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Noctus' Favorite Albums Of 2014 :] DarkNoctus12/19/14
Boring End Of Year List No-one Gives A Crap About JS1912/19/14
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Didn't Care For 2014 - Just 5 Albums. Sacul12/15/14
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Anime I Checked Out This Year (not From This Year) Jasdevi08712/13/14
Lambda's Favourite Songs Of 2014 Lambda12/13/14
Top 5 Albums Of 2012 meliphis12/12/14
Top 5 Albums 2014 meliphis12/12/14
I Read. Do You Read? ChilledOutEntertaina12/12/14
My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 N2B3J12/10/14
Top 20 Of 2014 Travelhead12/09/14
Best Rock Songs Of The 21st Century Mad.12/09/14
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My Personal Top Metal Albums Pt.2 piotrekmax12/06/14
My Presonal Top 50 Metal Albums piotrekmax12/06/14
2014: Top 100 (Damn I Listened To A Lot Of Music This Year) JCGold1412/05/14
100 Albums Dwap12/02/14
Death Metal - Florida Vs. Sweden Vs. New York Vs. England Vs. Canada JasonCarne11/28/14
2014 Has Been Really Great So Far Thor11/18/14
Safest Albums Of 2014 So Far? Jasdevi08711/17/14
Need some passionate music! trogora11/13/14
So Much Music... So Little Time AaronIsCrunchy11/07/14
2500 Ratings cb12310/26/14
Box Of Old Tapes And Other Albums I Now Have Jasdevi08710/20/14
Soothing Artuma10/20/14
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2014 (Part 1) elbobo99910/18/14
Uk Prog Magazine's Top 100 Albums Torontonian10/05/14
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Backing Vocals Rowan521509/22/14
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Songs Of The Day Part II JCGold1409/20/14
Songs Of The Day JCGold1409/18/14
Top 5: Currently Favourite Bands MissMetal09/16/14
2014: Best So Far... Revenant7309/09/14
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2014 Head To Head Thibs08/20/14
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Some Of The New Guy's Favorite Songs At The Moment cakeonyou07/26/14
Clipping Wiseguys With Zazz RoyalImperialGuard07/24/14
Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 Artuma07/20/14
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Greem07/19/14
2012 PytkaWonsza07/16/14
2014 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda07/16/14
Before They Found Their Sound (vol 3) RVAHC1307/09/14
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Top 10 First Half Of 2014 peartnoy07/06/14
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2014: First Half (songs) Zantera07/01/14
2014: First Half (albums) Zantera07/01/14
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Album Digging - June (1st Half) JJKeys06/17/14
Summer Jams Ryus06/16/14
Any Tabletop Rpg Players Here? Onirium06/14/14
Thank You#349 CaptainDooRight06/11/14
Check My Band's Ep! KotoFtw05/29/14
Top Prog Albums Of 2013-2014 Gedacht05/28/14
All Kinds Ov Gainz #2 CaptainDooRight05/27/14
My Band's Music Video KotoFtw05/23/14
My Top 15 Anathema Songs lensag05/22/14
Saturday Diggage PitchforkArms05/17/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Fleshpound05/08/14
Songs That Give Me Chills Artuma04/28/14
My Personal 100 Favorite Albums JCGold1404/18/14
Rec Me Metal Greem04/14/14
Favourite Moments In Music Rowan521504/10/14
3 Albums I Can't Wait To Put My Hands On... lensag04/08/14
Third Sputnik Birthday BlazeWilson03/09/14
Still Digging At 1:47 Am Onirium03/04/14
My Metal Club Of 100 Fra02/28/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
Prog Rock/Metal, Metal ludo2202/04/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
Discographies I Plan To Listen To chinesewhispers01/26/14
Just Some Awesome Albums: 2010s Crawl01/18/14
2010-2013 Top 10 Greem01/18/14
90's Metal Masterpieces kveldulf5701/03/14
The Best Albums Of 2010 Bardinova12/23/13
Sexy Album Artwork Mad.12/22/13
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Post-prog : Trying To Define The Genre eloimayano12/19/13
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Third Antistar11/11/13
2012 Revised JJKeys11/09/13
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It's Time For Fall! N2B3J10/05/13
Favourite 00's Albums Greem09/29/13
Best Blind Purchases 2 JJKeys09/23/13
Best Of My Cd Collection adace109/18/13
My Favorite Albums YaelPol09/15/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
Top 100 Cakey09/03/13
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Music That Will Make You Feel And Think Greem08/21/13
