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Thousand Island Boros (+recs) Angelboros01/06/15
My Top 100 Most Played Albums In 2014 (according Lastfm) ricardohrr12/29/14
Metalcore sadchild12/26/14
Don't Drive Drunk, Seriously witchxrapist11/13/14
New to the site. R0ffleMyWaffles11/11/14
Music Through My Life randon67810/09/14
Fruit Juice Ranked Betray10/07/14
Metalcore Recs Brometheus08/25/14
Metalcore Bands That Are Awesome HeavyMetal2508/20/14
Standout Metalcore Bands (imo) cmil9408/20/14
Breakdowns Brometheus08/20/14
Albums Worth Checking Out. Different Genres Of Metal and a little bit of Punk Rock thrown in. HeavyMetal2508/20/14
User With Most Similar Taste? Betray08/14/14
Betray's Warped Tour Experience Betray07/30/14
Warped 10 Dancedrewdance07/12/14
10 Best Metal Albums I Have Come Across In The Last 6 months mikep8706/27/14
Those Epic Metal Moments... BeneaththeDarkOcean06/22/14
Best To Worst Albums Of 2012 Havoren9406/19/14
Best To Worst Albums Of 2010 Havoren9406/19/14
Give Me Recommendations! (metal) Artikulate06/17/14
5 Years Of Sputtin SlMBOLlC05/30/14
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades StinkyPinky05/07/14
Favorite Australian Bands taintsquasher2805/05/14
50 Favorite Albums 2CHAINAL05/02/14
Monday Morning Jams Roman04/28/14
Favorite Bands April 2014 AEGMDoumenc04/23/14
Hi. Roman04/22/14
Guitar Covers AlasKenColors04/16/14
Rather Decent Metalcore killth3p00r04/08/14
Trip 1 ApplaudBlue04/07/14
Third Sputnik Birthday BlazeWilson03/09/14
Albums I Want To Listen To... But Which One Should I Get First? Beatskins03/01/14
Biggest Day Of My Life Today joshieboy1234502/19/14
Subsequent Albums That Flunked ilbron02/10/14
All Time Favs fraggleblabla01/23/14
All Time Favorites danieljm98001/06/14
iTokoloshe's Aussie Metal XI Tokoloshe12/30/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2007 Tokoloshe12/13/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2012 Tokoloshe12/12/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2010 Tokoloshe12/10/13
My Itunes On Shuffle. KenboSlice11/03/13
Most Played Songs On Itunes Alaska10/28/13
Rec Me Metalcore/hardcore/melodic moshpotatoes10/24/13
Warped Tour 14 Predictions SnakeDelilah10/17/13
New User's First List: Top 20 oathofsolace10/16/13
My Awesome Vinyl Collection Ecksavie10/06/13
Album Closers TheMetalLifer10/06/13
1,500 Ratings! SadAndHolyGlow09/23/13
Top 100 Cakey09/03/13
NO MORE SHITTY METALCOAR! theripsaw08/25/13
Rec Me Heavy Documentaries Dolving99908/17/13
My Top 5 Metalcore Bands BlastRiffsBeatTechno08/14/13
My Personal 15 iasookia07/26/13
Is It Bad That I Like Metalcore So Much? theM3rcenary07/20/13
The Ashes ButteryBiscuitBass07/10/13
Freshman Year merpmerp06/11/13
Rec Me Concept Albums pbass006/11/13
Download Fest! BigPleb06/11/13
Bands I've Seen Live Conexus05/18/13
Lyric Videos Are Lame witchxrapist05/03/13
Neo Eats His Words. NeoSpaz05/01/13
Albums I Dig grizz04/28/13
My Favourite Songs NorwichScene03/28/13
Junz/slams Of Truth SlMBOLlC03/18/13
You Guys Heard About Zao, Right? SadAndHolyGlow03/13/13
Nostalgia: 2004 nononsense03/03/13
Starcraft 2: Hots And Game Of Thrones This Month MegaJake102402/27/13
My Upcoming Shows nononsense02/25/13
Shitty Metal Bands That My Shitty Metal Band Is Influenced By Riptide02/17/13
My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Songs Braden37802/14/13
My 20 Fav Albums SlMBOLlC02/12/13
