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2012 Zakalwe Quotes
My Favorite Albums (What I Consider to Be) Modern Classics
2016: To Be Sputnik Is to Be Nowhere 1977-2016: AOTY compendium
Fearthyevil's: Best of 2016 Sleepin' music
Ocean's Favourite Songs im a coward
Top 50 Albums of 2016 Favorite Albums Revised
Colossal 2016 Mixtape Best 2016 Concerts
Best 2016 Albums Jas' 2016 and holy shit thank god that's over
Favorite Albums of 2016 Flug's fav sangs of 2k16
The Best Albums of 2016 Obligatory Best of 2016 List
Top 50 Albums of 2016 My Top 30 albums of 2016
Top Albums of All Time (Only kinda ordered) Mindle's 2016
200 Greatest Albums of the 1990's (100-1) Sin's shows 2016
Doof3000Ratings (10,000 comments) Worship Me Favorites From 2016
2016 had some okay songs Favorite Swans Album
Favorite 2016 albums Merry Christmas/Happy New Year Sputnik
2016 Albums I Enjoyed Top 50 Albums - 2016
Pistol's 2016 JS19: 3PLUS in 2016
Everything 2016 Top 99
Easter in the Batcave's 2016 Another 2016 list...
Thor's Favorite Albums of 2016 25 Best Records of 2016 by Travelhead
2016 Top 50 UNoriginal 2016 top of the tops
Favorite albums of 1991 2016 is...
First to Worst 2016: Retarded Chuck Edition Fripp's Top 20 Songs Of 2016
Top 15 of 2016 Best of 2016
Obligatory 2016 List Storm In A Dreamcup
The Dr's 2016 list. McCluskey's Best Albums of 2016
Talons' 2016 Favorites Favorite Eps of all time
Albums I Need To Listen To Pt 2 Fried in the mind
What Does the Prefix "Post" Mean in Music? Pie Charts 2016
Winter Jams 2016 Disappointments and bad albums
Favorite live performances Toad's Top Albums for 2016
Thanksgiving Drama Psychoactive Toads
2012 Top 10 albums Rec me disturbing albums
Bands I saw live 77vs91 GRAND FINAL
Valley Ridge Dreamers Who Should Actually Become President
what are the cool kids listening to in 2016 4 Years on the Sputnikmusic; Top 100
gimme more recs Favorite long epic songs
Wearing earplugs to a concert 1,000 ratings and loose favorite albums list
dope albums 2014: Sputnik, Like NoPlace Is There
great song, less than great album 2012: Through the Deep, Dark Sputnik
A man walks into a zoo rec me live albums
good albums with cool covers My Personal Favorite Albums of 2016
Atlanta Live Q3 2016 Autumn Albums
Picture this Cinematographic Music
say yes to no wave! Drinking Songs
Prime Age for Musicians Favorite bands
vinyl collection part 1 new album by me hello
2016 is dope 2 Truths/1 Lie
Ep's worth checking out Rec me Ambient
Con's 500 Ratings/50 Lists/Best Friends alt's Best Songs of All Time (a year later)
Sputnik's favorite songs Battle of the Album Art
Favourite LP's Part 2 Favourite LP's Part 1
Sputnik Quotes - Part III post rock digs
Rec Swan Song/Last Hurrah albums How Many of Your Ratings do You Remember?
top 30 movies another double album
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 1 Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: The first 64
Favorite albums/pieces of all time Flug's Amazing Halftime Extravaganza
Flug's June 2016 in Music 2016: Rejects
Oh wow hey some albums I like a lot from 2016 so far Albums with great title tracks
Rec me POOR (and good) experimental/shoegaze/post- Top 10 Albums of June 2016
2016 albums I need to revisit or listen to June 2016 résumé
Jas' EXCEPTIONALLY modest 2nd quarter of 2016 My Top 30 Albums of 2016 (Midyear)
Rec the most depressing song in your library My To-Get List
My Band Released A Single 100 ratings
Swans Sexual Assault/Sockweb • GY!BE vs. Swans •
summer shows 2016 Let's Play A Game
Vinyl Collection (Rec me stuff) Tis been a year already
iPod classic help? THE BEST THRICE LIST
Poll: Most Over-hyped Album of the last decade New to Sput (+vinyl collection)
Best Bands Ever Masterpieces
Resorting the Top 200 Destroy Your Body
4 in a row. Mental Note
2014 What do you guys do when you're feeling down?
Favorite Live Albums 101 Bizarre and Offbeat Records
Birthday jams The Big Sputnik Lunch
Favourite Albums: 2010-2015 Jiggly's 2016 Until Now
New Boring Bathtimes single When/How Do You Listen to Music?
Moving out Top 50 of 2014
Music For Gabe My favorite albums of all-time
Birthday Digs Happy Holiblazzze
Vinyl. Got Vinyl?
