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Most Overrated LP Conceived Round 1 [VOTING NOW CLOSED] Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END
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How big is yours? Dodecaedro Pentakis - Bands
Dodecaedro Pentakis - Albums My record collection
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Metallica Ranked Metal Album Art
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Any Poker Players Here? Doom Aesthetic
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Great albums with subpar production Albums I like that aren't Nu-Metal
Albums I like that everyone hates. Current top fifty favorite albums 1/7/16
Best Album Covers/Art Happy 35°C Xmas!!
Rec me some thrash Some of My Favorite Album Covers
Best Metal Albums of All Time My Top 10 Albums of 1991
My Music Taste Evolves Best Hard Rock Albums of the '80s and '90s
Anthems of My Adolescence III My favourite thrash albums
Classics Would 'classic' albums hold up if released today?
Top 50 albums of the 80s My Vinyl Collection
Still Undefeated Trying to explain cjsixpointfive
-1.4 -100
My Top 10 Metallica Songs One of each :)
Check My 1's top 10 Metallica songs(2 per album)
Top 10 Thrash metal songs Must have thrash metal albums PART 1
Where Is The Love? Worst. Albums. Ever.
Top 10 Favourite Intros Top 15 albums of 1991
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Top 15 albums of 1986 Top 15 albums of 1984
My Favorite Bands Right Now 666 Comments
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Live Albums and DVDs I Own My favorite songs in no particular order
My Top 25 Metallica's Albums (Favorite to Least Favorite)
A Favorite 150 Albums: The Sequel: Part 2 100-51 Sputnik's Age Census
A top 150 favorites Part 1: 150-101 stuff teens like but later (want to) forget
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Timeline of Thrash Metal Favorite Metal Records
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Metal that rules A Lesson in Violence
Metal album covers Favorite Bands (In No Order)
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10 Long, EPIC SONGS Important and Essential music
Favorite Thrash Metal 5 Ways Metallica Can Improve From Death Magnetic
Who Listens to Thrash for the Lyrics? good moments on St Anger
CULT OF TOMORROWS END - A Conclusion Heading off to college...
Top 50 Favorite Albums metallica albums ranked
Top 25 Songs 4.5
Awesome title tracks Metallica albums ranked
Favorite Songs of All Time Metallica ranked
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Bad albums by great bands My 100 Favorite Albums
My Personal Big 4 Super Cool Guys (One Year Anniversary)
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My CD Collection One album per artist
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Important and Essential Music rec me metal
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Rate me as a user My Top Metal Albums
Bad Metallica songs Check My EP
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My Favorite Bands/Artists Of All Time Some krazy guys Top 50
Pretentious Metal Bands My Musical Journey Through High School
Top 20 Metal Albums of the 1980's Favorite Albums [In Order]
80s music was tight Load/ReLoad should've just been one CD
thrash: germany vs usa Favorite games of this generation
Rockavaria Festival Favorite Metal Frontmen
Underrated Songs By Metallica bye-bye high school
My Top 10 Metallica Songs My parent's CD collection
evilthrash I graduate high school tonight..
Metallica Albums Ranked Two, count 'em TWO...purchases that I made today.
Gym Domination With Metal Alex's favourite 50 albums-2015
depression? So it's been 2 years now...
Rock And Its MANY Subgenres Part 2 Rock Guitar Backing Track
Another boring Metallica raking My Favorite Albums
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One 20th of April After Thinking Outside The Box Isn't Always A Good Idea
Guitar Hero: Metal metallica ranked
Dips in form. Out of form (?)
ford's favorite album art Metal from every state
The Return No One Asked for Nor Wanted My Favorite Albums That Start With A
My Path Through Heaviness Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums
Big Four Of Thrash Ranked Looking for sick riffs
Underrated Metallica tracks Douchebag: the band
Rec me energetic metal/hardcore Favorites Albums By Year, Starting the Year I Was Born
The Big 4 Albums Ranked (that I have listened to) Heavy Metal (1985 - 1986)
Heavy Metal (1980 - 1984) Three.Zero Heavy Metal
Four.Zero Heavy Metal Four.Five Heavy Metal
Five.Zero Heavy Metal Favorite Album Covers By Bands I Like
Gimme some essentials for road trips 50 Abhorrent Releases
Metal Radio Station - Most Played My Top 15 Favorite Albums of All Time
Strong Openers My 5/5 albums
All-Time Favourites Metallica Top Ten Songs
Top 100 Albums Bass Player Albums
Morning Jams Some Really Bad Albums By Really Good Bands
Worst Album Closers Ever Griefing
Some of my favorite metal song finales/endings Favorite Thrash Metal Albums
Top 10 Most Overplayed Rock Songs Worst Metallica songs
Top 35 metallica songs ranked Some more really bad album artwork
Epics Metallica Albums Ranked
I Love These Album Covers! 20 Albums Every Drummer Should Own
Sputnik Users Irl Digz
Saddest Metal Songs My 100 Favorite Albums
Funniest/worst genre tags for bands Metallica Album Covers Rated
Pleb's Name That Cover! Top 5 Metal Albums Of All Time!
My Personal Favorite Musical Artists Top 50 Thrash Metal Albums
Some Really Cool Album Covers Metal Recs For A Friend
A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik What I'm Listening To Lately
Saw Periphery Live Last Night Big 4 Ranked
My Cd Collection What Is Your Major Malfunction Numbnuts
Which Metal Vocalist Would You Chill With? Personal Favorite Albums
Metallica Best to Worst Albums Ride The Lightning Vs. Master Of Puppets
30 Random Songs Off My Phone. Merry Thrashmas
Red And Grey And Black And White White Albums
My Top Ten Favorite Songs Of All Time This Band Or That Band
Killer Opening Tracks In Metal Greatest Closing Tracks To An Album
Cause It's Winter Best Live Metal Albums
Greatest Opening Tracks To An Album Black Albums
My Personal Top Metal Albums Pt.2 Bands That Changed My Life
100 Albums Trying To Get Into Death Metal
These Albums Are Really Horrible My Favorite Albums
My Pick For Top50 Nineties Rock Albums Which Album Should I Write A Review For Next?
Favorite Albums Megadeth Ranked
Best CRJ Lists Albums I Own
My Best Ever Albums (2012 Edition) Albums That Defined My Childhood
Halloween My Journey To Metal
Influential Albums In My Life Nostalgia
Best Albums Of Each Year (1963 - 2012) My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever
Greatest Progressive/Technical Thrash Albums 222 Ratings Until 1000
Best Albums (1964-2013 ***redux***) Just Went Through My Old Cds And...
Best Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time Rec Me Some Live Albums
Top 5 Underrated Albums On Sputnikmusic Not Good
Metallica Ranked Top 10 Workout Albums
Best Metal Albums My Favorite Bands
Essential Bass Albums Metallica Is Pretty Awful
The Sputnik World 1000 Ratings
Metal Classics Sucks So Much
Top 30 Favorite Albums Top 10 Most Iconic Album Covers
Just One Second Punk Vs. Metal
Superb Digs 2 Deneri 100
Most Reviewed Album Ever? Jizzworthy Guitar Riffs
Top 50 Face-melting Riffs 5's
10 Most Overrated Bands Ever Top 30 Favorite Albums
Old School Metal 10 Good Artists/bands That Got Horribly Shite: Exhibit B
Ipod On Shuffle User With Most Similar Taste?
50 Random Albums I Own Thrash Recs?
My Top Metal/rock Bands The Great Album Adventure Part 1
B-side Albums 100 Metal Songs
I Need Some Book Recs !! My Favorite Bands
Hardest Rocking Albums Awesome Thrash Debuts
Mediocrity Digs My Top 10 Metallica Tracks
Master Of Puppets Ranked Master Of Puppets Ranked
Any Thrash Recs? Which Prog Or Metal Album Is The Worst?
Birthday Jamz Top 10 Radio Rock Albums Of All Time
Doom 2015 Reveal Top 10 Metallica Songs
My 100 Favorite Albums Top 20 Albums
Sonisphere Ruled! My Top 11 Purchases ,for The Last 3 Months.
My Friend Made Out With Tyler Seguin The 25 Most Influential Albums for me
My Personal Top 50 Favourite Albums Pleb's Sonisphere Fest 2014!
My 30 Favourite Albums Of All Time Arcade's Top 10
Lars Ulrich Is "the Ringo Of Metal" Check It Out!
My Top 3 Most Disappointing Albums of all-time Top 100 All Time Favorites
Favorite Rock Bands My 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time, With Explanations
Album Cover Guessing Game, Part 2 Top Metal Albums Of All Time
Riff Hardness Scale Top 20 Greatest Albums
Some Day Ill Get There Goat Jams
Rec Some Revision Albums Live Gigs
Got A Job! Done With High School!
