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Metal Recs For A Friend Flugmorph01/25/15
Winter Metal pedro7051201/23/15
Atmospheric BM puntugruhm01/22/15
Sup Sput Bros carved01/19/15
A List Ryus12/29/14
So Grim Outside.... BallsToTheWall11/18/14
Introduction -> First Track VinVal11/14/14
Winter Black Metal AstralBlood11/10/14
Black Metal pyroflare7710/26/14
On A Metal Kick Funeralopolis10/20/14
Black Metal magienoire10/13/14
Folk/black Metal Nud10/13/14
Orgasmic Outros micpattern09/24/14
The - Q U A L I T Y - Black Metal Exchange Phobonnika09/14/14
Pre-2014 Bm Recs Please AaronIsCrunchy09/10/14
Autumn Music AstralBlood08/27/14
Summoning Albums Ranked FuneralMarch08/21/14
Bm On Its Way AnimalsAsSummit08/14/14
My Favorite Black Metal Albums Anthemic08/09/14
Grim Faces In Cold Places TheSpirit08/03/14
My Top 10 Bm Nud07/18/14
Top 30 Best Albums Of 2013 FuneralMarch07/16/14
2013 PytkaWonsza07/14/14
Recommend Me Black Metal Gameofmetal07/09/14
Dark Metal Pt. 2 Keyblade07/02/14
To Listen Sagax06/29/14
Black Metal yourgodisinferior06/26/14
Black Metal Extravaganza anachronisticanarchy06/25/14
Movies Ranked RoyalImperialGuard06/22/14
30 Black Metal Albums! Brabiz06/08/14
Rec Me Atmosphere AstralBlood05/03/14
Mixing Alcohol: Sput Edition RoyalImperialGuard05/02/14
Atmospheric Black Metal Nud04/30/14
Favorite Metal Album Covers adace104/30/14
The Grand Budapest Hotel RoyalImperialGuard04/14/14
Broing 101 With Dr. Balls RoyalImperialGuard03/28/14
Summoning Albums Ranked Nud03/24/14
Tolkien Inspired Bands That Kick Ass lyzakthellama03/14/14
Oltnabrick's Favorite Songs From_2013_ oltnabrick03/07/14
The Frostiness Of A Chilling Delightful Ice Cream And As You Devour It In The Black Of A Deep Forest...... headphones02/14/14
Summoning Albums Ranked JMH9001/27/14
Best Active Black Metal Bands Alastor01/24/14
Contributors' Top 50 Of 2013 GnarlyShillelagh01/20/14
A Lurker's Guide To 2013 - Top 50 Albums Thanntos01/17/14
Black Metal Vakarian1201/17/14
Key To 2013 Keyblade01/11/14
3+ For 2013 VisionsFromTheDarkSide01/01/14
Music Guide Of 2013 NationalRadio12/31/13
Toaster's 2013 ITsHxCTOASTER12/28/13
2k13: Styles' Year Metalstyles12/27/13
Album Of The Year List 2013 DatsNotDaMetulz12/26/13
2013 Black M/ VinVal12/25/13
Poohbearcore: This Time With More Honey Evreaia12/25/13
Amphoteric's Top 50 Albums Of 2013 Amphoteric12/20/13
Hawks' Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2013 Hawks12/19/13
Hi Sputnik yourgodisinferior12/07/13
Metal Of 2013 \m/ And Give Me Recs ManintheBox12/05/13
Atmospheric Bm Digs Atari12/04/13
Nocte's Best Albums Of 2013 NocteDominum12/03/13
Gs3k's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 GrandpaSeth300012/02/13
Adace's Top 50 Of 2013 adace111/28/13
Jac's Top 25 Of 2013 Jacquibim11/27/13
Finishing Up 2013 robertsona11/27/13
When Sputnik Users Change.... TheSlenderMan11/26/13
Stages On Life's Way kalki11/21/13
I Want A 2013 Rec Mike0811/19/13
Anal Fissures YetAnotherBrick11/18/13
Recommend Me Black Metal JMH9011/17/13
Are You Metal? kalki11/03/13
Relieve Me Of My Metal "pleb" Status lyzakthellama10/24/13
Favourite Black Metal Albums Of 2013 So Far Spoink10/21/13
It's Time For Fall! N2B3J10/05/13
Songs That Will Make You Cry BallsToTheWall09/24/13
2013 Is Kicking My Ass adace109/17/13
The Family... BallsToTheWall09/16/13
Fresh Blood YetAnotherBrick09/09/13
Cap's 2013 Digs CaptainDooRight08/28/13
My 2013 Ranked Artuma08/24/13
Rec Me 2013 Releases! Hastigr08/16/13
Combating The Sun's Hatred With Metal BallsToTheWall08/13/13
Guilty Of Being White theweightofdarkness07/29/13
Ty's Third Sputversary Tyrael07/24/13
Dark Metal Keyblade07/22/13
Recent Hard Digs Jacquibim07/22/13
