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Rec Me Black Metal Please thacoconut9401/29/15
Southern Lights Of 2014 NoiseForZeus01/01/15
Elbaliem's Favorite Albums From 2014 elbaliem12/26/14
Best Of 2014 KingdomOfTyrant12/20/14
Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 2014 Jacob818Hollows12/18/14
Djunior's 2014: The Honorable djunior12/18/14
Anyone Pump Iron? ChilledOutEntertaina12/16/14
Albums To Inspire You While You Shit ChilledOutEntertaina12/12/14
2014: Top 100 (Damn I Listened To A Lot Of Music This Year) JCGold1412/05/14
Metal Of 2014 And Give Me Recs ManintheBox12/03/14
Albums That Took Time For Me To Love naeganaega11/30/14
Anaal Nathrakh Ranked FuneralMarch11/24/14
Black Metal pyroflare7710/26/14
John Wick Ignimbrite10/26/14
Nocte's 2014 So Far NocteDominum10/10/14
I'm So Drunk Right Now :d FuneralMarch10/03/14
Some Of The Most Unsettling Music I've Ever Heard FuneralMarch08/23/14
Music I Got Drunk To Last Night FuneralMarch08/21/14
Great Album Covers FuneralMarch08/15/14
My Top 15 Favorite Black Metal Albums FuneralMarch07/18/14
Deathcore : A 2014 Retrospective FuzzyxPickles07/10/14
Black Metal On My Ipod PsilocybeDreamer05/27/14
Am I A True Metalhead Yet? BIaziken05/03/14
Cd Collection - Installment One Multifarious01/07/14
Best Black Metal Albums Of 2012 Hastein4512/22/13
Promoting A Friend's Ep SCREAM!07/31/13
Observations EatBoxSocks07/24/13
2012 Was Heavy, And I Was Fucking Late MosesMalone07/16/13
Grind(y) Stuff PsilocybeDreamer06/12/13
Good Albums In No Particular Order Or Genre Jamiefrancesc06/05/13
Is It Too Late For A 2012 List? OnlyBants05/05/13
The Perfect Steak Jacquibim04/08/13
40 Best Metal & Rock Albums Of The 2012 - Final NoiseForZeus04/04/13
My Current Metal Playlist recycledcopier03/05/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
My Girlfriend Wanted Non-indie Music MosesMalone01/11/13
5 Years, 500 Comments On Sputnik lucazade2201/07/13
Dating A Friend Tyrael01/01/13
Todd Solondz's Films Ranked deathsstroke01/01/13
100 of 2012 Mariusbinx12/30/12
Most best metal albums of 2012 TheReptilianBrain12/29/12
My Band's Album Out For Free Today! Tribalist12/26/12
Death Of A Salesman's 2012 deathofasalesman12/23/12
My Favourite 2012 Songs SpiritCrusher212/21/12
Some Rather Splendid 2012 Releases lucazade2212/20/12
I Changed the name of this list slipnslide12/20/12
Pooh Bear Core 2012 Evreaia12/15/12
Hawks' Top 25 Of 2012: Metal Hawks12/12/12
What My Mom Thinks Of Certain Band Names. Lol. Acrosstheshield1312/09/12
A Very Ipod 2012 NocteDominum11/29/12
End Of The World Soundtrack wanderlust11/29/12
Recs For A Freind Turtlestlker11/24/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Blue's 2012 BlueW10/29/12
Recs Please! GBJ10/28/12
Recent Digs ViralOblivion10/23/12
Goin' Kvlt: Best Black Metal Albums BenKnuckles10/17/12
My All-time Favorite Albums Revolution66609/11/12
Hellfest 2012 Bands Gigs Rankings FLRTE06/30/12
Fifteen Epic Songs LoneWanderer06/22/12
Awesome Giant List #2 BlueW05/09/12
Black Days AllGabrielsAreGlass05/02/12
21st Century (so Far) emc269104/11/12
Whats With All These Lists At The Moment Which Rank Favourite Users? ridethebus03/16/12
Songs I've Been Crushing Recently blaisetheslayer03/14/12
#stopkony tarkus03/07/12
Albums That Have Been Helping Me Get Through Things literalsurrealist03/03/12
Army Interview TheArkitecht01/03/12
Trve Kvlt Black Metal Shuyin12/28/11
Recommendations? ScarsOfAnarchy12/27/11