Metallica Ranked My Favourite Metal Albums
How To Recognize Good Guitar Playing? Manly Metal Songs With Feelz
Worst Albums Ever? 10 Albums 5 Bands: Metal
In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump Some Of The Best Metal Debuts
Cut My Hair Worst Production Ever
Albums I Still Haven't Heard Yet Favorite Opener/Closer Pairings
My Top 15 Albums From The 80's Top 10
Stuff I've Heard Recently Worst Albums By Acclaimed Metal Bands
100 Albums I Own On Cd So You Are Seeing Metallica...
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades Ranking Neurisis17's 5s
Best Snare Tones Ever Ranking The 5's: Davey Boy
My Top 25 Favorite Albums (that I Own) Hench's Top 25s: 1986
Favorite Metal Album Covers My Top 10 Metal Albums
Hench's Top 25s: 1984 Hench's Top 20s: 1983
Top 5 80's/90's Hard Rock/metal Ballads Essential Heavy Music
A Week Of Sputnik Most Rated Album
Playoffs Playlist Does This Site Even Listen To Metal?
Defying The Sophomore Slump Lol Petition
All My Thrash Metal Albums Ranked. Bands I've Never Heard A Full Album By
Metallica Ranked ...And Justice For All Ranked
Albums That Got Me Into Metal Master Of Puppets Ranked
When Rockstars Have Bad Ideas Albums I Can't Like Because Of The Hate They Get
My Vinyl Collection Thus Far (part 2) Some Of My Favorite Songs
Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums Any Real Men On Sputnik?
Big 4 Of Thrash Ranked No More Last.fm Radio
All Time Favorites Bad Songs That I Like
Classic Albums With One Bad Song Albums I Jack Off To
The Mezz Crew Don't Like Me Metallica (by Request)
Albums That Are Impressive For Their Time Albums I've Made People Hate
My Favorite Thrash Albums The Insomnia List Blues
My Least Favorite Albums From My Favorite Bands Bands I've Seen/will See Soon
The Ocean Of Self-titleds Classic Metal Albums That No Metalhead Hates
Best Sophomore LP (US Thrash Big 4)? Third Sputnik Birthday
The Big 4's Most Praised Albums Musik/Mukke/music Collection Upgrade
Your Least Favorite Of Metallica's First 4 Albums? Which Was More Disgustingly Bad?
Sonisphere Fest 2014 - UK Highly Rated Albums That Are Hated By Many
My Favorite (metal) Albums Hated Albums That I Like
Hey Sput, Add Me On Last.fm 10 Of My Favorite Users
Thrash Paradise Best Metallica Albums
What I've Been Listening To This Week Hard Riffs
Great Closing/final Tracks Riff Goddamn City
Bb's Favorite Albums.
Today's Shuffle Killed It! My All Time Favorite Songs Part 2
Video Game Nostalgia #5 Part 1 - Mega Man X Series 4 Years Of Sputnik
Overrated Metal Top 40 Albums Pre-2000.
Best Debut LP (US Thrash Big 4)? 50 Classic Albums
Prog Rock/Metal, Metal Starting Into Metal
R.i.p. Philip Seymour Hoffman My Album Collection (CD)
Debate: New Metallica Album 80's Movies N Tunes
Album Openers With The Best Intros Hey Guys, Rec Me Some Stuff
Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9 The Best Thrash Metal Albums Of 1986
Vinyler My Top 15 Metallica Songs
Top 100 Thrash Metal Albums 5's Ranked
So, What Did I Miss? Users' Favorite Albums
My Top Albums Top 10 Fav Albums Ever
Top 10 Thrash Songs Guilty Pleasures
Baby Stomping Selection All Time Favorites
Seeing Red 50 Great Opening Songs
Top 15 80's Metal Albums My Cd Collection Pt. 2
Rec Me Some Thrash F*ck Turntables/Vinyl
Santa Was Good To Me This Year Cassettes I Own
iTokoloshe's 15 Thrash Metal albums of the 80's Top 100 Thrash Albums
My Favourite Guitarists Where Do You Get Your Music?
Albums I Digged Recently (december 2013) Loudness War
Recommend Something! 15 Ratings
What Albums Were Made The Year You Were Born? Where Do I Start With Opeth
Russia Exposed Nostalgia Day
Sonisphere 2014 November 2013
Best Live Albums Of All Time Ryan Gosling
Ride The Lightning Vs Master Of Puppets Best Shooter Game Songs
How Many Cd's Do You Own? Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time
100 Highly Recommended Albums You Should Have In Your Collection Right Now Best Albums Of All Time
Baddest & Realist Funeral Jams
Stuff Im Gunna Listen To My Best Metal Albums
Third My Favorite All Time Albums
Victory Jams Sup
Top 10 Songs Top 10 Albums By Top 10 Bands
Bye Sputnik :) Thrash Recs?
Brostep's Cd Collection (oct. 2013) 50 Favorites Albums
Bands Who Changed Genres Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong
Can't Sleep Rock Ballads That Music Fans Hate
Songs That Change Lives Why Do You Exercise?
Instrumental 25 Songs On Shuffle
My Top 10 Metallica Songs Bad Albums By Good Artists
Blue. Middle School
Lmfao Vs Metallica Hit By Lightning Today.
Top 10 Metallica Songs Riffs
Never Give Up Top 10 Favorite Albums
5 Most Overrated Metal Bands Biggest Difference Between Ratings
100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy The Blacklist
10 Favourite Openers (twice) Metal [2]
80's Artists Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2008
Best Of My Cd Collection Favorite Bands
Albums I Really Like Faviourite \m/ Vocals
Blue Guilty Pleasures (copycat)
10 Guilty Pleasure Albums / Albums I Am Embarrassed To Admit I Like I'm Going To Make A Dubstep Cover Of These Albums Niggas
Fave Albums Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1998
Top 5 Worst Metallica Albums Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1996
Top 10 Metallica Songs My Top 10 Metallica Songs
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Luke Kuechly
Top 50 Favourite Intros Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1991
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1988 Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1986
My Top 80's Metal Albums Annoying Metal Bands
Enough of Crownofmagnets Best Thrash Albums
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1984 Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1983
I Will Seduce You ............with My Cock My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2013
Rec Some Thrash Last Night Literally 'rocked'
Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums My Favorite Albums.
Some Songs I Like My Favorite Thrash Metal Bands
My Classic Ratings! (5s Only) Takin' A Trip
Best Of Metallica 1996-2003. Top 15 Influential Heavy Metal Bands
Last 50 Lp Purchases Track Diggage
Favorite Metal Albums My Album Collection (part 4)
Songs That Make Good Alarms A Few More Atypical Albums By Pretty Famous Artists
Top 5 Favourite Album Artwork My All Time Favorite Albums
Pokemon Silver Speedrun Worst Albums By Good Thrash Bands
Top 20 Thrash Metal Guitarists Ride The Lightning Ranked
Birthday Jams Master Of Puppets Ranked
...And Justice For All Ranked The Ten Best Albums Ever
Seen Live Metal Albums Still Relevant Today
Classic Albums I Just Don't Get 5th Sputnikversary.
If Master Of Puppets Was Released Today... Top 10 Favorite Albums Of The 80's
My Five Worthy Vinyl Albums New Megadeth Video Clip
Top 50 Favourite Albums 20 Today! :D
Rec Me Some Thrash Great Albums With Bad Covers
Metallica Greatest Hits + Album List Top Ten Metal Albums
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Fifth Round Sputnik's Metal Madness - Fourth Round
25 Favorite Albums Of All Time Sputnik's Metal Madness - Third Round
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Second Round Their Second Best
Top 50 Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round
What Is The Most Rated Album On Sputnik? Thrash Metal Favorites
Metallicanomy 5's Ranked (thievery)
The Best Albums Opener Songs *100th Comments Yay* Writers
New Super Smash Bros. Characters Some Underrated Albums Yo
Kill 'em All Ranked My Top 10 Live Metal Albums
My 20 Favourite Debut Metal Albums Metallica Ranked
Favourite Metal Albums Of The 90s Top Bands Of The 1980s
Overhated? Top 15 Thrash Metal Albums
My Favourite Albums Since 2000 (unordered) My 25 Favourite Metal Albums Since 2000
10 Favourite Bands Favorite American Music Scenes?
Best Albums Worst Metal Fails
Pbass0 Goes To The Library (and Ends Up With A Better Selection Than Tmagistrelli) Some Of My Fave Intros
My Top 100 Thrash Metal Albums Top Ten Metallica Lps
M/ Metal Brothers M/ Thrash On!
The Influences Of A Shit Band Hey Sputnik.
Cds I Own My Cd Collection Pt. 1
Underrated Albums Riffs Of Vnthrvth
The Office Metal Up Your Ass!
Really Awesome Songs Album That Pisses You Off The Most?
My CD-Collection (Part 3) Bands That Should Have Stayed Underground
Scum's Top 50 Artists On Last.fm Thrash'n Balls
Who Wants A Playlist A Peculiar Thing
Top 10 Bands Scum's Favorite Debut Albums, Pt. II
Biggest Drops In Quality Miss You Guys
Best Album Covers My Top 5 Metallica Albums!
