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7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101 Captain North04/10/14
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Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums Judio!04/03/14
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Dr. Steve Brule On Adult Swim Tonight Judio!02/28/14
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My Cd Collection (part 2) sapient01/14/14
Cd Collection - Installment One Multifarious01/07/14
First Run In Several Months NightProwler12/09/13
Black Friday Buys MosesMalone12/02/13
Rec Me Some Filthy Sh*t tacos N stuff10/18/13
best metalcore/other bands I started listening to around the same jmh88610/08/13
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Unique Vocals PitchforkArms09/26/13
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I'm Back! BigPleb06/17/13
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Sputnikmusic Is The Perfect Place. Pt 2 72haha7205/16/13
AMA MrHotMoms05/13/13
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Top Moments (Vol I) PistolPete02/09/13
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Jacob Bannon Documentary Gwyn.01/23/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
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Ali's Favorite Shows Of 2012 Lucid12/31/12
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Vinyl Collection (so Far) Sunn17712/02/12
Working Out Again trilliamdean12/02/12
Changing The Order Of The Songs Does Change The Product Detritivore12/01/12
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Awful Albums SeaAnemone11/25/12
Today's Cd Haul I Gues zxlkho11/20/12
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Songs For Sally Struthers Chrisjon8911/01/12
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Guitar Amps? Tube Vs Ss Vs Digital ChuckyTruant10/19/12
Metal! ShadowAmI10/17/12
Sick As Hell Vespiion10/13/12
Converge Hawks10/11/12
1,000 Ratings! Atari10/05/12
Converge Ranked Insurrection10/04/12
Sputnikd My Lists ;_; FranzSchubert10/03/12
Robert Griffin III dathvada32109/09/12
Rec Me Some Punk DRWND08/29/12
Vinyl Collection So Far yourepidemic08/24/12
Upcoming Shows... ChristoMarko08/24/12
New Releases I'm Heavily Anticipating NickBeijing08/17/12
Summer Slaughter 2012: Charlotte beefshoes08/01/12
What I Listen To Most Of The Time: AW1107/15/12
2009 mttgry07/13/12
Finally a good Metal list \m/!!!!!!!!!!! ManintheBox07/12/12
Tits In Rain... Sniff07/12/12
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My Favorite Albums Of All-Time (Pt. 1) akimbo06/16/12
Sludgecore Influences wacknizzle06/09/12
Panic ILJ06/08/12
18 At Last dathvada32106/03/12
Enter Chuck's Hardcore Phase ChuckyTruant05/29/12
You Are All Wrong ModHunter05/24/12
Awesome Riffs BigPleb05/23/12
Metal \m/ mindleviticus05/19/12
Im Going To Warped? Devastator05/17/12
I Just Want To Break Stuff (no not like Fred) TheJackal05/16/12
3 Years On Sputnik Blackbelt5405/13/12
Quitting The Gym And Buying Some Kettlebells jg77705/04/12
Post Your Desktop theacademy05/01/12
Anyone Wanna Start A Music Podcast? Rev04/29/12
Some Good Metalcore/Post Hardcore dathvada32104/28/12
More Metal! FranzSchubert04/22/12
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Fav Ed, Edd, n Eddy episodes Devastator03/31/12
Mathcore ChuckyTruant03/29/12
Metalcore Brothers ChuckyTruant03/24/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
Albums Only You Consider Classic?? ManintheBox03/22/12
