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Albums I Don't Get pbass001/21/15
Top 20 Beers From 2014 TheManMachine12/31/14
Vinyl Collection AndTheTree12/23/14
First Listen Gold! tcat8412/22/14
My Personal Favorite Releases Of 2014. OnViolentNoise12/21/14
Space Themed Music Recs samsquanch11/16/14
Fall out boy ranked[2] JokineAugustus10/12/14
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
Great /core Albums dixoncocks09/19/14
What Kind Of Vocals Are These? Dolving99909/01/14
High School Senior Year Digs OnViolentNoise08/26/14
Favorite Album Covers FitToSwing08/19/14
Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither Veldin08/12/14
"Keep your handouts, cupcake" : The Best of Post-Hardcore Snoopcow08/02/14
Please Listen To And Rate My Album (space Rock) CrownOfMagnets06/08/14
Top 20 Albums Of All Time Billybobvagrant3106/07/14
Isn't It Ironic mryrtmrnfoxxxy06/02/14
Thunderstorms = Davis Lynch londoncalling45705/22/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1999 HenchmanOfSanta05/13/14
Record Collection 4/30/2014 neurisis1704/30/14
Top Metalcore drksideofthemn504/30/14
What Wave Are You? Dolving99904/27/14
Recent Acquisitions (vinyl) Part Deux WellFedWhiteMale04/22/14
Bands That Need To Release New Material Owantjaaaa04/21/14
My Personal 100 Favorite Albums JCGold1404/18/14
Record Store Day 2014 WellFedWhiteMale04/14/14
(used) Albums I Purchased Yesterday CrownOfMagnets04/13/14
Linyv Jruined04/09/14
Essential 1st Wave Metalcore wacknizzle04/03/14
Recent Listens Bricks003/24/14
Post-rock And Metalcore PitchforkArms03/22/14
My Meager Collection (vinyl) Vol. 1 WellFedWhiteMale03/03/14
Essential Metalcore BigPleb03/01/14
Best Of Cave In HaloDude44202/24/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
Get Pissed And Yell A Bunch theearthisnthumming02/12/14
1999 TheSlenderMan02/06/14
Winter Music FearTomorrow02/02/14
Why Are Cd So Goddamn Hard To Open? SkaCali199102/01/14
Metalcore That Doesn't Suck RadioSuicide01/24/14
Cd's I Got Today Lies01/19/14
Cd Collection - Installment One Multifarious01/07/14
Recent Cd Purchases adace101/05/14
My 2nd Sputversary! SadAndHolyGlow11/24/13
Metalcore TheNexus10011/13/13
The Adventures Of Converge, Pt. 2 SadAndHolyGlow10/26/13
Bands I'm Interested In neurisis1710/25/13
best metalcore/other bands I started listening to around the same jmh88610/08/13
Best Guitar Work In Post-hardcore? chinesewhispers10/07/13
Hi sacamano10/02/13
100th List. Drop Everything. SadAndHolyGlow09/29/13
Never Too Many Metalcore Lists ReAnimator09/24/13
Metal/metalcore/hardcore Recs? Potating09/19/13
Top 10 Hardcore Classics That Need To Be Pressed On Vinyl Speed51209/16/13
My LP Vinyl Collection Thus Far SadAndHolyGlow09/01/13
10 Awesome Moments Vol.2 engleprunt08/14/13
Best Musical Period Dolving99908/03/13
Vacation Albums osmark8607/31/13
50 Albums To Slay Your Face Off YetAnotherBrick07/03/13
10 Awesome Moments Vol.1 engleprunt07/02/13
Game Grumps SadAndHolyGlow06/26/13
Albums That I Bought Today. SadAndHolyGlow06/21/13
Donate A Rec, Part 2! SadAndHolyGlow06/15/13
Gonna Buy Me Some Music SadAndHolyGlow06/13/13
