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Some Really Cool Album Covers InfernalOarsman01/26/15
A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik SomeSayShesNaive01/24/15
What I'm Listening To Lately WhereTheSkyEnds01/20/15
Big 4 Ranked FlyheadMetal01/13/15
Megadeth Or Metallica TheMagicalBlender01/10/15
My Cd Collection 5NightsAtFreddys01/09/15
Personal Favorite Albums 5NightsAtFreddys01/07/15
Metallica Best to Worst Albums Blakethemusicman12301/03/15
Killer Opening Tracks In Metal FlyheadMetal12/18/14
1988 in Metal Napolesonic11/24/14
Favorite Albums KOSTER11/22/14
Megadeth Ranked zaruyache11/19/14
My Best Ever Albums (2012 Edition) joesephed11/13/14
Albums That Defined My Childhood TheSonomaDude11/04/14
80s Metal!!! (part 3) BenMorrison10/22/14
Metallica Albums: Worst To Best romulanrancor10/19/14
My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever P0WERSHIFTER10/11/14
Greatest Progressive/Technical Thrash Albums DakotaRogers10/09/14
Metallica Ranked TheShining198009/30/14
Top 10 Workout Albums P0WERSHIFTER09/24/14
Privacy Ending09/03/14
Top 50 Face-melting Riffs undertakerpt08/26/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 1 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
I Need Some Book Recs !! EyesWideShut08/02/14
My Top 10 Metallica Tracks BlackLlama07/26/14
Top 10 Metallica Songs BigPleb07/14/14
Metallica Ranked BIaziken05/23/14
All My Thrash Metal Albums Ranked. JustAnon04/14/14
Metallica Ranked Betray04/10/14
...And Justice For All Ranked ArcticWolf61604/10/14
Albums I Can't Like Because Of The Hate They Get PillowGuy04/07/14
Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums Judio!04/03/14
Heavy Mtl 2014 peaks4003/11/14
Third Sputnik Birthday BlazeWilson03/09/14
Your Least Favorite Of Metallica's First 4 Albums? PillowGuy03/07/14
Hey Sput, Add Me On Last.fm erizen82602/25/14
My Album Collection (CD) Flugmorph02/02/14
Top 100 Thrash Metal Albums ruuthsinn01/23/14
5's Ranked JaySpiral01/22/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 BMDrummer01/02/14
Cassettes I Own Pestiferouss12/24/13
Albums That I Listened A Long Time Ago And I Still Appreciate After All These Years NapalmCrusader11/08/13
My Top 10 Metallica Songs Muisc4Life2610/14/13
Never Give Up BallsToTheWall10/01/13
Metal [2] OhCarrots09/20/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1988 charbyno08/30/13
I Will Seduce You ............with My Cock BallsToTheWall08/22/13
My Album Collection (part 4) MrSirLordGentleman07/28/13
Top 20 Thrash Metal Guitarists Madbutcher307/16/13
If Master Of Puppets Was Released Today... TronaldDump07/06/13
Top 10 Favorite Albums Of The 80's fleshstorm9407/04/13
Metallica Greatest Hits + Album List Musicisawesome8306/29/13
Top 50 theweightofdarkness06/23/13
Metallicanomy dannyboy8906/13/13
The Best Albums Opener Songs *100th Comments Yay* JaySpiral06/12/13
Metallica Ranked charbyno06/07/13
Top 15 Thrash Metal Albums charbyno06/04/13
Top 25 Rsetness905/30/13
Best Albums coopers7805/29/13
My Top 100 Thrash Metal Albums lucascmmiranda05/26/13
Top Ten Metallica Lps TheExodusAttack05/26/13
Cds I Own Derek52105/19/13
My Cd Collection Pt. 1 Ryuu501st05/19/13
Album That Pisses You Off The Most? DarkSideOfLucca05/09/13
Cds That Don't Leave My Car Jeffrulesyou05/07/13
My Top 5 Metallica Albums! Muisc4Life2605/02/13
Thrash 'till Fucking Death: 100 Greatest Thrash Albums 'till 90 NoiseForZeus04/20/13
Top 10 Favourite Albums Spoonman6704/19/13
Metallica (ranked) jmnewcomer1804/11/13
Every Hetfield 'yeah' Cipieron03/27/13
Underated Albums beneathTheLights03/25/13
Metallica's Albums Ranked JaySpiral03/23/13
Hard Drive Clean up. Gwyn.03/16/13
Classic Metallica demigod!03/12/13
Second Year Of Sputnik BlazeWilson03/09/13
Just Forty Of Many KimmsightMatters03/01/13
