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Top 10 Nickelback Songs WesleyJones01/30/15
My Personal Favorite Musical Artists WesleyJones01/27/15
2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Shitty Insurrection12/09/14
Toondude's Top 10 Worst Albums Of 2014 Toondude1012/09/14
Hilarious Undiscovered Bad Karaoke Youtube Channel CrackeTheSkull11/20/14
What Are Your Favourite Halloween Memories/stories? Froot10/30/14
The Big Four Of Modern Rock wwba09/02/14
Greatest Vocalists undertakerpt08/27/14
Top 10 Nickelback Songs TheSupernatural08/20/14
The Top 10 Best Bands Of All Time GoldenShadowFlame08/18/14
My Guilty Pleasures Gameofmetal08/04/14
So There's This Guy In A Lot Of My Classes... Brabiz06/08/14
Had The Most Cringeworthy Of School Retreats Jasdevi08705/28/14
Soundtrack To Hell Vol. 3 ExplosiveOranges05/07/14
Tell Me Your Favorite Album? metalheadforever04/27/14
5 Worst Bands Of All Time StormIsComing04/26/14
Carcass Ranked (comprehensive List) Tunaboy4504/11/14
Top 10 Most Unlikeable Frontmen KrazyKris03/25/14
I Don't Believe In Bad Music Hurricanslash02/21/14
Douchebag Frontmen Countdown BlacKapes02/21/14
Before And After: Albums Sputnik Turned Me On To, And Albums Sputnik Made Me Realize Aren't So Good. JeremyVee01/26/14
Top 5 Nickelback Songs BlacKapes01/25/14
Artists That I Hated At First But Grew To Love. TheAnimator01/09/14
2013: Bottom Of The Barrel Kronzo12/26/13
Cds I Left Out By The Curb Shimana12/24/13
Mac & Alex's Essential Albums koazey12/06/13
Call Of Duty Ghosts Was Such A Waste Of Money Insurrection11/22/13
My Favorite Albums YaelPol09/15/13
List Terrible Albums Here Rawben09/08/13
Stop Buying Cds At Target theripsaw08/26/13
Canadian Shit abumafoo08/14/13
My Album Collection (part 4) MrSirLordGentleman07/28/13
My Cd Collection BlindHouse07/05/13
My 10 Faves Albums! Dahvieluvskiddies6905/30/13
My Nickelback Ranking Hurricanslash05/28/13
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 Ryuu501st05/19/13
My Cd Collection Pt. 1 Ryuu501st05/19/13
Riffs Of Vnthrvth InbredJed05/18/13
My CD-Collection (Part 3) Hurricanslash05/08/13
Biggest Drops In Quality Green Baron05/03/13
The Perfect Steak Jacquibim04/08/13
10 Things I Hate In Music Basman02/12/13
5 Overrated Movies Of 2012 thejon93rd02/09/13
So Im Leaving Sputnik mynameisdarthchann01/27/13
Favourite Bandy Alonesome01/22/13
40 Reviews: A Look Back Curse.01/16/13
Pick Your Poison discovolante12/31/12
Why Can't I Get Into These Bands? TheSupernatural12/14/12
Horrible Shit That I Used To Listen To Spliffhanger6712/12/12
My Top 5 Loot Drops PkxKillerXPartyHat12/11/12
My Top 5 Worst Genre Fusions Shimana12/09/12
The World Simply Just Can't End... CK11/18/12
Surprisingly Not-Awful Covers ReturnToRock11/13/12
Guy + Girl + Movie = Date? ReturnToRock10/26/12
Idioteque Is Back IdiotequeCigar10/10/12
Nickelback Ranked (no, Really) TheSupernatural10/08/12
Guilty Pleasures I Am Not Ashamed Of Hurricanslash10/07/12
Songs I Like By Artists I Dislike ReturnToRock10/01/12
Top 25 Worst Music Artists I've Ever Heard brassman0109/30/12
Fuck These Refs!!!! Calc09/24/12
Nickelback Get Stoned On-stage Dolving99909/07/12
10 Albums And Why Sputnik Hates Them In Lists AgainAnd08/28/12
Shit Bands pothead08/11/12
My Favourite Albums (Cd-collection) Hurricanslash08/01/12
Official Eminem Power Rankings Destructerator07/22/12
Iron Madeoftrash kobeswagftw06/29/12
Worst Bandz sonictheplumber06/22/12
The Greatest Albums Ever Musicface4206/20/12
Midgets Stand Tall Against 'snow White' Discrimination 5tokes06/08/12
Its Finally Here! Pimping Vip ModHunter06/07/12
...does It Make You Feel Better... ModHunter05/25/12
Songs I Like From Albums I Don't Like peartnoy05/20/12
My musical past Gwynbleiddsfang05/17/12
