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Metal Recs For A Friend Flugmorph01/25/15
Seasonal Depression yourgodisinferior01/24/15
Finalized Favorite Death Metal List InfernalOarsman12/22/14
Killer Opening Tracks In Metal FlyheadMetal12/18/14
Entombed Ranked FlyheadMetal12/15/14
Death Metal Freshman Vs. Sophomore sumyunguy12/14/14
Best Live Metal Albums FlyheadMetal12/07/14
Trying To Get Into Death Metal 5NightsAtFreddys12/02/14
Best Death Metal Songs 5NightsAtFreddys12/01/14
100 Favorite Metal Songs Palatial11/29/14
Death Metal - Florida Vs. Sweden Vs. New York Vs. England Vs. Canada JasonCarne11/28/14
Seagrave Vs. Necrolord Vs. Repka JasonCarne11/18/14
Death Metal Recs Muisc4Life2611/14/14
Blue trve11/13/14
Remaking The Lchc Radio Station (gta Iv) TPM11/12/14
Ryus's Anniversary Ryus11/02/14
My Journey To Metal steynopeth10/22/14
Essential Halloweencore Hyperion100110/06/14
Liam Neeson Appreciation Day BallsToTheWall09/20/14
Songs Of The Day JCGold1409/18/14
Metal Classics someguest09/18/14
1989-2013 Metal Favs iBlue09/16/14
Detroit Lions! BallsToTheWall09/14/14
LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!!!!! BallsToTheWall09/07/14
Descent Into Madness BallsToTheWall08/31/14
New Vinyl Buys MoosechriS08/30/14
Fordeath Metal evilford08/13/14
Favorite Dm/melodeath Aftertheascension08/04/14
Rec Me Interesting Dm Flugmorph07/30/14
My 31 Favourite Death Metal Releases... VVild1807/17/14
Dark Metal Pt. 2 Keyblade07/02/14
Riff Hardness Scale Jacquibim06/16/14
Gym Song Digs yourgodisinferior06/11/14
Albums Where The Title Track Is The Best Track VisionsFromTheDarkSide05/23/14
3 Best Albums Of Your Birth Year Betray05/21/14
Manly Metal Songs With Feelz RoyalImperialGuard05/19/14
Worst Albums By Acclaimed Metal Bands TheSonomaDude05/11/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Fleshpound05/08/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1990 HenchmanOfSanta05/04/14
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow04/19/14
Another Music List Keyblade03/27/14
Jamming Heavy Trebor.03/17/14
Rec Me Music-related Tech Books Dolving99903/13/14
Musik/Mukke/music Collection Upgrade Flugmorph03/07/14
Metal On Thursday Balerion03/06/14
Entombed Mixing Practice Madbutcher303/03/14
Elevating The Reviewing Game Ov Sputnik RoyalImperialGuard02/26/14
Riffs Of F*cking Fist BigHans02/25/14
4 Years Of Sputnik MoosechriS02/08/14
Favorite Swedish Releases yourgodisinferior02/03/14
Cdeisar Sniff01/27/14
Birthyear List MalleusMaleficarum01/21/14
Me Dig, You Dig, We Dig ButteryBiscuitBass01/21/14
5 Minutes Spare, List Is Digs MoosechriS01/19/14
Top 10 Scariest Freaking Albums (in No Particular Order) Cal66501/18/14
Winter Olympic Hockey MalleusMaleficarum01/13/14
Cd Collection - Installment Two Multifarious01/08/14
Shameless Plug & Digs MoosechriS01/04/14
Recent Purchases Scum01/02/14
Another Christmas List MoosechriS12/28/13
Moosechris Cassette Collection MoosechriS12/27/13
Moosechris Vinyl Collection MoosechriS12/26/13
M/ A Bit More Than Usual Trebor.12/22/13
Discogs I Need To Finish Pestiferous12/05/13
The Finest Hours Of Black/Death Metal TheSonomaDude12/03/13
Recent Digs. Rec Me Plz. oathofsolace12/03/13
Top 1991 Death Metal Fozzie11/20/13
25 Great Games demigod!11/01/13
10 Badass Art Work In Metal Kusangii10/25/13
The Adventures Of Converge, Pt. 1 SadAndHolyGlow10/24/13
Crashed Hard Drive Blues MosesMalone10/23/13
Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong Thor10/21/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
Latest Metal Purchased shredaman10/16/13
Favorite Metal Right Now shredaman10/11/13
Ikea Or Death? Owantjaaaa10/11/13