Albums that sound like their covers RIP Tony Conrad
LP Collection unreliable_narrator's guide to easy listening
Most Overrated LP Made Tournament (Nominations) END Easter recs
Music Desert Island If vocal range was equal to quality
The SLIGHTLY BETTER Greatest LP everish final [WINNER] Guess How Old I Am?
The MODESTLY IMPROVED greatest Lp oatish semis [CLOSED] Music To Make Love To
The ARGUABLY BETTER best LP OAT quarter finals [CLOSED] The MILDLY MORE ACCEPTABLE best LP ever round 3 [CLOSED]
The A BIT BETTER nicest LP everish tourney ROUND 2 [CLOSED] senses deprived
The SLIGHTLY BETTER best LP everish tourney ROUND 1[WINNERS] The SLIGHTLY BETTER greatest LP everish tournament [CLOSED]
Blackstar Fuckin Rips Recent CD Buys
Definitive 90's Bronze Winners Fav '90s Records
Black Sheep Albums Swans, Worst to Best
Listen to my band's new math rock album Let Lose///Lose Yourself
Getting Back Into Music / Film Digs Which of Your Reviews has the Most Views?
Made an EP two.
Sputnik's Best Graduating Classes The Internet.
So long to my home. Triple LPs
2,101.8 miles Definitive 90's Albums
Hella Holidays Bernie Sanders
SPUTNIK TELEPHONE TO YOUR HOUSE! most anticipated albums of 2016
Vocalists that I think are pretty cool Post Rock Favorites
Signature Cover Art Retrospective: Revised Top of 2014 List
Best 2015 Concerts Crismuhs/Winter Break Jams
Give Me Folk Please Favorite Albums of the 2010s
2016 albums hype Sowing's Top 50 of the Decade (so far)
Top 25 Oldiez in 2015 Favorite Experimental Records
Vote Now! Noise Rock Top 100 Albums
Favorite Album From Each Year Grooves
Definitive Post-Punk Top 5 Mathematicians
My Pending Albums Back on Sput
Perfect Underrated Albums for your gloomy life Halloween
Vinyl #3 halloween!
Favorites of 1991 Albums you should prob jam
Red and Black and Gray and White Part 2 Top 20 Albums of 2014
Soundoffs That Cause Existential Crises Halloween/Horror Films Discussion
Birthday jams There's No School Like the Old School
Many genres in one album Rate my 2.5's
Some Great Music From the Teens (so far)!!!!!!!!!! Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 3 50 - 1
Fall Playlist Rainy-Day Music?
Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 2 100-51 Just got back from the record store
Recommend me Depression Top 50 of the decade so far
Albums to Listen to During the Apocalypse Music I like outside my usual genres
My friend's music taste. Swans...where to start?
Brother/Sister Albums 50 Best Songs of All Time
More Sput Quotes Shoobies...
Best Sputnik Quotes Cop Ranked
Genre tags for each Swans album 150K Scrobbles!
Multi-disc albums BM and Yak kinda made an album
Top 25 Albums review schedule update
4.5 Can you...
Classics of the 2010s dankest vinyl
100 Favourite Bands~17 Year Old Outsider's Ipod Top 50 Swans Songs
Super Cool Guys (One Year Anniversary) My CD Collection Part 1
One album per artist 2014's "They Really Are That Good"
Album sequels (suggetions welcome !) One album per year (1967-2014)
Acclaimed albums I dislike (or dont like as much) what have you been up to
Vinyl Collection Songs With Filthy Bass
Lambda's Top 10 of the Decade So Far rec me dark music
I Saw Swans Tonight Off the Beaten Path
We Are The Sad Boys Check My EP
Can't go a day on Sputnik... Vinyl Collection
My Favorite Albums for each genre Albums for a rainy day
creepy kids on the cover How do you listen to your music?
Best albums of the decade so far Newer than the guy below me
Upper Endings 8 or 9 years worth of my shit taste
Vote Now! Industrial Downer Endings
80s music was tight Potsy: '92 til Infinity Part V
Best Albums According to RYM Friends Artists I know I should like but can't get into
The Secret to Unhappiness Seeing Swans
The most depressing album recommendations please Music for Reading, Writing, and Introspection
Great Bookends "i'm in high school but i'm super into music"
25 Favorite Albums An abandoned EP
Swans Ranked The last 90 something albums I listened to
Avengers 2 Top 10 albums of 2012
Record Store Day 'Fifteen' Need Post Rock and Post Metal recs
Favourite Albums Year by Year Are Heavy Metal Fans Destroying The Scene?
