472 Music Lists Found Mentioning Karnivool

Got Any Recs? Faraudo01/11/15
Fresh Start Oneironaut01/06/15
Judge My Stuff, Yo! SitarHero12/26/14
Finished First Term Of Uni Hedgehog3239612/16/14
Best Rock Songs Of The 21st Century Mad.12/09/14
Top 20 Lengthy Songs Dodenakker12/04/14
Sitarhero's Concert Schedule 2014-2015 SitarHero11/26/14
2500 Ratings cb12310/26/14
Favourite Albums(11-20) FacelessMan10/20/14
My 2013 (top 50) blackwaterpark10/02/14
Favourite Drum Albums FacelessMan09/24/14
So I Started A Gluten-free Diet HarryBoBerry09/09/14
Modern Rock / Stoner Rock Shuyin08/25/14
My Ten Favorite Albums of 2013 Monstar179008/04/14
My Ten Favorite Songs of 2013 Monstar179008/04/14
July Jams Part 2: Return Of The Jam tempest--07/31/14
Top 10 Favorite Albums kidthatplaysguitar9107/13/14
Sonisphere Ruled! BigPleb07/07/14
Playlist June 2014 Eggvander06/24/14
June Jams tempest--06/14/14
Live Bucket List Mad.06/13/14
Karnivool Live. Dodenakker06/06/14
Shit I Listen To A Lot These Days. Dodenakker05/30/14
In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump ExplosiveOranges05/18/14
Maynard's Sound JordiApC905/11/14
One Year On Sputnik Mongi12304/27/14
Some Of My Personal Favorite Albums Of 2013 ExplosiveOranges04/25/14
So, Oz Prog Is Owning Atm. unforgiven8904/17/14
Recent Jams sapient04/15/14
Bears Are Awesome! Shuyin04/14/14
Kalop's Fav Albums '00-'13 Kalopsia04/13/14
Did Anyone See The Sonisphere Lineup? SitarHero03/20/14
Recent Purchases Pt2 EpicMangoMan02/28/14
Walter White's Windmill Wipes MoshIAM6902/28/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
Top 40 Albums post-2000 (and some more). Faraudo02/06/14
Some 2013 Fav's rapedbyelephants02/06/14
50 Australian Bands You Should Know Kalopsia01/23/14
Pistol's 2013 PistolPete01/05/14
Favorite Albums Kirbyoung01/04/14
Disappointments Of 2013 opie12/28/13
Top 50 Albums 2013 AlexTM51012/26/13
How Many New Albums Do You Listen To A Week? hiyabootchie12/24/13
Top 10 Of 2013 VolcanoDay12/24/13
Lambda's 2013 Lambda12/23/13
Favorites From 2013 skoopy4812/21/13
Do You Consider Yourself To Be An Audiophile? hiyabootchie12/21/13
Proggy Alt-rock Masochist12/20/13
Top 25 Favorite Albums Of 2013 (Everything Else) Thor12/16/13
Band Name Anagrams 3: Return Of The Jedi YoYoMancuso12/15/13
A Cb123 2013 cb12312/12/13
Academy Of 2013: I Told My Lawyer Get My Back For All The Crazy Shit I Done theacademy12/10/13
Diggy Diggy Digs Emim12/07/13
2013 Disappointments Cipieron12/05/13
Top Albums of 2013 grimsleeper12/04/13
Nocte's Best Albums Of 2013 NocteDominum12/03/13
Best Of 2013 Faraudo12/01/13
Opposite Reactions To Albums PistolPete11/30/13
Chav Hunting MervTheInquisitor11/19/13
100 Highly Recommended Albums You Should Have In Your Collection Right Now thejon93rd11/17/13
Bands Eupenis11/16/13
2013 Quarterly Report #3 Lambda11/12/13
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 ryan1911/03/13
Ind V Aus One-day Series SitarHero11/02/13