My Nervous First List blackzombie03/18/12
Finals ILJ03/12/12
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Hardcore(ish) Albums... Need More TheJackal03/11/12
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Favorite Bands/albums jg77702/21/12
New Converge Studio Video Pharoh02/20/12
2012 Expectations D41V30N02/14/12
Stuff i'm just getting into. DieDead02/09/12
A Burgeoning Vinyl Collection DominionMM102/09/12
Iphone AdamK02/07/12
How To Get Music DinoX02/05/12
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Rec Me Some Amazing Metalcore Puzzles01/29/12
20 Favorite Converge Songs NeutralThunder1201/26/12
Rec Me Metalcore GreyShadow01/14/12
Greatest Concert Ever GnarlyShillelagh01/13/12
Cd's I Got At The Library V2. Misanthropist01/03/12
'12 Digs! puma3501/02/12
I Can't Find Anything Worth Listening To :( Puzzles12/27/11
All Of My Ratings Are Gone. My Pie Chart Was Fucked Damon12/26/11
Albums To Die For ManintheBox12/22/11
Band Name - Should I Change It? Puzzles12/22/11
I Am Legal manicmonkey12/17/11
Poll: Tmi theacademy12/16/11
Albums That Get Me Through Daily Life Cursiver11/24/11
My Entire 8gig Ipod DinoX11/04/11
Quality Heaviness #1 DeadBeat11/03/11
My Journey Through Music goolsby11/03/11
20 taxidermist10/27/11
Twlichty's Current Classics twlichty10/22/11
Pitchfork Ranks Converge taxidermist10/22/11
Working Out Scoot10/08/11
A Little Bit Tired About Metalcore Detritivore10/07/11
Confused About Metalcore. XfingTheSullen10/02/11
Release A New Album Already FeralMemories10/02/11
Top 100 Album Artworks fish.09/27/11
Revisiting 2009 FeralMemories09/26/11
Lesbianic Scissoring. Decapod09/26/11
Fall Depression wrecked09/21/11
Vinyl CrackTheSkye09/17/11
Albums I Discovered In Two Thousand N' Eleven. SuicideByStar09/17/11
Oh, Sleeper > The Devil Wears Prada twlichty09/05/11
Bands With The Best Discographies??1?? ManintheBox08/30/11
Riffage. NickBeijing08/28/11
Drummers That Inspire Me To Improve PedalToTheMetal08/19/11
Rec Me Something Like Converge psite4508/19/11
how was your summer sputnik???? ManintheBox08/14/11
Where Should I Start? KeithStone58208/14/11
Marengo Caves mahan979208/12/11
Veldin's Top 10 For 2009 Veldin08/06/11
Albums Of The Year (2009) R3fl3cti0ns08/05/11
An Intro To Immersedreality's Taste immersedreality08/04/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 1 ComfortablyDumb08/01/11
Any Rec's Like These? bowlofsoup07/29/11
I Love Everything. TrentTality07/16/11
Greatest Drummers Of All Time twlichty07/12/11
Rec Me Some Hardcore! Srangerthanficti0n07/08/11
Breaking Bad Characters Ranked PistolPete07/07/11
Vinyl Collection. SpritzSpritz06/22/11
I Was Supposed To Be A Liar Antipunk06/21/11
Top 10 Most Anticipated Games chambered8906/20/11
I Love Converge sonorirish06/17/11
Metallica Switches Genres??? ManintheBox06/16/11
Overrated On Sputnik Decapod06/15/11
My Collection Hardcore, Metalcore, Skramz Mewcopa005/29/11
Does Victory Have Any Good Artists At All??? ManintheBox05/26/11
Converge And Trap Them Tonight Shadein05/24/11
Oh, Hello Sputnik Trazodone05/17/11
Converge - Ranked InFiction05/17/11
Metalcore Recs Ranked AfterTheBreakdown05/15/11
Yo Brah Gimme Some Recs!!!! rickyricochet05/06/11
New Purchases \m/! ManintheBox05/05/11
The Obligatory "My iPod" List vondo05/02/11
Turning Fifteen Today fr33convict05/01/11
10 Favorite Bands Antipunk04/29/11
2009: Top 20 hhognason04/27/11
Modern Screamo Bands paulbunker8504/21/11
Happy Record Store Day iarescientists04/16/11
