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Metal Recs For A Friend Flugmorph01/25/15
Seasonal Depression yourgodisinferior01/24/15
What I'm Listening To Lately WhereTheSkyEnds01/20/15
Heavy Ass Songs BigPleb01/19/15
Top Albums Of 2014 RATM4601/07/15
Top 60 For 2014 insomniac1512/27/14
Official 2014 List: Stoner Metal Official2014Sput12/14/14
My Favourites Of 2014 charbyno12/07/14
What Albums Were Released The Year You Were Born BenMorrison12/04/14
Thirty Pretty Bullets Dressed In Plaid InbredJed10/11/14
2014: Some Metals ExplosiveOranges09/29/14
Favorite Albums Atm SharkTooth09/28/14
Orgasmic Outros micpattern09/24/14
Top Stoner Albums Cactupuss09/19/14
Metal Classics someguest09/18/14
Albums Worth Checking Out. Different Genres Of Metal and a little bit of Punk Rock thrown in. HeavyMetal2508/20/14
If Pokemon Were Albums ZombicidalMan07/29/14
Rec Me Some Metal With Clean Vocals hexfix9307/19/14
5 Metal Albuns From 2014 JesusMilosovic07/10/14
2014 Shit You Should Try Out SharkTooth06/30/14
Got Killed By 10,000,000 Pounds Of Sludge From New Orleans And Washington State anachronisticanarchy06/29/14
Stoned Drunk American Summer Inveigh06/28/14
2014 Digs So Far ExplosiveOranges06/27/14
Gym Song Digs yourgodisinferior06/11/14
Pick One...Have Fun oddyseus06/04/14
Favorite Albums '94-'14 RadioSuicide05/09/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Fleshpound05/08/14
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades StinkyPinky05/07/14
What You've All Been Wondering yourgodisinferior05/07/14
NOLA Ranked BigBlob04/24/14
The Yellow Riff Road BigPleb04/23/14
Riffs Of Doom rockandmetaljunkie03/17/14
Sputnik Sludge Vol. I Relinquished03/15/14
Saucy McRiffage Thibs03/05/14
Awesome Tv Series/Shows oWhoadYo03/04/14
Mardi Gras Emyay02/27/14
Hard Riffs BigPleb02/20/14
Album Collection Hits 100 Happy2review02/20/14
2013 Shows funtags02/19/14
So Much Music, And So Little Time Weirman02/18/14
Riff Goddamn City BigHans02/17/14
Retrograde: 2012 A Year Late Inveigh02/09/14
4 Years Of Sputnik MoosechriS02/08/14
Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9 neurisis1701/28/14
Album Purchases 199201/19/14
Albums That Changed My Music Life BlackCrow7901/18/14
So, What Did I Miss? BigHans01/16/14
Top 20 Metalbands metalMensch8801/11/14
2 Hard Metal Alben 2.0 metalMensch8801/11/14
Top Best Metalbands metalMensch8801/11/14
Top 15 Metal Albums Of 2012 joepiestar01/10/14
Recent Cd Purchases adace101/05/14
Best Bands I've Seen This Year nomwein12/18/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2007 Tokoloshe12/13/13
Fooked BigPleb11/16/13
I Look Way Too Young For My Age sapient11/01/13
Stoned And Psyched SmokyPeat10/27/13
Can't Sleep BigPleb10/20/13
Sore As Hellll Bruh NastyCrab10/17/13
Cuz Any Time Is Cumin' Time grish10/12/13
Thooper Groopth omnipanzer10/09/13
More Albums Smial09/28/13
Top 15 Metal/rock Albums Of 2012 charbyno09/23/13
100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy MoosechriS09/22/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2007 charbyno09/18/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2002 charbyno09/13/13
My Top 25 Albums FirstLucidDream09/08/13
Awesome Production/tone VisionsFromTheDarkSide09/06/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1995 charbyno09/06/13
Last Night Literally 'rocked' BigPleb08/17/13
2000 Ratings fr33convict07/24/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round Scum06/23/13