My top 15 of today (14.04.2015) Fav Album From Each Year (1960-Present)
MORTAL KOMBAT X Favorite Albums
Top Albums of 2014 Albums With Haunting Atmosphere
Sputnik Telephone (I am bored) Vinyl collection
Cd and Vinyl collection (updated/improved version) Top 25 Albums of 2014
March Digs PrinceoftheDogs Top 40 Albums/EP's - 2014
Albums To Which I'm The Most Partial Favorite Album Covers By Bands I Like
Need new music to help me through my dissertation Top 25 of 2014
Depression Recs Record Store Day 2015
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 8 Best Titles of 2014
Top 50 Albums Of 1996 Newest Additions to my Collection
Aaron's Guitar Music 2014 Playlist JS19's top 150 songs: 150-100
New Track Up Blue (Sput cliche #23)
Vinyl Strong Openers
Best 15 Albums of 2014 50 favorite albums atm, rec some
Name that Album Cover: Sput cliche #14 Sales Pitch: Albums/Films of 2014
50 Favorites From 2010-2014 Bacon Wrapped Pizza at Little Caesars
Essential Reviews? Sowing's 10 Most Influential Albums
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 7 Beer Festival
Pistol's 2014 Comforting Songs
Experimental Gothic Post Death Punk Rock Music Djunior's 2014: Top 100 Albums
Will's Billboard Top 20 Albums 9/2/2015-15/2/2015 Top 20 Favorite Albums...revisited
Cover Art Game Yay Tracks 2014
Best 2014 Concerts Potsy 2014: 2014 List To End All Lists In The Known Universe
Non-hip-hop/rap Albums I Liked From 2014 My Top 10 Albums: 2014
The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music Itchy 2014
2014 Top Picks ( A Little Late) Yourgodisinferiors Late 2014 List
Late 2014 List My Favorite Non Hip Hop Albums Of 2014
Opie's Top 25 Of '14 Railway Through 2014
Zaru's 2014? top 50 2014 projects
100 Albums From 2014 11000 Comments
Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014 2014: A Summery
Happy New Year! My Favorite Album From Each Year, 1990-2014
Yazz_40 2014 BEST 2014 LIST
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 6 Most Listened To Bands 2014
I'm Sorry 10,000 Comments
Why Is It Cool To Love Swans? The Best Of 2014 (Please Rec)
Breakingthefragile's 2014 Of Whatever I Got Around To Listening To Modern Classics
Festive Blues Jams Top Albums With A Circle In The Middle Of Their Front Cover
Fiddy Faves Of 'fourteen Yak 2014
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review 50 Favorite From 2014
My Top 20 Albums Of 2014 My Top 25 Albums Of 2014
Top 30 Of 2014 A Short And Sweet 2014
Mmxv - The Second Angel Top 10 Of 2014
2014-n-stuff Top 10 Album Of 2014
Northern Lights Of 2014 40 Favorite Albums Of 2014
Jason's Top 25 Albums Of 2014!!! Postrockpaperscissors'14 (Top 100)
Top 10 Lps Of 2014 Lambda's 2014
2014 II - This Time It's Personal Favorite Albums Of 2014
A 2014 Collection Looking For Some Recs
Best From 2014 Rushed 2014 List From Hell
Top 60 For 2014 Ali's 2014: Albums
The Top 15 Albums Of 2014 2014 A Year In Review
Red And Grey And Black And White Overrated 'classics'
2014 Masterlist Favorites Of 2014
Top 30 Best Albums Of 2014 Everything 2014
2/0/1/4 2014 Favorites
Zantera's Top100 Albums Of 2014 Favourite Albums From 2014
Dodenakker's Top 25 Of 2014 Last Vinyl Acquisitions List Of 2014
These 2014 Albums All Suck Can Anyone Else Not Decide Their Major?
Top 20 Albums Of 2014 (Updated) 40 Songs From 2014
Boring End Of Year List No-one Gives A Crap About Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 2014
Hench's Top 75 Of 2014 Awesome Albums From 2014!!!!!!!!!
Best 2014 Albums 2014 Top 50
Jasdevi's 2014 Ranked Terrence Malick
Music Related Project I Did For School 2014
Top 15 Of 2014 Anime I Checked Out This Year (not From This Year)
Most Rated Albums Of 2014 Vs '13 Where To Start With Swans ?
Top 100 Albums I Heard For The First Time In 2014 2014 Bottom 5
2014 Sputnik Awards Lambda's Favourite Songs Of 2014
2014 someguest Finds Purpose
Top 25 Songs Of The Half-decade Top 50 Songs Of 2014
2k14 Toones Buttering Up 2014
2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Shitty Top Albums Of 2014
2014 Favorites Top 5 Albums Of 2014
71 Best Albums Of The 90s 2014's 100 Best Albums
Greg's Top 50 Albums Of 2014 Post-rock 100
Best Of '014 Don't Take Sputnikmusic Too Seriously
Top 20 Lengthy Songs 30 For 2014
2014? 2014. My Top 2014 Albums
The Indisputably Definitive 2014 List Arcade's 2014: Albums.
