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Bands That Sputnik Either Loves Or Hates That Got Me Into Metal MasBarHigeuoris2110/03/10
Abcdeath sin6910/03/10
Top 10 Albums DerRm4ister10/02/10
Taroo's Guilty Pleasures taroo09/27/10
My 2010 So Far Captain North09/27/10
My Top 10 Songs Of All Time MassiveTool09/26/10
When Rock Meets Electronic MassiveTool09/25/10
Rap-rock/metal Albums Urinetrouble09/21/10
Mimsy's Top Sputnikers Emim09/21/10
You Guys Suck At Nu-metal Counterfeit09/20/10
Mimsy's Nu-metal List Emim09/20/10
The Definitive Nu Metal Albums Metalstyles09/20/10
Nu-metal Bros Urinetrouble09/19/10
What I've Been Listening To On A Regular Basis This Past Month Urinetrouble09/18/10
Geek Strider09/17/10
Top 20 Linkin Park Songs Emim09/15/10
Reasons You Should Drink Steel Reserve witchxrapist09/14/10
What Should I Review Next Strider09/14/10
Abc's Of My Ipod X3ro99409/13/10
My Weekend Sucked ieatpuppies4dinner09/13/10
50 Random Songs On My Ipod Part 2 leppalo09/12/10
Ayo When This First Started Off It Was Just Linkim Park, And Then In The Mittle, It Was Motion Man... theacademy09/11/10
Eid Mubarak Everyone! DarthBlubber09/10/10
Super Cool Emo Dude taroo09/08/10
I Am So Surprised Now Strider09/07/10
I Have Bad Taste In Music Strider09/06/10
Nostalgia wyankeif133709/04/10
Bands I've Played Lately TheDarkerSideOfkaos08/30/10
Nu's Dead sin6908/29/10
Great Album-finishers PistolPete08/27/10
The September Issue thecheatisnotdead08/26/10
My Favourite Albums Norwichdude08/26/10
So Per Ohlin Walks Into A Bar... Drydensucks08/24/10
I Lurv u gais 2 Counterfeit08/22/10
My Ipod On Shuffle mojolukasmojo08/17/10
What My Friends Think: Good, Bad moosepoop08/15/10
Nostalgia Fugue08/14/10
Monumentally Disappointing Shite theacademy08/12/10
Best Linkin Park Songs mojolukasmojo08/12/10
100 Most Listened To Ryan1708/09/10
2001 Ranked Titan5008/09/10
Questionable Lyricists coleba08/05/10
Top 10 Linkin Park Songs dday62408/04/10
What Do You Think Of Them? dday62408/03/10
Guys, Life Fucking Sucks counterfeitson07/31/10
Awesome F-ing Albums counterfeitson07/25/10
Sup. Emim07/21/10
Favorite Bands SacraTerra07/19/10
My (very small) CD Collection someone17307/15/10
Some Stuff I Like TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/02/10
Top 10 Albums TheDarkerSideOfkaos06/29/10
The Songs I Listen To Most TheDarkerSideOfkaos06/29/10
Putting My Ipod On Shuffle Pt. 2 ironmaiden120406/24/10
...You Listen To, What? UnnamedOcean06/23/10
Shhhhh! I'm Only In The Mood For Some Instrumental, No Lyrics! PistolPete06/14/10
My Music Collection Part 1 rammetal706/11/10
Favorite Rock/nu-metal/alternative/metal Bands dday62406/10/10
Best Albums I Will Not Get Tired Listening To Lifehousefreak06/09/10
Willie's Decade List Willie06/08/10
Sputnik Essentials. Part II AnotherBrick06/02/10
Let The Right One In Titan5005/10/10
Best Song By Artist, Vol 2 BigHans04/30/10
100 Bands Titan5004/28/10
Shuffle Lists Are All The Rage! Emim04/27/10
Bands That Should Just Stop JackFr04/17/10
Cd's I Own thricealive04/15/10
Albums I Get A Lot Of Flac For Liking Urinetrouble04/13/10
My Taste Before And After Joining Sputnik TheThinIce04/13/10
Live Albums Or Studio? AnotherBrick04/12/10
A Few Of My Most Favorite Bands SHINFO04/11/10
The Narrow-minded Nu-millenium IleftyspankedU04/04/10
How The Mightly Have Fallen Hoppoman03/31/10
Shit My Friends Listen To Counterfeit03/28/10
Favourite Albums Since Birth CreamCrazy03/26/10
The Forgotten Ones Masochist03/24/10
What I Used To Listen During My Junior High-school Years ivantoar03/21/10
What People At My School Listen To. Lakes.03/19/10