Cipieron's Top 25 Favorite Singers Cipieron11/01/13
Overrated/Underrated Movies (1994-2013) thejon93rd10/23/13
Amazing Stuff That's More Amazing When You're High SitarHero10/10/13
Breaking Bad Finale: Thoughts? pjquinones74709/30/13
The Best Albums That Bands I Listen To Have Released cloakanddagger09/25/13
Greg's Q3 Of 2013 greg8409/21/13
Top 100 Cakey09/03/13
The Rules Of Rec'ing PitchforkArms09/01/13
You Da Best Sputnik PistolPete09/01/13
Top 10 Favorite Albums Ever SirDrumsalot08/27/13
Favourite Songs DaftVader08/27/13
Karnivool & Dead Letter Circus Ranked RollieQuibbs08/25/13
Before Going To College chemicalmarriage08/21/13
Introduction To Bens:top 100 bens08/16/13
Cipieron's Favorite Australian Bands Cipieron08/13/13
Best Music Videos of 2013? SadAndHolyGlow08/12/13
My Favourite Albums Of 2013 So Far (in No Particular Order) cloakanddagger08/12/13
Creepypastas SadAndHolyGlow08/10/13
People Should Eat Meat TheInmortalVermicide08/09/13
Dead Letter Circus Or Karnivool? joplinpicasso08/07/13
June/july Tunes iswimfast08/06/13
Texas Chainsaw 2013 Open Thread theacademy08/03/13
Top 10 July thejared07/28/13
Headphones Under 200 quid? Drummerboy12307/28/13
Recording Up A Storm Omaha07/25/13
Some People Say I Look Like Me Dad theacademy07/23/13
4th Sputniversary SitarHero07/16/13
Blue ChuckyTruant07/13/13
The Ashes ButteryBiscuitBass07/10/13
Stuff Like This...i Need More. JaySpiral07/07/13
What To Review/digs/recs KerfuffleinaHussle06/30/13
Top Moments (Vol II) PistolPete06/29/13
Jamming! N2B3J06/23/13
Top 20 Gavwah05/26/13
Cipieron's Top 15 Of 2005 Cipieron05/22/13
AMA MrHotMoms05/13/13
20-09 maddin04/30/13
Albums I Dig grizz04/28/13
Proggin Hard SlMBOLlC04/23/13
My Top 20 Albums 22/04/2013 JKoppe04/21/13
Shit Mood LilLioness04/20/13
Cipieron's Top 10 Of 2009 Cipieron04/18/13
Similar Albums? Perplexion04/16/13
Favorite Or Favourite? sjp5555504/01/13
Deftones Actually Ranked Correctly cagedescending03/31/13
Thursday Songs savagecabbage03/28/13
Simbolic Breaks Bad SlMBOLlC03/18/13
My Relatively Top 100 Albums Mike0803/08/13
Fresh Digs ChuckyTruant03/04/13
Most Anticipated Albums For 2013 Drummerboy12303/01/13
My Top 10 Albums Of All Time Drummerboy12302/26/13
Modern Day Prog Rock Classic Albums RollieQuibbs02/22/13
Top Moments (Vol I) PistolPete02/09/13
Upcoming Releases I Cannot Wait For! dante199102/09/13
False Prog djocelot01/24/13
Good List SlMBOLlC01/15/13
Favorite Musical Finds In 2012 sjp5555501/01/13
College climactic12/31/12
Top Bands For Me :) MagdalenaMena12/27/12
Hello Hollow Halo Spag12/08/12
Turned Down MeatSalad11/23/12
My Favorite Albums VermicideReloadead11/22/12
The World Simply Just Can't End... CK11/18/12
Life Is Hopeless Puzzles10/23/12
Top 50 Artists cb12310/14/12
New Stuff I've Been Getting Into Ecnalzen10/11/12
Random Good Albums cb12309/21/12
My top 10 albums... ever? 04rumbola09/20/12
Top 5 Songs From Sound Awake RollieQuibbs09/19/12
