02/11
Chambered's Top 40 Albums Of 2011 chambered8912/01/11
My Top 10 Of 2011 Fortheloveofmusic11/30/11
Shrooms Jash11/30/11
CONGRATULATIONS, You're A Winner TheSpirit11/28/11
Pawpns Top 50 Songs Of 2011 Sleaper11/26/11
Jash Hits 2000 Jash11/25/11
Sheeple's Twenty Eleven Sheeple900111/25/11
My Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 (so Far) skoerner1911/24/11
Lucidity's 2011: Albums Lucid11/23/11
Under The Sea In 2011: Top 25 SeaAnemone11/23/11
Chambered's Top 30 Songs Of 2011 chambered8911/23/11
Under The Sea In 2011: Honorable Mentions SeaAnemone11/22/11
Getting Into A New Genre: The Hawks Method SCREAM!11/22/11
Rules Of Sputnik Reviewing? gotsthedewsdood11/21/11
Dante's 2011: Top 10 (+1) cvlts11/20/11
Rev's Top 100 Of 2011 Rev11/19/11
Rec Me 2011 Jash11/04/11
Jesus Says Jash11/02/11
Trust Me, I'm A Yeti AggravatedYeti10/27/11
Just Give Me Recs, Please... Adabelle10/24/11
The Most Over Used Word Ever... gotsthedewsdood10/19/11
Tgif Beers And Beats Jash10/17/11
Top 10 Albums Of 2011 So Far... BohemianAle10/16/11
Favorite Albums Of 2011 (recs) toxicgarbageisland110/14/11
R.i.p. Steve Jobs Titan5010/05/11
Omaha's Top 25 2011 Songs Omaha10/03/11
Recent Top Listens toolpeth18210/02/11
Happy Early Birthday To Me. dnor09/30/11
Is It Worth Seeing Basement Jaxx And Imogen Heap Live ? Bloodbirds09/27/11
My 2011 So Far 808muzik09/26/11
Blackbelt's 2011: Part Iii Blackbelt5409/24/11
Digging 808muzik09/24/11
More Like The Weeknd?? Recs Plz KangarooSong09/21/11
Best Of 2011 elephantREVOLUTION09/21/11
Cloud Rap robertsona09/19/11
Top 5 - 2011 (thus Far) Jash09/17/11
2011 Recs Strider09/14/11
Headbanging All The Way To Ny dnor09/12/11
New Thursday Ep tkxxx709/08/11
Broken Laptop :( TheSpirit09/08/11
Just Finished Sanders09/07/11
The Greatest Jash09/07/11
So Much Music, Such Little Time. jimmykidd09/04/11
Favorite Songs: 2011 Lucid09/04/11
A Rando Twlichty List twlichty09/03/11
Albums I've Downloaded In The Past Couple Of Months suppatime09/01/11
Twlichty Releases An Ep! twlichty08/29/11
My Top 10 Albums Of 2011 So Far G3N3R1C08/28/11
Rev Releases An Ep! Rev08/28/11
Get Some Sputlove paxman08/27/11
Hurricane Irene thecheatisnotdead08/26/11
My Digs Bring All The Boys To The Yard TheSpirit08/25/11
hey guys ohfoxxxycole08/24/11
No one rec'd me, and now i hate you all Mewcopa008/24/11
Return Of The Useless dnor08/24/11
Fantasy (american) Football? cirq08/22/11
Classes Start Tomorrow ChadJones08/21/11
Who Are The Avalanches And Why Should I Listen To Them? nnnope08/19/11
Good Brews Eskate8708/06/11
Top 17 Of 2011 stere53808/06/11
Top 20 Albums Of The First Half Of 2011 formofkyle07/30/11
My Dislike List... eatdogs07/27/11
Need More 2011 Music Qualie07/18/11
The First Half Of 2011 sportsboy07/18/11
Sputnik User Superlatives dnor07/14/11
Chambered's Top 20 Songs Of 2011 chambered8907/12/11
2011>tits Jash07/12/11
Animal Collective At Mpp Last Night ECRbubs07/10/11
Dante's 2011 Digs cvlts07/07/11
