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Black And White And Grey dreamobile03/19/11
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Das Some Gooood Indie hurleyman42003/01/11
Post-rock/shoegaze Recs fuckyourneonshirt02/28/11
I Wrote A Three Chapter, Five Album Concept For My Band The Other Day. SamFreeman02/24/11
Insomnia Digs Treska02/22/11
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.......... cirq03/02/10
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3000 Titan5001/23/10
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Junk Dat Been All Up In My Ear stoopkid01/15/08
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Top 15 Albums thebhoy12/11/07
Fucking Awesome. Mirror.Circuit12/10/07
Albums I've Been Playing A Lot samariah11/30/07
For Misery Business Ringtone Txt Paramore To 311311 MrKite11/28/07
My 10 Favorite To Sleep To Mirror.Circuit11/19/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
Driving. Mirror.Circuit11/04/07
Hate Me StreetlightRock10/29/07
10 Albums I Will Never,ever Get Tired Of Mirror.Circuit10/23/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
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Change Is Good GleamInRanks04/20/07
Workout! francesfarmer02/24/07
Homegrown In My Head Iluvatar02/11/07
I too have phallus type genitals francesfarmer11/04/06


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