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10 gosk8n03/21/13
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1-year Sputnik Anniversary Vespiion10/22/12
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2005 mttgry07/08/12
2003 mttgry07/07/12
2002 mttgry07/06/12
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A Year Of Lurking ILJ06/19/12
Itunes Genius Mixes johnnydeking2906/17/12
Make Me Sway To Your Recs figure33706/14/12
My Favorite Voices In Rock Music Calc06/14/12
Holy Fuck, That Blew... johnnydeking2906/13/12
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2011 Revisited PrewDelisek06/12/12
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Recent Acquisitions Dashy05/30/12
My Favorite Albums At The Moment dathvada32105/29/12
Thrice's Farewell Tour iswimfast05/28/12
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Soundtrack To Level 60 figure33705/27/12
Love Life johnnyblaze05/25/12
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2009 autopilotoff05/19/12
2008 autopilotoff05/19/12
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Sanity cyLOL05/17/12
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2003 autopilotoff05/09/12
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2002 autopilotoff05/08/12
2001 autopilotoff05/08/12
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100 Examples Of Great Artwork Omaha03/06/12
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___ Can Go And... Funeralopolis03/06/12
Don't Fear The Reapers ninjuice03/05/12
Outstanding! FrasierCrane03/04/12
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New Cudi Album Sucks, Hodgy Mixtape Is Okay OrangeHologram02/24/12
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Favorite Bands/albums jg77702/21/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
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Iphone AdamK02/07/12
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Albums I Bought This Year Dev51805/09/10
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Procrastination March_Of_Sand05/05/10
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Mixtape Of Ther Weak Ewednesday04/23/10
My Ipod On Shuffle 3 soap9104/23/10
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Korea renegadestrings04/21/10
Obligatory 420 List intothepit8304/20/10
Melodic Emo/post-hardcore Recs jesusjuice117904/19/10
My Ipod Likes Roses And Walks On The Beach. BeyondSanity04/19/10
Locks Of Love BigTuna04/18/10
Rec's Plz. Need. iamSeraph04/18/10
Explicit Adventure Music mickeymfb04/16/10
Back In The Day... Lakes.04/15/10
Cd's I Own thricealive04/15/10
My Sputnik Albums tvol04/14/10
Give Me Recs!!!! Please soap9104/14/10
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Vinyl Collection TomServo04/06/10
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Virgin RideTheChina04/02/10
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50 Favorite Songs Ever TomServo04/01/10
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Best Of The Decade: 2000-2002 killrobotmusic09/22/09
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Mo' Recent Gets thecheatisnotdead09/21/09
My My, nodnerB09/21/09
Longboarding Playlist killrobotmusic09/21/09
Annoying: That Muse Ad On The Homepage... Deathcar09/21/09
I Start Uni Tomorrow.. chrisonsputnik09/20/09
Mass Effect 2 Niceinvader09/20/09
Pirate Day Mixtape redsparrow09/19/09
V-necks, Yay Or Nay? zeppelinUSA09/18/09
8 Days Of Muzak libertine23709/18/09
Just Bought zeppelinUSA09/15/09
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The 15th Of September Masochist09/15/09