Download Fest! BigPleb06/11/13
My 20 Favourite Debut Metal Albums charbyno06/09/13
Favourite Metal Albums Of The 90s charbyno06/05/13
Ij's Path to Undoing InbredJed06/04/13
M/ Metal Brothers M/ MoosechriS05/24/13
End Of High School Digs slagun05/13/13
Cds That Don't Leave My Car Jeffrulesyou05/07/13
Metal's Best Debut Albums Thor04/30/13
Scum's Favorite Debut Albums Scum04/29/13
Stoner Riffs Of Truth InbredJed04/18/13
Download Fest 2013 BigPleb04/18/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
Any Reasons To Keep A Ps3 Gwyn.03/31/13
10 Best Songs To Get Drunk To... JakHutchcraft02/26/13
What Is Your Favorite Metal Genre laughingman2202/09/13
Social Experiment #1 youfailedme8702/01/13
Kill Me Minushuman2401/28/13
Bands I'm Excited To See At Download.. ButtsweatAndTears01/25/13
My Top 20 Metal Albums MetalMan9701/22/13
A Song With Better Riffs Than... EyesWideShut01/20/13
MY TOP 15 ALBUMS OF 2012 + 2 MORE 3M0N1C01/13/13
Omni's Day In Metal omnipanzer01/04/13
My Top 10 Albums Of 2012 BaseballJames12/24/12
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time! Liam8VIII12/21/12
List = Digs Emim11/19/12
My Top Albums of 2012 RATM4611/04/12
Pick Some Songs To Play thumbcrusher11/04/12
Parents And Weed afoolonahill11/02/12
One Year! Yays! Minushuman2411/01/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Albums Recently Purchased mike456410/29/12
My Top Metal Albums maidenpmcc10/27/12
Albums I Get Lost In Every Time theM3rcenary10/08/12
Diggin' Right Now LakeshoreStrangler09/25/12
Sludge Me With Stone k1ngy609/22/12
For The Love Of God Stop Listening To Crap. omnipanzer09/20/12
New Down Ep Streaming jrm9609/16/12
Top Albums Of 1995 Cghost09/10/12
What The World Needs Inveigh09/03/12
Albums Purchased In The Past Month mike456409/02/12
My Favorite Live Bands RATM4608/12/12
Rec Me Songs ilikebrutalmusic08/02/12
Sludge Dose #1 Euphoriuhhhh07/17/12
Finally a good Metal list \m/!!!!!!!!!!! ManintheBox07/12/12
Metal Died In 1989 NWOAHM66607/08/12
Awesome 90s Stuff thumbcrusher07/04/12
Southern Metal Recs? Metalstyles06/01/12
Rec Me Some Sludge Metal tjc515005/30/12
Scion Rock Fest 2012, Suggestions? AFunFrolic05/24/12
Favorite Live Albums RATM4604/24/12
Mimsy's Good Ish Emim04/24/12
What An Original List! Hawks04/21/12
Sludgy Goodness emc269104/12/12
Phil Anselmo Ringtones!!!! NWOAHM66604/06/12
Albums That Changes My Fife Spec04/01/12
Omni's 15k: Stealing Ty's Thunder omnipanzer03/23/12
Fav Vocal Performances (male) unretrovertigofied03/16/12
Sputnik Will And Testament BigHans03/08/12
2012 DoubtGin02/24/12
Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year) thecountlugosi02/23/12
Red Eyes Spec02/08/12
Stuff I Just Discovered This Year theM3rcenary01/29/12
Enhancing Your Music Listening Experience GuitarisGOOD01/28/12
Top 30 Albums RATM4601/23/12
Finally Getting Back Into Heavy Music Emim01/20/12
My Anticipated Releases This Year From The List Provided By Decibel Magazine SleepingGiant01/09/12
School Tomorrow tarkus01/02/12
Bands That Need A New Album 1.1 Imperial01/01/12
Stoner Rock/metal MFer12/31/11
Need More Southern Metal Emim12/29/11
Merry Christmas Sputnik JamieTwort12/23/11
Get Sludged eternium12/05/11
The Year Everyone Quit Their Band BaseballJames12/04/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade - 1990 - 1999 tysly12/01/11
Favorite 90's Metal Albums RATM4612/01/11
List No. 1 OverTheUnder11/11/11
What Disgusts You In Modern Metal NWOAHM66611/05/11