Workout Music MegaJake102402/12/13
My Favorite Parkway Drive Songs TheKeywork02/09/13
Favorite Albums TheKeywork02/09/13
Favorite Band AEGMDoumenc02/08/13
Need recs for these albums deaftolight01/15/13
My Top 15 Albums Of 2012. ababygoat9101/08/13
Some Cool Album Art Shimana01/06/13
Festive Purchases MoosechriS01/06/13
100 of 2012 Mariusbinx12/30/12
Happy Birthday To Me Devastator12/26/12
2012 List whatshisname12/25/12
Digs AfterTheBreakdown12/24/12
My Top 50 Of 2012 RemedyForLove12/24/12
My Top 10 Albums Of 2012 BaseballJames12/24/12
Fav Bands SlMBOLlC12/21/12
What Emoticon Do You Hate The Most? pjquinones74712/11/12
Favorites Of 2012 d00derz12/10/12
Another Aoty List pjquinones74712/02/12
Rec Me Anime Shows! whatshisname11/23/12
The Top Ten Metalcore Songs Of All Time, Apparently SlMBOLlC11/19/12
I Could Beat You Up Even If You Had One Thousand Knives DANcore11/15/12
Recent Listens apokolypz11/11/12
Workout Music, Brah DANcore11/06/12
Walking Dead Tonight J0ckstrapsFTW11/04/12
I Need Recs jwyles411/02/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Best Of October 2012 apokolypz10/31/12
Worst Of 2012 BenKnuckles10/29/12
My Favourite Albums 2012 NorwichScene10/29/12
THIS IS CRAZY mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/29/12
My Top Metal Albums maidenpmcc10/27/12
How Does One Aquire And Avatar SlMBOLlC10/24/12
Simbolic Has New Parkway SlMBOLlC10/21/12
New Parkway Drive Leaked Dolving99910/21/12
How It Going? Devastator10/19/12
Most Vicious Sports Hit You've Seen. Devastator10/08/12
Logged Into Sputnik After 2 Years - Ive Missed My Metal applesoup10/07/12
My Life In Music (starting 2006) pbass010/05/12
Favourite Albums Of The Decade (ongoing) - 2010 - Present tysly10/05/12
Rec Me Stuff? thechodewarrior10/04/12
Best Australian Metal Bands Evar dunksman2309/09/12
Albums That Make My Brain Energized! Muisc4Life2609/07/12
Can You Be Trve Metal And Hardcore At Same Time? dunksman2309/06/12
Another School List Devastator08/24/12
Tunes For Going Back To School blaisetheslayer08/21/12
Band Documentaries JackSparrow08/14/12
Summer '12 Playlist drewtvylor07/31/12
My favorite Bands Of Metalcore/Deathcore/subgeners huguitoescorza07/26/12
Metalcore's Best Albums! Muisc4Life2607/24/12
My Personal Favorites Aveyron2507/24/12
Top 10 Metalcore Albums Of The Last 5 Years Aveyron2507/24/12
Puppy Recs Devastator07/19/12
Albums I've Been Listening Too! Muisc4Life2607/15/12
Best Hardcore Albums JustBlaze42018707/01/12
Best Metal Albums JustBlaze42018707/01/12
The Metal Genres I Listen To And My Fav Ablums From Each dunksman2306/30/12
Going Home For The First Time In 8 Months. This Will Be My Travel Playlist blaisetheslayer06/22/12
50 Greatest Metalcore Artists mynameash06/17/12
My Favorite Bands To See Live blaisetheslayer05/31/12
(PT2)Recommend Me Some Music Like These Albums I Cant Stop Listening Too Hutch198205/24/12
Top 10 Australian Bands baldymort05/24/12
Spotify Playlist blaisetheslayer05/23/12
Tunes For This Week blaisetheslayer05/16/12
Stepping Stones To Heavy Music dunksman2305/11/12
Albums To Get You Pumped dathvada32105/07/12
A Stepping Stone Into 'heavier Music' CrimsonLies05/03/12
What I've Been Diggin' Recently blaisetheslayer04/24/12
Songs I Be Diggin' Recently (last list disappeared) sspedding04/22/12
Going To See Titanic Again Tonight macadoolahicky04/21/12
Great Aussie Bands ILikeRepetitiveMusic04/16/12