Ya Know, 2014 And Stuff Album Digging - November (2nd Half)
album filler Banned Digz Hard
Early 80s Bands Heavier Than Early Swans 20 Excellent Singles Of 2014
Best Non-metal Albums Of 2014 Ferguson, Round Two.
A Rainbow Of Album Covers Five Days Of Green
How Was Your Day? Favorite Albums Of All Time
Recs Please Pleb's 2014 So Far
20 Most 5'd Albums Of The Decade 2014 Has Been Really Great So Far
Black Sputnik Street Fighter
Top 30 2014 My Top 25 Albums Of 2012
2014 In A Nutshell So Far Swans Ranked After First Jam
Suggestions For Listening? Ryus's Anniversary
Halloween 2014's Top Ten: Deathschool Edition
Albums Of 2014 Albums That Sound Like Their Covers: The Second Coming
Sputnik Hiatus 2500 Ratings
Is Post-punk The Greatest Genre? Some Post-Rock
Partial Eclipse Got Any 90s Recs?
Soothing 2014 (Part 1)
The 10 Best Albums Of 2014 (1955-2014) Favourite Albums Of
My 25 Noise Rules
Sputnik Power Levels 694 Ratings, 69 Albums
2014 So Far 1 Year And Fav Users/albums
Enjoyed Albums Of 2014 Feel Good Recs
Newest Acquisitions (4) Favorite Albums (semi-annual)
Best Avatars Music 2014
U R The 1 Sputnik Swan Songs
Album Digging - Since God Knows When So I've Never Listened To Swans.
Best Swans Songs 5000 Comments
2014 Ranked So Far Filth Ranked
How do I ask my boyfriend to rec me music? Swans Ranked
32 Albums I Listen to Often 2/3 Of The Year Ranked
I Own These - 07/09/2014 Post Rock Vs. Post Punk Vs. Post Hardcore
Cowards More Additions to the Vinyl Collection
Diggin In A Cave I'm 18
1000 Comments?!? Top 20 Of 2014 So Far
"What The Hell Are You Listening To?" My 40 Favs
2014 So Far Top 30 Favorite Albums
Artuma's Top 200: 50-1 Best 100 Tracks Of 2010-2014
Going Through A Phase Living The Present, The Lucid Dream, The Intangible Numbers Of Possibilities Behind A Doorway, Who Leads To Another And So On
Evan's Top 10 Of 2014 (as Of August) What 2014 Releases Have I Missed?
Ryus Turns Fourteen! Judio!'s Favorites! Of! 2014! So! Far!
Music To Chew Glass Shards Too Top 15 Favorite Albums
Something Descriptive Fav 90's Songs
My Top 50 Albums Of The Decade So Far Weird Dreams I've Had
Albums From 2014 I'm Just Now Listening To Obligatory "Best Of" 2014
Artuma's Top 200: 150-101 Audiosurf
2014 Definitive Been Adding To The Record Collection...
2014: Epic Closing Tracks Just Realized
Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 5 Xtreme Pieces Of Music For Your Pleasure
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Yearz
I Love Vinyl. Awesome Albums From The 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014 Quarterly Report #2 Long Album Recs
My 100 Favorite Albums Nightmares
6 Years Of Sowing Top 20 Albums
Perfect Night Time Albums Best Albums Of Each Year (done Legit!)
Some Favorites Of 2014 Fruity Ranks Swans.
Summer Digs Top 14 Of 2014
Breakingthefragile's 2014: First Half Best Pop Album Of 2014
Acid Jams 2014: First Half (songs)
2014: First Half (albums) Ranking 2014 (so Far)
2014 So Far... Best Albums Of 2014
Nice Lil' Mid-2014 List Halfway Point: Top 15 Albums
Artuma's Q2 2014 Digs So Far
More Vinyl Greg's Q2 Of 2014
What Is The Heaviest Album You've Heard? 2014.5: Dave's Top 50 So Far
I Want To Get In To Swans Met Michael Gira + Swans Ranked
My Record Collection As Of 6/25/14 Pitchforkarms' 2014
The Best Of 2014 So Far. Favorites Of 2014 So Far
Everything's Coming Up Milhouse Album Cover Guessing Game, Part 2
Vacation Swans Ranked
Review Ideas? Mmmm Music
My Recent Digs Sad Songs
Eleven Albums My Favorite Albums from 2012
Great Double Albums Year 2014.5 in Omaha
Music Worth Checking Out 2 Which User Lives Closest To You?
Lately I've Been Digging (06-14-14) 2014 Is Pretty Awesome
Favorites of 2014 Duncan Donuts
Post Rock Recs Jury Duty
Top 10 May Top 20 Greatest Albums
Writers Wanted: Q2 Infinite Playlist Pick One...Have Fun
2014,5 In Music Rec Me 2014 Albums.
