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Personal Best 2014 Live Shows! NJeroen01/26/15
Leaving Sputnik KrazyKris01/14/15
Recs plox/A New Kick Parallels01/13/15
100 Albums Dwap12/02/14
Album Digging - November (2nd Half) JJKeys11/28/14
Songs I Can Listen To On Repeat JizzInMyPants10/24/14
Albums That Disappointed Me UniqueUniverse09/16/14
The Monarchy Of The United Kingdom Tunaboy4509/14/14
Fav 00's Songs Greem08/23/14
Best Modern Rock Albums alvarops9506/20/14
A Compilation Of Great Album Artwork Rickislost06/14/14
Girlfriend Advice intotheshit06/10/14
Album Digging - April (2nd Half) JJKeys04/30/14
My Personal 100 Favorite Albums JCGold1404/18/14
7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101 Captain North04/10/14
My Top 65 Indie Albums Greem04/04/14
Winter Feels ellexim03/10/14
Albums I'm Digging: February (1st Half) JJKeys02/16/14
Stoned Spaghettios ThirtySixChambers02/07/14
Albums I'm Digging: January (2nd Half) JJKeys01/28/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
Albums I'm Digging: January (1st Half) JJKeys01/14/14
Albums I'm Digging: December (2nd Half) JJKeys01/02/14
55 Albums For 2013 insomniac1512/31/13
The Best Albums Of 2009 Bardinova12/23/13
Placebo Ranked h0rsehunter12/21/13
Top 25 Albums - 2013 PrinceoftheDogs12/20/13
Alt/prog Gems DarkInfernal11/29/13
100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010 Basman11/25/13
Third Antistar11/11/13
Best Of 2013 kaparoni11/06/13
My Ratings Are Gone. xAshtrayux10/24/13
My 50 Best Albums/decade: 90s GetOutOfMyHouse10/21/13
Parallels' 4-year Sputnikversary Parallels10/03/13
Favourite 00's Albums Greem09/29/13
Recent Digs MassiveAttack09/26/13
Rec Me Books NapalmCrusader09/17/13
My 19th Birthday! SadAndHolyGlow09/13/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
Rate My Vinyls Bro Parallels08/29/13
Soundwave 2014 Gavininseawater1308/25/13
Comparing Overdose To Terrorism intotheshit04/19/13
Albums That Should Be At Least 4 On Sputnik Continued DarthJames04/17/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
Record Store Day 2013 Is Coming Up. SadAndHolyGlow04/14/13
Songs That Provide Feels MyCarandMyGuitar04/08/13
My Playlist For This Week (4/06 - 4/12) Hurricanslash04/06/13
Why I Don't Listen To My Native Music Basman02/22/13
Albums I Was Once Obsessed With (in Chronological Order) DarthJames02/04/13
Bands I've Seen Live VermicideReloadead01/23/13
Nostalgia, Shit I Listened 10 Years Ago VermicideReloadead01/20/13
Favourite Choruses rapideyemovement01/02/13
My Favorite Albums VermicideReloadead11/22/12
Pandora Stations Hankpym11/16/12
Get The Girl bakkermaarten00711/15/12
Top 100 Standout Songs DarthJames11/02/12
Need new music xAshtrayux08/18/12
Some Bands And Artists I've Seen Live Da11thMytrillSphere08/08/12
Some Songs I Listened To Today: AW1107/17/12
Movies I Own Da11thMytrillSphere07/14/12
1998 mttgry07/02/12
First Gig On Tour!! Hankpym06/28/12
Me And Music Through Time rapideyemovement05/04/12
Communications TeknoMonkee04/24/12
21st Century (so Far) emc269104/11/12
Favorite South Park Season The7thVermicide03/30/12
Addictive Xbox360 Games The7thVermicide03/14/12
My Top 20 Albums Of All Time blairosh02/27/12
