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Tv Shows/series Vs. Films Gameofmetal01/28/15
Potsy 2014: 2014 List To End All Lists In The Known Universe LordePots01/26/15
Favorite Metal Bumz 14 puntugruhm01/17/15
Railway Through 2014 Rail01/16/15
100 Albums From 2014 aaronrkc01/14/15
Daddy's 100 Songs Of 2014 ComeToDaddy01/14/15
Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014 FearThyEvil01/12/15
Chesse/slut's Top 10 4 2014 Slut01/12/15
Dark & Slow Balerion01/11/15
Can't Rate Any More Albums pedro7051201/11/15
My Top 100 Albums Of 2014 Aids01/09/15
BEST 2014 LIST lou100001/08/15
Bought A Pair Of Grado Sr80e's emester01/08/15
Mmxiv Review slapguitarer01/08/15
40 Albums From 2014 Underflow01/06/15
I'm Sorry Artuma01/05/15
Wizards Top 21 In Heavy Music For 2014 Wizard01/02/15
2k14 I Guess climactic01/01/15
Top 30 Of 2014 SchebbARN01/01/15
2014-n-stuff SharkTooth01/01/15
Southern Lights Of 2014 NoiseForZeus01/01/15
40 Favorite Albums Of 2014 crankstrap12/31/14
Nikkolae Does A Year End's List Nikkolae12/31/14
Gs3k's Top 60 Albums Of 2014 GrandpaSeth300012/30/14
A 2014 Collection cb12312/29/14
Sea2014 SeaAnemone12/29/14
Good Winter Black Metal Anthemic12/26/14
2014 SnakeDelilah12/26/14
Elbaliem's Favorite Albums From 2014 elbaliem12/26/14
2014 Masterlist ThyCrossAwaits12/24/14
Favorites Of 2014 stillill12412/23/14
Top 30 Best Albums Of 2014 FuneralMarch12/23/14
Everything 2014 EverythingEvil211312/23/14
Final Best Of 2014 List Wirertragen712/21/14
These 2014 Albums All Suck helpoemer42012/20/14
60 2014 Albums Thibs12/20/14
Someone killed my list oresttt12/20/14
End Of Year Top 20 - 2014 deezer66612/19/14
Ignimbrite's 2014 (extra based edition) Ignimbrite12/18/14
Hench's Top 75 Of 2014 HenchmanOfSanta12/18/14
2014 Top 50 charlesdivision12/17/14
Jasdevi's 2014 Ranked Jasdevi08712/16/14
Terrence Malick ChilledOutEntertaina12/16/14
Scuro's Top Albums Of 2014 ScuroFantasma12/14/14
Eyeswideslut: 2014's Best.. EyesWideShut12/12/14
Official 2014 List: Doom Metal Official2014Sput12/12/14
Doing It Way Big For 2014 oltnabrick12/12/14
2-0-1-4 ShadowRemains12/11/14
My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 N2B3J12/10/14
A Year In Metal, 2014: Volume I Xenophanes12/10/14
2k14 Toones Monsterpoptart12/10/14
2014 Favorites travisbickle3612/08/14
Jake's Best Of 2014 totallyjake12/05/14
Ya Know, 2014 And Stuff ThyCrossAwaits11/29/14
Best Metal Albums Of 2014 chainsmoker0511/26/14
Rec Me Earbuds akimbo11/25/14
Best Fvcking Black Metal pedro7051211/23/14
2014 In The Comatorium. Comatorium.11/23/14
My Metal Journey Zorc222211/22/14
Vinyl Is The Reason I Am Broke Ignimbrite11/21/14
Pleb's 2014 So Far BigPleb11/19/14
2014 Has Been Really Great So Far Thor11/18/14
Omg Relinquished11/12/14
So Much Music... So Little Time AaronIsCrunchy11/07/14
Combustible Digs: Rec Sludge and Industrial combustion0710/26/14
2500 Ratings cb12310/26/14
Best Albums Of 2014 Wirertragen710/20/14
Got Dat New Itunes Relinquished10/20/14
Nocte's 2014 So Far NocteDominum10/10/14
Wow Good Job SeaAnemone10/10/14
Top 20 Lp's Of '14 & Their Drink Counterpart Dickens4410/04/14
