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Bands to dig bodyboggi02/21/15
Melodeth recs Gameofmetal02/21/15
I Love These Album Covers! mdrive02/15/15
Top Ten Melodic Death Metal Bands Royl12312/09/14
Blue trve11/13/14
Metal Albums Of The Decade: 2000-2009 (my favorites) huguitoescorza10/30/14
On A Metal Kick Funeralopolis10/20/14
Lambda's Top 50 Of The 00's Lambda10/15/14
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
Metal Classics someguest09/18/14
100 Metal Songs yourgodisinferior08/05/14
Favorite Dm/melodeath Aftertheascension08/04/14
Uploaded My First Song alarm08/01/14
2012 PytkaWonsza07/16/14
Great Albums Of 2004 (in No Particular Order) Atrus07/13/14
Upcoming 2014 Albums adace107/05/14
Recent Metal Purchases Spag06/18/14
Openers From Debut Albums II johnnydeking2905/21/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2004 HenchmanOfSanta05/18/14
Awesome Melodic Death Metal ExplosiveOranges05/05/14
Favorite Metal Album Covers adace104/30/14
A Drug Filled Winter RayRay04/22/14
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow04/19/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Jac's Favourite Countries Jacquibim04/16/14
Favourite Long Songs (7min+) INTOTHE3LIGHT03/26/14
Bands I've Seen/will See Soon SCREAM!03/16/14
Winter Music FearTomorrow02/02/14
Top 20 Bands LordXyrnos01/19/14
Recs For Something Epic & Heavy...? ChoccyPhilly01/17/14
Best Melodeath Songs deathtwister01/12/14
Needs Recomendations For Melodic Death Manqaness2401/02/14
Finnish Albums I Enjoy EvoHavok12/26/13
Video Game Nostalgia #2: Shadow Of The Colossus Necrotica12/21/13
Are You Gonna Bark All Day, Little Doggie... YetAnotherBrick12/05/13
Recommend Me Winter Albums Funeralopolis11/21/13
Anal Fissures YetAnotherBrick11/18/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
Blue. Vakarian1210/11/13
Next On Amc Trebor.09/09/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Extreme Metal College Radio Show Solaire08/27/13
Favorite Classes This Year UnderTheNorthernScar08/21/13
Which Of These Sports Do You Prefer ? TheInmortalVermicide08/13/13
Heavy Mtl Weekend peaks4008/09/13
Pop: The Sands Of Time kingjulian08/08/13
Observations EatBoxSocks07/24/13
Sputnik Birthday Poet07/12/13
Albums That I Wished Were Better FictionalFlames06/18/13
Metal's Best Debut Albums Thor04/30/13
21 Most Influential Metal Albums Of The 21st Century ManintheBox04/16/13
A Year Of Sputnik Vakarian1204/07/13
A Prog Metal List Freakeye04/05/13
Top 25 Albums Of The Year (for Me) (revision) N2B3J03/11/13
Death Metal From 2000-onwards Madbutcher302/27/13
My Definitive List RayRay02/21/13
Albums of 2012 wur col atokad43202/13/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
Check Out My Cousins Band! Vakarian1201/12/13
Exam Week Freakeye01/12/13
5 Years, 500 Comments On Sputnik lucazade2201/07/13
Finally, My Top Albums From 2012 standundefeated01/06/13
Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List FearThyEvil01/06/13
My Top 25 Albums Of 2012 fleshlambofbodom01/05/13
Bulbo's Best Of 2012 Bulbotook01/04/13
2012 afergusonart01/03/13
Hyped 2012 Albums That Didn't Click NecrogenicShrimp01/01/13
Advanced Death Metal Clusterform12/31/12
Lambda's 2012 Lambda12/31/12
Top 25 Albums Of The Year (for Me) N2B3J12/29/12
Top 5 Albums Of 2012 BrentV12/26/12
Top 20 Of 2012 MelloYello12/24/12
Poet's Songs Of 2012 Poet12/24/12
2012: Albums Zantera12/23/12
Merry Christmas!!! CK12/23/12
Top 50 Of 2012 Crawl12/21/12
Top 75 Of 2012 EverythingEvil211312/17/12