< 3 Me Some Hans omnipanzer10/12/11
Kyuss Lives! twlichty10/06/11
M/ JamieTwort09/02/11
It?s Been One Year Since You Looked At Me? omnipanzer09/02/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
Rec Me Some Southern Groove? Srangerthanficti0n08/12/11
Gon Thrash Rawk Hard Etc Today BigHans08/05/11
Friday M/ omnipanzer08/05/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
The Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived... Inveigh07/29/11
Stoner Rock greg8407/27/11
My Favourite Albums Srangerthanficti0n07/25/11
Louisifuckinana DominionMM107/14/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
Another Summer List JT207/01/11
My Favorite Albums buyrecords06/30/11
Dripping With Filth SCREAM!06/28/11
Vinyl I Bought Yesterday ScrotieMcBoogerballs06/27/11
Get Stoned! DoubtGin06/25/11
Down Or Pantera sonorirish06/12/11
1990's: Golden Age Of Music? Colliiiin06/08/11
Sputnik Revolution #6 JamieTwort06/07/11
Hans Entrance Music BigHans06/07/11
Rip Harmon Killibrew BigHands05/17/11
Scoot's Top 50 Favorite Songs Scoot05/12/11
Most Redneck Thing Emim05/04/11
Some Awesome Video Games jayfatha04/28/11
100 Greatest Metal Songs BigHans04/25/11
Inveigh's Favorite Metal Inveigh04/15/11
Expansion Raidho04/15/11
Voca List Emim04/14/11
Metal As Hell eternium04/08/11
GTFO LOL JK cirq04/04/11
The Hans 100 (records) BigHans04/04/11
Haven't Been Here For A Month!!! seifer04/03/11
Manliest List Ever BigHans03/31/11
2000-2009 Was Pretty Awesome jayfatha03/27/11
Brilliant Songs Scoot03/13/11
A Metal List JamieTwort03/13/11
2011 Albums? DoubtGin03/12/11
50 Favorite Albums GhettoIndieshit02/27/11
Kansas City Shuffle Emim02/25/11
My Ipod On Shuffle. jamiecoughlan02/16/11
Rec Me Some Southern Metal? Srangerthanficti0n02/14/11
Manly As F*ck Weekend Ahead BigHands02/04/11
Vinyl And hellridesnorth02/01/11
Old People At Subway Scoot01/31/11
Driving Music SirkSakaig01/26/11
Songs About Addiction Pt. 3 TheItalianStallion12/20/10
Hans.fm BigHans12/17/10
Sludgehammered TrapThemAlive12/16/10
60 Songs Of The 20th Century JamieTwort12/09/10
Sputnik Profiles: Inveigh TheAnalyzer12/06/10
Inbred Jed's Esoteric Adventure InbredJed11/29/10
My Ipod GhettoIndieshit11/28/10
Non-skip Interludes kangaroopoo11/24/10
Angel Slays The 90s AngelofDeath11/21/10
Essential Prog/Southern Sludge Recs ImpendingSpoon32111/21/10
Greg's Favorite Albums Of 1990s greg8411/09/10
Hans' Top 100 Songs BigHans11/08/10
Inveigh Does The 90's Inveigh11/05/10
Great Southern/southern-influenced Metal BringMeTheWaffles.11/03/10
Lifechanging Albums BringMeTheWaffles.11/03/10
100 Users Favorite Songs theacademy10/27/10
Top 10 Foods (and Albums To Make Them To) BigHans10/25/10
Bad Smells Ranked kangaroopoo10/15/10
Great Album Art (part 2) literalsurrealist10/11/10
Albums I'm Looking Forward To maidenpmcc10/10/10
Hans' Epic Circle Jerk BigHans10/05/10
Manly Metal Militia Inveigh09/28/10
Motorhead Has Big Balls Yes Koots09/26/10
90's METAL JamieTwort09/23/10
Itunes On Shuffle Skybreaker09/22/10
Fave Albums sonicjihad09/07/10
A Potent Brew (Sludge, Rawk & Hardcore) Inveigh08/30/10
America Rules Harder Inveigh08/16/10
Weekends Are Too Short EuphoricDysphoria8108/16/10
Sad Guitar Moments kangaroopoo08/15/10
Leaving Counterfeit08/12/10
Blender Is Retarded.. Counterfeit08/11/10
1,000 Ratings Inveigh08/11/10
Rec Me Some Black Metal That Doesn't Suck? misterhustle2408/08/10
90's - Albums kangaroopoo07/18/10
