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My Fav 2014 Albums mikep8701/26/15
Top 20 Songs Of 2014 sin6901/24/15
Best of 2014 progsun01/24/15
Daddy's 100 Songs Of 2014 ComeToDaddy01/14/15
Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014 FearThyEvil01/12/15
Happy New Year! Flugmorph01/10/15
Missed 2014 Gems thelastsignal01/10/15
The Best Of 2014 In Metal ManintheBox01/01/15
Personal Top Metal Albums Of 2014 Agoremageddon12/31/14
Rushed 2014 List From Hell Flugmorph12/28/14
Everything 2014 EverythingEvil211312/23/14
Best Of 2014 KingdomOfTyrant12/20/14
Thibs' 2014: 60 Favourite Albums Thibs12/20/14
Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 2014 Jacob818Hollows12/18/14
Dats not da aoty 2014 (top 20) DatsNotDaMetulz12/15/14
someguest Finds Purpose someguest12/11/14
Top Ten Melodic Death Metal Bands Royl12312/09/14
2014: Top 100 (Damn I Listened To A Lot Of Music This Year) JCGold1412/05/14
Pleb's 2014 So Far BigPleb11/19/14
Blue trve11/13/14
2014: The Year That Keeps On Giving Atari10/29/14
My Taste Buds. deyp10/08/14
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
1-1/2 Years On Sputnik. Favorite Albums Found Here. mikep8709/23/14
Geology Ignimbrite09/18/14
1989-2013 Metal Favs iBlue09/16/14
2014: Best So Far... Revenant7309/09/14
Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Pt. 2 Xenorazr09/07/14
Progressive Melodeath Madbutcher309/01/14
Death Of Summer Apollo09/01/14
Malazan Book Of The Fallen? Ignimbrite08/28/14
2009 PytkaWonsza08/27/14
Pleb Gigs BigPleb08/27/14
Judio!'s Favorites! Of! 2014! So! Far! Judio!08/11/14
Uploaded My First Song alarm08/01/14
Fav Melodic Death atm Flugmorph07/24/14
2011 PytkaWonsza07/18/14
Insomnium Ranked alarm07/17/14
Jac's 1st Half 2014 Jacquibim07/01/14
Yet Another Mid-2014 List adace106/30/14
Best Albums Of 2014...so Far JCGold1406/29/14
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 Manqaness2406/28/14
2014 Digs So Far ExplosiveOranges06/27/14
Favorite Melodic Death Metal Albums mikep8706/27/14
10 Best Metal Albums I Have Come Across In The Last 6 months mikep8706/27/14
2014 Aoty So Far DatsNotDaMetulz06/24/14
Sci-fi Cliches menawati06/07/14
Computer's Fried Diamondize06/04/14
Mimsy Shuffle? Emim05/27/14
Metal Recs hexfix9305/25/14
In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump ExplosiveOranges05/18/14
Want To Start Learning Guitar benkim05/14/14
Personal Favourites of 2014 so far. Shabz05/09/14
Early 2014 EverythingEvil211305/06/14
Awesome Melodic Death Metal ExplosiveOranges05/05/14
Baby Birds Rule Jacquibim05/01/14
2014 So Far: March And April adace104/30/14
Favorite Metal Album Covers adace104/30/14
Recent Pickups Manqaness2404/26/14
Twenty Fourteen Recs Keyblade04/26/14
Music To Listen To November0604/22/14
Recs For Danny Avagantamos04/14/14
Willie's Q1 Listens Willie04/03/14
March Pick-ups Diamondize03/29/14
Bands I've Seen/will See Soon SCREAM!03/16/14
My Newest Acquisitions Flugmorph02/12/14
Essential Melodic Death Metal Solaire02/03/14
To Check Out StandGuard01/21/14
Best Melodeath Songs deathtwister01/12/14
Needs Recomendations For Melodic Death Manqaness2401/02/14
New Year Digs BigPleb12/30/13
Finnish Albums I Enjoy EvoHavok12/26/13
Started Playing F F I V Avagantamos12/11/13
Discogs I Need To Finish Pestiferous12/05/13
To Shave or Not to Shave? SadAndHolyGlow11/30/13
Stuff I've Been Listening To oathofsolace11/19/13
New User's First List: Top 20 oathofsolace10/16/13
Instrumental Avagantamos10/15/13
Blue. Vakarian1210/11/13
Death Metal Of The 2010s Jacquibim09/26/13
Rip To All The Victims! Muisc4Life2609/11/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Relatively Unknown Albums You Need To Hear Duckman11808/22/13
