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Some Great Records I've Been Listening This Month ricardohrr12/31/14
My Top 100 Most Played Albums In 2014 (according Lastfm) ricardohrr12/29/14
Revised Best Albums 2013 kdobailey12/28/14
2013 Was Better Than 2014 flabbywhale12/22/14
Rec Good Hardcore-ish Albums 2CHAINAL12/20/14
Favorite Albums bizcoito12/01/14
Erinnerung metrox10/29/14
Photo Class 2CHAINAL10/20/14
Fall out boy ranked[2] JokineAugustus10/12/14
My Top 10 Bands I've Seen Live JokineAugustus09/24/14
Great /core Albums dixoncocks09/19/14
Need Melodic Hardcore Recs Gameofmetal09/15/14
Misery Signals AfterTheBreakdown08/21/14
August Shmaugest Brontosaurus08/19/14
User With Most Similar Taste? Betray08/14/14
Best Of 2011 EmceeKain07/28/14
The Most Amazing Thing Happened To Me Today Speed51207/25/14
My Favorite Hardcore Bands jacklikesmen07/19/14
Updated Top 50 Of 2013 NightProwler07/16/14
Take My Money & Buy A Record metalsavedmylife06/21/14
Random Digs 2CHAINAL05/22/14
My Top 10 Seen Live thorwaldeirik05/13/14
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades StinkyPinky05/07/14
My Current Playlist Kingdomminded05/05/14
50 Favorite Albums 2CHAINAL05/02/14
Top 10 Of 2013 2CHAINAL04/30/14
Let's Talk About Sputnik's Ui TheSupernatural04/30/14
Monday Morning Jams Roman04/28/14
Hasa Diga Eebowai thecheatisnotdead04/06/14
Top Five Records Of 2013 philnicosia04/02/14
Less Than Three. Dischi03/23/14
Bands I've Seen Live quik4003/06/14
2013 Madness Green Baron03/03/14
Biggest Day Of My Life Today joshieboy1234502/19/14
Bands I'll See Live This Year yourmindsdecide02/12/14
Favourite Songs Of 2013 joshieboy1234501/09/14
Cd Collection - Installment One Multifarious01/07/14
Melodic Hardcore/metalcore Bands I'm Into Duckman11801/07/14
In(somniac) 2013 Winsomniac01/07/14
Ashcrash's 2013 List ashcrash901/03/14
Pontificating 2013 Ponton12/31/13
2k13 SheWatchedTheSky12/31/13
MetalLifer's 2013 TheMetalLifer12/31/13
Alex's 2013 In Music Kronzo12/30/13
Movies + Music In 2013 silentstar12/29/13
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Trebor.12/26/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Favorites From 2013 skoopy4812/21/13
Critique My Lyrics Ya Poofs witchxrapist12/21/13
Top Fifteen Of Thirteen BlackTaxi2d12/18/13
My 13 Favourite Albums of '13 jayz0ned12/18/13
Best Of 2013 EmceeKain12/14/13
Best Albums Of 2013 kentishh12/12/13
Top 25 Of 2013 Beauville8812/11/13
Top Twenty Of 2013 FireFlyFence11/29/13
Top 20 Albums Of 2013 joshieboy1234511/28/13
Getting Into More Punk/hardcore Recs Plz MadMikeLove11/26/13
Top Of 2013 likeshad0ws11/23/13
Favorite Albums Of 2013 xxxMARKRICKYxxx11/23/13
15 Rules Of Retail: The Employee's Pov KSK111/17/13
Quit Cigs I Dare You witchxrapist11/10/13
Skramz, Hardcore, and Such theearthisnthumming11/09/13
Rec Me Metalcore/hardcore/melodic moshpotatoes10/24/13
New User's First List: Top 20 oathofsolace10/16/13
My Awesome Vinyl Collection Ecksavie10/06/13
Album Closers TheMetalLifer10/06/13
Recent Digs Kittydivision10/03/13