Bands That I Still Listen To Despite Sputnik's Opinion. JakeStallion04/03/12
Odes To My E-brethren BallsToTheWall03/15/12
Fantasy Festival Island ridethebus03/14/12
666 comments! Aphrodisiac03/14/12
Childhood Favorites TheZehan03/09/12
Things That Should Have Been Aborted Needsmoarbreakdowns03/04/12
Eight Lists Within A List KjSwantko02/28/12
There Can Only Be One EyeForAnEye02/28/12
Bands That Begin With The Letter N ridethebus02/28/12
25 Cheesiest Songs Ever Zorak02/14/12
How To Select The Right Album Artwork For Your Band geezers198902/01/12
Road Trip syffuf2502/01/12
Stuff My Roommate Listens To twlichty01/28/12
Ball's Romantic Mixtape For Wooing The Opposite Sex. Or Same Sex If You're A Homo BallsToTheWall01/26/12
Why I Don't Like My Friends So Much... rapideyemovement01/20/12
I Hate My Friends mynameash01/19/12
Music That Makes Me Wanna Use The Bathroom And Why rapideyemovement01/03/12
Crappy Bands chargers2612/27/11
5 Worst Albums Of 2011 discovolante12/23/11
Worst Albums Of 2011 Urinetrouble12/09/11
Nickelback Review NateT12/05/11
Radiohead Vs Nickelback Ranked Oafdog12/01/11
Would You? BallsToTheWall11/27/11
Nickelblock InAbsentia11/24/11
Seeing Nickelback In A Few Hours!!! NickelbackFTL11/24/11
Top 10 Worst Bands Of All Time Vito11/10/11
5 Surprisingly Good Songs By Hated Bands HongMeiling10/13/11
Biggest Disgrace To Canada? UrAssIsMyHat10/04/11
Hamster's Hatin' List TheVileHamsterMosh09/21/11
Distractions KimmsightMatters09/06/11
Best Comedy Reviews On Sputnik? JumpTheShark08/31/11
Music For Phil sonictheplumber08/30/11
I'm Taking An Awful Shit At The Moment manicmonkey07/23/11
The Department Store Radio EyeForAnEye07/22/11
My Favorite Albums. masterkatulu07/22/11
""Artists"" I Think Suck discovolante07/06/11
Failing Skies telebyrd07/04/11
Users Rated By The Master sonictheplumber06/05/11
Guilty Pleases Galore NarkalepticNinja05/25/11
*facepalm* InAbsentia05/19/11
Favorite Music Albums dEdinsId04/28/11
Best Albums Of All time. X3ro99404/25/11
Dark Horse >>> Wasting Light lucazade2204/04/11
Worst Bands I Can Think Of Off The Top Of My Head Trebor.03/31/11
Sputnik/rym Ratings & Positions Comparison xenocide.03/26/11
Really Really Guilty Pleasures Curse.03/25/11
Best Selling Rock Albums 2010 bunnyxd03/25/11
Conspiracy Theories About The Dead Polar Bear? Trebor.03/22/11
Bro Music For Bros Who Like To Bro While They Bro Bro JarethCutestory03/15/11
NEW SONG check first comment holler robertsona01/19/11
2010 Sputnik Awards BigHans01/10/11
The Worst Bands Ever sonictheplumber12/30/10
Users Who Should Be On Staff sonictheplumber12/20/10
A Few Albums I Used To Like (and Still Do) Drunk12/14/10
7 Musical "artists" That Annoy The Living Hell Out Of Me (and Anyone With Ears) jules4whitehouse12/04/10
Cream Of The Crap v5.0 Scoot12/01/10
Rebel KimmsightMatters11/23/10
The 100 Greatest Canadian Albums Spec10/29/10
The A-Z Of Crap Music AtavanHalen10/18/10
Decent Post-grunge? Titan5010/11/10
Not Gonna Lie, I Like These Songs KimmsightMatters09/22/10
Nickelback Songs I Like, Yes it's real tehgangsta09/17/10
Most Successful Artists Sergeant07/24/10
Guess That Sputniker 11 tinkrbel07/07/10
Original Worst Bands Ever List FoulCity06/23/10
Decade Of THE S**t bailar06/12/10
Top 10 Bands I Hate reeshespeeshes05/16/10
The Smiths > Nickelback Titan5005/05/10
My Old Jams Bandido04/09/10
The Worst Band Ever [round Three] Lambda04/05/10
Shit My Friends Listen To Counterfeit03/28/10
Bottom 10 Albums deliberately03/23/10
Top 10 Albums deliberately03/22/10
My Top 5 Favourite Albums Salmonella03/05/10
Qwe's Nostalgia qwe302/11/10
Bands I Love / Hate a7xFanboy02/10/10
Artists Which Annoy Me UnnamedOcean02/10/10
Rock Band: Lady Gaga Announced XulOnerom02/05/10