Top 25 Best Albums Of 2008 FuneralMarch09/24/14
Rec Me Sludge And/or Black Metal Deathbeds09/17/14
50 Favorite Bands pedro7051209/17/14
10 Years 100 Bands 100 Albums pedro7051209/07/14
Cowards SeaAnemone09/05/14
Wolfe Is So High Right Now Thread Relinquished08/26/14
The Best Unbanned Digs Intothepit08/25/14
2014 Head To Head Thibs08/20/14
Let's Talk Slut08/17/14
Great Album Covers - Part 2 FuneralMarch08/16/14
Evan's Top 10 Of 2014 (as Of August) emester08/15/14
What 2014 Releases Have I Missed? Sniff08/15/14
Jasdevi's 2014 Listens So Far Ranked Jasdevi08708/15/14
1/4 Of A Century! Gyromania08/13/14
Rec Me Happy Music zhengyu08/13/14
2014 Recs Slut08/12/14
2014 Definitive ThyCrossAwaits07/24/14
give me 2014 emslash mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/23/14
The Best Album Art From All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08707/17/14
2014 Halfway List deezer66607/12/14
Name Your Price On Bandcamp FearThyEvil07/11/14
Best Of 2014 So Far TheAristocrat9607/08/14
Thou Rules TheNexus10007/07/14
Worst Cover Art From (nearly) All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08707/03/14
Heaviest Of The Heavy pedro7051207/01/14
2014 Midterm Review slapguitarer06/30/14
Ignimbrite's 2014.5: Now and Later Ignimbrite06/27/14
These Are The Best 2014 Albums So Far This Year Now That We're Halfway Okay SeaAnemone06/27/14
Thibs' 2014 Ytd Riff Ranking Thibs06/24/14
Favorites Of 2014 So Far omstar1206/23/14
Vacation FearThyEvil06/20/14
Mmmm Music cb12306/19/14
Tombs And Shaded Blades: Graves' 2014.5 Graveyard06/17/14
June Jams tempest--06/14/14
Can Someone Help Me Proofread My Review? Slut06/12/14
Wow! Name Your Price 3! oltnabrick06/04/14
2014,5 In Music wanderlust06/04/14
Rec Me 2014 Albums. scottpilgrim1006/03/14
Lorem Poemata - 2014 Ovrot05/31/14
It's 2014!!!! robin05/30/14
Bands That Need Live Albums pedro7051205/28/14
Turned 17 Today emester05/18/14
2014 So Far elbaliem05/12/14
The Worst Efforts From All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08705/05/14
Metal Gear Solid Ranked EJinHD04/22/14
30 / 36... emester04/22/14
Easter Sludge Day wacknizzle04/20/14
Looking 4 Good Metal SeaAnemone04/17/14
Winter is coming (eventually) Bergtatt04/11/14
My 2014 Up Until This Point AnimalsAsSummit04/07/14
Top 10 I've Reviewed Of 2014 pedro7051204/06/14
Q1 Tunes 2014 Monsterpoptart04/06/14
Sputnik Sludge Vol. Ii Relinquished04/03/14
2014: January-march HenchmanOfSanta03/30/14
Sputnik Sludge Vol. I Relinquished03/15/14
End Of Winter Digs wacknizzle03/13/14
Music That Happened In 2014 SeaAnemone03/09/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
Awesome Discography Journeys cb12307/23/13
LPs Ought To Be Heard In Order To Become The Ultimate Ninja ObakeFilter07/01/13
Modern Metal Inveigh04/21/13
Upcoming Albums geasoftime03/28/13
A, B, C, D steynopeth03/26/13
A Burgeoning Vinyl Collection (part 2) DominionMM103/08/13
Thanks Sputnik/a Mandatory 10k Posts List evilford01/14/13
Metal Of The Current Decade Sevhead01/08/13
Snow SeaAnemone12/29/12
3 Years On Sputnik pedro7051212/09/12
Dumb Bitch Won't Shut Up ZilbelPing11/09/12
Work Sucks, I Know Emyay10/20/12