Best Of The Millenium BackwardBee06/09/13
Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
Record Store Day 2013!!!!!!! SadAndHolyGlow04/20/13
The Malleus Directory (part 1) MalleusMaleficarum04/18/13
Record Store Day ReturnOfTheDnor04/16/13
Record Store Day 2013 Is Coming Up. SadAndHolyGlow04/14/13
My Precious TheSatanicSatanist04/02/13
The Classics TheSatanicSatanist03/29/13
Good Music Of The 90's Wirertragen703/23/13
The Best Of The Best crowingflow03/20/13
Mo Vinyl Mo Problems... thecheatisnotdead03/09/13
New Here, Help Me Out crowingflow03/05/13
No Local Co Op In Dead Space 3!! RivalSkoomaDealer03/05/13
First Post Back After Awhile, New Profile, Digs ebola502/19/13
My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Songs Braden37802/14/13
Kroner Gets Swole. Ignimbrite02/12/13
New Here, Here Are My 5s thickbricks01/28/13
My Girlfriend Wanted Non-indie Music MosesMalone01/11/13
Awesome Album Art Braden37801/05/13
New Here TheFourthDimension01/03/13
Recent Buys chaseee12/29/12
Space Rock Tundramamine12/23/12
Yall Wish You Were Me Right Now RetroSpective12/10/12
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Wirertragen712/10/12
How Much Would It Cost To Buy Sputnikmusic.com? hitman12/06/12
Underrated Albums (imo) Braden37811/28/12
Dissonant Post-hardcore/metalcore Dolving99911/26/12
Vietnam Class Is So Boring MercyFalls1911/14/12
Shuffle List Bitch! ChuckyTruant11/11/12
Melodeath/Post Hardcore Recos Ecnalzen10/23/12
Hydra Head Grab Bag awal1610/21/12
More Recent Cd Buys ChuckyTruant10/14/12
Top 50 Artists cb12310/14/12
Underrated Bands That Totally Rule! Muisc4Life2610/11/12
5 Favorite Pokemans? ChuckyTruant10/06/12
Chuck's Recent Cd Buys ChuckyTruant10/05/12
A Eulogy For Hydra Head hesperus09/30/12
100 Favorite Metal Albums BloodandRainbows09/25/12
Sex Advice With Pit intotheshit09/12/12
Psych Metal Recs londoncalling45708/01/12
Album Ratings Down? Dolving99907/29/12
20 Greatest Metalcore/melodic Metalcore Artists For All Time huguitoescorza07/27/12
Fell In Love At First Listen WolfCocoon07/09/12
2011.. (a Bit Late) Adabelle07/09/12
2000 mttgry07/04/12
1999 mttgry07/03/12
Host-pardcore Emim06/28/12
Just Signed Up! Danthearsonist06/26/12
10 Favorite Bands Wirertragen706/25/12
50 Greatest Metalcore Artists mynameash06/17/12
Malleuscore MalleusMaleficarum05/30/12
Im Going To Warped? Devastator05/17/12
Kingsoby2011 Notables finally kingsoby105/15/12
Well-received Albums I Didn't Receive Well RevenantBlue05/12/12
Life-changing Albums Dolving99905/10/12
Metalcore Albums I Enjoy More Than Botch ThunderNeutral2104/25/12
Best Bands On The Planet Wirertragen703/30/12
Epic Moments pedro7051203/24/12
S P A C E Y Mendross03/23/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
Songs I've Been Crushing Recently blaisetheslayer03/14/12
Top 100 Albums Of 2011 FeralMemories03/09/12
Albums That Have Been Helping Me Get Through Things literalsurrealist03/03/12
Amazing Albums By Some Of My Favorite Artists Wirertragen702/29/12
Songs With Amazing Vocal Performances FearThyEvil02/06/12
Actually This Is What Good Metalcore Is NeutralThunder1202/02/12
The Abc's Of Metalcore FrankRedHot02/01/12
