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Top 10 Albums From The 80's TheMagicalBlender01/23/15
Vinyl Collection AndTheTree12/23/14
Rush Album's In Order Superreallycool12/23/14
Album Collection Totengott12/09/14
Ranking Rush!!! Muisc4Life2612/03/14
My Favourite Albums KingdomOfTyrant11/28/14
Your Top 5 Bands Mythodea11/21/14
Rec Me 70's Prog SharkTooth11/04/14
Made A Song ButteryBiscuitBass11/03/14
Pixar Movies Ranked Torontonian10/28/14
Albums My Parents Own BeneaththeDarkOcean10/23/14
Rush Album Covers Ranked Snowdog80810/21/14
My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever P0WERSHIFTER10/11/14
Uk Prog Magazine's Top 100 Albums Torontonian10/05/14
1 Year And Fav Users/albums BMDrummer10/01/14
Favourite Drum Albums FacelessMan09/24/14
Essential Bass Albums ZiggyLadyStardust09/21/14
Best Song Ringtone? Torontonian09/14/14
5's drksideofthemn508/26/14
10 Records Your Dad Probably Owned TheAristocrat9608/25/14
Top 30 Favorite Albums ElaborateDynamite08/22/14
Top 3 80's Rush Albums ArcticWolf61608/12/14
Top 100 NeroCorleone8008/10/14
Artuma's Top 200: 100-51 Artuma08/04/14
Ultimate Road Trip FearTomorrow08/03/14
Musically Rebooting Ichangedmynametojeff07/19/14
I Love Vinyl. FruityCatOfDoom07/18/14
Favorite Drummers XxUpinsiderxX07/14/14
Top 20 Albums ElaborateDynamite07/09/14
Badass Covers beefshoes06/26/14
Top 100 All Time Favorites robmac06/24/14
Rush Is The Best Band On The Planet erizen82606/21/14
Sputnik's Canadian Census mindleviticus06/15/14
Vinyl Collection Part 2: The Prog SCREAM!06/08/14
Top 20 Greatest Albums DavidDocker12506/05/14
Rush Ranked Snowdog80805/18/14
Go Habs mindleviticus05/16/14
Rush Ranked KingdomOfTyrant05/15/14
My Girlfriend Is Sick Of Me Talking About These Bands wakeupdead05/12/14
Ranking Neurisis17's 5s SharkTooth05/04/14
Rec Me Classic/essential Prog MoosechriS04/26/14
Hench's Top Whatever: 1981 HenchmanOfSanta04/25/14
Bands Youve Seen Live JaySpiral04/24/14
My Current Obsession emester04/24/14
Rush Ranked js201404/13/14
Jammed Some Rush On Bass Today ElvisAlt1204/11/14
Battle Of The Prog Wave 1 Section 1 SCREAM!04/01/14
71 / 81 / 91 / 01 lou100003/26/14
My Favorite Albums. OnViolentNoise03/18/14
Albums That Mean Something killth3p00r03/06/14
The Best Game Grumps scottpilgrim1003/02/14
The Rad RUSH 57 BigHans02/21/14
My First List!!!!!!! iliekdamusicz02/20/14
Album Collection Hits 100 Happy2review02/20/14
Top 10 Drummers js201402/16/14
Favorite Albums. Derek52102/13/14
Rush: Your Origins BigHans02/13/14
Going To The Hospital NightProwler02/10/14
Prog Rock/Metal, Metal ludo2202/04/14
80's Movies N Tunes BastardSamurai01/28/14
Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9 neurisis1701/28/14
My Album Collection Part 2 rosettaforlife01/26/14
My Top 5 Rush Albums ArcticWolf61601/25/14
Top 15 Albums I Own CheapPurple01/13/14
Rush The Almighty killth3p00r01/13/14
My Top 10 Rush Songs Muisc4Life2601/12/14
Cd Collection - Installment Three Multifarious01/09/14
Best Bands Of All Time SitarHero01/07/14
Music My Parents Like RVAHC1301/06/14
Seeing Red BeneaththeDarkOcean01/05/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 BMDrummer01/02/14
Rate My Bass Jamming Setlist MyRubberSoul12/30/13
Revised Rush Ranking YoYoMancuso12/30/13
Top 50 Albums zarling5312/23/13
Rush Tourney Final Round neurisis1712/16/13
Rush Tourney Rd. 3 neurisis1712/14/13
Rush Tourney Rd. 2 neurisis1712/12/13
Alright! It's Thursday Night. I Have No Date, A 2 Liter Bottle Of Shasta, And My All Rush Mixtape. SitarHero12/12/13
My Top 5 Rush Albums Muisc4Life2612/11/13
