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Death Metal Cd For The Car! TheSonomaDude01/28/15
Goodbye 2014 Tunaboy4512/31/14
My Amazon Music Album Playlist BeneaththeDarkOcean12/25/14
Death albums ranked Superreallycool12/23/14
Rip Chuck D: CK12/13/14
Progressive Death Metal Recs? Tunaboy4512/06/14
Recent Album Purchases MotoMusic12/04/14
100 Favorite Metal Songs Palatial11/29/14
My Favourite Albums KingdomOfTyrant11/28/14
Favorite Albums KOSTER11/22/14
Albums I Own CalculatingInfinity11/16/14
Thirty Pretty Bullets Dressed In Plaid InbredJed10/11/14
10 Best Drumming Albums KingdomOfTyrant10/06/14
Death (band) Albums Worst To Best FadeToBlack10/05/14
Energy Drinks Ranked Betray09/30/14
Your Top 5 Dm Bands? Hawks09/03/14
Death Ranked KeeneIsGod08/23/14
Add Me On Psn! BigPleb08/20/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Fordeath Metal evilford08/13/14
Best Users evilford08/07/14
100 Metal Songs yourgodisinferior08/05/14
Bass Metal Recs For My Bday Geadom07/16/14
My Favorites By Year Avagantamos07/08/14
999 Ratings elbaliem07/03/14
Death Drummer Richard Christy GoobaGaba06/04/14
My Favourite Metal Albums KingdomOfTyrant05/22/14
Newest Acquisitions (2) Flugmorph05/22/14
Death Ranked KingdomOfTyrant05/19/14
Gonna Meet Snide Tomorrow Necrotica05/16/14
100 Albums I Own On Cd nob97305/09/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Fleshpound05/08/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1993 HenchmanOfSanta05/07/14
The Best Songs From Each Death Album TableGuy05/06/14
Tsop Is Disgustingly Underrated! Necrotica04/24/14
A Drug Filled Winter RayRay04/22/14
Rsd Haul BMDrummer04/19/14
Favorite Guitarists discovolante04/19/14
Well-Made Games That The Internet Hates PillowGuy04/19/14
Death Ranked PillowGuy04/15/14
Recs For Danny Avagantamos04/14/14
DEATH RANKED GrandpaSeth300004/12/14
My Favorite Video Game Franchises PillowGuy04/09/14
Potsy Falls In Love LordePots04/03/14
Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums Judio!04/03/14
Vote For The Best Death Album PillowGuy03/27/14
FiveLeavesLeft's Ranking Of Death PillowGuy03/26/14
Death's Final 4 austin88803/12/14
Which Death Album Had The Best Production? PillowGuy03/12/14
Death Metal Recs EJinHD03/11/14
Death Ranked PillowGuy03/04/14
My Metal Club Of 100 Fra02/28/14
My Cd Collection (part 1) sapient01/13/14
50 Great Opening Songs erizen82601/04/14
Some Sweet Album Art YoYoMancuso01/04/14
Album Battle - Death musicalmedicine01/04/14
Another Christmas List MoosechriS12/28/13
Favorite Years For Music Avagantamos12/21/13
Rip Chuck Schuldiner TPM73112/13/13
Death Ranked insanedrexl112/09/13
The Finest Hours Of Black/Death Metal TheSonomaDude12/03/13
Death - Ranked InFiction12/02/13
Death Metal In 1993 evilford11/20/13
My Top 100 Favorite Albums Ever discovolante11/07/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
Rec Me Some Fucking Dm Plz dylanjones4210/17/13
Death Ranked charbyno10/02/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1993 charbyno09/04/13
Sputnik Dm League Assemble! DanielNightLewis09/01/13
Top 10 Death Metal vaginaattori08/31/13
Death Ranked UnderTheNorthernScar08/20/13
New On Sput, Sup Doods? GaugeOT08/15/13
25 Awesome Closers demigod!08/15/13
Death Guitarists Ranked Madbutcher308/09/13
Death Albums Ranked Madbutcher308/06/13
Birthday Jams Geadom07/15/13
Chuck Hard Hawks07/13/13
Favourite Metal Drummers Madbutcher307/05/13
Limp Bizkit Vs. Death - Who Is Better? lyon153507/05/13
Death Vs Morbid Angel huguitoescorza07/04/13
