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My Gateway Bands mickeymfb04/10/10
Great Song Bridges synergy04/08/10
The Narrow-minded Nu-millenium IleftyspankedU04/04/10
Songs For A Good Day azisnomarsa04/03/10
The Forgotten Ones Masochist03/24/10
Just a few bands/artists that i like... thischarmingman03/22/10
What People At My School Listen To. Lakes.03/19/10
Title: Something Deive druglesshippie03/19/10
Bands That I Believed Created The Best Music Known To Man... laterenima03/18/10
Impressive Debut Albums linchpin31303/14/10
Bands That Changed Their Sound For The Worse linchpin31303/13/10
Riff City Merkin03/07/10
Favorite albums (in no particular order) RideTheLightning103/05/10
New Albums? alexmetres03/05/10
Some Personal Favourites Stefco02/26/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
The Most Immersive Albums thesystemisdown02/02/10
Barney Is Da Bestz Urinetrouble01/29/10
Sick Ass Metal Music Albums SIMO01/25/10
I Need Recs Wikid57801/20/10
Here I Am jaws3ppl001/17/10
What I Was Listening To 10 Yrs Ago JulesWin01/13/10
Favourite 50 Albums SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/13/10
Personal Top 100 ShineOn7501/13/10
Bands I'v Seen Live Ii xecutioner01/10/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
Bands That People Around Me Like That I Dont Like crazyblinddude01/08/10
My Favourite Metal Albums... SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/08/10
Best Bands To Come Out Of The 00's eternium01/06/10
Bands I've Seen Live... SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/06/10
Best Live Bands Of 2009 TheWarning01/03/10
Greg's Top 50 Albums Of The Decade greg8412/31/09
Chritmas Gets sXeMOSHCOREhXc12/27/09
Who Likes Cheese?!?! ignorantfack12/22/09
Hell Yea! cleary2112/14/09
15 Nu Metal Albums That Are Actually Really Good. SteelErectedb4you8er12/12/09
Bands I Overlooked, But Am Now Rediscovering cleary2112/09/09
Lubbock Weather Is A Bitch Masochist12/09/09
My 30 Favourite Bands marcholden12/02/09
New To Sputnik... Broaden My Tastes Please! edzzztttuuurrr12/02/09
Top Ten Albums ChickenSpleenCola11/30/09
My Top 15 Of All Time bam524cky11/10/09
A Far More Accurate Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
Recent Buys From Thrift Stores For $1 Each xThisFireBurnsx10/29/09
Currently Digging (songs).. Havent Done A List In A While.. Acey10/23/09
18th! Emim10/22/09
Bands I've Seen This Year. MammalToes10/22/09
Kris' Top Ten Bands...Ever obfuscation10/13/09
Top 20 Nu Metal Albums Yoshizoid10/11/09
Worst Bands Today Greenman10/10/09
The Decade That Was 00 kyleisgreat09/30/09
My Favorite Bands Blswylde09/29/09
9079 Plays On Last.fm BornDeadBuriedAlive09/27/09
So I Just Realized I've Been On Last.fm For A Year... ZoidbergQuestion09/26/09
Rec For The Rec[reation] ShineOn7509/22/09
Going Shopping Tomorrow djNils09/21/09
1000 Comment List! Fxxkit1309/03/09
My Embarrassing Last Fm List Mr. Lizard08/29/09
Car Broke Down ferprints08/28/09
10 Best Albums Ever thekevs08/26/09
My Favourite Albums laterenima08/24/09
The 50 Best Albums (in Order) thesystemisdown08/24/09
My First List... Top 20 Songs... laterenima08/21/09
Juggalopeth KMKHxC42008/15/09
Building A Music Fan ReturnToRock08/15/09
It's My Birthday On Saturday ReturnToRock08/13/09
Top 10 Most Inspiring Metal Albums (in No Order) TheAngelOfDeath61608/12/09
I Choose You! Sputnik! AnotherBrick08/10/09
Extremely Overrated Metal Bands BertFF08/10/09
Albums I've Been Enjoying Lately BassDemon33307/25/09
Youtube Parody Vids AngelofDeath07/23/09
In Just One Year Zip07/22/09
Fav Bands SynGates9407/13/09
Fav Slipknot Songs SynGates9407/12/09
Top N Albums of 2008 Abscurat07/12/09
My Fav Albums SynGates9407/11/09
Best Albums Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Bands That Need To Get Back To There Roots GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Best Songs Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Best Bands Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/05/09