Rush Tourney Rd. 1 neurisis1712/10/13
Most Of My Vinyl Collection BMDrummer12/08/13
25 Biggest Influences On My Guitar Playing demigod!12/05/13
Recent Additions To My Collection TylerLamberg11/24/13
200 80s Albums : Part 2/2 GetOutOfMyHouse11/22/13
Rec Me Some Progressive Music TylerLamberg11/17/13
Best Albums Of All Time JamesDay11/17/13
Rush counterparts11/09/13
My Evolution Through High School lyzakthellama11/03/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Prog Magazine? Friday13th10/30/13
What Film Should I Watch Right Now? Glokta10/25/13
Favourite Drumming ValarMorghulis10/24/13
20 Favorite Rush Songs Friday13th10/22/13
My 50 Best Albums/decade: 80s GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
Instrumental Avagantamos10/15/13
Smooth Bass For A Weary Head NightProwler10/06/13
Hi sacamano10/02/13
Favorite Vocalists tlhk09/28/13
80's Artists dsroka00509/20/13
Gonna Start Listening To Rush JazzHands33309/18/13
Best Of My Cd Collection adace109/18/13
My Top 10 Rush Songs Muisc4Life2609/08/13
100 Records SCREAM!09/06/13
45 Albums: Make You Write Music Glokta09/05/13
What's Your Favorite Rush Album? MAGNIFICENT09/04/13
Another Prog List BreakerdeGodot09/01/13
Selling Prog Lists By The Pound Frippertronics08/31/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1981 charbyno08/23/13
My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2013 SalteyBacon08/21/13
Introduction To Bens:top 100 bens08/16/13
1000 Ratings! ChuckyTruant08/11/13
New Ipod JoshTh07/31/13
My Album Collection (part 5) MrSirLordGentleman07/30/13
2000 Ratings fr33convict07/24/13
The Ever Changing Sputnik dimsim347807/24/13
2112 Vs. A Farewell To Kings Vs. Hemispheres Vs. Permanent Waves Vs. Moving Pictures austin88807/20/13
Vinyl I Own beefshoes07/15/13
What Car Do You Drive? And What Is Your Dream Car? ChuckyTruant07/10/13
15 Awesome Singing Bassists SitarHero07/10/13
Best Bass Albums (14 Year Old Opinion) gfdhicool07/07/13
Best To Worst Rush Albums Pokermask07/07/13
Canada Day! DegausserGuernica2407/01/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Rush Ranked (full Discog) StallionMang06/21/13
Essential Rush Ranked RivalSkoomaDealer06/21/13
Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Sweet 16 JaySpiral06/20/13
Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round Of 32 JaySpiral06/19/13
Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round of 64 JaySpiral06/18/13
South Of France ButteryBiscuitBass06/18/13
Vinyl Fayre Hoppoman06/15/13
5's Ranked Artuma06/12/13
5's Ranked Sheaiskl06/07/13
Weed demigod!05/27/13
80s Prog Livez sonictheplumber05/26/13
Graduated High School Today ChuckyTruant05/25/13
Big 8 Of 70's Prog Ranked Gwyn.05/21/13
I Just Keep Come Crawling Back Ross2205/21/13
Rush: 2 Days To Go Glokta05/20/13
Rush Ranked NeroCorleone8005/18/13
Summer Pestiferous05/17/13
Rec Me Prog rapedbyelephants05/16/13
Just Under A Week Until Rush! Jackus05/16/13
Top Ten Alex Lifeson Solos ButteryBiscuitBass05/15/13
Favorite Vocalists? slimdaddy05/06/13
Miss You Guys aok05/03/13
Rush Ruled NationalMidnightStar05/02/13
Prog Thursday - Rush Style ChuckyTruant04/25/13
Nononsense's Classic Albums nononsense04/18/13
10 Greatest Power-trios Ever! SitarHero04/12/13
Awesome Drummers YoYoMancuso04/07/13
My Friends Are Fucking Stupid ZilbelPing03/27/13
Weed Or Beer? ButteryBiscuitBass03/22/13
Recent Digs YoYoMancuso03/20/13
Plug.dj Greatest Hits DamnVanne03/16/13
100 Bands I've Seen Live elephantREVOLUTION03/09/13
Assassins Creed: Black Flag nononsense03/06/13
Modern Works Of Literature slimdaddy03/05/13
