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My Ipod Just Died YetAnotherBrick01/15/15
Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014 FearThyEvil01/12/15
Happy New Year! Flugmorph01/10/15
Missed 2014 Gems thelastsignal01/10/15
Aoty 2014 I3loodlax01/02/15
Sputnik, Like Noplace Is There VisionsFromTheDarkSide01/01/15
Southern Lights Of 2014 NoiseForZeus01/01/15
Top 10 Of 2014 According To The Hikingmetalpunk hikingmetalpunk12/31/14
Personal Top Metal Albums Of 2014 Agoremageddon12/31/14
Goodbye 2014 Tunaboy4512/31/14
Rushed 2014 List From Hell Flugmorph12/28/14
Finalized Favorite Death Metal List InfernalOarsman12/22/14
Thibs' 2014: 60 Favourite Albums Thibs12/20/14
Hench's Top 75 Of 2014 HenchmanOfSanta12/18/14
Death Metal In 2014 Jacquibim12/15/14
Death Metal Freshman Vs. Sophomore sumyunguy12/14/14
2-0-1-4 ShadowRemains12/11/14
I Bought Shoes From A Drug Dealer YetAnotherBrick12/04/14
Metal Of 2014 And Give Me Recs ManintheBox12/03/14
Bangerz BallsToTheWall11/11/14
Slooooooow... Favourite Doom/sludge/drone VVild1811/04/14
Magnum Opuseseses BallsToTheWall10/16/14
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 So Far FuneralMarch09/17/14
Your Top 5 Dm Bands? Hawks09/03/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Fordeath Metal evilford08/13/14
Albums With Dead Bodies On The Cover Wizardboi08/11/14
Jac's Fav Metal Of Death Jacquibim08/09/14
Rec Me Interesting Dm Flugmorph07/30/14
10 Comment Milestone alarm07/23/14
Rec Me Death Metal evilford07/21/14
My 31 Favourite Death Metal Releases... VVild1807/17/14
Sting To The Wwe RoyalImperialGuard07/12/14
Dark Metal Pt. 2 Keyblade07/02/14
Pissed Digs evilford07/01/14
Ranking 2014 (so Far) Funeralopolis06/30/14
2014 Digs So Far ExplosiveOranges06/27/14
Why 1989 Was One Of The Best Years In Metal ThrashK06/21/14
Tangled Vs. Frozen CK06/14/14
Live From Scumbag Heaven Colliiiin06/08/14
Bored? Yafwookie764205/30/14
Revived Death Metal Bands Madbutcher305/27/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2011 HenchmanOfSanta05/25/14
Rec Me Death/doom Madbutcher305/23/14
Newest Acquisitions (2) Flugmorph05/22/14
Turned 17 Today emester05/18/14
Death To Posers Fozzie05/18/14
Some Of The Best Metal Debuts ExplosiveOranges05/16/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #2 Smok3mon05/13/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #1 Smok3mon05/13/14
2014 So Far elbaliem05/12/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Fleshpound05/08/14
Soundtrack To Hell Vol. 2 ExplosiveOranges05/06/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1991 HenchmanOfSanta05/05/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1989 HenchmanOfSanta05/03/14
Baby Birds Rule Jacquibim05/01/14
Album Openers DrMaximus04/30/14
When Sputnik Meets Real Life RoyalImperialGuard04/29/14
Some Of My Personal Favorite Albums Of 2013 ExplosiveOranges04/25/14
2 Yrs Gwyn.04/23/14
30 / 36... emester04/22/14
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow04/19/14
Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves SpiritCrusher204/18/14
New Autopsy SLAYYYYYYYYSSSS!!!! BigPleb04/18/14
Recs For Danny Avagantamos04/14/14
Jamz That Jam Hard Tremz04/04/14
A Procrastinator's 2013 Inveigh04/01/14
My Favorite Death Metal Albums RacoonSlayer5004/01/14
Riffs Of Truth 10 pissbore03/04/14
Today Was A Good Day Ryus02/19/14
So Much Music, And So Little Time Weirman02/18/14
Digz In Dis Bitch PigDestroyer8902/08/14
4 Years Of Sputnik MoosechriS02/08/14
Hello DCLXVI02/05/14
Majestic Noises Of 2013 NoiseForZeus01/18/14
Your First Time Drunk Gwyn.12/31/13
2013 Favorites In No Order ReAnimator12/31/13
Wizards Top 20 In Metal For 2013 Wizard12/30/13