Bands I've Seen Live ILikeRepetitiveMusic04/02/12
5 Favorite Metalcore Screamers jwyles403/30/12
Thizz Face J0ckstrapsFTW03/30/12
2010: Top 20 Albums In Aggressive Music NonApplicable03/26/12
My Favourite Albums dunksman2303/26/12
2012 My Most Anticipated Album dunksman2303/22/12
Tops RonMexico0703/21/12
Invalid File jwyles403/21/12
Metalcore/post Hardcore Alphabet jwyles403/15/12
Songs I've Been Crushing Recently blaisetheslayer03/14/12
Deathcore/Metalcore/Death Metal jwyles402/27/12
Rec Me Some Post-hardcore/metalcore theclassicroundabout02/26/12
Two Cups Of Coffee... DaisyHill02/18/12
50 Of My Favorite Albums JustinJordan8742002/03/12
These metal bands rule! chargers2602/02/12
My Top Played Songs On My Ipod... Shorterfasterlouder01/29/12
Best Metalcore J0ckstrapsFTW01/28/12
Australia Day Butkuiss01/25/12
I Hate My Friends mynameash01/19/12
Top 50 Metalcore Bands Shorterfasterlouder01/15/12
Guilty Pleasures iambandersnatch12/19/11
Top 10 Best Australian Metalcore/deathcore Bands Shorterfasterlouder12/16/11
Top 10 Actually Good Metalcore Bands Shorterfasterlouder12/15/11
Bands I Have Seen Live blaisetheslayer12/15/11
Top 50 Hardcore/metal/punk Releases Of 2010/2011 Shorterfasterlouder12/11/11
Leaving For Seoul - My Ipod Contents AtomicWaste11/18/11
Generic Metalcore Fuck Yeah Hawks11/14/11
Parkway Drive Tonite Nikkolae11/07/11
My Top 10 Metalcore Bands your2diefor11/06/11
My Entire 8gig Ipod DinoX11/04/11
Top 10 Metalcore Bands Escapedmyfate11/03/11
My Favourite Songs By My Favourite Bands :) KirstyLouise11/02/11
Metalcore Guilty Pleasures itzcalv11/02/11
Uhhhhh... Where'd The Good Melodic Metalcore Go? JeebusRools10/27/11
Similar Music? justkeeponscreaming10/17/11
List Of My Favourite Bands Evar nateynate10/12/11
My Favorite Core Vocalists lolcatzwolfay10/08/11
Warped Tour 2010 alextheantichrist10/07/11
Happy Early Birthday To Me. dnor09/30/11
List Of Bands I'm Seeing Soon Jones09/28/11
Top 100 Album Artworks fish.09/27/11
You Suck NWOAHM66609/20/11
Gears Of War 3 RobotJesus09/19/11
how was your summer sputnik???? ManintheBox08/14/11
Top 5 Best And Worst Breakdowns SexPanther08/02/11
Itunes On Shuffle #2 NocteDominum07/27/11
My Favourite Albums Srangerthanficti0n07/25/11
early Teens quartermil07/13/11
Festival This! TheJackal07/11/11
'best' Of The Scene Bands?(read Description) JasperrrD07/09/11
It Sure Would Be Nice KimmsightMatters07/03/11
Long Time Reader, First Time Poster Jones06/29/11
Seen Live CorgiApocalypse06/05/11
I Got Some Metal From A Friend Today AfterTheBreakdown05/30/11
Metal Albums I Have Been Jamming Recently guitarplaya13505/26/11
Rec Me Some 2011 Releases please ManintheBox05/21/11
Best Metalcore RightSaidFred05/19/11
Vocal Influences Butkuiss05/11/11
Top 100 Played On Zune Eulogize05/10/11
Under The Ratings Bridge Butkuiss05/07/11
My Top 10 Favorite Bands/artists Of All Time. Harris20905/05/11
Rec Me Some Metalcore And Post-hardcore Eulogize05/02/11
Top 10 Songs Of The Moment Sylosia04/30/11
Some Awesome Video Games jayfatha04/28/11
Hated And Underrated sspedding04/24/11
Need Tha Junz mclovin9904/23/11
this isnt a 420 list icaughtfire199204/20/11
The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!! Grant13152304/12/11
Hello Sputnik! oldskull04/11/11
New To Sputnik, Recommendations? gianttalkingpickle04/09/11
Top 100 Sputnik Bands xenocide.03/30/11