It's Harder Than A Diamond TheBloodTypo04/14/11
Converge Announces Tba Dates disposablehero9404/13/11
Super Sexy Jazzy Noise SloppyMilkshake04/12/11
Wow Internet Connection BallsToTheWall04/07/11
The Other Guys Antipunk03/27/11
Hardcore Baby Yeah twlichty03/23/11
Favorite Album Covers Iamthe Nightstars03/18/11
Check It Sputbros HaloDude44203/17/11
Metalcore Recs! captaincrunch1103/01/11
Converge Ranked deftones2702/26/11
Stuff I Gotta Check Out Soon jayfatha02/24/11
Personal Favorites V3 Murderfists02/22/11
1000 Comments 100 Albums zarquan9902/06/11
Favorite Metal Hardcore Bands/albums AdamK01/29/11
Convergina Scoot01/10/11
Current Favorite Heavy Music easytiger31301/10/11
Rate My Entire Music Collection (pt 1) IdiotTech01/01/11
Okay Sputnik, Don't Fail Me Now! NailScarredHands12/28/10
What Did You *nice people* Get For Christmas Urinetrouble12/25/10
Converge Ranked Astronauts12/24/10
Workout Recs disposablehero9412/16/10
100 Favourite Albums fouxdufafa12/14/10
100 Albums Rated bloodybeer12/10/10
Fox Decided That The Country Music Awards Were More Important Than A New Episode Of House ZBJE12/06/10
:need Recs: Antipunk12/04/10
A Decade In Review: Metal fr33convict11/30/10
Hellbound GhettoIndieshit11/26/10
Mathcore Recs Dev51811/15/10
No Shavember SpottedTrout11/07/10
My 20 Most Listened To Albums On Last.fm G3N3R1C11/07/10
Halloweekend londoncalling45710/30/10
Converge Albums Ranked UnderDaIce10/29/10
New Music I've Acquired TheBloodTypo10/24/10
2009 In Retrospect liveloud4life10/21/10
Just Bought WITTR Tickets TheStarclassicTreatment10/18/10
Deviant Looks Back At 2009 Deviant.10/18/10
Mood Music Spec10/17/10
Worth The Hype Spec10/16/10
Converge Ranked Spec10/14/10
Poopie Strider10/13/10
Lakes Does 2009 Lakes.10/11/10
Things I'm Gonna Buy iPim10/11/10
Great Album Art (part 1) literalsurrealist10/11/10
Seeing Bob Dylan Tonight literalsurrealist10/10/10
\m/ brutebeard10/09/10
Big Race Tomorrow TheStefan10/08/10
Album Art By Jacob Bannon eternium10/07/10
Bored Out Of My Skull BeardedIdiot10/07/10
Sputnik Fantasy Football londoncalling45710/05/10
Is There A Random Button On Bandcamp? igloodude10/05/10
What's Doing It For Me Lately dinomania10/05/10
Deftones Off The Popular Albums List!? Butkuiss10/04/10
Some Cool Albums taroo10/01/10
My Favorite Albums Of 2009 IN6409/30/10
Top 50 Albums o97109/27/10
The Office BigTuna09/24/10
Favorite Albums Of 2009 lukempls09/21/10
Music To Hang Myself To BallsToTheWall09/20/10
Rah Rah Ranked LegendofPittman09/20/10
Recent Plays ImpendingSpoon32109/19/10
I Buyed TBliss09/16/10
Albums I Plan To Get Soon + Rec Me Stuff Live09/11/10
Album Openers geng09/09/10
Get Out Of My Offive Mewcopa09/07/10
Songs to energise kangaroopoo09/03/10
Done. NeutralThunder1208/30/10
The 2000's Finests taroo08/28/10
Learning To Drive! puma3508/27/10
My 10 Favorite Album Covers gippalthefish08/24/10
Seven. Seven Prostitutes. GomerPyle08/24/10
Metalcore/mathcore/hardcore/grindcore Recs HSThomas08/15/10
You'll Always Be A Loser therayder08/14/10
Subliminal Message! JayVex08/12/10
new comment system East Hastings08/12/10
More Albums I Own(continued) tokilltheking08/11/10
I Just Got... LegendofPittman08/08/10
Birthday Digs vanderb0b08/06/10
Today My Friend And Me Wore The Same Band Tee On Accident :/ jessiedemolish08/05/10
3 Years At Sputnik, Like Anyone Cares JayVex08/04/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo08/01/10
Good Stuff nick030707/31/10
Help Me Out Here... Locrian07/27/10
09: A Retrospective Captain North07/16/10