Speciale-2 ZiBug06/22/09
Grass Is Pretty Messed Up... ThyCrossAwaits06/16/09
My Musical Journey BornDeadBuriedAlive06/11/09
Pump That Sh1t Up AndManyMore06/07/09
My Favorite Drummers atrink06/05/09
Favourite Bands julck96906/03/09
Guilty Pleasures... Don't Flame Me 72haha7205/27/09
My Need To Listen To List.... AnotherBrick05/12/09
Albums That Influence My Drumming BornDeadBuriedAlive05/09/09
Awesome Albums Part I GladesOfMirkwood04/29/09
Elite Albums As Of Now Si1v3RfaNg04/25/09
Moar Like This! ShineOn7504/20/09
Xboxf*ckingthreesixty Mr. Lizard04/12/09
Bands I Lived And Died By...6 Years Ago TerminalC04/09/09
Bands I Listened To Before Joining Spunknik Kohleherz04/01/09
New...need Some Recs ShineOn7503/29/09
Live Bands xecutioner03/16/09
Converting A Mainstream Kid OllieS03/15/09
My Top Ten Slipknot Songs MiStEr32ReD03/10/09
Top Ten Plays (ipod) Thriceremoved2503/09/09
The Music Videos I Remember From My Childhood fprock02/28/09
Help Me Out Mr. Lizard02/26/09
Favorite Songs (as Of 2/21/09) BornDeadBuriedAlive02/21/09
Albums I Need To Listen To Before I Die (part II) zer0limit02/20/09
Top Ten Slipknot Songs metalupyourass6902/14/09
My Fav. Band staysic02/10/09
Top 10 Albums toastinablender1302/10/09
This Shit Pumps Me Up Thriceremoved2501/30/09
New Name Mr. Lizard01/29/09
Who's The Most Talented Member In Each Of These Bands? bloc01/27/09
Need New Music! Thriceremoved2501/25/09
The 21 Greatest Nu-metal Records Wizard01/24/09
Listworthy Albums LifeFeedsOnLife01/23/09
10 Songs We Can Actually Thank Nu Metal For Bull with Gloves01/14/09
Songs I'm Learning On Guitar. Thriceremoved2501/13/09
Band Suggestions? MattRTS01/10/09
Top 30 (metal) Songs Of The Year lucazade2201/08/09
Songs I Can't Stop Listening To Atm ShadowintheSun12/22/08
Worst Albums Of 2008 bastard12/20/08
Never Be A D.J... MiK12/19/08
Fav. Albums Of Fav. Bands alexmetres12/17/08
Year-end Dig List Masochist12/16/08
Top Twenty Bands metalupyourass6912/15/08
Finally: 2008's Top 30 AtavanHalen12/10/08
Top 2008 Albums alexmetres12/10/08
Julieeeeeeeeet!!! marksellsuswallets12/08/08
CreamCrazy's Albums Of 2008 CreamCrazy12/06/08
Top Ten Albums metalupyourass6912/06/08
My Top 5 Nu-metal Band Favorites Demonickid1025912/05/08
Power Ballads FutureHermit11/30/08
Apetite For Destruction Rogue Six11/24/08
Songs That Just Pump Me Up 0m3ga0n311/22/08
Christmas Wish List Kronzo11/22/08
Recent Gets combustion0711/17/08
Welcome List MiK11/16/08
What Should I Look Into First armfarm11/15/08
Puke Out Your Emotions Red Cap Brain11/13/08
T3h Br00t4l D37h M37uhl! ThyCrossAwaits11/06/08
2008 For Me flancexander11/05/08
Latest "hearings" 3ddie11/01/08
11 Angry Songs zer0limit10/29/08
My Favourite Albums Of 2008 Craggles10/22/08
Another Ten New Albums I'm Currently Enjoying Craggles10/22/08
Ipod On Shuffle inflames66610/20/08
My Day In Music AtavanHalen10/15/08
35 Song Shuffle 0m3ga0n310/11/08
Nhoj-o-rific 11 FakeBlood10/06/08
My Recent Album Tastes TremorChrist10/02/08
Big Money No Whammies cleary2110/01/08
Songs I've Been Obsessed With Lately (the Deuce). thecheatisnotdead09/21/08
Favourite 2008 Albums andy009/17/08
Good Songs On Bad Albums Altmer09/10/08
Diglist bobbingforapples09/02/08
Favs Of 2008, So Far Profanatic08/31/08
Stuff south_of_heaven 1108/23/08
10 Favorite Albums Sonically speaking... stephenhannibal08/20/08
Twisted Metal Ps3 PuddleSwimmer08/20/08
Best Albums Of 2008 Thus Far thomerakisgod08/19/08
Some Recent Spins I Have Loved Altmer08/19/08
Songs To Walk To badtaste08/13/08
Hopes+picks For Reading 2008! HispanicImpressions08/09/08
Shit I Listen To While I Shit chessler08/03/08
Gym Playlist #2 renegadestrings07/26/08
Gym Playlist #1 renegadestrings07/21/08
Bands I've Seen Live... rosslives72707/16/08
Horribly Underrated Songs Oneiron07/07/08
Mix 1 Oneiron07/04/08
Good And Bad Nostalgia jrowa00106/29/08
Kill This Artist List SylentEcho06/16/08
They Should Burn At The Stake For This ReturnToRock06/13/08
Top Ten Favorite Bands Rexford05/23/08
Great Songs By Not So Great Bands TheDistantFuture05/22/08
