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Death Metal Cd For The Car! TheSonomaDude01/28/15
iTokoloshe's 30 Albums Of 2014 Tokoloshe01/11/15
Southern Lights Of 2014 NoiseForZeus01/01/15
Personal Top Metal Albums Of 2014 Agoremageddon12/31/14
Best Of 2014 KingdomOfTyrant12/20/14
2014 Good Year For Metal qiblas12/16/14
Death Metal In 2014 Jacquibim12/15/14
Death Metal Freshman Vs. Sophomore sumyunguy12/14/14
Top 100 Albums I Heard For The First Time In 2014 Funeralopolis12/13/14
100 Favorite Metal Songs Palatial11/29/14
Death Metal - Florida Vs. Sweden Vs. New York Vs. England Vs. Canada JasonCarne11/28/14
Death Metal Recs Muisc4Life2611/14/14
80s Metal!!! (part 3) BenMorrison10/22/14
Ethereal Ocean igor10/11/14
Angry Fucking Songs HeavyMetal2509/13/14
Triangulating The Abyss sewage2308/02/14
If Pokemon Were Albums ZombicidalMan07/29/14
Florida Curse.07/24/14
My 31 Favourite Death Metal Releases... VVild1807/17/14
Nba Free Agency MalleusMaleficarum06/24/14
Why 1989 Was One Of The Best Years In Metal ThrashK06/21/14
Dat 90's Metal Steez accompliceofmydeath06/10/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #2 Smok3mon05/13/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #1 Smok3mon05/13/14
Which Is The Best? TableGuy05/09/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1990 HenchmanOfSanta05/04/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1989 HenchmanOfSanta05/03/14
Top 10 Death Metal Albums Karpizzle03/19/14
Musik/Mukke/music Collection Upgrade Flugmorph03/07/14
So Much Music, And So Little Time Weirman02/18/14
Overrated Metal Geadom02/07/14
Obituary Ranked VisionsFromTheDarkSide01/28/14
Birthyear List MalleusMaleficarum01/21/14
Top 15 80's Metal Albums RATM4601/04/14
Hail Satanic Lucifer 2013 Ovrot12/22/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2007 Tokoloshe12/13/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2009 Tokoloshe12/11/13
Recent Digs. Rec Me Plz. oathofsolace12/03/13
Top 10 Death Metal Vocalists Madbutcher311/30/13
Rec Me Death Metal demigod!11/20/13
Are You Metal? kalki11/03/13
A Taste Of Death killth3p00r10/30/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
Blue. Vakarian1210/11/13
We Live....then We Die BallsToTheWall10/08/13
The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard dsroka00510/07/13
Pre Workouts Ranked BallsToTheWall09/23/13
Feeling Murrican BallsToTheWall09/17/13
80's Death Metal MoosechriS09/07/13
Heavy Metal Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2609/05/13
Sputnik Dm League Assemble! DanielNightLewis09/01/13
Top Old School Death Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/22/13
My Top 20 Death Metal Albums carachangren08/08/13
New York Vs Florida BallsToTheWall07/09/13
Just Death Metal azagthoth8912307/03/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness Winner Scum06/29/13
25 Great Metal Debuts ThrashK06/24/13
Underrated Death Metal Madbutcher306/24/13
Scum's Favorite Title Tracks Scum06/02/13
Best Post-2000 Death Metal McDerpes05/30/13
Hammer Smashed Windshield lyon153505/24/13
M/ Metal Brothers M/ MoosechriS05/24/13
Riff Into Oblivion SubtleBody05/16/13
Scum's Top 50 Artists On Last.fm Scum05/08/13
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Needsmoarbreakdowns05/06/13
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) NoiseForZeus04/28/13
Old School Death Metal Scum04/04/13
The Best Featured Metal List Today evilford03/25/13
Metal: An Essential Library fireandblood03/25/13
Can't Sleep Vakarian1203/24/13
The Lords Of Metal lyon153503/19/13
6 Obituary Albums For $25 Vakarian1203/18/13
Thrash Metal lyon153503/15/13
Hail To The Metal Of Death! Donchivo03/12/13
Rec Me Your Favorite Asphyx Lp recycledcopier03/09/13
Origins branflakes91103/09/13
Choose One robschuldiner103/08/13
Review A Random Album Game Part Iv Curse.02/24/13
The Big 4's Of Metal? SlMBOLlC02/13/13
Riffs Of Truth 2 pissbore02/04/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
It's My Birthday demigod!01/27/13
