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Darkness, Oh Hell Is The Worst Album Gundlach09/01/11
Grilling, Music, And A Dog Emim08/30/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Progressive Rock Albums. TheArkitecht08/27/11
10 Worst Albums Of All Time HelloKiddies08/23/11
Easiest 5(s) You Ever Gave. rockandmetaljunkie08/22/11
My Favorite Albums Of All Time FloydZepp4ever08/17/11
Albums I Listen To When I Feel Like Sh!t ZombicidalMan08/17/11
Songs On My Playlist backtothe80s08/15/11
Vocals Suck Live CrownOfMagnets08/15/11
Ultimate Album Smackdown!!!! partyboy2408/11/11
Top 100 Albums Soflex08/07/11
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1965 - Today taroo08/04/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 2 ComfortablyDumb08/02/11
Video Game Consoles dimsim347807/31/11
555555555555555555 taroo07/30/11
My Favorite Albums cmclay07/28/11
Disillusioned Fugue07/21/11
Mimsy Turns 3 (two Days Ago) Emim07/16/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
Progeta CrownOfMagnets07/07/11
S*** I'm Digging Atm GnFnRs8707/07/11
Aids - 1000 Ratings, 50 Classics Aids07/05/11
Which Is Better? iSkane06/26/11
Music That Makes Me Want To Write/read DarkSideOfLucca06/17/11
My Vinyl Collection (as of 6/17/11) zxlkho06/17/11
Nostalgia! DarkSideOfLucca06/16/11
Blow & Bad Clothes: Hans Does The 70s BigHans06/14/11
Well, That Was Hard iSkane05/24/11
The Nineteen Seventies EverythingEvil211305/23/11
Pink Floyd Top 5 lou100005/19/11
Jethro42's Jethro4205/16/11
Jazz Recs? newjunkaesthetic9305/15/11
Last.fm Top 50 Artists Chrisjon8905/13/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
26??? iSkane05/12/11
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo05/10/11
Hey Guys, F U bungy05/08/11
Top 25 On Last.fm EverythingEvil211305/08/11
Chriso's May Mixtape Chrisjon8905/06/11
Albums I Own Accent04/25/11
Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm) Aids04/22/11
50 Albums I 5'd Scoot04/21/11
Death Is Not A Curse, It's The Only Thing Thats Keeping Us Alive. mclovin9904/20/11
Bring On The Sexophone beefshoes04/18/11
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked StevenHyde04/11/11
Hi Sputnik striker4504/08/11
Mallen's Top 100 mallen-04/05/11
Movies sithofheaven04/05/11
Spring Break Day One Jams ThePrisonGuard04/05/11
Oh Boy, Troll Bait! (top 25) iSkane04/04/11
Internet Games Rock KinkyFresh03/31/11
A Game iSkane03/24/11
Bailamos bailar1403/19/11
Favorite Album Covers Iamthe Nightstars03/18/11
A Whole Lotta Rock JamieTwort03/16/11
15 Genres, 15 Awesome Albums JamieTwort03/15/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
50 Favorite Albums GhettoIndieshit02/27/11
Roadtrip To Asheville Nc BallsToTheWall02/23/11
Angel's Compendium Of Classic Prog, Krautrock, And Jazz-fusion AngelofDeath02/20/11
Classic Prog Albums quickz0r02/19/11
Best Songs of my 5'd albums Jethro4202/13/11
Music Emim02/08/11
Sputnikmusic Spec01/25/11
Shit. Defeaterr01/24/11
Cliche, For A Reason couldwinarabbit01/06/11
Gimme sum Christmas albums, Fool! pedro7051201/02/11
Classic Prog vanderb0b01/02/11
Introducing Spec12/29/10
Favorite Albums Of All Time YoungHeretic12/23/10
Vedder's Old School Essentials EVedder2712/22/10
Read If You Want, I Guess BringMeABrick12/21/10
100 Records AngelofDeath12/18/10
1000 Ratings! 100 Albums! dankeyes1112/16/10
My All Time Favourite Albums! conorm1112/16/10
Music Saved My Life Spec12/14/10
Mary This Station Is Playing Every Sad Song LetoAtreides12/14/10
Fancier couldwinarabbit12/10/10
Digs Digs Digs Abdar11212/09/10
60 Songs Of The 20th Century JamieTwort12/09/10
100 Greatest Song Lyrics Spec12/04/10
Ender's Game Masochist11/29/10
My Ipod GhettoIndieshit11/28/10
100 Songs Of The 20th Century Nagrarok11/27/10
Having Fun Drowning LetoAtreides11/26/10
25 Best Of The 70's FazyLucker11/22/10
Spec's Late Night Listens Spec11/21/10
Epic Albums Epic11/21/10
Fr33's Favorites fr33convict11/17/10
I Make A 70's List vmcoia9111/07/10
Top 20 as of 2010 dante199111/04/10