2013 - What Have I Missed? AgainAnd09/28/13
Recent Digs sspedding09/27/13
Got Braces On. joshieboy1234509/26/13
Reviewsomniac Winsomniac09/13/13
Top 5 Celebrity Hotties KSK108/25/13
Digs! Let Me Hear What You Guys Dig At The Moment? fromrows08/08/13
June/july Tunes iswimfast08/06/13
Losing Weight Vespiion08/03/13
Disappointments & Surprises Of 2013 wanderlust07/31/13
What I'm Digging Right Now joshieboy1234507/31/13
Metroid Prime Trebor.07/30/13
Latest Buys kingjulian07/29/13
Bioshock Infinite Vs. The Last Of Us Devastator07/28/13
Top 10 July thejared07/28/13
Favourite Post-2000 Video Games ZombicidalMan07/27/13
My Personal 15 iasookia07/26/13
Counterparts Ranked twlichty07/25/13
Banned Hard ChuckTheBannedBatMan07/24/13
'the Difference Between Hell And Home' - Ranked InFiction07/22/13
Counterparts Or Misery Signals jrm9607/19/13
New Counterparts>New Misery Signals Spec07/18/13
Some New Awesome Shit MosesMalone07/17/13
Pacific Rim InFiction07/13/13
Got Some New Axe's ChuckyTruant07/07/13
If You Like Melodic Hardcore ChuckyTruant06/03/13
Most Listened To Albums Of First Year flabbywhale06/03/13
Glass Half Full? Glass Half Empty? DeadBay25605/28/13
Graduated High School Today ChuckyTruant05/25/13
Da Vinci's Demons nononsense04/23/13
Nononsense's Classic Albums nononsense04/18/13
Need Some Exciting Hardcore ChuckyTruant04/01/13
2 Years On Sputnik patman100103/13/13
New Counterparts Song silentstar03/01/13
My Rescent 3's slipnslide02/08/13
I'm In A Sexual Dilemma. TwoMonthsInTheCold12/27/12
Most Listened Albums Lately Minus.12/27/12
Current Boner Jamz TwoMonthsInTheCold12/21/12
What Songs Give You Chills? KSK112/10/12
Albums Listened To Cuz Of Artwork Hopelust11/30/12
The Genre Everyone Loves To Hate NastyCrab10/27/12
1-year Sputnik Anniversary Vespiion10/22/12
Favorite Guitar Manufactures? ChuckyTruant10/20/12
Training Long Distance Running Ponton10/14/12
Bands That Do Good Covers Live. EyeForAnEye10/13/12
Chuck's Recent Cd Buys ChuckyTruant10/05/12
Spec Is Moving To Ontario KimmsightMatters09/26/12
These Bands, I Listen To Them Beecher09/21/12
Off Hiatus Ponton09/16/12
Went To A Concert Last Night. AYearInReview09/15/12
Chuck's Favorite Users ChuckyTruant09/02/12
Stuffed Up Nose List ChuckyTruant09/02/12
Tinychat! Spec08/26/12
Life's Weird Ponton08/23/12
Recent Digs! samuryne08/04/12
Top 10 Metalcore Albums Of The Last 5 Years Leatherneck07/24/12
Got An Iphone ChuckyTruant07/24/12
Top 10 Super Hero Movies ibleedcyanide07/22/12
What About These Albums Leatherneck07/21/12
Playlist For Today Pantone20007/18/12
Another Breakdown! Part 2 ChuckyTruant07/17/12
Rec Me Stuff Shuyin07/14/12
Similar Artists silentstar07/13/12
Best Hardcore Albums JustBlaze42018707/01/12
Favorite Breakdowns J0ckstrapsFTW06/24/12
Trebs Quarter Decade Trebor.06/19/12
A Year Of Lurking ILJ06/19/12
The Melodic Catalogue silentstar06/17/12
Enter Chuck's Hardcore Phase ChuckyTruant05/29/12
I Likea You. You Be My Boyfriend? Pantone20005/21/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Rec's For Connor ChuckyTruant05/08/12