1993 SpiritCrusher206/27/13
Death Albums Ranked ThrashK06/23/13
Playing Dwarf Fortress Hoppoman06/07/13
Death Ranked sonictheplumber06/07/13
Favourite Metal Albums Of The 90s charbyno06/05/13
Death: Vinyl Vs Cd Vs Digital. CaptainHadouken06/03/13
Happy Chuck Day! Wafflez05/13/13
Workday Jams Pt 2 evilford04/29/13
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) NoiseForZeus04/28/13
I Love Sputnik So Hard SlMBOLlC04/19/13
Chuck's Favorite Metal Drummers ChuckyTruant04/16/13
Trve Albums evilford04/10/13
Awesome Drummers YoYoMancuso04/07/13
100 Favorite Albums Of The 90's discovolante04/04/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
Everything I Bought In 2013 So Far brokendogleg03/26/13
The Best Featured Metal List Today evilford03/25/13
Death To All Tour CK03/16/13
Check Me Bands New Song Plz Its Long But Thats Prog For You If You Can Call This Prog I Uguess But It Took Me Ages Plz Dont B KILL03/02/13
Album Titles grish02/24/13
My Definitive List RayRay02/21/13
The Big 4's Of Metal? SlMBOLlC02/13/13
Death's Albums Ranked atokad43202/09/13
Bass Lines Of Truth pissbore02/04/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
Remembering Chuck Schuldiner mifzal12/13/12
90 Reasons Why The 90's Ruled demigod!12/10/12
Thinking About Taking A More Activ Part In The Commyunitey. alltimelow12/04/12
November Most Played ViperAces12/01/12
Rec Me Good Death Metal Geadom11/17/12
October Most Played ViperAces10/31/12
Death Albums huguitoescorza10/31/12
Florida> evilford10/18/12
Death Vrs. Morbid Angel TheSpirit10/18/12
Three Superb Albums In A Row Detritivore10/14/12
I Turned 18 Today Pr0nogo10/13/12
List ApplicationToHeaven10/09/12
Death Metal Pantheon swarth7810/08/12
Death Albums Ranked dsroka00510/06/12
Songs Of The Week Part 3 YoYoMancuso09/30/12
Best Curb Your Enthusiasm Episodes ViralOblivion09/28/12
Best Death Per Album Ovrot09/28/12
Greatest Albums Ever evilford09/20/12
5 Great Death Songs. Atari09/20/12
Rip Chuck CaptainDooRight09/20/12
10 Best Death Song (until Now) ViperAces09/20/12
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.12 engleprunt09/13/12
My All-time Favorite Albums Revolution66609/11/12
Your Absolute Top 5 Favorite Bands. KjSwantko09/11/12
Death Albums Ranked mifzal09/10/12
Top Albums Of 1993 Cghost09/09/12
Death Ranked DarkSideOfLucca09/09/12
Death And The Like VinVal09/04/12
Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza08/30/12
Been Out Of The Game For A While Systemunfolded08/21/12
Recent Album Buys Sunn17707/29/12
25 Greatest Death/black Metal Albums Of All Time huguitoescorza07/25/12
Top 20 Albums From The 1990's ColorTheGreys07/10/12
Pizza Hut Pizza Box Trebor.06/27/12
Metal Albums discovolante05/21/12
Recs Please YoYoMancuso05/05/12
Death metal I love Systemunfolded04/30/12
Death Ranked VisionsFromTheDarkSide04/29/12
Why Haven't I Listened To These Yet? digimental10104/21/12
Good Shit BigPleb04/18/12
Top 25 Deafff Metuhlz Hawks03/09/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
End Of February Renovations Systemunfolded02/28/12
Niggas In Paris At Midnight Trebor.02/26/12
Krazytom's 10 Best Death Metal Albums Of All Time krazytom02/24/12
90s Metal For Your Nuts macadoolahicky02/22/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
My Favourite Metal Albums RoppVsBerrick01/26/12
Band Tees? Hawks01/17/12
Gimmie Weird Stuff Mewcopa001/16/12
Fuck Cnn sonictheplumber12/16/11
10 Years Rip pissbore12/13/11
1988-present: My Favorite Metal Albums discovolante11/13/11
