264 Music Lists Found Mentioning Kindred

If Future Garage Is A Thing... BobbbyLight01/27/15
The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music helpoemer42001/21/15
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
Enjoying The Cold Weather SpiritCrusher211/24/14
Favourite EPs adr11/03/14
Do Any Of You Guys Paint? Muisc4Life2610/07/14
Burial Eps Ranked ExplosiveOranges09/07/14
5's drksideofthemn508/26/14
Life Is Beautiful avonbarksdale22108/25/14
Musik 4 Skooma Trips RivalSkoomaDealer08/15/14
Itchy Goes To England itchybutthole08/12/14
That One Album/song That Stays On Repeat Shuyin08/08/14
My Top 50 Albums Of The Decade So Far Funeralopolis08/05/14
Top 100 SwallowShotguns08/02/14
Excellent Albums Are Classic aok08/01/14
Crammin Jams tommygun06/04/14
Next On My To Buy List? SticksmanTheBored05/26/14
Electronic Music SticksmanTheBored05/25/14
Bought A Car avonbarksdale22105/15/14
Potsy: Electronic By The Buttload LordePots05/07/14
2010s: Best Electronic Releases lou100004/23/14
Best Of 2012 lou100004/18/14
Aids' Top 100: Current Favourite Albums Aids04/16/14
Running Jams Wadlez03/25/14
5 For 5 Trebor.02/19/14
Night Time StrangerofSorts02/19/14
Two Best Eps Crawl02/09/14
Retrograde: 2012 A Year Late Inveigh02/09/14
BURIAL RANKED lou100001/21/14
Me Dig, You Dig, We Dig ButteryBiscuitBass01/21/14
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles Aids01/02/14
Decent From 2013 ChurchOfRa01/02/14
All The Colors Of The Rainbow sicktransitbro12/28/13
Burial Top 10 Explained wanderlust12/13/13
BURIAL INTERVIEW lou100012/09/13
crazy exs mryrtmrnfoxxxy12/09/13
My Electronic Rabbit Hole hiyabootchie12/08/13
25 Perfect Songs demigod!11/16/13
Any Aspiring Screenwriters On Sputnik? YourDarkAffected10/18/13
Can't Change Avatar Or Post In Forums YourDarkAffected10/11/13
Rec Me Electronica slagun09/26/13
Twlichty Releases Free Ep! twlichty08/13/13
1-year Sputversary Brostep08/05/13
Giving Up Metal... Jacquibim07/26/13
Recent Hard Digs Jacquibim07/22/13
I Don't Know Why I'm Depressed, That's The Worst Part TorchesTogether07/21/13
Music My Boyfriend Listens To cruciform07/16/13
Loosely Called Electronic List dcalderon07/16/13
Didn't Take A Shower Pt. 3 Trebor.07/04/13
Recommend Me Electronic DrMaximus07/03/13
Albums I Listened To On Holiday iwasnvrurbf06/21/13
Music For Depression Dodecahedron06/20/13
Hey. This Is My Top 50. NationalRadio06/05/13
Trebhammer 40k Trebor.06/04/13
Last Of My Kind Butkuiss05/28/13
Ep's Winesburgohio05/27/13
This Month's Most Listened To iwasnvrurbf05/27/13
Greatest EPs lou100005/25/13
Classic Dubstep Ranked TMobotron05/04/13
Teen Titans Go! How About No Trebor.05/03/13
33.3% Of The Decade Best Of Trebor.05/01/13
Top 25 Musical Cities, According To Rateyourmusic.com Aids04/14/13
Sweet Sweet Wax clercqie04/09/13
Vinyl #1 PrewDelisek03/31/13
Melt My Soul (recs Please) aok03/25/13
Drunkasfuck Jash03/23/13
10 gosk8n03/21/13
Jash's Vinyl (some Of It) Jash03/19/13
Sputnik Gets Aids 2013 Jash03/18/13
Rec Me Good Electronic Music dcalderon03/15/13
Casino '12 CasinoColumbus03/01/13
Top 30 Of 2012 AdamMontanari02/20/13
Photo Of Burial lou100002/18/13
Gyro's 2012 Gyromania02/12/13
Liledman Does 2012 liledman02/10/13
2012 mttgry02/04/13
Jash's 2012: That's All Folks Jash02/02/13
Interview Tomorrow ILJ01/25/13
New Account And Favourites Of 2012 helpoemer42001/22/13
The Dank Of 2012 DeadbeatDankity01/20/13
2012 In Review fish.01/19/13
Thann's 50 Of '12 Thanntos01/16/13
MisterTornado in 2012 MisterTornado01/14/13
Toaster's 2012 ITsHxCTOASTER01/11/13
Electronic And Ambient MichaelSnoxall01/11/13
Last Minute Recs Strider01/09/13
Top 5 Albums Of 2012 brnnnfrrll07301/08/13