Hardcore ChuckyTruant05/06/12
Blame Canada EagleBlade05/05/12
I Need A Passport KSK105/02/12
Albums Ive Discovered On Sputnik So Far dathvada32104/30/12
Favorite Albums At The Moment CrimsonLies04/29/12
Skydiving KSK104/26/12
Digging AfterTheBreakdown04/25/12
Check Out My 12 Inch AbyssalCreation04/25/12
One Year On Sputnik AfterTheBreakdown04/23/12
Moar Manga Shuyin04/19/12
New To Sputnik AlasKenColors04/18/12
Recent Television Digs Recspecs04/16/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
Lifting is over! Devastator04/10/12
Fav Ed, Edd, n Eddy episodes Devastator03/31/12
Shift Work Spec03/28/12
Got My Ipod Stolen Yesterday AfterTheBreakdown03/15/12
In A Hardcore Mood KSK103/14/12
Gba Memories rahulmenon03/12/12
Top 100 Albums Of 2011 FeralMemories03/09/12
R.i.p. Ipod Nano J0ckstrapsFTW03/09/12
Seeing Shai Hulud And Counterparts Soon AdamK03/07/12
Recent Digs (March 2012) AlasKenColors03/05/12
Holy Shit I Just Saw Shai Hulud OnlyAnchors03/05/12
I Screwed Up My Knee J0ckstrapsFTW03/04/12
Chrono Cross silentstar02/19/12
Some Digs ThePrisonGuard02/18/12
Thank You Very Much Sputnik! immortalizepain02/11/12
Stuff. DieDead02/08/12
Bacon Flavored Shakes patman100102/07/12
Iphone AdamK02/07/12
Im Drunk AfterTheBreakdown02/04/12
Shit I've Been Bumpin' J0ckstrapsFTW02/02/12
Striding Away From 2011 Strider01/31/12
Favorite Metalcore Bands DieDead01/27/12
Top 20 Of 2011 Redman5401/22/12
Fruityloops-core dixoncocks01/22/12
You Like Misery Signals Knock Offs? keyboardxmosh01/21/12
A Shot Of Inspiration DaisyHill01/19/12
Another Metalcore List DinoX01/17/12
My Top 20 Of '11 Beauville8801/08/12
Songs Of '11 HaloDude44201/07/12
Top 10 Of 2011 gippalthefish01/05/12
Top 50 Of 2011 treeqt.01/04/12
5 Favorite Songs Of 2011 omnibit01/04/12
Treb's 2011 100 Album Extravaganza Trebor.01/03/12
Stray From The Path IAmKickass01/03/12
Album Closers sspedding01/01/12
F*&k Da Jets!!!! Devastator01/01/12
Another 2011 Albums List BlueW12/31/11
Playlist Beecher12/30/11
My Top 10 of 2011 Shadein12/30/11
I Liked These iPim12/30/11
Merry Christmas Sputnik Spec12/25/11
Recs lolcatzwolfay12/24/11
My 2011 Ranked EyeForAnEye12/23/11
The Good Stuff For Xmas Shuyin12/22/11
Twlichty's 2011 twlichty12/22/11
2011 - My Top 50 jimmykidd12/20/11
Top 20 Digs Of 2011 IAmKickass12/18/11
A Hardcore 2011 twlichty12/18/11
Top 25 Of 2011 btbam4212/17/11
Metalcore Ranked AlexanDerp12/16/11
15 Songs Of 2011 AfterTheBreakdown12/13/11
Anchors Top 54 Of 2011 OnlyAnchors12/13/11
This List Is Completely Original flalafell12/11/11
2011: Favourite Albums InFiction12/11/11
Top 15 Of The Year dansxdead12/10/11
I Like My Pie Chart AdamK12/09/11
New User, Rec Me Hardcore Please? eldiablopoonface12/07/11
Can't Stop Listening To These. drksideofthemn512/07/11
Watching Plinkett, Eating Pizza Rolls Trebor.12/04/11
Albums Of 2011 HiLion12/04/11
Scoot Does 2011 Scoot11/30/11
I Did A Bad Bad Thing flalafell11/29/11
Recent Album Buys AfterTheBreakdown11/29/11
