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80s Metal!!! (part 3) BenMorrison10/22/14
31 Days Of Horror! Vader10/21/14
The Evil Within DarkSideOfLucca10/14/14
222 Ratings Until 1000 Snowdog80810/08/14
Death (band) Albums Worst To Best FadeToBlack10/05/14
Francophones beefshoes09/02/14
Death Ranked KeeneIsGod08/23/14
Old School Metal Muisc4Life2608/19/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Fordeath Metal evilford08/13/14
100 Metal Songs yourgodisinferior08/05/14
Death Drummer Richard Christy GoobaGaba06/04/14
Death Ranked KingdomOfTyrant05/19/14
In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump ExplosiveOranges05/18/14
Death To Posers Fozzie05/18/14
Awesome Death Metal Albums #1 Smok3mon05/13/14
The Best Songs From Each Death Album TableGuy05/06/14
Metal Recommendations NinoKuni05/02/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1988 HenchmanOfSanta05/02/14
Favorite Metal Album Covers adace104/30/14
Tsop Is Disgustingly Underrated! Necrotica04/24/14
The Yellow Riff Road BigPleb04/23/14
Well-Made Games That The Internet Hates PillowGuy04/19/14
Death Ranked PillowGuy04/15/14
DEATH RANKED GrandpaSeth300004/12/14
My Favorite Video Game Franchises PillowGuy04/09/14
Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums Judio!04/03/14
29 Albums I've Heard This Year neurisis1703/27/14
Vote For The Best Death Album PillowGuy03/27/14
FiveLeavesLeft's Ranking Of Death PillowGuy03/26/14
Bad Songs That I Like PillowGuy03/25/14
Classic Albums With One Bad Song PillowGuy03/24/14
Jamming Heavy Trebor.03/17/14
Which Death Album Had The Best Production? PillowGuy03/12/14
Album Ratings Reduced? CaptainDooRight03/08/14
Death Ranked PillowGuy03/04/14
My Favorite (metal) Albums thecatsmod03/03/14
4 Years Of Sputnik MoosechriS02/08/14
What Are Some Albums That You Need To Buy But Haven't Yet? erizen82602/05/14
To Listen To Checklist neurisis1702/03/14
3 Favourite Metal Bands yourgodisinferior12/13/13
Rip Chuck Schuldiner TPM73112/13/13
Death Ranked insanedrexl112/09/13
The Finest Hours Of Black/Death Metal TheSonomaDude12/03/13
Death - Ranked InFiction12/02/13
25 Perfect Songs demigod!11/16/13
Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong Thor10/21/13
Can't Sleep BigPleb10/20/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) GetOutOfMyHouse10/20/13
The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard dsroka00510/07/13
I Miss Silentpotato Necrotica10/03/13
Death Ranked charbyno10/02/13
Hola Sputnik battleinthenorth09/26/13
Feeling Murrican BallsToTheWall09/17/13
Hangover List dsroka00509/14/13
Top 10 Death Metal vaginaattori08/31/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1988 charbyno08/30/13
My Top 80's Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/27/13
Top Old School Death Metal Albums vomitgrinddeath66608/22/13
Death Ranked UnderTheNorthernScar08/20/13
Death Guitarists Ranked Madbutcher308/09/13
Death Albums Ranked Madbutcher308/06/13
Chuck Hard Hawks07/13/13
Good Xbox 360 Games? BigPleb07/10/13
New York Vs Florida BallsToTheWall07/09/13
Recent Purchases JamieTwort07/08/13
Limp Bizkit Vs. Death - Who Is Better? lyon153507/05/13
Death Vs Morbid Angel huguitoescorza07/04/13
Just Death Metal azagthoth8912307/03/13
Death Albums Ranked ThrashK06/23/13
Metal Greats 1988 ThrashK06/23/13
Wagged A New Tape Deck On The Cheap Ire06/11/13
Title Tracks facupm06/09/13
Death Ranked sonictheplumber06/07/13
Good Albums In No Particular Order Or Genre Jamiefrancesc06/05/13
Death: Vinyl Vs Cd Vs Digital. CaptainHadouken06/03/13
M/ Metal Brothers M/ MoosechriS05/24/13
Rec Me Some Good Osdm Dodecahedron05/19/13
Your Subway Sub Jesuslaves05/18/13
Happy Chuck Day! Wafflez05/13/13
Albums have slayed you dsroka00504/24/13
Trve Albums evilford04/10/13
The Best Featured Metal List Today evilford03/25/13
Death To All Tour CK03/16/13
Hard Work Jamz BigPleb03/04/13
Saturday Jams BigPleb02/16/13
Death's Albums Ranked atokad43202/09/13
A Catchy Title CrimsonFloyd02/05/13
Seasonal Crimes mifzal01/07/13
Band Shirts Kick Ass discovolante01/04/13
Blackdeathmetaljazz Lives! RetroSpective12/23/12
Best 1980's Metal Songs thecountlugosi12/19/12