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10 Cd's I Must Own Asap jcfiasco09/13/09
Going Post(al) Hardcore Deathcar09/13/09
1st Month In Usa pneumoniahawk9309/12/09
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Tai Chi? Lions09/10/09
My Want List erikjonsson3309/09/09
It's Been An Awful Past Few Days EVedder2709/08/09
Oh Look, A Desert Island SlightlyEpic09/08/09
2nd Day Of College :o Cubik12509/08/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
My Favourite Bands Ever Deathcar09/06/09
Itunes Top 25 Played BrahTheSunGod09/06/09
Top 25 Of '08 *revised YouAreMySilence09/05/09
10 Favorite Bands Of All Time EasternLight09/05/09
Why 2003 was awesome arsonist8809/05/09
5 Essentail Albums For Post-hardcore zekeinsomnia09/04/09
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My Mother's Opinion On Music Waior09/01/09
15 Tracks I Want In My Fifa/pes 10 ameypv09/01/09
Thrice Setlist Aids08/31/09
Favourite Albums (so Far) vakuola08/30/09
Top 20 Last.fm Cubik12508/30/09
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Bands I've Seen Live (notable) joobakka08/24/09
Bands I Saw At Warped Tour ErasersAtBothEnds08/24/09
The 50 Best Albums (in Order) thesystemisdown08/24/09
My Song Of The Year Contenders killrobotmusic08/24/09
Bands That Are Way Overrated Boognish08/23/09
Late Night Tracks killrobotmusic08/23/09
Oh God Yes, nodnerB08/22/09
England Might Win The Ashes Fire Away08/22/09
Shit Yo. WarAllTheTime98808/21/09
Warped Tour 09 LiquidVelvet08/21/09
Some Asshole Stole My Cd's Abdar11208/21/09
New Ipod, Need More Music zeppelinUSA08/21/09
Recs zack1608/20/09
10 Beautiful Songs killrobotmusic08/20/09
Rec Me Some Good zyphur08/19/09
Favorites Need More. Amnesty08/19/09
Top 10 Albums Aids08/19/09
2009's Best Tracks Knott-08/19/09
Recent Gets killrobotmusic08/19/09
Favorite/favourite/faverit Songs Currently killrobotmusic08/18/09
Currently Digging... Deathcar08/18/09
Need Some New Stuff Choco1908/18/09
Just Bought A Violin Spare08/18/09
Beggars Ranked ratedrsuperstar08/18/09
Rec Me Some 2009 Waior08/17/09
Top 25 Songs Of 2009 (so Far) killrobotmusic08/17/09
So I Keep Getting Logged Out Fugue08/17/09
Symmetrically Shaped Shapes Prophet17808/16/09
My Band Played A Gig With Robben Ford Last Night killrobotmusic08/16/09
Essendon 110 Def. St Shitness 108 Vooligan08/16/09
Recommend Me Some Jogging Music Lelle08/15/09
Lucky Picks uberspuck08/15/09
II Amnesty08/14/09
My Shopping List Masochist08/13/09
Summer 09' theearthisnthumming08/13/09
Overload Knott-08/12/09
First List Of Digs ingystyle08/12/09
Back To The Future killrobotmusic08/12/09
How Do You Create A Profile Icon? Abdar11208/12/09
Recent Pre-orders And Digs Rntyznr08/12/09
Beggars Ranked Yazz_Flute08/11/09
Songs With Great Background Intricacies MorningView42508/11/09
I Got Sad ErasersAtBothEnds08/11/09
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2009 - Rec Non-metal Albums Yazz_Flute08/10/09
Top 20 Albums At The Moment.... thomas308/08/09
Bands I'm Going To See Live LegendofPittman08/07/09
Pick A Number Between 1 And 100 handoman08/07/09
My 100 Favourite Songs AdamP08/06/09
Everyone Can Lie, It's Easy Knott-08/06/09
Sooper Belated Best Of 08 LiquidVelvet08/06/09
Explain To Me Whats So Great About These Albums Logman45608/05/09
Need New Music Prophet17808/04/09
Thrice Ranked Klekticist08/04/09
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31051 Plays With Last.fm theminustimes09/03/08
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Favorite Post Hardcore/screamo/emo bobbingforapples08/26/08
Umb's 10 Favourite Bad Ass-riffs Umb08/25/08