Really Obscure But Good Bands Stuff That Got Me Into Metal
Graduating College In 2 Weeks Hate Relifion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Metal's Best Debut Albums Rec Me Crappy Albums
Battle Of The 'Bests'! Worst Albums You've Listened To
A Corner For Metal Ballads Who Are The Biggest Music Whores?
New Megadeth Sucks Thrash 'till Fucking Death: 100 Greatest Thrash Albums 'till 90
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Metallica (ranked) Albums That People Love To Hate
Christian Porn Demons??! The Perfect Steak
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Questions From My Quest Favorite Albums
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Madly In Anger With You Who Are The Greatest Metal Bands??
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Playing Guitar For A Gig Rec Me Your Favorite Asphyx Lp
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My Guitar Has Arrived Best metal album this decade?
Heavy Jams Lifting For Metal: The Official Soundtrack
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Valentines Day Albums I Don?t Like Anymore
Most List-mentioned Albums Top 20 Favourite Title Tracks
5 Overrated Movies Of 2012 Favourite Metal Albums
Stole This List From A Llama Top 10 Overrated Bands
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Still Thrashing Hard Middle School Jams 02-05
Summer High School Jams 05-09
Bands I've Seen Live High School Days
Epicness In Its Purest Form A Song With Better Riffs Than...
Nostalgia, Shit I Listened 10 Years Ago Top 50 Of My Favorite Albums
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My Cd Collection 100 CDs I own
1984 Ruled Hard Start Of My Vinyl Collection
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My Top 10 Favorite Albums Thanks, Life
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Need Thrash Thinking About Taking A More Activ Part In The Commyunitey.
The Best Thrash I've Heard (so Far) 50 Artists
Instrumental Death And Thrash Big Booklets
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (400-301) Amazing Album Openers
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Top 10 Metallica Songs if u dont clik u suk dick
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1-year Sputnik Anniversary Metal Vs Punk
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If You Were To Choose An Album For Each Decade, Which Would They Be? In The Genre Of Metal (and All Its Subgenres) Criminally Underrated Songs
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Top 30 Hard Rock/Metal Albuns of All Time (In My Opinion) A Verision Of Enter Sandman That Wont Make You Puke !
Metallica's Instrumentals the lonely death of robert hollier
For The Love Of God Stop Listening To Crap. Music To Music To
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Atari's 2012 Purchases. Top Albums Of 2008
Top 100 Progressive Rock Albums (source: Digitaldreamdoor) I Can't Stop Smoking Pot Today.
Top Albums Of 1996 Top Albums Of 1993
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The Day Is Here..... Can You Be Trve Metal And Hardcore At Same Time?
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The Worst Metal Albums (in My Opinion) Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion)
Greatest Metallica Live Albums Of All Time Hernandez Just Signed An Extension!!!!!!!!!
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Recommend Me Some Essential Classic Metal/rock Good Movies And Jamz
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Please Help Me Be A Music Elitist Metal Intro's That Grab You By The Ballz
My Musical Evolution The Best Songs Ever
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My Musical Progression Into Heavy Music Which is the Best Post-2007 Thrash Album?
Recs Anybody? My Top 10 Thrash Metal Bands
Best Thrash Song? Rec Me Good Music
Albums That I Like My Top 10 Albums
Top 20 Artists Artists I Really Wish I Liked More
Cool Covers Great Sophmore Albums
Greatest Rock Guitar Albums Top 10 Speed/thrash Metal Albums of all time
Top 10 Metallica Songs Top Albums Of Rock of the 90's
Movies I Own Finally a good Metal list \m/!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Xbox 360 Games Thrash Metal Rules!
Yet Another Sputnik Newbie List The Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Of All Time
Favorite Songs (as of July 7, 2012) 25 Greatest Albums Of The 90's
Top Metal Band of All Time I Just Went To Best Bizzle
My Top 100 Songs - 2012 Edition Gay Albums 4 Gay Usrs
Underrated Big 15 Of Thrash Metal.
Powder Your Ballsac Anyone Hating Any Genre Of Music...
Top 10 Album Closers New Top 10 Albums - Noone Except Me Cares Edition
Turntable Thrash Night The Decade Battle (1980/9 Vs 1990/9)
Greatest Guitarist Since The Guitar Was Named In The Year Of Old By Your Grandfathers Balls That Rest By The Fire That Stoked The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years
The 5 Albums That Killed Music Download Fest 2012
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13 Year Old Me 50 Coolest Albums
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My Favorite Metal Albums Great Metal Bands I Just Don't Like
Best Title Tracks My Vinyl Collection :)
Maiden Vs Metallica Vs Judas Priest Songs I Like From Albums I Don't Like
Fuckin' good music Inception
Last Day At Work Digs Biggest Ego In Music
Albums I've Listened To The Most Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music.
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Shitcore: The Best Songs To Poop To My Favorite Metal Albums
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Overrated Albums The 10 Most Overrated Albums Of All Time
Albums With Only One Weaker Song Genre Defining Albums
Albums Released In These Years? Best Thrash Metal Albums Part. 1
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Favourites Bands
Overrated Albums Songs That Have Given Me An Out-of-body Experience
The Heaviest List An Atheist Easter
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Top Ten Thrash Albums (No Order) Bands I've Seen Live
20 Metal Albums We Should All Have... Indisputable Evidence That Metal Will Never Die
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My Least Favorite Covers MY CD COLLECTION
2012 As Of Right Now. Diglets
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Bands I Don't Like Because People Tell Me Not To Addictive Xbox360 Games
Some Animes I've Seen Rec Me Band Documentaries
Fav Hard Rock/Metal Albums So Far Listened To Rush
Best Metal Sub-genre? Thrashing Today
Metallica Ranked My First Sputnik Birthday.
What I Pump My Shakeweight To Sputnik Will And Testament
Most Underrated Sputnik Genre? Favourite Albums
I Am Bored ..... Favourite Albums !! Most Overrated Albums
Metal's Origins Things That Should Have Been Aborted
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The End Is Nigh Band Tees
Got Band Teas? 100 Hard Jamz
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Music That I Should Like, But Don't Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year)
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No Offense Top 10 Bands
Sushi A Burgeoning Vinyl Collection
Classic Metal/ Rock Songs, Of All Time Worst/best Reviewer On Sputnik?
Stuff I Just Discovered This Year Holy Epic Fucking Jams Batman!!!
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Lil Wayne Sucks! Top Ten Metallica Songs
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Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012 Best Metallica Cover In Existance
2011: The View Without Hipster Shades Death Came Too Early
Does Headbanging Actually Kill Brain Cells? Turntable Anything Goes
Without Judgement What Would We Do??????? Fade Lives
Xmas Listens Hans' 2011 Songs
10 Greatest Nfl Teams Of My Lifetime Albums To Die For
Albums I Have Guilty Pleasure Albums I Don't Feel Guilty About
Best Metal Of 2011 Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199
2011 - 36 Albums Metallica Songs Ranked
Worst Metal Band Names Worst Albums Of All Time
Bands I Never Got Into, But Probably Should Have. Nostalgic Albums
Metallica V Megadeth - Hans Breaks It Down Priest Vs Maiden - Hans Breaks It Down
Rip Dime Good Songs With Good Videos
Got My Driver's License! Top 10 Best Guitar Solos (ever)
100 Golden Full Length Debuts Mainstream Metal Songs
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever Forced To Sell Testicles For Food.
Diggin' Like Diglett Turning 21 Next Week
Performance Enhancing Drugs Les Paul Jr.
Tv Shows I Watch, Or Have Started Watching Sputnik's Football Team (real Football. American Football)
Best Live Bands/Artists? Bass Performances
Would You? Albums That Shaped Metal: 1970-2002
All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod Middle School Jams
10 Amazing Albums Ravenfuck Is Back
Expendables 2 No Music Over Thanksgiving
10 Great Overlooked Songs My Top 15 Favorite Albums
Kerrang!'s 50 Heaviest Albums Of All Time Feedback For My Band??
Albums I Really Want To Get Mind = Blown
I Beat Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix 100 Ratings 100 Albums
Winter Is Coming Band Cocktails
This Morning On The Bus..... Top 15 Guitar Solos
My favorite songs! The Greatest Rock Bands Of The 20th Century
Best Metal Albums 3 Albums I've Enjoyed This Week
Metallica Ranked About To Submit My Stanford App
Great Debut Albums Megadeth Or Metallica? (especially Nub)
What Is The Most Influential Heavy Metal Musician? High-highs And Low-lows recs (Pt1)
Angel Of Death........Repent Sinners Vomit Manchester Orchestra Story
15 Albums I (Mistakenly) Overlooked The First Listen The Definitive Metallica List
Albums With Good/bad Production What The Hell Ever Happened To The 6th Mars Volta Album?
25 Favorite Albums Lulu Is Being Streamed
2 Years, 20k. Is This Something To Be Proud Of? My Favourite Albums
My Favourite Bands Is This The Krusty Krab?
