243 Music Lists Found Mentioning The Great Misdirect

Btbam Ranked Betray01/06/15
I Made Music! Beardog12/28/14
I Finally Like Death /m/ (A Pencil's Top 200 Albums 100-76) MyNameIsPencil12/10/14
Ranked Between The Buried And Me huguitoescorza11/04/14
My Favorite Btbam Releases Ranked StarsDie09/30/14
Between The Buried And Me - Ranked InFiction09/27/14
My Strange Btbam Ranking MyNameIsPencil09/23/14
Between The Buried And Me Lps Ranked Deathbeds09/12/14
Acceptable Core Thibs09/08/14
Progressive Metalcore LeviofDoom08/31/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Favorite Albums Of 2009 0GuyMan007/24/14
Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 Artuma07/20/14
My Favorite Bassists XxUpinsiderxX07/03/14
Between the Buried and Me Ranked cmaitland42106/21/14
Stuff I Wanna Trip To Next. tubadude00706/19/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2009 HenchmanOfSanta05/23/14
Btbam Albums Best To Worst Eggvander05/08/14
Between The Buried And Me Ranked Faraudo02/14/14
Favorite 15+ Minute Songs? AnArousedEmu01/30/14
Black Friday Buys MosesMalone12/02/13
Drum Lovin' zethmal11/12/13
My Top 25 Albums FirstLucidDream09/08/13
Between The Buried And Me Ranked MAGNIFICENT09/02/13
Btbam Ranked DegausserGuernica2408/13/13
Favorite 50 Albums Ever UO91008/10/13
Ty's Third Sputversary Tyrael07/24/13
I Am A Registered Sex Offender DamnVanne06/26/13
My Top 10 Albums chickasawcaleb04/16/13
Batman Beyond Is Fucking Good I Mean Fuck theacademy04/13/13
The Captain's Album List. CaptainHadouken12/14/12
Rec Me Progressive Metal SlMBOLlC12/06/12
Underrated Albums (imo) Braden37811/28/12
Btbam Ranked BYAMdrummer11/22/12
Winter Tour 2013! Muisc4Life2611/08/12
Btbam Ranked MeatSalad10/10/12
Shameless Plug IAmInsect09/25/12
Tuna's Vinyl BigTuna08/21/12
Between the Buried and Me Ranked Insurrection08/13/12
Sputcontributing Omaha07/18/12
New Btbam Album Announced! Tyrael07/16/12
Black Ops Zombies Devastator07/12/12
Rec Good Prog/ Power Metal pike2706/23/12
Top 30 Of 2009 MattDennis06/12/12
I Still Don't Hate This Band Wombat98805/30/12
Writing Metal Iamthe Nightstars05/16/12
Ron Artest=dumbass Devastator05/15/12
Btbam Ranked pike2705/09/12
More Metal! FranzSchubert04/22/12
Need Sum Prog Death Metal Recs dunksman2304/15/12
Random Metal List shredaman04/11/12
Great Albums On An Awful Label: Victory Records blairosh04/03/12
Metalsucks' Best Modern Metal Drummers List Is Near Completion... macadoolahicky03/30/12
Just Got Fired......... Devastator03/29/12
BTBAM Ranked AlasKenColors03/22/12
My Top 30 Mostl Played Songs dunksman2303/22/12
Between The Buried And Me Ranked Annayalater03/14/12
Sput-drummers Omaha03/02/12
A Year On Sputnik Tyrael12/29/11
...and I'm A Mor(m)on RooseveltsGhost12/07/11
Top 20 Favorite Drummers D41V30N11/28/11
Saints Row: The Third Radio boogs11/18/11
Fall To Winter: Transitional Inspiration RodTFD11/08/11
The Worst Bands I've Ever Heard! Decapod11/05/11
My Top 10 Albums From 2009 alextheantichrist10/30/11
I Miss Silentpotato I'm Heartbroken BDx9410/08/11
Between The Buried And Me Ranked BDx9410/07/11
Revisiting 2009 FeralMemories09/26/11
Albums Of The Year (2009) R3fl3cti0ns08/05/11
I Like Better Music Than You sehguh07/15/11
Recent Digs PedalToTheMetal07/10/11
Vinyl Collection. SpritzSpritz06/22/11
I Was Supposed To Be A Liar Antipunk06/21/11
Btbam Albums Ranked Remer1706/07/11
10 Albums That Can Change Your Life UORawker05/20/11
Btbam Ranked MrFantasticManny05/18/11
Way Late. But Best Of 2009 Anyway Klichty05/06/11
Stuff I Wish I Could Play On Drums Testicus04/28/11
My CD Collection Wheelah04/27/11