Aids' 2011: Albums Aids01/31/12
Djunior's 2011: Top 80 djunior01/30/12
Favorite Metalcore Bands DieDead01/27/12
Good Metalcore Albums wacknizzle01/23/12
Show For January 13th SleepingGiant01/13/12
Favorite Songs Of 2011 pedro7051201/12/12
2011 Yazz Fluting Yazz_Flute01/10/12
Top 50 Albums pedro7051201/05/12
2011ofmydeath accompliceofmydeath01/03/12
Breaking It Down Yotimi01/02/12
2011 - A decent year for distorted music TheReptilianBrain01/02/12
Holy 2011 Batman! Colliiiin01/01/12
2011: Kicking Names And Taking Ass IAmHollywood12/31/11
Greg's Top Metal Songs Of 2011 greg8412/31/11
Some Sehguh 2011 Stuff sehguh12/30/11
Ddconjoined 2011 DDconjoined12/29/11
Great Albums Of 2011 Wirertragen712/28/11
My 2011 Ranked HenchmanOfSanta12/28/11
My Top 40 For 2011 SleepingGiant12/27/11
Dnor's Top 50 Of 2011 dnor12/27/11
Cds From Christmas Wheelah12/25/11
My Top 20 Of 2011 SladetoBlack12/23/11
2011 Billboard Top 40 engleprunt12/20/11
Candidates For Album Of 2011 For Me Pt.2 PersianLeonidus12/19/11
The True Metalcore List LegendofPittman12/16/11
2011car Deathcar12/16/11
Everything 2011 EverythingEvil211312/16/11
Malleus Does 2011 MalleusMaleficarum12/15/11
2011 Was Gooooood cb12312/15/11
Greg's Top Albums Of 2011 greg8412/15/11
Zelda's Faces Of Evil? DoABarrelRoll12/15/11
2011 TrapThemAlive12/15/11
Top 11 2k11 Again... Adabelle12/14/11
IgnimKeif2011 Ignimbrite12/12/11
Drawkcab's Top 30 Of 2011 Drawkcab12/11/11
Albums That Took Me By Storm puma3512/10/11
Show For December 8th SleepingGiant12/08/11
2011's Favorites vakuola12/08/11
Damn You Elite Four Nikkolae12/07/11
2011 Favorites WolfCocoon12/07/11
I Want You.. Adabelle12/04/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Bands I Have Recently Found. Beecher11/29/11
Thanks Sputnik jg77711/28/11
Show For November 24 SleepingGiant11/25/11
Quality Heaviness #3 DeadBeat11/24/11
Albums That Get Me Through Daily Life Cursiver11/24/11
Child Vs Skyrim ohfoxxxycole11/20/11
PMJ's Top 20 Of 2011 PostModernJellyfish11/18/11
How Many Artists? cb12311/11/11
Best Of 2011 (as Of November 9) Wirertragen711/09/11
Hammering Process Radio/radio Show SleepingGiant11/07/11
Blood, Sweat + Vinyl: Diy In The 21st Century Acrosstheshield1311/05/11
Space Tits Decapod11/03/11
Space Rock greg8411/02/11
Want A Boner Right Now? FrankRedHot11/02/11
Good Metalcore And Stuff Like That NeutralThunder1211/01/11
Breakdown Syndrome xandermander10/25/11
Diggage From Kenya Aids10/12/11
2011 Metal FeralMemories10/06/11
Being Evicted Decapod10/05/11
Red Sox Suck pedro7051209/29/11
Best Of 2011 pedro7051209/27/11
Has Anyone Noticed Lakes.09/25/11
Best Of 2011 So Far Drawkcab09/23/11
This Site Sucks Scoot09/19/11
Good Music Ignimbrite09/18/11
Aids In Africa Aids09/13/11
This Year In Grindcore And Hardcore PostModernJellyfish09/02/11
Back To Basics seifer08/25/11
Recs Acrosstheshield1308/23/11
Top 10 Albums Of 2011... So Far Drawkcab08/19/11
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.9 engleprunt08/17/11
Can You Dig It? Acrosstheshield1308/17/11
Mimsy's 100th List Emim08/12/11
2011 Is Jivin Antipunk08/11/11
Better Than The Best PorkchopExpress08/10/11