Aids's Top 30 Of All-time Aids10/28/10
A List Of Cool Keyboardists AngelofDeath10/25/10
My Classics taroo10/22/10
Prog Prog Prog AnotherBrick10/21/10
How Well Do Sputnikers Eat? couldwinarabbit10/17/10
The Amazing 70s taroo10/16/10
Favourite Album Covers PlayCrackSky10/14/10
Awful Fucking Day Counterfeit10/13/10
The Best 10 Records I Have In Terms Of Production Beastlord10/12/10
Albums That I Can't Get Enough Of TheDanSandwich10/10/10
My Favorite Albums twizted198410/07/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo10/02/10
Angel's Essential '70s Prog AngelofDeath09/29/10
- - - - - -I'm So Scene EuphoricDysphoria8109/29/10
More Of Spoon's Favs ImpendingSpoon32109/27/10
Top 50 Albums o97109/27/10
Don't Have A More Creative Way To Say Digs Spare09/26/10
My Favs...for Right Now Koots09/25/10
I R Sad Music Counterfeit09/19/10
Music I Grew Up With Jethro4209/17/10
What Is This? Counterfeit09/16/10
Angel's 2-year AngelofDeath09/16/10
Night Driving (featuring Jeff Buckley) Masochist09/15/10
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1970-2009 taroo09/10/10
12 Albums Only Jethro4209/07/10
10 Best Albums Ever miltos09/05/10
Old Albums? Cerbyrus09/05/10
5s Ranked taroo09/03/10
Bailar Is Bungy bailar1209/03/10
The Great Concept Albums Part 2 austin88808/30/10
Give Me Songs About Death/dying AnotherBrick08/28/10
New Vinyl Acquisitions Blindsided08/26/10
Rec Me Shit TheyTookOurJobs08/22/10
Top 20 Albums EuphoricDysphoria8108/12/10
OMG IT'S A LIST! fr33convict08/11/10
1,000 Ratings Inveigh08/11/10
Record Collection NeroCorleone8008/07/10
New To Sputnik SputnikSox08/02/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo08/01/10
Album Artwork/covers That Strike My Fancy dylanthedesertpea07/29/10
Getting To Know Some Of The Users AnotherBrick07/19/10
Anyone Know Of Any "thinking" Music? AnotherBrick07/18/10
Granny Panties sightofyourdemons07/10/10
Music For When I'm ______ Zizzer07/08/10
20 Albums Each - Pre And Post Finding Sputnik. DrGunther07/05/10
The U.s. Immigration And Customs Enforcement AnotherBrick07/03/10
Best Of The 70's taroo06/30/10
My Top 20 Rock & Metal Albums Of The 70's JamieTwort06/28/10
Remind Me EVedder2706/25/10
Guess what proghead Jethro4206/24/10
Favorite Old School/classic Prog Albums NeutralThunder1206/23/10
Going To France, Rec Me Music Please vanderb0b06/19/10
Birthday Digs JamieTwort06/19/10
The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years Sabottheory06/18/10
Favorite Albums Of All-time RabidHippo06/16/10
What Is Your Favorite Album And Why? AnotherBrick06/14/10
5 Albums That Will Change Your Life Lunadelica06/12/10
Vocal Performances BallsToTheWall06/04/10
Seriously? Counterfeit06/02/10
The Essential Pink Floyd onereallysillygoose06/01/10
Sputnik Essential. Part I AnotherBrick06/01/10
My Favourite Albums From The Uk And Ireland jamest3305/29/10
My 5s Ranked taroo05/27/10
Best Floyd notorioussam2305/27/10
Music For Tonight eternium05/24/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Call Of Duty Black Ops Niceinvader05/10/10
Essential Prog qwe305/05/10
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked JesusV405/04/10
Pregnant! nastynick05/02/10
My Top 100 Rock/metal Albums JamieTwort04/28/10
Greg's Top 50 Greggers04/27/10
What My Friends Like. JackFr04/25/10
10 Best Prog Albums vanderb0b04/25/10
Pink Floyd Ranked Brylawski04/21/10
Studying Digs zombiepirate5704/21/10
My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits AngelofDeath04/19/10
Vedder's 50 EVedder2704/17/10
Recent Acquisitions TheDanSandwich04/10/10
Pink Floyd's The Wall Edwin04/07/10
The Best Of The Best AnotherBrick103/29/10
My 5'ers. Edwin03/28/10
Favourite Albums And Movies Of All Time Mr_Coffee03/23/10
I'm New. So What? RainbowButtMonkey03/22/10
Rec Me Your Favorites Please! crazyblinddude03/22/10
Albums I Own Part 1 BenX0203/21/10
10k BenedictVII03/16/10
My Top 10 Songs At The Moment taroo03/15/10
Classics V0.2 slapzstick02/24/10
Favorite Albums A-z TheStefan02/21/10
My Pie Chart Is Still Changing! AnotherBrick02/21/10
