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In-ear Or On-ear Headphones? Gwyn.12/03/12
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End Of The World Soundtrack wanderlust11/29/12
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( . )Y( . ) Decapod10/23/12
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Maybe The End Of The World Is Gonna Happen After All cuki9210/16/12
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Mc Ride Has Vitiligo In The FranzSchubert10/15/12
2012 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/15/12
Swans Ranked Properly GiaNXGX10/14/12
What Are Your Fav Bands You Pretend To Like StarlessAnd10/13/12
Objecivity/digs AStableReference10/11/12
Emotionally Challenging Recs BigPleb10/10/12
List ApplicationToHeaven10/09/12
10 Of My Favourite Albums In 2012. DrGonzo193710/09/12
Rec Me Weird Shit Melanin10/08/12
The Lakes Rpg Lakes.10/06/12
The F$$$$king Awesome Moments Mike0810/05/12
2012 Has Been A Good Year...so Far BigPleb10/05/12
This Week ILJ10/04/12
What's Got My Attention Recently TheHoggle10/04/12
Saw Defeater Last Night Butkuiss09/30/12
Albums That Never Get Old YoYoMancuso09/27/12
I Wanna Be Your Face Sucking Alien BallsToTheWall09/26/12
Giving Music To Friends Mike0809/26/12
Favorite Albums Of 2012 So Far Sunn17709/25/12
Top 10 Of 2012 So Far! :] DarkNoctus09/24/12
Yossarian Oneironaut09/23/12
Songs Of The Week Part 2 YoYoMancuso09/23/12
Music To Relax To YoYoMancuso09/22/12
Just Listened To Swans... Thebes09/20/12
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Albums Which Leave Me Buried In The Abyss chrisd55509/17/12
Neighbors' House Burned Down Lakes.09/16/12
2 New Vessl Demo Songs Decapod09/16/12
Curb Your Enthusiasm ThunderNeutral2109/15/12
1,000 Comments YoYoMancuso09/14/12
Best Of 2012 So Far AutoRock09/14/12
Two Gigs On The Same Night #2 InFiction09/11/12
My All-time Favorite Albums Revolution66609/11/12
Podcast Episode 2: Submit Questions And Topics Plz Trebor.09/10/12
Top Albums Of 1988 Cghost09/09/12
In Serious Need Of New Stuff. Comatorium.09/09/12
Top Albums Of 1983 Cghost09/09/12
Some New Vinyl Jruined09/09/12
Roommates ILJ09/08/12
Party In My Pants. Wanna Cum? Decapod09/07/12
Good Music All Day Erry Day SeaAnemone09/07/12
Q3 Infinite Playlist SowingSeason09/07/12
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Education chupacabraisreal09/03/12
Lakes Turns 16 Lakes.09/01/12
Sputcast Rev09/01/12
Top 12 Albums Of '12 So Far Alxander1908/31/12
Rock is the worst genre of music OrangeHologram08/30/12
Things You Like (in Music) Steoandnoodles08/29/12
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Druuuuunk Rev08/26/12
Top 30 Treachery08/25/12
Books Anyone? fireandblood08/19/12
Bluew's Foobar Layout/ui Whateva BlueW08/14/12
Choke chambered4908/13/12
Work ILJ08/13/12
Could Rec Me Some Similar Albums LordHugoThePoet08/12/12
The Summer Sucks... Rikardur08/10/12
Atp Melbourne '13 Spare08/09/12
First Job ILJ08/03/12
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Sowing Turns 4 SowingSeason07/26/12
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Key 2012 Releases BallsToTheWall07/24/12
2009-11: Top 100 Albums From 1300+ In The Past 3 Years lobby07/20/12
Mr. Nobody PuddlesPuddles07/19/12
Post-punk-noise-drone-industrial atrocityexhibition0807/05/12
1996 mttgry06/30/12
A Wild List Appeared! BlueW06/28/12
Rec Me Stuff Similar To Swans OrangeHologram06/26/12
I Love My Restauraunt BallsToTheWall06/24/12
Albums That Are An Experience crazyaga06/22/12
A Year Of Lurking ILJ06/19/12
Digs pennepasta06/16/12
Let's Be Friends trix4dix06/14/12