2000-2009 Was Pretty Awesome jayfatha03/27/11
Bands I've Seen Live patman100103/22/11
Check It Sputbros HaloDude44203/17/11
Stupid Band Names Scoot03/12/11
Listenable "Scene" Music SiliconSunshine03/12/11
I've Been Cranked Up On Shitty Music For Soooo Long! iPim03/09/11
Rec Me Some Good Metalcore/post-hardcore/melodic Hardcore eatmorchickin03/07/11
My Top 100 Albums alexhennigh03/04/11
My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Bands aricH02/27/11
V-day Mix KimmsightMatters02/14/11
Songs unrestrained01/26/11
Bands I've Seen Live asylum66701/10/11
Songs I'm Obsessed With asylum66701/09/11
Top 20 Favorite Bands asylum66701/07/11
My Top Ten Albums asylum66701/07/11
The Best of 2010 MastaP01/03/11
Fromda2010 FromDaHood01/02/11
Songs On Repeat KimmsightMatters12/29/10
I'm New Here Mike2912/21/10
Academy of 2010 theacademy12/21/10
25 Albums + The 5 Try Better Next Time Strider12/20/10
Top 10 2010 AtomicWaste12/20/10
A Vooligan 2010 Vooligan12/17/10
The Moshlist Captain North12/16/10
Top 10 Albums Of 2010 xColton12/15/10
Top 100 AtomicWaste12/14/10
Fucking Metalcore GhettoIndieshit12/11/10
Fanciest KimmsightMatters12/10/10
Boats N' Hoes promiseswept12/10/10
Bloc's Diamonds In The Rough 2010 bloc12/08/10
Entry-level Metal creampie12/06/10
Saturday KimmsightMatters12/04/10
Jwt's 2010: Worst Albums Edition JWT15512/02/10
Favourite Album Artwork Spec11/29/10
Moose's 2010 List And Ratings MoosechriS11/28/10
My Most Preferable Albums This Year MusicinaBox11/25/10
Situations KimmsightMatters11/23/10
Rec Me Some Australian Metal/alternative Plank11/23/10
Terra Australis Incognita SirkSakaig11/23/10
Schoolies! Captain North11/20/10
Top 5 Of 2010 JRPearman11/18/10
Top 5 Bands JRPearman11/18/10
I Need More Music From 2010! icaughtfire199211/16/10
Who Can Scream? Srangerthanficti0n11/04/10
Best Metalcore/deathcore Releases Of My Metal Listening Lifetime. BurnAndBlitzed11/03/10
My Favorite Rock Bands crocadilion10/28/10
Metal crocadilion10/28/10
A List For A Friend Strider10/27/10
So I Was Thinking... ImpendingSpoon32110/23/10
Good Shit Right Now shottyxjohnxgottix10/12/10
Medio-core Spec10/10/10
Kimm Found Her iPod KimmsightMatters10/08/10
Gimme Some Recs Bro Eyaaah10/06/10
The Most Influential Albums. VanitySeason10/06/10
Guilty Pleasures I'm Not Guilty About Spec10/04/10
Some Good Breakdowns IamInExile10/03/10
What I Have Been Listening To Lately SirkSakaig10/03/10
Don't Hurt Me Eyaaah10/02/10
Kimm Lost Her iPod. KimmsightMatters09/29/10
My 2010 So Far Captain North09/27/10
Top 25 Most Played iMj03ld00d09/27/10
I Love Terrible Music. Winsomniac09/26/10
Bands Kimm Wants To See KimmsightMatters09/25/10
I Need A Good Headset!!! & Bands I'm seeing live iPim09/22/10
Recent Gets Kronzo09/08/10
My Favorite Albums Ever TheAngstyVirgin09/08/10
Who To See ? Strider09/05/10
So-so Bands xTevinx09/04/10
Pacman Cometh renovatio78609/04/10
My Top 10 Albums Th3answer08/30/10
Pit's Guilty Pleasures Intothepit08/26/10
No Sleep Til Australia Edwin08/24/10
Disgusting Albums I've Listened To This Year Rush2208/18/10
Whoa, Sputversary. Winsomniac08/17/10
Cd Backlog!? MoosechriS08/17/10
My Serious Problem Part 2. BeyondSanity08/14/10
Stimulating The Economy 76TVs08/12/10
Top Albums At The Moment guitargod878708/09/10
Cd Shopping MoosechriS08/06/10
Today My Friend And Me Wore The Same Band Tee On Accident :/ jessiedemolish08/05/10
Just Got Back From Warped.. crowing5107/31/10