Favourite Album Covers Best Solos Made By Man
1991 Just 20 Great Albums
Hi-5s (Updated) Interesting First Week Sales
First List Musical Dna
Happy Early Birthday To Me. Things I Wear As A Hat
Quotes from The Room Thrash Recs
Oh, How Appropriate. R.i.p. Clifford Lee Burton
Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time 100 Users
My Favorite Thrash Metal Albums Post 2000's Omg List disappearing So Angry
Most Influential \metal/ Albums! Vile Hamster Classic Metal
Thrashed Long Songs
Albums That I Cannot Stop Listening To As Of Late Epic Rap Battles Of Historyyyy
Top 5 Metallica Albums Lou Reed And Metallica
Top 5 Favorite Metallica Songs Top Albums That Influenced Me
Dnor's Inevetiably Awful Big 4 List Top 5 Favorite songs 2.
Big 4 NYC List to Preempt dnor's Inevitable Crappy List Digs
Great Albums Of 1984 I Am The Black Sheep
Headbanging All The Way To Ny Some Stuff I Like
4 Horsemen Of Anything Favourite Albums Of The 90's
Thrash Similar To This? Tracking The 90s
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Getting Excited For The Big Four
Skool Digs Revelations Blessed is He Who Heeds The Prophecy of This Book
Good Albums That Have Been Over-Shadowed or Underated It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did
The Greatest Heavy Metal Line-up Overrated Songs
Best Metallica Songs Worst Rip-off Albums Ever
10 Worst Albums Of All Time Easiest 5(s) You Ever Gave.
Favorite Bass Players (bands Added) Batman Graphic Novels
Losing Interest.... Do You See What I See?
Sup Name Our Band
My Fave Metal Songs Of All Time Major/minor Leaks
3 Am Digs Poet's Riffs
1984 What Album Has The Most 5's
What's So Bad About Death Magnetic? Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ?
Top 100 Albums My Favorite 100 Songs
What Album Has The Most Ratings? 25 Best Rock Albums
Gon Thrash Rawk Hard Etc Today A Pure Explosion Of Ownage
5 Most Essential Heavy Metal Records My Top 15 Bands (in No Particular Order)
Top 5 Metallica Albums Favourite Albums Of The Decade
Which Radiohead Album Is Best Last.fm Top 25
The Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived... Fade Alts Ranked
Jams Hey I'm New To Sputnik
Greatest Speed/thrash Metal Songs Top 30
My Typical Playlist Bands My Favorite Albums.
Piracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing The Big 4 In September. M/ Fuck Yeah
Most Influential Heavy Metal Records What's The Best Bay Area Band?
Big Four! Who's the biggest? 100 Greatest Hard Rock/Metal Songs
Thrash Took Sputnik Over Favorite Bands
My Top 10 Albums Imop My 100 Favourite Albums
Festival This! The Big Four
Looking For Something New My Top 50 Albums
Born To Thrash S*** I'm Digging Atm
Essential Metal Albums Part II Best 15 Rock Albums
Essential Metal Albums Part I Some Best Rockers Ever
The Metal Militia Best Metal Albums
I'm New Ride The Lightning Improved
My Favorite Albums Request Reviews From Me
My Top 51 Favorite Albums. Metal
What's Up, Everybody? God Damn It!!!!!!!!!!
Meet Someguest Top 50 Speed/Thrash Albums - Chronological
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 - 2011 Edition Top Live Performances Of All Time
My Top 10 Metallica Songs Albums With Sweet Production
Sputnikmoviesftl Classics
My Top 100 Albums Metal Top Ten
Albums I Have Shirts Of 2 Goin' To Compete In The Rock Olympics
My Vinyl Collection (as of 6/17/11) Metal With Strong Vocals
Nostalgia! 10 Biggest Dissapointments By Bands I Enjoy Thus Far
Metallica Switches Genres??? Metallica + Lou Reed = Lolwut
Sellouts And Crap Favorite Solos
Need Moar Thrashhhhh What Is Love?
High School Ost You Think You're In A Good Mood?
Fucking Revolt! Sputnik Revolution #2
Hans Entrance Music Top 100 Favourite Songs
Oface Rocks The Hardest Favoruite Songs To Play On Guitar
Users Rated By The Master Imyg
Thrice Is The Worst Band Ever Some Of My Favorite Album Closers
Sputnik Rock Club For True Rockers My Top 15 Bands
You Can't Kill The Metal Pretty Good Solos
Top Tens Need Music Suggestions :d
Today Is My Last Day Being A Teen Favourite Metallica Songs Per Album
It's That Time Again... Pissed List
The Nineteen Eighties Remer's Top 50 Artists Since 2007
Best Albums Of The 1800s Thrash!
Slow Night On Sputnik Bluegrass
10 Albums I'd Least Like To Live In Some Great Moments
Major Improvements Oldest Users On Sputnik?
Libertarians Rock Your Rating Criteria
My Top 10 Metal Albums Top 10 Favorite Bands
You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa! Concept Albums About Famous People
Awesome Movie Ideas Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!)
Top 25 On Last.fm Mosh Part 1
Another Recent Vinyl List Top 5 Most Overrated Albums
Favorite Music Albums Top Tens
My CD Collection Top 10 Favorite Guitar Solos
Need More Metal Top Metallica Albums
Top Bands 100 Greatest Metal Songs
Summer Music The Real Best Cover Art Ever Part 1
Fridays Are Cool. Best Metallica Albums
Artists That Used To Be Great JT's Top 10 Albums
Coffee is for closers only Firsts
Inveigh's Favorite Metal Playlist 1
Evergreen Metal Albums Of All Time Essential Metal Songs
Damn You Five Hour Energy Learning Songs On Guitar!
Proof Of Aliens Disappointing Albums By Bands I Like
Weekend Albums Ridiculously Fun Albums
Metal As Hell 38 Albums And 2 Extended Plays
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) Best Bass Guitar Albums
Movies Video Games
The Hans 100 (records) My Favorite Albums Pt 2
Gym Music Manliest List Ever
Favorite Albums Ever Albums That Suck
The Albums You Listened To Before Your Teen Years Best Techno-jazz Fusion Hardcore Of 2011 So Far
Heavy Metal's Best Offers Top 10 First Albums
I'm Your Vehicle Babbyyyyyy Recent Digs/ Request For Recs
My Top Ten Bands Victoria's Favorite Video Games
Top 15 80's Albums Top 15 90's Albums
Favorite Cover Songs Top 10 Favorite Albums
A Blast From The Past Need Some Wise Advising About Music...
My 5's Ranked A Metal List
My 5 Favorite Albums Best Debut Albums In Rock History
Best Albums Of 2008 Thrashin' With A Passion
I Am Sorry Years Ranked
Bands I Hate That You Love Favorite Albums Of All Time
Albums I Wanted To Like... Selling Out.
Top Artists Of All Time Biggest Sell-outs In Music History
Favorite Artists My Top Ten Albums
Party Music 5 Best Metal Albums By Subgenre
Albums With Power 50 Favorite Albums
Lots Of Genres I Have Taken Over The Forums
Oceansize Broke Up? I Like Cheese
Cool Underrated Songs Rec Me Wank
Transition Albums Epic Albums
Some Albums That Rule Great Rock/Metal Albums (No Order)
80s Top 10 Recs For Work.
Best Songs From 5's 30 Best Metal Guitare Riffs (all Genres)
The Grammys Were Only Alright Top Ten Of Heavyest Song From Metallica
Guiz These R The Best Bands Evr If You're Not Elite....
Best Heavy Albums Of All Time Life Is Hard And I Am Crying And I Am Lonely Inside
Worst Metal Album You've Ever Heard? Songs To Kill People To
Albums That Should Have Been So Much More Epics (part The First)
My Favorite Epic Tracks Part 3 Vinyl And
2003: Comeback In Da Club And The Return Of Noise Recent Vinyl
Is Sputnik Dying? Some Great Music Videos Part 1
Berserker Playlist Driving Music
My Favourite Albums Albums I'm Embarrassed To Say I Like
My Favorite Epic Tracks Part 1 Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
Not So Generic Digs List Most Rated Albums Here On Sputnik!!
My Gf Dumped Me Most Listened To 2010
Favorite Albums Favorite Albums
My Top 10 Favorite Albums 2.0 Stoked
2010 Sputnik Awards Top 20 Favorite Bands
My Top Ten Albums Overrated
Kill Cool Songs The Big 4 Dvd Rules
Stuff I'm Listening To Before But Not Anymore Favorite Songs Of All Time
Christmas Gifts Favourite Albums At The Moment
Songsterr Merry Christmas Sputnik
Over 2 Years Of Metal Mindblowing Songs
Best Riffs Top10 Users Who Should Be On Staff
90's Top 20 ...and Top 10 Favourite Metal Albums. Why Not?
