209 Music Lists Found Mentioning Sing the Sorrow

Favorite 100 Albums Deadsouls9601/27/15
The Warriors RoyalImperialGuard01/24/15
Albums My Friends And I Listened To In High School Stereochrome101/16/15
Black Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean12/06/14
Albums That Are Important To Me treos77711/16/14
Best Pop Punk Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews11/06/14
My Favorite Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews10/20/14
694 Ratings, 69 Albums Lakes.10/08/14
Afi Tonight Storm In A Teacup10/06/14
Top 10 Experimental Recs wwba08/30/14
7 Years RoyalImperialGuard08/23/14
Going Through A Phase DarthMann08/18/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Albums Of The Year Naenia08/10/14
Excellent Albums Are Classic aok08/01/14
Best 2 Albums Per Decade JKennedy06/27/14
Searching For Emotions metalsavedmylife06/16/14
Ranking the AFI Closers trackbytrackreviews05/31/14
3.9s Ranked sublimefan199105/10/14
Music I Listened To When I Was A Teen joesmoe400004/09/14
Afi Ranked unaMUSEd03/20/14
Top 10 Favorite Albums unaMUSEd01/13/14
This Is Me YetAnotherBrick12/28/13
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Trebor.12/26/13
Favorite AFI Albums JordanHageman7811/08/13
Comfort In The Future YetAnotherBrick11/05/13
My Evolution Through High School lyzakthellama11/03/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Getting All Dolled Up BallsToTheWall10/22/13
Afi Ranked 30secondstocydonia10/21/13
So Much Good Music This Year humblerodent10/18/13
Afi Live 2013 Acanthus10/01/13
10 Years Of Sputnik/mx Itwasthatwas09/19/13
Winter Is Coming SCREAM!09/11/13
Soundwave 2014 Gavininseawater1308/25/13
One Album Per Year: Fund It drasticaction7408/14/13
Favorite Afi Songs Feather07/29/13
Top 40 AFI Songs GreyShadow07/28/13
Riot Fest 2013 Feather05/16/13
Afi New Album Feather05/15/13
Fast Times Or Dazed And Confused? Iamthe Nightstars05/14/13
Miss You Guys aok05/03/13
Da Vinci's Demons nononsense04/23/13
Guess That Movie Quote! Trebor.04/23/13
Afi Ranked: Better Hep Kat04/18/13
AFI Says You Can Always Put In A Fucking Bleep Can't Ya!? Storm In A Teacup04/18/13
Second Year Of Sputnik BlazeWilson03/09/13
Middle School Jams mttgry02/18/13
Top 15 Favorite Bands drasticaction7402/12/13
Academys Top 30 All Time Forever theacademy01/28/13
Cds In The Car. Still Have Yet To Recharge My Ipod CaptainHadouken12/28/12
Malleus' Fav Users!! MalleusMaleficarum12/06/12
Nostalgia cb12311/27/12
Gay Music For Gay People Lakes.11/25/12
AFI Ranked GreyShadow10/17/12
Getting A Tattoo Mickeymau510/09/12
Move-in Tomorrow JackSparrow08/21/12
Need new music xAshtrayux08/18/12
Ever Had A Female Boss At Work? benkim07/25/12
Albums/songs That Always Put You In A Certain Mood? JakeStallion07/19/12
Wasting Words On Lower Cases And Capitals raggedragamuffin06/29/12
My Vinyl Collection. tomr406/21/12
My Current 100+ Album Library. Recs, please? SlowlyFallingAwake05/30/12
2003 autopilotoff05/09/12
The Best Band Ever [AFI]: Ranked MalleusMaleficarum04/03/12
Scoot Breaks 10k Scoot03/29/12
Scissor TomArnoldsArmpit03/28/12
So, Last.fm Is Neat raggedragamuffin03/09/12
My First Sputnik Birthday. BlazeWilson03/09/12
Need Film Recs M/ TheVoiceAndTheSnake02/11/12
Bacon Flavored Shakes patman100102/07/12
Advice? Lakes.02/04/12
The Best Punk Albums I've Owned RegularBen12/26/11
Getting Ready For Winter figure33712/11/11
Two Part Songs KimmsightMatters12/06/11
My Top 15 Favorite Albums GreyShadow11/18/11
My Favorite Releases From 2003 DeathsThread11/04/11
Congratulations aok10/27/11
Need Some Recs! Vespiion10/15/11
Punk Albums Of My Childhood (and Now) Firecracker10/10/11
Apollo Recommends: Fall And Winter Albums Apollo09/16/11
Today Was... (click Here) Acanthus09/04/11
My Music Collection Hyruth08/31/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Number Ten IamInExile07/24/11
All Time Favorite 100 fireinourthroats07/22/11
Overlooked/overrated/underrated Movies Dismantle07/21/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
Need Music Suggestions :d GreyShadow05/29/11
I Spank Myself Modern05/17/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm) Aids04/22/11
Damn You Five Hour Energy Jesuslaves04/11/11
My Music Taste Is Random HaloDude44204/05/11
Breaking Up promiseswept02/02/11
Naenia's Top Records Of 2000s Naenia12/19/10
Dorms dylanthedesertpea10/31/10
Lucidity's Top 100 Lucid10/28/10
Things Happen for a Reason Rubbadonga10/25/10
My Top 10 Favorite Bands... IamInExile10/19/10
My Cds HaloDude44210/15/10
Recent Diggings IamInExile10/14/10
One Per Album... IamInExile10/11/10
Overplayed Albums Lucid10/10/10
Been Watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' IamInExile10/09/10
