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Favorite Postcore/metalcore Aftertheascension02/13/15
Btbam Ranked Betray01/06/15
3 Day Late Sputversary ChoccyPhilly11/27/14
Ranked Between The Buried And Me huguitoescorza11/04/14
Metal Albums Of The Decade: 2000-2009 (my favorites) huguitoescorza10/30/14
My Record Collection HushThatFuss10/05/14
My Favorite Btbam Releases Ranked StarsDie09/30/14
Between The Buried And Me - Ranked InFiction09/27/14
My Strange Btbam Ranking MyNameIsPencil09/23/14
Between The Buried And Me Lps Ranked Deathbeds09/12/14
Progressive Metalcore LeviofDoom08/31/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
My 25 Favorite Albums Of All Time mikep8707/02/14
Choose One Album For Each Decade Eggvander06/27/14
Between the Buried and Me Ranked cmaitland42106/21/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2005 HenchmanOfSanta05/18/14
Best Recs From Random People #1 SethEZ05/18/14
Btbam Albums Best To Worst Eggvander05/08/14
Songs That Give Me Chills Artuma04/28/14
Bands/artists I Will Be Giving A Shot Soon ellagos04/05/14
Vinyl Collection Comatorium.03/26/14
My Favorite (metal) Albums thecatsmod03/03/14
February's Purchases TylerLamberg02/23/14
Great Closing/final Tracks Ending02/18/14
Between The Buried And Me Ranked Faraudo02/14/14
Top 40 Albums post-2000 (and some more). Faraudo02/06/14
Metalcore That Doesn't Suck RadioSuicide01/24/14
Please Help! Check Out This List! JamesDay01/16/14
Black Friday Buys MosesMalone12/02/13
Best Albums Of All Time JamesDay11/17/13
Topsters Contenders s0n0fk0ng11/07/13
Fml, Wrote First Review And It Got Lost Alaska10/29/13
Favourite Math/jazzcore pummelbienchen10/03/13
Why Do People Hate Btbam? Crawl09/28/13
Between The Buried And Me Ranked MAGNIFICENT09/02/13
Btbam Ranked DegausserGuernica2408/13/13
Pop: The Sands Of Time kingjulian08/08/13
Albums I'm Digging: July (1st Half) JJKeys07/14/13
Someone Slashed One Of My Tires SadAndHolyGlow06/24/13
Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round Of 32 JaySpiral06/19/13
Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round of 64 JaySpiral06/18/13
Favorite Metal/core Albums wacknizzle06/15/13
Who Wants To Be Buddies Omaha05/19/13
Cross Country DegausserGuernica2405/14/13
Fast Times Or Dazed And Confused? Iamthe Nightstars05/14/13
Gears Of War Maps TheSpaceMan05/10/13
Metal Bands That I've Seen Live (Updated) NecrogenicShrimp03/09/13
My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Songs Braden37802/14/13
High School Jams Pt. 1 mttgry02/13/13
Breaking Bad Predictions JackSoffalot02/12/13
Dexter Seasons Ranked Omaha02/11/13
my top 100 albums of all time kb3601/30/13
best metalc0re evarr akimbo01/17/13
Top 10 Favorite Core Albums. InterestedGiraffe01/09/13
Stalest Metal Genre? NecrogenicShrimp12/14/12
Dissonant Post-hardcore/metalcore Dolving99911/26/12
Amazing Album Openers Insurrection11/25/12
Bands That Used To Be Good witchxrapist11/24/12
Btbam Ranked BYAMdrummer11/22/12
Coheed And Btbam Touring Inferis11/05/12
The Genre Everyone Loves To Hate NastyCrab10/27/12
Between The Buried And Me Vs Protest The Hero huguitoescorza10/22/12
Favorite Albums Of The Last Ten Years thatguyoverthere10/12/12
Btbam Ranked MeatSalad10/10/12
Current Albums Ive Been Listening To. killer24k09/08/12
The Sputnikmusic Chronicles 2 Scoot09/08/12
Review My Band's Ep lacesout3908/19/12
Can Somebody Give Me A Recommendation? pjquinones74708/18/12
Between the Buried and Me Ranked Insurrection08/13/12
Cd's I Regret Purchasing North0House208/12/12
New(ish) To Sputnik ArmchairDespair08/03/12
New Btbam Album Announced! Tyrael07/16/12
My Favorite Albums Of All-Time (Pt. 1) akimbo06/16/12