"You humans are all racist!" Greenman02/20/10
Top 10 Albums Of All Time taroo02/20/10
Probably The Most Difficult Decision Of My Life FreQman02/17/10
Lookin to Branch Out, Recs? NumbWalrus02/14/10
Prog Top 15 Mindtraveller02/09/10
Classics - Ranked 1 DoubtGin02/08/10
Ciudad Juarez Here I Come BrandNewBoognish02/08/10
1965-2009 Titan5002/04/10
Don't Judge Me lessthanderek12302/03/10
2012 = Death AnotherBrick01/30/10
Classics v0.1 slapzstick01/25/10
Holy New Music, Batman! Emim01/22/10
How About Some Brotherly Love? AnotherBrick01/22/10
Post Your Favorite Word Day ShineOn7501/22/10
The New Digz Progmaster8501/18/10
First User To 20,000 Posts? BallsToTheWall01/16/10
I've Been Giving Out A Lot Of Fives Jash01/14/10
For The Sake Of List Making, dylantheairplane01/14/10
Doing The Unthinkable AnotherBrick01/04/10
Forgot How Awesome Non-metal Could Be combustion0712/20/09
'70s! Sabottheory12/17/09
Old School Prog Digs AnotherBrick12/14/09
1st Sputnik Birthday dylantheairplane12/14/09
Albums I Own That Aren't Metal... BradMan12/12/09
Top 20 dante199112/10/09
My Top 10 Albums Of All Time ateteenfourever12/03/09
Albums I Got Recently ninjacat1111/29/09
Favorite Genres/Albums Prophet17811/24/09
It's Raining Outside Altmer11/23/09
Vinyls Fucking Rule AnotherBrick11/21/09
Desert Island!! AnotherBrick11/10/09
I'm On A Wilco Kick scotish11/10/09
New And In Need Of Some New Music RadioFloyd10/18/09
A Little Late Night Listening Decapod10/09/09
Wants N' Buys scotish10/01/09
Albums For Autumn MorningView42509/29/09
More Sexy Album Covers Boognish09/26/09
Progressive Fav Albums (One Per Band) Jethro4209/19/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
My Favourite Albums And Movies Boognish09/03/09
A-z Titan5009/03/09
Digs Boognish08/27/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time iSkane08/26/09
Some Asshole Stole My Cd's Abdar11208/21/09
Top 10 Albums Aids08/19/09
I Choose You! Sputnik! AnotherBrick08/10/09
My Desert Island Album Picks Madrox08/09/09
Top 20 Albums At The Moment.... thomas308/08/09
Preferred Pink Floyd Albums Madrox08/07/09
Awesome Album Art Titan5008/03/09
Top 25 Albums OurDearHunter07/27/09
Summer Albums NOTINTHEFACE07/25/09
Top 10 Albums tarjatunaface07/25/09
Shrapnel94's Cd Collection Shrapnel9407/17/09
1000 Comment Get Titan5007/17/09
15 Of The Best clairvoyant07/13/09
Top 70s Albums Titan5007/03/09
Lets All Welcome Chambered89 Mmk chambered8906/24/09
Another Recently Bought Superfriendlyaviator06/23/09
Ugh @ Coursework nodnerB06/16/09
My Top 50 Albums detulven06/08/09
Favorite Albums zoozilla05/23/09
Depressing Sh*t shindip05/19/09
50 Favourite Albums (at The Moment) Aids05/19/09
and The Best Album Ever Is.......? AnotherBrick05/15/09
Top 10 Albums Of All Time (IM(humble)O) MusicinaBox05/14/09
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Stuff Like This AnotherBrick04/21/09
Digs Mofo MusicinaBox04/21/09
10 Albums I Think Deserve 10 Out Of 10. MusicReviewer4404/18/09
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Damn Good Albums dylantheairplane04/10/09
Top 10 Prog Albums AnotherBrick04/03/09
Shit I've Been Digging Recently Fugue03/30/09
New...need Some Recs ShineOn7503/29/09
Nearly 5/5 lauriej03/29/09
Pink Floyd: Ranked Aids03/26/09
Albums I Really Like.. gUmpbubba03/23/09
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Five Albums I Currently Can't Stop Listening To. Cerbyrus02/25/09
My Favorite Albums, d (as of 2-20-09) Masochist02/20/09
Overrated/Underrated Albums aresx02/08/09
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Christmas Albums Ranked. Tool12112/29/08
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My Top 20 Albums (old And New) RevengeSoldier12/07/08
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Albums I'm Thankful For AmnesiacR11/27/08
Recent Gets combustion0711/17/08
50 #1's Masochist11/13/08
Favorite Albums ohhhcomely11/11/08
Pre-sputnik Granfalloon11/02/08
Albums I Have Obsessed Over At Some Point In My Life Altmer10/24/08