And 80's Thrash Ruled Hard RobSchuldiner02/18/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
Top Ten Thrash Metal Albums For Drummers TheExodusAttack02/02/13
High School Days BigPleb01/23/13
Nostalgia, Shit I Listened 10 Years Ago VermicideReloadead01/20/13
Favorite Track One Side Ones beartato10801/16/13
My Cd Collection ryan1901/15/13
Metallica: From Best To Worst Handyman00312/23/12
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse thecountlugosi12/20/12
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
Best 1980's Metal Songs thecountlugosi12/19/12
Metallica Ranked RetroSpective12/11/12
Metallica Ranked Ikarus1412/01/12
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (400-301) ludwigvan12/01/12
Metallica Ranked souleater11/16/12
Metallica Ranked Hedgehog3239611/16/12
List Of My Favorite Metal Albums LoFiTrash11/06/12
Somebody Shoot Her In The Face Curse.11/04/12
150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. undertakerpt10/29/12
Favorite Albums Arzakmoebius09/18/12
Favourite Albums ECA9109/16/12
Top 100 Progressive Rock Albums (source: Digitaldreamdoor) NightmareCinema1609/11/12
Top Albums Of 1988 Cghost09/09/12
The Day Is Here..... BallsToTheWall09/09/12
Summer Listenings amp11209/01/12
Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza08/30/12
The True Metallica Rank You Pussies ViperAces08/27/12
Metallica Ranked! Muisc4Life2608/27/12
Good Movies And Jamz BallsToTheWall08/22/12
My Cd Collection ViperAces08/21/12
Metallica Ranked jrm9608/21/12
Another Ipod Shuffle steynopeth08/12/12
Movies I Own Da11thMytrillSphere07/14/12
New Top 10 Albums - Noone Except Me Cares Edition MarvellousG06/28/12
Albums I've Listened To The Most undertakerpt05/16/12
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
My Gym Music Wooooo DarkSideOfLucca04/25/12
No Time For Sleep Gotta Thrash KILL04/24/12
Albums Released In These Years? h0neybucket04/21/12
Best Thrash Metal Albums Part. 1 walfernu04/19/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
Albuns That Changed Metal otto159504/01/12
MY CD COLLECTION h0neybucket03/28/12
Addictive Xbox360 Games The7thVermicide03/14/12
Metallica Ranked newyorke03/10/12
Favourite Albums BaturTogay03/07/12
Most Overrated Albums johnnydeking2903/07/12
Band Tees AngelofDeath03/01/12
End Of February Renovations Systemunfolded02/28/12
Albums You Have To Hear/have oWhoadYo02/05/12
Albums I Have mynameash12/21/11
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever MarvellousG12/05/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod FrFRfr11/25/11
No Music Over Thanksgiving Sevhead11/21/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
Best Metal Albums bladerunner5333111/03/11
Megadeth Or Metallica? (especially Nub) Hubcool10/30/11
The Definitive Metallica List AsoTamaki10/26/11
Albums With Good/bad Production jefflebowski10/24/11
25 Favorite Albums jg77710/20/11
Albums On My Ipod lyon153510/16/11
Balls Of Steel lyon153510/03/11
First List PastorOfMupp3ts10/01/11
Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time laughriot09/26/11
Top 5 Metallica Albums sonictheplumber09/18/11
Getting Excited For The Big Four dnor08/30/11
It Told Me To Create A List .... So I Did GnFnRs8708/24/11
What's So Bad About Death Magnetic? ancientmariner15708/09/11
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? rockandmetaljunkie08/08/11
Top 5 Metallica Albums ancientmariner15708/03/11
Metallica Ranked lyon153507/28/11
Fade Alts Ranked BigHands07/27/11
Greatest Speed/thrash Metal Songs TheNotrap07/23/11
100 Greatest Hard Rock/Metal Songs TheNotrap07/15/11
Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Xenorazr07/12/11
The Big Four TheNotrap07/10/11
S*** I'm Digging Atm GnFnRs8707/07/11
Essential Metal Albums Part II TheNotrap07/07/11
I'm New FullOnRapist07/03/11
Request Reviews From Me Smalley06/28/11