18 At Last dathvada32106/03/12
I Still Don't Hate This Band Wombat98805/30/12
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
Some Albums I Like BootySweat05/10/12
Recent Vinyl Acquisitions InFiction05/09/12
Btbam Ranked pike2705/09/12
I Just Finished My First Screenplay. Niceinvader05/03/12
Metal Like This? PretentiousListener05/03/12
Lifting is over! Devastator04/10/12
Great Albums On An Awful Label: Victory Records blairosh04/03/12
5 Favorite Metalcore Screamers jwyles403/30/12
10 Favorite Vocalists PretentiousListener03/27/12
BTBAM Ranked AlasKenColors03/22/12
Metalcore/post Hardcore Alphabet jwyles403/15/12
Between The Buried And Me Ranked Annayalater03/14/12
So, Last.fm Is Neat raggedragamuffin03/09/12
Netflix Instant cirq02/28/12
Deathcore/Metalcore/Death Metal jwyles402/27/12
Overshadowed Albums onthebrightside02/27/12
5 Albums With Excellent Guitar Tone/production BugZoid02/14/12
Current Vinyl Collection wacknizzle02/07/12
Bacon Avagantamos02/06/12
The Dictator Devastator02/05/12
Another Metalcore List DinoX01/17/12
Progressively Metal Drpibb01/16/12
Albums That Shaped My Music Taste pjquinones74701/16/12
Deploying To Afghanistan In March Elijahwow01/04/12
Anything Technical Recs Please gosk8n12/20/11
Exhilarating Show Last Night ThirtySixChambers12/07/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Nov.'10-'11 Concerts Ranked Scoot11/29/11
Need Metal M/ DinoX11/18/11
My Entire 8gig Ipod DinoX11/04/11
Between The Buried And Me Ranked BDx9410/07/11
Sober October! cirq10/01/11
Mitch Sucker Alexcore09/23/11
My Favorite Live Shows onereallysillygoose09/14/11
Records That Hold A Special Place In My Heart BugZoid08/22/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 1 ComfortablyDumb08/01/11
Best Albums That I'm Proud To Say That I Owned ultradevilgod07/18/11
Good (probably Old) Movies Anyone? MopHeadOvMetal07/18/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
Need Metalcore + Mathcore Recs Wheelah07/13/11
All This Rain North0House207/13/11
Greatest Drummers Of All Time twlichty07/12/11
Adventure/vacation Time! sportsboy06/30/11
I Was Supposed To Be A Liar Antipunk06/21/11
Basses dylanthedesertpea06/19/11
Metalcore Fanboy Needs Recs xandermander06/14/11
Btbam Albums Ranked Remer1706/07/11
Cant Stop Listening TevinMichael06/06/11
Good And Satisfying Metalcore Bands Wheelah05/19/11
Btbam Ranked MrFantasticManny05/18/11
My Highschool Years VeilOfOsiris05/12/11
Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!) Curse.05/09/11
The Obligatory "My iPod" List vondo05/02/11
My CD Collection Wheelah04/27/11
Death Metal With Clean Vocals Like These BigDikNTightPanooch04/19/11
Bored kingjulian04/18/11
Spring Break Day One Jams ThePrisonGuard04/05/11
You Make Me Wanna Bang Emim04/03/11
The Ultimate Mathcore/prog Metalcore List YetAnotherBrick04/02/11
Internet Games Rock KinkyFresh03/31/11
New Btbam Ep twlichty03/31/11
Btbam= Being Drunk At A Circus Mike0803/30/11
2000-2009 Was Pretty Awesome jayfatha03/27/11
Oh Hell Jebull03/13/11
Favorite Albums Wheelah03/05/11
2gnar4u snerefedsav03/03/11
Who Saw That Ovechkin Goal Last Night? Remer1703/02/11
2005! Awesome Year sleepyhead02/28/11
Btbam Best Of To Be Released 1337Kellx02/22/11
Recssssss loveisamixtape02/18/11
Btbam Ranked GhettoIndieshit12/24/10
Top 100 AtomicWaste12/14/10
Inception Sucked Ass crowing5111/29/10
My Top 100 Of All Time steadyriot11/15/10
Best Metal Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Tracks For My First Radio Show blaisetheslayer11/11/10
More Songs To Rule The World To. Jebull10/17/10
Week And Weekend Listening Plans taroo10/06/10
My Good Albums Avagantamos09/24/10