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Best Concert Ever Mad.07/25/13
Awesome Discography Journeys cb12307/23/13
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Tramlines - Ballroom JJKeys07/21/13
One Year On Sputnik N2B3J07/21/13
My 30 Favorite Albums Greem07/18/13
Leaving Sputnik Artuma07/07/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
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I Feel Like A Fraud thumbcrusher06/18/13
10 Recs That Need More Love. aggelosm06/16/13
Horrible Album Covers DegausserGuernica2406/14/13
The Best Album Closer Songs johnnydeking2906/12/13
Albums That Were Downloaded And Not Listened To mankycaaant06/10/13
2012 JJKeys06/07/13
Metal Recs Pestiferous06/07/13
Favourite Vocalists Wafflez05/31/13
Really Underrated Songs YoYoMancuso05/24/13
Bass Performances 2012 vitorhugotoffoli05/21/13
Sad Songs :[ JS1905/20/13
My CD-collection ButtsoupBarnes05/19/13
Gears Of War Maps TheSpaceMan05/10/13
Playlist For Reading Artuma05/06/13
Recent Digz Vakarian1205/05/13
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Albums I've Been Spinning Lately TheSpaceMan04/30/13
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Summertime johnnydeking2904/20/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
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100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Lengthy Band/Artist Listening Sessions OmairSh01/28/13
I Love/hate Fantasy Sports raggedragamuffin01/28/13
Johnny Reaches 6000: Fave Albums johnnydeking2901/28/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
Vooligan's 2012 Vooligan01/20/13
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Best 20 (1) Albums Of 2012 eloimayano01/18/13
2012: Another Best Of Phideaux01/17/13
Porcupine Tree Vs. Opeth Vs. Anathema Vs. Oceansize johnnydeking2901/17/13
Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2012 Nagrarok01/12/13
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What Are You Watching? YoYoMancuso01/05/13
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2012 afergusonart01/03/13
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Bought A New Car Today PayneTiger77712/31/12
Lambda's 2012 Lambda12/31/12
2012 Top 50: Pop-rock-m/ Et Al. Coast12/31/12
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Top 25 Albums Of The Year (for Me) N2B3J12/29/12
Some Favorite Moments/songs Of 2012 PistolPete12/26/12
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Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection cb12312/09/12
Scoot Does 2012 Scoot12/08/12
Winter Adventuring In The Grim Woodlands BallsToTheWall12/06/12
Favourites Of 2012 RangerTaffles12/06/12
The Real A-to-z Of Songs johnnydeking2912/04/12
Worst Luck Ever PayneTiger77712/03/12
I Had A Dream johnnydeking2912/02/12
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Drummer World Cup Round 2 OmairSh11/27/12
Ray Rice... Smithsonian11/25/12
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My Favorite Albums VermicideReloadead11/22/12
Digging OmairSh11/21/12
List = Digs Emim11/19/12
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Dancing Prog menawati11/03/12
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2012 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/15/12
Prog Essentials menawati10/13/12
Albums I Enjoy Falling Asleep To growlancer10/10/12
2012 Has Been A Good Year...so Far BigPleb10/05/12
Rate And Recommend mikedrumz10/05/12
Metal Albums I Just Bought shredaman10/01/12
Growers cb12309/26/12
Random Good Albums cb12309/21/12
Best Of 2012 So Far AutoRock09/14/12
A List! Let's Have A List johnnydeking2909/08/12
Worst/best Users Obligatory Bullshit List johnnydeking2909/03/12
Great Prog Rock/Metal Albums NeverW0lff77708/15/12
Prog johnnydeking2908/12/12
2012 Halfway Report Lambda08/11/12
2012 Albums. FictionalFlames08/07/12
Dark Souls TheArkitecht07/31/12
My Top 10 Video Games KotoFtw07/28/12
Agalloch Was Boring... Rikardur07/25/12
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Favourite Vasco07/07/12
Nagrarok's 2012.5 Nagrarok07/07/12
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The 10 Best Albums Of The First Half Of 2012 breakingthefragile06/29/12
Best Of 2012 So Far Tokamak06/26/12
Gyro's First Half Of 2012 Gyromania06/25/12
2012: First Half Zantera06/24/12
2 Years Here KotoFtw06/22/12
Agreed KILL706/19/12
Doom For Maniac! :] DarkNoctus06/17/12