What's Up, Everybody? random06/25/11
Top 50 Speed/Thrash Albums - Chronological TheNotrap06/24/11
Albums I Have Shirts Of 2 sonictheplumber206/19/11
Metal With Strong Vocals Demerick06/16/11
You Think You're In A Good Mood? dnor06/08/11
Users Rated By The Master sonictheplumber06/05/11
Imyg dnor06/05/11
Need Music Suggestions :d GreyShadow05/29/11
Favourite Metallica Songs Per Album GnFnRs8705/26/11
The Nineteen Eighties EverythingEvil211305/24/11
10 Albums I'd Least Like To Live In MarvellousG05/20/11
My CD Collection Wheelah04/27/11
100 Greatest Metal Songs BigHans04/25/11
Best Metallica Albums Hammersharf04/20/11
Weekend Albums ThePrisonGuard04/09/11
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) SloppyMilkshake04/06/11
The Hans 100 (records) BigHans04/04/11
Favorite Albums Ever Alexd9303/30/11
Thrashin' With A Passion AngelofDeath03/12/11
Albums I Wanted To Like... somberlain03/07/11
50 Favorite Albums GhettoIndieshit02/27/11
Rec Me Wank GhettoIndieshit02/21/11
30 Best Metal Guitare Riffs (all Genres) FLRTE02/14/11
Bands That I'm Finally Returning To Ross2202/04/11
Recent Vinyl hellridesnorth01/29/11
Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes SirkSakaig01/19/11
My Top 10 Favorite Albums 2.0 Xave140201/10/11
Christmas Gifts lukasmojolukas12/28/10
100 Favourite Albums fouxdufafa12/14/10
My Ipod GhettoIndieshit11/28/10
Top 20 Explained Willie11/22/10
Best Metal Albums steadyriot11/11/10
11.11.10 - Remembrance Day RainbowButtMonkey11/10/10
5 Revisited Strider11/07/10
Gon Thrash KILL11/05/10
Vote Or Die renegadestrings11/01/10
Weakest Track Per Album (Metallica) Strider10/25/10
Progressive Thrash austin88810/24/10
100th List NeutralThunder1210/06/10
Jesuslaves' List Of Fine Gentlemen Jesuslaves10/04/10
Some Bands I Like And Why Strider10/03/10
Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock AngelofDeath10/01/10
Top 20 Favorite Guitarists NeutralThunder1209/27/10
Sucktallica Ranked RippingCorpse209/21/10
Angel's 2-year AngelofDeath09/16/10
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1970-2009 taroo09/10/10
Metallica Ranked Strider09/02/10
Deflated Jesuslaves08/30/10
Metal's Greatest Opening Tracks Thor08/22/10
Metallica Vs Megadeth Dwap08/17/10
Sad Guitar Moments kangaroopoo08/15/10
Not Just Any Guitar Solo.......... BiasedLightning1308/12/10
Metallica Best To Worst austin88808/06/10
My Top 50 Albums Of The 80's JamieTwort07/27/10
Rec Me Thrash demon of surveillance07/18/10
Best Metallica Albums Gjet00107/10/10
Another Maniac List Self Destructs. Counterfeit07/06/10
Top 10 Albums TheDarkerSideOfkaos06/29/10
Favorite Metallica By Album EpXeh06/07/10
Birthday? Jaskolkaaa06/06/10
Arizona Iced Tea Ranked Counterfeit06/06/10
Metallica Albums In Order (in My Opinion) Xave140206/04/10
My Top 10 Favorite Albums Xave140205/31/10
The Real Way To Thrash Inveigh05/23/10
Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time ironmaiden120405/23/10
Top 50 Albums thesystemisdown05/16/10
Best Metallica Albums tomba9305/15/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Blow Me Spuknik (my Mind That Is) WatchItExplode05/08/10
My Top 100 Rock/metal Albums JamieTwort04/28/10
Old Vs New BeardedIdiot04/28/10
Heavy Jens1304/22/10
My Top 25 Metal Albums ExcavatedSkull0004/18/10
Vinyl Collection TomServo04/06/10
Metallica albums ranked Yeahtoast03/23/10
The Greatest Band Ever Ranked GnarlyShillelagh03/17/10
So, My Laptop Died Rugter3202/23/10
Metallica @ Sao Paulo 01/30 MetalMassacreAttack02/01/10
New To This Site, Please Recommend Me Things Based On My Tastes NeutralThunder1201/31/10
Albums I Want Similar Styles To Xenorazr01/30/10
Metallica Ranked ReturnToRock01/20/10
Favourite 50 Albums SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/13/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
