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Playlist For A Girl. dixoncocks01/20/15
Need Recs For Traveling Masthews12/28/14
Albums That Are Important To Me treos77711/16/14
My 25 letme69johndarnielle10/15/14
All Time Favorite Albums Celtics244808/30/14
mewithoutYou LPs Ranked SadAndHolyGlow08/28/14
Top 100 SwallowShotguns08/02/14
My Dad Is High Off His Ass Watching Brain Games YakNips07/21/14
Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 Artuma07/20/14
Digs random07/08/14
Best Band Of The 2000's Ranked brokendogleg06/10/14
1000 Ratings Woo Artuma05/03/14
100 Favorite Albums mttgry05/02/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Ranking My Fives atrink02/22/14
Users' Favorite Albums Pt. 2 Judio!01/16/14
Need Some Happy Music brokendogleg01/13/14
Teenage Hardcore Revival witchxrapist01/07/14
Trip To New York! tcat8411/23/13
October All Over c0ffee10/19/13
40 Indie-tastic Albums Veldin08/21/13
Awesome Artwork wireforawire07/17/13
Almost Pooped Myself During Leg Day pbass006/12/13
Help me find one good band rec TheseModernThings05/11/13
The Best Twelve treos77705/04/13
Flashback To Freshman Year wacknizzle03/07/13
High School Jams Pt. 1 mttgry02/13/13
Thesemodernthings' Essential Albums TheseModernThings02/11/13
Post Hardcore That Sounds Similar To These Bands? HexagonalZebra02/11/13
Vinyl atrink02/09/13
Video Games + Cancer Research = larrytheslug01/07/13
Some Cool Album Art Shimana01/06/13
Favourite Indie.. Adabelle01/04/13
Current Emo/screamo/etc Playlist AdamK12/01/12
Giving A Shit Recspecs11/27/12
Lyricists dylanjones4210/08/12
mewithoutYou Ranked ViralOblivion10/05/12
Sputnikd My Lists ;_; FranzSchubert10/03/12
Taking A Leave Of Absence Recspecs08/24/12
Need Some Recs HexagonalZebra08/04/12
2004 mttgry07/07/12
Vinyl Record Collection sethdavid06/06/12
Best Songs '00-'09 drasticaction7405/22/12
Pit is Dead FrankRedHot05/11/12
Mewithoutyou Ten Stories Mike0805/03/12
Give Me Ten Stories. Plz. ThunderNeutral2105/01/12
Fresh Jams thecheatisnotdead04/18/12
The Art Of Production SCREAMorphine04/15/12
Writing Music Is Hard KotoFtw03/17/12
Bedroom Recordings c0ffee03/08/12
Overshadowed Albums onthebrightside02/27/12
100 Great Indie Albums wacknizzle02/17/12
Weekly Albums #2 julien02/03/12
Planewreck's Ever Expanding Vinyl Collection plane02/01/12
Rec Me Post-hardcore OysterizerInsomniac01/25/12
My 10/10 Albums Darb01/19/12
Albums I Found On Sputnik alexp900001/05/12
Pick-up Lines Guaranteed To Work Recspecs12/08/11
Favorite Guitarists vmcoia9111/29/11
18th Birthday Guzzo1011/24/11
Post-hardcore Digs/recs GreyShadow11/14/11
Albums With Awesome Openers rokknroll411/13/11
Favourite Songs PedalToTheMetal11/04/11
Mid 2000s: Best Years In Emo(tional) Music TheseModernThings11/02/11
Mewithoutyou Ranked NeutralThunder1210/25/11
Favorite Actresses vmcoia9110/14/11
Post Hardcore SeaAnemone10/13/11
Can't Listen To Anymore raggedragamuffin10/12/11
Phone breesuschrist10/03/11
My Band 's Demos KotoFtw09/19/11
A List. solidness09/18/11
I Want New Glassjaw juiceviaorange09/16/11
30 Favorite Albums loverapture09/13/11
Mewithoutyou Ranked Eko09/05/11
Growers Eko09/01/11
Too Much Good Stuff juiceviaorange08/21/11
Wobblewobble Aids08/20/11