Surprises Of 2013 opie12/28/13
Top 100 Singles Of 2013 TheIbar12/27/13
Hench's Top 50 Of 2013 HenchmanOfSanta12/27/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Top 10 Albums Of 2013 hikingmetalpunk12/22/13
Hawks' Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2013 Hawks12/19/13
'13 Favorites/needs More Listens/disappointments engleprunt12/18/13
Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2013 Thor12/15/13
Twenty-13 ShadowRemains12/13/13
2013 Death Metal Has Been Great... Inveigh12/12/13
2013 Favourites TBliss212/11/13
Discogs I Need To Finish Pestiferous12/05/13
Metal Of 2013 \m/ And Give Me Recs ManintheBox12/05/13
Last Year On Lastfm.. Adabelle11/27/13
Stages On Life's Way kalki11/21/13
Rec Me Death Metal demigod!11/20/13
Top 1991 Death Metal Fozzie11/20/13
Best Albums Of All Time JamesDay11/17/13
Album Booklets Decay11/15/13
Try This!!!! Permabanned11/15/13
Kingdom Hearts And Death Metal lyzakthellama11/10/13
Some of the Best Death Metal Songs SlMBOLlC11/09/13
Albums I Have Yet To Listen To This Year. snowbbird11/07/13
Top 20 Dm Albums: 2011 GetOutOfMyHouse10/25/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (post-2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/19/13
Rap Vs Death Metal BallsToTheWall10/07/13
Death Metal Of The 2010s Jacquibim09/26/13
Death Metal: The Soundtrack To Mopping combustion0709/25/13
100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy MoosechriS09/22/13
Dang Death Metal alachlahol09/19/13
Feeling Murrican BallsToTheWall09/17/13
80's Death Metal MoosechriS09/07/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Cap's 2013 Digs CaptainDooRight08/28/13
My Top 80's Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/27/13
My 2013 Ranked Artuma08/24/13
Top Old School Death Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/22/13
Combating The Sun's Hatred With Metal BallsToTheWall08/13/13
Summer Whisky and Tequila 2013 NoiseForZeus08/10/13
Lyon's True Jams lyon153507/17/13
Birthday Jams Geadom07/15/13
My Favourite Death Metal Albums amakir07/15/13
A Story SharkLasers07/14/13
Metal: 2013 BallsToTheWall07/11/13
The Big Four Of Death Metal? Curse.07/10/13
Death Metal 2013 SubtleBody07/10/13
Dm Kinda Night Hawks07/04/13
My Five Worthy Vinyl Albums mifzal07/04/13
Just Death Metal azagthoth8912307/03/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness Winner Scum06/29/13
Free Aaron BallsToTheWall06/27/13
25 Great Metal Debuts ThrashK06/24/13
Death Metal Favorites theweightofdarkness06/17/13
Good Albums In No Particular Order Or Genre Jamiefrancesc06/05/13
Best Post-2000 Death Metal McDerpes05/30/13
I Just Started A Band NationalMidnightStar05/28/13
M/ Metal Brothers M/ MoosechriS05/24/13
Trilogy Of Truth pissbore05/08/13
Silver Linings Playbook Was Phenominal BallsToTheWall05/08/13
Scum's Top 50 Artists On Last.fm Scum05/08/13
Scum's Favorite Debut Albums Scum04/29/13
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) NoiseForZeus04/28/13
Recently Listened Too slothsareawesome04/28/13
Cap's New Dm Song From Upcoming 2014 100% Dm Album CaptainDooRight04/19/13
The Lunatic Is On The Grass lyon153504/18/13
The Malleus Directory (part 1) MalleusMaleficarum04/18/13
Old School Death Metal Scum04/04/13
Dead Balls Decomposition BallsToTheWall04/02/13
Sluts and Shit-Spewing Buttfuckers... the Uncut Edition Necrotica04/01/13
Official Definitive Top 10 Death Metal Albums Ever Made illmitch03/31/13
Top 10 Classic Thrash & Death Songs TheDepravedPelican03/30/13
The Best Featured Metal List Today evilford03/25/13
The Lords Of Metal lyon153503/19/13
The Kansas Jayhawks Are A One Seed illmitch03/17/13
Hail To The Metal Of Death! Donchivo03/12/13