2011: The Good And Pretty twlichty08/07/11
2011: A List Amended ThyCrossAwaits08/05/11
Charts Are Back Today? Rumulox08/04/11
New Purchases ThePrisonGuard08/03/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Who The?... What The?.. No!!! 76TVs08/02/11
Some 2011 Stuff EverythingEvil211308/01/11
2011 So Far literalsurrealist07/29/11
Whythephuck TrapThemAlive07/28/11
Mid Year Favorites Drawkcab07/18/11
The Fruits Of My Sputnik Labors A-N Blind07/17/11
Need Metalcore + Mathcore Recs Wheelah07/13/11
wyankeif's 2011 (so far) wyankeif133707/11/11
I Like Metalcore Scoot07/10/11
Top 10 - 1/2 11' FelixCulpa07/02/11
Best Of 2011 (so Far) SladetoBlack07/01/11
100 Favorite Songs pedro7051206/30/11
There's So Much Music I Want To Listen To Shadein06/28/11
Jamming Hard To 2011 Releases greg8406/26/11
Fsharp Presents: Video Games fsharptrit0ne06/23/11
Big Digs And Last.fm Antipunk06/23/11
Sick Tunes, Bro thecheatisnotdead06/23/11
Albums To Fall Asleep To DanielLee06/23/11
I Need New Music!! DayMan06/21/11
Sputnikmovies 2 Remer1706/21/11
First Half 2011 HenchmanOfSanta06/19/11
Best Of 2011 So Far 20440906/16/11
Deviant And Almost 6 Months Of 2011 Accounted For Deviant.06/16/11
Saw Book Of Mormon. Remer1706/10/11
wyankeif's Hot Sauce Recipe wyankeif133706/08/11
1990's: Golden Age Of Music? Colliiiin06/08/11
Headphones Albums Deathcar05/31/11
Do You Like It Hard And Fast, Or Slow And Sensual? Benwx05/30/11
Fightin' Songs. Yazz_Flute05/28/11
Best Of : 10 Metal Albums That Kick Ass HectorLetberg05/28/11
Best Of : 25 Albums That Changed My Life HectorLetberg05/28/11
Your Time Will Come... iPim05/27/11
The 00's EverythingEvil211305/27/11
Cave In (favorites Ranked) joplinpicasso05/26/11
Playlist For The Week WolfCocoon05/25/11
Remer's Top 50 Artists Since 2007 Remer1705/24/11
100 Lists fr33convict05/12/11
Top 8 Bands On Hydra Head Records PostModernJellyfish05/03/11
Important Bands In The Metalcore Genre Remer1704/29/11
May-day, May-day thecheatisnotdead04/28/11
My Mum Likes Kvelertak Butkuiss04/23/11
The Red Sox Are Winning!!! pedro7051204/19/11
Voca List Emim04/14/11
Stuff I've Discovered striker4504/13/11
Albums I've Been Spinning. Remer1704/12/11
Metalcore Recs NeutralThunder1204/10/11
Sputnikart Coloso04/08/11
The Ultimate Mathcore/prog Metalcore List YetAnotherBrick04/02/11
Zombies Are Pissed tuk03/28/11
Albums With Great Singing GhettoIndieshit03/27/11
Favorite Cave In Albums GhettoIndieshit03/24/11
Music While You Drivin' JarethCutestory03/21/11
:post Hxc: Antipunk03/17/11
First Judo Competition In 3 Weeks, Need Training Recs. Jruined03/12/11
Diggins cb12303/09/11
Smells Like Rotten Tuna TheItalianStallion03/04/11
Catnip Jebull03/04/11
Who Saw That Ovechkin Goal Last Night? Remer1703/02/11
50 Favorite Albums GhettoIndieshit02/27/11
Hypocrisy GhettoIndieshit02/26/11
Good Week For Music HSThomas02/25/11
Drank A 750ml Bottle Of Akvavit Over The Last 8 Hours. Jruined02/20/11
Essential Metalcore/metallic Hardcore deftones2702/18/11
50 Of My Favorites Antipunk02/09/11
Music Emim02/08/11
1000 Comments 100 Albums zarquan9902/06/11
Top Ten Bands/artists I Got Into In 2010 jmh88601/27/11