Vinyl Songs With Raw Power Feelz
Shit I Listen To A Lot These Days. Graduating In A Few Days
Music, Films, Video Games Worth Checking Out Some Unpopular Film Opinions
And God Said Let There Be Vinyl 2014 Ranked So Far
Newest Acquisitions (2) 4 Years On Sputnik
Got Pulled Over Last Night Return Of Idioteque
Swans Show? 2013-2014
Some Of My Favorite Video Games Movies I Dig
This Week... Tear-jerking Songs
Turned 17 Today Artuma's 2014: Top 10
Godzilla Movie Dark Ambient Country Drone Folk
Potsy: Facking Pockets (shuckin Duck Edition) If You Like This...
Ratings Stuff I've Heard Recently
Lengthy Albums Obligatory 1000 Comments List
Hench's Top 25s: 1995 Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2)
Early 2014 List=digs
Ranked Lists List To Be Kind Swans Stream
Unpopular Music Opinions 2: The Squeakquel Hench's Top 25s: 1987
My 2014 + Nudez Songs That Give Me Chills
Boobs On The Cover Worst Albums I've Ever Heard
Exam Time! 2 Yrs
Personal 100 Fav Albums Since 2010 2014 Q1
Best Of 2012 Best Of 2010
Potsys List Of 100 Albums Eighty Kay
My 2014 Up Until This Point Top Ten Best Albums Of 2014 (As Of April 7)
Q1 Tunes 2014 Potsy Falls In Love
Swans To Be Kind Ranked Albums With Immense Beauty
March 2014 Annual Sputnik Madness 2014 Final Four
Potsy's Final Elemental Raga The Mezz Crew Don't Like Me
100 Songs My Favorite Artists/bands
My Favorite Movies The Sputnik Album Part Two
I Need Someone To Drink With The Darkest Song You Have Ever Heard?
100k Scrobbles! What Contemporary Albums Will Be Universally Considered 5s When We Look Back On Them In The Future?
Serving The Empire Digs Retrograde: 2012 A Year Late
Great Thread Thank You Sputnik
2014 Anticipated Releases Just Some Awesome Albums: 2010s
Just Finished Neon Genesis Evangelion Users' Favorite Albums Pt. 2
Cd Collection - Installment Four Look, Another Generic List For The Common Man
Essential Post Rock Decent From 2013
Unpopular Music Opinions. Stoner Riffs Of Truth II
Have A Gloomy New Year I Don't Get The Hype...
Music, Life And Everything In Between Top 20 Albums (updated For 2014)
First Song, First Album Swans Are A Drug
Rec Me Torture Music What Albums Were Made The Year You Were Born?
This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing But Jams Albums For The Introverted
Black Friday Buys Amazing Things I Discovered This Year On Sputnik
2013 Guitars + Other Noises Eminem Is Overrated Tripe, Part 2.
Recent Digs. Pirating Is Actually Easier Than Spotify
Albums For Sitting Outside At Night Top 2 Albums Of All Time
Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig I Made A New Album
Top 25 Best Of 2012
Heavy Songs That Aren't Metal In The Shadow Of Another Album
Crashed Hard Drive Blues New Purchases (pre 2000)
Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong Some Great Closers
Who Are You? Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s
We Live....then We Die My 20th Century
Top 10 Ambient Albums Steal These Albums
10 Of The Heaviest Albums Evers! Gta Ranked: A Retrospective
10 Years Of Sputnik/mx Infinitely Bored At Uni
Hate!!!!!! (????)
*** I Made A New Song
Sexy Songs For Sexy Occasions The Greys Are Coming To Earth
Something For The Shelf Pitch Black Albums
What Are Your Favorite Albums My New Free Ep
Rec Mindblowing Albums Beyond The Grave
Does Anyone Honestly Know Why The She-hulk Isn't All Ferocious And Angry And Physically Huge Like The Incredible Hulk? Hubardo Vs. The Seer
The End Of The World... Summer Shit
A Music List Favourite Songs
Paris Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School
A Life In Music This Feels Like Love
Post Punk Recommendations Please? Copying Trebor [3]
Music For Space Travel Copying Trebor
Albums I've Recently Returned To Experimental Gothic Alt-country Soundscapes
Rec Me Pretentious Stuff What Do You All Do For A Living?
She Said Yes Favorite Indie Albums
Thanks To Sputnik Coil Versus Swans
I Broke 1,000 Ratings Music For Lucid Dreaming
My Favorite Albums Awesome Discography Journeys
Favorite Albums Mountain Recs
Top Albums Of 2012 2012 Was Heavy, And I Was Fucking Late
3 Year Sputversary Classic Albums I Just Don't Get
5 Albums I'd Take Onto A Desert Island Artuma's Top 100
Four.fives+fives Massive-sounding Music?
Their Second Best Creative Writing On Weed?
