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Some Really Cool Album Covers InfernalOarsman01/26/15
My Presonal Top 50 Metal Albums piotrekmax12/06/14
Halloween TalonsOfFire10/30/14
The First Albums You Ever Owned. JasonCarne10/15/14
Essential Halloweencore Hyperion100110/06/14
First Dj Set Of The Year FadeToBlack10/01/14
Disappointing Albums From The Past Few Years MrCOFROX09/21/14
My Favorite Bands mohsen09/13/14
Deneri 100 Deneri09/04/14
Reasons Why I Love Myself RoyalImperialGuard08/28/14
Good Albums From Shitty Bands FuneralMarch08/14/14
My Favorite Bands DeathMosh8908/12/14
My Top Metal/rock Bands witheredsoul08/08/14
Bands That I Hate But Everybody Else Loves FuneralMarch08/04/14
Top 5 Bm Albums Hawks07/24/14
Rip! Indiana Pacers RoyalImperialGuard05/30/14
Boobs On The Cover Thibs04/25/14
Why I Loved High School Thibs03/31/14
Bad Concepts killth3p00r03/11/14
Musik/Mukke/music Collection Upgrade Flugmorph03/07/14
Goth So Hard University RoyalImperialGuard03/01/14
6666 Comments Necrotica02/16/14
Cdeisar Sniff01/27/14
Punching The Clown BallsToTheWall01/04/14
Favorite Black Metal. larsthedanishprophet12/31/13
Christmas Haul Vakarian1212/25/13
Discogs I Need To Finish Pestiferous12/05/13
Necessary Freshness TheSlenderMan11/30/13
My Top 100 Favorite Albums Ever discovolante11/07/13
Fxxkit13 TheSpirit10/28/13
Blue. Vakarian1210/11/13
Hola Sputnik battleinthenorth09/26/13
Metal [2] OhCarrots09/20/13
Nostalgic Bm Hawks08/17/13
My Top 20 Black Metal Albums carachangren08/13/13
Dissapointing/ Bad Albums renovatio78606/22/13
Rec Me Concept Albums pbass006/11/13
Bands I've Seen Live Conexus05/18/13
Miss You Guys aok05/03/13
2 Key Years Keyblade04/18/13
Sluts and Shit-Spewing Buttfuckers... the Uncut Edition Necrotica04/01/13
Going To Concerts By Yourself Vakarian1203/30/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
My Favorite Vocalists (rock/metal) pbass003/19/13
Rec Me More Black Metal DarkSideOfLucca03/18/13
Dumb Albums That Are Still Fun DarkSideOfLucca03/16/13
Teh Most Eeevil Black Metal Bands!!!! rapedbyelephants03/10/13
Middle School Jams 02-05 elephantREVOLUTION01/25/13
My Top 25 Albums Of 2012 fleshlambofbodom01/05/13
100 of 2012 Mariusbinx12/30/12
Great Debuts Part 2/2 manosg12/28/12
Too Many Churches In Florida BallsToTheWall12/22/12
Happy Doomsday! skoopy4812/21/12
Top 100 Favorite Songs Of All Time. danielchapstick12/17/12
High School Albums DotEight12/16/12
Hawks' Top 25 Of 2012: Metal Hawks12/12/12
Winter Adventuring In The Grim Woodlands BallsToTheWall12/06/12
Hawks' Facebook Statuses Sriracha12/06/12
Fuck Spirit-of-metal discovolante12/04/12
My 2012 Top 5 dragoth12/01/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
Coffee Motherfucker! Do You Have Any? BallsToTheWall11/15/12
Rec Me Some Good Recent Black Metal? ZGP199211/01/12
Three Superb Albums In A Row Detritivore10/14/12
Cradle Ranked TheSpirit10/08/12
Love Mornings Like This Pestiferous09/11/12
okay users lets do this foxxxy09/04/12
My First List Vakarian1208/10/12
Digs N Bong Ripz Hawks10Pec07/08/12
Underrated Solos... SauradipGhosh06/05/12
13 Year Old Me Pentagon05/31/12
My Top 10 Black Metal Albums psite4505/19/12
Rec Me Some Black Metal! FictionalFlames05/16/12
Writing Music RevenantBlue05/15/12
Metal Elitism Will Be The Death Of Metal dunksman2305/07/12
2012 So Far..... FictionalFlames05/06/12
Black Days AllGabrielsAreGlass05/02/12
Favorite Ep's psite4504/29/12
My Favorite Metal Albums psite4504/28/12
My Vinyl Collection DarkSideOfLucca04/26/12
My Metal Vinyl LokiDarkmoon04/26/12
Euphoric Atmosphere Euphoriuhhhh04/03/12
Rainy Day DarkSideOfLucca04/01/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Tops RonMexico0703/21/12
Listened To Rush Acanthus03/11/12