Origins branflakes91103/09/13
A Life Of Metal: Why Spend It Haeting Others BallsToTheWall03/03/13
Death Metal Enema Inveigh03/02/13
Poopin' Digs 2: The Double Deuce 70sPriestIsBetter02/21/13
Sputnik's Dirty Dozen BallsToTheWall02/11/13
Bass Lines Of Truth pissbore02/04/13
Hard Audioporn 3: Xxxtra Hard 70sPriestIsBetter02/03/13
Aokigahara Suicide Forest BallsToTheWall01/21/13
I Bow To No Man...except Karl Urban BallsToTheWall01/19/13
So, You Want To Death Metal? MichaelSnoxall01/12/13
50 Excellent Death Metal Songs RetroSpective12/28/12
Pure Metal demigod!12/17/12
Stalest Metal Genre? NecrogenicShrimp12/14/12
100 90s Metal Albums Funeralopolis12/10/12
"the Big Four" Of Death Metal?!?!?! CK12/04/12
Different Levels Of Crimes, But Same Jail Space! mifzal11/18/12
Malleus Breaks It Down MalleusMaleficarum11/18/12
12 Most Influential Death Metal Bands HitlerIsPissed11/17/12
Rec Me Good Death Metal Geadom11/17/12
Artificial Death... cuki9210/16/12
This Is A Malleus List MalleusMaleficarum10/04/12
It's Been A While chambered4910/04/12
Best Djent Albums fireandblood09/27/12
Death Metal Hard Hawks09/24/12
Death And Thrash HitlerIsTheBest09/18/12
The Sword Of Metaldom Volume 2 BallsToTheWall08/28/12
My Top 10 Albums mayhemmaster108/23/12
Another Ipod Shuffle steynopeth08/12/12
Bulletbelt Brigade BallsToTheWall08/06/12
Favorite Vocalists HitlerIsTheBest07/23/12
Today TBliss206/25/12
Fuck Yeah! TylerOnFire06/10/12
Death Metal Vs Black Metal mifzal06/10/12
An Ode To Rock 3 sonictheplumber06/01/12
Anyone Wanna Turntable sonictheplumber05/23/12
Moving To Boston theartofdoom05/12/12
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle CrimsonFloyd05/02/12
Death metal I love Systemunfolded04/30/12
Who's Online Partyin? sonictheplumber04/28/12
Demo-lition AngelofDeath04/25/12
Sinking Into Death Metal.. Adabelle04/18/12
Jacob Bannon Found Dead, Converge Future Uncertain sonictheplumber03/28/12
Rank My Ipod : A TheSpirit03/27/12
Gimme Death........ And Lots Of It!!!! M/ MoosechriS03/27/12
New Tattoo Today Hawks03/24/12
Top 25 Deafff Metuhlz Hawks03/09/12
New Asphyx keyboardxmosh02/27/12
Should I Go See The Black Dahlia Murder Tomorrow? eggsvonsatan02/15/12
dwayne johnson Aphrodisiac02/14/12
How To Get Music DinoX02/05/12
Best Albums I've Ever Heard sonictheplumber02/04/12
25 Years Of Death Metal rasputin02/04/12
Check Out My New Band, If You Would Like SteelErectedb4you8er02/03/12
The Year In Cover Art AngelofDeath01/03/12
Lambda's 2011 Lambda12/31/11
Best Death Metal Releases 2011 chainsmoker0512/31/11
Deaf's Highly Anticipated EOTY List: 2011 DeafMetal12/30/11
Hyperion's Eoty 2011 Hyperion100112/29/11
My 2011 Ranked HenchmanOfSanta12/28/11
2011 Strictly Death: combustion combustion0712/19/11
Best Metal Of 2011 SylentEcho12/18/11
Death Metal 2011 Mewcopa012/15/11
Haz's 2011 Haz12/15/11
God's Top 20 Of '11 GodL1ke12/10/11
Crysis' Top m/ Of 20// Crysis12/09/11
100 Reasons Why I Love Metal mbrigham111/28/11
I've Hit A Musical Brick Wall, Any Suggestions? Steamboat0111/27/11
So Apparently I Like Music fr33convict11/22/11
Die Valerius11/20/11
2011 Death Metal LumpSum11/02/11
Grindalicious Grindalicious10/31/11
What Do A Saxaphone, A Reptile, Drop B Tuning And A Neo-nazi Have In Common? HSThomas10/21/11
Timeless Albums Auschwitz10/17/11
Albums On My Ipod lyon153510/16/11
2011 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/16/11
Seeing Ghoul Tomorrow combustion0710/14/11
Favorite Death Metal Albums Auschwitz10/13/11
Real Metal: An Ode To The Truest Of The True BallsToTheWall10/10/11
Need Death Metals HeyBrosef10/09/11
20 Righteous Tunes pissbore10/08/11
2011 Metal FeralMemories10/06/11
