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Terrible / Average Bands I Enjoyed As A Teen Markedforgreatness01/19/15
2015 Expectations sadchild01/04/15
Help Introducing Friend To Decent Music chinesewhispers12/31/14
Metalcore sadchild12/26/14
My Amazon Music Album Playlist BeneaththeDarkOcean12/25/14
These Albums Are Really Horrible InfernalOarsman11/30/14
Music Through My Life randon67810/09/14
Aftershock Festival - Awards TheSupernatural09/15/14
High School Digs Revisited BallsToTheWall09/02/14
Favourite Album Artwork riseagainst715608/30/14
Reasons I Hate Myself Intothepit08/27/14
Favourite Album Artwork Markedforgreatness08/14/14
Ridiculously Stupid Album Covers CelestialOuroboros08/04/14
Why Is Metalcore So Horrible? FrankieFrog07/28/14
Atreyu Appreciaition 2014 theacademy05/19/14
5 Years on Sputnik Nikkolae05/07/14
Music I Listened To When I Was A Teen joesmoe400004/09/14
All Time Favorites danieljm98001/06/14
Punching The Clown BallsToTheWall01/04/14
Does Your God Know My God? theacademy12/21/13
Angst Lessons With The White Man TheSlenderMan11/13/13
Why Don't My Friends Like witchxrapist11/12/13
Top 10 Atreyu Songs theacademy10/29/13
Top 10 Atreyu Songs BallsToTheWall10/29/13
My Ipod On Shuffle cerealeatingpegasus10/12/13
My Awesome Vinyl Collection Ecksavie10/06/13
Metalcore Vs. Post-hardcore (the Difference?) JeremyJahns09/08/13
Live Love Burn Die!!!! BallsToTheWall08/14/13
Atreyu Rocks theacademy08/14/13
Fedoras witchxrapist07/07/13
Sputnikers Likely To Be Arrested BallsToTheWall05/21/13
Bands I've Seen Live Conexus05/18/13
Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight theacademy05/04/13
Stuff That Got Me Into Metal rapedbyelephants05/01/13
Howard Allan Poecraft BallsToTheWall04/13/13
Nostalgia: 2004 nononsense03/03/13
Now That's What I Call Wag Vol.1 BallsToTheWall02/27/13
Shitty Metal Bands That My Shitty Metal Band Is Influenced By Riptide02/17/13
Academys Top 30 All Time Forever theacademy01/28/13
Middle School Jams 02-05 elephantREVOLUTION01/25/13
Huguitoescorza Vs Sputnik intotheshit01/17/13
Even More Obligatory witchxrapist01/15/13
Molly Says Hi alltimelow11/22/12
if u dont clik u suk dick DarthMann11/13/12
Workout Music, Brah DANcore11/06/12
My Top 20 That I Listen To eyeofthestormtopass10/09/12
2007: The Year Of Disappointment digimental10109/25/12
My favorite Bands Of Metalcore/Deathcore/subgeners huguitoescorza07/26/12
Songs Under 3 Mins johnnydeking2907/10/12
Pump Up Songs Ryaneh6907/07/12
50 Greatest Metalcore Artists mynameash06/17/12
Songs I Like From Albums I Don't Like peartnoy05/20/12
Who Like Hardcore X666X05/19/12
Sputnik In 5 Years IdiotequeCigar05/09/12
Congregation Of The Damned Ranked theacademy05/09/12
When Did You Realize You Were Into Metal? theacademy05/03/12
A Stepping Stone Into 'heavier Music' CrimsonLies05/03/12
10 Albums Better Than Jane Doe And Lateralus johnnydeking2905/01/12
Nostalgia Eulogize04/05/12
Rank My Ipod : A TheSpirit03/27/12
so is atheism its own religion now?? theacademy03/03/12
First American Eagle Outfitter Purchase BallsToTheWall02/26/12
Sputnik Music Taste #2 feelthemetallica02/17/12
The 2k Scrobbles Club (20k Comments! (200 Lists!)) theacademy02/12/12
Favorite Satanic Bible Quotes BallsToTheWall01/23/12
Albums You Liked When You Were 16 BaseballJames01/13/12