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Holy Fuck, That Blew... johnnydeking2906/13/12
Top 100 of 2012 (so far) BaselineOOO06/13/12
Underrated Solos... SauradipGhosh06/05/12
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Which Song Should I Cover? johnnydeking2905/20/12
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Rec Me Anything Dashy05/10/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
New Metal Heads Begin To Feel The Darkness ProfessorVeerappan05/08/12
Bucketlist Samshine05/08/12
Super Epic Amazing Jam johnnydeking2905/07/12
Classic 5 blueshift05/07/12
2012 So Far..... FictionalFlames05/06/12
Top 50 Favorite Albums zxlkho05/01/12
Rec Me Some Beautiful, Uplifting Albums FretMuppet04/30/12
Favorite Tv Characters iswimfast04/27/12
Favorite Albums Secks04/26/12
New Digs J0ckstrapsFTW04/25/12
Rec Me Some Prog BigPleb04/19/12
I Miss Mediafire... GreyShadow04/17/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
So I Lost Everything... benkim04/12/12
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Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
Crimsonfloyd's List Of Essential Metal CrimsonFloyd03/28/12
Top 10 Mass Effect Characters PayneTiger77703/25/12
Sayonara Lcd Shuyin03/22/12
Best Bands Eveh TradeWind03/17/12
Judgement Ranked johnnydeking2902/29/12
Top 10 Progressive Albums CrimsonFloyd02/28/12
Albums With Pretty Female Vocals thumbcrusher02/27/12
2012 DoubtGin02/24/12
2012 Expectations D41V30N02/14/12
Top Albums Of 2010 DraconForsaken02/10/12
Dooom tarkus01/30/12
My Favourite Bands animusnocens01/28/12
Top 11 Songs For '11 Zion01/05/12
Zantera's Top 80 Albums/ep's In 2011 Zantera12/28/11
Zantera's Top 30 Songs From 2011 Zantera12/22/11
An Atomic 2011 (part 2) AtomicWaste12/17/11
Top 15 Films Released Post-1990 lucazade2212/04/11
I Like This Girl But She Dont Like Mah Music growlancer12/01/11
Top 30 Albums Of 2011 zxlkho11/29/11
Leaving For Seoul - My Ipod Contents AtomicWaste11/18/11
Just Bored, Just Digs DurzoBlint11/17/11
Colours: Different shades of blue Vasky8710/24/11
Colours: Different shades of red Vasky8710/23/11
10k Plays On Last.fm BlueW10/12/11
Top 5 Albums Brah Testicus10/06/11
Prog Songs/definitive's Part Ii Jethro4210/05/11
Driving Driving Driving Recs raggedragamuffin09/28/11
Septemberrific thecheatisnotdead08/31/11
The Ear Drugs Shuyin08/25/11
Hit Me With Recs Of Any Kind Of Music benkim08/17/11
Best Bands I Came To Know Through Sputnik benkim08/12/11
Sputnik Rating Math Powerban08/05/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
August Of Wind thecheatisnotdead08/01/11
My Top 51 Favorite Albums. zxlkho06/28/11
Albums For The Ages Lethe06/21/11
My (potential) Iceland Soundtrack Altmer06/13/11
2 Years At Sputnik crazyblinddude05/16/11
Top 20 Of 2010 clairvoyantcat05/01/11
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Hello..college Is Having Its Way With Me. SadTissues03/24/11
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Sputnikgermany BallsToTheWall03/15/11
Best Metal Albums (2010) CrimsonSky03/04/11
Doomed AngelofDeath02/26/11
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Fuck Muse Scoot02/23/11
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Some Of My Favourite 2010 Albums quickz0r02/19/11
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The English Way BlueW02/05/11
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Chilling Playlist Part 1 Leviathan893701/25/11
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My Aural Infinity Scoot01/22/11
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I Swore I Wouldn't Do This... TheStig01/10/11
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A Vooligan 2010 Vooligan12/17/10
My Top 50 of 2010 SchebbARN12/16/10
Fat Chick's Top 40 Of 2010 FatChickIrl12/16/10
Top 100 AtomicWaste12/14/10
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Chronic Diarrhhea??? Anybody??? No??? BlueW12/13/10
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A Deviant 2010: The Year That Was Deviant.12/12/10
2000 Strider12/11/10
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Rec You Uglies Mewcopa10/12/10
Autumn Albums - Moodsetters For The Start Of October pencils310/11/10
Faptober ClarityIV10/02/10
Melancholic Songs Oblivioncry09/20/10
Underrated Albums Willie09/09/10
Gmork Turns 1000 Gmork8909/01/10
The Gift Of Music Zion09/01/10
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Relationship Of Command nalapoke08/10/10