Favorite Post Hardcore dylanthedesertpea08/08/11
A Grip Of Albums TomArnoldsArmpit07/27/11
Moving/albums To Check Out killrobotmusic07/26/11
All Time Favorite 100 fireinourthroats07/22/11
Follow Me On My Musical Journey TheseModernThings07/19/11
Fuck Yes! Motiv307/18/11
Great Films PedalToTheMetal07/17/11
New Mewithoutyou Cd Oafdog07/16/11
Bob Dylan The Builder MutnikSpusic07/12/11
Which Is Better? iSkane06/26/11
Why Not Pick Favorites? Banion06/21/11
Boston Bruins Win The Stanley Cup!!! Modern06/15/11
What Is Your Favorite Year In Music? vmcoia9105/26/11
Buddhism cirq05/23/11
Favourite Albums To Jam PedalToTheMetal05/21/11
Post-hardcore Digs whywontyoudie05/11/11
Greatest Directors vmcoia9105/11/11
Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!) Curse.05/09/11
Albums That Are The Tits Andy Antar05/09/11
Waking Life TheseModernThings04/28/11
Let's Gorge Ourselves On Chocolate And Ham iSkane04/24/11
Balls Deep MappyMcFappy04/20/11
So I've Decided Curse.04/08/11
30 Incredible Albums Scoot04/04/11
mewithoutYou Hellachug04/04/11
Brilliant Lyricists Scoot04/02/11
Justin Beiber Is In The ER!! cirq04/01/11
Victoria's Favorite Video Games vmcoia9103/22/11
:post Hxc: Antipunk03/17/11
A Short List Of Albums I've Rediscovered KinkyFresh03/13/11
My Fifty Favorite Albums igloodude02/27/11
List Is A List. mmfarva02/10/11
Newly Accquired Albums And Ratings Narshh02/09/11
50 Of My Favorites Antipunk02/09/11
I Don't Get This Superbowl Thing.. Adabelle02/07/11
Users Albums Of The Decade sin6902/01/11
Get It Right, Damn juiceviaorange01/22/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Mustache KotoFtw01/21/11
My Record Collection ShadowAmI01/16/11
Mewithoutyou Ranked ShadowAmI01/02/11
Really Dark Hardcore Music? ShadowAmI12/30/10
Albums On My Ipod noahALTfan9412/18/10
Book Recommendations? igloodude12/02/10
1000 Ratings! And Some Thank You's. Deathcar12/01/10
Post-Hardcore Mix. Hit Shuffle And Go. farglesnuff11/24/10
Dramatic Squirrel chambered8911/18/10
F' Bitches ZBJE10/31/10
28 Sugar Cookies Later mmfarva10/30/10
My Albums For The Week TheStefan10/10/10
Is There A Random Button On Bandcamp? igloodude10/05/10
Mewithoutyou Ranked NeutralThunder1209/21/10
Unbanned. Progmaster8509/20/10
Night Driving (featuring Jeff Buckley) Masochist09/15/10
Girls Are Confusing UnderDaIce08/30/10
Musicianship Vs. Lyrics LegendofPittman08/25/10
A Couple Of ChristianJewMuslims Who Rule Hardest LegendofPittman08/16/10
Post-hardcore Recs Please, Like... RandMcNally08/11/10
100 Ratings Bruh BroFro08/07/10
Top Ten Albums Right Now lostatsea8808/06/10
My Top 100 Of The Decade vmcoia9108/04/10
Cool Beans And Digs dylanthedesertpea07/20/10
Lethbridge, Alberta. Banion07/14/10
Leaving For Ghana Tomorrow cirq07/09/10
Best Christcore Imo witchxrapist07/05/10
Favorite Christian Albums Masochist06/28/10
Favie Faves cirq06/28/10
Top 50 Albums Of The Decade nebuzad006/24/10
Mjusic! cirq06/21/10
A Decade Of Silence Pt.2 YouAreMySilence06/12/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
Sputnik Essential. Part I AnotherBrick06/01/10
I'd Rather Highlight Trip-tiks Than Listen To Your Bull- mmfarva05/25/10
Captain Ramius Commands You! buckfutter05/20/10
Prince Of Persia mmfarva05/18/10