Favorites Of 2002 chaoticmelody08/25/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
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Best Albums Of 2008 Thus Far thomerakisgod08/19/08
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Recent Gets billy3308/13/08
Digg.com Abdar11208/11/08
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Great Songs You May Not Have Heard Abdar11208/02/08
Last.fm Top 50 Intransit08/01/08
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The Beach londoncalling45707/29/08
Digs ironman444407/28/08
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Umb's 10 Favourite Albums Umb07/24/08
Pro's+con's Of Shuffled Songs. HispanicImpressions07/24/08
Water Abdar11207/24/08
Fire Abdar11207/24/08
Lately SpinLightTwo07/18/08
Masochist's Recent Acquisitions Masochist07/16/08
New Acquisitions AmericnZero0207/16/08
My Itunes On Shuffle #2 ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
My Itunes On Shuffle ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
Eurphoric Tunes Abdar11207/14/08
This Year backinhindsight07/11/08
Masochist's Favorite Moments In Music, Vol. II Masochist07/10/08
Iluvatar's Hot 25 Of '08 Iluvatar07/09/08
Flawed Does 2008 FlawedPerfection07/09/08
Favourite Albums By Favourite Bands ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
Ranked Alchemy Index rustysurf8407/07/08
Favourite Bands Ver.2 ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
Favorite Aqueous Tracks JAV07/07/08
Bands Who I Await A New Album From SnackaryBinx07/05/08
Who Do You Think God Is? (jesusxcore Is A Joke) YouAreMySilence07/04/08
Albums That Aren't Leaving My Stereo SnackaryBinx07/03/08
July Already? Best Of 2008, Halftime Yazz_Flute07/03/08
Best Of 08 Intransit07/03/08
Teh Shuffle ToWhatEnd07/01/08
This Must Be Another Dream Abdar11206/30/08
Valencia's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
Alphabet londoncalling45706/28/08
Don't Question My Authority Or Put Me In The Box Burn2Burn06/25/08
Daring To Be Different... willfellmarsy06/24/08
Albums That Got Me Into Music SnackaryBinx06/22/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: Final thesystemisdown06/22/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: All Pt. 2 thesystemisdown06/21/08
75 Songs Oneiron06/20/08
Soundtrack To A Rainy Day TheDistantFuture06/20/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: All thesystemisdown06/19/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: Fire thesystemisdown06/19/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: Water thesystemisdown06/19/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: Air thesystemisdown06/19/08
Best Of Alchemy Index: Earth thesystemisdown06/19/08
Some Of My Favorite Moments In Music SpinLightTwo06/19/08
Concert Openers ToWhatEnd06/18/08
Immaculately Conceived skitz06/17/08
6/16/06 iarescientists06/16/08
Original Passages In Music Chewie06/14/08
The Best Albums Of Spring Quarter donovr06/11/08
My Top Alchemy Index Picks LightningJ06/11/08
Songs Im Digging Right Now broc06/10/08
Been Listening To 72haha7206/05/08
Top 50 Of 07 Final Edition Intransit06/04/08
10 Best Love Songs On My Ipod xs1n1sterx06/03/08
What Do You Get When Alex Trebek Has A Picture Of A Giraffe In His Ass During An Earthquake? Yazz_Flute05/28/08
Boredom Shuffle Ftw Golgoroth05/27/08
90's-Present: Modern Day Classics Abdar11205/26/08
Reccomend Me Some Bands billy3305/24/08
Sputnik Has Spoken! Masochist05/23/08
Albums That Are Always On Tam-Tam05/21/08
Lol Wut Is Juggalo? Ire05/20/08
Time To Settle This Once & For All... Masochist05/20/08
Albums I Am Digging Right Now! Ouch05/16/08