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2012 wanderlust12/16/12
Listcore 2012 stere53812/16/12
Noctus' Top 10 of 2012!! :] DarkNoctus12/12/12
Biggest Disappointment Of 2012 mifzal12/09/12
Highlights Of This Year (Good or Bad) mifzal12/08/12
Top 50 Of 2012 ThyCrossAwaits12/08/12
Funeral Top 25 Of 2012 Funeralopolis12/02/12
My 2012 Top 5 dragoth12/01/12
The Best Albums And Eps Of 2012 gallus9011/23/12
Death Metal On Thanksgiving (Late Night) hankdee2711/22/12
List wabbit11/22/12
Help! ThyCrossAwaits11/22/12
The Illusion Of Competition Funeralopolis11/21/12
Rec Me Death Metal Funeralopolis11/16/12
I Could Beat You Up Even If You Had One Thousand Knives DANcore11/15/12
It's My Birthday....so Let's All Power Metal!!! Poet11/15/12
My Top Albums of 2012 RATM4611/04/12
Spreading The Word pausethatplz11/01/12
What Was That Ban All About? Shuyin10/29/12
Favorite Metal Drummers dsroka00510/29/12
My Top Metal Albums maidenpmcc10/27/12
Recent Digs ViralOblivion10/23/12
Holy Shit This Year Has Been Great For Music DarkSideOfLucca10/22/12
Top 50 Metal Albums Ever SlMBOLlC10/14/12
Biggest Letdown Of This Year mifzal10/14/12
Idioteque Is Back IdiotequeCigar10/10/12
Overrated Bands ThroneOfSystemUnfold09/24/12
Wintersun Time I Song Previews baldymort09/24/12
Still Waiting For (2012) gonzab09/15/12
Upcoming Albums 2012/13 BloodandRainbows09/12/12
If Only..... FictionalFlames09/02/12
2012 Has Been/will Be Great DarkSideOfLucca08/19/12
Top 10 *favorite* Death Metal Songs dsroka00508/19/12
For The Lurkers Part 1, Folk Metal Or Neo-folk FictionalFlames08/14/12
Random Captain List CaptainDooRight07/24/12
Ty Turns Two! Tyrael07/18/12
Melodic Deth Metulz Wafflez07/15/12
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years AngelofDeath06/20/12
Cold, Icy Melancholic Feel During Monsoon Showers And Thunder Storms! (songs) mifzal06/05/12
Cold, Icy Melancholic Feel During Monsoon Showers And Thunder Storms! mifzal06/04/12
Testing Testing Fuck U HitlerIsGod05/27/12
Favorite Debut Albums DarkSideOfLucca05/02/12
Stuff I Listen To Wafflez04/13/12
Random Metal List shredaman04/11/12
Favorite Melodic Death Metal amp11204/03/12
My Current Digs Dashy04/02/12
Living With Autism... austin88803/17/12
Folkin' M/ SCREAM!03/07/12
2012 DoubtGin02/24/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Get Your Shit Together macadoolahicky02/18/12
2012 Expectations D41V30N02/14/12
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales Of H.p. Lovecraft Auschwitz01/20/12
Jesus Christ Superstar Killerhit01/13/12
Bands That Need A New Album 1.1 Imperial01/01/12
Bands Overdue For New Albums mariothehedgehog12/23/11
Band Cocktails AngelofDeath11/09/11
Horror Movies+random Albums ninjuice10/31/11
Release A New Album Already FeralMemories10/02/11
Top 20 Of The Last 20 Years Trinny09/30/11
25 Melodeath Masterpieces RandolphCarter09/30/11
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Elmo McCheese09/28/11
Well-produced Metal CrackeTheSkull08/11/11
Oinky Loves Mud Oinky08/01/11
Poetandthependulum Turns 4!!!!! Poet07/12/11
Metal Recs Shuyin07/01/11
Some Of My Favorite Album Closers Xenorazr06/04/11
You Can't Kill The Metal EverythingEvil211306/01/11
Top 10 Viking Folk Metal Bands RATM4605/06/11
Wisdom Teeth/power Metal beefshoes04/26/11
Black Metal Stereotypes promiseswept04/14/11
And the award goes to... pedro7051204/08/11
2000-2009 Was Pretty Awesome jayfatha03/27/11
Black Metal TheArkitecht03/06/11
Has The Site Really Shifted This Much? Ross2202/17/11
