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My Ipod Just Died YetAnotherBrick01/15/15
Adulthood Chin01/14/15
Emo/skramz flalafell01/10/15
A Pencil's Favourite Movies MyNameIsPencil01/07/15
Today Is My Third Sput-versary SadAndHolyGlow11/24/14
Writers: I Need You letme69johndarnielle11/20/14
Need Screamo Recs dixoncocks11/18/14
Albums That Are Important To Me treos77711/16/14
Sputnik Malware? Spec11/14/14
Favourite EPs adr11/03/14
Mindle And Yak's Screamo Ep YakNips10/05/14
2 Years On Sputnik PitchforkArms09/28/14
Climaxes johnnydeking2909/28/14
Albums That Will Make Senpai Notice You Jasdevi08709/12/14
10k + Beautiful Users YakNips09/08/14
All Time Favorite Albums Celtics244808/30/14
Fav 00's Songs Greem08/23/14
A Nice List F0RBES08/11/14
Does Sour Like Good Music? I Can Never Tell SourAK08/10/14
"Keep your handouts, cupcake" : The Best of Post-Hardcore Snoopcow08/02/14
Looking For Some Screamo Like This Adamk786107/28/14
Shufflelistin' YetAnotherBrick07/21/14
Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 Artuma07/20/14
Screamo Albums I Really Like YakNips07/13/14
999 Ratings elbaliem07/03/14
1000 Comments PitchforkArms06/27/14
Screamo Big 4 (much Harder) Trebor.06/19/14
Some Great Closers, Pt. 2 Artuma06/03/14
~make Me Feel~ YakNips06/02/14
Best Contemporary Songs (alternative Rock,post-rock, Prog, Metal And Post-hardcore Influences) Eggvander05/27/14
2003. NegativeVibes05/26/14
Treb's 100 Favorite Emo Albums Trebor.04/23/14
10 God Awful Years With You People Athom04/14/14
Albums I Downloaded In The Last Week YakNips04/11/14
I Like Meshuggah Now Trebor.04/05/14
Albums With Immense Beauty YakNips03/31/14
Winter 2013 - 14' VinVal03/18/14
#feels RoyalImperialGuard03/14/14
Need Some Recs adace103/08/14
My Meager Collection (vinyl) Vol. 2 WellFedWhiteMale03/03/14
Eggcellent. advancedwarfighter02/17/14
Quit Smoking To Start Vinyl Collection IslamicPenguins02/14/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
Amazing Openers And Jaw-dropping Closers omik111601/26/14
Everything Is Coming Together SadAndHolyGlow01/20/14
The Definitive Screamo List Of All Time: Pt. Ii omik111601/13/14
Current Vinyl Collection omik111601/04/14
Best Screamo Songs [2] omik111612/20/13
Birthday Vinyl Pick-ups YakNips12/08/13
School Is Boring As Fuck. Maniac!11/26/13
Australian Sputnik Supergroup! Butkuiss11/15/13
Two Turntables And A Microphone YetAnotherBrick10/30/13
Favourite Sceamo Albums iwasnvrurbf10/19/13
Screamo Song Recs TheNexus10010/07/13
Best Guitar Work In Post-hardcore? chinesewhispers10/07/13
Songs That Will Make You Cry BallsToTheWall09/24/13
Toe Repping Frank Ocean witchxrapist09/21/13
Give Me J-pop And J-rock KotoFtw09/04/13
Recs Like This? JustinKing08/26/13
Plantar Warts CK08/07/13
My Girlfriend Listens To Emo ISawTheSun08/03/13
Best Skramz! TheNexus10007/22/13
Big Brother NationalRadio07/09/13
New Things Like Dead Dogs americanohno07/02/13
New To Sputnik durianel06/26/13
Perfect Albums To Fall Asleep To Tobmast06/23/13
When It Rains... BallsToTheWall06/20/13
Upcoming Games To Music Decapod06/14/13
Best Albums coopers7805/29/13
Lord of the Fries Decapod05/20/13