University Choices fish.09/16/12
Best Australian Metal Bands Evar dunksman2309/09/12
My Favorite Vocal Performances TheBigManWithTheRock08/19/12
10k O'clock RiffOClock08/14/12
My Favorite Vocalists Phideaux08/06/12
Favorite Xbox 360 Games Da11thMytrillSphere07/12/12
Mountain Conquering renegadestrings07/05/12
My Top 20 Albums 04/07/12 JKoppe07/04/12
Need Help Starting My Cd Collection benkim07/02/12
Favorite Album Artwork N' Stuff Kbusch12306/29/12
Rec Me Some Alternative Metal YoYoMancuso06/27/12
Aussies Are Secksy paxman06/23/12
When Bands Get It Wrong PistolPete06/22/12
Albums Of 2012to Get Excited For Wirertragen706/21/12
10 most unsettling films baldymort06/18/12
My Prog Playlist (recs Perhaps?) YoYoMancuso06/17/12
So I Need More Alternative Rock? RedRawPoetic05/30/12
An Odd Request RedRawPoetic05/23/12
Sanity cyLOL05/17/12
Favorite Albums Of The 2000s vtown05/15/12
Recommend Me Some Stuff Like This...Thanks In Advance RedRawPoetic05/11/12
Not Just Chevelle PistolPete05/10/12
Bucketlist Samshine05/08/12
Top Modern Rock Albums Of Our Era RedRawPoetic05/06/12
Recs Please YoYoMancuso05/05/12
Top 50 Favorite Albums zxlkho05/01/12
A Slower Sunday. ThePrisonGuard04/29/12
My Top 20 Most Played Albums In My Itunes YoYoMancuso04/28/12
Favourite Album Of All Time? Puzzles04/27/12
Stuff I Need To Buy macadoolahicky04/26/12
Alt / Prog Recs, Anybody? macadoolahicky04/22/12
Great Aussie Bands ILikeRepetitiveMusic04/16/12
The Art Of Production SCREAMorphine04/15/12
Lake Of Fire JosephLong04/03/12
Bands I've Seen Live ILikeRepetitiveMusic04/02/12
10 Artists I Have To See Live / 10 Artists I Have Seen Live macadoolahicky03/29/12
100 Examples Of Great Artwork Omaha03/06/12
Need Bands With Clean Vocals bowlofsoup03/04/12
Anyone Use Spotify Unlimited? thumbcrusher03/04/12
Need essential prog albums CrownOfMagnets02/20/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Songs With Amazing Vocal Performances FearThyEvil02/06/12
Working At A Pizzeria Dday02/04/12
Australia Day Butkuiss01/25/12
A Vooligan's 2011 Vooligan01/10/12
Top 50 Albums Since 2000 AutoRock01/05/12
Band Name - Should I Change It? Puzzles12/22/11
The New G.I. Joe Film incomtaxes12/14/11
New Music! Please! Help Me! Puzzles12/11/11
The Sex DaftVader12/07/11
Top 15 Films Released Post-1990 lucazade2212/04/11
5 Years Of Sputnik Captain North12/03/11
Nov.'10-'11 Concerts Ranked Scoot11/29/11
New!!! mursu11/26/11
Progressive Please? GreyShadow11/23/11
Critical Examinations ProfessorVeerappan11/16/11
The Last 3 Years mallen-11/15/11
How Many Artists? cb12311/11/11
Thank You Sputnik Firestarter11/07/11
Favourite Songs PedalToTheMetal11/04/11
A-Z Of Favourite Bands/artists InFiction11/01/11
Recs Please ryan1910/29/11
Alt Rock W/ Great Vocals Fortheloveofmusic10/26/11
Need New Music. Badly. Vooligan10/26/11
My Favourite Albums dhrubodx10/14/11
My Top Albums DaftVader10/13/11
Comics: Ranked Fortheloveofmusic10/09/11