Top 20 Progressive Rock Albums JackHammer5003/02/13
Fav Prog Rock Albums (revisited) nicowyp02/28/13
Sub Shops Ranked nononsense02/27/13
Playstation 4 Just Announced Gwyn.02/20/13
Awesome List Is Awesome, Filled With Awesome Music. NightProwler02/19/13
Songs For Life Dimor02/17/13
I Want Modern Prog Rock Recs nicowyp02/16/13
Albums That Shake My Mind nicowyp02/11/13
Rush: Best To Worst (imo) nicowyp02/10/13
Favourite Progressive Rock Albums nicowyp02/09/13
Atari's Top 50 Atari01/29/13
Epicness In Its Purest Form VermicideReloadead01/22/13
Starting A Band In Manchester (the Original Manchester) BlueMoonRising01/11/13
I'm Working On An Ep For Bandcamp, Any Suggestions? BlueMoonRising01/11/13
Recent Purchases dh19801/09/13
My Top 10 Albums Of The 1980s! Muisc4Life2612/24/12
Good Friend Of Mine Died Today. smokersleeper526812/23/12
20 Albums I Couldn't Live Without Minus.12/12/12
Rec Me Prog Atari12/09/12
Fukn Fried Hep Kat12/08/12
Malleus' Fav Users!! MalleusMaleficarum12/06/12
The ABC's Of Good Music (part 2) Atari12/04/12
Bands I Don't Get PretentiousListener11/29/12
Most Musically Inspirational Albums BlueMoonRising11/24/12
The World Simply Just Can't End... CK11/18/12
Best Albums Of The 80's (by Year) TronaldDump11/15/12
Album Collection NuMetalFan202211/15/12
Top Ten Concerts demigod!11/13/12
October Most Played ViperAces10/31/12
Trying To Get My Girlfriend Into Rush GnFnRs8710/29/12
Rush Concert Tonight!! Fuck Yes!! peaks4010/18/12
Drugs And Art paxman10/17/12
Some Albums/bands That I Like emma17610/13/12
My Top 25 Albums From 1950-1999 Muisc4Life2610/08/12
The Opinion Of Sputnik Music Aspenshadow10/07/12
Alexander The Great menawati10/06/12
How Long Have You Been Playing syffuf2510/06/12
My Life In Music (starting 2006) pbass010/05/12
Get Prog! Muisc4Life2610/03/12
Rec Me Prog ViperAces09/29/12
Queued For Later Geadom09/29/12
Desperate For Recs StagnantWords09/28/12
Songs Rush Must Play Live TheSubject09/27/12
1000 Comments, 10 Reviews ViperAces09/17/12
Top 100 Progressive Rock Albums (source: Digitaldreamdoor) NightmareCinema1609/11/12
Top Albums Of 1981 Cghost09/08/12
Album's I've Bought Recently And Liked A Lot Because. MadMikeLove09/02/12
Two Gigs On The Same Night InFiction09/02/12
Summer Listenings amp11209/01/12
Great Prog Rock/Metal Albums NeverW0lff77708/15/12
The Best (yes, Its Your Opinion Too) Albums Ever. DrEpic418108/08/12
Rec Me Good Music ilikebrutalmusic08/01/12
Geddy Lee's Birthday Cru07/29/12
Greatest Rock Drumming Albums for all time huguitoescorza07/23/12
Charts Are Down Butkuiss07/14/12
Chuck's Rush Ranked ChuckyTruant06/24/12
My Favorite Albums On Vinyl lyzakthellama06/21/12
My Favorite Albums Of All-time (pt. 2) akimbo06/19/12
Best Albums Ever JosephLong06/09/12
Need Rec's Please Jackus05/30/12
Albums I've Been Jamming PeterKlaven05/30/12
Favorite Progressive Bands CutMan05/12/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
Favorite Prog Metal/Rock Albums MetalBrony1505/08/12
10 Studio Albums I Would Take To A Desert Island (but With Electricity) Vol. 2 abbakid05/01/12
My Favorite Rush Albums (in Order) YoYoMancuso04/30/12
Top 5 Prog Rock Albums BallsToTheWall04/19/12
Jethro Au Revoir Mon Ami. omnipanzer04/19/12
What I Think Darth Vader Would Listen To Throughout His Day. MADEinNATIVEamerica04/18/12
Rush Teaser For Headlong Flight Sounds Ridiculous jg77704/14/12
Hold Your Breath...for I Am Listening To Good Music! Altmer04/04/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
Best Snare Drum Ovrot03/21/12
Rec Me 80's luschlotz03/18/12