My All Time Favourite 100 Records
Ovrot's Top 10 Songs My Favourite Top10 Metallica Songs
Hans.fm My Favorite Bands (12/16/10)
Mass Effect 3 BigHans Cums Clean
Top 100 100 Favourite Albums
Not Quite There My Favourite Riffs
Albums So Obscure Cause My Taste Is Better 60 Songs Of The 20th Century
The Best Fans! How About The Mall Security?
Some Good Songs Let's Play a Game
New Idea For A Band Entry-level Metal
I Don't Always Listen To Metal... Best Metal Albums Ever
A List About Dongs My Ipod
100 Songs Of The 20th Century Fifty Albums...
Somberlain's Sputniversary Bands I Need To See Live
Sputnik Profiles: Returntorock My Ipod Is On The Shuffle
Angel Slays The 90s Fav Albums When I Was 12
Sputnik Profiles: Kill Fav Users
Metallica Owns! Songs That Should Be On Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs
Fr33's Favorites My Top 100 Of All Time
Random 50 Still Thrashin Hard
Just Turned 22 Best Metal Albums
Thrash Metal With Clean Vocals 11.11.10 - Remembrance Day
Sputnik: The Movie Greg's Favorite Albums Of 1990s
Hans' Top 100 Songs My 20 Most Listened To Albums On Last.fm
5 Revisited Need More Metal/hardcore
Jesuslaves Ranks More Food And Praises Hard Rock Random 20 Songs On Shuffle Cus I'm Bored
Gon Thrash Cool New Thing
Vote Or Die 100 Favorite Songs
My Favorite Rock Bands 100 Users Favorite Songs
The 90s A List For A Friend
The "best" Best Covers Yeah The 80s Sucked
Favourite Music Videos Greatest Bands Of All Time
Ipod Shuffle Songs Bonanza... 50 Worst Album Covers Of All Time
Weakest Track Per Album (Metallica) Progressive Thrash
Well, Lesner Lost Bang Your Head
My Pie Chart Is 56% Thrash This Or That?
More Songs To Rule The World To. Worst Metal Albums Of The 2000's: Redux
Fr33 Plays Favorites Listen To These Albums Otherwsie U Suck
My Favorite Songs Making New Users Better Part 1
Most Controversial Metal Albums? Great Bands: Best Albums
Beak 'em Up. Best Of 2010
I Dun Goofed The Manliest Albums Ever
A Better "Top Ten Metallica Songs" Ten Favorite Metallica Songs
My Favorite Albums 100th List
Hans' Epic Circle Jerk Thrash Ya Gash
Everybody Loves Chicken.... Right? Jesuslaves' List Of Fine Gentlemen
Bands That Sputnik Either Loves Or Hates That Got Me Into Metal Best Of 2008
Some Bands I Like And Why What Song Would You Do Karaoke To?
Top 10 Albums Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock
My Top 20 Heavy Metal Albums Ever Music I'm Ashamed Of
Bullets From Hell Manly Metal Militia
Best Albums By Year Top 20 Favorite Guitarists
Music These Days Sucks... Desert Island Albums
10 Favorite Albums Music For Men
Itunes On Shuffle I Am Hungry
50 Greatest Drumming Albums Sucktallica Ranked
Nostalgic 5 Favorite Sputnikers
Favorite Album Covers Angel's 2-year
Well... Not As Awesome As Before... Random Digs
Best Album By Artist, Part 1 So Dream Theaater Just Died.
If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I! Feit Reaches 100.
15 Most Influential Rock Artist Ever Album Openers
The BIG Four Choose My Wake Up Song
Roald Dahl Ist Kreig My Super Ultra Small Album Collection
Worst Metal Albums Of The 2000's Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time
Life Changing Albums Songs to energise
Metallica Ranked Gmork Turns 1000
Deflated Top 15 Bands According To Last Fm Plays
"Bad" albums I liked Bands I've Played Lately
Greatest Rock Albums Ever My Favorite Songs (new)
My 10 Favorite Album Covers 100 Special Albums
Metal's Greatest Opening Tracks Rec Me Shit
Shuffling My Itouch New To Sputnik, Need Good Stuff
Hans' Top 15 Artists 40 Awesome Riffs
My Ipod On Shuffle Metallica Vs Megadeth
6 Essential Thrash Metal Albums America Rules Harder
Favorite Metallica Songs Bands I Listen To The Most At The Moment
Sad Guitar Moments Albums I've Listen To The Most
Favorite Albums Of 1993 Not Just Any Guitar Solo..........
Listen...do you smell something? 1,000 Ratings
Albums Im Digging/Hi Sputnik Best Metallica Songs
Best Bands From The 90s Sputniker Poll: Tink Wants To Know
Metaldan Favorite Metal 2000-2009 Recs Please
Looking For Some Good Bummer Songs. These Are What I Have So Far. Metallica Best To Worst
I Love The 80's!! Some Goddamn Awful Albums
5 Songs For A Funeral All Burns List
11 Of The Best Riff Makers Going On Holidays Next Week!
Looking For Recs! 15 Just Plain Epic Songs
Battle Of The Genres- Part I Redux Top 25 Favorite Bands
My Favorite Guitar Riffs Hey Guys (and Girls)
Albums That Changed My Life Part 1 My Top 50 Albums Of The 80's
School Rules!!! First List Is Serious Business
Rec Me Thrash 90's - Albums
Would You Sellout? 50 Great Songs
Battle Of The Genres - Part I Songs I'm Learning To Play On Guitar
Best Metallica Albums Fav. Songs By Fav. Bands
Late Night Music The Ten Essential Thrash Metal Albums
40 Obvious Classics Another Maniac List Self Destructs.
Dream Setlist: Metallica 20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik.
F'ckin Sputnik... I'm A Little Stoned
Some Stuff I Like Thievery!
Top 5 Bands Street Fighter Iv
Sad Songs Deviant Hits 3000
Cool Beans Top 10 Albums
Big Hans' Top 25 Albums Of All Time The Songs I Listen To Most
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle Pt. 2 The Big Four
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle Favorite Albums Of All-time
I Be The New Generation Of Slaves. Where In The "Mother F*ck?"
Revolution1's 100 Favs Top 10 Songs For The Lyrics
10 Favorite Album Cover Arts Of All Time Willie's Decade List
New Mortal Kombat Movie Footage Favorite Metallica By Album
Birthday? Arizona Iced Tea Ranked
Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 Metallica Albums In Order (in My Opinion)
My 100 Favourite Non-uk Or Ireland Albums Underrated Albums...
Sputnik Essentials. Part II Top 10 Thrash Metal Bands
My Top 10 Favorite Albums Precambrian
Metal School Awesome Artwork
The Real Way To Thrash Bands I've Seen Live (and Going To See)
Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time Best Of Thrash
Girl Problems Top 7 Surprises Metallica Sprung In Lisbon, 19-05-10
Top 50 Albums My 10 Favorite Thrash Albums
Best Metallica Albums My Favorite Bands
Metallica 12th May Belfast Scrambles The Death Dealer
The Top Overlooked/underrated Metal Albums Bands I Have Seen Live
Top 20 Bands No Order My Top 10 Albums
Blow Me Spuknik (my Mind That Is) My Favorite Albums Of All Time
That One Song... Albums That Have Deeply Impacted Me Through Hard Times And Long Drives.
Whats Your Favorite Guitar Solo? Have You Ever?
Hey Everyone Manly Albums
Bad Songs In Awesome Albums... Heavy Metal!
Best Song By Artist Part 1 New, First List., Yada Yada... Suggestions?
My Musical Alphabet I Need More Room On My Ipod
My Top 100 Rock/metal Albums Old Vs New
Greg's Top 50 Albums I Own Pt 2
Heavy 2010 04 20 Metallica In Vilnius, Lithuania
Korea My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits
My Top 25 Metal Albums Top 5 Songs Of All Time?
Box Of Chocolates Best Cover Songs
My Evolution Top 5 Bands That Decided To Stop Being Awesome And Start Sucking Ass Butter
Big Ol' Riffs Vinyl Collection
My Favorite Metal Albums Songs For A Good Day
20 Thrash Metal Albums - A Whiplash Guide To Thrash Metal First List/what I've Been Listning To
How The Mightly Have Fallen Ways To Earn Stickers
My Top 100 Songs My Favorite Albums, Ever.
Summer Soundtrack Grilling Music
My First 10 Enough Gorillaz Reviews!!!
Metallica albums ranked Rec Me Classic Albums I Really Need To Hear
I'm New Here. Current Top 20 On Constant Play...
Just a few bands/artists that i like... Bands Last Good Albums
What People At My School Listen To. The Greatest Band Ever Ranked
Top 10 Albums Who's Pearl Jam?
Top 10 Favorite Metal Bands Most Beautiful Metal Songs
Good Bands That Have A Douche Bag In Them 300 Albums Down!