Procrastination Means A New Top 5 Rotation List AtomicWaste09/19/10
My Top 5 Albums JakeBTBAMbardeN09/18/10
Metal Of The Year. 1980 - 2010 MyRatingisLaw09/15/10
Hows Life? Oceans09/14/10
A Message To Justin Beiber Haters Mewcopa09/11/10
Cominnn Home snerefedsav09/05/10
Itunes 10 Locrian09/02/10
Metal's Greatest Opening Tracks Thor08/22/10
Something De-s-c-r-i-p-tive Mewcopa08/22/10
My Ipod On Shuffle MercuryShadow08/21/10
My Favorite Records. dansxdead08/11/10
Albums That Would Be Fives kingjulian08/08/10
Sputnikmovies dante199108/01/10
Give Me Some Recs TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/29/10
Sputnik Game Server Nikkolae07/24/10
My Top 10: Bands MercuryShadow07/19/10
Lambda's Top 50 Of The Decade Lambda06/15/10
Noticeable Snubs From The Top 100 notorioussam2306/11/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
Favorite Albums Released In My Lifetime breakingb1906/10/10
Some Old Bullshit Counterfeit06/04/10
Top 10 Metalcore Albums supercooper06/03/10
My Top 10 Favorite Albums breakingb1905/19/10
Rec' Me Some Metalcore Parallels05/18/10
Top 50 Albums thesystemisdown05/16/10
Mountain Dew Ranked focksy05/10/10
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey TRMshadow05/06/10
Between The Buried And Me - Ranked InFiction05/06/10
Great Albums That Are Hard To Rank RAGE1204/27/10
Recent Listening jordecai04/01/10
I Should Be Studying.... Yeahtoast03/22/10
TheEnforcerofGayness Makes A Confession. TheEnforcer03/09/10
I'm Tripping Balls Right Now..... TomServo03/09/10
Absolutely Ingenious wegotableeder02/26/10
My Top 10 Albums At The Moment metal666pwns02/01/10
Btbam Ranked LegendofPittman01/26/10
My First List ArchoN01/22/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
What Else Do I Need? Jebull01/14/10
Best 2 Album Runs FeralMemories01/06/10
Album Recs plz FreQman01/05/10
Albums Bought In '09 Chewie12/31/09
A Decade Of Robotmusic killrobotmusic12/27/09
Reccomendations Please AdamKritz12/23/09
Metal I've Been Diggin Progmaster8512/23/09
Favorite Guitarists NewAgeHolocaust12/20/09
Macbeth!! thetree12/16/09
Btbam smiff000912/14/09
Top 25 Albums Of The Decade HenchmanOfSanta12/13/09
My Favorite Albums Lately AdamKritz12/12/09
My Favorite Albums mynameischang12/01/09
Favorite Guitar Solos Bandido11/28/09
Music Progression FreePizzaDay11/16/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2005 FeralMemories11/06/09
The Great Misdirect Is Probably Btbams Best Release oathfbass11/06/09
Btbam Ranked MaidenPriest42011/05/09
Worst List Of The Day amerikraut11/04/09
Albums That I Need Really Badly. BenX0210/29/09
Btbam Ranked Thor10/27/09
Pre-ordering Left 4 Dead 2 londoncalling45710/25/09
Music Therapy Blindsided10/14/09
Chewy Chocolate Cookies Niceinvader09/13/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time mizzinineman08/27/09
Btbam Albums Ranked Atlantic1108/25/09
My Favourite Albums laterenima08/24/09
The 50 Best Albums (in Order) thesystemisdown08/24/09
11 Albums That Were Important In My Musical Development killrobotmusic07/24/09
30 Awesome Albums killrobotmusic07/15/09
I Gets Recs? :D oilerfan94307/08/09
My Fav Prog Albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
Best Albums Of All Times GoodApollo1249207/06/09
Unforgettables MorningandAmazing05/13/09
Need Tech-death JizzInMyPants05/09/09
If I Had A List My Metal/hardcore Influences Today. Understanding In a Crash05/07/09
So Gooood..... Klekticist04/27/09
Getting Pumped Up JizzInMyPants04/01/09
Insert Funny Title Here Fugue03/20/09
New Stuff cubik12403/18/09
Too Many Dicks... willfellmarsy02/17/09
100 natey02/09/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
This Shit Pumps Me Up Thriceremoved2501/30/09