Placebo Ranked rapideyemovement01/12/12
My Personal Recommendations Vol 1 The7thVermicide01/05/12
Muse Vs. Placebo rapideyemovement01/02/12
Good Songs With Good Videos The7thVermicide12/08/11
Something I Find Acanthus11/18/11
Placebo Ranked bakkermaarten00711/08/11
New To This Site... Recs? MyCarandMyGuitar11/05/11
Where's Industrial? Acanthus10/31/11
Dedicated To All The Ladies AsoTamaki10/29/11
Musical Dna TheNotrap10/01/11
Earthbound Eskate8709/09/11
Favourite Albums Of The 90's Angel4309/06/11
Songs For Your Ears And Heart: Part II bakkermaarten00709/03/11
Summer List crazyblinddude07/24/11
Are These Albums Any Good? spudd161207/21/11
If Genres Were Germs Kewpie04/10/11
Who Saw That Ovechkin Goal Last Night? Remer1703/02/11
Knott's Top 20 Of Forever Knott-02/14/11
Some Great Music Videos Part 2 Leviathan893701/29/11
DaveyBoy's Top 10 Live Gigs Of 2010 DaveyBoy12/21/10
2010 Shows Ranked Mr_Coffee12/18/10
I Realised... Plank12/07/10
I Realize That... Banion11/29/10
Favourite Music Videos Titan5010/26/10
Sounds Of The City: London CollectCallsToHome10/25/10
Dig This CollectCallsToHome10/18/10
Would Any Of You Be Kind Enough To Review My Band? Ewednesday10/13/10
Decent Post-grunge? Titan5010/11/10
Alt-rock List Powerban09/18/10
I Wana Be A Girl 2! iamnotchan09/14/10
Albums That Have Been Blowing Me Away Lately Ewednesday09/14/10
2006 Ranked Titan5008/14/10
2003 Ranked Titan5008/11/10
What Band Combine These ? Ewednesday07/26/10
Albums I Liked Circa 11th Grade x28x06x42x1207/25/10
Need Something New Ewednesday07/19/10
One Year At Sputnik crazyblinddude05/15/10
Rollin' Up A Huge Spliff nastynick05/12/10
Top 20 wilsymons105/05/10
Overated Is Spelt J-o-s-h- H-o-m-m-e Ewednesday04/29/10
100 Bands Titan5004/28/10
Albums I Own Pt 2 Hydroxybenzo04/27/10
Mixtape Of Ther Weak Ewednesday04/23/10
Need Pop-punk! porkchop18204/21/10
Refused - 'coming Soon..' Say What?! Yeahtoast03/27/10
Attn Choochers! cirq03/11/10
DaveyBoy's Soundwave Festival 2010 DaveyBoy03/03/10
Soundwave 2010 (perth) Results ThePalaceOfWisdom03/01/10
A List Of Sad Songs.... Eskate8702/26/10
My Soundwave Captain North02/24/10
Placebo Ranked Titan5002/21/10
My Favorite Bands... CoheedAndCambria02/13/10
My Top 10 Albums Of All Times... CoheedAndCambria02/13/10
Things My Bands E.p. Sounds Like Ewednesday02/06/10
Soundwave 2010, 2.0 ThePalaceOfWisdom02/05/10
Man, Fuck Avatar. Mr_Coffee02/02/10
I've Got A List That Will Get On Your Nerves Ewednesday02/02/10
Best Openers Titan5001/31/10
Rec Me Punk Titan5001/07/10
I Got Brand New,Thrice And Glassjaw Tickets! Ewednesday01/02/10
Steel Erect's Decade List SteelErectedb4you8er12/31/09
90s Digs sleepyhead12/27/09
Strikey: Decade: 50 Knott-12/25/09
Recommendations Please!! crazyblinddude12/19/09
Disappointments Of 2009 Valdiuss12/19/09
These Girls Fall Like Dominoes Titan5011/28/09
I Need A Hug Titan5011/19/09
Titan's 100 Albums Of The Decade Titan5011/18/09
Top Sad Albums For An Autumn Depressions EdwardNigma11/16/09
Sputnik, You're Good With Emotions Titan5011/09/09
Top 2000 Albums: 1800-1900 Titan5011/06/09
A Couple Albums I've Been Listening To A Lot Recently mkCII11/04/09
90's 90's 90's! funkymango10/15/09