Favourite Albums BaturTogay03/07/12
I Am Bored ..... Favourite Albums !! GnFnRs8703/07/12
Today Is Good... johnnydeking2903/07/12
Hello. jcaob03/05/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
Need essential prog albums CrownOfMagnets02/20/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Rushology dannyboy8902/03/12
One Of Lifes Great Milestones fulgrim02/03/12
My Top 20 Favorite Albums Of All-time AltPunkMetal10101/29/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
Finally Got A Turntable sonictheplumber12/22/11
Albums I've Been Rocking Out Too! chargers2612/18/11
Top 5 Rush Albums Klichty12/08/11
Forced To Sell Testicles For Food. GnFnRs8712/03/11
Favorite Bass Players Mindblown11/29/11
References scissorlocked11/23/11
Drinkify Spec11/22/11
Sputnik Band Part 2 Trebor.11/07/11
Digs sonictheplumber11/03/11
Kill InAbsentia11/02/11
Rush Or Camel? Spec10/30/11
Rush Ranked.... For Real 11hoagjo10/29/11
Rush Ranked InAbsentia10/29/11
Rush Or Radiohead? pizzamachine10/29/11
Progressive Moments 1 HeWhoBeards10/23/11
Twlichty's Current Classics twlichty10/22/11
The Most Basic Prog Rock List Ever lyon153510/18/11
My Favorite Tv Shows Zorak10/12/11
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
Sputnik Band Trebor.10/10/11
So I'm Gonna Be Hosting A Radio Show EpsilonJSTC10/06/11
Majority Of Children Have Online Presence Before Age Two omnipanzer10/02/11
Thread Jacking BallsToTheWall10/02/11
1000 Comments TheArkitecht09/26/11
100 Users aok09/26/11
Vile Hamster Classic Metal TheVileHamsterMosh09/21/11
Saturday Morning Vinyl Haul ComfortablyDumb09/17/11
My Favorite Live Shows onereallysillygoose09/14/11
Happy Birthday Neil Peart sonictheplumber09/12/11
Na Na Na Na! Satan!ic Penguins BallsToTheWall09/11/11
Rec Me Some Rush People GnFnRs8709/08/11
9 Users I'd Pillage With BallsToTheWall09/07/11
Titanic BallsToTheWall09/05/11
You Take This Site Too Seriously If... tinkrbel08/30/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Progressive Rock Albums. TheArkitecht08/27/11
Recent Jams sonictheplumber08/25/11
It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did GnFnRs8708/24/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
1000 Comments toxin.08/19/11
250th List sonictheplumber08/17/11
My Favorite Albums Of All Time FloydZepp4ever08/17/11
Rush N Goddamn Roll TheNecromancer08/05/11
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1965 - Today taroo08/04/11
A Pure Explosion Of Ownage Killahit08/04/11
Have A Nice Day Geddy TerryBrown07/29/11
Happy B-day Geddy mariothehedgehog07/29/11
Happy Birthday Geddy Lee metallicaman8807/29/11
It Was A Progressive Day ThePrisonGuard07/20/11
Best Band Evers Best Albums Urinetrouble07/19/11
Last Show Of The Time Machine Tour sonictheplumber07/16/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
Hair Loss Scoot07/07/11
Progeta CrownOfMagnets07/07/11
Best 15 Rock Albums Wastelander07/07/11
Digs sonictheplumber07/06/11
Albums I've Bought Used Xenorazr07/06/11
Happy Canada D'eh! Modern07/01/11
Basses dylanthedesertpea06/19/11
200th List sonictheplumber06/17/11
Buying A Rush Album tarkus06/17/11
Just Saw Rush Live XulOnerom06/15/11
The Greatest Users Of All Time fr33convict06/05/11
Rush Ranked TheAnalogKid06/04/11
The Nineteen Eighties EverythingEvil211305/24/11
Best Albums Of The 1800s CrownOfMagnets05/24/11
Sputnik Users Rated DrSput05/22/11
Well I Was Gonna Leave sonictheplumber05/16/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
Presidents Ranked TheStefan05/10/11
Liberation Day Nagrarok05/05/11
Top Tens Drunk04/28/11
Albums I Own Accent04/25/11