Top 100 Album Artworks fish.09/27/11
1000 Comments TheArkitecht09/26/11
Revisiting 2009 FeralMemories09/26/11
New Headphones! zxlkho09/14/11
Modern Prog Rock TheArkitecht09/03/11
Give Me More Things That Are Like These DeathByDaydream09/01/11
The Evolution Of Taste cb12308/28/11
Did It Leak Yet? I Haven't Been Paying Attention AndManyMore08/24/11
Rip Me A New One BrahTheSunGod08/22/11
Drummers That Inspire Me To Improve PedalToTheMetal08/19/11
1000 Comments toxin.08/19/11
Need Recs For Anything Upbeat benkim08/09/11
It Was A Progressive Day ThePrisonGuard07/20/11
Title Tracks That Rule Phideaux07/20/11
Metal Rec's Anyone? bowlofsoup07/19/11
The Fruits Of My Sputnik Labors A-N Blind07/17/11
Great Films PedalToTheMetal07/17/11
Fight The Establishment Puzzles07/15/11
I Actually Like Aenima Puzzles07/14/11
I Got Big Boy Pants On renegadestrings07/08/11
Progeta CrownOfMagnets07/07/11
I Wanna Feel Your Body, Bacon CrownOfMagnets07/03/11
Favorite Albums Of The Decade dav455006/29/11
My Top 51 Favorite Albums. zxlkho06/28/11
Vinyl I Bought Yesterday ScrotieMcBoogerballs06/27/11
If You Had To Listen To One Album For The Rest Of Your Life PedalToTheMetal06/17/11
Bands That Put Tool To Shame PistolPete06/16/11
Purchased Some Sennheisers Puzzles06/12/11
Btbam Spanked CrownOfMagnets06/10/11
5's So Far cb12306/09/11
Do You Like It Hard And Fast, Or Slow And Sensual? Benwx05/30/11
Best Albums Of The 1800s CrownOfMagnets05/24/11
Exams Are Over seifer05/21/11
Insidious Was Fuckin Awesome!!! PistolPete05/17/11
Scoot's Top 50 Favorite Songs Scoot05/12/11
Top 16 Modern Australian Rock Albums I've Heard Firestarter05/07/11
50 Albums I 5'd Scoot04/21/11
Best Strings Of Songs. JesusChris04/12/11
Live Shows Ranked Gundlach04/06/11
How Do I Get The Play Count On My Ipod Scrobbled On Last.fm AndManyMore04/06/11
30 Incredible Albums Scoot04/04/11
1000 Glorious Minutes cb12304/01/11
100 Faces Of Sputnik TheEnigma03/29/11
10 Rainy Songs aahop03/24/11
Diggins cb12303/09/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
Favorite Video Games Scoot03/01/11
2005! Awesome Year sleepyhead02/28/11
Fuck Muse Scoot02/23/11
Prog That I Can't Stop Jamming mcchub02/21/11
Bands That Supposedly Sound Like Tool That Don't Sound Like Tool tvol02/17/11
Stuff I've Really Been Digging Lately mcchub02/13/11
A Decade In Songs: 2000s mallen-02/11/11
Who's The Dopest Ghost In Town? Niceinvader02/09/11
Yuppp....bone Dry PistolPete02/07/11
Old People At Subway Scoot01/31/11
Driving Music SirkSakaig01/26/11
Bored as Balls CrownOfMagnets01/24/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
The Ol' Change Of Mind PistolPete01/15/11
Mass Flooding Puzzles01/10/11
Those Silly Aussies pizzamachine01/04/11
Favorite Songs Of All Time YoungHeretic12/29/10
Sputnik Will Love... Puzzles12/26/10
Favorite Albums Of All Time YoungHeretic12/23/10
Ipod On Shuffle Agaiiin. CouldntThinkofaName12/07/10
Swim's Top 10 Songs Of 2010 iswimfast12/04/10