My Vinyl Collection CryptcSlaughter1007/14/10
Worth The Hype? Spec07/10/10
Recent Aquisitions Youshouldkillme07/08/10
Pick One therayder06/30/10
Sputnik Lapdog Counterfeit06/28/10
Mewcopa And Metalcore??!? No Way. Mewcopa06/28/10
I Feel Inadequate SomewhereBetween06/27/10
Oh, Silly Pretentious Kids... ant4tbc06/26/10
What Would It Sound Like If... fr33convict06/19/10
Top 10 Albums I Listen To At The Moment Boissi06/19/10
Fuck Koman Coulibaly cirq06/18/10
Animal Collective Lolwut?? Comatorium.06/17/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
A Mutated Decade Fugue06/17/10
Gyro's Decade Of Yum Gyromania06/16/10
Lambda's Top 50 Of The Decade Lambda06/15/10
Live In '10 Transient06/13/10
I Told U I Was Hardcore Jonathan1006/10/10
Bye Bye First Year in University... BeardedIdiot06/04/10
Top 10 Metalcore Albums supercooper06/03/10
How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile? salival1305/31/10
My Happy Album Buying Trip Hydroxybenzo05/16/10
Happy One Year Sputnik... Deathcar05/13/10
New Song thetree05/12/10
Current Digs MrSenior05/07/10
The Only Good Facist Is A Very Dead Facist mmfarva05/04/10
Albums I Need/want To Check Out BeardedIdiot05/03/10
ThePalestVocalist ThePalestMexican04/28/10
Motherfucking Converge!! chrisonsputnik04/23/10
Unneeded To-buy List Lakes.04/22/10
They Are Who We Thought They Were!!! Inveigh04/21/10
List Of Albums Urinetrouble04/21/10
Obligated To Make An Obligatory 1000 Comments List Urinetrouble04/20/10
New Here Naffa04/19/10
Locks Of Love BigTuna04/18/10
Top 5 Albums That Start With "A" Unskathed12304/18/10
Converge Albums? MoosechriS04/18/10
Vinyl I Own/will Own Ire04/18/10
Current Listening MoosechriS04/11/10
100th List londoncalling45704/10/10
8 Albums I Listen To Often: Freditron04/08/10
Please Hug Me, I Love It mmfarva04/06/10
Legally Adult Tomorrow Captain North04/06/10
Metal Top Ten(from A Metal Noob) MetalFaceDoom04/02/10
Recent Listening jordecai04/01/10
Tattoo? Captain North03/25/10
Recent Favorite Albums UpperDecker03/22/10
Worst Troll Ever On Sputnik Lambda03/21/10
Certified Hipster BallsToTheWall03/21/10
Cool Beans Smiley03/17/10
focksy here focksy03/17/10
Recents By The Greats Of Modern Metal? Edwin03/17/10
Isaac Newton Deserves To Listen To Nickleback AndManyMore03/15/10
Winter 09' theearthisnthumming03/14/10
Fallout 3 MetalFaceDoom03/13/10
Even Hitler Loves These Albums Covers AndManyMore03/12/10
TheEnforcerofGayness Makes A Confession. TheEnforcer03/09/10
Rec Me Metal Kronzo03/07/10
Converge Splurge Captain North03/02/10
Dear Mariah.... DeleriumTrigger03/01/10
Really Starting To Like. XtheComb1neX02/27/10
Its Awesome But Its Not Their Best kitteezrfunnieslawlz02/24/10
How Do You Listen To Music? thesystemisdown02/21/10
New Albums MoosechriS02/21/10
Another Birthday And Here Is What I Am Feeling Tonight SteelErectedb4you8er02/18/10
Latest Digs. jasonslfl02/18/10
More Albums I Want/Bands I want To Get Into Slipping Away02/17/10
Top 5 Anime Shows JizzInMyPants02/16/10
Everyone Thinks I'm An Alt random02/15/10
Damnit Me, Listen!!! AndManyMore02/11/10
Recent Purchases FreQman02/07/10
$?! cirq02/06/10
So Yeah.. I'm New Here Dreamsofmany02/05/10
Terrabyte :d Kronzo01/31/10
10 Favorite Albums Of All Time LastLight01/31/10
My Vinyl Collection SpritzSpritz01/30/10
My Ever Growing Vinyl Collection catsinflats01/30/10
Converge? MusicinaBox01/26/10
Need Good Metalcore chrisonsputnik01/26/10
Top 10 Favourites Of 09 Petsi01/25/10
Personal Favorites V2 Murderfists01/24/10
25 Favorite Albums Of 2009 CoreySzn01/22/10