Some Songs I've Been Listening To Lately Kronzo05/19/08
Albums I Want. Kronzo05/18/08
Puberty/early Teenage Times (2000 - 2002) 72haha7205/15/08
Influential Music taylormemer05/13/08
Funny Song Names Ambassador05/10/08
Memory Lane combustion0704/15/08
Songwriter67's Listening Session songwriter6704/06/08
Music That Makes Me Feel Hardcore Golgoroth04/04/08
Get Your Cards Ready SCREAM!03/16/08
The Records Of My Youth Which I Still Listen To Red Cap Brain03/15/08
My Current Favorite Top 12 Artists fXpT03/05/08
Kudos To These Live Preformances Pluh02/29/08
Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By thesystemisdown02/15/08
The Cause Of My Hearing Loss In '08 grief02/13/08
My Top 7 Acoustic Songs FyreNail02/13/08
Songs I Have Not 5-starred On Guitar Hero 3 Yazz_Flute02/11/08
Angry Songs To Drum To PuddleSwimmer12/09/07
Hypnotic Songs gigi66611/16/07
My Fave Bands (top 30) Kronzo11/14/07
The Most Emotionally Compelling Songs I've Heard So Far thesystemisdown11/14/07
My Top 10 Bands Cole67310/25/07
Sputnik Needs A Hero rattlehead4214710/09/07
Worst Bands Ever! SylentEcho10/03/07
Best Albums 2001 FundamentallyLoathsome09/29/07
The Best Of Nu-metal jason_f9008/10/07
Songs That Should Have Been Sung By Different People. P1308/01/07
Workout Playlist (my Version) teamsleep69807/16/07
What Bands Would You Reccomend Me Checking Out That Are Similar To These? americanidiot07/12/07
Alaskan Fury teamsleep69807/10/07
What Happened To Me? teamsleep69806/26/07
My Cd Case metalhead1706/26/07
Peer Pressure teamsleep69806/25/07
20 Songs From Albums I've Gotten In Recent Weeks teamsleep69806/17/07
Expand My Metal thrash4life05/18/07
Guilty Pleasures Of Late teamsleep69805/12/07
My Favorite Albums Of 2004 greg8405/02/07
Itunes Albums 3 Full Collapse29904/26/07
Nu-metal Bands CognitiveVertigo04/19/07
If Chicken Tasted Like Candy... AndManyMore04/11/07
Recomended Album For Each Artist thrash4life04/07/07
The Albums Which Defined My Generation lozzdude04/04/07
I'm Conforming With The Pie Graphs.. Pluh03/20/07
Top 30 Albums Crysis03/19/07
My Favorite Bands metalmilitia501303/03/07
Freakout List grief02/21/07
Guitar Hero 3 Otisbum02/19/07
Metal Bands darksavage9102/15/07
My Top 10 Bands/People! IZZY113402/12/07
Double Bass Crazyness. TheSunSleeps34802/10/07
Artists That Got Me Into Music Wyko01/24/07
Bands I Love To Hate NeverFading1401/23/07
Guilty Pleasures andy001/20/07
Disappointed Attempts andy001/13/07
Most Overrated Bands Necrophagist12/27/06
100 Of My Favourite Songs IBegToDiffer12/17/06
5 best songs wooden rock fingers12/10/06
Bands that everyone hates that really arn't that bad RIPkezia11/30/06
So I do the 20 songs on random list thing pizzapie8811/22/06
Top Metal Acts ironman444411/19/06
NASCAR Nextel's The Sludge 100 The Sludge11/08/06
MM8's 100 fav songs metallicaman811/04/06
10 Min. Playlist Otisbum11/01/06
Biggest Impact 06 SilentSpyy10/25/06
Favorite Metal Songs dazecivic10/03/06
My Top 25 Albums iluvkirkhammett09/30/06
The Essential Emo Girl Listenings Patrick09/05/06
Gigant-Ozz Values Tour bicepman400008/26/06
Good songs, Bad bands HumanGroceryStore08/21/06
best bands killswitchengage2108/21/06
Sputnik Thank You List #135289023 Brain Dead08/21/06
South\'s 100 Songs south_of_heaven 1108/20/06
Top 50 Bands DooCH08/19/06
Songs that got me into some bands LaVozDormida08/11/06
Bands i used to "hate" but now i seem to enjoy them LaVozDormida08/11/06
Headbangable songs LaVozDormida08/07/06
Hard as nails bicepman400008/06/06
favourite hard songs bionid08/06/06
My top 5 bands Snap3208/05/06
Two Foot Fury spoon_of_grimbo07/21/06
Best nu-metal bands of all time Acey07/17/06
My Top 20 Bands of All-Time cpmengelbrecht07/16/06
Top 10 Bands tamadrummer0207/06/06
My Choice 2004 A.K.tm06/25/06
My Choice 2005 A.K.tm06/25/06
Five albums I wouldn't mind to have f_u_c_t06/22/06
Fav Bands motleyman1306/17/06
My Favorite bands as of 6/16/06 k4t4lyst06/16/06


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