The Greatest Openers Ever Chewie10/23/08
The Greatest Closers Ever Chewie10/23/08
70's Classics Prince of Darkness10/17/08
Thank You Sputnik. (i'm Gay) SnackaryBinx10/07/08
The Soundtrack To My Solitude Altmer10/07/08
My Top 20 Albums Shrapnel9410/01/08
Most Awesomest Kick Ass Albums Ever NotMrBlonde09/28/08
Recommendations, Please... Spamue1G09/25/08
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50, Yo JumpTheF**kUp09/11/08
Fav list ^^ Sabottheory09/03/08
Best Guitar Tones Foodforthegods08/12/08
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Albums To Be Enjoyed With Herbs kuririn06/20/08
Music I chill too combustion0706/04/08
Trippy Spacey Stuff Murmur06/01/08
Top 10 Albums Dayvan Cowboy05/28/08
30 Favorite Studio Albums UmphreysHead05/25/08
Sputnik Has Spoken! Masochist05/23/08
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... Altmer04/19/08
They Aren't Not Overrated Big Baby Jesus04/16/08
Truly Classic Albums Altmer03/12/08
Stuff From February thefightclub03/01/08
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 1 Iai02/19/08
Soundtrack To The Aftermath Of A School Shooting Altmer02/15/08
20 Albums That Changed My Life Foodforthegods02/12/08
50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me Altmer01/13/08
Yearly Albums Since 1970 McP300012/29/07
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Altmer12/04/07
Sweet Music ohcleverhansyou11/21/07
Albums I Could Never Live Without.... McFreaky11/20/07
5 Albums That Got Me Through Dark Times Altmer11/20/07
Wishlist sonictheplumber11/13/07
Most Listened To clairvoyant11/11/07
Mellowed Out Stuff I Like Altmer11/01/07
Reasons I Play Guitar theclash21911/01/07
Omg Top Albums Boddah09/10/07
Fav. 70's Prog Albums jrowa00109/08/07
Another Pointless List ironman444409/01/07
My Non-metal Favourites Altmer08/20/07
Favorite Progressive Rock Albums tribestros08/19/07
A List Of Recently Played Albums Altmer08/14/07
Albums I Must Get Into Sooner Or Later Hatshepsut08/09/07
Recent Albums I Have Purchased Thedarktrail0706/28/07
25 Albums DonnieT06/26/07
Top 25.... Again Altmer06/25/07
A Few Songs I'm Really Into londoncalling45706/24/07
Statistics Of My Itunes Part 2 Yield06/18/07
Albums Im Digging Right Now GenuineImitation06/18/07
My Favourite Non-metal Albums Altmer06/11/07
Albums That Deserve Their Status As Classics Altmer05/19/07
D Best Albums Imo lanethetrain05/14/07
Albums I Own WhosEmo05/09/07
Albums I've Discovered Lately woee05/06/07
Itunes Albums 2 Full Collapse29904/26/07
Change Is Good GleamInRanks04/20/07
Albums I Am Finally Discovering A_Guy04/16/07
My Favorite Prog Records Foodforthegods04/01/07
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Foodforthegods03/29/07
Top 50 Albums Ever clairvoyant03/29/07
Albums To Mellow Out To Altmer03/28/07
10 Album That I Would Need On A Desert Island Foodforthegods03/25/07
Favourite Album By Each Of My Favourite Bands Altmer03/22/07
Pie Chart Album Thingy Altmer03/19/07
Top 50 Albums Yield03/11/07
Cds I Got This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/15/07
Deserted Island Albums chigh12/20/06
Fav Prog Albums (That I Have) The Door Mouse12/03/06
99 Awesome Albums Sepstrup12/02/06
20 of my favorite albums nicklee190312/01/06
Pink Floyds best albums Rocksta7111/21/06
Albums I have been listening to lately GenuineImitation11/15/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
Albums to study chemistry to Altmer10/26/06
My Top Ten Favorite Albums shevanel0910/09/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
top 10 albums forty-two10/07/06
Top 20 albums, one per artist. KoraX09/29/06
10 Greatest Albums EVAR Killtacular09/01/06
top 10 albums freecharlie808/30/06
Jacarandas 70 70s Albums Jacaranda08/28/06
Top 100 Albums 1974-1984 morrissey08/27/06
My top 5 Floyd Albums AnyColour7408/25/06
Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums Angmar08/14/06
My Favorite Albums Zach08/09/06
Overrated Zebra06/29/06


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