Thrash Recs People? These Never Get Old
5 Albums Im Dying To Get Rec Me Workout Music
Master Of Puppets Vs In The Court Riff City
Saw Mastodon Last Night Favorite albums (in no particular order)
Why American Metal Is Better "The Crazies" was actually good
Bands I Have Seen (or Have Tickets To See) Live Not Sure Why I'm Into These
My Digs Albums That Got Me Into The Music I Love Today
Metal Bands I Love So, My Laptop Died
3,000 Reasons I Have No Life Best Bands Live
Need Classical Recs My Top 25 Metal Bands
My Musical Progression Lookin to Branch Out, Recs?
My Favorite Bands... My Top 10 Albums Of All Times...
I Like These Records Right Now The Best Of...EVERYTHING
Musical Progression Bm, Thrash, Ska And Bob Dylan (recs)
The Most Immersive Albums Getting Through The Day
Alt Accounts Win Battle Of The Bands Sputnik Blowjobs
Metallica @ Sao Paulo 01/30 New To This Site, Please Recommend Me Things Based On My Tastes
My Personal Top 25 Records Of The Decade Need Some Serious Help!
Albums I Want Similar Styles To Underrated Albums
Requesting Assistance Rec. Me Stuff To Learn On Guitar
I Need Recs Metallica Ranked
Cover Songs Digs
Kick-ass Cover Songs Top 10 Most Overrated Albums
What I Just Got War!
What Else Do I Need? Favourite 50 Albums
Personal Top 100 What's Life REALLY About?
Top-10 Of My Collection At This Moment. The Most Influential Musical Geniuses Of Recent Times
Albums I Have On Cd Metallica Rated: Best Albums
Bands That People Around Me Like That I Dont Like My Favourite Metal Albums...
Best 2 Album Runs Best Albums Of Decade
Bands I've Seen Live... Metal Now!
Best Live Bands Of 2009 My Decade In Metal
Why Should I Read YOUR Review? Good Metal
Music For Douchebags Thrash Recommendations?
Worst Albums By Bands I Love Bands That Lost It
Chritmas Gets Ipod Shuffle
Christmas Muzak Metallica Ranked
My Small Cd Collection So Far I Need Motorhead
Some Of The Angriest Songs I Know Thinking Of Reviewing. Can You Help?
My Favourite Artist(20) My Cd Collection
Metal Recs Please Random Albums
I F**king Hate The Snow... Top 20
Most Influential Metal Albums What I'm Listening To Now...
Songs I Can't Stop Listening To 10 Mindblowing Long Metal Songs
My Top 10 Albums Driver's License
My 30 Favourite Bands Rec Me Bad Music
Top Ten Albums My Favorite Rock Albums Of The 2000s
Searching For Music Ironbound Is Awesome
Musical Plagiarism/coincidences 80's Metal!!!
Vinyls Fucking Rule Songs I Can't Stop Listening To, Pt. 1
Best Bass Albums My Path To Metal
My Metal Stuff Lamb Of God And Metallica Setlist
Metal!!! Hahaha Oh Lou Hahaha
Top 25 Metallica Tunes Of n00bs And Slayer Fanboys....
Favorite 25 Metallica Songs Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 40-31
Snooze Fest Why Do I Own This?
Kris' Top Ten Bands...Ever Fav. Bay Area Thrash Albums
(metal) Listens For September 2009 Favorite All Time Thrash Albums
Fuck This Site, Edition 2 Soon It's Going To Be The Weekend!!! Club Here I Come!
The Top 5 Metal Bands Of All Time 2008 Top 25
It's Teh Rage (MoP Ranked) So Tomorrow...
Real Metal Favorite 90s Albums
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip Sci-fi [mix]
Fuck This Site 9079 Plays On Last.fm
So I Just Realized I've Been On Last.fm For A Year... My Current Top Ten Favorite Songs
10 Favorite Albums Got Back From Shopping
Going Shopping Tomorrow Favorite Bands At The Moment
Albums Me And My Girl Friend Always Listen To/relationship Favorites Best Producted Albums/classic Favorites
Personal Favourite Albums Naked In Front Of The Computer
A Novel Idea Best Live Videos Found On Youtube
So People.... Dvds, Dvds, Dvds!!!!! (1 Dollar Each)
Rec Me Some Thrash! Best Songs To Drink....
Je Suis Remus Lupin Can't Stop, Won't Stop...
My Embarrassing Last Fm List This Or That!?
Metallica: From Best To Worst 10 Best Albums Ever
Favorite Instrumentals Deep Creeping (a Tribute) - Part 1
Bands I've Seen Live (notable) 10 Favourite Metal Songs
My Favourite Albums The 50 Best Albums (in Order)
Some Asshole Stole My Cd's New Ipod, Need More Music
Top 50 Played Songs My First List... Top 20 Songs...
Top 20 Albums - 2007 Biggest Death,Black & Other Metal Dissapointments Ever!
Ground Breaking Bands I Just Can't Seem To Get Into. 'sup, Rec Metal
Building A Music Fan Worst Produced Albums Ever
Top 10 Most Inspiring Metal Albums (in No Order) Rec Me Acoustic Songs To Learn
Master Of Puppets Sucks! Altmer's Top Metal Bands
Instrumental Digs Metallica Fans Get Offended Too Easily
My Most Overrated Bands Top 5 Favorite Songs Of All Time
Awesome Album Art Converting My Friend
Top 15 Most Influential Albums (for Me) Top 25 Thrash Albums
My Descent Into Insanity Favourite Vocal Songs
Revised Top Albums Of 2008 Riff-tacular
Top 25 Albums Favourite Metal Albums
My Musical Progression 80s Angst
My Least Enjoyable Metallica Songs Most Rated Albums On Sputnik
Top 5 Metal Albums... Ever Fav Metallica Songs
30 Awesome Albums Top 80s Albums
Metallica Albums, Best To Worst Thrash!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Alchemy Index (cont.) My Alchemy Index
Rock Werchter 2009: A Look Back Top 10 Songs Metallica Didn't Play In Lisboa On 09/07/09
10 Greatest Metallica Songs Classics'n Roll
Best Albums Of All Times Bands That Need To Get Back To There Roots
Best Songs Of All Times Songs From The Hard Times
Big Jugs Pt. 5 Top 25 Artists On Last.fm
Rec Me Thrash!!! Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums So Far
Dooooo Work A Band For Two, Please
Thievery (part II) If Metallica Were To Make A Greatest Hits Of Their Early Days.
It's Raining Here... Your Fav. Metal Bands Ever
Back To The Roots Disgusting
Top Ten Best metal Debut Albums Top Ten Thrash Album Artwork
My Musical Journey Personal Top 25 Albums
Metallica: Black Album Ranked!!! 30
Latest Dvds Best Albums Of 2008
Best Live Performances Awesome Metal Songs
Albums I Am Digging Favourite Bands
My Favourite Bands Which Album Should I Get Next?
If The Police Catch Me I'm Fucked Music I Like That I Get Made Fun Of For Liking
Need Some Rec's Please I Want To Do A Review!!!
Favorite Metallica Songs... Learned On Guitar (solos Included)
Worst Metallica Songs Greatest Songs Of The 00's
Albums That Influence My Drumming Bands I Will Be Seeing At Rock Werchter 2009 (belgium)
Favourite Bands: Mixed By The Power Of The Death Star, Do We Not Have A Tray That Is Fucking Dry?
Album I Can Play On Drums Great Album Openers Pt.2
Albums That Lead Me To Sputnik Albums That Get Too Much Crap
Moar Like This! Last.fm Bandwagoning
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Bands' Most Famous Songs And The Songs I Prefer
It's Easter! Ya Dig? Quake 2 Is An Awesome Game
I Have Break This Week! I Have 150 Reviews
Phantomlimb Is A Dissapointment Defined
New...need Some Recs Every Flavor Of Rock
Songs I'm Digging, On This, The 27th Of March The Altmer List
Mind Recommending Some Bands? Need To Stop Buying Music!
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years
Top Ten Albums Aka Never Made A List Before Thrice Suck: Part 4 In A Series Of 8 Lists About Thrice
Converting A Mainstream Kid Superworst Artists Ever!
The First 10 Albums I Remember Acquiring Seen Live
Close-to-modern Day Classics Rock/hard Rock/metal Recs?
My Metal Vinyls Best 10 Thrash Albums
Happy Birthday, Fucker! True Classics
Top 50 Played Bands According To Last Fm Worst Albums I Own
Great Outros Metal Is The Best Genre
Some Of The Biggest Dissapointments Ranktallica
My Favourite Albums Part II Emofag
Best To Worst Metallica Albums I'm English, And As Such, I Crave Dissapointment. That's Why I Buy Kinder Suprise.
Asphyxiating Roosters Bands I Can't Get Into
3 Years At Sputnik Albums I'm Making It My Top Priority To Listen To
A List Of Songs That I Enjoy 25 Shuffle
Whenever Boredom Overcomes You, Listen To Music You Must Thrash Debuts
Best Mixtape I Ever Got. More Shuffling
Better Album Covers Today Was Created By The Catholic Church, and is Encouraged By Greeting Card Companies To Make People Feel Like Crap
Revisiting Times Before I Was Born... Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Top 50 Thrash Songs (revised) Testing Out The New Speakers...