Aids' Top 25 Of '09 Aids01/20/10
Valentine's Day Cds fatlip2701/20/10
Converge Ranked EverythingEvil211301/18/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
The Colts... thecheatisnotdead01/16/10
Botb's Top Albums Of 09 botb01/16/10
Sex Lambda01/15/10
Top 10 of 09 AbyssalCreation01/15/10
'09, Well, Isn't Over For Me Yet... Emim01/14/10
What Else Do I Need? Jebull01/14/10
Extra Late Best Of 2009 red001/13/10
Jrowa001 Top 100 Of 2009 jrowa00101/12/10
09 Jingles jingledeath01/12/10
Mutatedfreek's Actual Albums Of 2009 Fugue01/08/10
Dryden Asks For Recs Dryden01/07/10
What Converge Album Should I Get Next? Lelle01/06/10
Top 10 Of 09 klusterfuk01/06/10
2009's Best Metalcore Releases intothepit8301/05/10
50*09 Grimlin01/05/10
Best Converge Albums Unskathed12301/05/10
Scream For 2009 SCREAM!01/04/10
Best Of 2009 Pebster4901/04/10
Best Of 09 abbyczach01/03/10
Wizard's Top 20 Metal For 2009 (and Anything Related) Wizard01/03/10
Mendigo's 2009: Albums Mendigo01/03/10
2009 Bests Imo Carnifex01/03/10
Top 10 albums of 2009 RedSky01/03/10
Best Albums Of 2009 TheWarning01/02/10
Top Of '09 JacobsLadder01/02/10
First Year At Sputnik: 2009 liledman01/02/10
Poet's Best Of 09 In 2010. Poet01/02/10
My Personal Top 2009 List MusicinaBox01/01/10
Top 20 Albums Of 2009 TomServo12/31/09
2009 Sucked; Top Albums Rhinoceron12/31/09
Steel Erect's Decade List SteelErectedb4you8er12/31/09
'09 nick96212/30/09
Favorite 2009 Albums SchebbARN12/30/09
Music For Douchebags WilliamFearnsley12/30/09
Killrobotmusic Presents: Top 30 Songs Of '09 killrobotmusic12/30/09
Top Albums Of 2009 leviedman12/29/09
Top 5 Of 2009 Shrapnel9412/29/09
Prophet2009 Prophet17812/28/09
A Year In Metal Emim12/28/09
A Decade Of Robotmusic killrobotmusic12/27/09
Iluvatar/John Hanson's Top 25 Of 2009 Iluvatar12/27/09
2009 Thoughts DhA12/26/09
2009 6Doopey6McCallister612/26/09
Merry Crimbo, Bro Shrapnel9412/25/09
The End 1zero12/24/09
Top 10 Albums Of 2009 AliW199312/23/09
Academy of 2009 theacademy12/23/09
This Machine Pwns n00bs ThyCrossAwaits12/23/09
Moisturizing Keeps Me Young And Supple BrandNewBoognish12/23/09
End Of The World List Ire12/23/09
Favorite Albums Of 2009 MrGlass12/22/09
Sir Wylie's Galliant Top 30 Of 2009 BallsToTheWall12/22/09
Bodominflames' Top 30 Albums Of 2009 Yazz_Flute12/22/09
Top 20 Of 2009 Unskathed12312/22/09
Faint's Top 25 Of 2009. Faint712/21/09
Thor's Top 25 Of 2009 Thor12/21/09
Isitluck's Top 25 Of 2009 IsItLuck?12/21/09
A Decade Of Decadence intothepit8312/21/09
Mike's Top 25 Of 2009 Mikesn12/21/09
25 Favorite Albums Of 2009 HuggyBear12/21/09
The Great Week Of Drinks, Drinks And Drinks. ThePalaceOfWisdom12/21/09
My Albums Of The Year. wilthemil37512/20/09
Top 10 New Releases Of 2009 0ctahedronzz12/20/09
Devildriver > Suffocation?!?! hulksmashedface12/18/09
Top 100 Of The Decade. halloway12/18/09
Favourite Albums DreamingOfSleep12/18/09
Mynameis2009 mynameischan12/17/09
Brainsheldis' Favorite 2009 Albums brainsheldis12/17/09
Planewreck's Top 25 Of 2009 plane12/17/09
Jwt155's Albums Of The Year JWT15512/16/09
My Top 40 Albums Of 2009 Bleekill12/14/09
Adam Downer's Top 25 Albums Of 2009 Electric City12/14/09
My Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2009 slodnulius12/13/09
Top 10 Of 2009 iwrestledabigmaconce12/13/09
FINALLY rodigo112/12/09
Roofi's 2009 roofi12/12/09
Anal. SpritzSpritz12/12/09
My 2009 Top 10 (according To My Mp3 Player) mouette12/11/09
Cliche shinfojoe12/10/09
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