Breakdown Syndrome xandermander10/25/11
Metal Please sehguh10/02/11
Rec Me Crazy Vocalists. GhostOvPerdition09/23/11
Dare To Compare AngelofDeath09/05/11
Hey Look, A Black Metal List... ctaxxxx08/26/11
Favorite Artists- Albums- Songs TheMadnessLetters07/04/11
Metal Recs Shuyin07/01/11
The Five Shitty Albums Of 2011 PostModernJellyfish06/21/11
Your Time Will Come... iPim05/27/11
2011 Metal Picks So Far Raz0rGrind2305/26/11
It's Free Real Estate MrFantasticManny05/23/11
Are You Ashamed Of Sputnik? cirq04/13/11
Rec Me Indie iPim04/01/11
Hurry Up ThyCrossAwaits03/23/11
I've Been Cranked Up On Shitty Music For Soooo Long! iPim03/09/11
Black Metal TheArkitecht03/06/11
The Great Itunes Purge Buccaneer03/03/11
Eating Soup With A Fork frankie02/26/11
Stuff I Gotta Check Out Soon jayfatha02/24/11
Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes SirkSakaig01/19/11
Fast, Raw, Thrashy; No Pussy Sh1t! WileyCha0te01/03/11
Terrible Albums Abigor12/06/10
2001 ThyCrossAwaits12/01/10
Moose's 2010 List And Ratings MoosechriS11/28/10
Black Metal Finally In My Pie Chart East Hastings11/21/10
Essential Black Metal untitled111/12/10
The Addams Family Gyromania11/07/10
Moose's Journey Into Black Metal MoosechriS11/01/10
Everybody Look At Me I Want Attention!!!! Mewcopa10/25/10
666 zarquan9910/18/10
How Do You Bang Your Head? iPim10/08/10
I Need A Good Headset!!! & Bands I'm seeing live iPim09/22/10
Recent Diggs, Ya Digggg?! iPim09/15/10
Albums Satan Might Listen To JayVex09/04/10
My Black Metal Picks Mewcopa08/28/10
Samurai Champloo ThirtySixChambers08/18/10
My First Fist Mewcopa08/17/10
Bands That Scare Me...and Thill Me Mewcopa08/05/10
I Hate You All Mewcopa07/25/10
Bird Got Crushed, Brutal. SpectralArchitect07/16/10
What Should I Buy??? ThyCrossAwaits07/14/10
Rec Me Some Uk Metal? azraelcyanide06/28/10
I Need Rec's Very Bad!!! Mewcopa06/27/10
Speaking In Tongues Mewcopa06/26/10
Favourite Movies TBliss06/25/10
What Letter Do Your Artists Start With? Mewcopa06/24/10
Top 10 Albums To Kill Your Family EnCrypt.06/24/10
Jane Doe Is Raping My Ears Mewcopa06/21/10
10000 Lastfm Plays!!! Rec More! Mewcopa06/15/10
Death Metal Presentation Tommorow Mewcopa06/10/10
Shuffles From Itunes...... Mewcopa06/08/10
Music Videos That Are Alright Mewcopa06/04/10
Winamp Lags Like Crazy Mewcopa05/30/10
Albums Beyond My Reach Mewcopa05/26/10
Rec Me Grindcore Mewcopa05/14/10
Back To The Grind Raz0rGrind2305/14/10
It Was The Best Of Times Nikkolae04/20/10
Black Metal Recs MoosechriS04/18/10
Recent Downloads #2 Mewcopa04/13/10
Current Listening MoosechriS04/11/10
Silence's Angry List YouAreMySilence03/28/10
Gy!be intothepit8303/01/10
Metal Is Still Good BallsToTheWall02/24/10
Where Should I Start With These? Mr. Lizard02/20/10
Lobby's Top 25 Of 2009 lobby02/06/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
Songs I'm Currently Listening To Nicksta10101/09/10
Various Metal I'm Liking... Markk101/06/10
Scream For 2009 SCREAM!01/04/10
Best Of 2009 Pebster4901/04/10
Black Metal Digs DonTheReader01/03/10
Mendigo's 2009: Albums Mendigo01/03/10
Fistful Of 2009 FistfulOfSteel01/03/10
This Machine Pwns n00bs ThyCrossAwaits12/23/09
Favourite Albums DreamingOfSleep12/18/09
(provisional) Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2009 lucazade2212/16/09
My Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 slodnulius12/13/09
Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade Burn2Burn12/12/09