10 most Dissapointing Albums Of The Decade Twizzie03/19/10
Best Mainstream Rock Albums iswimfast02/20/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
Qwe's Nostalgia qwe302/11/10
Rec'less. tinathefatlard02/10/10
Musical Progression Urinetrouble02/09/10
Anyone Else From Romania? Yoshizoid02/09/10
What Does This Stuff Mean? aBp01/14/10
What I Was Listening To 10 Yrs Ago JulesWin01/13/10
Favourite 50 Albums SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/13/10
Favourite Moments In Music Captain North01/12/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
Shit I've d From Itunes Buccaneer01/10/10
Bands That People Around Me Like That I Dont Like crazyblinddude01/08/10
Best Albums Of Decade SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/06/10
Bands I've Seen Live... SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/06/10
Hellllllllllllllls Yaa AnotherBrick12/25/09
10 Big Disappointments soap9112/25/09
2010 Looks Solid Ryan1712/22/09
My Favourite Artist(20) vishstud12/18/09
Lubbock Weather Is A Bitch Masochist12/09/09
What's The Point..? Carnifex12/03/09
Artists Who Peaked With Their 1st Album somberlain12/01/09
My Musical Epiphanies, In Chronological Order uberspuck11/29/09
Guilty Pleasures Parallels11/23/09
Top 10 Radio Singles Of 2009 BallsToTheWall11/22/09
2010 Looks To Be Promising Writer11/21/09
Titan's 100 Albums Of The Decade Titan5011/18/09
Music Progression FreePizzaDay11/16/09
Favorite Albums Of All Time tbone8611/15/09
Top 10 Bands Krushd11/10/09
Guilty Pleasures anyoneremembertulio11/07/09
A Far More Accurate Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
Musical Evolution MrHotMoms11/03/09
My Favourite 10 Bands DalioG11/02/09
Fave Linkin Park!!! DalioG10/30/09
Bands With The Worst Lyrics ckypro310/29/09
Mixed Bag Ewednesday10/25/09
Sputnik Ratings Breakdown Masochist10/22/09
Why Do I Own This? Jakes12310/19/09
Kris' Top Ten Bands...Ever obfuscation10/13/09
My Gateway Bands Captain Civic10/13/09
Top 20 Nu Metal Albums Yoshizoid10/11/09
Worst Bands Today Greenman10/10/09
7 Albums I Listened To When Joining Sputnik Lelle09/23/09
Rec For The Rec[reation] ShineOn7509/22/09
Going Shopping Tomorrow djNils09/21/09
Albums Me And My Girl Friend Always Listen To/relationship Favorites djNils09/20/09
Kanye West Is A Wanker braddean09/15/09
Top 20 Albums - 2007 Titan5008/20/09
'sup, Rec Metal Titan5008/17/09
Juggalopeth KMKHxC42008/15/09
2 Years At Sputnik - Top 10 JayVex08/15/09
I Choose You! Sputnik! AnotherBrick08/10/09
Favourite Mainstream Records Titan5008/09/09
Awesome Album Art Titan5008/03/09
Songs I Have Been Listening To Over And Over Again!! videogameguy1207/26/09
11 Albums That Were Important In My Musical Development killrobotmusic07/24/09
Youtube Parody Vids AngelofDeath07/23/09
Top 10 Linkin Park Songs BaldManWrx07/19/09
30 Bands I've Seen Live ConorMichaelJoseph07/15/09
Worst Post-2000 Rock/metal Albums I've Heard XNoMercyX07/13/09
30 Random Songs. Recs? JesusFlipsBurger07/11/09
Constant Repeat ErasersAtBothEnds07/09/09
What Up Baby? FourSquare2007/09/09
Best Albums Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Bands That Need To Get Back To There Roots GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Albums I Liked A Long Time Ago That I Still Listen To ErasersAtBothEnds07/02/09
Top !0 Shuffle TonStar06/23/09
Important Albums thecheatisnotdead06/18/09
My Musical Journey BornDeadBuriedAlive06/11/09
In The Flesh thecheatisnotdead06/02/09
Musical Journey Captain North05/17/09
Hi My Name Is Anthracks JizzInMyPants05/11/09
So I've Got My Gcse Exams Next Week Titan5005/11/09
Top 20 Played Albums On Last.fm Titan5005/05/09