The Second Most Original List Evar!!!!!11!!1!! \m/-_-\m/ Yazz_Flute05/15/08
My 10 Fav's CleanInjection05/14/08
Not That I'm A Pussy... Abdar11205/13/08
Gang Vocals armfarm05/12/08
Sample Of Bands I Like broc05/10/08
What's Playing In My Car Now BearsAreBastards05/09/08
California! TheDistantFuture05/09/08
Thrice Setlist botb05/08/08
Simply Beautiful TheDistantFuture05/07/08
The Bamboozle! jameskukucka05/05/08
I've Had the_patient05/04/08
Thrice Set List In Richmond rustysurf8405/04/08
My Top 10 Albums Of 2008 Thus Far Yazz_Flute05/02/08
Popular Bands That I Don't Like ilikemusicthatsucks05/01/08
Wishlist For Thrice Setlist rustysurf8404/30/08
Albums I Plan To Listen To On Last.fm Golgoroth04/30/08
Obtained south_of_heaven 1104/30/08
Albums I Want bobbingforapples04/28/08
Top 25 Thrice Songs Yazz_Flute04/27/08
Current Top 10 Albums arsonist8804/25/08
Weepy Sugar Roses Doing Alchemy NOTINTHEFACE04/24/08
Digging These Babies Iluvatar04/23/08
7 Card Stud! botb04/23/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
1 Year On Sputnik HangEmHigh04/22/08
4/21!!!!!!!! Abdar11204/21/08
Today Was A Beautiful Day... radianteclipse04/21/08
Sputnik'd StreetlightRock04/20/08
Diggin armfarm04/19/08
The Most Original List Evar!!!!!11!!1!! \m/-_-\m/ Yazz_Flute04/16/08
Punk Recommendations Please Abdar11204/16/08
Underrated Bands. botb04/16/08
Albums That Go With Me Everywhere TamsinGadai04/16/08
Some Diggings OGlaf001804/16/08
5 Very Overrated Bands. dancelogandance04/15/08
Top 50 Bands (i Think) TheStarclassicTreatment04/15/08
Albums I'm Considering Raising To 5's. NOTINTHEFACE04/15/08
The Perfect Concert DWittisarockstar04/14/08
Alchemy Index 1/2 Ranked armfarm04/14/08
Vheissu Ranked armfarm04/14/08
Diggs, Literally TheDistantFuture04/13/08
I'm Going To Shoot A Bear... HispanicImpressions04/09/08
Digital Photography Can Be A Very Boring Class theminustimes04/09/08
25 Songs From The New Guy YouAreMySilence04/08/08
Songwriter67's Album's I'm Hyped For songwriter6704/07/08
Inspirational Songs ReachForTheSky04/06/08
Bands I Want To Get Into Recomend Please bobbingforapples04/03/08
To Get List: Ver 5.0 McP300004/02/08
Hi south_of_heaven 1103/31/08
Song Digs DWittisarockstar03/29/08
2007 JumpTheF**kUp03/27/08
Awesome Pump Up Songs Abdar11203/26/08
Better Bands/Artists I Fall Asleep To Abdar11203/25/08
Teh Shuffel Chuffel mryrtmrnfoxxxy03/25/08
Songs I've Been Diggin' Abdar11203/24/08
What I'm Living Off... steadyeddie03/23/08
Shufflez Amputee03/22/08
Introducing.... skitz03/18/08
Misunderstanding In A Jazz Bash doritos03/16/08
Diggin' These botb03/07/08
My Top 25 Played Abdar11203/07/08
Thrice Fans: Please Help Abdar11203/06/08
Best Tracks On The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II - Fire & Water Abdar11203/06/08
The Benefits Of Irresponsiblity. Metalikane03/04/08
Mix I Listen To Sleeping botb03/03/08
Songs To Sleep To Golgoroth03/03/08
Favourite Songs By My Favourite Bands armfarm03/02/08
Bands I'm Addicted To Lately Golgoroth02/28/08
My Cd Wish List Golgoroth02/26/08
Myspace mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/24/08
Frequently Listened To Lately Hewitt02/19/08
Bands I Own Two Or More Albums By thesystemisdown02/15/08
Music Thy Name Is Emotion Cesar02/13/08
Boredom Shuffle Pt. 2 botb02/12/08
Recent Stuff thefightclub02/09/08
Purchasessssss skullcrusher14902/08/08
Albums I Could See Going Up In My Ratings McP300002/08/08
Zune Zune Zune Pt. Deux patrickbateman02/07/08
My Top Five Albums Apostle702/05/08
1 Year At Sputnik Yazz_Flute02/03/08
Top 24 Albums Of 2007 bearsvillemusic02/02/08
My Ipod Cont'd metallicaman802/01/08
Music Ftw cometuesday01/30/08