A Guide To Post-punk 5's Ranked
Writers Fiddy Cent
Favorite Albums Of The 2000s! Top 10 Best Live Sets
The 90's Last Of My Kind
None Of You Feel My Pain Albums I Need To Listen To In Full
Psp Digs Best Of 2012
The Deepest Thing Ever Rec Epic Experimental Rock
Three Years Of College Down Someone Had To Have The Guts
Is It Too Late For A 2012 List? A Peculiar Thing
Princess Lakie's 2010s 2010sies
Curb Your Enthusiasm People Getting Crazy Today
One Hour Photo Finals, Again
The Dichotomy Of The Gemini Favourite Album Openers
Albums I Dig When Your Ipod Resets
Terrifying Music 4 Years Around This Hellhole
Ba-ba-ba-ba Who Loves The Sun Physical Intimacy
Finished My Album Sputnik's Hey Arnold!
Swans What Is The Heaviest Album Ever?
Rev's Winter 2013 Anime Wrap-up! 40 Best Albums Of The 2012
Elite Albums Crawl's Most Essential Albums
Been Jamming These Recently Vinyl #1
Lakie's Top 10 Swans Tracks Everything I Bought In 2013 So Far
Bands Seen Live This Year Swans Top 5
Digs Man Favorite Movies
Swans - Where Do I Start? Post-fucking-punk
1000 Posts Swans Ranked
Non Flaccid Post-hardcore/noise Rock My Top 11 Heaviest Albums
My 2012 Studio Albums So Faar New User's Top Albums
Casino '12 Post-punkin Blumpkin
Top 14 Of 2012 Review A Random Album Game Part Iv
Studying For My Transitional Justice Midterm Album Titles
Industrial Meatfucking The Dolphin Uprising
Worst Albums Of 2012 Serious Issues
Tinnitus Bonnaroo Lineup Is Underwhelming
Mixing Booze Was A Bad Choice Gyro's 2012
Liledman Does 2012 Amazing Songs That Kick Life's Bullshit Out The Window
Songs Digs Thinking/movie Music
A Catchy Title Swans Ranked
Top 100 Albums Oh Look. Another Top 50 List
Sputnik Music Festival The Best Bands Of All Time According To Sputnik
Give Me Some Dark Ass Industrial New Account And Favourites Of 2012
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only)
The Dank Of 2012 User Bros
2012 In Review/things To Look Forward To In 2013 50 Favorite Ablums Eva
Newjunk's 2012 MisterTornado in 2012
There's Nothing Brutal About Making Pizza Thanks Sputnik/a Mandatory 10k Posts List
Great 2012 Albums Part 1 What I Found At Barnes And Noble
Who's Too Good To Get Naked With Her Buddy All Of A Sudden 2012 Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2012
4 Years: 25 Albums Breakingthefragile's Top 50 Albums Of 2012
The Past 2 Months On My Path Of Musical Discovery 2012 Now And Forever
Your Definitive Album Of The Year? Best Artworks of 2012
Some Cool Album Art Turtle's 2012
Watching The Dark Knight Rises My Dad Just Told Me He's Gay
Nameless 2012 List Butkuiss 2012
Yazz_40 2012 Which Show To Watch First?
Treb's 2012 2012 Top 30
2012 In Albums 2012's Finest 100
Top 10 Albums Of 2012 Top 25 of 2012
So Yeah, A 2012 List Todd Solondz's Films Ranked
Kill2012music Lambda's 2012
Top 10 Of 2012 Another 2012 list
My Top 40 Albums Released In 2012 On The Vino 2k12 (replete W/ Linxxx For Your Personal Betterment)
Top 20 Albums Of 2012 Ipod On Shuffle
Top 25 Of '12 Top Albums Of 2012
D'aww: A Lakie 2012 2012. Oh, And 2012.
BreakfastCat's 2012 Top 20 Of 2012
2012: Albums You Spoony Bard
Death Of A Salesman's 2012 A Journey Through 2012
Stillill's Top 25 Of 2012 My Top 50 Albums Of 2012 (for Real This Time)
The Best 2012 List On Sputnik Top 50 Of 2012
Favourite Albums Of 2k12 Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2012 Or Whatever
Wait But What If Happy Holidays/End of the Year (And World) List
Iljajlm's Top 50 + 12 Of 2012 A TotalDowner of 2012
Ball's Top 15 Top 75 Of 2012
The Best Industrial (Give Me More) My Top Ten Songs Of 2012
Minus Top 10 Of 2012 Top 20 Songs Of 2012
Favorite Tracks Of 2012 20 Favorite Double Albums
Pooh Bear Core 2012 2012: Songs
Which Sputniker Would You Eat Favorite 50 Albums Of 2012
Rec Me Some Good Shit From 2012 Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection
Top 50 Of 2012 Urine's Top 50 Albums Of 2012
Mushroom Risotto Rev's 2012: Albums
Under The Sea In 2012 Favourites Of 2012
2012 Top 10 It's Just How I'm Feeling
Flashback: Part 2 My Favourite Bands
Yo What Did I Miss In 2012 (and A Mission) In-ear Or On-ear Headphones?