Bands Sputnik Has Introduced Me To MortalKombat02/13/11
The Best Melo-death Bands Nomack01/23/11
Melodic Death Metal Recs Darkvoid6712/09/10
Terrible Albums Abigor12/06/10
Power Metal And Melodeath Oceans10/15/10
Three Years Of Awful Albums rasputin10/14/10
Get On The Winning Team !! Sheeple900009/25/10
Angel's 2-year AngelofDeath09/16/10
2010 Thus Far vanderb0b09/14/10
My Top 10 Fav Songs IntoTheShadow09/08/10
Worth Buying? ABR15709/05/10
Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time interviewer0209/04/10
Rec Me Some Metal SynthSky08/24/10
Best Guitar Solos AngelofDeath08/14/10
New Predators Movie maidenpmcc07/13/10
Poet Turns The Big Three Today! Poet07/12/10
My Current Most Favourite Metal Songs HisPoisonGirl07/04/10
Rec Me Some Good New Death Metal Bands TheAngryPelican07/03/10
Metalllllll Lots Of It Oceans06/14/10
My Decade demon of surveillance06/12/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
First List Alrightmax06/08/10
Wintergrasp Music iwrestledabigmaconce05/30/10
Bands I Got Into Recently maidenpmcc05/05/10
Stuff I Discovered Through Sputnik vanderb0b04/02/10
Top 100 Of The Decade, #40-31 FeralMemories03/26/10
Most Beautiful Metal Songs OvTheFireAndVoid03/15/10
Top Ten Bands SpectralArchitect02/28/10
Oh Da Humanitiez!!!1!! Shredzilla02/15/10
Looking For A Mentor GnarlyShillelagh02/04/10
Attention Sputnik Metalheads NOTINTHEFACE02/02/10
My First List ArchoN01/22/10
Stuff To Be The Looking Forward To GenNarain01/13/10
Favorite Albums Simsolabi01/13/10
My Favourite All-time Albums Janv9201/13/10
Albums To Get In 2010 HenchmanOfSanta12/31/09
Something Different FeralMemories12/26/09
Current Song Addictions Wolfee12/22/09
Most Epic Songs I Have Heard iwrestledabigmaconce12/17/09
I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant wutangpootang12/15/09
Top 30 Songs Of The Decade HenchmanOfSanta12/13/09
George Washington EverythingEvil211312/10/09
New To The Site, Some Metal I Enjoy, Recs Perhaps? porkfaT12/02/09
Stupid Day deathmetal10112/02/09
Favorite Melodeath Albums FeralMemories11/20/09
Digs FeralMemories11/18/09
My Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010 FeralMemories11/17/09
Albums Coming Out In 2010 (hopefully...) ConfesserOfTragedy11/17/09
The Best Metal Of This Decade Thor11/15/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2004 FeralMemories11/07/09
Incredible Melo-death That I'm Digging Progmaster8510/29/09
100 Albums magichorze10/25/09
Albums I've Been Diggin deathmetal10110/18/09
Favourite Bands lucazade2209/01/09
8ma Metal Mondays Bfhurricane08/31/09
Going Viking On Your Bitch Asses BallsToTheWall08/25/09
Altmer's Top Metal Bands Altmer08/06/09
My Favourite Album By My Favourite Artists Muikuli08/03/09
My Band Is Playing With The Black Dahlia Murder! LiveForMusic08/03/09
Need New Music Heartfang07/24/09
New Car Needs New Music R6Rider07/03/09
I Dreamed Once... BeardedIdiot06/12/09
I'm Back combustion0706/04/09
Rec Me Hard Fugue05/27/09
Get Wasted Chimaira9305/16/09
Revision Gets Fugue05/12/09
1 Year Of Sputnik Fugue05/10/09
Awesome Albums Part I GladesOfMirkwood04/29/09
Death For Life! kintups04/27/09
100 Comments. This Is Smile Worthy. kintups04/17/09
The Ballstothewall List Altmer03/23/09
Recommend Me Bfhurricane03/20/09
GTA: IV Songs Bfhurricane02/24/09
Grab-bag Of Goodies TracedInAir02/14/09
Other Bands I'm Into acidlegion1402/13/09
Testing Out The New Speakers... SaviorofNone02/12/09
2009 Zoo02/04/09
Its SNOWING Outside KILL02/04/09
Most Anticipated Albums Of '09 A7XEric02/03/09