2012 Year Of Aids: Top 25 Eps Aids01/07/13
Twlichty's Best Of The Best, 2012 twlichty01/07/13
Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List FearThyEvil01/06/13
My Dad Just Told Me He's Gay Sevhead01/05/13
2012 Was Kinda Nice hyllengren01/04/13
Butkuiss 2012 Butkuiss01/04/13
2012 afergusonart01/03/13
Music Released In 2012 That I Have Listened To And Enjoyed Jekub01/02/13
Treb's 2012 Trebor.01/02/13
Top 25 Of 2012 AlexTM51001/02/13
2013 Sputnik Predictions intotheshit01/01/13
So Yeah, A 2012 List BlueW01/01/13
Cowboys Vs Redskins Smithsonian12/30/12
Another 2012 list LibrePL12/29/12
On The Vino 2k12 (replete W/ Linxxx For Your Personal Betterment) Winesburgohio12/28/12
Chuck's Top 30 From 2012 ChuckyTruant12/27/12
Winrar's 2012 Winrar12/26/12
2012 Albums aok12/26/12
2012. Oh, And 2012. Rikardur12/24/12
Elephant's 2012 List elephantREVOLUTION12/24/12
Anchors Does 2012 OnlyAnchors12/24/12
A Journey Through 2012 Havey12/23/12
Austen's Top 25 Of 2012 (redux) ChuckGnarly12/22/12
Top 50 Of 2012 Crawl12/21/12
Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2012 Or Whatever zxlkho12/21/12
My Favourite 2012 Songs SpiritCrusher212/21/12
Electronic Music For Trebor Trebor.12/19/12
Favorite '12 Songs klap12/16/12
A 2012 Graveyard Shift Graveyard12/14/12
Go Down, Moses... Drsmith412/13/12
2012: Ep's Zantera12/13/12
It's 12-12-12. NationalRadio12/12/12
Mushroom Tea Time Jash12/12/12
Rev's 2012: Eps Rev12/10/12
Two thousand and twinkles: Top 30 of 2012 EaglesBecomeVultures12/10/12
Hawks Best Of 2012 (ver. 3.0) theacademy12/09/12
Scoot Does 2012 Scoot12/08/12
My Top 65 Albums Of 2012 jeremologyy12/06/12
And The Award For Feels Of The Year Goes To... Trebor.12/06/12
Grandpa Seth's Favorite Albums Of 2012 GrandpaSeth12/06/12
2012 Top 10 lou100012/06/12
Rec Me Progressive Electronic Music ZGP199212/05/12
Flashback: Part 2 clercqie12/05/12
Yo What Did I Miss In 2012 (and A Mission) JoshTh12/04/12
Just A Little 2012 SeaAnemone12/03/12
808 2012 808muzik12/03/12
2012 Best Year Of My Life Sleaper12/03/12
Funeral Top 25 Of 2012 Funeralopolis12/02/12
First Semester Of College ShadowAmI11/28/12
Aoty, Finals, Question.... And Thoughts Mike0811/27/12
Conrad's Top 50 Albums Of 2012 conradtao11/22/12
Radiohead vs. Godspeed You! Black Emperor vs. Burial lou100011/21/12
Rec Me Good Electronic Similar To These Diton11/11/12
Morphing Users Together Leebro11/05/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Need Some Good Dub TheArkitecht11/01/12
What.cd ShadowAmI10/31/12
Skating Winrar10/30/12
Blue's 2012 BlueW10/29/12
How Do You Rate Albums? SmurkinGherkin10/21/12
2012 Diggs trich10/14/12
What's Got My Attention Recently TheHoggle10/04/12
Me And The Gorons Starting Raves Up In Market Town cuki9210/02/12
Top Songs Of 2012 Lucid09/30/12
Dreamgaze And Shoepop Bloodhail09/16/12
Another One Of Those Fucking Lists BlueW09/16/12
Electronic Recs? OysterizerInsomniac09/12/12
Top 5 Workaholics Eps Pigwise4109/11/12
Mixing It Up psite4509/07/12
Twlichty's 2012 So Far twlichty09/06/12
My Top 15 Of 2012 Funeralopolis08/23/12
February 2012 BrianE08/15/12
Gyro's Birthday! Gyromania08/13/12
Choke chambered4908/13/12
Been Lurking For Awhile, Decided To Make An Account DoctorBrule08/09/12
2012 Electronic Eps TMobotron08/04/12
Steam Game Recs? Funeralopolis07/28/12
Agalloch Was Boring... Rikardur07/25/12
Top 10 Of 2012 So Far! bcwhite9607/22/12
Pentagon's 2012 So Far Pentagon07/21/12
List Jash07/21/12
Scissorlocking 2012 scissorlocked07/20/12
Omni-2012-panzer 58% omnipanzer07/18/12
Some 2012 Stuff BroFro07/17/12
Ilovetree's First Half Of 2012 treeqt.07/14/12
Charts Are Down Butkuiss07/14/12
Halfway Station Rail07/10/12
