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Top 50 Death Metal Albums InfernalOarsman02/08/15
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Soundtrack To Hell Vol. 1 ExplosiveOranges05/04/14
Summer Slaughter Is Coming Up! Karpizzle05/02/14
Morbid Angel Ranked (Edited) ExplosiveOranges04/30/14
Happy Easter, Heil Satan! BlackLlama04/20/14
Buys And Digs MoosechriS02/28/14
We Don't Go To Ravenholm Anymore BigPleb02/21/14
So Much Music, And So Little Time Weirman02/18/14
6666 Comments Necrotica02/16/14
R.i.p. Lloyd Necrotica02/06/14
Top 20 Metalbands metalMensch8801/11/14
Morbid Angel Ranked Truth ButteryBiscuitBass01/09/14
Cd Collection - Installment Three Multifarious01/09/14
Moosechris Vinyl Collection MoosechriS12/26/13
Underachieving Digs TheSlenderMan12/10/13
Butterybiscuitboom ButteryBiscuitBass12/09/13
Record Store Day 2013 Multifarious11/29/13
Stages On Life's Way kalki11/21/13
Awesome New Purchases MoosechriS11/15/13
Some of the Best Death Metal Songs SlMBOLlC11/09/13
Rip B.T.T.W TheSlenderMan11/04/13
A Taste Of Death killth3p00r10/30/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
Me Don't Like Cricket TheBible10/17/13
Morbid Angel Ranked SlMBOLlC10/02/13
For The Gentlemans Everywheres BallsToTheWall09/30/13
Miami Heat Threepeat BallsToTheWall09/25/13
Gj Miley SlMBOLlC09/10/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1993 charbyno09/04/13
Top Old School Death Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/22/13
Wesley Willis Guide To Rock & Roll extranoisy6507/27/13
Metal Mondays BigPleb07/22/13
Death Vs Morbid Angel huguitoescorza07/04/13
Just Death Metal azagthoth8912307/03/13
1993 SpiritCrusher206/27/13
Top 10 Death Metal Albums Necrotica06/11/13
Quorthon Necrotica06/03/13
I Just Started A Band NationalMidnightStar05/28/13
Osdm Recs? bowlofsoup05/28/13
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Needsmoarbreakdowns05/06/13
Bought Some Cd's Today Pestiferous05/04/13
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) NoiseForZeus04/28/13
Lifting Digz CaptainDooRight04/08/13
Dead Balls Decomposition BallsToTheWall04/02/13
Hyperdeath Hyperion100104/01/13
The Best Feeling Ever YoYoMancuso03/11/13
The Big 4's Of Metal? SlMBOLlC02/13/13
A Song With Better Riffs Than... EyesWideShut01/20/13
The Day Of Death Metal Hawks01/09/13
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
100 90s Metal Albums Funeralopolis12/10/12
I Am A Rapist, Satanist, Sadist, Pedophile, Kkk Member, And Gang Member HitlerIsPissed11/20/12
Rec Me Good Death Metal Geadom11/17/12
Amazings Albums Cover huguitoescorza10/31/12
Shit Sputnik Got Me Into necromechanical10/19/12
Florida> evilford10/18/12
Death Vrs. Morbid Angel TheSpirit10/18/12
Covenant Vs Altars Of Madness huguitoescorza10/15/12
Not Another Dm List TheSpirit10/01/12
Music To Music To TheSpirit09/19/12
25 Greatest Death/black Metal Albums Of All Time huguitoescorza07/25/12
Finally a good Metal list \m/!!!!!!!!!!! ManintheBox07/12/12
The Greatest Guitarists Of The Last Fifty Years AngelofDeath06/20/12
Notrap's Week Jams TheNotrap05/01/12
Shitcore: The Best Songs To Poop To Thor04/28/12
I Be Death Metalin \m/!!!!!!! ManintheBox04/28/12
Hyperion10000 Hyperion100104/23/12
Looking For Good Death Metal/deathcore/melodic Death Metal With Plenty Good Guitar Solos dhrubodx03/17/12
Spirit's Favorite Death Metal TheSpirit03/09/12
Death Metal TheArkitecht03/07/12
E- Band - Musicians Wanted TheSpirit03/05/12
This Is Huh, Wow TheSpirit02/15/12
Best Albums I've Ever Heard sonictheplumber02/04/12
Jesus Christ Superstar Killerhit01/13/12
Don't Feature This List ControlDarts12/21/11
In Metal We Trust BallsToTheWall11/14/11
Fuzz Pedals Are Fun Ire10/30/11
Timeless Albums Auschwitz10/17/11
Favorite Death Metal Albums Auschwitz10/13/11
Real Metal: An Ode To The Truest Of The True BallsToTheWall10/10/11
Jazzin' And Death Metallin' m/ TheArkitecht10/05/11
Morbid Angel/carcass Ranked TheSpirit09/30/11
Choosing Death TheSpirit09/24/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
A Pure Explosion Of Ownage Killahit08/04/11
Playlist Juillet 2010 Likferd07/26/11
Best Albums That I'm Proud To Say That I Owned ultradevilgod07/18/11
I'm New FullOnRapist07/03/11
Rec Me Death Metal jayfatha06/12/11
Heaviness Imo Foghorn69205/12/11
Top 10 Workout Exercises BallsToTheWall05/11/11
Brutal List Is Brutal 05McDonaldT03/28/11
M.e.t.a.l: Get Some!!!!! BallsToTheWall03/27/11
Fuck Alcohol BallsToTheWall03/08/11
Roadtrip To Asheville Nc BallsToTheWall02/23/11
Deaf's New Blog DeafMetal12/07/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
Tis The Season BigTuna10/23/10
666 Comments geng10/10/10
My Favorite Death Metal ieatpuppies4dinner09/15/10
Best Guitar Solos AngelofDeath08/14/10
Dm Granius07/17/10
Hi Guys, It's Just Me GaryGlitter07/05/10
The Evolution Of Steel Erect's Musical Progression SteelErectedb4you8er06/06/10
100 Essentials From The 90's buckfutter06/04/10
Top 10 Worst Games Ever theacademy02/19/10
New To Sputnik SpectralArchitect02/18/10
A Dose Of Essential Metal II Wizard02/01/10
What Would Brian Boitano Do? intothepit8301/04/10
My Favorite Death Metal Albums intothepit8310/16/09
BRUTAL Bleak07/22/09
These Albums Rule KILL04/10/09
Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years panagiotis03/16/09
So I Heard Blink Got Back Together KILL02/09/09
Ibanez Rg7321 KILL02/05/09
All My Favourite Albums pingu5312/16/08
Yes Or No? Altmer11/27/08
Metal Massacre! combustion0711/16/08
To Acquire DeathThrashProg09/07/08
I Got Jacked combustion0706/08/08
10 Best Produced Albums of Any Genre Gmaj10/11/06
Top 10 Death Metal Albums...Ever Gmaj10/11/06


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