New Btbam Ep twlichty03/31/11
Btbam= Being Drunk At A Circus Mike0803/30/11
Defeater And La Dispute Antipunk03/25/11
Top 10 Favorite Albums Alexcore03/18/11
My Top 100 Albums alexhennigh03/04/11
50 Favorite Albums GhettoIndieshit02/27/11
Btbam Best Of To Be Released 1337Kellx02/22/11
Rec Me Wank GhettoIndieshit02/21/11
Best Albums Of 2009 Gbhill02/05/11
Favorite Metal Hardcore Bands/albums AdamK01/29/11
Dig List ShadowAmI01/24/11
Albums I Got For Christmas, And I Some I Just Bought BringMeABrick12/31/10
Btbam Ranked GhettoIndieshit12/24/10
Random Album Generator alt12/13/10
:need Recs: Antipunk12/04/10
My Ipod GhettoIndieshit11/28/10
Having Fun Drowning LetoAtreides11/26/10
Pop Quiz, Hotshot renegadestrings11/24/10
Philly Marathon Playlist jredmond11/20/10
My Top 100 Of All Time steadyriot11/15/10
Best Metal Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Albums I Own Pt.1 ManicGeodude11/02/10
2009 In Retrospect liveloud4life10/21/10
Why Do I Hate These? GorgonzolaCheese110/07/10
My Top 10: Albums MercuryShadow10/06/10
What Annoys Sputnik? UnnamedOcean10/04/10
Showed My Parents Good Music Mysteryskater201209/25/10
My Good Albums Avagantamos09/24/10
My Top 5 Albums JakeBTBAMbardeN09/18/10
If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I! jesusjuice117909/11/10
Rawl Tahd. loveisamixtape09/05/10
Ultimate Guitar's 'This Year In Metal: 2009' Sevhead09/04/10
Albums I Listened To Yesterday.. (procrastination List) angoragoat09/02/10
Digs Dug TBliss08/16/10
Albums That Would Be Fives kingjulian08/08/10
Cool Beans And Digs dylanthedesertpea07/20/10
Cool... IRAI07/19/10
Best Albums Of 2009 Anetherbinge107/12/10
Current Digs. Recs? Danie06/10/10
Diversity In The Workplace jesusjuice117906/06/10
Fo The Shreddaz onereallysillygoose06/02/10
Favourite Albums Of 2009 GoGoGadgetFlow06/01/10
Comatorium Collective Comatorium.05/27/10
What's In My Cd Player twiszted68905/10/10
Albums I've Been Listening To Lately breakingb1905/09/10
Between The Buried And Me - Ranked InFiction05/06/10
Metal Albums: 2009 mrodizzle04/29/10
Playlist (april 17th - April 24th) libertine23704/24/10
Drivin' Down The Shoreline (Metal Version) TheAdventOf04/09/10
Stuff I Discovered Through Sputnik vanderb0b04/02/10
Virgin RideTheChina04/02/10
Colors Vs The Great Misdirect NeutralThunder1204/01/10
Albums I Own Part 1 BenX0203/21/10
Jamie Leaves Mythbusters Lambda03/20/10
Recents By The Greats Of Modern Metal? Edwin03/17/10
Borat Cerbyrus03/14/10
Crème De La Crème BurningApollo03/01/10
Help! I'm Out Of Prog!!!! Asunderbass02/22/10
Favorite Albums A-z walkerf5e02/22/10
Best Albums Of 2009 Twizzie02/21/10
Musical Neighbors PeteyThePistol02/15/10
New Here DeathSmosherDon01/30/10
Btbam Ranked LegendofPittman01/26/10
New To The Site...recent Digs twiszted68901/24/10
Aids' Top 25 Of '09 Aids01/20/10
My Fav Metal Albums Of 2009 bornthetravestyofman01/19/10
Botb's Top Albums Of 09 botb01/16/10
Sex Lambda01/15/10
Top 10 of 09 AbyssalCreation01/15/10
Last Year Albums I Didn't Listen Too TheSorrow80501/13/10
Exceptional Albums For A Lightweight Ipod Klekticist01/12/10
Jrowa001 Top 100 Of 2009 jrowa00101/12/10
Album Recs plz FreQman01/05/10
Best Of 2009 Pebster4901/04/10
Fuck The Winter Aka Im Stuck Inside This Is What Im Listening To... metalXIII01/03/10
Add On To Best Of 09 BurningApollo01/02/10
First Year At Sputnik: 2009 liledman01/02/10
Check Out My New Album! Kronzo01/01/10
Best of 2009 Zizzer12/31/09
Killrobotmusic Presents: Top 30 Songs Of '09 killrobotmusic12/30/09
A Decade Of Robotmusic killrobotmusic12/27/09
Kingsoby1's Best Of 2009 kingsoby112/27/09
Favorite Albums Of 2009 TheIronDrew12/25/09