Death Metal Vs Thrash Metal huguitoescorza01/17/13
Thanks Sputnik/a Mandatory 10k Posts List evilford01/14/13
So, You Want To Death Metal? MichaelSnoxall01/12/13
Lovin My New Guitar Pestiferous01/12/13
The Day Of Death Metal Hawks01/09/13
Festive Purchases MoosechriS01/06/13
Wintry Album Covers Pestiferous12/17/12
50 Most Listened To Artists Since I Made Last Fm Account bullymong12/16/12
"the Big Four" Of Death Metal?!?!?! CK12/04/12
12 Most Influential Death Metal Bands HitlerIsPissed11/17/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
My Most Played Artists This Month Pestiferous10/31/12
Florida> evilford10/18/12
I Turned 18 Today Pr0nogo10/13/12
Pulled An Allnighter Last Night DarkSideOfLucca10/12/12
Today's Reviews Pestiferous09/21/12
Death And Thrash HitlerIsTheBest09/18/12
Top Albums Of 1989 Cghost09/09/12
My Top 10 Albums mayhemmaster108/23/12
25 Greatest Death/black Metal Albums Of All Time huguitoescorza07/25/12
Good Underground Websites For Exposure SteelErectedb4you8er07/08/12
Metal Died In 1989 NWOAHM66607/08/12
Greatest Death Metal Band For All Time huguitoescorza07/05/12
More Ipod Shenanigans Kellerdeck05/06/12
Death metal I love Systemunfolded04/30/12
I Be Death Metalin \m/!!!!!!! ManintheBox04/28/12
Top 3 Favorite Horror Characters? azraelcyanide03/29/12
I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CaptainDooRight02/18/12
What College Are You Going To? CakeWithCream02/11/12
80's Death Metal Recs? Mewcopa001/24/12
100 Reasons Why I Love Metal mbrigham111/28/11
I've Hit A Musical Brick Wall, Any Suggestions? Steamboat0111/27/11
Die Valerius11/20/11
Kerrang!'s 50 Heaviest Albums Of All Time NWOAHM66611/16/11
Favorite Death Metal Albums Auschwitz10/13/11
Need Death Metal Recs CakeWithCream10/09/11
Choosing Death TheSpirit09/24/11
20 Selections Showing Second's The Best mbrigham109/23/11
Why Deathcore Sucks anuspudding09/21/11
James Murphy Day KILL09/03/11
Too Drunk For Your Mind TrapThemAlive08/18/11
Old School Death Metal Releases Sheno113808/14/11
Grave Is Groovy Carnifex08/02/11
Death Metal Recs Please Antipunk08/02/11
Fuck Yeah Death Metal Em Slash Surtur07/28/11
Playlist Juillet 2010 Likferd07/26/11
Top 30 Likferd07/22/11
Batman 3 Teaser Trailer Urinetrouble07/15/11
Grab A Shovel, We've Got Bodies to Bury eggsvonsatan05/14/11
Lakers: Heart Of A Champion somberlain05/09/11
Neurotic Deathfest iPim05/02/11
Metal Is Dead Psychopathologist04/12/11
Sex Offender Pic/digs GhettoIndieshit04/04/11
Dm Is Better EleanorRigby03/16/11
Old School Death/black Recs GhettoIndieshit03/07/11
Scion Rock Fest 2011 demon of surveillance03/06/11
Old School Death Metal prozak03/01/11
Angel Of Death Metal AngelofDeath02/23/11
Classic Death Metal Albums deicidefan12/22/10
Angel Slays The 90s AngelofDeath11/21/10
Essentials. Darch11/20/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
The Slow Loris Is So Cute KevinGarnett11/09/10
Great Moments In Metal Gorification11/07/10
Death Metal Weekend Begins Today!! taroo10/22/10
666 zarquan9910/18/10
Florida Bands/artists Ranked awhiteguy10/18/10
Best Of... Death Metal! rc128810/14/10
The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1 ShadowRemains10/09/10
Old school means you're sexy iPim10/06/10
Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock AngelofDeath10/01/10
31 Days Of Death And Horror jk2two09/29/10
Recent Obsessions, Part 2 DonniSharK09/28/10
OSDM DeafMetal09/23/10
Sputnik Ends....tommorow Mewcopa09/13/10
13 Steps With I Got Into Metal sonicjihad09/08/10
Songs to energise kangaroopoo09/03/10
My Old School Death Metal Picks Mewcopa08/27/10
Art Ideas Merkin08/26/10
'89: Golden Years Pt. 1 ShoeSoup08/20/10
I Am " An Hero" Urinetrouble08/20/10
Subliminal Message! JayVex08/12/10
Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me. Yeahtoast08/09/10
Bands That Scare Me...and Thill Me Mewcopa08/05/10
Deathcore: An Evolution From Emotional Overload Back To Roots In Brutality. witchxrapist07/18/10
90's - Albums kangaroopoo07/18/10
The Ten Essential Death Metal Albums austin88807/14/10