Music For Your Face Emim10/01/12
Recs Please eggsvonsatan09/24/12
My Cassette Collection. tomr409/21/12
New Car Emim09/09/12
Favourite Albums steynopeth08/12/12
Get Fucking Pissed Colliiiin07/26/12
Random Captain List CaptainDooRight07/24/12
Been A While marksellsuswallets07/21/12
Hellfest 2012 Bands Gigs Rankings FLRTE06/30/12
Longest Playlist Everrrrrr cb12306/28/12
Rec Me Doom And Other Dark Stuff dylanjones4206/27/12
My Vinyl Collection. tomr406/21/12
Actual Sludge alachlahol06/15/12
Let's Be Friends trix4dix06/14/12
Good Songs Emim06/12/12
Dooooom ForeignFilm05/31/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
The Sick Bro Shuyin05/22/12
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
666 Artists cb12305/08/12
Gilead Media Music Festival Recap Vesper05/04/12
New TDKR Trailer Ignimbrite05/01/12
Mimsy's Good Ish Emim04/24/12
Out Of Body Music Colliiiin04/08/12
Mother Earth Is Pregnant For The Third Time Buccaneer03/30/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Yay It's Supposed To Rain All Weekend! CaptainDooRight03/16/12
Inveigh's Best Of 2011 Inveigh03/11/12
Recs Yo dylanjones4203/08/12
Dist Is Ligs Emim02/18/12
Should I Go See The Black Dahlia Murder Tomorrow? eggsvonsatan02/15/12
NASA Budget Cuts Ignimbrite02/13/12
Sludge Metal Inveigh02/11/12
A Burgeoning Vinyl Collection DominionMM102/09/12
Freaks And Geeks sixthgoldenticket01/25/12
Doom Me? NocteDominum01/18/12
Recent Digs cb12301/10/12
My Best Of 2011 BurningApollo01/05/12
2011 Eps HenchmanOfSanta12/28/11
I Don't Dig It BurningApollo12/23/11
My Top 20 Of 2011 SladetoBlack12/23/11
When In Rome... SeaAnemone12/18/11
IgnimKeif2011 Ignimbrite12/12/11
Exhilarating Show Last Night ThirtySixChambers12/07/11
Get Sludged eternium12/05/11
Help Me Get Sludgy dylanthedesertpea12/01/11
Djunior's 2011: Honorables djunior11/30/11
Reddit ThirtySixChambers11/28/11
2011 Metal Eskate8711/28/11
Mandatory Movie List combustion0711/25/11
Quality Heaviness #3 DeadBeat11/24/11
Top 10 Releases Of 2010 JohnJerk11/22/11
Saturday Night puma3511/19/11
2011 Horror Movies Colliiiin11/07/11
Turntablah Neurisis of Luna10/16/11
Underrated 2011 Albums Inveigh10/11/11
Badges Of Honor Vesper10/08/11
Diggings cb12310/07/11
The Short And Sweet Of 2011 AngelofDeath10/05/11
September 2011 toxicgarbageisland109/30/11
Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time laughriot09/26/11
What I Have Been Listening To Locura09/21/11
//_v SlightlyEpic09/16/11
Drowning In Sludge chambered8909/14/11
Post-holiday Revision fulgrim09/13/11
Things Are Different Now chambered8909/01/11
Rec Me Crust, Sludge, And Grind singthewordhope08/30/11
New Here Vladimyr08/29/11
New York Is The Place To Be. Vesper08/25/11
Saw GIAA wyankeif133708/21/11
A Stoner's Paradise chambered8908/02/11
College Apps!! wyankeif133707/29/11
Captain America Eskate8707/25/11
Louisifuckinana DominionMM107/14/11
Dripping With Filth SCREAM!06/28/11
Vinyl Haul eggsvonsatan06/27/11
Recommendations.....please! eggsvonsatan06/22/11
I Don't Like Black Metal 76TVs06/17/11
Rex SlightlyEpic06/10/11
06/09 SlightlyEpic06/09/11
My Spoon Is Too Big Jebull05/19/11
Heat By The Horns Inveigh05/15/11