Christmas Shopping Pet Peeves... TheStig12/04/10
Dillinger Grew On Me Puzzles12/04/10
Best Two-punch Closers coleba12/03/10
4 Years On This Bitch Captain North12/02/10
Rec Me Australian Prog. CouldntThinkofaName12/02/10
Off The Chain theacademy11/30/10
I Love The Internet Puzzles11/27/10
Prog/alt Rock Playlist cb12311/25/10
Rec Me Some Australian Metal/alternative Plank11/23/10
Terra Australis Incognita SirkSakaig11/23/10
Heavy Rotation #4 Grimward11/19/10
I Think I'm Dying Puzzles11/16/10
Best Of 2010...so Far MorningView42511/15/10
Ian Kenny Ranked Puzzles11/05/10
Just Turned 18 InFiction11/05/10
100 Users Favorite Songs theacademy10/27/10
Oi Sputnik! Do Me A Favour... DrGunther10/27/10
A Weekend For... BeardedIdiot10/24/10
Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle CouldntThinkofaName10/22/10
Prog Prog Prog AnotherBrick10/21/10
Deviant Looks Back At 2009 Deviant.10/18/10
Favorite Songs iswimfast10/17/10
Omg!! First List!! CouldntThinkofaName10/15/10
2009 Redone PistolPete10/13/10
Playlist For Tonight BeardedIdiot10/13/10
Phideaux's Top Ten Of 2009 Phideaux10/12/10
The Best 10 Records I Have In Terms Of Production Beastlord10/12/10
Hey, Guess What? BeardedIdiot10/11/10
What I Have Been Listening To Lately SirkSakaig10/03/10
[a-z] Albums BohemianAle10/01/10
Gonna Make A List While Drunk InFiction09/30/10
My Top 10 Songs Of All Time MassiveTool09/26/10
Another Aussie List BlueW09/25/10
New Macbook Pro = New Music Vooligan09/20/10
Alt-rock List Powerban09/18/10
Best albums made bassfiender09/16/10
Best Australian Band botb09/14/10
Drummers With Incredible Groove Puzzles09/13/10
Karnivool - Themata Ranked Yazz_Flute09/09/10
Diggins botb09/03/10
Last Day Of Summer Vacation Yazz_Flute09/01/10
Mental Metal Jethro4208/31/10
Sunday Sunday Sunday GomerPyle08/25/10
My Favorite Vocalists Phideaux08/25/10
Doug Does Lyrics Douglas08/25/10
My Favourite Albums Benwx08/23/10
Last Show I Saw UnnamedOcean08/16/10
Thinking of getting my hair cut FableOfAMayfly08/13/10
Inveigh, the ignorant one. fivesnw08/10/10
Bands I'm Gonna Check Out CreamCrazy08/08/10
Good Stuff nick030707/31/10
Recording An Album With My Friend UnnamedOcean07/28/10
Recs Please??? Clarky07/22/10
New Top 10 Bands PayneTiger77707/21/10
Favorite Songs At The Moment UnnamedOcean07/15/10
Promising Rock Vocalists coleba07/09/10
Masochist Is A Douchebag Masochist07/06/10
Favorite Music eswarrior07/06/10
Prog/post-rock Recs UnnamedOcean07/05/10
Best Of? Powerban07/04/10
Songs I've Been Hooked On Recently CreamCrazy07/03/10
Sputnik(movies/tv) Dylan62007/02/10
Mikeallen's Ultimate Playlist EVedder2707/01/10
PROG! - The Bullmoose [mix] JesusV406/26/10
Stuff I've Been Listening To Lately Phideaux06/21/10
A Mutated Decade Fugue06/17/10
Thank You Sputnik Phideaux06/17/10
Vedecade EVedder2706/13/10
Payne's 50 Best PayneTiger77706/12/10
Didn't Make The Cut UnnamedOcean06/11/10
New Cd Acquisitions JesusV406/08/10