My 2009 Top 10 Kronzo12/25/09
Hos's 2009 Collection HenchmanOfSanta12/24/09
The End 1zero12/24/09
Academy of 2009 theacademy12/23/09
This Machine Pwns n00bs ThyCrossAwaits12/23/09
End Of The World List Ire12/23/09
Sir Wylie's Galliant Top 30 Of 2009 BallsToTheWall12/22/09
Bodominflames' Top 30 Albums Of 2009 Yazz_Flute12/22/09
Thor's Top 25 Of 2009 Thor12/21/09
25 Favorite Albums Of 2009 HuggyBear12/21/09
Top 30 Albums Of 2009 - Part 3 killrobotmusic12/20/09
Top 10 New Releases Of 2009 0ctahedronzz12/20/09
Cliche List?... I Think Yes dylanthedesertpea12/18/09
Brainsheldis' Favorite 2009 Albums brainsheldis12/17/09
What Are Your Decade Picks? rodigo112/17/09
Jwt155's Albums Of The Year JWT15512/16/09
Macbeth!! thetree12/16/09
Btbam smiff000912/14/09
My Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 slodnulius12/13/09
HUGE Best of 2009 List elephantREVOLUTION12/13/09
Top 10 Of 2009 iwrestledabigmaconce12/13/09
FINALLY rodigo112/12/09
Anything Else I Need To Consider Before The End Of The Year Yordy12/10/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2000's, This List Constantly Changes Progmaster8512/10/09
Jumping On The 09 List Bandwagon Dystopic12/10/09
Top Albums Of 2009 alsid12/09/09
Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 FeralMemories12/05/09
New Jams Please dylanthedesertpea12/03/09
What Word Defines This Year/Decade? rodigo112/02/09
Heavy Spins In '09 jc158712/01/09
Why Does The Bronx Suck? Niceinvader12/01/09
Dougies 2009: Albums Of The Year Douglas11/30/09
Favourite 2009 Albums vakuola11/30/09
Favorite Albums Of 2009 nabrazune11/29/09
My Favorite Albums At The Moment. t0x11/29/09
Christmas Wish List Kronzo11/29/09
Cliche 2009 List minimesmyidol11/28/09
Recent Digs thesystemisdown11/28/09
Best Of 2009 halloway11/25/09
Waior & '09 Waior11/23/09
Recent Digs zachblack11/22/09
2009 In Metal TBliss11/21/09
Should I Pick Up These Albums? Kronzo11/21/09
Graphics...is/are Good Niceinvader11/20/09
So I Just Saw d00derz11/20/09
2009 LaChance11/17/09
5//2009 Comatorium.11/17/09
My Biggest Let-downs McDiggitz11/12/09
Albums Coming Out Out In The Rest Of 09 And 2010? BenX0211/12/09
Things To Remember, Remember... thecheatisnotdead11/10/09
A.o.t.y. Contenders killrobotmusic11/10/09
Busy Week Not Being Busy WarAllTheTime98811/10/09
Albums I've Been Listening To MaidenPriest42011/08/09
Fedor Will Lose! ToWhatEnd11/07/09
What Albums Should I Buy Tomorrow? mrshane92111/07/09
The Great Misdirect Is Probably Btbams Best Release oathfbass11/06/09
Btbam Ranked MaidenPriest42011/05/09
Top 50 This Year So Far sleepyhead11/05/09
Albums I Have To Listen To Now Altmer11/04/09
Top Ten Of 2009 Frederickog35711/04/09
Sounds Of The Fall crush121411/03/09
November Soundtrack killrobotmusic11/03/09
Best Releases Of 2009 Si1v3RfaNg11/02/09
Good Music Blogs? Klekticist11/01/09
Upcoming Albums NebSnurb11/01/09
Tops Of 09, Based On Most Listens IRAI11/01/09
October Was A Great Month For Metal. Wizard11/01/09
My Top Albums Of 2009 So Far... TNY10/29/09
Top 10 Of 2009 Cesar10/29/09
Stuck On My Ipod [10/29/09] DANGERwildMATT10/29/09
Favorites Of '09 lastingimpression10/28/09
Recent Digs For Metal/Rock Progmaster8510/28/09
Btbam Ranked Thor10/27/09
Hill Albums Hydroxybenzo10/27/09
Brutal Legend shindip10/27/09
Best Of 09 elephantREVOLUTION10/26/09
Holy Shit I Just Downloaded A Lot Of Albums chaseguitar10/25/09
Albums I Just Bought platypusman4210/25/09
Metal Digs For Now Progmaster8510/25/09
Albums I Want MrHotMoms10/24/09
Just What Sputnik Needed... chaos1710/22/09


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