Favourite Dictators Sniff05/20/13
Albums I Need To Listen To In Full YakNips05/19/13
Sputnikmusic Is The Perfect Place. Pt 2 72haha7205/16/13
Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
Feedback Plz witchxrapist04/25/13
Emo/Hardcore For Grace DeadbeatDankity04/14/13
Screamo Kids, Cheggit witchxrapist03/06/13
Rec Me The Best Skramz zxlkho03/02/13
Stuff iwasnvrurbf02/22/13
Essential Metal poklipart02/09/13
What Justifies A 5 Rating To You? mindleviticus01/27/13
Movie Watching Challenge Trebor.01/20/13
spuitnuk bandz / muzicianz witchxrapist01/16/13
25 Best Screamo Songs intotheshit01/14/13
Skramzlyf iwasnvrurbf01/09/13
Witchxrapist Dies, Is Resurrected witchxrapist01/03/13
Quit My Band Today witchxrapist12/04/12
Albums To Get Me Through Finals AdamK12/03/12
Rec Me Stuff Wafflez12/01/12
skramz a-z akimbo11/26/12
Chilly (flannel Season) Rev11/05/12
Real Best Sputnik Users intotheshit10/19/12
Rebuild Of Evangelion 3.0 Trailer Rev10/17/12
Rec Me Airplane Music. Sniff10/12/12
100 Skramz/emo Winrar10/09/12
Joined A Skram Band witchxrapist10/01/12
Life's Weird Ponton08/23/12
My Taste mindleviticus08/23/12
Sputnik-friendly Japanese Bands discovolante08/21/12
Hai, I Haz Rekurdzzz BlueW08/16/12
Rec Me Some Skramz OysterizerInsomniac07/23/12
Skramzmotional Heartcore 9MgTar07/15/12
If You Like Screamo AdamK07/14/12
2007 mttgry07/11/12
vitamin b12 foxxxy07/10/12
2001 mttgry07/05/12
Some Things I've Been Listening To. AYearInReview06/20/12
Angry Music Pt. 2 Emim06/19/12
My Favorite Albums Of All-time (pt. 2) akimbo06/19/12
Is It Cool For Me To The Zip Files? Trebor.06/13/12
Cheer Up TheJackal06/04/12
Skramz/emotional Hardcore Recs ThunderNeutral2105/30/12
I Am Now A Father BlueW05/28/12
Colours In Music BlueW05/18/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Do You Have Crabs? macadoolahicky05/15/12
Metroid Games Ranked AltPunkMetal10105/12/12
Awesome Giant List #2 BlueW05/09/12
Another Soul Crushing Summer Rev05/08/12
I Has Record Playa BlueW05/01/12
Rec Me Anime Plz BlueW04/24/12
Albums With Red Covers chesse1304/17/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
Two Best Releases From Each Of My Favorite Arists BlueW04/08/12
Best Live Bands static2dope04/02/12
A Gloomy Sunday Imperial04/01/12
Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
Post-rock & Post-hardcore Combinations immortalizepain03/29/12
Made A Post-rocky Skethcy Track BlueW03/25/12
List BlueW03/24/12
Would You Rather? julien03/22/12
Best Sleep Album? macadoolahicky03/19/12
Anyone Know Of Some Good Japanese Music? OysterizerInsomniac03/14/12
Rec Me Korean Or Japanese Stuff BlueW02/28/12
Lol Jeremy Lin FrankRedHot02/23/12
Albums With My Favourtie Cover Art BlueW02/23/12
Saw La Dispute Last Night BlueW02/17/12
Pick A Letter tkxxx702/12/12
The Best Metalcore Albums Ever BlueW02/08/12
Weekly Albums #1 julien01/28/12
Emo/hardcore Recs NeutralThunder1201/18/12
Experimental Music I Made UnnamedOcean01/14/12
60 Gb Of Music immortalizepain01/07/12
Rev Hits 5000! Rev01/07/12
Albums This Year KotoFtw12/29/11
Screamo/post-rock Ignimbrite12/26/11
5 Years Of Sputnik Captain North12/03/11