Thank You Sputnik dante199106/06/10
It's The Begining Of Summer, And I Have To So Much To Listen To. BurningApollo05/31/10
Wow Australia Owns... iswimfast05/22/10
Hear Ye, Hear Ye... KP2305/17/10
Essential Prog qwe305/05/10
Music Progression iswimfast05/03/10
Albums I Own Pt 2 Hydroxybenzo04/27/10
Sputnik RoninReflex04/23/10
I'm Scared Of Rabbits Now/recent Purchases (4/18/10) FreQman04/18/10
Most Generic Sputnik List Ever soap9104/17/10
These Bands Any Good? Urinetrouble04/17/10
Cd's I Own thricealive04/15/10
Give Me Recs!!!! Please soap9104/14/10
If It Wasn't Official... Mctasty04/03/10
Top 100, Part 2 FeralMemories03/21/10
Favorites Of '09 Rashandarei03/19/10
My Favorite Bands cityofgod03/18/10
The Progression Of Musical Taste. soap9103/09/10
The Top 15 Albums I Listened To Of 09 JungleNed03/08/10
My Ipod On Shuffle 2 soap9103/08/10
Current Digs, More Similar Please! djocelot03/07/10
My Very Favorite Music Found On Sputnik Jethro4203/05/10
Recent Addictions crazyblinddude03/03/10
First List......recs cb12303/01/10
Recent Digs lucazade2203/01/10
My Digs Mctasty02/25/10
Hello Sputnik Chunsak02/23/10
Albums ColonelKurtz02/17/10
More Albums I Want/Bands I want To Get Into Slipping Away02/17/10
My Top 15 Albums budokai0102/16/10
Hey! Its Me, Snorky! TigerShark27702/15/10
Moar Like This? (slightly Prog) djocelot02/11/10
Good Artists I Discovered By Accident UnnamedOcean02/10/10
Favorite Albums Of 2009 greg8402/07/10
Favorite Albums At The Moment UnnamedOcean02/07/10
Name Changes - All The Cool Kids Are Doing It! Acre01/29/10
DaveyBoy's Big Day Out 2010 DaveyBoy01/28/10
I Need Recs FeralMemories01/19/10
Freaks & Animals LG01/18/10
22 Bombastic Songs UnnamedOcean01/17/10
Yahoo! Answer Fail Powerban01/16/10
Top 5 Of 2009 PunPun01/13/10
Lyrical Moments Captain North01/13/10
Jrowa001 Top 100 Of 2009 jrowa00101/12/10
Stfu Alligator! Douchebag01/10/10
Big Day Out.. Who To See???? iisblackstar01/10/10
You Know You're A Sputniker If... rodigo101/10/10
Best Bands Ive Discovered Since Joining Sputnik In 2010 UrsusVeritas01/10/10
Top Bands I've Discovered Through Sputnik iswimfast01/09/10
New Music Is Awesome MorningView42501/08/10
Mutatedfreek's Actual Albums Of 2009 Fugue01/08/10
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Songs Of 2009 DaveyBoy01/06/10
Favorite Progressive Albums cityofgod01/04/10
Best Of 2009 Pebster4901/04/10
First Year At Sputnik: 2009 liledman01/02/10
Best of 2009 Zizzer12/31/09
Greg's Top 50 Albums Of The Decade greg8412/31/09
My 5 Favorite Songs Of 2009 cityofgod12/26/09
Mordecai'ing In '09 Mordecai.12/24/09
Best Of 2009 magichorze12/24/09
Mutatedfreek's Songs Of 2009 Fugue12/17/09
Jwt155's Albums Of The Year JWT15512/16/09
9 Close To Best Albums Of '09 Phil12/16/09
Greg84's Favorite Songs Of 2009 greg8412/11/09
The Lusty List MrButterfingers12/04/09
Top 10 Non-metal Albums Of 2009 FeralMemories12/04/09
3 Years, Oohlalala Captain North12/03/09