Remembering Chuck Schuldiner mifzal12/13/12
A Few of Sim's Favorite riffs SlMBOLlC11/21/12
Just Watched Troll 2 YoYoMancuso11/08/12
List Of My Favorite Metal Albums LoFiTrash11/06/12
Death Albums huguitoescorza10/31/12
Florida> evilford10/18/12
Some Albums/bands That I Like emma17610/13/12
Death Albums Ranked dsroka00510/06/12
What I Got Today facupm09/30/12
September Most Played ViperAces09/30/12
Best Death Per Album Ovrot09/28/12
Greatest Albums Ever evilford09/20/12
Rip Chuck CaptainDooRight09/20/12
10 Best Death Song (until Now) ViperAces09/20/12
Captain Thrash Album Captain66609/13/12
Death Albums Ranked mifzal09/10/12
Death Ranked DarkSideOfLucca09/09/12
Anybody? Death Metal? jrm9608/15/12
Wanna Candy? WANNACANDY07/17/12
And you all lose........ theHedge05/28/12
Wimps And Posers theartofdoom05/08/12
Death Ranked VisionsFromTheDarkSide04/29/12
I Be Death Metalin \m/!!!!!!! ManintheBox04/28/12
I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CaptainDooRight02/18/12
50 States, 50 Bands eternium02/17/12
Death Metal Vs. Black Metal ManintheBox02/16/12
25 Years Of Death Metal rasputin02/04/12
80's Death Metal Recs? Mewcopa001/24/12
What Would You Do? linkjerk01/19/12
Gimmie Weird Stuff Mewcopa001/16/12
Don't Feature This List ControlDarts12/21/11
10 Years Rip pissbore12/13/11
80s Metal, Pt. Ii discovolante11/15/11
Ewwwww SatansPlayground10/10/11
Jesus Hitler Ovrot10/09/11
Death Metal Is On My Pie Chart sonictheplumber10/07/11
Graaaaaaaaaaah lyon153509/28/11
Recent Digs sonictheplumber09/20/11
Looking For Good Rec's l3urkles09/09/11
The Ear Drugs Shuyin08/25/11
Playlist Juillet 2010 Likferd07/26/11
Death Albums Ranked lyon153507/22/11
Qual E's Wants Qualie07/19/11
Essential Metal Albums Part II TheNotrap07/07/11
Lost All My Food Crossing The Road Bassist54007/01/11
Death Ranked Decapod06/14/11
The Nineteen Eighties EverythingEvil211305/24/11
Metal Sunday EverythingEvil211305/22/11
My 12 Favorite Metal Albums discovolante05/17/11
Death Albums Ranked JustARegularGuy05/14/11
Metal Is Dead Psychopathologist04/12/11
Chuck Schuldiner Ranked 05McDonaldT03/26/11
A Blast From The Past AngelofDeath03/18/11
Death Ranked austin88803/15/11
My Death Metal Died Mewcopa003/03/11
Angel Of Death Metal AngelofDeath02/23/11
Albums I Got For Christmas, And I Some I Just Bought BringMeABrick12/31/10
Classic Death Metal Albums deicidefan12/22/10
Johnny Gave Me An Assignment For Christmas Break sonictheplumber12/18/10
Osdm vanderb0b11/12/10
Favorite Death Songs IRAI11/07/10
New Account. Digs.. ThatPoorBastard11/02/10
Listen To These Albums Otherwsie U Suck Jesuslaves10/13/10
Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock AngelofDeath10/01/10
Bullets From Hell Jesuslaves09/28/10
I Am Hungry Jesuslaves09/22/10
Awesome/suprisingly Good Jesuslaves09/07/10
Life Changing Albums ImpendingSpoon32109/03/10
Addictive br00tality brah. Darch08/04/10
Give Me Some Recs TheDarkerSideOfkaos07/29/10
Album Covers On My Tee's Mewcopa07/09/10
Hellyeah?.......hellno. Mewcopa06/30/10
Deatherection Edwin04/12/10
Some Metal WithHorsesInHerEyes04/01/10
I Should Be Studying.... Yeahtoast03/22/10
Psyclone's Favorite Albums Psyclone08/06/09
Old School Death Metal Ftw combustion0707/27/09
Albums I Cant Stop Listening To GoodApollo1249207/23/09
Who Plays Cod World At War On The Ps3 GoodApollo1249207/18/09
my fav death metal albums GoodApollo1249207/07/09
Rattle Your Goddamn Head KILL06/22/09
Need Some Advice Chewie06/16/09
Guys, Rec Me Non Metal Music KILL05/09/09
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL05/04/09
Albums Full Of Amazing Riffs Throughout! SylentEcho03/25/09
Death Albums Ranked KILL03/03/09
Top 50 metallicaman8811/28/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
Metal Massacre! combustion0711/16/08
Little Known Facts + Albums I'm Digging A Lot Lately, Vol. 2: Sweet Baby J. Big Baby Jesus05/25/08
Death Metal NemesisDivina02/19/08
Albums That Have Pleasantly Surprised Me Yazz_Flute01/14/08
R.i.p. Chuck NemesisDivina12/13/07
Death, Best To Worst Lunarfall12/10/07
1980's Metal epizoan10/31/07


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