Your Screamo Rec. List djunior12/01/11
Beautiful Music I Adore Right Now Oblivioncry11/26/11
Aids' Top 40 Screamo Albums Aids11/22/11
Sad Time Musics Rev11/18/11
Happy Birthday Xenophanes! Rev11/15/11
Snow EyeForAnEye10/27/11
Foobar Setup + Portable Download BlueW10/25/11
Botb's Top Music Of 2010 botb10/03/11
Interrrail tuk09/27/11
Albums I Discovered In Two Thousand N' Eleven. SuicideByStar09/17/11
R.i.p. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Attis09/07/11
Boob Talk FrankRedHot08/22/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 1 ComfortablyDumb08/01/11
The Best Of: Screamo And Emo eternium07/27/11
All Time Favorite 100 fireinourthroats07/22/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
Rec Me Atmospherical Music DayMan06/29/11
Headphones Albums Deathcar05/31/11
Cosmogenetic Harmonies [current Digs] FictitiousLandscape05/28/11
Look What I Got!!!! mclovin9905/26/11
Japanese Hardcore Reccs witchxrapist05/23/11
Shoot Em Up Spec05/23/11
I'm Turning Japanese I Really Think So LegendofPittman05/18/11
Screamo Recs applejack05/16/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
Hey Im New applejack05/09/11
Pixar Ranked vmcoia9104/29/11
Post-hardcore/skramz Recs NeutralThunder1204/22/11
So I Apparently Have The Coolest Mom Ever. witchxrapist04/21/11
Sputnik Fight Club TheItalianStallion03/29/11
Zombies Are Pissed tuk03/28/11
Loveisadixrape loveisamixtape03/26/11
1000 Comments Rev03/24/11
Post Ur Favorite Emo tkxxx703/21/11
I Had A Revelation. loveisamixtape03/19/11
Black And White And Grey dreamobile03/19/11
Zero Ratings SlightlyEpic03/05/11
I Got Banned. :( North0House203/02/11
Foreign Shtuff iSkane02/20/11
The Long List Of Short Music Coloso02/11/11
Its Snowing In Texas AbyssalCreation02/04/11
Neverending Melancholy SlightlyEpic02/01/11
Snowed In, Need Some Recs frankie02/01/11
MMX by Srightry SlightlyEpic01/31/11
I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Mustache KotoFtw01/21/11
Return To The Pit keyboardxmosh01/19/11
I Got Called A Kahanist Today... Really? dong chavez01/11/11
50 Albums From 2010 RedSky01/10/11
Top 10 Most Listens 2010 witchxrapist01/04/11
Lucidity's 2010: Albums Lucid01/04/11
Two-Headed Boy's 2010 Two-Headed Boy12/30/10
Qwenty10 qwe312/28/10
My 2010 (top 60) blackwaterpark12/26/10
Doubt2010 DoubtGin12/17/10
Lucidity's 2010: Live Acts Lucid12/16/10
Best Of 2010? dansxdead12/15/10
Top 100 Albums Of 2010 sphygmo12/14/10
An Aids-y 2010 Aids12/13/10
Random Album Generator alt12/13/10
Best Of 2010 literalsurrealist12/12/10
A Deviant 2010: The Year That Was Deviant.12/12/10
50 Things About Me TheStefan12/12/10
Top 20 Albums Of 2010 lukempls12/10/10
Winter Listening dreamobile12/09/10
Give Me Some Heavyass Recs InsomniacDozer12/09/10
Mark's Top 25 marksellsuswallets12/07/10
Addicted NeutralThunder1212/05/10
Screamo/emo Recs NeutralThunder1212/04/10
Lucidity's 2010: Songs Lucid12/01/10
Jash's 2010: Part 1 Jash11/30/10
Norma Jean Ranked witchxrapist11/30/10
Doodle God Strider11/22/10
Epic Post-hardcore Powerban11/12/10
Usual Digs And Recs List IN6411/06/10
It's Almost Winter! LeRequiem11/04/10