2009 2009 2009 GBJ12/10/09
Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 FeralMemories12/05/09
Larry Flints A Pimp Nikkolae12/01/09
A new user's top metal 09 pride11/28/09
2009 In Metal TBliss11/21/09
10//2009 Comatorium.11/17/09
My October 2009 List jsanchez11/13/09
Crysis' Top Of 2009 Crysis11/06/09
Top 50 This Year So Far sleepyhead11/05/09
Top Five Metal Albums Of 2009 hipnotoad10/30/09
Hard Haunted Mansion thebbqshrimp10/29/09
Thank You Very Fucking Much Sputnik... Nikkolae10/15/09
(metal) Listens For September 2009 jsanchez10/12/09
09 Digs lobby09/27/09
Top 10 Albums Of 2009 (so Far) eggsvonsatan09/14/09
Albums I've Been Into Recently LifeFeedsOnLife09/10/09
Sleepytime Music/wake Up Music grahamg0re09/08/09
Metal I Was Digging! - August 2009 jsanchez09/07/09
Favourite Bands lucazade2209/01/09
Bands I Used To Hate But Now Love lucazade2209/01/09
Klek's Need-to-get's Klekticist08/17/09
my 09 listens ranked melv1nratedr08/14/09
100 Tracks Of Awesome Face-ripping Brutal Intensity. The Kind Of Brutal That You Can Only Find In Metal! Zip08/13/09
Wizard Needs To Escape... Wizard08/12/09
Recent Digs vakuola08/11/09
You're Entering A World Of Pain Psyclone08/04/09
Gimme New Shit Crimson08/01/09
I Am Saddened ThyCrossAwaits07/29/09
Ok No DRYDENN07/24/09
Non-guilty Pleasures Tempertemperature07/23/09
Grind GBJ07/19/09
Best Of 09 moderndaydrool07/19/09
Ok, Let's Try This Again... ThyCrossAwaits07/13/09
50 Albums Of 2009 So Far McP300007/12/09
Willie Turns 2 Willie07/10/09
Ipod Nanos Suck GBJ07/07/09
Just Can't Force Myself... ThyCrossAwaits06/30/09
Favorite Metal Albums From This Year Bebi jingledeath06/25/09
Sick Titles Zip06/24/09
Reviewing Stuff Zip06/23/09
2009 In Metal Thusfar FistfulOfSteel06/22/09
Eureka! ThyCrossAwaits06/19/09
Last.fm 1000 Plays combustion0706/13/09
Yeah, Sorry About All The Soundoffs... ThyCrossAwaits06/09/09
Damn, I Have Good Weekends... ThyCrossAwaits06/07/09
Rec. Somethin! combustion0706/05/09
What? I Heard That ThyCrossAwaits05/25/09
That's What She Said ThyCrossAwaits05/11/09
Omg I'm Gonna Die ThyCrossAwaits05/05/09
@_@ poweroftheweez04/29/09
One Cannot Simply Tank-cat Into Mordor! ThyCrossAwaits04/28/09
Help Me Please ThyCrossAwaits04/14/09
Face To The Grindstone ThyCrossAwaits04/07/09
Black Metal. Nauseum03/29/09
Recommend...now ThyCrossAwaits03/25/09
On The 12 Days Of Fishtitz... ThyCrossAwaits03/17/09
Some Black Metal Albums i enjoy panagiotis02/23/09
New Wave Of British Metal TrojanWhore02/11/09
2009 Zoo02/04/09
Need...grind...now. ThyCrossAwaits01/17/09
D-d-d-d-d-d-digs. ThyCrossAwaits01/13/09
Need Death And Grind In Lieu Of These... ThyCrossAwaits12/30/08
All My Favourite Albums pingu5312/16/08
Snuff N Shuff combustion0711/09/08
Black Metuhl south_of_heaven 1109/11/08
Shuffle combustion0708/15/08
Owned: A ~ D istaros07/11/08
My Latest Delvings Essence05/11/08
What Should I Review Next eggsvonsatan03/26/08
''Dont You Have Any Music People Have Heard Of ?'' hermitspancho03/09/08
Top 10 Album's You've Never Heard eggsvonsatan02/21/08
Happy Tunes For Skipping Elves hermitspancho02/03/08
30 Best Albums Of 2007 Gmaj01/02/08
Top 10 Albums.. pingu5301/01/08
New Years Eve!!! blackened0712/31/07
X-mas List Crysis12/18/07
One Year At Sputnik, One Year Of Metal Crysis11/25/07
Albums I Want To Buy Crysis09/27/07
The Twenty Five Finest Albums Meelk05/20/07


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