Lyrics Malcontent07/29/13
So Many Thinks, So Many Feels KimmsightMatters05/30/13
An Hour Or So Of Youtube Suggestions pbass005/05/13
Melancholy For The Soul Keyblade04/26/13
Not Another Easter List NeoSpaz03/31/13
Help Me Sputbros Apollo03/24/13
I'm Not Desperate... I Always Wear This Much Make-up! darlingfemmefatal03/19/13
An Irrelevant List NeoSpaz03/19/13
Itunes Top 25 Vakarian1202/24/13
"gentleman's" Melodic Death Anyone? RollieQuibbs02/12/13
Gonna Start A Cycle Today ButtsweatAndTears02/05/13
Atari's Top 50 Atari01/29/13
Metal Of The Current Decade Sevhead01/08/13
The ABC's Of Good Music (part 1) Atari12/04/12
Music Of Finland Havey11/25/12
New Hard Drive Shuyin11/21/12
Recs For A Newcomer Jakoffnow11/06/12
Spreading The Word pausethatplz11/01/12
Melodeath/Post Hardcore Recos Ecnalzen10/23/12
Good Fall Albums ViralOblivion10/20/12
My Top 20 Artists And Stuff Wafflez10/13/12
Atari's 15 Favorite Metal Bands. Atari09/29/12
South Park & Digs Atari09/28/12
I'm New Here MercyFalls1909/25/12
4000 Comments johnnydeking2909/25/12
Top 25 Albums Of 2011 illuminatus91709/25/12
Staff xVision09/15/12
Night-time Walks Songs Vakarian1209/13/12
Need Trve Metal Recs dunksman2309/09/12
Best Songs Ever Part 78 DarthMann09/04/12
Enough? johnnydeking2908/16/12
50 Albums That Refuse To Leave My Mp3 Player. Shogun07/30/12
Anyone Else An Ambivert Here? benkim07/23/12
Music With Epicness alpherbethegamow07/20/12
Top 10 Insomnium Songs Shogun07/20/12
Ty Turns Two! Tyrael07/18/12
Melodic Deth Metulz Wafflez07/15/12
I Like Where This Is Going SlowlyFallingAwake07/14/12
Recommend Me Some Metalz tehgangstaz06/28/12
Exams Are Finished Systemunfolded06/05/12
Very Death Friday mifzal06/01/12
Death metal I love Systemunfolded04/30/12
So I Lost Everything... benkim04/12/12
Rainy Day DarkSideOfLucca04/01/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Favorite Melodeath DieDead02/07/12
Rec Me Some Metal! D41V30N01/31/12
Melodeath Rec's Shuyin01/24/12
Ty's 2011 Tyrael01/22/12
Ipod's 2011 One Year I'll Get It Right. NocteDominum01/17/12
Dangler's '11 TheFantasticDangler12/29/11
Top11albumsof11 PolarManki12/29/11
My Top Metal Albums Of The Year for 2011 RedTravis71312/28/11
Favorite Albums From 2011 (w/ Mini Reviews) standundefeated12/28/11
Stylin Through 2k11 Metalstyles12/22/11
2011 Billboard Top 40 engleprunt12/20/11
Recs Please BigShark12/18/11
I Am Legal manicmonkey12/17/11
Crysis' Top m/ Of 20// Crysis12/09/11
The 2011 Tip Of The Iceberg pencils312/03/11
Digs AfterTheBreakdown11/22/11
Rec Me Bands Like This AfterTheBreakdown11/20/11
What I Be Carryin telebyrd11/16/11
Willie's Top 50 Of 2011 Willie11/09/11
Faggot Entry Of The Day #1 Killerhit11/02/11
The New Guy/all Time Favorites HiLion10/19/11
Stomp Stomp KimmsightMatters10/18/11
U No Wat Band Sux? telebyrd10/17/11
100 More? TheEnigma10/16/11
Oh Yeah, Lists! Zion10/14/11
Kimm's Quandary KimmsightMatters10/06/11
Death Metal I Need More Of It BDx9410/05/11
Happy Saturday KimmsightMatters10/01/11
25 Melodeath Masterpieces RandolphCarter09/30/11
Best Bands I Came To Know Through Sputnik benkim08/12/11
My Favorite Song From Each Of Of My 20 Favorite Albums benkim08/09/11
My 20 Favorite Albums benkim08/08/11
Melodic Death Metal Shuyin06/11/11
My Top 5 Metal Bands Etherealdawn06/11/11
Where Are The F*ing Charts? benkim06/05/11
You Can't Kill The Metal EverythingEvil211306/01/11
Scandinavian Death Metal RightSaidFred05/24/11
My Favorite Dual-track Songs XfingTheSullen05/17/11
Guitar Shreddage darlingfemmefatal02/26/11
Bands Sputnik Has Introduced Me To MortalKombat02/13/11
Melodeath Itwasthatwas02/08/11