Lead Sails theacademy12/29/11
Guilty Pleasures iambandersnatch12/19/11
Nostalgic Albums figure33712/13/11
Kill Kill Multiply Till The Skies Turn Black And The Rivers Dry theacademy11/30/11
Songs I Go Nude For BallsToTheWall11/20/11
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums Trebor.10/19/11
Great Songs From Average Bands BallsToTheWall10/16/11
Thread Jacking BallsToTheWall10/02/11
You Suck NWOAHM66609/20/11
Top 5 Atreyu Albums theacademy09/19/11
My Favorite Live Shows onereallysillygoose09/14/11
Vinyl Collection + Fav Actresses theacademy09/05/11
My Music Collection Hyruth08/31/11
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) LiquidVelvet07/26/11
Strangely Arousing Parallels07/14/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
My Top 50 Albums FuckYeah07/08/11
Rebirth Of The Mimsy Shuffle Emim07/02/11
Metal effthesystem06/27/11
Gba Is The Best System Ever DinoX06/25/11
The 24 Most Influential Albums On My Life steadyriot06/01/11
Irony: Another Installment In The Sputnik Brand... witchxrapist05/29/11
Rip United States Of Tara PlaygroundFading05/23/11
Favorite Metalcore For Ur Moments Of Teen Rage PlaygroundFading05/23/11
Back In The Day... MrFantasticManny05/22/11
04-05 Metalcore Explosion BallsToTheWall05/12/11
Favorite Bands Throughout The Years Remer1704/26/11
Albums I Own Accent04/25/11
Ideal Bit Rate? theacademy04/25/11
Rank From Funniest To Least Funny theacademy04/16/11
My Top 10 Favorite Bands turboflip070104/04/11
Top 100 Sputnik Bands xenocide.03/30/11
Kimmdependence KimmsightMatters03/05/11
You Will Hate This List Remer1702/28/11
What Should I Buy Next?? MarkedFortune02/03/11
Hellenes SirkSakaig01/25/11
Digs TheEnigma01/06/11
Worst Playlist Ever Assembled BallsToTheWall12/23/10
I Can't Get Over promiseswept12/23/10
Academy of 2010 theacademy12/21/10
August 15, 2oo9 KimmsightMatters11/29/10
Situations KimmsightMatters11/23/10
Top Bands (updated) theacademy11/18/10
Best Metal Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Some Favorite Covers Emim11/01/10
My Favorite Rock Bands crocadilion10/28/10
Birthday Show KimmsightMatters10/27/10
Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle CouldntThinkofaName10/22/10
Pretty Excited ImpendingSpoon32110/22/10
Defining Metalcore Spec10/22/10
Worst Metal Albums Of The 2000's: Redux austin88810/16/10
Kimm Found Her iPod KimmsightMatters10/08/10
Things That Are Luxuries theacademy10/07/10
If You Were A..... GorgonzolaCheese110/06/10
The Most Influential Albums. VanitySeason10/06/10
Connections KimmsightMatters10/02/10
Kimm Lost Her iPod. KimmsightMatters09/29/10
I Feel Like A Little Emo Kid Oneiron09/29/10
Past Week Bests SimonJy5409/25/10
Funniest Video Ever TheAngstyVirgin09/25/10
Forgive Me, My Impeccable Taste? Intothepit09/23/10
I'm New.. Albums I Bought This Year Ben H09/16/10
50 Random Songs On My Ipod Part 2 leppalo09/12/10
Worst Metal Albums Of The 2000's austin88809/04/10
This Is My Library. omgbecky08/28/10
Pit's Guilty Pleasures Intothepit08/26/10
No Sleep Til Australia Edwin08/24/10
Ipod On Shuffle X3ro99408/24/10
Metaldan Favorite Metal 2000-2009 metaldan108/09/10
Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Love The Cheese witchxrapist08/04/10
What Was The First Band That You Loved? ShadowAmI07/20/10