Warped SHAKEandBAKE07/30/10
Who Is Going To Warped In.... crowing5107/30/10
These Bands Are Not Hardcore LaCosaNostra1307/29/10
Best Live Bands adhoc07/26/10
All My Best Friends Are Metalheads LightningJ07/26/10
Breakdown Recs puma3507/18/10
July Digz Bow2LeperMessiah07/18/10
Variety Of Digs YourBore07/16/10
Warped Tour Yesterday Was Insane Shadein07/15/10
6 Hour Drive Ahead Of Me MoosechriS07/14/10
Top 20 Albums Of My Choice Gingersnap40007/13/10
Songs I Like Atm Ashleyy07/13/10
Sputnik Aspirations 8bit07/12/10
Favorite Albums A-z Youshouldkillme07/07/10
Workout Playlist Dystopic07/06/10
My Songlist While Playing Halo 3 crowing5107/05/10
Warped Tour 2010 Rev06/30/10
Metalcore Bands That Will Stand The Test Of Time And Actually Be Around In 5 Years met6506/29/10
I Be Steady Shufflin' puma3506/27/10
My Ipod Erased All Of My Music.. InFiction06/26/10
Top 10 Albums MichaelAffliction06/24/10
Cheeseburgers MetalFaceDoom06/23/10
Anyone On Sputnik Going To Warped Tour? Shadein06/21/10
40 Days Till Warped FoulCity06/20/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
Warped Tour icaughtfire199206/16/10
Metalcoring With Mordecai Mordecai.06/07/10
Warped Tour 2010 DinnerMints2406/04/10
Xquotexbreakdownx Winsomniac05/23/10
I Herd U Lyke Mudkipz. Comatorium.05/23/10
Favourite Albums MrBirdoWordo05/20/10
Breakdowns, Pt. 1 Emim05/16/10
Currently Playing On My Ipod... sdoughertyYDG05/10/10
June 2010! sdoughertyYDG05/10/10
Mountain Dew Ranked focksy05/10/10
Bands I Got Into Recently maidenpmcc05/05/10
Warped Tour Fever fatlip2704/22/10
As I Go On More Job Interviews.. Understanding In a Crash04/21/10
Thems Fightin Words mickeymfb04/19/10
Fantastic Albums DinnerMints2404/15/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
Metalcore Done Right intothepit8304/07/10
Recent Listening jordecai04/01/10
Bands I Wish I'd Heard Of Sooner. IleftyspankedU03/24/10
What I'm Looking Forward To In 2010 Thanatopsis03/19/10
Currently Listening DominicV03/17/10
Warped!!! 2010 Bow2LeperMessiah03/16/10
Favorite Songs Right Now br00talsamitch02/25/10
Valentine's Day Cds fatlip2701/20/10
Indie Screams Pretentious Bullshit To Me. Pessimist01/19/10
For Those About To Rock! chrisonsputnik12/22/09
A Decade Of Decadence intothepit8312/21/09
Warped Tour '10 ErasersAtBothEnds12/19/09
Top 10 Metalcore Albums Wikid57812/18/09
Decided On A Band Name! ErasersAtBothEnds12/17/09
My Top Bands #2 jasper199612/14/09
Music For Snowboarding! lechium312/12/09
My Favorite Albums Lately AdamKritz12/12/09
I F**king Hate The Snow... Emim12/10/09
My Top 10 Favorite Bands br00talsamitch12/09/09
Bands That I Should Have Every One Of Their Songs? Shadein12/08/09
Bands Last.fm Reccomended To Me MrHotMoms11/29/09
Artists In My Mediaplayer xTevinx11/19/09
Exapanding My Musical Taste EasternLight11/18/09
My Top Metalcore Bands xTevinx11/17/09
My Path To Metal PhantomLord11/12/09
Albums Ive Been Liking Lately johnunderstood11/05/09
My Guitar Covers ErasersAtBothEnds11/02/09
Recommend Me Some Quality Metalcore Dystopic10/30/09
Favorite Australian Bands johnunderstood10/29/09
Recent Digs For Metal/Rock Progmaster8510/28/09
The Full Ghostship Demos? chrisonsputnik10/06/09
Who's Better?? shaunl609/23/09
Possibly The Best 5 Aussie Bands In The Last 5-10yrs? shaunl609/17/09
Cds In My Car shaunl609/16/09
Good Metal Bands That Aren't Necessarily Christian But They Don't Talk About Worshipping Satan Shadein09/16/09