Need Some Melodic Death Metal Rec's asylum66701/21/11
Insomnium Binge, And No I'm Not Crazy Darkvoid6701/18/11
Jizz's Top 10 Albums Ranks JizzInMyPants12/14/10
Melodic Death Metal Recs Darkvoid6712/09/10
Favourite Album Artwork Spec11/29/10
Fifty Albums... TheJackal11/26/10
Need Nu Musik JizzInMyPants11/15/10
Sputnik Glossary HSThomas11/14/10
Loadz And Loadz Of Downloadz BeardedIdiot11/12/10
FuckingRIFFS qwe311/06/10
4+ ? Gtfo! Countess11/01/10
100 Users Favorite Songs theacademy10/27/10
Gothenburg!!!!!!! SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc10/22/10
Albums You Need To Hear Spec10/19/10
Deviant Looks Back At 2009 Deviant.10/18/10
Muffins v. Indiana: New Favorites Since Joining Sputnik renovatio78609/26/10
Current Metal Favorites Zion09/22/10
My Top 10 Fav Songs IntoTheShadow09/08/10
Take A Shot At Deviant! Deviant.08/20/10
Weekends Are Too Short EuphoricDysphoria8108/16/10
Tink Reaches 1,000 tinkrbel08/15/10
Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me. Yeahtoast08/09/10
I Hate You All Mewcopa07/25/10
Recent Digs Spec07/15/10
Jizzinmypant's Favorite Users JizzInMyPants07/12/10
Band Name Help Mclovin06/11/10
5 Reviews! vanderb0b04/27/10
Melodic Death Metal chait1204/27/10
There Are Too Many People Alive Yeahtoast04/03/10
50 Favorite Songs Ever TomServo04/01/10
All These Albums Rule chambered8903/26/10
Metal!!! Cesar03/23/10
My First List ArchoN01/22/10
My Favorite Shows Ranked JizzInMyPants01/20/10
My Favourite All-time Albums Janv9201/13/10
Various Metal I'm Liking... Markk101/06/10
Just My Random Favorite Songs TheSorrow80501/04/10
Favorite Bands TheSorrow80501/03/10
Top 20 Albums Of 2009 TomServo12/31/09
And You Tell Me That Melodeath Sucks?! gmurcielago1412/16/09
(provisional) Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2009 lucazade2212/16/09
Into The Winter... danceofdecembersouls12/14/09
Jumping On The 09 List Bandwagon Dystopic12/10/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2002 FeralMemories12/07/09
If Atheist Ruled The World JizzInMyPants12/03/09
Progressive Melodeath Metalstyles11/20/09
Crysis' Top Of 2009 Crysis11/06/09
Incredible Melo-death That I'm Digging Progmaster8510/29/09
Im Working On My Project... JizzInMyPants10/29/09
Finally Touched The Unreal Engine JizzInMyPants10/23/09
Stu[idest Vid I Ever Saw In My Life JizzInMyPants10/07/09
So They Banned Hats In My School Grounds Yazz_Flute09/25/09
Staging A Review Comeback JizzInMyPants09/08/09
Favourite Bands lucazade2209/01/09
My Melodeath Metal Top 10 ameypv08/18/09
my 09 listens ranked melv1nratedr08/14/09
2009 - Rec Non-metal Albums Yazz_Flute08/10/09
Recs Please! alexmetres08/09/09
Lmfao So Funny! JizzInMyPants08/05/09
Insomnium Songs Ranked Yazz_Flute07/31/09
Dildos jingledeath07/28/09
Favourite Metal Albums Kainetic07/27/09
Albums I Need To Actually Buy mothergoose07/26/09
Random Current Picks mothergoose07/24/09
My Last List BeardedIdiot07/23/09
Summer Pt 1 feav23307/22/09
Top 10 Insomnium JizzInMyPants07/14/09
Top 6 Most Eagerly Anticipated To Release This Year JizzInMyPants07/06/09
That Frigin Skull On This Webpage Scared Me Today JizzInMyPants06/30/09
Did You Hear About That? pyogeniccortex06/21/09
10 Essential Melodic Death Metal Lunarfall06/01/09
Roadtrip mothergoose05/20/09
Hi My Name Is Anthracks JizzInMyPants05/11/09
Shit Ive Been Listening To Recently JizzInMyPants05/04/09
Favourite Bands: Mixed BertFF05/02/09
So I'm Getting A New Bed... pyogeniccortex02/14/09
Scissor Me Timbers! Phantom02/05/09
2009 Zoo02/04/09
Just For Fun Excalibur01/29/09
Bands I Currently Dig pyogeniccortex01/29/09
Winter Listenings FistfulOfSteel01/14/09
Favorite Albums Dreamerdude2601/11/09
2009 Crimson01/09/09