Top 5 Most Overrated Bands Of All Time ChisledFromBliss02/01/10
Top 5 Worst Bands Of All Time ChisledFromBliss02/01/10
Today Is My Birthday slodnulius01/30/10
10 Artists Which Should Not Be In My Library UnnamedOcean01/17/10
God Awful Bands monkeygonetoheaven01/15/10
Favourite 50 Albums SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/13/10
Bands That People Around Me Like That I Dont Like crazyblinddude01/08/10
It's A Sad, Sad World intothepit8312/29/09
Chritmas Gets sXeMOSHCOREhXc12/27/09
My Brother's A Retarded Bitch! ignorantfack12/22/09
I Was Dumb 10 Years Ago! intothepit8312/22/09
My Top 2 Funeral Doom Albums slodnulius12/18/09
My Favourite Artist(20) vishstud12/18/09
Things That Inherently Suck xscythe7x11/29/09
Bands I Hate The Most McFearless9011/29/09
The Most Over-rated Albums Of All Time. McDiggitz11/05/09
Bands With The Worst Lyrics ckypro310/29/09
Kris' Top Ten Bands...Ever obfuscation10/13/09
Songs as catchy as they are awful Greenman10/12/09
Albums That Remind Me Of Movies Greenman10/11/09
Worst Bands Today Greenman10/10/09
7 Albums I Listened To When Joining Sputnik Lelle09/23/09
Showtime ScorpionStan09/09/09
Best Shred Albums Abdar11205/23/09
Shockingly Bad Bands Maximo12305/20/09
Sputnik Classics I Have Yet To Hear Aids05/15/09
Recent Listens mynameisbill12305/12/09
Nostalgia AaronKhera05/04/09
Top 5 Favorite Songs Demonickid1025905/03/09
Top Ten Worst Bands Right Now..... BlackMarketReview04/27/09
Hopelessly Hopeless Bands kintups04/14/09
Someone Should Make "sputnikmovies" Titan5004/13/09
Favorite Bands (first List) YourBore03/16/09
Top 50 Played Bands According To Last Fm Titan5003/04/09
Top 50 Bands Titan5002/28/09
I'm English, And As Such, I Crave Dissapointment. That's Why I Buy Kinder Suprise. Titan5002/22/09
Fuck Homework Titan5002/18/09
Bands I Dont Like kygermo01/23/09
My Gitmo Abdar11201/15/09
Worst Songs Of '08 Mr_Coffee12/20/08
Worst Albums Of 2008 bastard12/20/08
Bad Band Names Boognish12/16/08
Top 5 Worst Bands Ever (imo) Demonickid1025912/04/08
Bands I Have Seen Live inflames66609/10/08
Why The Fuck Is This Shit On My Job's Radio? kattunlover6908/18/08
Band's I've Seen Live (my List) Foodforthegods07/17/08
Faber Drive's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Real Guilty Pleasures foreverendeared06/24/08
They Should Burn At The Stake For This ReturnToRock06/13/08
Great Songs By Not So Great Bands TheDistantFuture05/22/08
Bands I Have Seen Live* ciarabassmasta05/20/08
Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen TheDistantFuture04/01/08
Metal Top Sellers........aparently Geedrummer03/17/08
Top Ten Rock/Metal Bands Of All Time BrokenChains03/14/08
My 100 Favorite Songs altairschaos5602/04/08
My Own Firing Squad List ReturnToRock12/07/07
They May Suck But... thesystemisdown12/06/07
10 Bands That Are Not Overrated NOTINTHEFACE10/10/07
Sputnik Needs A Hero rattlehead4214710/09/07
Crappy Songs krrrout08/01/07
Albums That Aren't That Bad tribestros07/29/07
Really Bad Crap grungekicksmetalsass07/03/07
Best poisonrox06/01/07
Fav Bands hinder04/20/07
Bands Teenage Girls Eat Up... zeroman08904/09/07
Songs They Played At Monsta Jam 07 teamsleep69802/09/07
Albums That Make Me Sick Golgotha32112/18/06
Current CD Collection RATMFanatic12/12/06
5 Rock Bands That Really Bug Me hard_rocker8911/27/06
Top 10 Worst Rock Songs of 2006 jason_f9011/22/06
Albums I love, but... Otisbum10/12/06
songs that break a band Acey09/06/06
The Essential Emo Girl Listenings Patrick09/05/06
Top 5 Songs I Hear Everyday (Overplayed Songs) soad_6708/15/06
Songs I'm Embarrased to have on my Computer IvortheEngineDriver08/10/06
Worst Albums I Have Bought Muisee08/02/06
Top 10 Blands YDload07/28/06


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