Songs To Workout To mankilla6907/15/10
Academy's First Fake Retirement acADHDemy07/12/10
Let's Talk About Fat Chicks! buckfutter07/01/10
Ricky Was A Young Boy, He Had A Heart Of Stone theacademy06/14/10
Guess That Mother F*cker! buckfutter06/14/10
Decade Of THE S**t bailar06/12/10
Why Is Adam Downer Allowed To Vote? theacademy06/12/10
Favorite Albums MaxTL06/04/10
Best Essential Metal Core AugustBumsRed06/03/10
Which Album Are You? buckfutter05/28/10
I've Had Enough nastynick04/30/10
The Power Of One (out Of Five) ninjuice04/29/10
Songs I Can Drum To Trifax04/17/10
Bands I Loved My Freshman Year AbyssalCreation04/15/10
My Observations Emim04/14/10
Awesome Bands rockaloud0604/14/10
The Top 100 "Metal" Bands on MySpace ThePalestMexican04/13/10
Albums I Really Enjoy Trifax04/11/10
What I Am Listening To Now SHINFO04/10/10
Pick A Band, Any Band (sorta) Emim04/07/10
10 most Dissapointing Albums Of The Decade Twizzie03/19/10
Bands That I Believed Created The Best Music Known To Man... laterenima03/18/10
Academy Top 15 All Time (mp3 Era) theacademy02/26/10
Hi Im New To This Site Ire02/14/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
100 Most Played On The Ipod....... avalanche0701/25/10
My Favorite Metalcore! TheSorrow80501/20/10
I Hate Everyone bullettoothtony01/17/10
Bands That Were Disappointing Live TheSorrow80501/07/10
Chritmas Gets sXeMOSHCOREhXc12/27/09
Academy of 2009 theacademy12/23/09
Top 10 For 2009 loseit1312/23/09
Who Likes Cheese?!?! ignorantfack12/22/09
Which Album... Kronzo12/13/09
And ima get it out... theacademy11/24/09
Artists In My Mediaplayer xTevinx11/19/09
Guilty Pleasure Bands nabrazune11/11/09
2009 Top 20 Albums bam524cky11/08/09
A Far More Accurate Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
Sounds Of The Fall crush121411/03/09
Atreyu Ranked Blindsided10/28/09
Cruisin Through Some Old Tunes... Bandido10/02/09
7 Albums I Listened To When Joining Sputnik Lelle09/23/09
Favorite Death Metal Bands Emim09/11/09
Im Unemployed So... Nikkolae08/31/09
My Favourite Albums laterenima08/24/09
My First List... Top 20 Songs... laterenima08/21/09
Favirit Musix corenotgore07/27/09
Bands, Noted, Please Leave. thediamondcanopy07/23/09
Guilty Pleasures Tempertemperature07/23/09
I Gets Recs? :D oilerfan94307/08/09
13 Favorite Bands. =D oilerfan94307/07/09
Songs I Like And Feel Very Bad About Liking ErasersAtBothEnds07/02/09
Temptation, Addiction. ZiBug06/22/09
More Recent Songs I'm Into Lately acidlegion1405/06/09
Albums That Get Too Much Crap ninjuice04/21/09
Guilty Pleasures cookieMONSTER04/14/09
Atreyu Owns and Sucks Atreyu200903/28/09
Other Bands I'm Into acidlegion1402/13/09
Guilty Pleasures Golgoroth02/04/09
This Shit Pumps Me Up Thriceremoved2501/30/09
Band Names That Start With The Letter A thesystemisdown01/16/09
Songs I'm Learning On Guitar. Thriceremoved2501/13/09
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist killrobotmusic12/15/08
Bands I Have Seen Live ATYCLB1812/09/08
Julieeeeeeeeet!!! marksellsuswallets12/08/08
Top 5 Worst Bands Ever (imo) Demonickid1025912/04/08
My Top 5 Favorite Songs Demonickid1025912/04/08
Power Ballads FutureHermit11/30/08
Shuffle Action Curse.11/19/08
G.u.i. marksellsuswallets10/30/08
First 100 Bands In My Ipod Distance10/30/08
Top 15 Albums Of 2004 thegreatgriffin10/24/08