My Current Favourite Albums! toseland1512/29/08
Artists I Want To Check Out In 2009 Altmer12/25/08
Bands I Need To Get Into/ Get More Of Their Albums Tumbleweed12/22/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Rasputin Wins rasputin12/06/08
Songs I Need More Of Crysis11/23/08
Top 10 Most Wanted V3 Aeksis874509/05/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
When This First Started Off... willfellmarsy08/18/08
Glorious To-get List McP300007/25/08
Im Here In New York On Vacation McP300007/23/08
Pissed SynGates07/20/08
More From Amazon.com McP300006/30/08
My Top 10 Bands crazycobs05/28/08
Flying Too Close To... willfellmarsy05/19/08
My Favorite Metal Albums Of 2006 fXpT04/25/08
Current Favorite Bands Theunbrokenwolf04/15/08
Album Experiences TheDistantFuture04/08/08
A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik SCREAM!04/05/08
Death Metal+progressive=: ) TheDistantFuture03/29/08
Updated Top 10 Most Wanted Aeksis874503/17/08
Digging Melo Death SCREAM!03/06/08
What I've Listened To Today Pluh02/25/08
1 Year At Sputnik Yazz_Flute02/03/08
My Ipod metallicaman802/01/08
My Top 5 Bands Cole67301/29/08
Like These? Jerrydavidson01/20/08
Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!! Reign_In_Blood_8901/14/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
My Top 50 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute01/04/08
Crysis' Shuffle Crysis12/27/07
My Favorite Albums: 1990-2007 Yazz_Flute12/23/07
My 10 Favorite Songs Crysis12/10/07
Buying Spree!!! Yazz_Flute12/08/07
Ultimate Insomnium Yazz_Flute11/29/07
Recs Please Jerrydavidson11/28/07
Recommend Me Some Good Bands Altmer11/27/07
One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal Crysis11/25/07
Thanksgiving Tunes Crysis11/20/07
My Top 10 Bands Cole67311/19/07
Birthday Wishlist Yazz_Flute11/14/07
Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands Yazz_Flute11/06/07
With The Flaming Shades Of Fall.... Yazz_Flute11/05/07
Pairs Of 3... Take Two..... Mother Fuckers Crysis11/03/07
Top 20 Songs 10+ Minutes Long Yazz_Flute10/25/07
Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs metallicaman810/25/07
Recent Digs Crysis10/02/07
Most Beautiful Metal Songs Crysis09/22/07
Tunes Of My Viking War Ship Crysis09/20/07
In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere Crysis09/16/07
My Top 50 Yazz_Flute09/10/07
Albums I Bought This Summer Crysis08/30/07
Bands I Wish To Check Out In The Coming Months Altmer08/30/07
The End Of Summer Krista1708/28/07
Misanthropy Crysis08/28/07
Good Metal Albums Crysis08/26/07
Long Trip To Jersey SCREAM!08/17/07
Top 10 Most Wanted In Metal Aeksis874508/16/07
Top 20 Most Played Songs Crysis08/07/07
Overlooked Metal Albums Crysis08/02/07
Crysis' Favorite Album Art Crysis07/27/07
Songs On My Ipod Over 10 Minutes In Length Yazz_Flute07/18/07
Thoughts? Monticello07/15/07
Best Metal Instrumentals Crysis07/01/07
Complete My Albums SCREAM!06/20/07
Best Intro Riffs Crysis06/10/07
5 Death Metal Songs That Have Awesome Openings Ancient05/14/07
Another Long Trip... south_of_heaven 1104/13/07
My Top 10 Most Addicted Metal Albums XTA04/10/07
Top 30 Albums Crysis03/19/07
Epic Eakflanderyof02/25/07
10 Scandanavian Reasons freudianslipknot12/31/06
Top 5 Metal Ablums Of '06 Crysis12/27/06
Melodic Death Masterpieces Crysis12/25/06
My Top Metal Albums of 2006! Vanwarp12/10/06
New Top 50 Hatshepsut12/09/06
Melodic Eargasm wikuk12/08/06
2006 bitches Hatshepsut11/12/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
My Favorite Albums Blokus08/11/06
Best Melodic Death Bands You've Never Heard of Shadows08/06/06


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