The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard dsroka00510/07/13
New Jontron! SadAndHolyGlow09/24/13
Pre Workouts Ranked BallsToTheWall09/23/13
100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy MoosechriS09/22/13
500 Ratings VisionsFromTheDarkSide09/22/13
Dang Death Metal alachlahol09/19/13
69 Sweet Swedish Albums. 69 Sweet Swedish Album Covers. Sniff09/14/13
Manly Music For Manly Men BallsToTheWall09/11/13
Pre Work Digs MoosechriS09/10/13
Awesome Production/tone VisionsFromTheDarkSide09/06/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Vasectomy Blues evilford09/01/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1990 charbyno09/01/13
List Is Music ButteryBiscuitBass08/30/13
Old School Earache Sampler BlackLlama08/27/13
Top Old School Death Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/22/13
Another Metal List BallsToTheWall08/20/13
Thrashmania Lives! Jacquibim08/13/13
Favorite Metal Albums JeremyVee07/30/13
My Favourite Death Metal Albums amakir07/15/13
Entombedcore Balerion07/10/13
No Remorse BallsToTheWall07/09/13
Just Death Metal azagthoth8912307/03/13
1993 SpiritCrusher206/27/13
25 Great Metal Debuts ThrashK06/24/13
Graduated High School Yesterday...yay mindleviticus06/20/13
Scum's Favorite Title Tracks Scum06/02/13
Hammer Smashed Windshield lyon153505/24/13
M/ Metal Brothers M/ MoosechriS05/24/13
Rec Me Some Good Osdm Dodecahedron05/19/13
5000 Comments Jacquibim05/14/13
I Creamed BigPleb05/09/13
An Hour Or So Of Youtube Suggestions pbass005/05/13
Scum's Favorite Debut Albums, Pt. II Scum05/04/13
Metal's Best Debut Albums Thor04/30/13
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) NoiseForZeus04/28/13
Essential Jams ButteryBiscuitBass04/23/13
The Malleus Directory (part 1) MalleusMaleficarum04/18/13
Lifting Heavy BallsToTheWall04/14/13
Scandinavian Invasion mauiwaui04/13/13
Old School Death Metal Scum04/04/13
Cds That I Want To Purchase Right Now atokad43204/04/13
Dead Balls Decomposition BallsToTheWall04/02/13
10 Best Death Metal Albums Immortalis4203/30/13
A New and more appropriate list title lyon153503/25/13
The Best Featured Metal List Today evilford03/25/13
R.I.P. David Parland Surtur03/25/13
I'm Tired And Mooching MoosechriS03/22/13
Weed Or Beer? ButteryBiscuitBass03/22/13
Destroyer Of Light Cd Is Available SteelErectedb4you8er03/21/13
Furious Styles ButteryBiscuitBass03/13/13
Hail To The Metal Of Death! Donchivo03/12/13
Origins branflakes91103/09/13
My Relatively Top 100 Albums Mike0803/08/13
Albums That Have Been Blowing My Mind SAPoodle02/25/13
Lifting For Metal: The Official Soundtrack BallsToTheWall02/23/13
Sputnik's Dirty Dozen BallsToTheWall02/11/13
Recent Listening M/ MoosechriS02/09/13
Manly Fucking Movies BallsToTheWall01/24/13
A Song With Better Riffs Than... EyesWideShut01/20/13
Death Metal Vs Thrash Metal huguitoescorza01/17/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Sputnik Future HSThomas01/13/13
So, You Want To Death Metal? MichaelSnoxall01/12/13
The Day Of Death Metal Hawks01/09/13
Festive Purchases MoosechriS01/06/13
50 Excellent Death Metal Songs RetroSpective12/28/12
People Who Fuck Up Your Day wanderlust12/24/12
Digggggggzzzzzz ButteryBiscuitBass12/24/12
Last.fm DallyLama12/18/12
Pure Metal demigod!12/17/12
Wintry Album Covers Pestiferous12/17/12
100 90s Metal Albums Funeralopolis12/10/12
90 Reasons Why The 90's Ruled demigod!12/10/12
The ABC's Of Good Music (part 2) Atari12/04/12
"the Big Four" Of Death Metal?!?!?! CK12/04/12
Sexual Music ButteryBiscuitBass12/04/12
Death 'n' Roll? Metalstyles12/03/12
Black Friday Suckerfish11/23/12
Malleus Breaks It Down MalleusMaleficarum11/18/12
12 Most Influential Death Metal Bands HitlerIsPissed11/17/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