Generic, Generic, Generic, cleary2110/21/08
Epic Fails cleary2110/10/08
Bands That Get Too Much Flak cleary2109/17/08
You Think You Like All Music? Check This List Of My Favorite Bands: zack182daley09/14/08
Guitar Hero Iv Dream Setlist Lambda08/31/08
Top 10 Songs At The Moment (august) ArmyOfRage08/23/08
Recently Acquired Golgoroth08/20/08
Bands (i Feel) Peaked At Their 1st/2nd Release marksellsuswallets08/14/08
Quebec City Summer Fest 2008 Foodforthegods07/12/08
Horribly Underrated Songs Oneiron07/07/08
Great Songs By Not So Great Bands TheDistantFuture05/22/08
Albums I Am Digging Right Now! Ouch05/16/08
Fart: The List 72haha7205/16/08
Road Rage!!! Nach005/15/08
Bad Albums From Bad Artists rockfan12304/19/08
Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen TheDistantFuture04/01/08
Favorites moshrocker2803/27/08
Favorite Albums From My Top 25 Most Played Artists midas03/20/08
Shuffle Mania!!! DeadToPain03/03/08
Albums That Changed My Life Guitar10801/11/08
Top 10 Bands That Occasionally Make Me Gag And Disgrace Their Genre. TheSunSleeps34801/09/08
Best Extreme Metal Of 2007 McP300012/21/07
Atlanta Listening ToWhatEnd11/24/07
Bands That Were Once Decent jason_f9011/22/07
Best Albums I Own metalboy12311/10/07
On High Rotation AtavanHalen09/29/07
My Dream Concert Festival tribestros09/20/07
My Top 5 Bands Cole67309/17/07
Favorite Songs tribestros09/12/07
Lame Bands sharkboy09/05/07
Lame Albums sharkboy09/05/07
Recent Purchases tribestros08/28/07
Bands On My Most Hated List Crysis08/23/07
List Of Pure Suck Confessed200507/14/07
My Most Played Songs On Itunes tribestros06/27/07
My Top 25 Albums Of All Time DeadToPain06/26/07
My Top 10 Favorite Songs tribestros06/05/07
30 Most Played raggedragamuffin05/14/07
Top 25 Played WhosEmo05/14/07
Hated Or Not... thrash4life05/05/07
"Scene" Bands That I Can't Stand Full Collapse29904/21/07
I Don't See What All The Fuss Is About! Full Collapse29904/13/07
Bands That I Really Dont Like. goneshootin2203/31/07
Top 15 Songs I Want To See Preformed Live RIPkezia03/18/07
Boo For Crappy Music Cadaveric03/06/07
Explain. Now. Spectrum02/12/07
Albums I Will Hopefully Never Hear Again lunchforthesky02/09/07
My Ultimate List O Bands That I Love Inflames01/26/07
Top 5 Albums Of 2004 Musicfreak8138912/18/06
Top 5 Albums Of 2002 Musicfreak8138912/18/06
My Favorite Bands Musicfreak8138912/17/06
Bands that everyone hates that really arn't that bad RIPkezia11/30/06
Crappy Punk Covers: The Sludge Edition The Sludge11/26/06
Worst bands ever 3TwoCan311/20/06
They surprisingly owned live ToWhatEnd11/09/06
syns downloads synyster1711/08/06
good 2006 releases synyster1711/07/06
Top 3 of best bands Metal-Cat11/06/06
alternate lifestyle labonza0111/04/06
Hyped Bands I Have No Interest In Hearing "Freshly Baked"09/24/06
Top Ten Albums in My CD Collection YourSummerSecret08/26/06
Full Collapse299s Bands That Seem Full Of Themselves Full Collapse29908/20/06
Top 50 Bands DooCH08/19/06
My Top 10 Favs. Thyrteen08/11/06
Bands I Listen To jaxonkills6908/09/06
My metal progression labonza0108/02/06
The Irrational Defense League Steerpike07/31/06
Bands I'm Embarrassed To Say That I Like Jacob629306/29/06
Bands I Have Recently Gotten In To (no order) Jacob629306/28/06


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