Bands That Grew On Me AfterTheBreakdown11/24/11
Child Vs Skyrim ohfoxxxycole11/20/11
2011 (Metal) Favorites AfterTheBreakdown11/18/11
Just Bored, Just Digs DurzoBlint11/17/11
Upcoming Twlichty Releases! twlichty11/15/11
My Favourite Breakdowns witnessesUK11/14/11
Digs lolcatzwolfay11/12/11
Spotify! Vespiion11/07/11
I Think I'm Gay. thelonelycanvass11/07/11
Music Overload OnlyAnchors11/03/11
Bob Dylan Recs Fieryfenderz11/01/11
Good Metalcore And Stuff Like That NeutralThunder1211/01/11
Albums I've Been Digging Recently AfterTheBreakdown11/01/11
Happy Anniversary PurpleDino10/29/11
Top Songs Of 2011 sspedding10/28/11
RUSH ALBUMS RANKED OnlyAnchors10/28/11
One Year InFiction10/27/11
Story from work and digs. EyeForAnEye10/25/11
Rough Week Spec10/25/11
I Hate Facebook Scoot10/24/11
I Am Amazing flalafell10/23/11
Who's Getting Mw3 HiLion10/23/11
I Don't Always Make Lists Spec10/23/11
Twlichty's Current Classics twlichty10/22/11
New Counterparts Scoot10/22/11
How Does Sputnik Feel... Winsomniac10/22/11
The Dolphins Suck Devastator10/21/11
Defeater Tonight ThePrisonGuard10/21/11
Digz NeutralThunder1210/16/11
Metalcoar/hardcore Recs flalafell10/16/11
Favorite Metalcore AfterTheBreakdown10/11/11
Working Out Scoot10/08/11
A Perfect Mix Intake10/06/11
The Definitive Metalcore List Winsomniac10/05/11
Botb's Top Music Of 2010 botb10/03/11
Albums I've Been Digging Lately kukifnasty171709/29/11
Best/Worst Music Reviewers twlichty09/26/11
Melodic Hardcore Recommendations BDx9409/20/11
Albums that I?m seriously looking forward to listen Leatherneck09/20/11
Today I Went To A Fishtival manicmonkey09/18/11
If You Could... loveisamixtape09/07/11
Oh, Sleeper > The Devil Wears Prada twlichty09/05/11
A Rando Twlichty List twlichty09/03/11
Metalcore Recs MuhNamesTyler08/31/11
Dear Summer, It's Been Great thecwo08/18/11
Alphabet Soup (metalcore, That Is) Tatou08/18/11
First Time List Tatou08/13/11
Melodicore accompliceofmydeath08/12/11
I Just Blew Maniac FrankRedHot08/09/11
Recent Buys/Downloads AfterTheBreakdown08/05/11
All Stars Tour KatieKnight07/31/11
My Top 20 Metalcore Bands AfterTheBreakdown07/19/11
Metalcore Essentials dixoncocks07/15/11
2000 Comments! AfterTheBreakdown07/15/11
I Like Metalcore Scoot07/10/11
Fail The Sun To Shine Winsomniac07/09/11
Recs Recs Recs Recs loveisamixtape07/07/11
Rebirth Of The Mimsy Shuffle Emim07/02/11
Canadian Metal/hardcore Colliiiin06/17/11
New Counterparts Artwork Revealed Spec06/06/11
Played My First Show Yesterday Emim06/05/11
Good Metalcore AfterTheBreakdown06/03/11
Sputnikmusic Scandal Revealed! Spec05/31/11
Buster Posey's Ankle RightSaidFred05/26/11
Here's To Feeling Good All The Time Spec05/25/11
It's That Time Again... Emim05/25/11
Just Graduated High School AdamK05/20/11
Good And Satisfying Metalcore Bands Wheelah05/19/11
Rec Me Some Good Metalcore Bands CrowsZero05/16/11
Metalcore Recs Ranked AfterTheBreakdown05/15/11
Still No Beard dixoncocks05/14/11
Seeing It Prevails Tonight accompliceofmydeath05/11/11
Hardcore Bands/recs AdamK05/03/11