My Top 20 2012 Curse's Top 20 Of 2012
Claimed By The Night End Of The World Soundtrack
Music That Scares You...? First Semester Of College
Aoty, Finals, Question.... And Thoughts Post-post-life
disappointments 2012 What Have I Missed From This Year?
Top 25 Of 2012 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
List Listening
Decibel Top 40 - 2012 50 Of My Favourite Albums
1990s Top 50 What Happened To Mediafire?
Gttn Rdy Warm Up
Best Albums Of The 80's (by Year) Top 50 Albums Of The 90's (in Order)
Why Melbourne Sucks I Need Some Recomendations Lol
Albums That Don't Suck And You Should Probably Listen To Them If You Have Not Songs Of The Week Part 9
Just Watched Troll 2 Favorite Closing Songs
This Is Sputnikmusic Morphing Users Together
Songs Of The Week Part 8 Albums You Wish Were Perfomed By Another Artist
Nyc Goes Dark What Was That Ban All About?
Liars! Liars Everywhere! Songs Of The Week Part 7
Blue's 2012 Hurricane Sandy
Recs Please! Life Is A Funny Thing
My Favorite Moments In Music Generic Rec Request
Recs Please? ( . )Y( . )
Twenty Twelve Best Guitarist Of All Time?
Popcorn Season No-wave Please
Maybe The End Of The World Is Gonna Happen After All Mc Ride Has Vitiligo In The
2012 Quarterly Report #2 Swans Ranked Properly
What Are Your Fav Bands You Pretend To Like Objecivity/digs
Emotionally Challenging Recs List
10 Of My Favourite Albums In 2012. Rec Me Weird Shit
The Lakes Rpg The F$$$$king Awesome Moments
2012 Has Been A Good Year...so Far This Week
What's Got My Attention Recently Saw Defeater Last Night
Albums That Never Get Old I Wanna Be Your Face Sucking Alien
Giving Music To Friends Favorite Albums Of 2012 So Far
Top 10 Of 2012 So Far! :] Yossarian
Songs Of The Week Part 2 Music To Relax To
Just Listened To Swans... For The Love Of God Stop Listening To Crap.
Favorite Albums Albums Which Leave Me Buried In The Abyss
Neighbors' House Burned Down 2 New Vessl Demo Songs
Curb Your Enthusiasm 1,000 Comments
Best Of 2012 So Far Two Gigs On The Same Night #2
My All-time Favorite Albums Podcast Episode 2: Submit Questions And Topics Plz
Top Albums Of 1988 In Serious Need Of New Stuff.
Top Albums Of 1983 Some New Vinyl
Roommates Party In My Pants. Wanna Cum?
Good Music All Day Erry Day Q3 Infinite Playlist
Twlichty's 2012 So Far Rec Me Anything Disturbing
Education Lakes Turns 16
Sputcast Top 12 Albums Of '12 So Far
Rock is the worst genre of music Things You Like (in Music)
2012 Favourites Druuuuunk
Top 30 Books Anyone?
Bluew's Foobar Layout/ui Whateva Choke
Work Could Rec Me Some Similar Albums
The Summer Sucks... Atp Melbourne '13
First Job Savannah A Mass Grave?
Thrash Is A 4 Letter Word Favourite Lyricists?
Every Album On My Mp3 Player Are There Any Sites Where I Can Learn Fluent Finnish?
Agalloch Was Boring... Key 2012 Releases
2009-11: Top 100 Albums From 1300+ In The Past 3 Years Mr. Nobody
Post-punk-noise-drone-industrial A Wild List Appeared!
Rec Me Stuff Similar To Swans I Love My Restauraunt
Albums That Are An Experience A Year Of Lurking
Digs Let's Be Friends
Greatest No Wave Albums My 100 Essential Albums
Perfect Albums I Am Now A Father
Lo-fi Folk/drone Recommendations
Last Things I Have Listened To Awesome Giant List #2
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle Wilecha0te's Definitive Guide To Swans
Most Looked Forwarded To-ed My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List
Music For Murder Sludgy Goodness
21st Century (so Far) Out Of Body Music
No Filler Albums Preppers?
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle 100 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Mother Earth Is Pregnant For The Third Time Freespace 2
Trying Mushrooms Dark Atmospheres
Breathtaking Albums Digz
My 20 Favorite Albums Eye For An Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind
Breaking Dawn Can Suck My Ass Marko Muzika
Albums That Have Been Helping Me Get Through Things 100 Hard Jamz
Epic Download Day Comment On My List!
Legend Of Zelda - Best 20 Dungeons The Best of Post-Punk
Deus Ex: Whomin Revolution Ball's Romantic Mixtape For Wooing The Opposite Sex. Or Same Sex If You're A Homo
My Favourite Non-metal Albums My Favourite Double Cds
Calling All Sputnik Swiffered The Shitter...