Albums That Make Me Want To KILL KILL01/30/09
Bands I've Check Out This Week EmOXScEnExMcR01/29/09
2009 Crimson01/09/09
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies Altmer01/07/09
100 SynGates11/29/08
A Stonewhore's Mix Up Euphoric11/16/08
25 Best Guitar Solos Of The 2000' Foodforthegods11/06/08
666 Album Comments NOTINTHEFACE11/06/08
Riffs SynGates10/28/08
Full Cd Collection jdogsnoop09/24/08
Favorite Songs Eakflanderyof09/09/08
My Top 50 Albums Cesar09/04/08
My 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time ConfesserOfTragedy09/02/08
Scream's Folk Metal SCREAM!09/01/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
Recent Listenings Altmer08/07/08
Dude, Are You Dead? combustion0706/24/08
Albums Being Shipped To Me As We Speak McP300005/26/08
The Ever Changing List McP300005/16/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
Albums I'm Considering Raising To 5's. NOTINTHEFACE04/15/08
I Need Power Metal HighandDriving04/07/08
A Very Long Thanks To Sputnik SCREAM!04/05/08
To Get List: Ver 5.0 McP300004/02/08
Rip Gary Gygax NOTINTHEFACE03/05/08
Underrated Songs On Overrated Albums Altmer03/02/08
Top 5 Albums At The Moment punk rocker6902/23/08
5 Faves SCREAM!02/21/08
Digs Wolfy02/18/08
Albums I Am Looking Forward To In '08 Crimson01/10/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
Metal Bands That Im Considering To Get Into McP300001/08/08
Reccomend Some Metal Burning_October01/05/08
My Top 50 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute01/04/08
My Favorite Albums: 1990-2007 Yazz_Flute12/23/07
My Top 20 Favorite Songs Yazz_Flute12/10/07
Cd I've Owned In 2007 Foodforthegods12/06/07
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Altmer12/04/07
Fledgling Metalhead... NOTINTHEFACE12/03/07
Recs Please Jerrydavidson11/28/07
Bands I'm Into At The Moment DeadBodiesEverywhere11/26/07
One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal Crysis11/25/07
Thanksgiving Tunes Crysis11/20/07
Gimme More Metal NOTINTHEFACE11/15/07
What I've Been Listening To Recently Foodforthegods11/14/07
The Best Melodeath Bands You've Never Heard Of botb11/11/07
Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands Yazz_Flute11/06/07
My 15 Favorite Ballads Yazz_Flute10/26/07
10 Bands That Are Not Overrated NOTINTHEFACE10/10/07
In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere Crysis09/16/07
My Top 50 Yazz_Flute09/10/07
Extreme Metal! ironman444409/01/07
The End Of Summer Krista1708/28/07
Going To College south_of_heaven 1108/22/07
Top 20 Most Played Songs Crysis08/07/07
Crysis' Favorite Album Art Crysis07/27/07
Top10 Albums Imo Izzy10107/27/07
Metal + Epic = Good Crysis07/22/07
Recent Metal Purchases jdogsnoop07/21/07
Song Obsessions nick96207/19/07
Songs On My Ipod Over 10 Minutes In Length Yazz_Flute07/18/07
Crysis' Flawless Metal Albums Crysis06/29/07
Music! nick96206/18/07
My All Time Favorite Songs Eakflanderyof06/04/07
Favorite Album Covers Eakflanderyof06/03/07
Fave Songs By Fave Bands freudianslipknot06/02/07
Recent Metal Purchases Crysis05/23/07
Worthy Or Worthless? XTA05/10/07
Best Of The New Millenium Foodforthegods05/02/07
Records I'm Going To Buy Foodforthegods03/30/07
Powah Metal!!1!!!111 Lunarfall03/28/07
Top 30 Albums Crysis03/19/07
Bands My Friends Like That I Don't riobravo102303/03/07
Epic Eakflanderyof02/25/07
10 Scandanavian Reasons freudianslipknot12/31/06
MM8: 100 albums omg metallicaman812/10/06


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