My CD Collection Wheelah04/27/11
Technical/metalcore Recs xlongsuperdong04/19/11
Sportssssss!!!! Winsomniac04/04/11
A Hitman's Business HugCrewLoveRoll04/01/11
When Will The Snow Stop Falling? dansxdead03/26/11
Need Melodic Hardcore Recs LOUIS0NFIRE03/15/11
Guard Yo Grill/recc Me Sum witchxrapist03/15/11
Just Made A Twitter, Need Some Reqs 1337Kellx03/09/11
Seeing These Bands Within The Same Week ComfortablyDumb02/27/11
My Hardcore List/recs DougTheRanter02/26/11
Need Obscure/underground Recs FearThyEvil02/18/11
Recssssss loveisamixtape02/18/11
FFFFFFFUUUUUU... KimmsightMatters02/17/11
Saw Shai Hulud The Other Night.... d00derz02/14/11
My Favourite 2010 Releases...finally. iamSeraph02/10/11
Jane Doe And Friends Spec02/04/11
Writers Block cvlts01/28/11
Botb's New Gets/re-gets botb01/12/11
Best Of 2010 drksideofthemn501/11/11
Jwt's Best Of 2010 JWT15501/10/11
Current Favorite Heavy Music easytiger31301/10/11
Djr.'s 100 Of 2010 djunior01/05/11
wyankeif2010 wyankeif133712/30/10
Introducing Spec12/29/10
2010_fluteinflames Yazz_Flute12/27/10
Digs wyankeif133812/22/10
2010in64 IN6412/22/10
Top 25 Albums Of 2010 UnderDaIce12/20/10
Post Hardcore/ Metalcore CouldntThinkofaName12/20/10
Beautiful Songs FuckedUp12/20/10
In The Mood For Melodic Hardcore Spec12/18/10
Best Of 2010? dansxdead12/15/10
2010: Year Of The Biebz Toadstool12/15/10
Music Saved My Life Spec12/14/10
The Ten Greatest Canadian Albums Spec12/11/10
I Need Recs. CouldntThinkofaName12/11/10
I Got More Balls This Year Than You iPim12/08/10
The Fucking Fedex Logo... Scoot12/06/10
Albums To Review Winsomniac12/04/10
Top 10 bands/artists in no order TheOceanInside12/03/10
Tune In Damn It JWT15512/01/10
Two-thousjund Ten. Winsomniac11/27/10
Newfag StrawBuilder11/24/10
2010 Top 10 Albums So Far Leatherneck11/19/10
The 100 Greatest Canadian Albums Spec10/29/10
Halloween Oceans10/29/10
A List For A Friend Strider10/27/10
My 2010 So Far IN6410/22/10
Recent Learns adhoc10/20/10
A Special Moment Spec10/20/10
Favorite Of 2010 Oceans10/19/10
Some Of My Favorite Albums Of 2010 Strider10/18/10
New Guy ARuinedEmpire10/08/10
Canadian Music Spec10/08/10
What I Have Been Listening To Lately SirkSakaig10/03/10
I'm A Sucker For Lyrics. Winsomniac10/01/10
Melodic Hardcore/pop Punk Spec09/30/10
Moving Mountains Spec09/30/10
Made A Last.fm Account... Spec09/28/10
I Love Terrible Music. Winsomniac09/26/10
Ontariario Bluue09/23/10
Music For Bad Mood Oblivioncry09/19/10
Current Favorites electrickeye09/11/10
Albums On My "to Listen" List Iamthe Nightstars09/08/10
2010 End Predictions Comatorium.08/29/10
Core Digs Bluue08/08/10
Am I Listening To The Right Hardcore? makiboypunk08/05/10
Nidz Moar 'coar. Winsomniac07/18/10
Noone Makes Grindcore Lists dropout07/16/10
We, the Pros of Con AbyssalCreation06/10/10
Looking For A Turntable FigNewtns05/10/10
My Ipod Likes Roses And Walks On The Beach. BeyondSanity04/19/10
Digs For March 2010 dansxdead03/31/10
Best Of 2010 So Far For Me iamSeraph03/31/10


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