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things... Emim07/11/10
Can Someone Rec. Me Some Sludge Metal? theBlackWidow07/07/10
Some Stuff I Listened To Recently TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/06/10
20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik. DrGunther07/05/10
Book Series Blindsided07/01/10
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle Pt. 2 ironmaiden120406/24/10
Television Inveigh06/22/10
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle ironmaiden120406/21/10
The Evolution Of Steel Erect's Musical Progression SteelErectedb4you8er06/06/10
Russ Just Couldn't Save It. jacks59206/03/10
My Favorite Bands miandel0005/14/10
Albums I Bought This Year Dev51805/09/10
My Top 100 Rock/metal Albums JamieTwort04/28/10
4/20/10 Smoke Weed Playlist SteelErectedb4you8er04/20/10
Olympics supertouchox204/10/10
Songs For A Good Day azisnomarsa04/03/10
First List/what I've Been Listning To Dev51804/01/10
Grilling Music BigHans03/24/10
999 Comments eternium03/23/10
Best Deal Of All Time? eternium03/20/10
In The Electric Mist Inveigh02/26/10
Bands I Have Seen (or Have Tickets To See) Live fr33convict02/26/10
50 Worst Movies Ever..... TomServo02/02/10
More Stuff I've Been Addicted To Lately twiszted68901/31/10
Cult Of Luna Metalstyles01/22/10
Metalstyles' Digs Metalstyles01/17/10
Whiskey-soaked Music In Honor Of Love For Whiskey SteelErectedb4you8er01/09/10
Steel Erect's Decade List SteelErectedb4you8er12/31/09
Underrated (By Sputnik) Metal Inveigh12/30/09
Check Out My Band, If You Like These Albums SteelErectedb4you8er12/20/09
Top 100 Of The Decade. halloway12/18/09
Dial 1-800 Suck Balls Thrasher8611/28/09
Grunge/mellow Grunge/mellow Metal SephirothBlade11/21/09
Holy Fuck KILL11/01/09
My Favorite Bands junkyhead07/27/09
Latley I've Had Weird Tastes... Thrasher8607/01/09
Sick Bands At Hellfest 2009 TrojanWhore06/24/09
Your Fav. Metal Bands Ever Thrasher8606/16/09
Quake 2 Is An Awesome Game Rugter3204/11/09
What Keeps Me Sane? SoulReaper03/27/09
Snowed In = Excuse To Do Nothing kygermo03/02/09
Top 15 Albums O' Mine (the Genericness!) Rugter3202/04/09
Bands I Want To See Live inflames66611/26/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
Brilliant Songs Over 6 Minutes inflames66611/21/08
Metal Massacre! combustion0711/16/08
Snuff N Shuff combustion0711/09/08
Decibel Hall Of Fame TheResidents61911/06/08
My Top 10 Most Wanted bren73211/05/08
Albums I Will Never Get Sick Of inflames66611/04/08
I Dislike Metal! Granfalloon10/20/08
Ipod On Shuffle inflames66610/20/08
Recent Buys DeathThrashProg09/07/08
Taco Flavoured Kisses MadnessUnhallowed06/30/08
Music I chill too combustion0706/04/08
Updated Jams At Work ZEEKER18704/26/08
Albums That Go With Me Everywhere TamsinGadai04/16/08
Recovery Listening MadnessUnhallowed04/03/08
The 10 Albums I Jam At Work ZEEKER18703/28/08
My Favorite Albums Of 2007 greg8402/18/08
Home From Uni MadnessUnhallowed02/14/08
Shuffled blackened0712/30/07
My Top 25 Albums Of 2007 CoreySzn12/28/07
Post Christmas Spending Jim12/26/07
Shopping List Jim12/18/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
Top 5 Recent Discoveries burton.and.gas09/17/07
Cds I Got This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/15/07
21st Century Masters: blink-182 The Sludge09/11/06
Shopping List Tarantino's Tarantulas07/31/06
Albums I just ordered f_u_c_t07/18/06


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