Death And Black Essentials Please Trebor.03/05/12
Albums That Will Haunt Your Dreams DarkSideOfLucca02/20/12
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter BallsToTheWall02/13/12
My Favourite Bands animusnocens01/28/12
Band Tees? Hawks01/17/12
Skyrim Anonymous BallsToTheWall01/16/12
M/ The Day Away Hawks01/16/12
No Love / Lotsa Love Acanthus01/09/12
Why Doesn't Eminem Say The N Word? Sawks01/06/12
Body Suspension Acanthus01/05/12
A Year On Sputnik Tyrael12/29/11
90's Metal discovolante12/28/11
Voting For Nobody 2012 BallsToTheWall12/18/11
The Glory Days... Hawks12/03/11
Getting Into A New Genre: The Hawks Method SCREAM!11/22/11
Trve Kvlt lyon153511/14/11
1988-present: My Favorite Metal Albums discovolante11/13/11
High-highs And Low-lows recs (Pt1) Detritivore10/28/11
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums Trebor.10/19/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
Shit Metal AlonsoHarris08/20/11
Middle School Jams Carnifex08/08/11
The Albums That Shaped My Musical Taste DragonDave07/28/11
Bands With Great Makeup BallsToTheWall07/19/11
Favorite Bands Holadrim07/14/11
Could This Be The Mother Of All Backlogs? MoosechriS07/08/11
Off Work Sick For A Second Week MoosechriS07/04/11
Boredom Buys MoosechriS06/29/11
Classics Daio Himself06/20/11
Melodic/symphonic Black Metal jayfatha05/08/11
Some Awesome Video Games jayfatha04/28/11
An Ode To Sputnikmetal BallsToTheWall04/22/11
Ultimate List dnor04/19/11
Dnor's Sputbuds dnor03/30/11
Your Sputnik N I T Champ Is... shrapnel03/29/11
Let's Start Over Sputnik Countess03/06/11
What Should I Buy Next?? MarkedFortune02/03/11
New Blog!!! combustion0702/02/11
I Gots Tha Black Metal Mewcopa001/31/11
Covers That Could Destroy The World: Vol. 1 azraelcyanide01/29/11
Is Sputnik Dying? Countess01/27/11
Fuckin' Metal, Duuuude discovolante01/22/11
I'm So Wasted Right Now..........I Must Be Cool Eh? MrSputnik01/22/11
Bands I proudly rep. discovolante12/26/10
I Can Dig It TBliss11/27/10
My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard fr33convict11/25/10
Vinyl Shrine Jips11/23/10
Essential Black Metal untitled111/12/10
Best Metal Covers Of Pop Songs Cactupuss11/12/10
New EP Basically Done + D/L fr33convict11/10/10
Sputnik Authorities Revealed BigHans11/04/10
50 Worst Album Covers Of All Time Spec10/25/10
A Spiritual Restrospective:One Year On Sputnik TheSpirit10/20/10
Moist Wood. Plank10/17/10
Very Emotional Songs FrozenSun10/14/10
Albums I'm Looking Forward To maidenpmcc10/10/10
666 Comments geng10/10/10
Chambered's Favorite Users :d chambered8909/26/10
Alfred Hitchcock Movies kangaroopoo09/21/10
My Satanic Comrades RippingCorpse09/19/10
My Favorite Death Metal ieatpuppies4dinner09/15/10
Who's Comments Do You Care About? tinkrbel08/23/10
I'm Pretty Sure I Have A Serious Problem BeyondSanity08/13/10
Guess That Sputniker 15 tinkrbel08/04/10
Metal That I Listen To Demonickid1025907/29/10
Bands I Like Other People Hate theBlackWidow07/06/10
Favourite Movies TBliss06/25/10
Willie's 90 For The 90s Willie06/15/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
Tinkrbels Fav Reviews tinkrbel06/03/10
Over The Years, I've Found Myself Still Loving These Albums BeyondSanity05/20/10
Rock Band: Good Edition JayVex05/05/10
My Ipod Likes Roses And Walks On The Beach. BeyondSanity04/19/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
My First List Countess02/19/10
Hi Im New To This Site Ire02/14/10
When I Rule The World... TheSpirit01/28/10
Sick Ass Metal Music Albums SIMO01/25/10
My Decade In Metal PuerkitoBio01/02/10
I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant wutangpootang12/15/09
Favorite Bands wutangpootang12/11/09
My October 2009 List jsanchez11/13/09