Coffee Motherfucker! Do You Have Any? BallsToTheWall11/15/12
Heavy Ass Recs Please theartofdoom11/12/12
Death Metal Dedication djtypist11/10/12
Stockholm Syndrome Hyperion100111/07/12
Nomad BallsToTheWall11/03/12
21 Emim10/23/12
Death Metal Ranked dsroka00510/08/12
It's Been A While chambered4910/04/12
Best Heavy Metal DallyLama10/01/12
Guitar Pedals I Want DallyLama09/25/12
Some Great Albums! amakir09/18/12
Top Albums Of 1990 Cghost09/09/12
Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza08/30/12
The Sword Of Metaldom Volume 2 BallsToTheWall08/28/12
Favourite Albums steynopeth08/12/12
90s Emim08/07/12
25 Greatest Death/black Metal Albums Of All Time huguitoescorza07/25/12
The Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Of All Time Alcatrazz07/08/12
Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time huguitoescorza07/05/12
Angry Music Pt. 2 Emim06/19/12
Music of Sweden Havey06/12/12
Random Good Albums I've Been Listening To Lelle05/28/12
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
Death metal I love Systemunfolded04/30/12
Murder 1 MichaelMyers04/21/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
Too Old, Too Cold? theartofdoom04/14/12
Some Of The Best Debuts Mike0804/09/12
Kurt Ballou's Top Influences DallyLama04/05/12
Sludge Me Euphoriuhhhh04/03/12
Digs MoosechriS03/30/12
Gimme Death........ And Lots Of It!!!! M/ MoosechriS03/27/12
End Of February Renovations Systemunfolded02/28/12
New Asphyx keyboardxmosh02/27/12
90s Metal For Your Nuts macadoolahicky02/22/12
Death Metal Inveigh02/07/12
25 Years Of Death Metal rasputin02/04/12
Famous People I Would Like To Meet BallsToTheWall02/02/12
Top 5 Greatest Death Metal Albums BigPleb01/26/12
Hard Jams Inc - The Beginning BigHans01/12/12
100 Reasons Why I Love Metal mbrigham111/28/11
Expendables 2 BallsToTheWall11/22/11
Die Hard Valerius11/20/11
What Disgusts You In Modern Metal NWOAHM66611/05/11
R.i.p. Truest Sputnik List Ever lyon153510/25/11
Dismember Broke Up Carnifex10/17/11
Real Metal: An Ode To The Truest Of The True BallsToTheWall10/10/11
Kitsch Is A Pretentious Bitsch kitsch10/07/11
Choosing Death TheSpirit09/24/11
Favourite Albums Of The 90's Angel4309/06/11
I Wanna Review A Discography Carnifex08/31/11
Been Metalling So Goddamn Hard BigHans08/16/11
Old School Death Metal Releases Sheno113808/14/11
Most Depressing/sad/ Dark/ Whatever Songs Ever. TheVillagepeople08/01/11
Fuck Yeah Death Metal Em Slash Surtur07/28/11
Playlist Juillet 2010 Likferd07/26/11
Top 30 Likferd07/22/11
Why '91 Was The Pinnacle Of Death Metal mbrigham106/17/11
1990's: Golden Age Of Music? Colliiiin06/08/11
Mobilization Of The Homeless TheItalianStallion06/03/11
You Can't Kill The Metal EverythingEvil211306/01/11
Scandinavian Death Metal RightSaidFred05/24/11
Grab A Shovel, We've Got Bodies to Bury eggsvonsatan05/14/11
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo05/10/11
Metal For Men BallsToTheWall05/05/11
We Can Do This fr33convict04/30/11
Hello Sputnik! ColorMeBloodRed04/13/11
Metal Is Dead Psychopathologist04/12/11
Essential Metal Songs BallsToTheWall04/11/11
Metal As Hell eternium04/08/11
This Week's Metal RingilEskiath03/31/11
Old School Death/black Recs GhettoIndieshit03/07/11
Angel Of Death Metal AngelofDeath02/23/11
Favourite Album Covers demigod!02/19/11
O.S.S.D.M Up In This Bitch BallsToTheWall01/17/11
Johnny Gave Me An Assignment For Christmas Break sonictheplumber12/18/10
Angel Slays The 90s AngelofDeath11/21/10
Trip To Massachusets BallsToTheWall11/15/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
Rad Film Samples In Songs AngelofDeath11/11/10