Albums I Like To Call My Favorites SlowlyWeRot01/25/09
Just Some Musicsss SlightlyEpic01/22/09
I Just Felt Like Making A List SlightlyEpic01/17/09
Winter Listenings FistfulOfSteel01/14/09
Discoveries Of '08 SwallowARazor01/01/09
Merry Fackin Christmas Chewie12/25/08
Stupid Myspace Playlist killrobotmusic12/18/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Top Albums 2005 jredmond12/01/08
Solooooooo marksellsuswallets11/19/08
Warm Apple Buy(s)... willfellmarsy11/10/08
I Like Metal MrKite11/08/08
666 Album Comments NOTINTHEFACE11/06/08
Agh I Need Help ant4tbc11/02/08
G.u.i. marksellsuswallets10/30/08
Currently Listening To... ohhhcomely10/26/08
40 Favorite Albums Atm natey10/25/08
Some Of My Favorite Albums dukes10/25/08
Please Tell Me armfarm10/19/08
Skittles List Part 1 DeathThrashProg10/15/08
Who Ordered The Penis Pump? Yazz_Flute10/07/08
Cd Warehouse Sucks! P1310/05/08
Top 15 Albums Sapraedon09/30/08
My Top 50 Albums Cesar09/04/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
Favorites Of 2005 chaoticmelody08/14/08
Killer Opening Tracks kattunlover6907/24/08
My Last Farewell, Sputnik Bfhurricane06/28/08
Cds I've Gotten Recently raggedragamuffin06/26/08
Dude, Are You Dead? combustion0706/24/08
Turning Points In My Music HideYourDisguise06/07/08
This Past Week foreverendeared06/03/08
Most Played Albums Amputee05/04/08
More Recent Gets theminustimes04/21/08
Albums I'm Considering Raising To 5's. NOTINTHEFACE04/15/08
Introducing.... skitz03/18/08
Home From Uni MadnessUnhallowed02/14/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
My Post-christmas Wish List thesystemisdown01/07/08
My Top 50 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute01/04/08
New Years Eve!!! blackened0712/31/07
Help! I Need Somebody.. londoncalling45712/31/07
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
Buying Spree!!! Yazz_Flute12/08/07
!!! BroRape11/30/07
Recent Digs Yazz_Flute11/18/07
Birthday Wishlist Yazz_Flute11/14/07
Top 10 Albums Atm Pluh11/09/07
My Favorite Albums As Of Now. guitarplaya9110/16/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
Another Pointless List ironman444409/01/07
Albums I Must Get Into Sooner Or Later Hatshepsut08/09/07
Intensity Brain Dead08/06/07
California Listening ToWhatEnd08/01/07
Kohl's Slavery Understanding In a Crash07/16/07
My Fave Albums Confessed200507/14/07
Fav Albums AndManyMore07/10/07
25 Albums DonnieT06/26/07
Albums I Am Listening To Alot Lately armfarm06/19/07
My Favorite Albums Nezzie05/24/07
My Favorite Albums ktstein05/21/07
Favorite Albums ThroughStruggle05/15/07
History Of Obsession Bfhurricane05/11/07
Albums I Own WhosEmo05/09/07
Itunes Albums Full Collapse29904/25/07
Top 20 Albums Full Collapse29904/15/07
Yay For Metalcore! Cadaveric03/02/07
Albums And Ive Really Been Getting Into Recently The Flabbit Rides High01/23/07
Albums Getting A Lot Of Play In '07 shevanel0901/22/07
The Best Albums I've Heard This Year Sevenfold01/15/07
My Top Modern Metal Albums Cogitus01/13/07
Wow labonza0112/29/06
Gi's Christmas List GenuineImitation12/28/06
Some Good Metal Ratmond12/22/06
FAVORITE BANDS OF 2006 Golgotha32112/12/06
Priority List BlindGuy101212/01/06
My Wish List GenuineImitation11/29/06
What's New With Me? labonza0111/10/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
Stuff Im Currently Digging Bfhurricane10/21/06
My Top Ten Favorite Albums shevanel0910/09/06
To Review: Hansel10/01/06
My favorite Metal albums of this Millenium TID2208/08/06
Favorite Bands (No order.) Ruddles08/02/06
Favorite Guitar Albums * Not Classic Rock* weerez139107/27/06
TTOW's album wish list TurnTheOtherWay07/17/06


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