250 Music Lists Found Mentioning PJ Harvey

The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music helpoemer42001/21/15
PJ Harvey Ranked/Hype Thread ArsMoriendi01/16/15
Amazing Female Artists BigPleb01/14/15
Opinion On Wavelength.fm? ArsMoriendi01/12/15
Excited For 2015 ArsMoriendi01/10/15
20 Bands I Discovered in 2014 McMegaMountain11/12/14
Badass Albums Under 4.0 chinesewhispers10/02/14
Speed Paper Writing / Motivating jams EnyaFangirl09/18/14
Favorite Music Videos ArsMoriendi09/12/14
Need Female Artists/bands brokendogleg08/28/14
Classic Debut Albums jefflebowski08/27/14
I'm On A Boat! ExcentrifugalForz07/31/14
My Recent Digs SurfWaxAmerica06/18/14
Great Vocalists Skull91706/12/14
My 50 Favourite Albums NorthernSkylark05/22/14
What Do You Look For In Music? ArsMoriendi05/05/14
Best Of 2011 lou100004/17/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
Rec Some Cuties In Music ILiveInNetherlands03/11/14
Dreamy Digs BigPleb03/06/14
10 Great Albums From My Birth Year (1993) isabelisabell02/23/14
Lyrics Matching Game! ArsMoriendi02/21/14
Albums I've Bought Recently isabelisabell02/01/14
Cool Britannia Dunwich01/22/14
Insomnia Digs mikedrumz01/09/14
Albums I Should Listen To Someday snydely12/01/13
I Want To Troll Basman10/23/13
Nme's 500 Greatest Albums AliW199310/23/13
My 50 Best Albums/decade: 00s GetOutOfMyHouse10/21/13
My 50 Best Albums/decade: 90s GetOutOfMyHouse10/21/13
Fave Female Vocalists NapalmCrusader09/01/13
50 Years Of Punk Rock Ladies jackboblamont08/20/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
A Few More Atypical Albums By Pretty Famous Artists ObakeFilter07/26/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Last Of My Kind Butkuiss05/28/13
My Playlist For This Week (5/4 - 5/11) Hurricanslash05/07/13
A Few Of My Favorite Songwriters jeremologyy05/01/13
New To My Library cjohns091204/18/13
Things I Need To Listen To Basman03/16/13
favorite female vocalists ExcentrifugalForz03/08/13
My Vinyl Collection So Far Gyromania02/19/13
Die Hard Ranked ExcentrifugalForz02/16/13
100 Favorite Albums dwejkk02/13/13
100 Indie Albums Basman02/11/13
breakingthefragile's 91 Favorite Albums from the '90s breakingthefragile02/07/13
Mixtape For My Imaginary Girlfriend Dunwich01/27/13
50 Favorite Ablums Eva ZmbZ9801/17/13
Some Stuff I Found HeyListen12/16/12
Favorite Albums (new complete list is coming) VanessaS11/30/12
Just Got Back From The Discomfort Spare11/18/12
Recs For Fenris MichaelSnoxall11/04/12
Part 2 Of 150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die undertakerpt10/29/12
The First Year I Got Into Music (2011) Bramladesh10/28/12
This Is A Malleus List MalleusMaleficarum10/04/12
Two Years And I've Learned Nothing. omnipanzer09/06/12
Top 20 Albums Of 2011 RollieQuibbs08/21/12
90's Will Never Die FevaPowa08/12/12
25 For A Quarter duckpride8207/02/12
1993 mttgry06/28/12
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years AngelofDeath06/20/12
Downloading Spree! Rhinosaur06/10/12
Indie: Required Listening SowingSeason05/15/12
Favorite Albums/EPs Of 2011 sethdavid05/11/12
21st Century (so Far) emc269104/11/12
Marko Muzika MassiveAttack03/05/12
Good Band / Bad Album luschlotz02/19/12
I Need To Listen To These Albums Some More Hopeland02/19/12
i need to download these ohfoxxxycole02/19/12
Girls! ch1l3n002/17/12
Most Overrated Albums Of 2011 lucazade2202/06/12
0111 1101 1011 taylormemer01/31/12
The 50 Best Albums Of 2011 aKidNamedConnor4101/22/12
Ty's 2011 Tyrael01/22/12
Auditions Siamois01/12/12
Top 25 Of 2011 SchebbARN01/11/12
Thann's 50 Of '11 Thanntos01/08/12
A Mutated 2011 Fugue01/06/12
Breaking It Down Yotimi01/02/12
Titan50's Songs Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
Planewreck's 2011 plane01/02/12