Metallica's Greatest Tracks Top 5 Metallica Songs Of All Time
My Fav. Band Top 10 Albums
Overrated/underrated Albums 2 Jrowa001's 100 Favs!!
Boognish Is Bored Smelly Shoes Problem?
Bands I've Check Out This Week New Name
The Product Of Baby Fucking Top Ten 'tallica Songs
Who's The Most Talented Member In Each Of These Bands? Favs So Far, Many To Go
Albums I Like To Call My Favorites 24 Random Rock/metal Songs
Favorite Solos (at the moment) Top 10 Albums Right Now
Recommend Me Some Real Good Stuff... Rockin' Songs
Were I To Be Stranded On A Desert Island... Metallica Setlist 01/15
Songs About Me My Top 10 Songs Atm
Favorite Song Intros Inglorious Bastards
Band Suggestions? 2008: Albums I Enjoyed
Top 30 (metal) Songs Of The Year Holiday Gains
Top 10 Metal Songs Of 2008 Albums Ive Bought Recently
Albums Bought In '08 Top 10 Most Disappointing Metal Albums Of 2008 (according To Wizard)
I Need To Branch Out..help!! Best Live Shows I've Ever Seen
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.4 Songs I Can't Stop Listening To Atm
My Top 10 Albums As Of This Moment 35 Songs That Don't Need Lyrics To Kick Ass
Songs That Make Me Punch A Priest In The Face And Use His Entrails To Create A Strong Rope Best Metal Albums Ever
Any Recommendations For Listening? Classic Albums From The 90's!
All My Favourite Albums Mindblowingly Good Albums
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist Top Twenty Bands
My Top 20 Tracks Of 2008 My Top 30 Last Fm Artists
Some Songs I Am Attempting To Learn The Best And Worst Of 2008
Finally: 2008's Top 30 A Severed Foot
Your New Favourite Bands The New Disco Pant
My Top 10 Of 2008 Im digging myself a hole
Guantanamo Bay Fm My Top 20 Albums (old And New)
Favorite Metal Covers CreamCrazy's Albums Of 2008
Top Ten Albums Top 100 Albums
Shit On Finals My Top 10 Albums Of The 00's
Metallica In Seattle This Is The Law
Top 10 Albums Bands With Bad Lyrics
Thor's 25 Favorite Metal Albums Of 2008 My 10 Favorites Of 2008
Top 50 2008 Favorites
Top 25 Of 2008 Top 5 Of 08
Massive To-get List Mixtape From Hell
These Give Me Chills Apetite For Destruction
My Best Of 2008 Albums I Gave Away Recently
Sputnikmusic's Album Suckfest Brilliant Songs Over 6 Minutes
Bands I Have Seen Live It Seems
Metal/hard Rock Help 20 Fantastic Songs
Some Tunes I Can Play Coke Vs Pepsi
Welcome List Current Favorite Albums Ever
Albums I Never Really Got To... My Favourite Playlist
3-7 Decibel Hall Of Fame
5 Albums To Get On Vinyl Albums I Will Never Get Sick Of
Who Still Buys Cd's? Favorite Metal Ballads
Most Overrated Bands My Favorite Albums
Favorite Songs Of 2008 1980's Albums I Don't Have Yet But Should
Riffs Im In The Gang(top 10 08)!
What I Love Albums I Have Obsessed Over At Some Point In My Life
Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar The Greatest Openers Ever
My Favorite Bands My Favourite Albums Of 2008
Another Ten New Albums I'm Currently Enjoying My Top 10 Bands
Ipod On Shuffle Revisting The 80's
Songs I Am Learning On Guitar Kattuns Favrotite Albums
Shuffling Before My Ipod Dies Surprises + Disappointments Of 2008 So Far
35 Song Shuffle Thor's Ultimate Biking Playlist
The Best Albums Evar! Thrash Motherfuckers, Thrash!
1 Year, 50 Albums Personal Evolution
Some Favorite Songs Current Digs
My 50 favourite albums I Want To Piss On Youuuu
We Can't Stop Here. This Is Bat Country! The Ipod Touch List
Albums I'm Thinking Of Getting. Are They Good? Favourite 2008 Albums
Some Recent Spins My Favorite Songs Off Death Magnetic
Bands I Have Seen Live 08 Top 10 Metal So Far.
Songs I'm Enjoying Right Now Songs I Dig
Uhhh Corn? Birthday
My Top 50 Albums Fav Bands
Im Bored//top 30 As Of The End Of August 08 My 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Guitar Hero Iv Dream Setlist A List Of Bands I Must See Before I Die
Awesome Art My Reading Festival
I Shuffled... Typical Metal
Best Guitar Tones Hopes+picks For Reading 2008!
If You Want To Get Into These Bands, Try... The Master Of Kong Foo:
Epic Proportion Great Songs You May Not Have Heard
Gym Playlist #28 Ipod Shuffle Numero Dos
Pro's+con's Of Shuffled Songs. Earth
Air Fire
Ham Sandwhich Band's I've Seen Live (my List)
Best Albums Ever Made New Favorites
My Itunes On Shuffle Top Twenty Best And Biggest Prog-Rock Albums
Top 20 Songs Taco Flavoured Kisses
Good And Bad Nostalgia Top 10 80s Metal Records
My Last Farewell, Sputnik Mcp's Top 25
Eet Fuk! Best Albums Ever...oh Yes
Digz Vol 2 Digz
Best Albums Ever 16.666666666666666666666667
[][][][]!?!?!Whats Better!?!?!?!?!?[][][][] They Should Burn At The Stake For This
Instrumentals (that don't suck) 1am + Strongbow = Shuffle.
Cds With 1 Song That Keeps It From Being A 5. Part 1. Sputnik Has Spoken!
There Is A Monkey In My Pants! 20 Favorite Albums
Albums That Are Always On Time To Settle This Once & For All...
Some Songs I've Been Listening To Lately Albums I Want.
Puberty/early Teenage Times (2000 - 2002) Awesome Intros
Not That I'm A Pussy... My Favorite Metal Albums
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) Bands That Need To Release New Stuff Already
Guitar Queer-o Top Cd's Ever
Wolfy's Essentials S.o.s.
They Aren't Not Overrated Albums That Go With Me Everywhere
My Hall Of Fame My Top 10
Current Favorite Bands Thrash!!!
The Top 20 Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time 2008's most anticipated albums (100% Chinese Democracy Free)
Songs I Would Kill People To The Most Disappointing Albums Ever
I'm Going To Shoot A Bear... I Have A Hole In My Eye
When Bad Albums Happen 2 Good Artists.... Songwriter67's Album's I'm Hyped For
Need To Check Out The Best Part Of Waking Up...
Best Shows I've Been To Songs I'm Digging Atm
Top 10 Bands Favorites
I Don't Get It? Shufflez
Great Instrumetals Get Your Cards Ready
Misunderstanding In A Jazz Bash My Favorite Songs Over 6 Minutes Long
Top 5 Thrash Legends Favorite Metallica Albums
Top Ten Rock/Metal Bands Of All Time My Current Favorite Top 12 Artists In 2008
Since I'm Bored... Underrated Songs On Overrated Albums
Top 5 Albums What Do You Mean All Metal!?
My Favorite Mainstream Bands New Releases This Year I Cant Wait To Hear
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 2 The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 1
Digs Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By
Home From Uni 20 Brutal Albums I Like
20 Albums That Changed My Life Songs I Have Not 5-starred On Guitar Hero 3
Best Albums Of Metal Genres Horrible Production
My Ipod Top 5 Thrash Songs
Moonlight's Best Metal Get Me A Spoon!!!!
Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!! Favorite Vocals
Future Purchases Favourite Albums Ever
My Post-christmas Wish List My Top 50 Albums Of All Time
Music Milestones In My Life Next To Review
Shuffled Yearly Albums Since 1970
Currently Listening To... Bands To See Live
Albums I'm Looking To Purchase A Playlist For A Car Ride
Songs That Convey My Feelings On Things My All Time Favorite Bands
My 10 Favorite Bands Orgasmic Ear Sex
Angry Songs To Drum To Last 20 Albums I've Listened To
Favorite Albums The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most
Fledgling Metalhead... Metallica Vs Megadeth
Song Dig List ^_^ Top 10 Metal Openers
Pub Band Setlist Favorite Bands
Bands That Were Once Decent Bands That Are Overrated
The Most Emotionally Compelling Songs I've Heard So Far Reccomend Me Stuff
Songs That Should Be On Guitar Hero Most Listened To Albums So Far
Best Live Performances Guitar Hero 3
Grower Albums Updated Fav. Albums By My Fav. Bands
Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands Songs That Get My Blood Flowing
1980's Metal 1996
Top 10 Songs In Gh 3 My 15 Favorite Ballads
Mm8's 50 Favourite Songs Favorite Album Closers
Best Albums From Each Genre I Got The Spins!