My Chemical Romance Geedrummer01/30/08
Top 10 Bands... NOTINTHEFACE01/29/08
Top 30 Songs Chewie01/26/08
Who Buys Albums Anymore? LightningJ01/25/08
Most Listened To Bands (update) jimay33301/22/08
My Favorite Polyrythms donovr01/21/08
Top 10 Thrice Tracks cbmartinez01/19/08
5000 Songs With Last.fm theminustimes01/17/08
Favourite Atmospheric Songs Final Origin01/16/08
Emotionally Powerful Songs botb01/16/08
I Don't Know londoncalling45701/14/08
My Shuffled Ipod Final Origin01/14/08
Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!! Reign_In_Blood_8901/14/08
New To Sputnik doritoz01/11/08
My Favourite Songs Of 07 armfarm01/10/08
Chill ToWhatEnd01/10/08
Word Of The Day: Water cometuesday01/10/08
Some Recent Buys Zorz01/08/08
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 Iluvatar01/08/08
My Post-christmas Wish List thesystemisdown01/07/08
Word Of The Day: Earth cometuesday01/07/08
Hai I'm Electric City FlawedPerfection01/04/08
Newest Editions To My Collection JoeForPresident01/03/08
Word Of The Day: Black cometuesday01/02/08
2007: The Top 50 Iai01/02/08
It's Come To This ohcleverhansyou01/01/08
Word Of The Day: Blue cometuesday01/01/08
2008 Awaits minimesmyidol12/31/07
Help! I Need Somebody.. londoncalling45712/31/07
Word Of The Day: Red cometuesday12/31/07
The Best Albums Of 2007 MoonlightBleeding12/28/07
My Top 25 Albums Of 2007 CoreySzn12/28/07
Top 10 Of 2007 cbmartinez12/28/07
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
My 15 Of '07 Mirror.Circuit12/24/07
Top 15 Albums Of 2007 br3ad_man12/24/07
Staff Picks: Top 50 Albums Of 2007 mx12/24/07
Top 15 Albums Of 2007 20440912/23/07
Damrod's Top15 Albums Of 2007 Damrod12/23/07
Guess What? ironman444412/22/07
Flawed's Top 15 Of 2007 FlawedPerfection12/22/07
Botb's Top 15 Of 2007. botb12/22/07
Iai's Best Of 2007 (top 15) Iai12/22/07
Currently Listening To... JoeForPresident12/21/07
I Wants Ire12/20/07
I Need New Music! Guitar10812/20/07
Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007 20440912/19/07
Fanboyism McP300012/19/07
My Top Of 2007 SpinLightTwo12/18/07
Top Albums Of 2007 Confessed200512/18/07
Top 2007 Albums IsItLuck?12/17/07
Top 25 Albums Of 2007 donovr12/17/07
Top 15 Albums Of 2007 jameskukucka12/16/07
Brand New/thrice Set List Last Night armfarm12/15/07
Bands I Might Be Getting Into JoeForPresident12/12/07
Fucking Awesome. Mirror.Circuit12/10/07
Bands I Might Get Into powerpop12/09/07
Buying Spree!!! Yazz_Flute12/08/07
Very Best Of Rock/metal Of 07 Pebster4912/07/07
Top 10 Albums Of 2007 AB8912/06/07
Last 20 Albums I've Listened To McP300012/04/07
My Favorite Albums whitet8612/03/07
My Top Songs Of 2007 spoon_of_grimbo12/03/07
Recent Non-metal Obsessions botb12/02/07
Top 15 Of 2007 londoncalling45712/02/07
Recent Listening Confessed200512/02/07
2007 Mikesn12/01/07
Bands Like These... StreetlightRock12/01/07
Recent Overplayings. NOTINTHEFACE11/29/07
Madden 08 Mix londoncalling45711/23/07
5 Albums I've Been Listening To A Lot Recently botb11/23/07
Favorite Breakdowns? botb11/23/07
Z0mg Pwn3d!!!11!!1 Yazz_Flute11/22/07
Recent Purchases McP300011/17/07
Sorry Mr. Kite londoncalling45711/17/07
Bands I Want To Check Out, Are They Any Good? Kronzo11/16/07
Songs I've Been Obsessed With Lately. thecheatisnotdead11/16/07
Birthday Wishlist Yazz_Flute11/14/07
The Most Emotionally Compelling Songs I've Heard So Far thesystemisdown11/14/07
My 10 Favorite Of 2007 As Of November 12th. Mirror.Circuit11/12/07
Best Of 07... Yeah. NOTINTHEFACE11/11/07
Most Listened To clairvoyant11/11/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
Albums I'm Listening To Alot armfarm11/05/07