One Year On Sputnik N2B3J07/21/13
Summoning Ranked Hawks07/14/13
Big Brother NationalRadio07/09/13
Halfway geasoftime07/03/13
Top 50 theweightofdarkness06/23/13
Music For Depression Dodecahedron06/20/13
Black Metal Favorites theweightofdarkness06/18/13
2013 Thus Far FictionalFlames06/12/13
2013 So Far EverythingEvil211306/09/13
How Good Is New New Summoning? Keyblade05/26/13
Melancholy For The Soul Keyblade04/26/13
How Often Do You Listen To Your Favorite Albums? Keyblade04/23/13
2 Key Years Keyblade04/18/13
Butthole Sputnikers Anniversary mindleviticus04/09/13
Upcoming Albums geasoftime03/28/13
Happy Birthday Noctus 2013! [: DarkNoctus03/27/13
Metal: An Essential Library fireandblood03/25/13
2013 Aoty Ovrot02/28/13
Snow Sucks NationalRadio02/27/13
Rules And Gonna Rule 2013 BallsToTheWall02/24/13
Lifting For Metal: The Official Soundtrack BallsToTheWall02/23/13
10 Black Metal Recomendations CrimsonFloyd02/01/13
Hero Metal BallsToTheWall01/30/13
Why Cthulhu Is Going To Own 2013 And Why You Will Be Willing To Submit Your Sanity BallsToTheWall01/23/13
2013 Will Be Great Ovrot01/21/13
I Bow To No Man...except Karl Urban BallsToTheWall01/19/13
Diggity Diggity Doo Keyblade01/14/13
Aoty 2013 Ovrot01/02/13
Black Metal 2013 Anticipations zaruyache01/01/13
Warhammer And D&d jesuslover4601/01/13
New Years... Hawks12/31/12
100 90s Metal Albums Funeralopolis12/10/12
Winter Adventuring In The Grim Woodlands BallsToTheWall12/06/12
Favorite Closers HitlerIsPissed11/23/12
Taco Bell Ii: The Reckoning BallsToTheWall11/08/12
The King Of Heavy Metal TheSpirit10/25/12
Popcorn Season Melanin10/20/12
Top 50 Metal Albums Ever SlMBOLlC10/14/12
I Like Where This Is Going SlowlyFallingAwake07/14/12
Hello Friends... 420jj666funk69money06/27/12
Rec Me Doom And Other Dark Stuff dylanjones4206/27/12
Nerd Rock sonictheplumber06/26/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Awesome Giant List #2 BlueW05/09/12
Terra-forming Ethical? agent50205/02/12
Favorite Metal Albums Freakeye04/13/12
Don't You Eyeball Me BallsToTheWall04/11/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Noctus' Favourite Albums Of All Time!! :] DarkNoctus03/22/12
Major Darkness Expo ProfessorVeerappan03/03/12
Final Fantasy Tactics CrimsonFloyd03/01/12
State Patty's Day Hawks02/22/12
Medieval Studies? Hawks02/08/12
Metal Ain't Dead Yet... mbrigham102/08/12
Just Got Skyrim tarkus01/21/12
Some Metal in this fucking site Shuyin01/20/12
Trve Kvlt Black Metal Shuyin12/28/11
Skyrim Hawks12/27/11
Bands Overdue For New Albums mariothehedgehog12/23/11
Bored Shuyin12/20/11
Thanksgiving Digs/Dishes Ignimbrite11/23/11
Favorite TV Shows Ignimbrite11/19/11
In Metal We Trust BallsToTheWall11/14/11
90's Black Metal BallsToTheWall10/05/11
Release A New Album Already FeralMemories10/02/11
The Terrible Twosome BallsToTheWall09/25/11
Drinks And Stuff iZac08/02/11
Qweading qwe307/16/11
________ Your Mom FrankRedHot07/12/11
I Was In An Aeroplane Over The Sea. TheArkitecht07/02/11
Black Metal RightSaidFred05/25/11
An Ode To Sputnikmetal BallsToTheWall04/22/11
Essential Metal Songs BallsToTheWall04/11/11
Happy Birthday Noctus! :] DarkNoctus03/26/11
Music For Idiots TAB03/20/11
Hi Guys! :] DarkNoctus03/20/11
Does Anyone Know Want More To Look Like? SirFeonix03/19/11
Black Metal TheArkitecht03/06/11
True Pioneers In Metal paravoid01/01/11
Melodic/symphonic Black Metal That Doesn't Suck Hyperion100112/20/10
Essential Folk, Viking, And Epic Metal AngelofDeath11/16/10
Lastfm Has A Dating Site BallsToTheWall11/04/10
Internet Access Back!!!!!!! TheSpirit11/02/10
Feeling Super Kvlt Today BallsToTheWall10/31/10
A Journey Through Music AngelofDeath10/16/10