Deviant's Last Dash To The Finish Line Deviant.11/03/10
Lucidity's Top 100 Lucid10/28/10
So High. layersmeng10/26/10
My 2010 dreamobile10/23/10
Amazing Wordplay And Lyrics Jase8710/20/10
Crazy Music I Have Started Really Getting Into Jase8710/20/10
Ordered Some New Cd's HaloDude44210/19/10
Hey Sputnik... Can Y'all Help A Brother Out? OpenDoorLeia10/16/10
Definitive Screamo List Of All Time Ever SlightlyEpic10/14/10
Emoisnotdead witchxrapist10/14/10
Need Moar Emo HaloDude44210/14/10
Screamo/emo I've Been Abusing, Any Recs? SuicideByStar10/13/10
Hk's Fave Users Hep Kat10/13/10
I Think You Forgot Something SlightlyEpic10/12/10
Great Album Art (part 2) literalsurrealist10/11/10
Your Favourite 2010 Album So Far? DoubtGin10/11/10
Envy And Touche Amore Show lukempls10/10/10
Bands I'm About To See. Winsomniac10/09/10
New And Awesome Photon10/09/10
Things I'm Listening To literalsurrealist10/06/10
Hey, It's A White Guy! awhiteguy10/06/10
Qwe qwe310/05/10
Fall! marksellsuswallets10/04/10
Awesome Music, Shitty People witchxrapist09/29/10
Super Lonely SlightlyEpic09/29/10
Octobert Report thecheatisnotdead09/29/10
Gay musicConsumer09/27/10
My current Top 20 Lucid09/27/10
Help Me With 2010 SlightlyEpic09/26/10
Mappy Top 10 '010 witchxrapist09/23/10
Creative Writing Is A Boring Class InsomniacDozer09/22/10
5 Albums I Just Got witchxrapist09/21/10
11 Months marksellsuswallets09/21/10
Sup Guys Heysatan09/20/10
Fry Dat Chicken AbyssalCreation09/19/10
Currently Listening garyhann09/08/10
Old Albums? Cerbyrus09/05/10
Japanese Playlist Sheeple900008/17/10
Fav Emo/Screamo Songs coleba08/16/10
Thinking of getting my hair cut FableOfAMayfly08/13/10
Can't Sleep. SpottedTrout08/13/10
Who Likes Punani(pery)? punanipery08/09/10
Stoned at Night TheUnknownGlow07/31/10
Look At All Those Screaming Girls !! Sheeple900007/29/10
Sputnik Review Thread Lucid07/27/10
666 Years On Spuitnuk witchxrapist07/26/10
New Ion Dissonance!!! witchxrapist07/20/10
Sleeping In IRAI07/15/10
Atmospheric Hardcore/Screamo coleba07/10/10
Could Yew Guise Critique My Art? witchxrapist07/06/10
Tonight = 2ce Night. :3 witchxrapist07/03/10
Dos Equis Jash06/29/10
Tmf Will Not Die buckfutter06/15/10
A Decade Of Silence Pt.3 YouAreMySilence06/13/10
A Decade Of Silence Pt.2 YouAreMySilence06/12/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
Andrew Hartwig's Decade List br3ad_man06/11/10
Ryan Flatley's Decade List IsItLuck?06/10/10
We, the Pros of Con AbyssalCreation06/10/10
Sputnik Essential. Part I AnotherBrick06/01/10
Worst Music Ever SlightlyEpic05/27/10
Need To Buy BallsToTheWall05/09/10
It's Summer Bitches BallsToTheWall05/01/10
Colorfulllllll Albummmmmmmms sniper04/26/10
Alright SrightryEpic04/19/10
So I'm Recording A Black Metal EP witchxrapist04/09/10
Listening To Black Metal In The Dark FreePizzaDay03/30/10
Albums That Epitomize A Band sniper03/17/10
Mynameisdecade mynameischan03/16/10
Which Godspeed You! Black Emperor Album Should I Get? wonderboy456703/05/10
Tight Jeans Are For Sissies BallsToTheWall03/04/10
Addicted To Solitare BallsToTheWall03/02/10
Over 2 Years On Sputnik YouAreMySilence02/25/10
6,000 dancelogandance02/24/10