Titan50's Albums Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
Female Vocalists FromDaHood01/01/12
Happy New Year, Sputnik! Gyromania12/31/11
Download Spree outline12/29/11
Greg's Top Pop Songs Of 2011 greg8412/29/11
My Top Ten Of 2011 RedTravis71312/28/11
Zantera's Top 80 Albums/ep's In 2011 Zantera12/28/11
Best Of: 2011 stevecif12/28/11
My 2011 List Is Better Than Yours pcar12/28/11
Ali's 2011: ALBUMS AliW199312/27/11
MisterTornado in 2011 MisterTornado12/26/11
Best Songs Of 2011 lucazade2212/22/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2011 VenusInFlares9312/22/11
Top 20 Of 2011 stere53812/21/11
Iai's Top 75 Of 2011 Iai12/20/11
Best Of 2011 Jeffort2312/19/11
Preliminary Top 25 of 2011 sleepyhead12/19/11
Heavy Rain WashboardSuds12/18/11
Favorite Songs of 2011 hastapura12/18/11
Academy Of 2011 theacademy12/18/11
My Top Ten Albums Of 2011 CarterVance12/17/11
2011 O'clock Part Ii: The Good RiffOClock12/17/11
2011 In Butkuiss Butkuiss12/17/11
Malleus Does 2011 MalleusMaleficarum12/15/11
Greg's Top Albums Of 2011 greg8412/15/11
Haz's 2011 Haz12/15/11
Lumpsum's Top 25 Of 2011 LumpSum12/11/11
Hollier's Soundtrack To 2011 Motiv312/09/11
conrad presents 25 from 2011 conradtao12/07/11
What To Listen To Next? therayder12/07/11
M M X I AngelofDeath12/06/11
Need Indie/folk/alternative Recs puma3512/04/11
Favorite 4th Tracks luschlotz12/04/11
Great Albums Of 2011 OrangeHologram12/04/11
Awesome Songs Of 2011 AlmostSeriousOpinion12/03/11
Greg's Top 30 Songs Of 2011 greg8412/02/11
19 Favorite Albums Of The Year jeremologyy11/29/11
My Top 20 Tracks Of 2011 (so Far) skoerner1911/24/11
Gyromania Gyromania11/19/11
My Top 30 Of 2011 EpsilonJSTC11/18/11
Favorite Albums Of 2011 So Far (in No Order) RidersOnTheStorm6711/04/11
Happy John Peel Day sehguh10/25/11
The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse10/20/11
A Very 2011 List vmcoia9110/05/11
Solitary Confinement Butkuiss09/23/11
Antichrist vmcoia9109/21/11
Best Of 2011 Thus Far #2 AutoRock09/18/11
Why Do My Soundoffs Always Getd KILL09/16/11
Chicks AngelofDeath08/28/11
Top 20 Albums of 2011 Timon8708/14/11
Top 17 Of 2011 stere53808/06/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 1 ComfortablyDumb08/01/11
4.5 Or 5???? luschlotz07/31/11
2011: First Half (yes, This Shit Again) Zantera07/28/11
Reconstruction Site TheStefan07/27/11
Hollier's 2011 Motiv307/23/11
1st Half Of 2011, Awesome Year luschlotz07/05/11
Arras Main Square Festival 2011 clercqie07/05/11
Top Music Videos Of 2011 (so far) greg8406/29/11
Jamming Hard To 2011 Releases greg8406/26/11
Fsharp Presents: Video Games fsharptrit0ne06/23/11
Generic First Half 2011 List NickelbackFTL06/23/11
The 2011 List You Probably Haven't Heard Of conradtao06/11/11
Mallen's 1st Half 2011 mallen-06/11/11
Rec Me Some Sad Introspective Music dfumagalli23606/09/11
2011 Favorites (so Far) Monsterpoptart06/01/11
2011 Shenanigans vmcoia9105/30/11
Personal And Confidential. AggravatedYeti05/30/11
Some New Albums I Got WashboardSuds05/17/11
Favourite Songs Of The Year So Far armfarm05/15/11
Azerbaijan Is Not Europe pneumoniahawk9305/14/11
Last.fm Top 50 Artists Chrisjon8905/13/11
Top 10 Albums Of 2011...so Far aKidNamedConnor4105/11/11
Chriso's May Mixtape Chrisjon8905/06/11
Concerts 2011 / I Started A Tumblr sethdavid05/05/11
Rec Me Some Post/melodic Hardcore sethdavid05/03/11
Top 10 2011 So Far luschlotz04/24/11
Favorite Albums Of The 2000's aKidNamedConnor4104/24/11
In Need Of Recs Based On These Albums And Ep's I've Been Enjoying. Gnarwhalz04/23/11
Coachella Awards aok04/21/11
Klap 4 Coachella klap04/13/11
New Music Machine CKalip031904/13/11
2011 So Far #2 Titan5004/11/11
Top Albums Of 2011 So Far greg8404/06/11
Favorite Female Artists TheDegenerate04/05/11