Metallica Rated: Best Albums TheWarning01/10/10
Metallica Ranked Xenorazr12/24/09
Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 40-31 killrobotmusic10/21/09
Naked In Front Of The Computer Buccaneer09/16/09
A Novel Idea killrobotmusic09/14/09
This Or That!? AndManyMore08/28/09
Metallica: From Best To Worst Joely08/27/09
The 50 Best Albums (in Order) thesystemisdown08/24/09
Some Asshole Stole My Cd's Abdar11208/21/09
Awesome Album Art Titan5008/03/09
My Least Enjoyable Metallica Songs BeardedIdiot07/17/09
Fav Metallica Songs BeardedIdiot07/16/09
Metallica Albums, Best To Worst MetalMassacreAttack07/14/09
Classics'n Roll Bealltainn07/06/09
Top Ten Thrash Album Artwork Thrasher8606/11/09
If The Police Catch Me I'm Fucked Titan5005/28/09
Albums That Influence My Drumming BornDeadBuriedAlive05/09/09
Great Album Openers Pt.2 Cerbyrus04/25/09
I Have Break This Week! Rugter3204/06/09
Back To Wow... ConorMichaelJoseph03/18/09
Close-to-modern Day Classics Abdar11203/11/09
Ranktallica Mr. Lizard02/24/09
Emofag Mr. Lizard02/23/09
Best To Worst Metallica Albums BKid02/22/09
Albums I'm Making It My Top Priority To Listen To MattRTS02/19/09
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Boognish02/13/09
Testing Out The New Speakers... SaviorofNone02/12/09
Metallica's Greatest Tracks Mr. Lizard02/10/09
New Name Mr. Lizard01/29/09
Favs So Far, Many To Go AndManyMore01/26/09
Albums I Like To Call My Favorites SlowlyWeRot01/25/09
Recommend Me Some Real Good Stuff... Spamue1G01/18/09
Any Recommendations For Listening? johnsojm1512/18/08
All My Favourite Albums pingu5312/16/08
Top Ten Albums metalupyourass6912/06/08
Albums I Never Really Got To... Shrapnel9411/12/08
Decibel Hall Of Fame TheResidents61911/06/08
5 Albums To Get On Vinyl Joeeddstealschickens11/05/08
1980's Albums I Don't Have Yet But Should Auldy10/30/08
Best Guitar Tones Foodforthegods08/12/08
Top Twenty Best And Biggest Prog-Rock Albums moltenlava07/10/08
My Last Farewell, Sputnik Bfhurricane06/28/08
Best Albums Ever...oh Yes FenderUsa06/22/08
16.666666666666666666666667 SHOOTME06/17/08
There Is A Monkey In My Pants! Ouch05/21/08
20 Favorite Albums lionslicer999905/21/08
Top Cd's Ever bullwinkle04/26/08
Favorite Metallica Albums BrokenChains03/14/08
Fledgling Metalhead... NOTINTHEFACE12/03/07
Metallica Vs Megadeth McP300011/30/07
1980's Metal epizoan10/31/07
1996 epizoan10/30/07
I Got The Spins! masterchaos10/17/07
Another Pointless List ironman444409/01/07
Overrated Metal Albums Lunarfall08/26/07
Fav Albums AndManyMore07/10/07
Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time MyRamona06/15/07
Albums With Cool Covers yellowmomma05/14/07
Long Time No See teamsleep69804/15/07
If Chicken Tasted Like Candy... AndManyMore04/11/07
Best 2 Worst Metallica Albums (imo) thrash4life04/01/07
50 Albums That Have Changed My Life Foodforthegods03/29/07
Top 50 Albums Ever clairvoyant03/29/07
10 Album That I Would Need On A Desert Island Foodforthegods03/25/07
Generic Heavy Rotation Lately List Altmer02/27/07
Desert Island Top 20 freudianslipknot02/16/07
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Inflames02/08/07
Most Underrated Albums Altmer01/20/07
Albums I Want For Christmas manicYYZ12/20/06
MM8: 100 albums omg metallicaman812/10/06
My 5 favorite albums Montanadabest12/10/06
Stuff I listen to while pretending to do homework!! jameskukucka11/21/06
My 15 Favorite Thrash Albums carney311010/21/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
Some of my Favorite Albums jameskukucka08/13/06
Top 50 Albums of All Time DoomsdayMachine308/10/06
Top Five Metal Albums KillRight07/30/06
My 10 Favorite Albums (No Order) naboo07/28/06
Metallicaman's Fav Albums metallicaman807/16/06
Top 3 Metallica Albums Jacob629306/28/06


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