Songs That Are Just Plain Awesome clairvoyant11/04/07
What Should I Get Next? Yazz_Flute10/30/07
07 mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/30/07
My 30 Favourite Albums spoon_of_grimbo10/28/07
The Skin Melts Cleanly Off His Crumbling Bones And Drips Silently Into The Cup. They Watch The Old Whore Slurp It Up Grimly. MrKite10/27/07
These Are Bands/artists I (still) Need To Get Into Altmer10/27/07
Learning And Living Understanding In a Crash10/25/07
Top Albums 2007 Cesar10/25/07
Ultimate... Um, Just Ultimate. cometuesday10/24/07
Favorite Albums Of 2007 botb10/18/07
10 Albums I've Been Spinning A Lot Lately Mirror.Circuit10/17/07
Albums I'm Thinking About Getting londoncalling45710/15/07
Favs 0.7. HangEmHigh10/15/07
Shoveling... StreetlightRock10/14/07
My Favorite Songs Pastropzut10/05/07
Great Back To Back Albums Cesar10/05/07
All Time Top Five Guitar10809/19/07
Songs That I'm Loving cometuesday09/19/07
Good Bands A-z tribestros09/15/07
7 Top. amethod09/14/07
Five Albums I Have Most Recently obtained theminustimes09/14/07
Favorite Thrice Songs Understanding In a Crash09/13/07
Albums I Immediately Got Into LightningJ09/10/07
Modern Bands That Will Be Influences For The Next Generation Amalgam09/09/07
Recent Purchases tribestros09/06/07
Recommendations? Izzy10109/05/07
Stuff I Recently Discovered tribestros09/05/07
My Birtday Is Next Sunday :d Yield09/01/07
Another Pointless List ironman444409/01/07
I Pwn... chimera90808/28/07
Songs I Listen To Before I Sleep armfarm08/23/07
Albums That Need To Come Out InThisLegacy201008/15/07
Work Sucked Tonight ToWhatEnd08/09/07
Favourite Albums...ever armfarm08/08/07
Here, There, And Everywhere FlawedPerfection08/05/07
Newest Albums Careyb08/04/07
Thank You, Mr. Hawk; Thank You, Mr. Mirra... Masochist08/01/07
California Listening ToWhatEnd08/01/07
The Sludge: Last.fm Overall Artist The Sludge07/31/07
Songs Of Current Obsession HangEmHigh07/19/07
Just Getting Back Into It... Hatshepsut07/17/07
Keep Up, Pussies Syncratic07/16/07
Revised List Of Bands I Like LightningJ07/16/07
Canada londoncalling45707/12/07
Bands I Plan On Getting Into... Feedback? NOTINTHEFACE07/11/07
Moody Records ToWhatEnd07/11/07
Halfway To A Threeway FlawedPerfection07/07/07
Songs Of The Summer clairvoyant07/07/07
Top 50 2000's Albums BringHomeTheBacon06/29/07
Shit That Rules At The Moment. XMII06/27/07
twenty5 IsItLuck?06/17/07
New+improved Songs I Like List Robots8MyGrandma06/16/07
No Money = No Music Yield06/14/07
Favorites Albums MikeShOck06/12/07
Favorites Songs By Favorites Bands MikeShOck06/12/07
Recommendations happybegood06/11/07
Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands ktstein06/08/07
10 Albums I Love someguyincal06/07/07
Albums I've Been Digging Lately thecheatisnotdead05/31/07
My Band's Cover MikeShOck05/30/07
The Bands That Influnce My Band MikeShOck05/29/07
My Favorite Albums ktstein05/21/07
Bands I Cannot Wait To Put Out New Albums HangEmHigh05/17/07
Woo New Cover Songs To Be Done HangEmHigh05/10/07
Albums I Own WhosEmo05/09/07
PAST Favorite Bands WhosEmo05/07/07
Favorite Thrice Songs HangEmHigh05/03/07
Favorite Punk Solos HangEmHigh05/02/07
Itunes Albums 3 Full Collapse29904/26/07
Top 10 Bands Full Collapse29904/25/07
Great Songs (In no particular order) greyeffect04/24/07
Top 20 Albums Full Collapse29904/15/07
Favorite Thrice Songs Full Collapse29904/15/07
Top Bands woee04/12/07
My Collection BlindGuy101203/30/07
Top 50 Albums Ever clairvoyant03/29/07
Top 10 Deserted Island Albums InThisLegacy201003/28/07
The Sludge: Thanks Sputnik The Sludge03/16/07
Metal/metalcore/hardcore Bands I Can't Stand NeverFading1403/01/07