Death Metal... lyon153509/11/11
R.i.p. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Attis09/07/11
Quintessential Death Metal OrangeHologram09/05/11
[top 10] Death Metal Tchitchi09/02/11
Things Are Different Now chambered8909/01/11
Record Store Day thomann8408/27/11
DM2011? Antipunk08/19/11
2011 Metal Rules Or You're Dumb TheSpirit08/17/11
Metal 2011 Thus Far sleepyhead08/15/11
Bands To See Live Before I Die combustion0708/14/11
The Latest Albums Ive Purchased toxicgarbageisland108/05/11
Hollier Is Back Motiv308/04/11
Death Metal Recs Please Antipunk08/02/11
Deathfest Next Year Carnifex07/31/11
Fuck Yeah Death Metal Em Slash Surtur07/28/11
Playlist Juillet 2010 Likferd07/26/11
Top 30 Likferd07/22/11
My 2011 Roundup BallsToTheWall07/21/11
Meatplow's 2011 Quarterly Roundup Pt. 2 Meatplow07/03/11
2011 Halfway Report Lambda07/01/11
Your Mother Sucks Cockles In Shells combustion0706/24/11
Recommendations.....please! eggsvonsatan06/22/11
First Half 2011 HenchmanOfSanta06/19/11
Best Cover Art Of 2011 So Far ev0ken06/18/11
Feels Like Forever vanderb0b06/17/11
Rec Me Death Metal jayfatha06/12/11
Top 20 Of 2011 So Far PostModernJellyfish06/05/11
Bassmasta.net Detriment06/04/11
Out Of The Loop BallsToTheWall06/01/11
A Winner Is You vanderb0b05/22/11
Metapod, Use Hyperbeam Mewcopa005/17/11
Modern Metal Recommendations Anyone? singthewordhope05/17/11
Grab A Shovel, We've Got Bodies to Bury eggsvonsatan05/14/11
Neurotic Deathfest iPim05/02/11
Metal Is Dead Psychopathologist04/12/11
Brutal List Is Brutal 05McDonaldT03/28/11
M.e.t.a.l: Get Some!!!!! BallsToTheWall03/27/11
A Blast From The Past AngelofDeath03/18/11
Gloom Is Going feav23303/13/11
I've Been Cranked Up On Shitty Music For Soooo Long! iPim03/09/11
Old School Death/black Recs GhettoIndieshit03/07/11
Death Metal Recs Mewcopa003/06/11
Stuff I Gotta Check Out Soon jayfatha02/24/11
Angel Of Death Metal AngelofDeath02/23/11
The Best Of What I've Listend To Recently Mysteryskater201201/29/11
Noiz Ire01/22/11
Best Metal Of 2010 SylentEcho01/08/11
Favorite Albums Of 2010 feav23301/06/11
2010 Done Right..learn To List Mewcopa001/01/11
Qwenty10 qwe312/28/10
Death Metal 2010 jingledeath12/25/10
Yet Another 2010 List HenchmanOfSanta12/20/10
My Favorite Bands (12/16/10) Majewman500012/16/10
Vander's 2010 vanderb0b12/13/10
Moose's 2010 List And Ratings MoosechriS11/28/10
I'm Back Zoo11/27/10
2010 05McDonaldT11/27/10
4 Years Of Bad Opinions And Shitty Memes Crysis11/26/10
Angel Slays The 90s AngelofDeath11/21/10
Essentials. Darch11/20/10
Your Daddy Didn't Want You... Mewcopa11/17/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
Vander's Halloween Playlist vanderb0b10/29/10
Everybody Look At Me I Want Attention!!!! Mewcopa10/25/10
Essential Death Metal? SlightlyEpic10/23/10
Listening TBliss10/20/10
666 zarquan9910/18/10
Some Of My Cd's CircleofTyrants9510/15/10
Best Of... Death Metal! rc128810/14/10
I Think You Forgot Something SlightlyEpic10/12/10
The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1 ShadowRemains10/09/10
Old school means you're sexy iPim10/06/10
Qwe qwe310/05/10
Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock AngelofDeath10/01/10
Deathcore>Death Metal MrSputnik09/29/10
31 Days Of Death And Horror jk2two09/29/10
Chambered's Ultimate Fall 2010 Digs List chambered8909/26/10
Help Me With 2010 SlightlyEpic09/26/10
Diggity Diggity MoosechriS09/26/10
Enter The Void chambered8909/24/10
Starting A New Band Intothepit09/22/10
Lok @ Me I No How To Shuhfull!! Mewcopa09/22/10
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2010 So Far chambered8909/21/10
5 Albums I Just Got witchxrapist09/21/10
My Blue Jeans Is Tight Mewcopa09/21/10