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Songs Of The Moment thecheatisnotdead08/03/10
The Kids Are All Right thecheatisnotdead07/30/10
Mid-year Top 10 Metal Albums canvasofdeath07/27/10
The Stuff I Have Spun In The Vicinity Of My Ear Canals Lately Altmer07/19/10
90's - Albums kangaroopoo07/18/10
Latest Purchases Jonn15107/17/10
Job Searching Edwin07/10/10
Need Help Gmork8907/08/10
Albums I've Been Into Lately (fixed) Jonn15107/05/10
6 Months In BallsToTheWall06/28/10
PROG! - The Bullmoose [mix] JesusV406/26/10
Lady Gaga Meets Soilwork R6Rider06/21/10
Willie's 90 For The 90s Willie06/15/10
Top 10 Metal Albums Ever silkforcalde06/14/10
Top 10 Newest Additions AtomicWaste06/13/10
Payne's 50 Best PayneTiger77706/12/10
Willie's Decade List Willie06/08/10
Chat Roulette BallsToTheWall06/07/10
I'm From Vault 101. Jebull06/05/10
Vocal Performances BallsToTheWall06/04/10
2010: Mid-Year Report Lucid06/01/10
Junesong Provision(s) thecheatisnotdead06/01/10
Top 10 Of 2010 So Far... Dwap05/31/10
How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile? salival1305/31/10
Rec Me Some Depressing Stuff vanderb0b05/27/10
Tasty Musics Demagogue05/14/10
What The Hell Was That? AnotherBrick05/07/10
A-may-zing thecheatisnotdead04/28/10
No Milk! Gee04/01/10
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Albums That Got Me Into The Music I Love Today budokai0102/24/10
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Winter Jams Mordecai.06/02/09
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Roadtrip mothergoose05/20/09
Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry Altmer05/17/09
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My Playlist (april 17th - May 8th) libertine23705/09/09
First 10 Bands On My Sputnik List Spare05/02/09
10 Saddening Songs zer0limit04/24/09
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Recent Digs Altmer11/16/08
To Spew Forth Raw, Volcanic Pain Altmer11/08/08
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2008's Tentative Best: The Altmer List Altmer10/29/08
Albums I Have Obsessed Over At Some Point In My Life Altmer10/24/08
I'm Gonna Ride This Plane Out Of Your Life Again Altmer10/17/08
Seen Live/upcoming Gigs username34510/16/08
Bands I Have Seen Live Altmer10/16/08
18 Holes, 4 Hours, Lots Of Tunes ealordofthedepths10/09/08
The Soundtrack To My Solitude Altmer10/07/08
Current Digs ealordofthedepths10/06/08
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Bands I Have Tickets For To See Live Altmer09/23/08
Down In A Hole Altmer09/18/08
Some Recent Spins Altmer09/16/08
My Top 5 Of 2008 So Far Altmer09/02/08
100 Songs That Give Me Goosebumps Everytime Altmer08/25/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
100 Reviews Willie08/20/08
Some Recent Spins I Have Loved Altmer08/19/08
Albums I.ve Been Listening To Lately Photon08/17/08
What My Best Of: Ballads Cd Would Look Like Altmer08/15/08
Songs I'm Digging Right Now Altmer07/26/08
Songs That Accompany My Emotions Currently Altmer07/17/08
Spinning, Spinning Out Of Control Altmer07/08/08
Recent Things I Have Been Digging/spinning Altmer06/24/08
Albums I Want To Hear Still Altmer06/06/08
What Is Currently Spinning... Altmer06/02/08
My Favourite Covers Altmer05/27/08
Albums That Are Helping Me Kill The Time Between Now And The Endoscopy Altmer05/26/08
Bands Whose Music Speaks To Me Altmer05/16/08
Ballads I Have Dug Lately Altmer04/24/08
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... Altmer04/19/08
Songs That Rule My Heart Altmer04/08/08
Best Records Of The 90s Altmer03/26/08
Shuffle To The Max cometuesday03/25/08
Truly Classic Albums Altmer03/12/08
Prospected Acquisitions Altmer03/08/08
Sick Days jrowa00103/08/08
My Current Top 10 Songs Of All Time Altmer03/05/08
Doom Metal... Altmer02/26/08
Best Songs Of The 90s Altmer02/21/08
Soundtrack To The Aftermath Of A School Shooting Altmer02/15/08
Nonchalant Themed List cometuesday02/13/08
What, No Metal? (what I Am Digging Lately But Also Metal) Altmer02/07/08
My Favourite Vocal Performances Altmer02/02/08
Ten Current Favourite Songs Altmer02/01/08
Music Ftw cometuesday01/30/08
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50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me Altmer01/13/08
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Cd's I own The Flabbit Rides High12/12/06
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