Album Covers On My Tee's Mewcopa07/09/10
I Need Rec's Very Bad!!! Mewcopa06/27/10
Sum Moar Stuffs I Didn't Like Before That I Really Like Now witchxrapist06/24/10
Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands TheAngryPelican06/09/10
100 Essentials From The 90's buckfutter06/04/10
Albums I Want To Review Urinetrouble06/02/10
My Fav Death ,metal Vokillz Urinetrouble05/27/10
Best Album Covers Mewcopa05/19/10
The Death Shawshank05/18/10
Death Or Black Metal? Urinetrouble05/12/10
Rock Band: Good Edition JayVex05/05/10
Killing A Motherload Of Bees To Death Metal SteelErectedb4you8er05/01/10
Maryland Death Festival... Soon... JessTheDane04/23/10
Obligated To Make An Obligatory 1000 Comments List Urinetrouble04/20/10
My Top 25 Metal Albums ExcavatedSkull0004/18/10
eminems new album is called recpvery Urinetrouble04/14/10
Easy Death Metal Tabs? combustion0704/04/10
20 Death Metal Albums - A Lethal Guide To Death Metal AshesOfEmpires04/02/10
Recent Downloads Mewcopa03/31/10
Just Got Back From The Record Store... Urinetrouble03/22/10
Boredom Urinetrouble03/14/10
Florida Music Can Be Good! intothepit8302/28/10
Any1 Else Goin To Bloodstock KILL02/27/10
Random Mixtape Urinetrouble02/18/10
Morning Wood Urinetrouble01/26/10
Should I Check These Out Urinetrouble01/24/10
Whitest Kids U Know Urinetrouble01/24/10
What Would Brian Boitano Do? intothepit8301/04/10
Give Me Good Old School Death Metal None Of That Pussy Ass Modern Bullshit Unless It's Modern Old School Then It's Cool Ulsufyring10/27/09
10 Dm Albums I Couldn't Do Without Atlantis10/24/09
My Favorite Death Metal Albums intothepit8310/16/09
Florida Death Metal hulksmashedface10/07/09
Rec Me Some Death! jpattison10/07/09
9079 Plays On Last.fm BornDeadBuriedAlive09/27/09
Metal I Was Digging! - August 2009 jsanchez09/07/09
Best Death Metal Albums Of All Time! jsanchez08/13/09
Psyclone's Favorite Albums Psyclone08/06/09
You're Entering A World Of Pain Psyclone08/04/09
Bench Press Success rudolphhess8807/21/09
Lesnar Beat Mir GoodApollo1249207/12/09
my fav death metal albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
My Musical Journey BornDeadBuriedAlive06/11/09
The Sonic Granduer Of 1990 fireaboveicebelow06/03/09
I Don't Like Morbid Angel swingkid6905/12/09
Albums That Influence My Drumming BornDeadBuriedAlive05/09/09
Guys, Rec Me Non Metal Music KILL05/09/09
Fucking Hardcore Music Altmer04/24/09
The Ballstothewall List Altmer03/23/09
Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years panagiotis03/16/09
Top 15 Death Metal Album pingu5303/02/09
90s Death Metal Albums Part1 panagiotis02/24/09
If I Made Mixtapes, This Is What The Current One Would Look Like Altmer02/23/09
Favorite Songs (as Of 2/21/09) BornDeadBuriedAlive02/21/09
Other New Stuff xequalscore02/18/09
Acquilistens: First Blood Part 2 badtaste12/11/08
Metal Massacre! combustion0711/16/08
Death Metal needledeathpunk11/15/08
10 Essential Death Metal Lunarfall11/15/08
Decibel Hall Of Fame TheResidents61911/06/08
Revisting The 80's rudolphhess8810/19/08
Sad Panda ASberg09/17/08
Essential Old School Death Metal Bands twophoton09/07/08
Owned: O ~ Z istaros07/12/08
Shuffle On Friends Ipod combustion0704/23/08
Diggins combustion0704/22/08
Album Covers combustion0704/15/08
Top 20 Death Metal Angmar03/14/08
Death Metal NemesisDivina02/19/08
Favorite Cover Art blackened0711/16/07
1980's Metal epizoan10/31/07
Attn Metal Militia Angmar10/11/07
Bands I Listen To The Most. blackened0710/08/07
Enjoyment south_of_heaven 1110/06/07
Extreme Metal! ironman444409/01/07
Suggest Death, I Want To Kill! Ominous Inane08/20/07
My Cd Case metalhead1706/26/07
Bands I Want To Give The Time. TheSunSleeps34804/16/07
Favorite Bands atalackofwrds03/30/07
Metal To Kick Your Boots Off Too Iluvatar03/30/07
Top 50 Death Metal Albums CoRpSeSlAyEr03/29/07
10 Essential Metal Albums rattlehead4214703/19/07
Bands I Need To Hear ironman444402/09/07
SF's Favorite Old School Death Albums Shadows11/09/06


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