Rate The Dig Above You TheSpirit09/20/10
Metallll chambered8909/20/10
The Tomb Within RippingCorpse09/20/10
My Satanic Comrades RippingCorpse09/19/10
Recognize The Trve Mvsic DeafMetal09/18/10
Best And Worst Thing Ever MoosechriS09/15/10
Reasons You Should Drink Steel Reserve witchxrapist09/14/10
2010 Thus Far vanderb0b09/14/10
Sputnik Ends....tommorow Mewcopa09/13/10
10 Best Albums Ever miltos09/05/10
Need Accessible Death Metal Moses7709/03/10
My Old School Death Metal Picks Mewcopa08/27/10
'91: Golden Years Pt. 3 ShoeSoup08/21/10
'89: Golden Years Pt. 1 ShoeSoup08/20/10
My First Fist Mewcopa08/17/10
10 Quality Pieces Of Metal ShoeSoup08/14/10
Metal It Up! punanipery08/09/10
Bands That Scare Me...and Thill Me Mewcopa08/05/10
Addictive br00tality brah. Darch08/04/10
Best Badass Songs (but Bester) Mewcopa08/01/10
I Hate You All Mewcopa07/25/10
I Am Returned Mewcopa07/23/10
Fucking Jet Lag qwe307/17/10
The Ten Essential Death Metal Albums austin88807/14/10
NINETIES SlightlyEpic07/06/10
I Need Rec's Very Bad!!! Mewcopa06/27/10
Death Binge TBliss06/27/10
What Letter Do Your Artists Start With? Mewcopa06/24/10
I Have An Eye Infection Mewcopa06/18/10
10000 Lastfm Plays!!! Rec More! Mewcopa06/15/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
Takin It Back AngelofDeath06/01/10
Sputnik Essential. Part I AnotherBrick06/01/10
Top Bands From Last.fm jacks59206/01/10
Death Metal vanderb0b05/24/10
Oldschool Binge Right Meow :3 witchxrapist05/21/10
The Death Shawshank05/18/10
What Have I Been Up To? Mewcopa05/18/10
Jizz Worthy Moments Part 1 combustion0705/17/10
Recent Digs (Part 2) vanderb0b05/01/10
5 Reviews! vanderb0b04/27/10
My Top 25 Metal Albums ExcavatedSkull0004/18/10
My Compy Is Fucked Up, So I Have To Listen To Hard Copies Of Stuff witchxrapist04/13/10
20 Death Metal Albums - A Lethal Guide To Death Metal AshesOfEmpires04/02/10
Essential Death Metal? SlightlyEpic03/23/10
Timeline Of Ball's 3 Year Duration BallsToTheWall03/18/10
Last 3 Months FistfulOfSteel03/14/10
My Daughter Loves Death Metal! intothepit8303/05/10
Goodbye SlightlyEpic03/04/10
Winter Jamz witchxrapist02/11/10
Pissing On Walt Disney's Grave BallsToTheWall02/02/10
Dryden Asks For Recs Dryden01/07/10
Winter List illmitch12/08/09
Death Metal Reccos Needed icarus898911/15/09
Give Me Good Old School Death Metal None Of That Pussy Ass Modern Bullshit Unless It's Modern Old School Then It's Cool Ulsufyring10/27/09
Do We Really Need 5 Btbam Reviews? illmitch10/26/09
16th Birthday hulksmashedface10/20/09
Death Metal Classics witchxrapist10/17/09
What I've Been Listening To Lately. witchxrapist10/16/09
Florida Death Metal hulksmashedface10/07/09
Death KILL10/06/09
Old School Death Metal Ftw combustion0707/27/09
Top 80s Albums Titan5007/15/09
my fav death metal albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
Recomend Me Something? burnedcorpse07/01/09
Legit Metal Buys Wizard06/18/09
Guys, Rec Me Non Metal Music KILL05/09/09
Death Metal In 09 So Far Anthracks04/24/09
Help Me With This!! Axetacy04/03/09
Death Fucking Metal supra_speed03/05/09
90s Death Metal Albums part 2 panagiotis02/24/09
Omfgzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!its Fucking Christmas!!!!!! ealordofthedepths12/20/08
Death Metal needledeathpunk11/15/08
Essential Old School Death Metal Bands twophoton09/07/08
Sensitive Hair Whipping Tyler08/12/08
Awful Album Covers Big Baby Jesus05/10/08
Some Diggings OGlaf001804/16/08
Girls Called Ethel Ranked 1 To hermitspancho03/24/08
Top 20 Death Metal Angmar03/14/08
Whats Up Sputnik Freddythejew02/17/08
Bands I Wish I Could Have Seen Live CoRpSeSlAyEr01/17/08


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