Rip Cat Rank The Halls
Boss Is On Vacation Which Means... When In Rome...
Classic Double Albums Greatest Live Acts 2011
Dying My Hair Sleepless Nights
Digs Doom
Scoot Recs Best Moaropeth Users?
How Babies Are Made? Headphone Amps
The Best Of US Post-punk New Sounds, New Experiences
Halloween Soundtrack Albums You've Never Heard
Chinese Toddler Run Over... A Very Grimm Concert
Atp's I'll Be Your Mirror Day 2 Top 100 Album Artworks
Black Doom Discographies
Went To A Screening Of Drive... Whoa! 30,000 Posts.
I Saw Swans Tonight Post Rock Recs Anyone?
Ehh. Kind Of Sad Movie/s You'd Like To See Remade + Digs.
Too Many Good Shows In The Fall Great Day To Be Human
Who's Got Tattoos? Outside Ovaries
The Sword Of Doom Future Music?
And Now for Something Different Top 20 Albums Of 2010
Atmosphere 10 Best 80's Albums
Thank You Sputnik Hey Uhh
Albums That Make You Happy To Be Alive! Looking for good record stores in NYC/Philly
Rec Me Some Sad Introspective Music 1990's: Golden Age Of Music?
Boner Jams Melvins Vs Jucifer Vs Nadja
albums with circles on them : ranked Rapture Playlist
Good Morning Guys! :] Dream Jobs
Currently Digging The Essential Industrial Albums
Anyone Got A Setlist For D.e.p On The Deftones Tour? Handies or Blowies...
Zombie Apocalypse More Sex! (free Nudes Inside)
Srightry Listens To Music Too Are You Hateful Enough? Part One
Current Digs 3/2011 Hot Digs / Hot Damn
2011 Albums? Users' Best Of 2010: 100 - 51
Freakishly Long Albums Raining Gigs
Cha0te Digs MMX by Srightry
They Skinned Her Alive 20 Heroin Albums
Cult Music: Winter Ritual Ov Cthulhu Best Emotionally Desperate Albums
Which Users Have To Most Similar Taste To You Rabbit Does That 2010
Lobby 2010: Top 50 Favorite Albums Of 2010
Top 50 Albums Of 2010 Musick For Killing The Ego
Okay Top 20 For This Year Ugh Sowing's Soundtrack To 2010
Jingle's 2 Thousand 10 Two-Headed Boy's 2010
2010: The Year In Honorable Mentions 2010 In Eternium
My 2010 (top 60) Joshuatwothousandten
Top 10 Of 2010 Mogwai Fear Satan
My Top 50 of 2010 Top 30 Albums Of The Year
My Top Albums Of 2010 Best Of 2010
Soundtracks To The Apocalypse On The Fence
Cool Albums That Won't Make My Top 50 Of 2010. Depressive Records For Depressed People
Chambered's Top 40 Albums Of 2010 Roadburn Sold Out In 20 Minutes
Top 100 Albums Of 2010 AOTY: 1980 - 2010
2010 Early My Top 10 Of 2010 :]
Albums That Sucked The Least This Year Great Album Art (part 3)
Greetings And Salutations, Sputnik! How To Get People To At Least Respect Your Music...
Scary Albums I Think You Forgot Something
Love Yr Friends Super Lonely
The True Cult Ov Cthulhu Chambered's Ultimate Fall 2010 Digs List
My Top 50 Of 2010 Lickety Shit
2010? 2010 Digs
There Is No Us You Psycopathic Bitch I'm Getting Caught Up
Screw Metal Lots Of People Named
Summer Listening List Current Best Of 2010
Industrial Recs? I Wish I Was Part Of The Sputnik In Crowd
Why Has This Not Been Reviewed Yet? The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years
5 From The 80's - 5 From The 90's Lol Women
Summer Sounds. What Are You Listening To? A Heartfilled Reaction To Dissatisfaction
Post-Nuclear Playlist New Here
Last 3 Months Depressing Albums
My Industrial Collection Pretty Pumped For Deftones' New Album
Morning Hue Modern Warfare 2
Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner And Gets Away With It Artists I Need To Listen To
A Little Late Night Listening Neutral Milk Hotel Blow
It's Pie Face! Nu-metal Is Automatically A 5
Metallica Fans Get Offended Too Easily The Ultimate Post-rock List
Ultimate 90s List You, Fuck You!
Please Expand And Nothing Of Value Was Lost?
Recent Diggs Bands That Have Inspired My Poetry
I Got Into A Fight With Delain's Keyboardist Acquilistens: Turd
Songs About Me Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies
I Am The Atrocity A Short List For You
Madness Jrowa's Digs!!!!! Please Leave Awesome Comments


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