Greatest No Wave Albums ZombieDenial06/12/12
My 100 Essential Albums Polyethylene06/08/12
Perfect Albums trix4dix06/02/12
I Am Now A Father BlueW05/28/12
Lo-fi Folk/drone sifFlammable05/18/12
Recommendations CrimsonFloyd05/11/12
Last Things I Have Listened To CrimsonFloyd05/10/12
Awesome Giant List #2 BlueW05/09/12
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle CrimsonFloyd05/02/12
Wilecha0te's Definitive Guide To Swans WileyCha0te05/01/12
Most Looked Forwarded To-ed ThyCrossAwaits04/19/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
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Sludgy Goodness emc269104/12/12
21st Century (so Far) emc269104/11/12
Out Of Body Music Colliiiin04/08/12
No Filler Albums emc269104/08/12
Preppers? Decapod04/06/12
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle CrimsonFloyd04/02/12
100 Favorite Albums Of All Time SomethinFishy03/30/12
Mother Earth Is Pregnant For The Third Time Buccaneer03/30/12
Freespace 2 dammets03/29/12
Trying Mushrooms BallsToTheWall03/29/12
45 Post-Punk Albums Graveyard03/29/12
Dark Atmospheres BallsToTheWall03/26/12
Breathtaking Albums TheArkitecht03/23/12
Digz CrimsonFloyd03/23/12
Eye For An Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind BallsToTheWall03/14/12
Breaking Dawn Can Suck My Ass BallsToTheWall03/07/12
Marko Muzika MassiveAttack03/05/12
Albums That Have Been Helping Me Get Through Things literalsurrealist03/03/12
100 Hard Jamz BallsToTheWall02/29/12
Epic Download Day JesusV402/19/12
Comment On My List! bungy02/11/12
Legend Of Zelda - Best 20 Dungeons Yazz_Flute02/10/12
The Best of Post-Punk TheVoiceAndTheSnake02/07/12
Deus Ex: Whomin Revolution Decapod01/28/12
Ball's Romantic Mixtape For Wooing The Opposite Sex. Or Same Sex If You're A Homo BallsToTheWall01/26/12
My Favourite Non-metal Albums RoppVsBerrick01/26/12
My Favourite Double Cds RoppVsBerrick01/26/12
Calling All Sputnik Butkuiss01/22/12
Swiffered The Shitter... Decapod01/18/12
Rip Cat BallsToTheWall12/29/11
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Boss Is On Vacation Which Means... bungy12/27/11
When In Rome... SeaAnemone12/18/11
Classic Double Albums jefflebowski12/16/11
Greatest Live Acts 2011 Adash12/10/11
Dying My Hair BallsToTheWall12/07/11
Sleepless Nights Imperial12/05/11
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Doom Duderino11/30/11
Scoot Recs Scoot11/14/11
Best Moaropeth Users? Ignimbrite11/08/11
How Babies Are Made? Mewcopa010/30/11
Headphone Amps jefflebowski10/30/11
The Best Of US Post-punk jefflebowski10/29/11
New Sounds, New Experiences MassiveAttack10/28/11
Halloween Soundtrack eternium10/27/11
Albums You've Never Heard Decapod10/27/11
Chinese Toddler Run Over... Decapod10/18/11
A Very Grimm Concert BallsToTheWall10/17/11
Atp's I'll Be Your Mirror Day 2 aok10/04/11
Top 100 Album Artworks fish.09/27/11
Black Doom sonictheplumber09/25/11
Discographies killinyourkind32109/23/11
Went To A Screening Of Drive... AFunFrolic09/14/11
Whoa! 30,000 Posts. BallsToTheWall09/14/11
I Saw Swans Tonight AFunFrolic09/14/11
Post Rock Recs Anyone? jefflebowski08/31/11
Ehh. Kind Of Sad Rumulox08/25/11
Movie/s You'd Like To See Remade + Digs. Skweetis08/02/11
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Great Day To Be Human BallsToTheWall07/28/11
Who's Got Tattoos? BallsToTheWall07/13/11
Outside Ovaries Decapod07/10/11
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Future Music? Decapod07/08/11
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Atmosphere eternium06/24/11
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1990's: Golden Age Of Music? Colliiiin06/08/11