Best Of... Black Metal! rc128810/13/10
Fave Band Vocalist summonerofmetal08/24/10
My Serious Problem Part 2. BeyondSanity08/14/10
read my list or i will eat a kitten huffndoback07/27/10
Summer = Lazy TheSpirit07/15/10
Let's Go Back TheSpirit07/08/10
Summoning Ranked TheSpirit07/01/10
We're All Burning In The Melting Pot combustion0706/16/10
Good Black Metal Man chambered8905/29/10
Morrowind On My Mac qwe305/19/10
Oh Hey SrightryEpic04/12/10
And So It Begins... FeralMemories03/20/10
24 Car Ride Friday, Need Music!!!!!!!!!!!! AnotherBrick103/10/10
Recent Diggs Diggs Digs TheSpirit03/10/10
Dream Concert combustion0703/04/10
Making Some Toast TheSpirit02/17/10
Albums I Can't Stop Listening... Mindtraveller02/15/10
Extreme Metal - Top 25 - Mindtraveller02/09/10
When I Rule The World... TheSpirit01/28/10
First User To 20,000 Posts? BallsToTheWall01/16/10
Feav Diggs 01 feav23312/20/09
Indomitable Digs TheSpirit12/18/09
Rasputin Recs Black Metal rasputin12/15/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1995 FeralMemories12/14/09
3hoe!3 TheSpirit12/11/09
Best Metal 99-09 plutosatanclubhouse12/10/09
Audiosurf: Ride Your Music Zion12/01/09
Black Metal Not From Scandinavia Crysis11/18/09
Started Oblivion Again maqwep10/30/09
Jigs jingledeath10/26/09
Black Metal Digs plutosatanclubhouse10/12/09
Recent Digness Fxxkit1310/08/09
Sputnik>>everything Fxxkit1309/20/09
1000 Comment List! Fxxkit1309/03/09
I Am The Googlecom! ThyCrossAwaits08/02/09
Jams/rec Me Stuff combustion0707/08/09
Hellthy Bealltainn07/04/09
Mcpromotions To Classic Status McP300006/29/09
A Band For Two, Please Altmer06/24/09
Been Listening To masscows02/23/09
Excessively Cheesy Intros Lunarfall02/03/09
Listening To New Things (and Some Old Things) Altmer01/30/09
Rahhhhh Blashyrkh Rahhhhh SlowlyWeRot01/23/09
Ipod On Shuffle dahmerszombies01/22/09
The Best Of Mcp McP300001/02/09
Favorites Of 2006 McP300012/28/08
Favorites Of 2001 McP300012/19/08
10 Favorite Moments In Metal Lunarfall12/13/08
Summoning: Best To Worst Lunarfall11/06/08
My Favorite/most Aesthetically Appealing Album Covers McP300011/05/08
My Massive To-get List NOTINTHEFACE10/30/08
1 Year, 50 Albums McP300010/02/08
A Dig List To Reckon McP300009/14/08
Black Metuhl south_of_heaven 1109/11/08
Favorite Songs Eakflanderyof09/09/08
Last 20 Albums Played McP300009/04/08
Glorious To-get List McP300007/25/08
I Found A New Music Store...cactus Music McP300007/19/08
Digggggggggggggg Crysis07/13/08
Folk/viking Metal Recs!! jrowa00107/05/08
Kmagnum's 20 Essential Albums kmagnum1x04/22/08
A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik SCREAM!04/05/08
One Week Off, One Week Of Music StreetlightRock03/30/08
Most Wanted List Crimson03/04/08
My Updated Favorite Albums... No Order naboo01/19/08
Albums I Need To Check Out Altmer12/31/07
Crysis' Shuffle Crysis12/27/07
One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal Crysis11/25/07
Albums I Must Have Crysis11/13/07
Enjoyment Pt. 3 south_of_heaven 1110/14/07
Attn Metal Militia Angmar10/11/07
5 Albums I Need Right Now SCREAM!10/01/07
Tunes Of My Viking War Ship Crysis09/20/07
Recommendations? Izzy10109/05/07
Digging Atm Izzy10109/04/07
Albums I Bought This Summer Crysis08/30/07
Awesome Folk Metal Albums Angmar08/23/07
Going To College south_of_heaven 1108/22/07
Favorite Black Metal Songs Crysis07/31/07
Metal + Epic = Good Crysis07/22/07
Yay! New Metal Purchases Crysis07/20/07
My All Time Favorite Songs Eakflanderyof06/04/07
Epic Eakflanderyof02/25/07
Awesome bands i found on my uncles magazine Diabulus in musica10/09/06
Songs I'm Into Right Now naboo07/28/06


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