Recent Purchases/gets (part 2) Kronzo09/08/09
I'm New Here And I'm Looking For New Bands Shadein08/30/09
10 Albums That Got Me Into The Music I Like Today teewood08/26/09
My Favourite Albums laterenima08/24/09
My First List... Top 20 Songs... laterenima08/21/09
My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Bands Kronzo08/17/09
Metalcore Top 10 BertFF08/16/09
Recent Gets Kronzo08/14/09
5 Good Australian Rock Bands Of The 1990's Onward Eclectic08/13/09
Aussies! Mordecai.08/04/09
Road Mix ErasersAtBothEnds07/30/09
What A Perfect Romance, A Plague On Both Your Houses cookieMONSTER07/19/09
Metalcore Solo's? sspedding07/11/09
Sick Bands At Hellfest 2009 TrojanWhore06/24/09
Albums I've Been Getting Into Lately chaseguitar06/22/09
Shuffle And Discuss sXeJigglypuff06/22/09
Underappreciated? I Think So. sXeJigglypuff06/21/09
10 Metalcore Albums I Love sspedding05/13/09
Favourite Bands: Mixed BertFF05/02/09
It's Easter! Ya Dig? Xxplosive04/12/09
New Stuff cubik12403/18/09
Other Bands I'm Into acidlegion1402/13/09
Artists Of The Semester DWittisarockstar02/05/09
Ten Favorite Albums DWittisarockstar01/28/09
Christmas/New Years Digs SlowlyWeRot01/04/09
My Favourite Aussie Bands porkchop18201/03/09
Albums Ive Bought Recently metalupyourass6912/31/08
Review DWittisarockstar12/30/08
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist killrobotmusic12/15/08
Top Twenty Bands metalupyourass6912/15/08
Favorite metalcore-ish Vocals-bands Lostandfound212/12/08
Best Live Shows I've Seen Lostandfound212/08/08
Top Ten Albums metalupyourass6912/06/08
True Thug Love poweroftheweez12/03/08
Recently Inflames12/02/08
Fav. Bands Of All Time Lostandfound211/26/08
My Best Breakdown List 0m3ga0n311/21/08
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Solos 8ight8all11/21/08
It Seems Distance11/20/08
Albums I'm Thinkin Of Getting Auldy10/26/08
Ten Deathcore/metalcore Albums That Make Me Happy Craggles10/25/08
Work Shuffle! botb10/24/08
10 Bands I Am Listening To theonlyjabever10/14/08
35 Song Shuffle 0m3ga0n310/11/08
A Recent/new Direction Understanding In a Crash09/16/08
Diggity Daggage HangEmHigh09/09/08
Bands I've Seen Live OnTheEdge08/28/08
Sweet Aussie Bands Mordecai.08/27/08
Bands I've Seen So Far... hammet_ownz08/19/08
Best Gigs I've Been To AtavanHalen08/07/08
Mix 1 Oneiron07/04/08
Guilty Pleasures CoreySzn05/10/08
Shuffling Around Aimlessly botb05/09/08
My Favorite Albums billy3304/30/08
7 Card Stud! botb04/23/08
S.o.s. HangEmHigh04/16/08
Most Played On My Ipod Inflames04/04/08
Favorite Cd's Rawbster02/20/08
Boredom Leads To Shuffles botb02/05/08
My Ipod metallicaman802/01/08
My Next Two Saturdays botb01/21/08
Top 10 Bands That Occasionally Make Me Gag And Disgrace Their Genre. TheSunSleeps34801/09/08
Bands I Found In 2007 Inflames01/09/08
Best Of 2007 List DWittisarockstar12/20/07
Top 20 Songs Of The Past 2 Weeks Cornelius12/14/07
Stuff I've Downloaded/borrowed. JoshissosXe12/05/07
Favorite Breakdowns? botb11/23/07
Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs metallicaman810/25/07
Favorite Albums Of 2007 botb10/18/07
Songs Of Current Obsession HangEmHigh07/19/07
Itunes Albums 2 Full Collapse29904/26/07
My Top 5 Favourite Albums sam_valley12/01/06
Top 10 Best Metalcore/Hardcore Bands kill_the_animosity06/18/06


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