Kill Everyone, Destroy Everything Eskate8701/23/11
Music Overload overtheedge01/21/11
Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing Spec01/15/11
Peniss Flonder GhettoIndieshit01/05/11
Underrated GhettoIndieshit12/18/10
Digs Digs Digs Abdar11212/09/10
Fucking Excited GhettoIndieshit12/07/10
My Headphones Are Screwed Up :( GhettoIndieshit12/04/10
1000 Ratings! And Some Thank You's. Deathcar12/01/10
Alts GhettoIndieshit11/23/10
Some Current Favorites literalsurrealist11/18/10
The 90's Ruled... Deathcar11/11/10
Stuff I've Been Getting Into Lately noahALTfan9411/05/10
Favourite Albums: 2000 DoubtGin10/30/10
15 Albums That Changed My Taste In Music SwayzeFaced10/28/10
20 Hours Straight Of Papers And Music. FutureFoe10/27/10
19 Today Emim10/22/10
I Am Wasting My Life Curse.10/20/10
Guide To Metalcore Antipunk10/09/10
Album Art By Jacob Bannon eternium10/07/10
Gay musicConsumer10/01/10
It's All About The Metalcore NeutralThunder1209/29/10
Cave In Discography NeutralThunder1209/24/10
Alt-rock List Powerban09/18/10
How Do You Quote On Sputnik NeutralThunder1209/15/10
Metalcore TheMelm09/08/10
Metal D/l's robertsona08/30/10
Take A Shot At Deviant! Deviant.08/20/10
Oh Ten, You Whore... Decapod08/11/10
With Dogs, What's Up With That!? LegendofPittman08/10/10
I Don't Like Your Metalcore 76TVs08/10/10
I Don't Like The Feeling. thediamondcanopy07/29/10
The 3am Curse... Decapod07/27/10
Sputnik Drama SlightlyEpic07/25/10
Happy Thoughts SlightlyEpic07/22/10
What I Has Been Diggin. Blumper07/19/10
What Determines The "objectivity" Rating? Jonnyborg07/13/10
Lost Classics (volume 2) Barakiel07/08/10
U.N. Spacy Jonnyborg06/30/10
Picked Up ThyCrossAwaits06/19/10
Chamberedecade chambered8906/16/10
Currently Digging Ralphims06/16/10
Tom Servo's Decade List TomServo06/15/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
Weight Training Supplements okcomputer101605/31/10
Summer Sounds. What Are You Listening To? Decapod05/28/10
Long List Of Awesome TheSpirit05/14/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's TomServo05/03/10
Klaatu Verata N.....oh Crap? Jebull04/20/10
Metalcore Done Right intothepit8304/07/10
50 Favorite Songs Ever TomServo04/01/10
15 Best Songs In Metalcore GibTG03/29/10
Top 100 Of The Decade, #20-11 FeralMemories03/28/10
Where Are You For Spring Break? rodigo103/17/10
Sofa King combustion0703/10/10
Some Personal Favourites Stefco02/26/10
I'm a Master of the Custodial Arts, or A Janitor If You Wanna Be A Dick About It combustion0702/15/10
Top Ten True Metalcore Bands Spec01/23/10
I Need Recs FeralMemories01/19/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
Best Bands To Come Out Of The 00's eternium01/06/10
Slightlyepic Teaches You How To Stfu SlightlyEpic01/06/10
The Palace Of Wisdom Teaches You To Metalcore ThePalaceOfWisdom01/05/10
Steel Erect's Decade List SteelErectedb4you8er12/31/09
Kingsoby1's Best Of 2009 kingsoby112/27/09
And Gag At The Stench JAV12/24/09
Disgrace Of A 2009 List SomeKindOfChampion12/23/09
Best Finds This Year Powerban12/23/09
Top 20 Of 2009 Unskathed12312/22/09
F.u.n.b. ThePalaceOfWisdom12/18/09