Hours Of Music I Have On Itunes Most Talented Bands That I Listen To
Great Back To Back Albums Most Listened To Albums (by September)
Songs That Form The Soundtrack To Hell Genre Defining Albums
5 New Songs To Hear Best Instrumentals
Underrated Metal Songs The Best Of Thrash's "big Three"
Shocking Album Releases Autobiography In 21 Albums
Good Metal Recurring albums
Another Pointless List Top 10 Favourite
Can You Count To 10? First Day Of School =/
My Favorite Albums Overrated Metal Albums
Some Stuff I've Been Digging Lately. What Should I Get Next?
"big 4 Thrash Bands" Based On Change Of Sound Favorite Metal Albums
Overrated Best Songs From Metallica's Golden Years
I'm Going On A Trip... My Dad's Cd Book
My Top 10 Favorite Songs Personal Top 25 Metal Albums Ever
Best Ever Best Of.... Old School Metal (not in any order)
Top 5 Disappointing Albums Fav Albums
Almost Perfect Songs More Best Of The 90's(with Some Metal This Time)
Favourite Intros Really Bad Crap
Best Of The 80's My Favorite Albums Of The 90s
Good Fighting Songs My Cd Case
Top 25.... Again Peer Pressure
Top 10 Albums I've Been Listening To Lately.... New Solos That I Learned
Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time Songs I Cant Help But Air Guitar To.
Favorites Albums Favorites Songs By Favorites Bands
My Favorite Songs Right Now Before I Go Bed I Often Listen To....
To Get Or When To Get? My Favorite Songs This Month
My All Time Favorite Songs 20 Songs That Stand In The Best Ever.
Fave Songs By Fave Bands Best
Favorite Metallica Songs Top Car Tunes
Fav Fucking Metallica Songs 50 songs that I find awesome.
My Band's Cover Songs That Make Me Want To Crack Skulls To
Bands With Great Album Art The Bands That Influnce My Band
My Favorite Albums New Albums
Great Instrumentals Best Of Metallica Disc 1: Cliff
Songs That I've Been Into Lately Albums With Cool Covers
Favourite Guitar Solos. History Of Obsession
Even Great Bands Screw Up Bands Ive Liked Throughout The Years
Itunes Albums 2 The Best Classic Rock/metal Albums Of All Time
Cds I've Gotten Recently Why Do People Hate?.....
Top 20 For Last.fm Spread The Love
My Most Listened To Albums Long Time No See
This Year If Chicken Tasted Like Candy...
Albums I've Bought In The Last 2 Weeks That's It?.....
A Current List Of Favourite Songs. Favourite Intros
Band I've Seen Live Bands I Wish I Saw Live
Bands That Have Influenced Me To Check Out Old Music My "big 4" Thrash Band Ranking
Best 2 Worst Metallica Albums (imo) Favorite Bands
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Top 50 Albums Ever
Top 50 Metal Albums Of All Time My Top 50 Bands/Artists
10 Album That I Would Need On A Desert Island The Ultimate List Of Songs I Want To Be Played At My Funeral
Favourite Album By Each Of My Favourite Bands Pie Chart Album Thingy
Songs I Seem To Like This Week From Hate To Love
My Favorite Solos To Play On Guitar What Im Digging Really.
2007 Yay My Favourite Songs By Each Of My Favourite Bands
Solos! Some Of My Favourite Band's Most Disappointing Songs
Songs That Are Fun To Play On The Guitar. My Favorite Bands
Cool Intros Albums And The Songs That I Am Into On
Generic Heavy Rotation Lately List Songs I've Dug This Week
Guitar Hero 3 Songs That Got Me Into Bands
Desert Island Top 20 Metal Without The Core
Metal Bands 25 Songs That Blew Me Away From Day 1
Favourite Albums Ever. My Top 10 Bands/People!
Songs They Played At Monsta Jam 07 What I Like To Get Pumped To: Revised list from the othe
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Bands And My Fave Songs
Songs That Have Gotten Stuck In My Head The Past Week(s) My Top 100
Kidz Bop Metal Version The 10 Worst "best albums of all time"
Something That Isn't That Song Game Pro Wrestler Theme Song
Most Underrated Albums Most Disappointing Albums Ever Released
Songs I Listen To To Drown Out The People Having Fun On The Bus Songs I've Been Really Digging The Last Week
20 Songs Im Into Lately Albums I Got After Losing Limewire Last Year
My Favourite Flops Classic Metal Songs Everyone Should Have Heard
Abc's Of Songs 20 Songs With The Most Plays On My Mp3
Completely Unoriginal Bands That Annoy Me
My Favourite Coversongs Kidz Bop 80's Edition
Lol Top 20 10 Most Depressing Songs
What I Look Forward To In 2007 Hey143's Xmas Albums
Christmas! Albums I Want For Christmas
My Favorite Bands My Favorite Cd's Of My Time
Songs I Would Cover on Drums 10 songs im into right now
bands who should give it away Cd's I own
MM8: 100 albums omg My 5 favorite albums
Songs With Titles That Make Me Want To Do What They Say New Top 50
My top 10 favorite bands Another 20 Rocking Songs
BFH's PUMP UP SONGS They have hands on them.
50 good songs im listening to Top 10 bands im into (right now)
MY Favourite Bands! MM8's: songs with good lyrics
Colour in Songs The Set List
Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Stuff I listen to while pretending to do homework!!
Fav. Guitar Songs Latest 20 songs im into
Albums From The 21st Century That I Dig Top Metal Acts
Favorite Debuts Songs that give me the chills
20 Rocking Songs My Favourite Debut Albums
MUST SEE LIVE 10 Songs I Like to Play (bass)
Awkward Albums Everyone should own
Favorite Songs of Numbers 10 favorite metallica songs
My Top 50 Albums Favorite Albums By Favorite Bands
My Top 10 Albums 20 songs im listening to alot
MM8's 100 fav songs My 10 favourite albums
10 Min. Playlist Shopping list
Albums to study chemistry to 1986 Thrash Finest
My 15 Favorite Thrash Albums albums that MADE me
10 Most Overrated Artists Favorite Songs From Favorite Bands
10 Best Produced Albums of Any Genre 9?
My Top Ten Favorite Albums 100!!!!
My Daddy Likes Hawthorne Heights... My Top 10 Album List
Songs For The Gym Bands I got into this year
Favorite Metal Songs Top 10 Favorite Bands
Oh, The Humanity Band ABC's.
10 awesome albums Top 10 Bands
My Favourite Bands My Top 25 Albums
Vicious13's Favorite Bands of all Everdom 10 Songs the radio ruined for me
10 Best Thrash Band Ever My Favorite Bands
Top 40 Favorite Songs of All Time 5 bands that i want to check out
10 metal bands that kick ass Gigant-Ozz Values Tour
Grant\'s Awesome Metal/Hard Rock Festival AZ band list
Great Bands, Horrid Albums Favorite Metallica albums
South\'s 100 Songs A-Z im so cool
Top 50 Bands Awesome covers
Top Favorite Guitar Solos Some of my Favorite Albums
South's Favorite Slow Stuff Good songs for driving to
MyRamona's top 10 albums Old school metal songs that are clasics
My Top 10 Favs. Top 50 Albums of All Time
Fave Metallica songs(by album) Some Great Music Videos
Bands I Listen To Zepdude's Fav Instrumental songs
Hard as nails Top 100 Of All Time
Albums I like that no one else seems to Music for my funeral
Overated and Overplayed Fraps fav. Ballads
Top 5 songs Songs that got me into the band
The Irrational Defense League Bands That People Call Overrated But Arent
Im gonna catch shit for this one... Albums I shouldn't have bought
Top Five Metal Albums The most songs played (according to my iPod)
Fraps fav. bands Top Ten Great Second Songs
Top 10 Power Ballads Top Ten Amazing Album Openers
My 10 Favorite Albums (No Order) Top 10 Bands of all Time
Albums that have found their enternal resting place in a trash bin Greatest metal solos
Ten overated bands 10 greatest metal bands of all time
My Favorite Guitar Solo's Top 90's Modern Rock Follow-ups.
Metallicaman's Fav songs SoH11's 50 Albums
Metallicaman's Fav Metallica songs Metallicaman's Fav Albums
My Top 20 Bands of All-Time The Top Worst Album Covers Of All Time
Top 10 Bands Top 10 Download Performances
Sellouts! My Top 100 Bands
The Best non-heavy songs by a heavy band Top 3 Metallica Albums
Hatshepsut ftw MY list of bands Sputnik introduced me to
Ripping Solos 10 Favorite Songs
My favorite bands Top Ten Most Listened To Bands
Iluvatar's top 5 Most Overrated Albums! Fav Bands
My Favorite bands as of 6/16/06


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