Sup Bro?! FreePizzaDay02/14/10
350 News Articles Prophet17802/05/10
"emo" Bands That Don't Sound Their Apparent Genre PirateSquid01/08/10
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
Top 15 Artist Redux Fina1e12/17/09
Your Hair Is Good To Eat stoopkid11/12/09
2000-2009: 100 StreetlightRock11/08/09
Ten Albums Sputnikmusic Introduced To Me mkCII10/30/09
Post-rock Screamo maqwep10/28/09
Japan Can Play Cesar10/20/09
Going On A Trip... blindsided2110/16/09
Sludge marksellsuswallets10/14/09
Omg You Guys SlightlyEpic10/13/09
Emo And Indie Recs? SomeKindOfChampion10/10/09
Albums, Top 10 Fina1e10/06/09
I Listen To Nothing But Gay Music SlightlyEpic09/28/09
Nihon Ongaku qwe209/20/09
Post-hardcore/emo/metalcore Recommendations Please 72haha7209/15/09
I Think My House Is Haunted! FigNewtns09/13/09
Powerful Songs moose199209/09/09
1k Comments! Big Spuniky List Prophet17808/22/09
Music And Books NotMrBlonde08/07/09
Screamotional Hardcore SlightlyEpic07/16/09
Hashback Guarantee moderndaydrool07/13/09
Isis Suxxx! Mordecai.06/15/09
50 Spectacular Albums Avirov05/31/09
Duct Tape And Soldered Wire asrowe05/13/09
Livelivelive tuk05/04/09
At The End Of All Things asrowe04/19/09
Top 15 Bands. Fina1e03/13/09
Cookies SlightlyEpic03/03/09
Some Bands I've Also Liked Lately acidlegion1402/11/09
100 natey02/09/09
Songs That Describe My Mood. pneumoniahawk9302/06/09
One Day My Dreams Will Meet My Fears SlightlyEpic01/31/09
Mo' Recent Purchases thecheatisnotdead01/22/09
Top 100! Yai! Crimson01/15/09
Top 10 Songs Of 08 pneumoniahawk9301/01/09
Mendigo's 2008: Songs Mendigo12/23/08
Help Me Out. SpinLightTwo12/19/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist killrobotmusic12/15/08
Top 30 Lastfm Bands Bleak12312/14/08
Diglett Fina1e12/04/08
Xmas londoncalling45711/28/08
Favorite Moments In Music Revisited SpinLightTwo11/27/08
Mixtape SpinLightTwo11/09/08
40 Favorite Albums Atm natey10/25/08
Ordering Music Online As Usual McP300010/05/08
Top 20 Songs Fina1e09/27/08
Mis Bandas Preferidas Siberiano08/18/08
Bands I'm Into These Days ultradolphins05/27/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
Songs That Re-thunk Me takeherhome04/01/08
Nonchalant Themed List cometuesday02/13/08
My Emotional Compilation Cd Confessed200512/31/07
Itunes Shuffle! XMII11/30/07
5 Best Albums To Sleep To i am the robots11/19/07
I'm An Emo Kid chimera90809/10/07
Top Songs To Make Love To cbmartinez08/09/07
Fucking Emos mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/28/07
Which One? thecheatisnotdead07/08/07
twenty5 IsItLuck?06/17/07
Essential Skramz Iluvatar06/07/07
Got emotion? Intransit04/30/07
Bands I'm Into VisceraEyes04/19/07
Some Recent Bands Ive Come To Love Jack Wilson03/20/07
Songs To Turn You On superfascist01/07/07
This Is Why I Need To Be A Member Of The Staff Acidicity01/06/07
Top Ten Albums Of 2006 20440912/26/06
Top 20 of the Year or Something Similar Iluvatar12/10/06
iluvs 20 post-hardcore/emo albums Iluvatar11/17/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
10 Artists You Should Know superfascist08/21/06


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