My Favorite Albums mmfarva05/16/10
Rec Me Stuff That Sounds Like This widowslaugh12305/13/10
The Only Good Facist Is A Very Dead Facist mmfarva05/04/10
Sorry Sputnik But I Need Some Help! TheBlackHoleofDeath703/30/10
5 Favorite Albums, Looking For Music TheBlackHoleofDeath703/28/10
Albums I Own Part 1 BenX0203/21/10
I Need To Listen To This Because It Snowed Again. Damus03/20/10
10k BenedictVII03/16/10
No More Rite Aid EARPHONES!/HEADPHONES Copycat3303/07/10
Favorite Christian Albums LegendofPittman03/03/10
Mewithoutyou Ranked Shrapnel9402/28/10
Mewithoutyou Ranked shade02/27/10
Digloodude igloodude02/25/10
Over 2 Years On Sputnik YouAreMySilence02/25/10
New Here. Rec Me Stuff. accidentxprone02/07/10
4.7's shade01/13/10
Too Many Albums To Get/check Out killrobotmusic01/13/10
I Think My Computer Is Trying To Kill Itself cirq01/12/10
New Year Digs shade01/02/10
Shade's Christmas shade12/25/09
Sexmas SpritzSpritz12/25/09
So Close silverleaves12/14/09
Adam Downer's Decade Of Awesome Electric City12/07/09
Top 3 cirq11/28/09
Real Music SlightlyEpic11/24/09
Dear Santa scotish11/18/09
Sophomores Of Sputnik Shrapnel9411/16/09
Feeling Pensive (rec Me) lpstudio1811/11/09
2000-2009: 100 StreetlightRock11/08/09
60k Skimaskcheck10/17/09
I Feel Really Inactive On Sputnik Shrapnel9410/08/09
Wants N' Buys scotish10/01/09
What's The Point? SlightlyEpic09/26/09
Neeeeeed Recs burnafterbreeding09/13/09
2nd Day Of College :o Cubik12509/08/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Just Bought A Violin Spare08/18/09
25 silverleaves08/05/09
Am I The Oldest Guy On Sputnik?? cirq07/01/09
Perfect Albums Lions06/09/09
My Current Top 10 Favorite Albums Of All Time. BenX0206/08/09
Sigur Ros Arent That Good xNintendoCorex05/20/09
8888 burnafterbreeding05/20/09
I Feel No Emotion londoncalling45705/17/09
Top 15 Lastfm. Artists natey05/13/09
Irrelevant List Title Spare05/08/09
Mewithoutyou Ranked burnafterbreeding05/02/09
25 Heartbreakers ScorpionStan04/25/09
Albums I'm Going To Listen To. MattRTS03/19/09
Throat Infections Suck Crimson03/18/09
My 10 Most Listened To Albums SlightlyEpic03/04/09
100 natey02/09/09
Recommendations Plz! LiveForMusic02/08/09
My Favourite Albums In The Whole Of Forever For The Time Being SlightlyEpic01/24/09
Albums I Got For Christmas BenX0212/27/08
Favourite Albums.. Ever. SlightlyEpic12/15/08
Kill The Switch, Kill The Switch, A Welcome Comatose! Golgoroth12/01/08
Recommend Me Some More Indie Rock Golgoroth11/06/08
40 Favorite Albums Atm natey10/25/08
Killing Time marksellsuswallets10/20/08
Dig List Numero Uno bustyagunz10/11/08
Another Generic Wants List Golgoroth10/09/08
New Stuff, Old Stuff StreetlightRock10/01/08
Help Me I'm Dying Golgoroth09/04/08
Favorites Of 2004 chaoticmelody08/19/08
External Hard Drives Rock steadyeddie08/17/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
Albums That Changed My View On Music tenacious T07/11/07
Itunes Albums 2 Full Collapse29904/26/07
I Get A Bad Metalcore Rep Around Here. Understanding In a Crash04/23/07
Cds I've Gotten Recently raggedragamuffin04/21/07
My Collection BlindGuy101203/30/07
Top 100 Albums 1995-2004 morrissey01/21/07


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