I'm New Here... Douchebag12/02/09
Vooligan: 2009 Vooligan12/02/09
Your 2009 Sucked. AtavanHalen11/30/09
Dougies 2009: Albums Of The Year Douglas11/30/09
Rec Me Dark Acoustic Shit Powerban11/28/09
Karnivool Set cia11/23/09
It's Way Too Hot! Douchebag11/08/09
Housemates Suck Fugue11/08/09
2009 So Far Captain North11/06/09
Top 50 This Year So Far sleepyhead11/05/09
My Favorite 'Epic' Songs! Valdiuss11/02/09
Of n00bs And Slayer Fanboys.... ameypv10/27/09
One More Day Of School Ever Vooligan10/15/09
Favorite Albums/songs DonTheReader10/06/09
Rec Shiz Vooligan10/03/09
Top 10 Of 2009 PayneTiger77710/01/09
Favorite Proggy Albums greg8410/01/09
4 Months Of Exile upagainstthewall09/24/09
Possibly The Best 5 Aussie Bands In The Last 5-10yrs? shaunl609/17/09
100 Comments! pizzamachine09/14/09
Favourite Albums At The Moment Hydroxybenzo09/09/09
Some Recs Please Nach009/06/09
Australia's Finest Matt08109/03/09
Bands Im Seeing Before The End Of 09 cia08/28/09
Essendon 110 Def. St Shitness 108 Vooligan08/16/09
Recent Digs vakuola08/11/09
Reasons I Love Sputnik II: All Of The Awesome Stuff I Wouldn't Have Otherwise Heard Fugue08/04/09
100 Songs Worth Of A Perfect Playlist StephMCK99008/03/09
So Far So Good - 2009 Faves greg8407/31/09
Top 30 Of 2009 (subject To Change) AtavanHalen07/20/09
Favorite Music Videos Of 2009 So Far greg8407/18/09
Need Some Recs Rntyznr07/10/09
Music My Bf Is Candiloveshermonkey07/05/09
Favorite Non Metal Albums From This Year Dawg jingledeath06/26/09
Musical Perfection ShadowMic706/11/09
Attack Of The Circles RevengeSoldier06/09/09
Digs (I know it's very original) greg8406/08/09
This Is A List About Recent Things I Have Spare06/07/09
Why? ThePalaceOfWisdom06/07/09
Karnivool Ranked Captain North06/05/09
My Favourite Bands ArtOfWar06/03/09
Thanks Sputnik! zuzek05/23/09
My Need To Listen To List.... AnotherBrick05/12/09
1 Year Of Sputnik Fugue05/10/09
Extremely Pathethic Music Videos kintups04/30/09
Deep Fried Mars Bars Vooligan04/19/09
Ain't Life Great Sometimes? Spamue1G03/08/09
Bands I Am Becoming Impatient With Spare01/26/09
Bands/Artists With Significance ShatteredSoul01/09/09
Two Years, Bitches! Captain North12/17/08
Can't Freakin' Wait... Captain North09/09/08
Aussie Bands With A Future Captain North08/30/08
Sweet Aussie Bands Mordecai.08/27/08
My 50 Favourite Artists billy3308/16/08
Current Faves hammet_ownz08/11/08
My All Time Favourite List hammet_ownz08/06/08
Aussie Albums You Must Listen To hammet_ownz08/06/08
Addicted billy3308/05/08
Gooseflesh TheDistantFuture07/09/08
Most Badass Riffs TheDistantFuture06/08/08
Reccomend Me Some Bands billy3305/24/08
Most Played Albums Amputee05/04/08
My Favorite Albums billy3304/30/08
Favourite Instrumentals TheDistantFuture04/18/08
My Favorite Nu Metal Albums greg8405/18/07
The Best Albums Of 2006 greg8402/01/07
A Fantastical Mix Cd Careyb01/15/07


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