2011 So Far ChadJones07/06/11
Summa Time Tune-age AggravatedYeti07/03/11
It's My Birthday?/2011 Ranked psykonaut07/01/11
Favorite Albums Cardboardbox07/01/11
Ok Now We're Halfway chambered8906/30/11
List Is Digs + Black Keys Tonite! Arrowhead06/28/11
The Weeknd Destroys Drake coleba06/26/11
Sick Tunes, Bro thecheatisnotdead06/23/11
Generic First Half 2011 List NickelbackFTL06/23/11
Lean Jash06/17/11
Deviant And Almost 6 Months Of 2011 Accounted For Deviant.06/16/11
2011: Mid Year Report Lucid06/15/11
The 2011 List You Probably Haven't Heard Of conradtao06/11/11
My 15 Top Bands On Lastfm Omaha06/11/11
You Think You're In A Good Mood? dnor06/08/11
Good Vocalists? TheyTookErrJobs06/03/11
2011 Shenanigans vmcoia9105/30/11
Earphones Lucid05/28/11
Recs Appreciated KinkyFresh05/22/11
A G3n3r1c Best Of 2011 (so Far) List G3N3R1C05/19/11
Chillboyslice captaincrunch1105/18/11
My Top 10 Of 2011 So Far EverAdrift05/18/11
(kind Of) New Here RagingStorm05/17/11
Need Recs Please! Sanders05/14/11
Jash Turns 20 Jash05/11/11
Gf Just Dumped My Sorry Ass lancebramsay05/10/11
Omahastylee94's Recent Digs Omaha05/08/11
Top 9 Albums Of 2011 So Far MarvellousG05/04/11
External Drive Sucks MunsuLight05/01/11
Fuck Elitism. conradtao05/01/11
Carolina Panthers Are So Fucked BallsToTheWall04/29/11
2011 Has Produced Nearly 4 Gb Of Music ThyCrossAwaits04/27/11
Aids' 2011 So Far Aids04/26/11
The Shittest Of Shit Easters Sanders04/26/11
111111111 joshuatree04/23/11
Foster, Australian For... Inveigh04/22/11
R'n'b? TheyTookErrJobs04/20/11
...and My Taste In Music Changes Yet Again. benvipond04/19/11
Bring Tha 707 Out Jash04/19/11
I Hate Michigan NickelbackFTL04/18/11
The 15 Albums That Got Me Through Exams carrythezero2104/18/11
When Deviant Points His Finger At You Deviant.04/14/11
Why Haven't I Heard These Before?? ThyCrossAwaits04/09/11
Crazylife cirq04/09/11
SWAG ohfoxxxycole04/08/11
No Love For Jamie Woon? FourSquare2004/07/11
Amazing Grace thunder1504/07/11
Today Is The Day!!*##%&!#!#*&!!@(! Jash04/06/11
Fuckin' Ap Biology FourSquare2004/06/11
Rec Me R&b/soul? Shadein04/05/11
Fall 2011 Is Going To Be Ridic chambered8904/05/11
The Weeknd twlichty04/03/11
2011 Surprises G3N3R1C04/03/11
Some Of My Favorite Albums To Listen Through Completely formlessfaces04/02/11
Dicks On Tinychat Jash04/02/11
Still Drunkkkkkkk Jash04/01/11
Justin Beiber Is In The ER!! cirq04/01/11
Alcoholsexdrugs cirq03/31/11
Girls And Graffiti Jash03/31/11
Chambered's Top 10 Songs Of 2011 Q1 chambered8903/31/11
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others Mewcopa003/30/11
Dnor's Sputbuds dnor03/30/11
Aiden - Disguises Plank03/29/11
BRO! cirq03/28/11
Lost! KeithStone58203/27/11
Cheeks! cirq03/27/11
Reptar! Reptar! Gotta Find That Reptar!! AggravatedYeti03/27/11
Nhl Teams Ranked/top 30 Releases Of 2011 So Far Aids03/25/11
Like A Good Neighbor cirq03/25/11


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