Kintups' Epic Musical Journey kintups04/28/09
Can You Feel That? Captain North04/25/09
Albums That Lead Me To Sputnik greenmeansgo04/24/09
Top 12 Linkin Park Songs JizzInMyPants04/23/09
This Fag Is Fisted vanillawafers04/20/09
I Listen To A Lot Of Depressing Stuff Titan5004/19/09
The New Oldies fireaboveicebelow04/12/09
Top 5 Worst Albums AbsolutDunkelheit66604/10/09
Bands I Lived And Died By...6 Years Ago TerminalC04/09/09
My Musical Journey - 2 Years In The Making Klekticist04/04/09
Bands I Listened To Before Joining Spunknik Kohleherz04/01/09
Pathetic Music Videos kintups03/29/09
The First 10 Albums I Remember Acquiring Titan5003/14/09
Top 50 Played Bands According To Last Fm Titan5003/04/09
Sober For A Day Captain North02/27/09
Fiowehfowhoheowrhigihgerihgherigherihgierghieh Titan5002/21/09
Songs That Catch The Ear Persona602/17/09
Top 5 Bands Right Now Si1v3RfaNg02/10/09
My Fav. Band staysic02/10/09
Top 10 Albums toastinablender1302/10/09
Albums Spuntik Can't Break Me Of Kohleherz01/28/09
Bands I Dont Understand Why People Love kygermo01/27/09
Worst "artists" In The History Of Music vanillaicefan01/18/09
Bands That Have Led Me To Where My Tastes Are, And My Tastes Little Johny Pancreas01/15/09
10 Songs We Can Actually Thank Nu Metal For Bull with Gloves01/14/09
Band Suggestions? MattRTS01/10/09
Overplayed Songs Of 2007 & 2008 MattRTS01/09/09
Before And After Sputnik ironzeppelin78912/28/08
Mis Favoritos canalla8012/27/08
I Need To Branch Out..help!! AnotherBrick12/25/08
Two Years, Bitches! Captain North12/17/08
Current Diggin Tracks JizzInMyPants12/15/08
Bands I Have Seen Live ATYCLB1812/09/08
Julieeeeeeeeet!!! marksellsuswallets12/08/08
Songs I Cant Stop Listening To On My Mp3 Demonickid1025912/05/08
My Top 5 Nu-metal Band Favorites Demonickid1025912/05/08
1 Year At Sputnik! Chewie11/25/08
20 Fantastic Songs Boognish11/19/08
Haha Next 100 Distance11/18/08
My Favourite Playlist KountryGentlemanRo11/11/08
Albums I Have Obsessed Over At Some Point In My Life Altmer10/24/08
The Greatest Closers Ever Chewie10/23/08
The First 10 Albums I Ever Bought Craggles10/23/08
Ten Bands That Defined My Childhood Craggles10/22/08
Top 10 Shortest Songs Lunarfall10/19/08
Songs To Lsiten To When Its Raining kattunlover6910/14/08
Led Zepelin? kattunlover6910/01/08
Top 20 Albums Of 2007 FakeBlood09/27/08
Personal Evolution renegadestrings09/26/08
Nostalgia (finale) marksellsuswallets08/30/08
Umb's 10 Favourite Bad Ass-riffs Umb08/25/08
Sad Songs Which I Love Even In A Good Mood Spamue1G08/20/08
I Am Here To Ride Bike renegadestrings08/08/08
Pepsishuffle Iluvatar08/08/08
Study Playlist renegadestrings07/25/08
Killer Opening Tracks kattunlover6907/24/08
Band's I've Seen Live (my List) Foodforthegods07/17/08
My Itunes On Shuffle ThePriceofBeauty07/15/08
Quebec City Summer Fest 2008 Foodforthegods07/12/08
Another Dream Tour (different Bands This Time) TheDramaClub9307/09/08
Most Under-rated Songs ReturnToRock06/19/08
Kill This Artist List SylentEcho06/16/08
They Should Burn At The Stake For This ReturnToRock06/13/08
Stuff I Loved Pre-sputnik kalphiteman405/23/08
Fart: The List 72haha7205/16/08
The Remains Of My Wasted Youth ToWhatEnd05/15/08
Sample Of Bands I Like broc05/10/08
Popular Bands That I Don't Like ilikemusicthatsucks05/01/08
My New Albums MarkedFortune04/30/08
Farewell Sputnik Chewie04/27/08
Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen TheDistantFuture04/01/08
The Records Of My Youth Which I Still Listen To Red Cap Brain03/15/08
My Current Favorite Top 12 Artists fXpT03/05/08
Guilty Pleasures renegadestrings03/04/08