Make Fun Of Me Static10/05/10
Redid My Ipod For The First Time In A Year And A Half notorioussam2309/20/10
Best Album By Artist, Part 1 BigHans09/14/10
Sanka... You Dead? BallsToTheWall08/31/10
Top 100 Of The Decade Rev08/28/10
Lollapalooza? HallucinogeNick08/04/10
Afi Ranked ShadowAmI07/21/10
The Big 1000! BrahTheSunGod07/17/10
My Cds Are Awesome HaloDude44207/11/10
Top 10 Pop Punk Albums Iamthe Nightstars07/09/10
I'm A Little Stoned eternium07/04/10
A Somber(lame?) Decade somberlain06/20/10
A Mutated Decade Fugue06/17/10
You May Say I'm A Dreamer But I'm Not. Bandido06/17/10
Noticeable Snubs From The Top 100 notorioussam2306/11/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
AFI All Star Team theacademy06/07/10
Delicious Maliciousness Xplisit06/05/10
Guess That Sputniker 10 tinkrbel06/02/10
9 KILLER Albums tinkrbel05/13/10
AFI Ranked IllPromiseYouThat05/09/10
I'm New Here ladyxliberTinaxgrimm04/14/10
1992-2009 Lucid03/21/10
My Current Favorite Bands. DavidBlair03/16/10
Mynameisdecade mynameischan03/16/10
Albums To Permanently Warp Your Mind KhaosXREVolution03/14/10
Just Created A Profile Killler903/10/10
10 Favorite Albums EmersonRhodes02/24/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
Afi Pizza02/08/10
Bands I'm Getting Into Later Than Everyone Else... mayzdrummer02/02/10
Pissing On Walt Disney's Grave BallsToTheWall02/02/10
Branching Out SCREAM!01/08/10
Chewie's Top Albums From 2000-2009 Chewie12/28/09
A Decade Of Robotmusic killrobotmusic12/27/09
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
MrHotMoms's Top 3 Of All Time MrHotMoms12/02/09
Ravens thecheatisnotdead11/22/09
Digsdigsdigs MrHotMoms11/12/09
Nobody Works At My Job So I Won't And I Will Make This List Instead crush121411/09/09
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 50-41 killrobotmusic10/19/09
20k On Last.fm Fugue10/10/09
Wanted: Recs Bandido10/04/09
Afi Albums Ranked EasternLight10/04/09
Absolutely Must-have Classic Album Rec EasternLight09/27/09
Your Favorite Personal Album EasternLight09/18/09
Best Afi Albums JKennedy8709/10/09
Why 2003 was awesome arsonist8809/05/09
Reasons I Love Sputnik II: All Of The Awesome Stuff I Wouldn't Have Otherwise Heard Fugue08/04/09
I'm Only Laughing On The Outside... willfellmarsy07/26/09
11 Albums That Were Important In My Musical Development killrobotmusic07/24/09
Shrapnel94's Cd Collection Shrapnel9407/17/09
Unsure Ratings Chewie05/29/09
Alternate The Rock Chewie05/23/09
25 Heartbreakers ScorpionStan04/25/09
Five Albums. SatoIsNotPlace02/27/09
Favs So Far, Many To Go AndManyMore01/26/09
Albums My Sister And I Actually Agree On. xmOBSCENEx12/22/08
Cd's For My Girlfriend's Car 72haha7212/18/08
Recession Woes Getting You Down? spoon_of_grimbo11/20/08
Albums I Will Never Get Sick Of inflames66611/04/08
My 10 Favourite Albums Of All Time Craggles10/25/08
The Greatest Openers Ever Chewie10/23/08
The Greatest Closers Ever Chewie10/23/08
Moments In Musical History... willfellmarsy09/14/08
Top 10 cejecj09/13/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
Top 10 Albums Everrr ilikemusicthatsucks07/09/08
Favourite Albums By Favourite Bands ThePalaceOfWisdom07/07/08
Best Of My Collection Shrapnel9407/06/08
My Last Farewell, Sputnik Bfhurricane06/28/08
You Don't Know Me: Top 25 Attention Whore06/09/08
Some Non-metal Listenings SCREAM!06/02/08
Sputnik Has Spoken! Masochist05/23/08
Albums I Want bobbingforapples04/28/08
Top 100 (updated April 2008) bAdMaRk04/10/08
Top 100 (updated March 2008) bAdMaRk03/18/08
Top 100 (updated February 2008) bAdMaRk02/14/08
Rediscovered Bfhurricane01/13/08
Top 100 (updated January 2008) bAdMaRk01/09/08
My Favorite 20 Bands Chewie01/04/08
Top 100 (updated December 2007) bAdMaRk12/05/07
All Punx'd Out StreetlightRock11/26/07
Top Albums Of The 00's So Far Burning_October11/03/07
Shoveling... StreetlightRock10/14/07
Top 75 bAdMaRk10/07/07
Where I Am Now. guitarboy41008/17/07
My Top50 (Second Version) bAdMaRk08/05/07
I'm Going To West Virginia Fort2308/02/07
Fav Albums AndManyMore07/10/07
If Chicken Tasted Like Candy... AndManyMore04/11/07
My Top50 bAdMaRk02/25/07
Jacaranda's Albums Of This Decade... So Far. Jacaranda12/30/06
New Top 50 Hatshepsut12/09/06
Just What Ive Been Into Recently Really. fisky00911/15/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Top 10 Albums Groggie10/30/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
Me Best Quarter Century Dave de Sylvia09/07/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
Some of my Favorite Albums jameskukucka08/13/06
Favorite Bands (No order.) Ruddles08/02/06
Iluvatars surprise albums of the past 5 years or so Iluvatar06/24/06


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