I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant wutangpootang12/15/09
George Washington EverythingEvil211312/10/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1999 FeralMemories12/10/09
2009 2009 2009 GBJ12/10/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2000 FeralMemories12/09/09
Biggest Digs List Ever Schizophrenik12/08/09
Snow Capped Mushy Caps. Decapod12/08/09
Best Eps Of 2009 FeralMemories12/02/09
Pretty Pumped For Deftones' New Album Decapod11/20/09
I Am Quite Miffed Yazz_Flute11/19/09
'C'-Section Masochist11/19/09
Really Cool Songs johnunderstood11/16/09
Tonights Listens AbyssalCreation11/13/09
Its Too Quiet In The Library johnunderstood11/10/09
Underrated Bands GBJ10/28/09
11Leven Decapod10/27/09
In A Hardcore Phase easytiger31310/22/09
Another '09 List EverythingEvil211310/22/09
Some Of The Best 09 Songs Blindsided10/22/09
Strizzmatik's Top 20 Of 2009 (so Far) StrizzMatik10/14/09
This Past Week's Acquisitions joplinpicasso10/14/09
Albums I've Been Listening To. Jonnyborg10/09/09
Need '09 Metal Recs SomeKindOfChampion10/07/09
Post-hardcore Recs vakuola10/05/09
Jai Ho! Deathcar09/28/09
I Really Dislike Landlords That Don't Do Anything... Deathcar09/23/09
I'm On My Way To Hell!!!! JacobsLadder09/16/09
Top 15 Metalcore Bands CustardPlug09/13/09
Kimberly, Wisconsin atrink09/04/09
The Daily Show chambered8908/20/09
Dear Santa... MaskAtTheMasquerade08/19/09
Top Of 09 atrink08/15/09
my 09 listens ranked melv1nratedr08/14/09
Hacker-Pschorr And A Veal FistfulOfSteel07/30/09
It's Been A Great Summer... ArC07/27/09
Thinking SlightlyEpic07/25/09
Vinylllll marksellsuswallets07/23/09
Opeth Sucks OliverCampbell06/29/09
Underappreciated? I Think So. sXeJigglypuff06/21/09
Suggestions For Heavy Music OliverCampbell06/18/09
Prototype PuddleSwimmer06/12/09
Digdug thecheatisnotdead06/08/09
Metalcore Ranked GBJ05/26/09
Just Saw Agnostic Front... xequalscore04/07/09
Artists I Want To Check Out In 2009 Altmer12/25/08
Recession Woes Getting You Down? spoon_of_grimbo11/20/08
I Need Old Music! (anything Before The 80's) handoman11/08/08
Decibel Hall Of Fame TheResidents61911/06/08
Mis Bandas Preferidas Siberiano08/18/08
Stuff I've Bought Since My Last "stuff I Bought" List... spoon_of_grimbo08/01/08
10 Most Played In My Winamp JAV06/20/08
Shuffle To The Max cometuesday03/25/08
In The End... cometuesday02/07/08
Music Ftw cometuesday01/30/08
January Cd Spree! spoon_of_grimbo01/20/08
Word Of The Day: Water cometuesday01/10/08
Word Of The Day: Air cometuesday01/09/08
Word Of The Day: Silver/gold cometuesday01/04/08
Word Of The Day: Black cometuesday01/02/08
Review Indecision! cometuesday12/10/07
Metal? Maybe? cometuesday11/13/07
Recently Purchased DeadToPain10/09/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
Totally Random cometuesday08/31/07
What I've Been Sexy With Understanding In a Crash06/13/07
Bands I'm Considering Checking Out thecheatisnotdead05/27/07
The Cold Southern Winter...... antihippy05/23/07
Albums I've Had To Give My Friend Monticello04/28/07
Fav. Albums of the week weerez139108/05/06
My Top Underrated Bands supraman_206/27/06


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