My Favorites tdhinatx02/27/07
Just Can't Stop... clairvoyant02/19/07
Inspiration On Demand ToWhatEnd02/14/07
Last Fm Top 15 xNintendoCorex02/13/07
Partner Song List Iluvatar02/12/07
Worst Follow Up Albums tdhinatx02/12/07
Post Hardcore Goodness Full Collapse29902/12/07
Artists That Got Me Into Music Wyko01/24/07
Most Anticipated Albums Of 2007 Full Collapse29901/23/07
Songs Im Listenin 2 Atm 3TwoCan301/16/07
To Prove I'm Better Than Canyoneer Iluvatar12/24/06
To Prove That Many Great Riffs Aren't From Metal Intransit12/24/06
Double '07 FlawedPerfection12/19/06
5 Albums I'm Looking Forward To In 2007 Musicfreak8138912/19/06
Very Underrated And Mostly Overlooked Albums Musicfreak8138912/18/06
Top 5 Albums Of 2005 Musicfreak8138912/18/06
Top 5 Albums Of 2003 Musicfreak8138912/18/06
My Favorite Cd's Of My Time Musicfreak8138912/17/06
New Top 50 Hatshepsut12/09/06
Canyoneer copies TWE ftw Intransit12/05/06
Bands I've tried to get into but just can't NeverFading1411/28/06
My 25 Top Bands BlindGuy101211/28/06
Crappy Punk Covers: The Sludge Edition The Sludge11/26/06
Albums i got bored of quick nicklee190311/26/06
Songs That Control Me ToWhatEnd11/16/06
TWE's Favorite Thrice Songs ToWhatEnd11/13/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
FP's One Hundred FlawedPerfection11/07/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Climaxes FlawedPerfection11/02/06
10 Min. Playlist Otisbum11/01/06
OshiXcore car mix Intransit10/23/06
The Greatest Songs I've Heard the Last Five Years radianteclipse10/22/06
As long as you play with passion... Iluvatar10/12/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
Bands I got into this year icaught fire44410/04/06
ABCDEFG... Hatshepsut10/02/06
FP's Song ABCs FlawedPerfection10/02/06
Craziest Crowds ToWhatEnd10/01/06
My "Dig" list for September icaught fire44409/30/06
Road Trip! f_u_c_t09/26/06
All The Albums of Bands I Want daghka09/17/06
Updated Fav. Albums Hatshepsut08/26/06
Grrpanda (An idea pertaining to dreams) Iluvatar08/23/06
This week\\\'s iPod update ktstein08/22/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
OMG ORIGINAL LIST FlawedPerfection08/20/06
The Fake Alphabumetical List Iluvatar08/17/06
not-metal songs that i love Diabulus in musica08/17/06
Albums I'm Currently Digging thereisnohappyhere1608/16/06
My Top 10 Favs. Thyrteen08/11/06
Favourite Post-Hardcore Albums Concubine08/11/06
Albums that arent classic (but people say are) Iluvatar08/10/06
Headbangable songs LaVozDormida08/07/06
Fav. Albums of the week weerez139108/05/06
Favorite Guitar Albums * Not Classic Rock* weerez139107/27/06
My Top 10 Personal Favourite Albums Concubine07/27/06
Lately I'm Loving...... weerez139107/26/06
Top 10 Epic Songs weerez139107/24/06
Last week\'s most played songs... ktstein07/24/06
Singles that get a bad rap yo Iluvatar07/17/06
Top Thrice Songs woee07/16/06
Iluvatar's Weekly Playlist! Iluvatar07/13/06
Bands that changed my musical outlook supraman_207/08/06
Favourites... Seraphim07/02/06
Last 15 songs played on my iPod. ktstein06/30/06
Top Underrated Bands ktstein06/27/06
Top 25 Songs (by Plays) Seraphim06/27/06
Favorite Thrice Songs ktstein06/25/06
MY list of bands Sputnik introduced me to Hatshepsut06/25/06
Iluvatars Sputnik Bands Iluvatar06/25/06
10 Favorite Songs Hatshepsut06/20/06
My favorite bands Hatshepsut06/19/06
My All-Time Favorites NEDM06/19/06
Top 10 Songs of All Time 20440906/18/06
Top 10 Albums of All Time 20440906/18/06
Top 10 Songs Nath06/17/06
Top 10 Bands Nath06/17/06
Naths Top 10 Nath06/17/06


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