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Melvins Vs Jucifer Vs Nadja Decapod06/01/11
albums with circles on them : ranked balcaen05/24/11
Rapture Playlist ECRbubs05/21/11
Good Morning Guys! :] DarkNoctus05/19/11
Dream Jobs Samshine05/03/11
Currently Digging DonniSharK05/01/11
The Essential Industrial Albums austin88804/26/11
Anyone Got A Setlist For D.e.p On The Deftones Tour? AFunFrolic04/23/11
Handies or Blowies... Decapod04/22/11
Zombie Apocalypse Samshine04/11/11
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) SloppyMilkshake04/06/11
Srightry Listens To Music Too SlightlyEpic03/31/11
Are You Hateful Enough? Part One stillexist03/26/11
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Users' Best Of 2010: 100 - 51 Deviant.03/11/11
Freakishly Long Albums LegendofPittman02/28/11
Raining Gigs BananaSlamma02/26/11
Cha0te Digs WileyCha0te01/31/11
MMX by Srightry SlightlyEpic01/31/11
They Skinned Her Alive SlightlyEpic01/24/11
20 Heroin Albums ECR20601/19/11
Cult Music: Winter Ritual Ov Cthulhu BallsToTheWall01/19/11
Best Emotionally Desperate Albums stillexist01/19/11
Which Users Have To Most Similar Taste To You couldwinarabbit01/10/11
Rabbit Does That 2010 couldwinarabbit01/07/11
Lobby 2010: Top 50 lobby01/06/11
Favorite Albums Of 2010 feav23301/06/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2010 FeralMemories01/04/11
Musick For Killing The Ego WileyCha0te01/04/11
Okay Top 20 For This Year Ugh Spare01/04/11
Sowing's Soundtrack To 2010 SowingSeason12/31/10
Jingle's 2 Thousand 10 jingledeath12/30/10
Two-Headed Boy's 2010 Two-Headed Boy12/30/10
2010: The Year In Honorable Mentions Inveigh12/27/10
2010 In Eternium eternium12/27/10
My 2010 (top 60) blackwaterpark12/26/10
Joshuatwothousandten joshuatree12/22/10
Top 10 Of 2010 Itwasthatwas12/18/10
My Top 50 of 2010 SchebbARN12/16/10
Top 30 Albums Of The Year Rev12/15/10
My Top Albums Of 2010 CouldntThinkofaName12/13/10
Best Of 2010 literalsurrealist12/12/10
Soundtracks To The Apocalypse hectorkemp12/10/10
On The Fence telebyrd12/09/10
Cool Albums That Won't Make My Top 50 Of 2010. Bitchfork12/09/10
Depressive Records For Depressed People BananaSlamma12/03/10
Chambered's Top 40 Albums Of 2010 chambered8912/02/10
Roadburn Sold Out In 20 Minutes 76TVs11/27/10
Top 100 Albums Of 2010 zen572911/23/10
AOTY: 1980 - 2010 chaos1711/12/10
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Greetings And Salutations, Sputnik! schlock10/18/10
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Sometimes I Surprise Myself kitsch10/13/10
I Think You Forgot Something SlightlyEpic10/12/10
Rec Me 2010 Records kitsch10/11/10
Love Yr Friends SlightlyEpic09/30/10
Super Lonely SlightlyEpic09/29/10
The True Cult Ov Cthulhu BallsToTheWall09/28/10
Chambered's Ultimate Fall 2010 Digs List chambered8909/26/10
My Top 50 Of 2010 BallsToTheWall09/16/10
Lickety Shit Decapod09/12/10
2010? Shrapnel9408/31/10
2010 Digs lobby08/30/10
There Is No Us You Psycopathic Bitch BallsToTheWall08/29/10
I'm Getting Caught Up FeralMemories08/27/10
Screw Metal BallsToTheWall08/27/10
Lots Of People Named FreePizzaDay08/26/10
You Should Listen To These Albums Shrapnel9408/23/10
Summer Listening List Bleekill08/23/10
Current Best Of 2010 Spare08/19/10
But Love... taroo08/11/10
Industrial Recs? chaos1708/01/10
I Wish I Was Part Of The Sputnik In Crowd Mr. Lizard07/26/10
Why Has This Not Been Reviewed Yet? Mr. Lizard07/23/10
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5 From The 80's - 5 From The 90's Decapod06/09/10
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