Top 20 Of First Half of 2012 Fortheloveofmusic07/10/12
Top 10 Of 2012 So Far Redman5407/06/12
Bloodbirds' 2012 Bloodbirds07/02/12
Half Way Through 2012 DeadbeatDankity07/01/12
A Wild List Appeared! BlueW06/28/12
Strange Q2 StrangerofSorts06/27/12
2012 So Far PrewDelisek06/27/12
2012: First Half jeremologyy06/26/12
Another Damn First Half Of 2012 List Monsterpoptart06/26/12
Clercqie's 2012 clercqie06/26/12
Dev's 2012 (down The Winding Road) Deviant.06/26/12
Gyro's First Half Of 2012 Gyromania06/25/12
Drunk Recs Rev06/23/12
Recspecs First Birthday Recspecs06/18/12
Dantes's Halftime cvlts06/17/12
2012.5 conradtao06/15/12
Top 2012 Albums So Far JThack406/14/12
5000 Comments And A Massive Boner Recspecs06/13/12
Rev's Top 25 Snes Games Rev06/13/12
Top 100 of 2012 (so far) BaselineOOO06/13/12
2012 Is 2012 808muzik06/09/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
Beautiful Albums gosk8n05/25/12
Bluew Needs 2012 BlueW05/25/12
Drinking Games Chrisjon8905/25/12
Rev's 2012 (so Far) Rev05/24/12
Fuckthat2012 fuckthatnoise05/23/12
Joshuatree's 2012 So Far joshuatree05/17/12
wind waker is king foxxxy05/15/12
2012: Year Of The 4's elephantREVOLUTION05/14/12
Friend Zoned mangasm05/13/12
No More Aids In Africa! Aids05/13/12
Premier League, Final Day fish.05/13/12
Recent Vinyl Acquisitions InFiction05/09/12
670.666: My Favorites From 2012 So Far Anthracks05/05/12
Chambered's Top 20 Songs Of 2012 chambered6905/04/12
Chaotetronica WileyCha0te04/29/12
New Bansheebeat Track Rev04/28/12
New Digs J0ckstrapsFTW04/25/12
2012 foxxxy04/21/12
Twlichty's Ideal Electronic twlichty04/19/12
Boo Hoo 2012 Sux OnlyAnchors04/19/12
Ultrasone Pro 2900 sifFlammable04/17/12
Two Best Releases From Each Of My Favorite Arists BlueW04/08/12
Users That Need More Love TheAshes04/06/12
Angel's Running Tab AngelofDeath04/05/12
Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Redman5404/05/12
First Quarter Favorites Monsterpoptart04/03/12
I Need Some Blogspots Guys!! :( RecspecsAFC03/29/12
Planewreck Continues To Purchase Records Without The Funds plane03/28/12
New 2 Me omnipanzer03/28/12
2012 As Of Right Now. NotSoFast03/27/12
New Single From My Band cookiemonster888803/27/12
Strange Choices: Q1 2012 StrangerofSorts03/24/12
List BlueW03/24/12
2012 Q1: The Unsung (and The Less So) conradtao03/23/12
Rev Starts Work On Lp Rev03/21/12
Rev's Terrible Anime List Rev03/19/12
2012 Isolation03/19/12
Top 10 of 2012 so far OnlyAnchors03/19/12
How Do You Go About Finding New Music? 00mee03/19/12
Chambered's Top 10 Of 2012 So Far chambered6903/19/12
Electronica!!! YankeeDudel03/15/12
Resign, Review, Request? Minus The Flair03/13/12
Drunk Aids03/12/12
2012 Man FruityCatOfDoom03/08/12
Digs Aphrodisiac03/08/12
Rec Me Jrpgs Rev03/07/12
Lionel Messi geng03/07/12
The Munchies InFiction03/06/12
I Request Recommendations. MyNameIsBobay03/03/12
It's Hard For Me To Describe... geng03/02/12
Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art - Like Me. mmfarva03/01/12
Braces Samshine03/01/12
Kornstep + Skrillz + Brorial Ranked theacademy03/01/12
Gaming On A Budget Tyrannic02/28/12
Why Can't I Give Burial- Kindred A 1? jwyles402/28/12
Moving To London Jash02/26/12
What Is This Place. mmfarva02/26/12
What Have I Done?! ReturnOfTheDnor02/23/12
Thank You Burial OnlyAnchors02/23/12
Get Me Some Good Electronica Mike0802/23/12
Post Hangover Recspecs02/20/12
KINDRED vs. STREET HALO lou100002/19/12
The State Of Sputnikmusic Feb 2012 Urinetrouble02/19/12
Bacon Sandwich defjaw8302/19/12
It Finally Happened Jash02/18/12
Sputnik Music Taste feelthemetallica02/17/12
Bansheeblog.tumblr.com Rev02/16/12
Sequels TheVoiceAndTheSnake02/14/12


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