Dan Seagrave. ShoeSoup10/26/10
Essential Death Metal? SlightlyEpic10/23/10
Death Metal Weekend Begins Today!! taroo10/22/10
Albums That Give Me Goosebumps demigod!10/21/10
666 zarquan9910/18/10
The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1 ShadowRemains10/09/10
Urine Teaches You How To Indie Urinetrouble10/08/10
The Metal Clan Of Blood And Deathhh chambered8909/28/10
OSDM DeafMetal09/23/10
Recognize The Trve Mvsic DeafMetal09/18/10
Death Metal Madness TrapThemAlive09/16/10
Sputnik Ends....tommorow Mewcopa09/13/10
Real Death Metal paulard66609/05/10
Tres Mil East Hastings08/25/10
'90: Golden Years Pt. 2 ShoeSoup08/21/10
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's chambered8907/24/10
Deathcore: An Evolution From Emotional Overload Back To Roots In Brutality. witchxrapist07/18/10
Dm Granius07/17/10
Bird Got Crushed, Brutal. SpectralArchitect07/16/10
The Ten Essential Death Metal Albums austin88807/14/10
Stuff I Got At The Thrift Store londoncalling45706/19/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
Bleekill's Essential Death Metal Bleekill05/23/10
The Death Shawshank05/18/10
Long List Of Awesome TheSpirit05/14/10
Hey Some Good Death Metal chambered8905/12/10
20 Death Metal Albums - A Lethal Guide To Death Metal AshesOfEmpires04/02/10
Essential Death Metal? SlightlyEpic03/23/10
Why Sweden Is Awesome eternium03/03/10
First User To 20,000 Posts? BallsToTheWall01/16/10
Best 2 Album Runs FeralMemories01/06/10
Death Metal Digs BallsToTheWall12/17/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1991 FeralMemories12/15/09
Most Influential Metal Albums PuerkitoBio12/08/09
Sweden > Tiger Woods. BallsToTheWall12/03/09
Best Band Logos FeralMemories11/19/09
Death Metal Reccos Needed icarus898911/15/09
Pussies To The Back krazaln11/11/09
100 Albums magichorze10/25/09
Going To Florida Giles9210/20/09
Death Metal Classics ctibor10/17/09
Black Metal Vs. Death Metal Fxxkit1310/11/09
Black People Death Metal qwe09/14/09
Biggest Death,Black & Other Metal Dissapointments Ever! jsanchez08/19/09
Dildos jingledeath07/28/09
Old School Death Metal Ftw combustion0707/27/09
Classic Death Metal BreeBreeChuggaLug07/13/09
Lesnar Beat Mir GoodApollo1249207/12/09
Top 20 Albums Of How Death Metal Must Be Played robaxegrinder07/09/09
my fav death metal albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
Needs Moar Death Metal Si1v3RfaNg06/06/09
The Sonic Granduer Of 1990 fireaboveicebelow06/03/09
The Finger Thing Means The Taxes Mr. Lizard05/26/09
Worth Buying? LOATHSOME05/18/09
Recs Wanted ASberg03/18/09
Help Me Out Mr. Lizard02/26/09
90s Death Metal Albums Part1 panagiotis02/24/09
Artists I Want To Check Out In 2009 Altmer12/25/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
Decibel Hall Of Fame TheResidents61911/06/08
Bands I Love, Who I Dont Give Enough Love To McP300009/12/08
Essential Old School Death Metal Bands twophoton09/07/08
Im Here In New York On Vacation McP300007/23/08
Top 20 Death Metal Angmar03/14/08
Im On A Chopping Spree And I Could Use A Hand... ASberg02/26/08
What Do You Mean All Metal!? ASberg02/25/08
Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!! Reign_In_Blood_8901/14/08
Favorite Cover Art blackened0711/16/07
Favorite Death Metal Reign_In_Blood_8911/11/07
Suggest Death, I Want To Kill! Ominous Inane08/20/07
Albums I Need In 2007 carney311004/11/07
Metal To Kick Your Boots Off Too Iluvatar03/30/07
Homegrown In My Head Iluvatar02/11/07
My Top 100 NeverFading1402/03/07
SF's Favorite Old School Death Albums Shadows11/09/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
Iluv's tr00 kvlt metal list Iluvatar08/11/06


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