Wish List TheJackal04/25/11
Best 3 Rush Albums Urinetrouble04/25/11
The Real Best Cover Art Ever Part 1 sonictheplumber04/23/11
10,000 Posts fr33convict04/23/11
Best...concert.... Ever! theBlackWidow04/16/11
Trailer Park Boys Characters Ranked BigHands04/15/11
My Final List Part 2 sonictheplumber04/13/11
My 5s InAbsentia04/12/11
Live Shows Ranked Gundlach04/06/11
Best Bass Guitar Albums demigod!04/05/11
The Hans 100 (records) BigHans04/04/11
100 Faces Of Sputnik TheEnigma03/29/11
New Guy Needs Helps. wabbit03/27/11
Best Techno-jazz Fusion Hardcore Of 2011 So Far sonictheplumber03/27/11
Victoria's Favorite Video Games vmcoia9103/22/11
Rush EverythingEvil211303/19/11
My Top 20 Albums ParEndParenthesis03/18/11
A Blast From The Past AngelofDeath03/18/11
Grounded Hard sonictheplumber03/16/11
A Whole Lotta Rock JamieTwort03/16/11
Favorite Genre Noodlearms03/10/11
Hey Guys ANALUST03/08/11
Jennifer Aniston In Leprechaun sonictheplumber03/03/11
Friggin Rush couldwinarabbit03/02/11
Just Got Back From My Dodgeball Tourney sonictheplumber02/26/11
Metal And Prog sonictheplumber02/25/11
Albums I Put In My Cheese Sandwich Cheesesandwich202/23/11
Rush vanderb0b02/22/11
80s Top 10 sleepyhead02/17/11
Recs Lakes202/12/11
Rush Ranked Bitches! dante199102/01/11
Hiatus sonictheplumber01/19/11
100th List sonictheplumber01/12/11
Rabbit's Favourite Concerts couldwinarabbit01/02/11
Classic Prog vanderb0b01/02/11
100 Records AngelofDeath12/18/10
Hans.fm BigHans12/17/10
Coen Bros. Ranked vmcoia9112/16/10
Top 100 AtomicWaste12/14/10
Just Bought My Rush Ticket For 2011 theBlackWidow12/11/10
The Ten Greatest Canadian Albums Spec12/11/10
Favorite Bands sonictheplumber12/08/10
The Best Fans! KILL12/07/10
Rushing Megadeth11/30/10
My Ipod GhettoIndieshit11/28/10
Thanksgiving Playlist Ovrot11/25/10
Fr33's Favorites fr33convict11/17/10
AOTY: 1980 - 2010 chaos1711/12/10
Are You Nuts? Edwin11/10/10
Is Black Ops Actually Good sonictheplumber11/09/10
Taking A Break ImpendingSpoon32111/08/10
Top 10 Rush Albums birds2511/08/10
The 100 Greatest Canadian Albums Spec10/29/10
Yeah The 80s Sucked sonictheplumber10/26/10
Rip 420yeah666yeah69 sonictheplumber10/17/10
The Greatest List Ever SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc10/16/10
Where Did You Find That Band?? SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc10/15/10
Favorite 10 Albums Ever Drortreler10/09/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo10/02/10
Jammin Out sonictheplumber09/21/10
50 Greatest Drumming Albums Spec09/21/10
Digz TBliss09/19/10
Best Album By Artist, Part 1 BigHans09/14/10
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1970-2009 taroo09/10/10
Life Changing Albums ImpendingSpoon32109/03/10
Albums That Changed My Life zoso3309/02/10
Invisible Airwaves sonictheplumber08/10/10
Record Collection NeroCorleone8008/07/10
I Love The 80's!! vmcoia9108/05/10
Rush Ranked Jarvis08/04/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo08/01/10
Sputnikmovies dante199108/01/10
iTunes Spree Soon Dylan62007/29/10
My Top 50 Albums Of The 80's JamieTwort07/27/10
Rush Ranked hotcheetofan07/20/10
Best Of The 80s 2: Electric Boogaloo sonictheplumber07/17/10
Gotta Love Quebec City Summer Festival Hypochondria07/13/10
Best Of The 70's taroo06/30/10
Big Hans' Top 25 Albums Of All Time BigHans06/29/10
Guess what proghead Jethro4206/24/10
Favorite Old School/classic Prog Albums NeutralThunder1206/23/10
Rush Albums Ranked CreamCrazy06/13/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
What Shall I Listen To Next? AndManyMore05/12/10