Albums Albums Albums Ewednesday10/13/09
Gotta See The Psychologist Altmer09/29/09
15 Songs From My Current Playlist Spamwise09/05/09
Reading Festival 09 craigy208/31/09
Top 20 Albums - 2007 Titan5008/20/09
Overload Knott-08/12/09
Fuck You Apple Titan5008/10/09
Awesome Album Art Titan5008/03/09
50 Knott-07/29/09
Shizz My Dad Likes Titan5007/21/09
1000 Comment Get Titan5007/17/09
Should I Get My Navel Pierced Altmer07/12/09
Gratuitous Amounts Of Sex shindip07/10/09
England > Australia Knott-07/07/09
Most Played Recently Lost25106/17/09
Coffee, Ink And Just A Smidgen Of Sleep StreetlightRock06/15/09
I Miss Yesconsiderably Titan5006/10/09
Attack Of The Circles RevengeSoldier06/09/09
Give Me Their Babies Titan5006/07/09
Having Little Money Sucks Titan5005/22/09
So I've Got My Gcse Exams Next Week Titan5005/11/09
My Playlist (april 17th - May 8th) libertine23705/09/09
Top 20 Played Albums On Last.fm Titan5005/05/09
Albums That Lead Me To Sputnik greenmeansgo04/24/09
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Titan5004/19/09
Without You I'm Nothing libertine23704/13/09
Top 15 Albums pilkymakinmusik03/25/09
Stuff I Like That My Parents Like Titan5003/14/09
Top 50 Played Bands According To Last Fm Titan5003/04/09
Top 50 Bands Titan5002/28/09
Sober For A Day Captain North02/27/09
I'm English, And As Such, I Crave Dissapointment. That's Why I Buy Kinder Suprise. Titan5002/22/09
Songs That Affected Me Titan5002/19/09
More Shuffling Titan5002/17/09
My Top 30 Compilations Titan5002/17/09
Need To Start Reviewing Again Knott-02/14/09
Best_albums_ever Knott-02/06/09
Lirix Knott-01/22/09
The Top 10 Albums Of 2006 Titan5001/07/09
Cd's For My Girlfriend's Car 72haha7212/18/08
Songs I Wish I'd Written Knott-12/01/08
Hanging By A Thread StreetlightRock10/27/08
Acoustic Music On Play sitandtalk09/16/08
Top 10 Songs At The Moment (august) ArmyOfRage08/23/08
Later Bands To Consider...eventually McP300007/31/08
Shoot That Dog If You Can't Afford To Feed It flamethisuser06/19/08
Road Rage!!! Nach005/15/08
What I Listened To In 2004.... HispanicImpressions04/10/08
Zune Zune Zune Pt. Deux patrickbateman02/07/08
Recent Purchases craigy201/27/08
My Own Firing Squad List ReturnToRock12/07/07
Pub Band Setlist Geedrummer11/27/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (deel 2) Keverzwijn09/30/07
Best Albums 1998 FundamentallyLoathsome09/20/07
My Recent Purchases Ephex08/22/07
Need Your Help kazzra07/27/07
My Favorite Albums Of 2000 greg8407/14/07
... This List Gets Bigger & Bigger Everyday michelleag198407/10/07
Digging At The Moment altrockdude03/19/07
My Favourite Live Dvd's samthebassman02/10/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time HumanCannonball02/03/07
2006: The Top 50 Iai01/01/07
Jacaranda's Albums Of This Decade... So Far. Jacaranda12/30/06
100 Of My Favourite Songs IBegToDiffer12/17/06
Classic stuff HumanCannonball11/07/06
Through the night aristotelis10/07/06
Top 10 vocalists Nibor10/05/06
Trying the Good dYce08/12/06
SNAKES ON A PLANE!!! francesfarmer08/12/06
Live shows FTW that I've never been. francesfarmer07/17/06
This is not generic. francesfarmer07/16/06


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