Metal!!! Ewednesday11/04/09
Do You Love This List? Ewednesday11/04/09
Just Got An Itouch 3g Fxxkit1309/15/09
Black Metal Classics jsanchez09/04/09
1000 Comment List! Fxxkit1309/03/09
Biggest Death,Black & Other Metal Dissapointments Ever! jsanchez08/19/09
Favorite Hardcorexthrash corenotgore07/27/09
Haven't Reviewed In A Long Time Rugter3206/09/09
Last.fm Top 30 Songs For The Last 3 Months Rugter3206/05/09
My Metal List Medieval05/16/09
Guilty Pleasures DanielIscariot05/09/09
Favorite Cradle Of Filth Songs Demonickid1025904/30/09
Last.fm Top 20 Albums Of Mine For The Last 3 Months Rugter3204/13/09
Top 5 Worst Albums AbsolutDunkelheit66604/10/09
Re5 Is Out Hell Yeah! Rugter3203/13/09
Too Many Albums, Too Little Time Rugter3202/12/09
Br00t4l Rec's Please Fugue01/20/09
Albums Ive Bought Recently metalupyourass6912/31/08
Songs I Cant Stop Listening To On My Mp3 Demonickid1025912/05/08
My Top 5 Favorite Songs Demonickid1025912/04/08
Best Black Metal Albums EPurpl312/04/08
Halloween Jams LearntoSwim10/30/08
We Hope That Your Rules And Wisdom Choke You Burn2Burn10/06/08
Bands That Get Too Much Flak cleary2109/17/08
Give Me Black Metal Dayvan Cowboy08/11/08
My Itunes On Shuffle #2 ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
Mix 1 Oneiron07/04/08
Good Songs From Band I Dislike Eakflanderyof06/28/08
My Last Farewell, Sputnik Bfhurricane06/28/08
They Should Burn At The Stake For This ReturnToRock06/13/08
I Got Jacked combustion0706/08/08
My Latest Delvings Essence05/11/08
Favorite Bands needledeathpunk03/19/08
My Favorite Cover Songs Crysis02/29/08
Top 10 Embarassing Things On My Zune BroRape02/27/08
I Like To Conform skullcrusher14902/05/08
Get Me A Spoon!!!! blackened0701/18/08
Bands I Want To Check Out, Are They Any Good? Kronzo11/16/07
Reccomend.... americanidiot10/09/07
Top 20 Albums Of 2006 AtavanHalen10/07/07
What Album Should I Buy Next? americanidiot07/19/07
Best Ever Armin07/13/07
Favourite Bands TheStarclassicTreatment04/19/07
Bands I Saw Live In 2006/2007 CoRpSeSlAyEr02/10/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time HumanCannonball02/03/07
My Ultimate List O Bands That I Love Inflames01/26/07
Bands I Love To Hate NeverFading1401/23/07
Cds I Got Today [UPDATED] mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/06/07
Top 100 Albums Of 2006 Dave de Sylvia12/24/06
Everyone's Got A 2006 List... Bfhurricane12/17/06
Best of 2006 HumanCannonball12/14/06
BFH's PUMP UP SONGS Bfhurricane12/01/06
Stuff I listen to while pretending to do homework!! jameskukucka11/21/06
good 2006 releases synyster1711/07/06
Happy Halloween HumanCannonball10/31/06
Top 15 Albums of 06 jameskukucka10/26/06
Recently pirated albums that I cannot stop listening too! radianteclipse10/22/06
Stuff Im Currently Digging Bfhurricane10/21/06
Cradle Of Filth Albums Ranked jameskukucka10/21/06
9? Phil10/09/06
Pick one pwease Hatshepsut09/19/06
Favorite three-word Bands HumanGroceryStore08/23/06
Awesome covers Diabulus in musica08/18/06
Some of my Favorite Albums jameskukucka08/13/06
Songs that got me into some bands LaVozDormida08/11/06
Bands i used to "hate" but now i seem to enjoy them LaVozDormida08/11/06
Bands that are awesome live LaVozDormida08/09/06
Albums i want to buy LaVozDormida08/09/06
Headbangable songs LaVozDormida08/07/06
Albums That Shaped My Metalness Shadows08/04/06
Most overated bands in Rock/Metal lost_profits08/01/06
5 Songs that Changed my Perspective Johnny_the_kid07/28/06
These are the Albums that appeared in my cd player. Johnny_the_kid07/26/06
10 Songs To Scare Small Children With. . . Senor_Whippy07/12/06
Top 25 Songs (by Plays) Seraphim06/27/06
10 Favorite Bands Zak_26206/19/06


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