Local H+the Dig Show @apr14 MassiveAttack04/04/11
Great Female Vocalists vmcoia9104/03/11
2011 And Dubstep Recs vmcoia9103/31/11
Best Of 2011: Quarter One TheDegenerate03/31/11
Q1 2011 NickelbackFTL03/27/11
Reptar! Reptar! Gotta Find That Reptar!! AggravatedYeti03/27/11
Futbol Tonight A Las Siete CelestialDust03/26/11
Victoria's Favorite Video Games vmcoia9103/22/11
Meatplow's 2011 Quarterly Roundup Pt. 1 Meatplow03/21/11
Epic Purim List Zion03/20/11
Home Recording Gear/software Chrisjon8903/19/11
2011 What The Hell BallsToTheWall03/11/11
Poptones huskerdoo03/09/11
Surprise Manginas! TheItalianStallion03/07/11
2011 So Far sleepyhead03/06/11
Woo huskerdoo03/06/11
I'm Desperate DENEpants03/04/11
2011 #2: February DoubtGin03/02/11
Favorite Artists zosofellini03/01/11
Feb. Purchases/downloads omnipanzer02/28/11
2011 So Far Titan5002/27/11
Using An Old School Keyboard Piglet02/26/11
Coachella Prep Lucid01/22/11
20 Best Albums Of 90's (Grindian's Follow Up) Zoop12/20/10
90's Top 20 Grindian12/20/10
Chicks That Rocked My 90's omnipanzer12/14/10
I Havent Listened To Daisy In A Long Time theacademy12/03/10
Best Acoustic Songs awhiteguy11/10/10
Batman (f) Ranked (and Sports) theacademy11/07/10
The Stuff Im Writing Is Sounding Like Pj Harvey CollectCallsToHome11/01/10
Sounds Of The City: London CollectCallsToHome10/25/10
Top 51 Albums Of The 1990's tokillme10/17/10
Rainy Day Albums CollectCallsToHome10/01/10
Cool Is Nick Zinner, CollectCallsToHome09/27/10
Vic's Awesome 90's vmcoia9108/11/10
90's Binge salival1308/04/10
What Band Combine These ? Ewednesday07/26/10
10 Best Songs Part 2 RustyJoint07/11/10
Top 20 Of The 90's nikki201006/19/10
Things My Bands E.p. Sounds Like Ewednesday02/06/10
I've Got A List That Will Get On Your Nerves Ewednesday02/02/10
Best Openers Titan5001/31/10
Rec Me Punk Titan5001/07/10
Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. cjstunna01/02/10
Klap's 100 Albums Of The '00s klap12/26/09
Hahaha Titan5012/13/09
The Soft F*cking List RustyJoint12/10/09
Kane Cooper's Top 50 Records Of The Decade Roach12/08/09
Meat Digs, 8/12/09 Meatplow12/07/09
Top 2000 Albums: 1800-1900 Titan5011/06/09
90's 90's 90's! funkymango10/15/09
Big Jugs Pt. 7 Meatplow07/09/09
Coffee, Ink And Just A Smidgen Of Sleep StreetlightRock06/15/09
Big Jugs Meatplow05/08/09
Jrowa001 Does The Shuffle jrowa00103/02/09
Albums That Cure My Ridicuous And Unneccessary Rage malhiver02/21/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
At The End Of My Shift... charlesfishtitz01/26/09
My Favorite 50 Of All Time jeremologyy01/08/09
My Top 100 Albums animalnitrate11/03/08
To Do List thebhoy08/18/08
Palette Cleansing sickofantsid08/17/08
Listening To As Of Late charlesfishtitz08/13/08
Asbergs Magical Journey Through Music: Summary ASberg08/03/08
Current Digs taylormemer07/30/08
Future Reviews taylormemer07/26/08
Ulver's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Jimmy's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Prepare To Get Your Mindblown jrowa00106/09/08
Recent Female Singer/songwriters I Have Been In Love With jrowa00105/03/08
Random Ebay Buying Spree sickjesus04/06/08
Stuff I've Recieved In The Past Week. DeadToPain03/11/08
Why My 07 List Sucks JAD01/09/08
2007: The Top 50 Iai01/02/08
Staff Picks: Top 50 Albums Of 2007 mx12/24/07
Iai's Best Of 2007 (top 15) Iai12/22/07
My Fav. Albums zane1234s11/30/07
My Favourite Albums Of All Time: Top 20 star6909/04/07
My Reccomendations MrKite03/02/07
Favourite Songs (at the moment) Aumgn11/18/06
My Fav. New Albums Hatshepsut10/07/06
This is Sweet Syncratic09/27/06
Introduction Syncratic08/30/06
THE NINETIES!!!!1 "Freshly Baked"08/12/06


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