Recent Addictions altairschaos5603/04/08
Underrated Songs On Overrated Albums Altmer03/02/08
Hybrid Theory Ranked altairschaos5602/28/08
Worst Covers Ever scarsremain02/26/08
While Im Putting A Blade In Someones Neck... altairschaos5602/21/08
Earliest Best Of Decade List Ever ohcleverhansyou02/18/08
The Cause Of My Hearing Loss In '08 grief02/13/08
My 100 Favorite Songs altairschaos5602/04/08
Top 30 Songs Chewie01/26/08
Songs For The Rejected synergy01/22/08
Conference Champions! Bfhurricane01/20/08
Favourite Albums Ever cSsteFa01/08/08
Albums Currently Sitting On A Big Pile On My Desk For Easy Access scarsremain01/08/08
My Top 20 Albums Of All Time diegonti01/07/08
My Post-christmas Wish List thesystemisdown01/07/08
My 10 Favorite Songs diegonti01/04/08
My Favorite 20 Bands Chewie01/04/08
It's Come To This ohcleverhansyou01/01/08
The Real Best Of 2007 toxiccandy12/21/07
Best Extreme Metal Of 2007 McP300012/21/07
2007 And Me ohcleverhansyou12/16/07
They May Suck But... thesystemisdown12/06/07
My Top Songs Of 2007 spoon_of_grimbo12/03/07
Biggest Disappointments Of 2007 Wizard12/02/07
Mellow Songs That Dont Suck Chewie11/25/07
Bands That Were Once Decent jason_f9011/22/07
Sweet Music ohcleverhansyou11/21/07
My Most Listened To Albums AtavanHalen11/10/07
Top 10 Singles Of 07 Burning_October11/04/07
Top Albums Of The 00's So Far Burning_October11/03/07
Currently Rediscovering AtavanHalen10/23/07
Top 10 Worst Band Names tribestros10/12/07
Sputnik Needs A Hero rattlehead4214710/09/07
Worst Bands Ever! SylentEcho10/03/07
My Favourite Records Of 2007 Thus Far AtavanHalen09/16/07
Good Bands A-z tribestros09/15/07
Top 10 Albums DWittisarockstar09/14/07
Bands On My Most Hated List Crysis08/23/07
Where I Am Now. guitarboy41008/17/07
Albums That Aren't That Bad tribestros07/29/07
My Cd Player Rotation tribestros07/17/07
Moody Records ToWhatEnd07/11/07
Top 5 Disappointing Albums AndManyMore07/10/07
Really Bad Crap grungekicksmetalsass07/03/07
My Most Played Songs On Itunes tribestros06/27/07
Latest Cds I Bought tribestros06/13/07
Bands That Got Me Into Rock Music. Cesar06/02/07
It Must Be That Time Of Month... south_of_heaven 1105/16/07
History Of Obsession Bfhurricane05/11/07
PAST Favorite Bands WhosEmo05/07/07
Masochist's Favorite Albums (as Of 4-30-07) Masochist04/30/07
Albums I've Had To Give My Friend Monticello04/28/07
Bands Ive Liked Throughout The Years dazecivic04/28/07
The Albums Which Defined My Generation lozzdude04/04/07
Bands I Regret Liking thrash4life04/01/07
Metal To Kick Your Boots Off Too Iluvatar03/30/07
My Collection BlindGuy101203/30/07
2007 Yay south_of_heaven 1103/10/07
What I Look Forward To In 2007 barosjn12/29/06
bands who should give it away samrichardson12/13/06
Bands that everyone hates that really arn't that bad RIPkezia11/30/06
10 Albums Definatly Worth Buying RIPkezia11/29/06
Favorite 25 Bands Linker10411/27/06
Get Outta My Head! FlawedPerfection11/22/06
NASCAR Nextel's The Sludge 100 The Sludge11/08/06
The good and the bad wikuk11/01/06
albums that MADE me deadEND10/17/06
best bands killswitchengage2108/21/06
Sputnik Thank You List #135289023 Brain Dead08/21/06
My Favorite Bands LiveWire42008/11/06
top songs with piano involved Acey08/08/06
Albums I like that no one else seems to Jim08/05/06
Important songs that helped me develop through the harsh world. wikuk07/29/06
Top Ten Great Second Songs barosjn07/29/06
Artists that make me want to top myself MyRamona07/24/06
Singles that get a bad rap yo Iluvatar07/17/06
My Favorite Albums '00-'05 The Nu-Spawn06/26/06
My Choice 2005 A.K.tm06/25/06


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