Greg's Top 50 Greggers04/27/10
What My Friends Like. JackFr04/25/10
Recent Acquirements Parallels04/24/10
My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits AngelofDeath04/19/10
Inspiration ImpossibleInfluence204/16/10
Vinyl Collection TomServo04/06/10
Rock Band: Rush XulOnerom04/04/10
Which Albums To Get paxman03/18/10
My Favorite Albums Ever clamchowder03/11/10
"You humans are all racist!" Greenman02/20/10
Rush Ranked! bungy02/16/10
Pre-sputnik Top 10 Albums JackFr02/13/10
Prog Top 15 Mindtraveller02/09/10
Why Does My Computer Always Log Me Out After I Make A List, And Then I Lose It Forever? JackFr02/03/10
One Year On Sputnik Klekticist01/02/10
My Small Cd Collection So Far AirRaid12/23/09
Getting Ready For The Saints/pats Game! Yordy11/30/09
Church Burnings Are Something I Support KILL11/19/09
Best Bass Albums cansandbrahms11/16/09
1 Year On Sputnik Blindsided10/09/09
Progressive Fav Albums (One Per Band) Jethro4209/19/09
A Little On The New Side To Sputnik- Help Me Branch Out clumsydonkey07/27/09
Congratulations To Me XulOnerom07/23/09
The Chariot... marksellsuswallets07/19/09
Top 80s Albums Titan5007/15/09
Recent Vinyl Acquisitions AngelofDeath07/09/09
Former Nu-Metal fanboi likes: Klekticist06/10/09
I'm Altering The Deal... marksellsuswallets05/25/09
Converting A Mainstream Boy.... Klekticist04/30/09
Most Talented Bands Ever shindip04/28/09
Rush From Best To Worst fprock02/17/09
Recent Albums Including Christmas fprock02/17/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Favorite Albums: Past And Present FutureHermit12/12/08
My Top 20 Albums (old And New) RevengeSoldier12/07/08
Favorite Recent Downloads gaber0112/02/08
Recent Buys Part 2 DeathThrashProg11/09/08
To Acquire Part 2 DeathThrashProg09/13/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
What Should I Gets? willfellmarsy03/18/08
20 Albums That Changed My Life Foodforthegods02/12/08
Make A List TheStarclassicTreatment02/11/08
Albums I Could See Going Up In My Ratings McP300002/08/08
I'm Bout To Call Bovice Big Baby Jesus01/26/08
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
Cd I've Owned In 2007 Foodforthegods12/06/07
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Altmer12/04/07
!!! BroRape11/30/07
Extreme Digging jameskukucka09/27/07
My Top 10 Prog Albums At The Moment Altmer09/08/07
My Non-metal Favourites Altmer08/20/07
The Best Of The 80s tribestros07/05/07
Best Of The 80's grungekicksmetalsass07/03/07
My Favourite Non-metal Albums Altmer06/11/07
My Favorite Albums ktstein05/21/07
Albums That Deserve Their Status As Classics Altmer05/19/07
My Favorite Prog Records Foodforthegods04/01/07
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Foodforthegods03/29/07
Albums To Mellow Out To Altmer03/28/07
Favourite Album By Each Of My Favourite Bands Altmer03/22/07
Pie Chart Album Thingy Altmer03/19/07
Albums That Get Way Too Much Praise The Door Mouse02/24/07
Desert Island Top 20 freudianslipknot02/16/07
Favourite Albums Ever. TheStarclassicTreatment02/13/07
My 20 Most Favorite Albums phillramirez02/06/07
Cds I Plan To Get This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/13/07
Hey143's Xmas Albums Lunarfall12/28/06
Fav Prog Albums (That I Have) The Door Mouse12/03/06
Top 5 Rush Albums peartdrummer11/23/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
Best Albums decrepitdrums1208/13/06
Albums Iluvatar Grew Up With Iluvatar08/10/06
Iluvatar's Favorite Albums! Iluvatar07/16/06
Ten albums I listen to... alot. Honeymoon_Croon06/18/06


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