The Best 420 List eggsvonsatan04/20/11
Weekend Albums ThePrisonGuard04/09/11
Metal As Hell eternium04/08/11
Went On A Date This Weekend. Eskate8704/03/11
More Sludge/doom countchocula9003/21/11
Hi Guys! :] DarkNoctus03/20/11
Skittles Ranked pillowswantyoursoul03/16/11
Users' Best Of 2010: 100 - 51 Deviant.03/11/11
Catnip Jebull03/04/11
Drone Yard AngelofDeath03/01/11
1000 Comments 100 Albums zarquan9902/06/11
MMX by Srightry SlightlyEpic01/31/11
In A Dark & Depressing Mood wyankeif133701/25/11
Hate & Weight alachlahol01/20/11
Favorite Albums Of 2010 feav23301/06/11
Djr.'s 100 Of 2010 djunior01/05/11
20 Most Insane Hard/metal/death/crust Core Albums Of 2010 Anville12/31/10
wyankeif2010 wyankeif133712/30/10
2010: The Year In Veigh Inveigh12/30/10
Qwenty10 qwe312/28/10
My Top 15 Of 2010 SladetoBlack12/26/10
Sappy Christmas List wyankeif133812/24/10
Burn2010Burn Burn2Burn12/24/10
Yet Another 2010 List HenchmanOfSanta12/20/10
Crysis' 2010 Crysis12/17/10
2010 Possibilities accompliceofmydeath12/16/10
Sludgehammered TrapThemAlive12/16/10
Weapons Mordecai.12/15/10
A Deviant 2010: The Year That Was Deviant.12/12/10
Mark's Top 25 marksellsuswallets12/07/10
20 For '10 danjenkins123412/05/10
Recent Downloads wyankeif133712/04/10
Why the Usa Is Awesome wyankeif133712/03/10
Favourite Albums Of 2010 Photon11/22/10
Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici Jebull11/18/10
Sludge In San Antonio Inveigh11/17/10
East Needs The Recs East Hastings11/15/10
2010: The Year In Metal And More AngelofDeath11/09/10
My Top 10 Of 2010 :] DarkNoctus11/04/10
Deviant's Last Dash To The Finish Line Deviant.11/03/10
Sludgesludgesludge puma3510/31/10
Favorite Albums puma3510/26/10
Love Free Music Oceans10/24/10
Great Album Art (part 3) literalsurrealist10/23/10
I Think You Forgot Something SlightlyEpic10/12/10
Rec Me 2010 Records kitsch10/11/10
The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1 ShadowRemains10/09/10
Focking First djunior10/04/10
So Much Metal liledman10/03/10
Sputnik Albums wyankeif133710/03/10
Supreme Black Metal & Doom Metal DeafMetal10/02/10
Don't Forget To Bring A Towel! wyankeif133709/30/10
Chipotle Mexican Grill Accipe09/27/10
Chambered's Ultimate Fall 2010 Digs List chambered8909/26/10
2010 - You Might Have Missed. Powerban09/25/10
The Great Music Purge Zion09/25/10
Enter The Void chambered8909/24/10
Sup Guys Heysatan09/20/10
Metallll chambered8909/20/10
127 Hours chambered8909/16/10
Mah Digs Canyons of Static08/27/10
Summer Listening List Bleekill08/23/10
I Refuse To Buy Or Download More Music Nikkolae08/02/10
Mid-year Top 10 Metal Albums canvasofdeath07/27/10
Any Recommendations? SlightlyEpic07/10/10
1 Year Dryden07/09/10
Hate SlightlyEpic07/04/10
dooooooooooooom DeafMetal06/24/10
Birthday Yesterday Dryden05/08/10
Drone/doom/sludge/ambient Recs iBosley04/17/10
Four Weeks Until Spring Break Cerbyrus02/20/10
Last 3 Months count02/17/10
I Love Stealing Music Nikkolae02/12/10
Neck-snapping Doom brutebeard02/12/10
Pussies To The Back krazaln11/11/09
Rasputin Recs Doom Metal rasputin09/30/09


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