Rec Me Some Black Metal HiLion11/10/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
Best Metal Albums bladerunner5333111/03/11
How Hard I Dm KILL10/18/11
Need Some Death Metal Recs machineknot9710/17/11
Albums On My Ipod lyon153510/16/11
Death: Where Do I start? Ignimbrite10/07/11
Sunday Morning Classics sonictheplumber08/28/11
Music For Winners discovolante07/31/11
Death Albums Ranked lyon153507/22/11
Random Metal Albums lyon153507/19/11
Hard Jams Urinetrouble07/17/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
I'm New FullOnRapist07/03/11
My Top 10 Albums From 1993 alextheantichrist07/02/11
Which Of These Should I Buy First dammets06/18/11
Death Ranked Decapod06/14/11
You Can't Kill The Metal EverythingEvil211306/01/11
The Nineteen Nineties EverythingEvil211305/25/11
Stuff I've Been Listening To In The Last 24 Hours PostModernJellyfish05/16/11
Death Albums Ranked JustARegularGuy05/14/11
Expansion Raidho04/15/11
Evergreen Metal Albums Of All Time sammy66604/13/11
Chuck Schuldiner Ranked 05McDonaldT03/26/11
Death Ranked austin88803/15/11
Using An Old School Keyboard Piglet02/26/11
My Phallus Grew 4 Inches!!! crowing5102/05/11
Albums I Got For Christmas, And I Some I Just Bought BringMeABrick12/31/10
What Did You *nice people* Get For Christmas Urinetrouble12/25/10
Top 100 AtomicWaste12/14/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
Favorite Death Songs IRAI11/07/10
Great Album Art (part 3) literalsurrealist10/23/10
Bang Your Head sonictheplumber10/22/10
666 zarquan9910/18/10
The "Big Three" of Prog Death Ranked demon of surveillance10/13/10
Flacing Yr Mom Ire10/10/10
Favourite Books TBliss09/08/10
My Old School Death Metal Picks Mewcopa08/27/10
Beats By Dre pixmpy08/19/10
Favorite Albums Of 1993 Caveman08/12/10
Flower Power sonictheplumber08/05/10
Hellyeah?.......hellno. Mewcopa06/30/10
The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years Sabottheory06/18/10
Willie's 90 For The 90s Willie06/15/10
100 Essentials From The 90's buckfutter06/04/10
Weight Training Supplements okcomputer101605/31/10
Top 10 Guitar Lead Albums TheElephant05/31/10
Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time ironmaiden120405/23/10
eminems new album is called recpvery Urinetrouble04/14/10
Deatherection Edwin04/12/10
Cds In My Car TheElephant03/04/10
Blowing My Mind Lately 3ddie02/26/10
Jus Chillin KILL01/04/10
Best Bass Albums cansandbrahms11/16/09
Death Recs? Thrasher8610/17/09
Big Jugs Pt. 5 Meatplow07/02/09
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL05/04/09
Death Albums Ranked KILL03/03/09
KILLing Time KILL02/12/09
Top 50 metallicaman8811/28/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
Little Known Facts + Albums I'm Digging A Lot Lately, Vol. 2: Sweet Baby J. Big Baby Jesus05/25/08
Current Listening MadnessUnhallowed02/12/08
Whishlist Foodforthegods02/09/08
I've Ruined My Parent Credit Card McP300001/26/08
My Current To Get List McP300001/07/08
My Top 50 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute01/04/08
My Favorite Albums: 1990-2007 Yazz_Flute12/23/07
Recent Relishing Yazz_Flute12/16/07
R.i.p. Chuck NemesisDivina12/13/07
Death, Best To Worst Lunarfall12/10/07
Buying Spree!!! Yazz_Flute12/08/07
Birthday Wishlist Yazz_Flute11/14/07
Next Albums To Buy Lunarfall10/20/07
Wishlist Foodforthegods05/21/07
I Used To Hate Death Metal Intransit04/07/07
The Albums That I Want Foodforthegods03/21/07
Top 10 Death Metal Albums...Ever Gmaj10/11/06


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